Monday, March 13, 2017


God has told his greasy car mechanic prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that his BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant Donald Trump is going to learn that the 1290 days way of doing business is no longer a good deal. ~ I.e. no more government healthcare, you get sick you die, life happens; no more public/government indoctrination education system; no more progressive taxation marxism; no more surreal CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 type reverse-upside-down-racism; no more 1959-1964 rocket science type 666 futurism; no more mighty and strong military build up only to protect the antiAmerican whoredoms of Sodom and Egypt. ~ Wherein America's illegal alien "sanctuary city" values are just a fake birth certificate cover up to give phony baloney pop culture sanctuary to homosexual sex perverts and Jewish socialists of every stripe. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KEY NOTES: The EZE.37 skeleton key theme in TWILIGHT ZONE no.36 is a prophetic word play on the regal Victorian name Keira; pronounced 'key era'. ~ COWBOYS AND INDIANS 6-GUN MOVIE NOTES: When I was a boy growing up in North Seattle, sporting a rather ugly stiched up FRANKENSTEIN scar line on my skull's forehead, the white Nephites were the good guys, and the dark [KING KONG Hawaii Island] LAmanites were the bad attitude guys; not always, but most of the time. ~ PS BRAD PITT: How about we do a visualtest screening? ~ Understandably, the idea of me giving you $1,000,000,000 of Paul Allen's off-shore tax-free fuck-you paper money is too hard to believe for most of today's ordinary low information idiots sitting on their retirement assets in BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD meets MSNBC/CNN. ~ Whom and who only read THE SEATTLE TIMES and watch HBO streaming. ~ Seeing is believing. ~ Especially about their part where I don't want to waste my time reading any of their shit head screenplays submitted by the likes of Justin Theraeu er all. ~

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