Tuesday, August 31, 2010


FOX news' phantom "president" from Dr. King's REV.13 sea spoke at THE BLOB's Ft. Bliss borderline location on Hwy.54 in confirmation of the bliss that people experience under ALICE's 666 hypnosis. Right there are the mulatto milk chocolate church Organ Mtns in CARNIVAL OF SOULS that Larry Sinclair sucked on during his visit to Gurnee, Illinois to attend the military cadet graduation of his nephew. Confirmed by my halfbreed alien sidekick's visit to all those Gulf [of Mexico] War vets on gurnees, while biting hard on his Biblically painful REV.16:10 cock-sucker tongue; west of REV.16's Lincoln Nat Forest, near Las Cruses [crosses], inside Shenae Grimes' 106 iPHONE video map line.

Looks like Paul Allen's DICKS is ready to open a new location in the Seattle area at:

They serve the best hand-dipped chocolate THERE WILL BE BLOOD milkshake drinkers in town.

Understandably, a younger semi-virgin lady would have more tender feelings, upon seeing the sum cum loud graduation of her BFF, and then just putting herself out there so spread eagle. More realistically, she would probably just slide her panties down a little, maybe show a little leg, whatever, like at:

On the other hand, God has revealed to his School of Prophets that a new generation of special spirits have been reserved by him to come forth in the last days. Who will be drawn like love bug moth pests to the bright D&C 85 light, like the brilliant Brown University, Rhode Island babe at:



The smashed bottle of Dutch beer in Jeff Goldman's play last week was confirmed by the arrest of those two terrorists in Amsterdam. Who were obviously working with others out there, who are still on the loose.

That guy with the devil's pitchfork goatee who killed his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend on Opossum Drive, near the London Bridge, south of Kingman, Arizona was named Brian Diez. In confirmation of Paul McCartney's prophetic LIVE AND LET DIE themes connected to the apostate royals in 007 London. Hence the 009 DOW on Monday.

The devil goatee actor killed 5 people for the 5th anniversary of Katrina, that blasted the famous Louisiana swamp locations for LIVE AND LET DIE. Lake Havasu is famous for naked water skiing.

Diez' devil con confirmation on the opening weekend of THE LAST EXORCISM can be seen at:

The number '9' is a traditional symbol for something that has come to an end. Mia Farrow co-starred in ROSEMARY'S BABY.

Paris Hilton was definitely set up, by some guy named Jesus.



I saw Woody Allen and Mia Farrow walking along a NYC sidewalk last Friday in a strange dream. Woody was walking so fast that Mia could not keep up. After he crossed a street corner well ahead of her and disappeared into the crowd, she noticed that I was about ready to start my sidewalk performance, once Jeff Goldblum was done with his own one man play in the same space. So she came over and said hello. Shortly thereafter, Goldblum's sidewalk play ended very dramatically, with him laying face down next to a smashed HEINEKEN bottle. Then he got up and walked away without saying a word.

Scanning the NYT Sunday inside SAFEWAY, I found a rare copy of Woody's 1990 Alice in Wonderland comedy entitled ALICE, on half-off close-out for only $2. Depicting Mia on the box watching the same thing that Jennifer Garner is watching in her AMERICAN GRAFFITI sock hop portrait. Seen at:

The story kicks into gear when a wealthy and culturally hypnotized Alice goes to an Asian doctor from the Yellow Sea region in Obama's Chinatown to find a drastic cure to why "I spend hours trying to hold onto my youth..." That involves her confusion about role playing the REV.17 whore, as the film cuts to various prophetic images of black Malcolm X Obama [New Orleans jazz] figures; confirmed by a 1961 bottle of bloody red wine under an illuminating display of crystal lights.

In the climax, the doctor goes off to study some miraculous new cures in the newly discovered lost Israelite scrolls found in THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. While the men folk who look like the future Al Franken senator continue to chase after the hypnotic whore of Babylon.

The last shot shows a completely changed woman. Who spends her time now helping friends, family, and others, like Sandra Bullock, and having swinging threesomes. While others are left to joke about some 40+ gal named Gloria Phillips, whose changed face looks so young now that they can't recognize her anymore.


Sunday, August 29, 2010


My secret DEEP THROAT co-star has been out and about in a nice red plaid number inspired by those extra scenes on Jenny's Kingman, Arizona MANAGEMENT DVD. Like at:

I had been waiting a few days for the expected Divine appearance of some babe's pix with the right tattoos on her arm. To reveal this inspired image of Kate Beckinsale sitting on top of a mystery loney beaver, saying 'Don't you go near her... She's too young for you... You already have some chick inside that 55 Chevy...' etc. At:

Actually it's a 58 bronze PONTIAC thing. And here is a nice slightly air-brushed shot on my iPAD of how Jenny is going to look wearing her NUSKIN jacket in about 30 years at:

So I really don't get too freaked out if I have some weird dream about Miley Cyrus standing alone next to a PEPSI machine at SAFEWAY. And I ask her, "Are you hungry...?" And she let's me know that she would like two sausages with her scrambled eggs and melons. As she sets up a patio cover tent to protect us from the sun. Exactly like God promised he would provide in order to protect his gathered people in the last days.



Al Sharpton did a pretty good job exposing the partially blind spots in Glenn Beck's Providentially timed DC speech. As the Harlem mob politician explained, MLK really was a classic Marxist who believed in today's unconstitutional fasciation of America, which must be dismantled before the country's founding principles can be restored. It's the semi evil spirit of MLK that has resulted in the SEES chocolate abomination of desolation "...standing where it ought naught" in Jerry Springerville, USA. Who will tread upon the more righteous lost Israelites on the right side for 42 months in REV.13.

