Thursday, January 31, 2013


That underground filmmakers bomb that destroyed the foundation of Mexico's PEMEX headquarters was confirmation of my bombshell post about Mel Gibson. Think MATADOR meets GET THE GRINGO, who drives an old oily VW GULF in the latter movie. And both of the two movies' handsome devil co-stars are now living in Malibu. ~ Then think about the new photos of Miley Cyrus wearing that same machine gun pendant that she uses when she swings into action in KING OF NEW YORK at 52:03 on my special edition DVD, at: ~ Because in the above 1990 movie, my official private file on Mr Bishop's LDS computer starts back on the 4.6 birthday of Jesus Christ. ~ Ergo, my two fuck buddies who pick me up in a LINCOLN limo when I get out of 666 prison are also my two body guards. ~ Who just gunned down some corrupt mother fucker in Texas because she/he was refusing to do anything about the Jewish county's mob boss, Barack Obama, per: ~ Therefore, there was another mighty and strong earthquake off the REV.13:1 shores of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska Thursday; recorded at: ~ The Craig, Alaska event being a recent CRAIG'S restaurant no brainer thing, of course. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PERSONAL NOTES: When some of my root beer loving niggers show up in 2013, with a briefcase full of money, my KING OF NEW YORK figure asks their gang leader why he never came to see me in Bonnie Lake, Washington. [The film's Branch Davidian prison compound looks exactly like that federal prison island in south Puget Sound, Washington.]

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


1990's KING OF NEW YORK prophecy is very metaphorical. To the point where the story needed to have at least three solid look alike wives of the future King of England in order to make it more credible; if not at least more understandable, believe it or not. ~ Therefore, when yours truly finally gets out of my own private prison, I get picked up in a limo by a very sexy Miley Cyrus look alike with a nice tan, and some hot Gisele Bundchen type VICTORIA'S SECRET model. ~ As confirmed by the fact that Ms Montana is actually down in Gisele's Costa Rica right now working on her tan. ~ In order to let Mel Gibson know what he will be missing if he doesn't soon convert his Branch Davidian compound up in the 7 hills of Malibu into a studio for underground filmmakers. ~ KING OF NEW YORK came out in 1990. Because that was when his Emma Watson look alike princess was born. The same one that he felt up on the underground subway train in confirmation of the new Crown Prince photos that just came out on the same day that I saw her in the movie, at: ~ Even the same day that a powerful 6.8 Naomi Watts earthquake rocked the Book of Mormon continent at 4:15, per: ~ Because all those tiny bat cave bombs in Iran were reported to be some kind of a device that was triggered by a sudden fluctuation in the system's electrical watts voltage. ~ [Think Harry Potter's originally inspired electric bolt forehead scar icon.] ~ Ergo, my KING OF NEW YORK sidekick gets taken down after he tries to steal 56 bucks worth of chicken and ribs, and some homogaysexual corn cob butt fucker icons. ~ GSR/TWN ~ VICTORIA'S SECRETS: My protagonist in KING OF NEW YORK goes to his glorious rest in the back seat of Gisele Bundchen's TAXI prophecy. I.e ISAIAH 11:10. [My crazy nigger sidekick in the movie loved root beer, and all that.] In KING OF NEW YORK, yours truly, the one who kills all the NYC Democrat Party mob Jews, only needs less than one more year to save the children. Wherein I get 16M tax free; payable in three installments. Based upon performance of course. ~ At around 18:... minutes into my KING OF NEW YORK DVD, yours truly tries on those same too small gloves in the O.J. trial; seen years alter. Now being born again in spirit by Lindsay Lohan's new 3-way CIRCUS CIRCUS Las Vegas style trial. [Looks like she lied about having two babes riding on my front seat of that sexy 911 at the same time.] ~ The King of England jumps into Gisele's taxi seat in front of a HOWARD JOHNSON'S. ~ The Virgin Mary icon motif in KING OF NEW YORK was a private message for the white Mel Gibson, circa 2013.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The God of Israel let the lowly scoop the NYT Jews on that bat cave explosion in Iran, during Obama's inauguration party on 1.21, in confirmation of them scooping the main stream media suckers regarding my sidekick's born again birth certificate etc. etc. [Talk about being ahead of the curve.] If you are not a white Christian who has his suspicions about niggers, queers, and Jews, then you will find yourself at the back end of the bus just like the rest of them. ~ For example, the Jewish Mark [13:14] Levin took a call from someone who asked about Obama's verified stolen SS number. So naturally, the shady Jew immediately hung up on the simple minded Ephraimite. ~ So now his brand of Bible Belt Ephraimites are going to fuck the Jews six ways to Sunday; 666 Republicans, 666 Democrats, six one half dozen, the other. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DEATH NOTICES: Right as the abomination of desolation was wrapping his big speech in AUSTIN POWERS 1,2,3: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, there was a 2.7 quake at 12:28 Miller time in Death Valley, north of the Funeral Mtns. In confirmation of Dr Evil's prophetic underground cave plot in Iran to destroy the promised land of God with a stolen nuclear bomb. ~ Of course, Death Valley, CA is the EZE.37 location of that underground GSR\TWN city that was documented by the savage Indians in SIX DEGREES OF HELTER SKELTER. ~ Between the time when America's Greek homosexual president was illegally elected, and then illegally inaugurated; violence soared in and around Jerusalem, the war in Syria exploded, violence erupted in North Africa, Egypt started to fall apart, and millions of Christian white men in the USA started to buy assault weapons. ~ By the way. I'm all for illegal immigration; just as long as it leads to the destruction of all those white Christians out there who have been laughing at the Book of Mormon for all these years. You oppose me, I AM will oppose you. ~ After seeing this latest NYC mob update, I might watch my own private prophecy called, KING OF NEW YORK; for example, see: ~ MEETS:

