Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Maddow's typical premature-ejaculation excitement about THE BIG LEBOWSKI dude in the White House not paying any taxes in 2005 was confirmation of the Camiglia Paglia figure in the above 1990s film. ~ Whom and who just came out with her own new private Idaho book about mainstream media lesbians, at: https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/camille-paglia-discusses-her-war-on-elitist-garbage-and-contemporary-feminism ~ Jesus Ticked Off Christ!! ~ The cool as ice dude barely has enough money to pay his monthly federal budget rent obligations on time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ADVANCED STUDIES NOTES: After plowing through scores of the amazingly inspired pre GSR/TWN newsletter BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD cartoons. I realized that this stuff was mostly created for the sake of my more advanced and illuminati readership; who have been with me since the beginning; circa 1993-1996. ~ BANGERS AND MASH NOTES: A tall blond handsome actor from Canada named 'Donald' was the main star of the original North Korean M.A.S.H. prophecy. ~ Who played an Ivy League college graduate doctor who does life saving surgeryies on American solders in the 1950s. ~ No matter what their race or creed. ~ Then his son went on to become a major CIA reality TV series star in 24 HOURS. ~ Rush Limbaugh's all time favorite couch potato show. ~ Chose your poison. ~ That pink bump on the back of the head of the marred servant in 3 NEPHI stands for; "Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair!" ~ OR: "I have a prostate the size of an Idaho potato; but I'm still a pretty good stick man." OR: "I want a tattoo on my behind that looks like a butthead." ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: Letting me fuck you is the answer to all of your problems. ~ You want to shoot AMERICAN GIGOLO:II at your aging blond mother's shag pad on Malibu Beach? ~ Sounds good to me. ~ Just kidding. ~ We would probably do it at one of Paul Allen's properties down there, since he would be paying for the whole she bang anyway. ~ PS BILL GATES: Don't try to short me now. ~ You owe me the full 10%. ~ And not that pot of fake gold that was missing even one gold coin in LEPRECHAUN:III. ~ Wherein a more youthful Conan O'Brien looks exactly like the Butt-Head character in BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA, circa 1997. ~

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