For example, without the alien false doctrines of a huge chocolate colored granite memorial to Dr King in DC, about the size of the blob, there could be no legal harassments of the heroic Arizona sheriff who is trying to protect Phoenixville, USA from THE BLOB prophecy. Hence the 69 car pileup on MLK day in Phoenix when a sudden CADDY SHACK storm blew over the ten virgins I-10 route to the 5 year anniversary of Katrina in New Orleans. Where the half white, and half black, Harlem mob figure caught a train ride to Washington in Paul McCartney's LIVE AND LET DIE prophecy.

This is why big time Obama backer, and frequent gay REV.9 parade marcher, Paris Hilton, was busted in Senator Reid town at 11:22 pm with some of that white stuff in her purse that they were making at LIVE AND LET DIE's alligator purse farm outside New Orleans. In order to have her sexy mug shot taken in the wee hours of Beck's inspired MLK day.

When the bad egg is laid in space that returns Dr.Evil, an official REV.17 female voice announces, "Launch procedure... Commence..." as if the massive Iowa egg recall signals the start of something big. At the exact same time Paris was stopped in Las Vegas, I awoke from a dream about the king of the cowboys putting on a nice RL denim jacket and boots, headed out into a cold fall or winter night to see the new Keira Knightley movie called LONDON BOULEVARD. Around the place where Dr.Evil hopped into an egg capsule and launched his BIG BOY rocket into orbit.


Saturday, August 28, 2010


The brown blob bombed a Mexican TV station south of Brownsville, and murdered some official investigating the killing of those 72 illegals. So the abomination of desolation's corrupt DOJ gave Phoenixville's sheriff another Orwellian ultimatum to produce yet more documents. And his illegal State department cited Arizona in their human rights report to the alien UN. What would you expect from a usurper who was born in Africa to a Kenyan father, was adopted by an Indonesian national and moved there with his mother, and has no legal US citizenship papers? The MARK 13:14 liar does not even have a legit Social Security number.

America's chocolate covered peanuts turd figure was only allowed to meet with North Korea's no.2 leader.

A human foot washed ashore on Washington state's Whidbey Island Friday, which is famous for it's blue heron nesting beach, located south of Rt.20's turbulent Deception Pass.

A 17 year-old daughter of the US ambassador to Thailand fell to her death from a NYC building on West 34th Friday.

I saw THE SWITCH last Tuesday at REGAL, and was amazed by all those iPADs that Cassie's little son collects. Since the film was shot some time ago, and iPADS are widely used for their great portrait photos app. That's a Rt.111 Chocolate Mtns. iPAD mounted on the dash board of Austin Powers' XKE Shaguar, first filmed that way in the 90s.

Everyone does the threesome hop in their white socks in AMERICAN GRAFFITI. Here's Jen Garner signaling her man that it's time to make the hop at:


Friday, August 27, 2010


That prestigious country club Republican lawyer who endorsed the foreign born Barack Obama and became the ambassador to Malta, Douglas Kmiec, crashed his car on the north side of Malibu Wednesday, killing a Catholic nun in the car named Mary Campbell. Who stood in for Lindsay's bad ass nun assassin in the same day's LA premier of MACHETE. Confirmed a few hours later by those new TMZ pix of LL behind the wheel of a devil's pitchfork MASERATI. The popular paparazzi show always ends with the satiric line, "I'm a lawyer!"

She must have been pretty hacked up, because both the high society Chicago mob lawyer and a senior church monsignor were also pretty banged up. The CADDY SHACK pitchfork angle on the D&C 86 bishop turd thing comes from Kmiec being the [Chicago mob] Caruso Family Chair and Professor of Constitutional Law at the church sponsored Pepperdine University in Mel Gibson's Malibu. As it was portrayed to be a Republican porn town in my 1997 middle-of-the-road biopic THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

Of course, I haven't seen MACHETE yet. But it must have something to do with those 72 illegals who were found murdered across the border from Brownsville, Texas on the same day the LBJ/JFK/MLK letter man ridiculed Phoenixville's legit efforts to stop the chocolate brown blob in his opening monologue joke about Miss Mexico not being welcome in Arizona.

Whatever. I did see a sporting goods store ad for a hunting rifle with scope at the 211 STARBUCKS Thursday afternoon. Right as a deputy was shot by a sniper on the loose just east of Fredonia, Arizona, west of Page, and the Obama backing Republican landmark of Lake Powell. Where they filmed the PLANET OF THE APES prophecy in 1967, co-starring the future NRA leader, Charlton Heston.

This is why they finally caught that dangerous Sterling, Colorado prison escapee named Douglas Alward on Wednesday near Rt.59's Yuma, Co. Where the Republican River flows east along Hwy.34, not Hwy.33.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


There was a 4.2 quake Tuesday afternoon south of the Chocolate Mountains' Rt.111 border that shook the area around CADDY SHACK's Golfo de Santa Clara, Mexico. Martha Vineyard's blue herons prey on frogs and toads. Like the one that crawled out of the golfball hole during the film's lightning storm that zapped the bishop, who had made a deal with the D&C 86 devil.

