Wednesday, March 8, 2017


When you don't know what you are supposed to do in life; you fast and pray about it. ~ And then you wait until you get a good feeling about it. ~ This is what KS always does. ~ And may I dare say that her own private practices and habits of faith in Jesus Christ have served her pretty well up until now. ~ For example, I felt like the MIDNIGHT COWBOY in no.26 was a good Ken Keisler look alike. ~ So I said so on my GSR/TWN blog. ~ And then I saw that HOLLYWOOD casino bus full of old FDR seniors from Texas got rammed by a train outside of the KEESLER AIR FORCE base; from their way to the Mississippi River's HOLLYWOOD casino to the BOOMTOWN casino. ~ In confirmation of today's forced equality laws, LBJ, Texas style. ~ Remember, the Jewish FDR's cabinate was made up of mostly unamerican Jewish Marxists from New York who believed in progressive taxation, etc. ~ Also remember, anyone who is doing business and not banking it with the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION still has some selfish greedy free money speculative gambling issues to deal with, circa THE WOLF OF WALLSTREET, yada yada. ~ Contrary to what Woody Allen er all keep carping about, there is no such thing as luck. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BILLY CRYSTAL: Richard Simmons looks like you. ~ You look like Richard Simmons. ~ Both of you have not been seen that much in public social media since 2014; care to comment? ~ SEE: AND: ~ [Doing government subsidized public theater venues in San Francisco ain't that hot shit no more.] ~

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