Monday, January 28, 2013


Julianne Hough's 24 year-old sister from Sandy, Utah, named after the genealogy tree of Israel, [Kristina Tree] died when her Israelitish white car hit the ice east of LDS Senator Reid's Wend/over, Nevada on Sunday morning, at: ~ Which happened on the anniversary of Jesus's great granddaughter's breakthrough album named BORN TO DIE, again at: ~ ~ If you love me as much as Mrs Gregory Rey loves me, then you get to die and go to heaven in my arms. ~ Like in all those JERRY MaGUIRE movie quotes in AUSTIN POWERS: 2: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME for some future Lana Del Rey retro 60s feature length video. ~ Why do you think that my black&white sidekick dog had to be born again in Hawaii? In order that the Jews at the NYT would also die, and then be born again with their official fantasy Hawaiian state birth certificates in hand. ~ When you get married to the grandson of Jesus, every time that you feel like you have something important to say to him, it will feel as if you are slowly sucking on the royal stem rod of Jesse in ISAIAH 11:1 like at: ~ In other words, you will definitely have his full and completely undivided attention. Per Madonna's 90s video prophecy called LIKE A PRAYER, with lyrics at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ LESBO LINKS: None of my independent wives, who get to have their own money and their own real estate, will ever be truly happy until they allow me to sort out their petty financial relationship problems, at: ~ The reason why no lesbians will ever be allowed in the kingdom of God is because it will be a place of harmony, void of all forms of heterosexual phobias. ~ This 6.0 earthquake is about that stolen Russian A-bomb in AP:2, at: ~ I'm starting to have more lucid dreams again about people's hair falling out due to A-bomb fallout poisoning.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Remember my crazy GSR/TWN uncle figure in David Lynch's big N.O. SUPER BOWL prophecy called WILD AT HEART? The one where yours truly is holding my SLC,UT temple measuring rod that is mentioned in REV.11.1? ~ Well hell's bells, look what the cat dragged in at: ~ Since God damn me, I was standing on the corner of South Praire on Sunday afternoon, where I once saw that Sienna Miller prophecy, and a car drove by me with a fresh cut Christmas tree tied up on the top of it. Banana Romanov's caramelized deserts treat being a no.14 metaphor for my royal spotted dick prophecy in KING RALF fucks both Keira Knightley and Ms Cyrus at the same time. In Mr Lynch's next SONY video feature film made on the down low, up in the canyons. ~ Talk about underground Hollywood film making. Where even the likes of Tarantino and Di Caprio would dare not to go. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DESERTS: Granny Grass got back from church on Sunday and slammed the garage door at exactly 12:26 Boxing Day time. This is that big hook-shot that wins me the Emma Watson and Amber Heard three-way 3-pointer jackpot at the end of WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP, at: ~ In my own private England SNATCH prophecy, that blond mulatto nigger, named Lincoln, tries to pawn off a fake diamond at Bonnie Lake's new PISTOL ANNIE's pawn shop. But my nigger doesn't let him get away with it. Then we meet the film's black and white Piker dog who eats the snatch. ~ My brother's kin in Sandy, Utah are getting a big laugh out of their crazy uncle. So I see an empty bottle of cheap white HOUGHE chard in WAL*MART's parking lot as I walk in to discover my WHITE MEN CAN'T FUCK movie. Then later I see that 24 year-old LDS virgin babe from Sandy named Hough, who is currently blowing Mr Seacrest. Exiting CRAIG'S gourmet restaurant where my royal 14 year-old sire is cooking up all his big banana republic side-kick treats. And the same DM report from London has a pic of Julianne holding up a glass of white wine; that I AM is going to end up loving to fuck, no matter what, like at: ~ Oh yeah, Miss Sandy, Utah was born on 7.20. ~ That big oil spill on the day 1290 Mississippi is probably about the MARK 13:14 trouble in the Middle East when you see the SUPER BOWL being played down in The Big No. That Mardi Gras fire down in Brazil being the second witness confirmation to this idea, and all that.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Who knows? Maybe it is time for Tarantino to do a Janis Joplin type musical biography pic; if they won't let him make anymore $50,000,000 budget films in 35mm. Forget about Oliver Stone getting his cocked sucked in that kind of retro 90s action. You cast Ms Montana in the lead role, and you get the full grind house pussy in you production trailer for your problems, like at: ~ Remember, when one of your brothers dies, it is your responsibility to take care of his wives; the good ones, the bad ones, and the ugly ones. ~ Also remember, any good rock star biography is mostly about the soundtrack score, not the image on the big screen; as long as that is pretty good looking too, and not too indulgent. ~ Plus, image you running lines with both Miley Cyrus and Carey Mulligan at the same time in your propjetic SNATCH looking on-set caravan. ~ What are you waiting for? All it would take is a phone call. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NO BRAINERS: New Orleans is located at the end of the Day 12900 Mississippi River; downstream from 1290' Grand Rapids, 666' Winona, and's 491' Hannibal, MO.