Britain's Ou Est Le Swimming Pool front man committed suicide at Belgium's Pukkelpop rock fest last Friday. In order to fataly point out the golfing MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE subtext to that floating BABYRUTH bar in the above dirty swimming pool movie. Since the chocolate coated peanuts turd icon represents the arrival in North Korea of America's famous peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia [as in plain tasting] located due west of a place called Americus, and Lake Blackshear. That ain't no SEES chocolate at:

That is Lindsay Lohan riding with the king of the cowboys in AMERICAN GRAFFITI. Who's "Sneaking around with the Wolfman..." starting at 29:55 minutes into the DVD.

The massive eggs recall from the corn state of Iowa was timed to be about that giant egg laid in space by Dr Evil's BIG BOY rocket in AP II: The Spy Who Shagged Me. It rolled out as Providential publicity for the fertilized female egg themes in THE SWITCH. Corn is a traditional symbol of fertility.

One can get to Martha's Vineyard's nude beach at Gay Head by taking the ferry from Woods Hole.

In AMERICAN GRAFFITI, long time TWNers will recognize Woody Norris when he comes around to hit on Debbie at MEL'S DRIVE-IN, and offers to give 'Mr Einstein' a knuckle sandwich. But she blows him off for being too thick headed to get the '58' thing.

After Ellen Page jumps out of the T-rod, a song starts playing about the forever law-away plan in ISAIAH chapter 4.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


There was a 4.0 quake in the REV.13 sea off LA's Channel Islands at 10:42:16 pm Monday. The day the ABC channel announced Jennifer Aniston will be in the season premier of COUGAR TOWN, and Tiger got divorced Rt.111 style, and a plane crashed in Catman doo dooville. Where I think Jenny got that Dalai Lama pendant that she always wears to premiers.

Cat napping back on 8.20, I had a very vivid dream at 11:55 pm. That started with me seeing a hungry leopard, or spotted jaguar, sneaking around the neighbor's house where two young girls were playing. So I grabbed my father's old M1 rifle from WW II and killed it with one shot. Then my father said that this is going to upset their animal lover mother, but their father will be grateful.

After the dream at some point, I checked up on the wildcats at Wikipedia and learned that the jaguar kills it's prey by jumping on the back and crushing the skull with it's powerful jaws; unlike most wildcats that go for the neck. A couple days later, I found this image of Kate Beckinsale role playing the jealous cat lady who preys on lonely beavers at:

Right after the dream, I tuned into Leno and saw the black lesbian actress Wanda Sykes telling Jay that the people on FOX are all a bunch of jackasses; probably a reference to Bill O'Reilly.

In CADDY SHACK, the pest hunter uses a devil's pitchfork to explain how he got stiffed by the Dalai Lama during a round of golf in the tiger infested Himalayas. This was years before there ever was a mulatto golfer named Tiger. Reportedly, the plane crashed in the same Pegasus wind and rain lightning storm that killed the bishop in CADDY SHACK, and has been bedeviling Martha's Vineyard since Sunday.

This is the floating chocolate doo doo that cleared out the luke-warm swimming pool at the Republican Party's country club.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


There are usually Rt.111 style earthquakes that ad a little Providential shake, rattle, and roll to any major Jennifer Aniston event. Such as an opening movie, or some extra inspired gossip news hilarity designed to discourage yours truly. THE SWITCH this time was the weekend's 5.6 White Horse Prophecy earthquake confirmation under the sea off Greece. For George Albert Smith's prophetic vision of the Greek homosexual pagan figure Barack Obama. Based on the traditional flying white horse Greek god of stormy weather, named Peg-ass-us. That blew into Salk Lake City as my JACOB 5 post was rolling through town, and RL was all over the news stands posing on a white horse in NYC's Central Park.

My CADDY SHACK sidekick pest is staying at the Blue Heron Farm on Martha's Vineyard this week. Where the film's protagonist is sleeping with his jealous Neve Campbell forerunner. Until the switch happens, like in this inspired blue heron triple beed-bracelet portrait of Scarlett Johansson at:

Which is usually followed up by her God given female intuition that discerns when the first lady has come, and she should signal her husband that it's time to switch. Using some little non spoken gesture that any man would pick up on, without losing momentum, like at:

Sunday USA time, there was a 5.5 shaker off Guam in the vagina size DEEP HORIZON tattoo on Scarlett's left arm. That she will be using to hang on for mercy once my black 55 Chevy sidekick switches gears. That's Obama's Haiti voodoo skull hanging from the rearview mirror, when we first see the king of the cowboys in AMERICAN GRAFFITI. In confirmation of RL's brown crocodile voodoo bags advertised in
Sunday's special 'F' magazine full of FFing fashion highlights in the NYT.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Dr Evil holds up a globe at the end of his Jerry Springer appearance that shows us Mel's Book of Mormon area where flight 8250 crashed and broke into three parts.

My king of the cowboys figure driving his black 55 Chevy sidekick in AMERICAN GRAFFITI keeps showing up with a different wife riding beside him. When the last reluctant and jealous cold one hops in, he let's her know that she will be hanging on for mercy when he gets the thing in gear. That's why the shoot out outside the $1 OLD HARPER liquor store, where the 58 is parked next to a huge 'ICE' sign.

Ellen Page's 231 character tells John that she is an actress, right before getting out of his duece T-rod, and taking with her his steel gear shift knob.

DEMENTIA 13 is playing at the government run STATE movie theater, that was invaded by THE BLOB now attacking Phoenixville, Arizona's sheriff, when the police car gets sabotaged. The government mob, and their media cohorts, have now become the 42 months enemy of the people cited in REV.13.

