Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I had a rare dream about Ellen Page wearing a very sexy, but relatively modest by today's standards, retro 1961 two-piece bathing suit. ~ So I googled her and found out that she and her church lady sister wife Jennifer Garner will be doing a JUNO script reading at the Donald Trump named ACE HOTEL theater in LA on 4.8, for a Planned Parenthood charity fundraiser. ~ Which is being produced by the film's Jewish director Jason Reitman because Donald Trump got elected by the Russians, yada yada. ~ It being the same day that California is charging those two white guys with Nazi haircuts with 15 felonies for their videos about the PP network just being a glorified abortion mill; paid for by the new Nazi medicine state. ~ It being the same day that a church van full of Baptist choir singers crashed at 12:23 Donald Young choir director time; next to Garner State Park in Texas. ~ It being the same day that NEW YORK MAGAZINE put out their piece about that other church lady George W. Bush saying that Trump's January 20 inauguration was like a 1961 TWILIGHT ZONE episode called THE INVADERS. ~ It being the same week that Donald Trump has been in the swanky White House for 9 weeks. ~ In confirmation of his own private 9 1/2 WEEKS film about Mickey Rourke's wealthy character living in a fancy [Lafayette] Paris hotel. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MIRANDA KERR: I know, early 1960s two-piece bathing suits are only flattering on girls who have a full figure, from top to bottom. ~ That's where you come in like an angel from heaven and give my less attractive wives a hand up in their time of need. ~ PS SALEM, UTAH: Don't worry yourselves about all of the federal 666 red tape rigmarole involved in setting up a bank. ~ I just buy out the failing ZIONS BANK in Salt Lake City, Utah; then I turn it into my own private off shore tax free piggy bank that is no longer subjected to any federal reserve banking laws or regulations. ~ Think CARNIVAL OF SOULS meets STARDUST MEMORIES, at: ~ Wherein I have two children with my French exwife in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS and it ends up meaning absolutley nothing to her in the end. ~ Not to mention the film's sexissimo Keira Knightley look alike figure at: ~ Kind of like all of those former German shifty high gear 911 sports car Nazis who hate their own blood in THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE at some low rent pawn shop in Brooklyn, New York. ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: There is a Providential, Rhode Island plan behind why Richard Dreyfuss now looks some much like Senator John McCain. ~ Old age shit face happens for a reason. ~

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