Friday, January 25, 2013


My late night comedy writer career started during the Ronald Reagan 80s with Joan Rivers. Therefore it will come to an end with me coming to the rescue of all of her same age sisters; like Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, and even Shirley MacLaine. Not to mention Camilla Paglia, Maureen Dowd, and my stupid bitch Hillary Clinton. ~ All of whom are the main reason why God wants me to get my cock sucked and fucked by a pair of 17 year-old wanna-bes. ~ Per the scene in Chloe Moretz' 1997 AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY birth certificate. Where yours truly makes the 3-way call-me sign on my DVD at 1:12:50. ~ You want to look like one of my rather unusual looking 29 year-old robo-wives? You call me when you are ready. ~ Even the frozen supermarket pizza spy who came in from the cold in IN LIKE FLINT meets OUR MAN FLINT. ~ Besides, he was not all that young looking either. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REVELATIONS: Last night at 8:48 am, that really smart and friendly Jew named Jesus told me, "WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP!!"~ Then I found the same 1992 DVD lying on top of the 5 buck close-out pile up at WAL-MART. ~ And you know how much I love to fuck Puerto Rican girls, at: ~ AND: ~ ~ The White Horse Prophecy image appears in the SNATCH prophecy at the same time that the thick glasses cunt Hillary Clinton thinks that she can continue to rob the sons of Israel. Sorry girl, you ain't going to get no solid gold toilet for free like in AP:2. ~ Compare the thick glasses on Ms 7 Hills to the thick glasses on that mob cunt in SNATCH, at: ~ The Royal London pawn shop in SNATCH was a time-line for the new pawn shop in Bonnie Lake, Washington, named PISTOL ANNIE'S. Hence, Elizabeth Hurley disguises herself as Sienna Miller's Pistol Annie figure when she goes undercover in Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 2013.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Everything that is filthy and evil was created by the Father; according to the Book of Mormon. Because there must be an opposition to all things. I.e. No sweet, no sour. No dark, no light. No white Ronald Reagan, no black Barack Obama. No virtuous virgins, no hot sex with two virgins sucking on your cock on some classic 91' Hollywood yacht from the 1940s; somewhere among the Greek Islands. Until they can not stand it anymore, and then they politely ask you to come inside of them, for the first time ever. ~ Like in this SNATCH 2 look alike snap of Adriana Lima, at: ~ [Many critics did not like my black&white sailor dog who eats snatch in the SNATCH 2000 prophecy. Because they sensed in their hearts that it was some kind of a repeat 666 beast prophecy; only much cooler.] ~ Therefore, Bruce Troxell's [O.J.] BRONCO II, with all of the paint burned off of it's [marred servant] front hood from an earlier engine fire, cost him only about 500 bucks in Civil War money; and had the randomly assigned plates on it, after he got it, that said, '... NFL' ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last night I watched 2000's SNATCH prophecy. Wherein the indie film's GSR/TWN code talker, who most people can not understand just what-the-fuck he is saying, beats the shit out of the taller rope-a-dope Jews. That was immediately confirmed by this look alike wanna-be Jew report on four-ways-to-Wednesday, at:!E4D244E7-5CB7-4B3A-AEDD-4069EF52206E ~ The only reason why I finally watched my used DVD copy of SNATCH, that I had recently bought for two bucks at PISTOL ANNIE'S, was because I hoped that the movie would be some kind of an Austin Powers prophecy about me fucking Emma Watson and Amber Heard at the same time. ~ Even though I know that my first two teenage wives will be virgins; in confirmation of the law that a wife of Israel should always be a pure virgin. ~ Therefore, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld get to go on a little love boat cruise with me; and when we get back home, they can honestly tell their mothers that they are still legal-age virgins, technically speaking, like at; ~ GSR/TWN ~ DREAMLINERS: Last night at 3:37 am, I had a visionary dream about the NYT doing full page reports about Obama's well established birth certificate