Note the Obama recession business sale sign in the background when the cop car gets totally undermined in AMERICAN GRAFFITI. A movie title that refers directly to today's Democrat Party cities overrun by Pharroh's Egyptian gangs. There was "golfball size" hail around Detroit the same day I picked up CADDY SHACK. Reportedly, my sidekick pest hit the Republican Party golf course first thing after stepping off Airforce One on Martha's Vineyard.



They caught the last of those three CARNAL MADNESS escapees on the edge of Springerville, Arizona, located due west of Red Hill, New Mexico, in confirmation of the Jerry Springer show scenes in AP II: The Spy Who Shagged Me. That cut directly to Mel driving his XKE look alike sports car through the hills of Malibu in the movie's Madonna icon video entitled 'Beautiful Stranger', produced by MAVERICK RECORDING CO. Since the iconic MAD MAX star has directed music videos for his seductive Russian spy agent shown by Basil on the Shaguar's dashboard monitor screen. Wherein Austin Mel tells Basil that his beautiful lady turned out to be a dangerous fembot.

In the stranger video, Mel's sexy MASERATI pitchfork logo is addressed by Madonna's playful lyrics about how "You're the devil in disguise..." Because Dr Evil makes the Biblical point to his artificially inseminated son Scott on Springerville that it's no good to be semi evil, or semi good, like most of today's luke-warm politicians and church leaders.

When the olive tree fruit gets bland and tasteless in JACOB 5, like it has become in the Lord's LDS church, or the more righteous Republican Party, the trees will get trimmed back to their basic outlines. And the wild Branch Davidians will be grafted into the rod and stem of Jesse's royal genealogy tree branches.

The so called religious who do not believe in miracles and revelations will be cut off and tossed into the dead wood burn piles cited in JACOB 5.


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Getting back to GG's Caddy in WAL*MART's parking lot with my 1980 CADDY SHACK prophecy about the 8.2 abomination of desolation, I found an 82 quarter lying right there by my back seat car door.

We see a SEES chocolates shop in AMERICAN GRAFFITI's California Canadian introduction to the Canadian actress from the future Chocolate Mountains period of the MARK 13:14 one. Who co-stars in the 90210 blackjack number show.

When the CAR 54 square pulls over John in AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Ellen Page's Carol starts role playing her teen rape character in HARD CANDY. That Ms Page played when she was around the same age, as seen at:

When Ellen hops into John's T-rod, there is a large letter 'L' on the street.

One must enter the blood initiation physical transfiguration rites in order to join the apostate PHAROHS' Mason temple gang in AG. The 1973 George Lucas movie opens with grave doubts about today's inspired TWILIGHT protagonists, with the naysaying comment "You just can't stay 17 forever..."

There was a rare quake between Mt St Helens and Storm King Mtn around the same time that my no.44 sidekick landed at Boeing Field with those two loud F-15 sonic boom confirmations of my SONIC burger temple mount posting.

At the three-way sock hop, Jessica Simpson's Baptist youth minister father, Mr Simpson, won't let 'Mr Wolf' dance with the younger babes.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, I noted there were two earthquakes that rattled Utah's Rt.56 landmark in Iron County for the 5.6 White Horse Prophecy about the time when America would have an unconstitutional leader born in Africa. The Joseph Smith prophecy being confirmed by that genuine Kenyan hospital birth certificate obtained by Lucas Smith.

Then Granny Grass invited me out for an old fashion Papa Burger and onion rings at KFC's nostalgic A&W root beer jute box joint with a 56 FORD on the wall, located off 208th below REGAL's Tall Firs 10 movie theater sign. Where she parked next to 76 UNION's royal White Glove car wash and a Megan Fox '516...' TOYOTA with gold trim. Inside, our order came out with a 5:16 pm computer time-stamp. And when I asked them to cut GG's double cheese burger in half about five minutes later, I noted that their conventional clock on the wall read exactly 5:16 pm.

Stopping at WAL*MART later, to get the CADDY SHACK prophecy about trying to get rid of my underground sidekick pest Barack Obama at a Republican country club, I saw RL's amazing White Horse Prophecy statement in BAZAAR magazine.

Located down the road on Rt.56, past the new beast's latter-day landmark named Newcastle, is a place called Modena. The namesake of the Italian city where they build the super fast MASERATI iron horses bearing the church of the devil's trademark REV.13:1 pitchfork. Which was immediately confirmed by the death of that famous physical transfiguration faker to the stars Dr Frank Ryan. Who crashed his MAD MAX desert 4x4 JEEP into the rocks and boulders at the Malibu T formed by Hwy.1 and Deer Creek Road. Utah's Deer Creek dam being located near Wallsburg and all that.

Only minutes after watching the 55 crash finale to AMERICAN GRAFFITI Monday morning, there was a 4.4 quake at 5:05 am in the DEEP HORIZON sea due west of Eureka, CA. Where MAD MAX's Mad River flows down out of the redwoods and into the REV.13 sea at Rt.299's T-bone on Hwy.101.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Over at ALBERTSONS' temple mount Saturday with Granny Grass, to pick up some of their specials on toilet paper, I found AMERICAN GRAFFITI on DVD for just 5 bucks. Back on 8.11 at 11:57 pm, I had a flash image of someone spraying me with graffiti, so I grabbed it.

