Monday, March 20, 2017


The B.B. cartoon named MURDER [web] SITE features a black Ch.13 Jim Carrey reporter covering that second story man Apt.13 murder of Donald Young years later. ~ Who was that transsexual Black Jesus church lady figure who could not keep his big nigger mouth shut about how much Barry still likes it up the butt. ~ Which opens with the REV.13 [Sandy Bullock] Orange County, California beach location of Ms Anderson's BAY WATCH tits and ass show; [think Bay Area]. ~ And in the end, it says that the punishment for the [black] brother's murder will come later. ~ When that two witnesses earthquake in Chicago destroys 10% of the city and 7000 people die. ~ Note the framed Lake Michigan sailboat picture on the wall, the closed sofa bed, yada yada. ~ Ergo, this one is all about the time when a man from the Scottish Highlands is the President of Mr.Anderson's suburban middle class white America. ~ [Think Paul Garrison still lives in his own private Bonney Lake, Washington.] ~ And that black dude in the police line-up, who didn't get fingered back when, represents Barack Obama. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS COMEY: Let me put it gently to you. ~ The reason why you looked and sounded like crap today was probably an artificial lighting problem. ~ Too much makeup under the eyes and around the cheeks too; but whose asking me? ~ For all I know, that was your natural surreal look in real life. ~ I can't say because I was not there. ~ MARATHON FILM FESTIVAL NOTES: Jesus Christ From Hell!! ~ Suddenly only this very day; I realised that I am so bored out of my mind, and have so much worthless tax-free-cash off-shore money on my hands right now, that I AM is going to have to do something completely different with it just to amuse myself and pass away my time. ~ So here's the new deal in the meantime. ~ I AM will be fully financing an upcoming exclusive invitation-only ful-length film festival competition event. ~ I'm thinking that Jim Carrey, Matt LeBlanc, Brad Pitt, Piece Bronson, and Mel Gibson submit their thematic 007 screenplays for the next BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ And then I say, what the fuck, let's make all of them and see which one turns out to be the best. ~ Of course, there will be a very special Hong Kong indie film side-market. ~ Probably with Tarantino being the master of ceremonies. ~ BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD QUOTATIONS: "Donald Trump is the coolest guy who I have ever met... He rules!" Uhhh, Oh yeah. ~ That said, I seem to recall that there is a BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD cartoon about one of the two believing that he will become the King of England. ~

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