Saturday, March 18, 2017


Alec Baldwin himself has said that he would actually pay SNL for the privilege to be on their MSNBC fake news comedy bit show and get fucked in the butt by the pro Clinton Wall Street, NY Jews, week after week, at this particular point in time. ~ Uhhh... Dude, you are already doing exactly that. ~ Unless I AM is way off base about how much your time and brand is worth these days. ~ Yeah, I know, you are no longer an A-list motion picture movie star. ~ But, you are still a major A+ television show actor who could get $14,000,000 pay-or-play for any TV sitcom show for the next 5-7 seasons during your spare time wherever you feel like it. ~ But nooo... There you are doing your same tired old routine about Donald Trump being some blone white race Nazi who wants to round up all of the Communist Jews in Hollywood and put them into consecration camps in southern Utah until WWIII is over. ~ Ergo, President Trump just cancelled the budget for your sweaty balls PBS skits just for the shits and giggles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SAVAGE: I only mention this because you live in the Bay Area. ~ In recent years, French Polynesia has become the new hot destination for blond and gay Australian men of means. ~ [No crazy muslim homophobia presence to worry about.] ~ Especially now that the club scene in Thailand has become a bit too worrisome for Westerners er all. ~

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