The iconic 1973 prophecy takes place around MEL'S DRIVE-IN, resembling the new 50s nostalgia style SONIC burger drive-in joint atop a temple mount retaining wall in Bonney Lake, above South Prairie Road. It opens with a mint 1958 physical transfiguration token parked out front, and the 'Wolfman' is playing over everybody's favorite two witnesses radio station.

After the film's famous mystery blond goddess turns down G Street in her white 56 T-bird, we meet the new chicks in town. Who are introduced by a bold background sign that says "CALIFORNIA CANADIAN BANK"; when the Canadian Ellen Page herself appears and hops into my restored yellow deuce coup T-rod. Then they all head over to the school sock hop for a great confirmation shot of Evangeline Lilly on the dance floor. Where the 'Herby...' Love Bug band is playing some classic threesome dance number.

Shortly thereafter, we actually return to the California Canadian sign in order to see the future "Lay-away Now" Shenae Grimes high school star from Canada working undercover [on the Web] in a blond wig. Before the CAR 54 foundation gets ripped apart next to the government run STATE movie theater, as the Wolfman invokes the future number '16' situation.

By the end we know it's 23 year-old Ms Page playing a scared younger character when she blurts out her '231' street address. And the future mystery blond babe from THREE'S COMPANY calls and lets Richard Dreyfuss know that she loves to cruise on 3 rd Ave. Of course, the famous ten virgins 55 crash ending is confirmed by the airliner sporting a radical Islamic crescent moon logo on it's tail shark fin, that takes Dick back to school somewhere in the east.



The D-Day message for 8.15 was the massive ten day military mobilization in the Yellow Sea that started on Sunday, USA time. And is scheduled to run until 8.25, USA time, as confirmed by the crash of flight 8250 down in Mel's Book of Mormon country. Where the BOEING 737 broke into three parts on the 16th start date of the SS George Washington lead invasion size operation for the three way break up of America prophecy in REV.16.

For a second Pope 16 witness, Mel crashed his fabulous aerodynamic MASERATI on the same date near his Branch Davidian compound, west of Saddle Peak. So everyone could see the jet car's famous front logo that looks like the traditional REV.13 devil's pitchfork held by Neptune, the 666 king of the sea beast in Malibu's THE PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES, created with A-bomb radiation by Dr King.

Hence all those powerful earthquakes in the sea off Guam that marked the 65th anniversary of the end of WW II. Now comes MAD MAX III, according to those horrific desert race car previews that just came out from Lucerne, California, east of Apple Valley, and south of Sidewinder Mtn.

Walking back Monday, a huge load of rocks and boulders was stopped next to APPLEBEES steak grill, waiting behind a CON-WAY truck, for the rocks and boulders that Mel sideswiped with his nice EAT LOVE PRAY ride along Malibu Canyon Road. The last time I was in APPLEBEES was with my inspired Catholic friend El Wood. When we sat below a large satanic looking KISS tongue poster as we munched on our cheese burgers.

The 65th anniversary of WW II was celebrated in NYC with a big crowd of people kissing in Times Square.


Saturday, August 14, 2010


The same day Sodom's AG in California, Mr Brown, filed to immediately allow homogaysexuals to enter into the same kind of gay monogamy that Arnold and Maria have, a PIPER ARROW plane carrying two guys crashed upriver from Sacramento near Black Buttes, and a tiny place named Washington, located off Rt.20. That would be the American River, cited in DANIEL 12, etc.

Granny Grass surprised me with a discounted T-Bone steak Friday. A treat I enjoy maybe twice a year. When I saw this Jenny fake by 'T-Bone' last night, I joked to myself that GG would now bring home a T-Bone. Like the one at:

A local minister gave me a ride up Evergreen Drive Friday. I noted his son's "WILDCATS" college team decal on the widow when I hopped in by the Campbell house stonewall.

In the Kingdom of God, there are no widows or orphans. Hence no need to have a baby using the sperm of non attached fathers. Bill O'Reilly is correct, artificial insemination is a Nazi medicine abomination. But his apostate mainstream religion offers no realistic relief to all the Lonely Beaver campers out there who want to have children. Eternal life is now in session.

7 people were shot at a Friday wedding reception, going into Saturday morning, at Buffalo's CITY GRILL on Main Street.

The above plane from [Emma] Watsonville, crashed outside Emigrant Gap. For the GST/TWN protagonist message in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, that opened Friday. Wikipedia has the Emigrant Gap historic marker at 39.303 N. 120.666 W. It's a low spot on the ridge's gap where pilgrims could lower their wagon loads down on a rope. In confirmation of this all-you-can-eat 6.99 salad buffet I saw last night while checking for Scarlett salad tossing recall signs and wonders at:

TMZ showed Steven Slater in a brown T-top Friday, standing beside his blind lawyer in front of his place in Queens.


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Steven Slater's ex-wife Cynthia Neithamer claims he always wanted to design his own clothing line, like they do at Sienna Miller's hip 28-12 fashion house. Read fashion model by day Cintia Dicker role modeling her Ms Nighthammer undercover alias as a transsexual VICTORIA'S SECRET agent by night. Or something.

