Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Tuesday's fiercesome and precise gentle Jesus type twisters in Illinois represented the '...twist and shout!" election victory parade celebration at the climax of FERRIS BEULLER'S DAY OFF Donald Reagan era prophecy. ~ Wherein my fake Barack Obama sidekick fashion shop mannequin twists apart and breaks up; using a golden basketball [OSCAR] trophy weight. ~ As his crazy-jealous Jewish sister with Brooklyn, New York accent shouts "I NEW IT!!" ~ Hence, Katy Perry's new blond German look. ~ That was just confirmed by the same twister system that also ripped through Perry County, Miss/our/i, tearing off all of the kids' bedcovers in their bedrooms. ~ Home of the ten virgins' Scottish landmark called McBride. ~ No surprise really; both of Miss Perry's born again Christian pastor parents are huuuge Trump supporters. ~ Think SIDEWAYS meets SCENES FROM A MALL, at: ~ Wherein everything gets blown up out of proportion, Hollywood style. ~ GSR/TWN ~

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