Friday, March 3, 2017


The conservative looking liberal Hollywood actor who finally snaps and becomes quite delusional in TWILIGHT ZONE's no.23, which opens with a rather startling and scary blast of trumpets, was just confirmed by the insane SNAP stock debut on the same day that the DOW did -112. ~ During the double January 12 birthday era of the two witnesses in DANIEL 12 who are driving the polite society likes of George W. and Tom Hanks completely mad. ~ Ergo, the episode's anti-hero is a SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE look atype father, and his make believe wife named Mar/ian is a Rita Wilson look atype, like at: ~ AND: ~ Ergo, the actor who played the future Hillary Clinton supporter was most famous for playing his down to earth father figure on BEWITCHED. ~ And Tom Hank's long suffering wife has the same October 26 birth date as the [she-vampire] bat shit crazy ["tabloid of reality"] Hillary Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: So far, all of the leading 666 figures in this historic 59-64 Russian Cold War JFK LBJ/TV series are 36 years-old. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: For centuries, the bank in Siena, Italia has been a model of how all of the banks in the world should operate. ~ Give or take a few UNITED ORDER type improvements. ~ Hence, your own father was a banker. ~ But it wasn't enough to ratify him. ~ So he went into the antiques and heirlomes auction house business in the Pittsburgh, Penn area. ~ Hey, nobody is perfect. ~ Everybody has to find their own way in life. ~

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