Because Steven looks an awful lot like Stephen Stucker, [Stinger]. The famously gay "...no one goes to Fresno..." actor in AIRPLANE, who died in 1986 from the homogaysexual butt stinger plague prophecy in REV.9. Stucker's first movie gig was in 1975's CARNAL MADNESS exploitation film. Is that Steven or Stephen? In the image link at:

One SEES Cintia Dicker riding the prophetic steel bars movie poster with my Barry Obama sidekick all over it at:

Inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's new [Green Lake dream] salad pictorial Wednesday, I put together a nice EAT PRAY LOVE dish with small thin lettuce greens, Walla Walla sweet onions, and sliced beets in a balsamic vinegarette with fresh chopped basil. Napping that off later, I was awaken on Scarlett Johansson's 11:22 JFK birth date by a firm male voice that said "Hey!" So I checked around and found this 'pray toss my salad' fake of the royal 208 th REGAL cinema princess, perched atop a classic tossed onion rings salad lettuce print sofa at:

Later on FOX, I heard about the big veggie lovers tossed salad recall from Fresno, California's lettuce growing region, in packages marked with the letter and number 'i208'.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


That gay JET BLUE flight attendant from Queens, Steve Slater, [iPADer] was role playing my Airforce One sidekick on his last fuck-you flight from Dick Steele town to the JFK Letterman airport. Where he cussed out the passengers, before grabbing a couple beers and sliding down the escape raft, and then ran home and got arrested while butt fucking one of his associates. You can see his silver Stanley Cup garage sale crown of England in the enclosed FACEBOOK photo at this local news report on:

Before jumping on the chute, someone heard him say "There goes 28 years". For the 28 year-old star of THE MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH and CASANOVA.

Walking back Monday, I noticed that there was a second dead possum-rat by the Church Lake Rd brook, this one black, right as a black '...TMZ' 4x4 drove south. Followed up by a black REV.9 zinger STINGRAY stopped at the mountain view sign, bearing 'AAWSOME' plates. So I checked TMZ.com and found their report about Mel's father claiming that Joseph Ratzinger, a.k.a. Pope 16, is as queer as Barry Obama.

The Belle Harbor, Queens ending to Slater's flight from Dick Steele town turned out to be a double SPY HARD confirmation of my overnight discovery of another awesome VICTORIA'S SECRET agent, code named Cintia Dicker.

This is why they caught the second Golden Valley killer along the Greybull River south of Cody, Wyoming on the same day. In perfect continuity with Dick looking at Victoria on his iPAD slate and asking himself, "Why?.. Why..?!.." Why Wyoming? Because that is where they filmed BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN; which lost out to CRASH at the Oscars.

All of which was confirmed on Sunday by that church lady named Mary, who ran over three church goers at Maryland's Mount Saint Mary's College and Seminary with her black 4x4.


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Police believe that the Golden Valley killers are linked to an Oklahomo couple murdered near Saddleback Mtn. New Mexico. Because it happened right before Arnold backed up that 9th court sodomite judge, and 'saddleback' is gay slang for butt fucking without a condom. Plus the dead campers were from Rt.9's Tecumseh, just east of a homosexual CODE PINK town named Pink, near Lake Thunderbird. For that butt fucking tail-gater in LOST HIGHWAY LA who gets the shit beat out of him when the beast rams his THUNDERBIRD in the ass with his black German Nazimobile.

Go east on Oklahomo's Rt.9, past Larry and Barry's Rt.99, and you come to a small place named Butner.

Two guys died in a plane crash outside Dick Steele town Saturday, shortly after takeoff from Arnold Palmer Airport, east of Pittsburg, PA. The crash site was near Beaver Run Resevoir.

If this keeps up, I'm gonna have to go see that movie about the two other guys.

Go to www.safeguardourconstitution.com to keep up on the military's efforts to protect General Rancor.

I tried to watch my pretty scratched up DVD of CASANOVA Sunday night. That I bought last week in a driveway off Evergreen Drive. But it kept stopping right after that 18ish virgin babe tells her father, "I want him!.. I'll never be happy without him!"


Saturday, August 7, 2010


The VALLEY MEAT COMPANY of Modesto, California recalled about a million pounds of ground beef, for making meat balls, on the same day Gov Schwarzenegger declared his support for the sodomite judge of the 9th court. In confirmation of his prophetic role as a guard for the transsexual Gen Rancor in SPY HARD. The day's 4.1 quake at Palm Springs was for the close up shots of Gen Rancor's snap-on palms fondling the meat balls in Will Ferrell's $4 meat sandwich bit on Jimmy Fallon.

A crazy defict spending woman dressed as a Send in the Clowns figure was arrested in MARK 13:14 Bethlehem, PA Friday for trying to rob a bank with a MARK 13:14 bomb.

After a nice fucking and sucking session with the Chicago boys this week, the sodomite one in DANIEL's latter-day homosexual leader prophecy will be attending the swearing-in ceremony for his lesbian Supreme Court judge on Charlize Theron's birthday. Charlize has declared that she will not enter into a [plural] marriage until gays can get married in California.

Here is a nice anti-gray skin statement by the Malibu regular. Positioned in front of the main driveway security gates that lead up to Mel's temple mount compound featured in SPY HARD at: www.onlythebestfakes.com/preview/21337/

They recently discovered a giant deep sea volcano off the coast of Obama's native Indonesia. It rises some 11,000 feet from the sea bed.

Trying to nap Friday, the Lord said "Driveway" at 10:18 pm.


Friday, August 6, 2010


A warm&fuzzy passive-aggressive female bitch military judge tried to stonewall the truth about America's illegal commander in chief Friday. By hauling away that courageous military doctor at www.wnd.com who is trying to expose the phony conservative Gray Summit, Missouri gray area jewish bullshit on 770's Michael Medved show. My iPAD map ap shows they took him into Nazi military style custody to Ft Belvoir, VA's giant nut sack landmark. That is missing a penis rod of Jesse because the place is located right under Woodlawn Rd and Pole Rd, which is castrated by the Hwy.1 Dick Steele cut-off line.

In confirmation of my double beautiful view [Belvoir] fake images of the bellissima Keira Knightley Princess of Israel.

No coincidence that Princess Elizabeth is in the organic pork bangers business BIG TIME.

Check out the hilarious "Cop a Feel" meatballs ad for THE OTHER GUYS at JJ.

The Campbell's house, off Evergreen Drive's scrotum cu-de-sac nut sack, was having a garage sale Friday. Where I found the 18th century "pray fuck me" CASANOVA confirmation of Bonney Lake's Venetian subway sandwich shop for two bucks.

They are now finishing the new DANIEL 9 road next to BL's mini El Shaddai temple mount on Main Street. Just in time for the D-Day invasion of the new fascist occupation.

Friday morning, I dreamed that I ran into Neve Campbell at church. Who was sleeping on a back pew in the exact same way that we see her sleeping at her desk when Dick Steele walks into the director's office in SPY HARD.


There are usually school children omens every time the latter-day Sodom goes on the march in REV.9. Thursday's Supreme Court appointment of the well known lesbian Ms Kagan was marked by the two GREASE 2 school buses that crashed in a symbolic rear-ender on I-44 near Washington, Missouri; between Gray Summit and Robertsville. Nearby Union on Hwy.50 is about the REV.16 civil war prophecy coming to pass under the 50 states' illegitimate leader General Rancor. Due north is Defiance and Chesterfield.

The black Obama figure walking below the prophetic Sarah Palin billboard in SPY HARD is talking on his future untraceable BLACKBERRY. While illegal aliens are speaking in foreign languages over the airport's sound system.

They had Gen Rancor's homogaysexual snap-on arm feeling the meat balls at Will Ferrell's sandwich shop.

"The question is, who is Rancor?" asks the tape recorder over a gay photo of the MARK 13:14 one in SPY HARD's opening.

Wednesday morning the Lord said "Look Greg!.. Look!" So I looked at my clock that read 6:04 am. Later I saw the 4.8 quake at 6:04:17 pm Wednesday near that huge mountain landslide landmark outside Sandy's Jackson Hole, Wyoming Christmas CRASH landing location. East of the Physical Transfiguration Chapel, and Jenny Lake, etc. Right there is the abomination of desolation's Continental Divide line prophecy, based on his unconstitutional nomination in Colorado. Where the stonewalling media, Hollywood, and most of Judah, fucked America in the ass.

Now comes their chocolate desert.

After I spotted a car's 150 UFJ plates at 211th, Granny Grass started honking at me from Hwy.410, and then she parked next to TACO BELL. Where she informed me that she had just purchased a new 150' hose at HOME DEPOT. Like the one at: www.onlythebestfakes.com/preview/22853/


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Obama's dumb no.17 bitch JR was on the Branch Davidian mother fucker show Wednesday night; yacking about the wonders of white flower pizza and pasta, that leads to children being born with schizophrenia and weird skin defects. So her flight no.117 back from the JFK letters-man show that day started smoking something and had to land in her foreign home country of New Mexico State.

Later, over at Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell did an inspired remake of Sandra Bullock's prophetic MAKING SANDWICHES confirmation of my future uncle Santa Paws character in David Lynch's WILD AT HEART New Orleans prophecy at: www.onlythebestfakes.com/preview/18491/
With a hilarious twist and shout on General Rancor's snap-on manikin arms of "Fire in the hole!" flesh.

Lynch's 'Welcome to Big Tuna' Texas sign says "FUCK YOU". Like one of those Tea Party billboards, that asked "WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE" in Letterman's monologue on Evangeline Lilly's dangerous 31FLAVORS double lick me birthday. As a black fat government version of Letterman's Obama sidekick named 'Biff' walks by below it.

All of this latter-day wonderfulness peeked on the same day that the sodomite judge in Roman Catholick Pelosi's sodomite Bay Area no.9 fed court ruled that sodomites get to be married; on the birthday of their married sodomite Presidente at the African Nazi occupied Casablanca in Dick, sandwich Washington. Who was hanging out Wednesday at his Chicago pad with some of his old fuck buddy homies. Followed up Providentially by the approval of the Jimmy Kim/mel approved CLOCKWORK ORANGE ally to the queer conservative leader of Elton John's Gay Old England.

That deadly EZE.38 invader at the Golden, Colorado valley beer warehouse on 131 Chapel Street in Manchester, Conn [England] looks exactly like my wild jungle beast sidekick standing next to General Rancor's intruder entrance to his drunk with power warehouse. Confirmed by the new pix of my prophetic CASANOVA wife Sienna FFing Mr 666 Law on the REV.13:1 beach in the country where my sidekick's wife went to escape her Casablanca occupation.

Gregory Scott Relf


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


As I walked past a dead possum by the brook on Church Lake Road Monday, that looked like a big rat, a light blue VW Love Bug drove by and a black crow icon of death lighted on a nearby fire hydrant. Later on Letterman, Will Ferrell came out in a light blue school boy outfit, complete with dress shorts, jacket, and moth bow tie. Right as a love bug moth pest started to flutter around my head.

Ferrell told Letterman that he is replacing Catherine Zeta-Jones in her musical A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. Then he went over to a romantic bed set and gave a big Dick Steele BJ to some huge brown horn pipe instrument, before singing Send in the Clowns..."maybe next year..." Afterwards, Dave brought over the traditional dozen red roses. Then some lady came out with that pest hunter's clip board and received a $20 donation from him for a staff member's small possum-size dog operation.

I saw the same dozen red roses in a guy's hand Monday afternoon, when he got into his '...ZWZ' 4x4 in front of 31 FLAVORS ice-cream shop. Which turned out to be about Monday evening's report about that school boy who got killed by a giant 6 pound homemade slingshot boulder Sunday in Roseville, Minn. Made out of an old swinger's swing set. The place is a suburb of the Scandinavian Twin Cities that confirmed Ferrell's joke about his wife's primitive Scandinavian kin folk. Who are living like those six black Gentile brothers, and a sister, who drowned in Louisiana's garfish infested Red River Monday, off I-20, cited in the DANIEL 12 day 1290 prophecy.

The red rose being the official 666 symbol of Obama's resurrected and reformed fascism. Ferrell having bought his school kid clothes at BROOKS BROS.

Right after Letterman, TMZ showed Jennifer Love-Bug-Hewitt coming out of a DAIRY QUEEN in JL town. Establishing the I-35 connection between Texas and the Twin Cities of Judah and Ephraim. As in the inspired two scoops of ice-cream portrait at: www.onlythebestfakes.com/preview/4944/


Sunday, August 1, 2010


They caught one of those three Golden Valley killers in Rifle, Colorado Sunday morning. It's located along I-70 [weeks] south of Rifle Gap Reservoir. For Sunday's GAP ad in the NYT.

That is the future Sarah Palin on the 'Welcome to Los Angeles' billboard in 1996's SPY HARD prophecy, holding a Tea Party assault rifle. For all those billboards out there asking America, "WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?" for General Rancor.

One of Palin's mama grizzlies attacked some campers Wednesday in the Soda Butte Campground near Sleeping Giant Mtn. Wyoming. The same day that former NBA GRIZZLIES player was murdered in Memphis, Tenn. Then those photos came out of Sherryl Crow in a grizzly bear coat, playing her Christmas season guitar on HANNAH MONTANA, from Tennessee. For some reason, the snowy Santa 's sleigh show is scheduled to air on August 8.

J.L. SPRAY's metal shop is located in South Los Angeles at 911 E. 59th.

Bonney Lake's new court house is being built next to the symbolic mini temple mount location of El Shaddai ministries. Whose stone retaining wall on Main Street faces south for a prophetic EZE.47:1 sign. The new building is shaped like a mountain divided in half for the latter-day deep Grand Canyon divide prophecy about the mountain of Zion splitting apart when Jesus appears to the GAP wearing Jews. A symbolic United Order credit union is already located across the street. The JAVA ANGELS hut has been removed.

I'm surprised that JL's product merger bit didn't feature a JELLO item mixed with HERSHEY'S chocolate for a great Phoenixville meets THE BLOB thing. You can probably see the skit at NBC.com.

Jennifer Aniston's new ocean spray fragrance was inspired by THE FAT SPY HARD's fountain of youth extract prophecy that takes place along the sandy sea shores of Florida.

Note that Gen. Rancor's chopper explodes next to a radar. Then the REV.17 lady falls off the cliff and into the REV.13 sea of captivity. At Dick Steele's shag pad in the hills above Malibu, we see a framed photo of him standing next to Jackie Kennedy, now being played by Kate Holmes. The Liz Taylor photo represents Naples's Donatella Greco. The chick at the end of the COCA CABANA club line looks like a lady I once met named Star. Last I heard, she lives near Rifle, Colorado.



Jay Leno poo pooed Arizona's new law to "round up" illegals, then called yours truly a 'big douche bag' in his introduction of Jennifer Aniston Thursday night. So a few hours after the broadcast J.L. SPRAY's security fence welding shop exploded down in the LA industrial area where Dick Steele torched that MARK 13:14 photo.

Later the same day, Tracy Province, 42, and two other murderers, cut a hole through the security fence at a Golden Valley, Arizona jail. Then with the help of his 44 year-old girlfriend, they hijacked a semi in MANAGEMENT's Kingman location, probably full of the same merchandise props that JL used in his bit to spoof the state's crack down on alien crime. No word yet if the dangerous escapees are back in JL.

The Providential douche spray joke was a great product combination for OCEAN SPRAY cranberry juices, that confirmed my Oregon beaver beach shot of Evangeline Lilly. Whose golden valley was portrayed laying atop the shore's golden pebbles and sea shells. The perfect pairing with JENNIFER ANISTON's ocean scent spray fragrance that she introduced on JL Thursday. Between their chatter about getting impregnated with a turkey baster .

When Dick Steele pulls up to Rancor's Cuban socialist front, the COCA CABANA 42 months club, his sidekick says, "A man who drives a FERRARI can get lucky..." Invoking that red physical transfiguration FERRARI in the opening of LA STORY. Then he runs his tire tread over some blond babe's shoe, in a shot that reveals yours truly standing there in a blue shirt during the 42 months period. Waiting in the line that is being controlled by some satanic goatee figure. Next comes the two baseball bats scene.

Immediately after Steve Martin enters into the physical transfiguration program in FATHER OF THE BRIDE II, Renee Zellweger pulls up beside him in her red FERRARI and checks him out with a sexy smile.

Gregory Scott Relf