forgeries, and his use of a stolen Social Security number, like at: ~ AND: ~ I AM not role playing THE DARK KNIGHT's anti-hero Joker co-star this time. ~ Last night at 7:30 am, Hailee was giving me the Egyptian one-eye close-up look while she was sucking on my cock. ~ Putting women on the front lines is about my idea of killing the women, and their children, up front, in order to get a better shot at their pet dog niggers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My core followers knew it was a Joker line by the time I repeated my fake prediction about the inauguration of the abomination in MARK 13:14. For example, the word of God that said "May 9 is the cutting time!" was not an NBA style head-fake. That was designed to make Obama and his media minions come bouncing out of the closet; and start giving us more plain spoken speeches about their support for homosexuality and lawless fascism. ~ Therefore, on 1.22, INDECENT PROPOSAL style, some fag wearing loafers was found frozen to death at the top of Snow [job] Basin, Utah. The stark tree in this image is the same one that I saw over and over in a long running repeat vision last night at: ~ [Think Robert Redford's film festival full of big city Jews and queers.] ~ To quote Austin Powers, "Sorry about that." When that Egyptian assassin in AP:2 THE SPY WHO FUCKED ME goes back off the cliff for a second time in Southern LA. ~ The one where Dr Evil hatched his plot to extort billions from Washington, DC, from deep inside of his secret volcano lair in Barack Obama's born again native Hawaii. ~ Which he described to his liberal mainstream media henchmen as, "Phase two of our evil project." ~ And then in the end credits, the son of Dr Evil appears on the Jewish Jerry Springer show and learns from his REV.17 MOTHER OF WHORES that his birth history was nothing but, "Lies!.. ALL LIES!!" ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTIFICATIONS: My own private DVD copy of AP:2 has that AMERICAN WOMAN secession prophecy video in the special features section, performed in the future by one of Obama's niggers at one of his Chocolate Mountains inauguration concerts, circa 2013. ~ Dr Evil is a freakish white chocolate MLK look alike. Here is a creepy photo of the BOEING DREAM LINERS' black heart of MLK et al at: ~ [MLK was an Obama style 'cash the check' con man.] ~ At 1:24:39 into the AP 2 prophecy from 1999, we see a poster of Emma Watson outside of my royal London shag pad. Right when a BMW7 passes in confirmation of her future official number 7. The other poster's 3-way babe is a brunet Amber Heard swinger, from Austin. Whose mother's surname, Parson, is about Dr Evil's Alan Parson project to rob America. When in the future the earth would be ruled by General Powell type, "...damn dirty apes!" ~ AP 2: begins and ends with Dr Evil laying a big rotten egg in outer space, per: ~ Son of Dr Evil's gay ass fur coats on the JERRY SPRINGRR SHOW in AP2 can now be seen at: ~ SIDE NOTES: I do like to get my cock sucked by virgin teenagers, like at:

Monday, January 21, 2013


If you want to lick Angeline Lilly's pussy, you are going to have to go through me, like at: AND: ~ ~ That's right girls. Yours truly is the gate-keeper to your wildest bisexual Mormon polygamist fantasies. ~ You don't get to fuck, you don't get to spend your gold, you don't get to eat the best sushi in town, and you don't get to be in the next most coolist indie film in Hollywood; unless you do so within the spirit of the inspired guidelines laid down by Jesus; as best described by that eternal concept of God called, "What would Jesus do?" [In the Kingdom of God, there are no laws, only guidelines.] ~ For example; God has informed his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 133 that my sidekick is going to 'drop like a rock' at the end of a rope, as in THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY' spaghetti western prophecy. ~ They say that most men who get hanged have an ejaculation climax right before they die. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RECALL NOTES: The cancelled DREAMLINER recall was about the cancellation of the defective oath of office of the abomination of desolation. That was going on during the high flying 'I have a dream!' weekend in Batman's DC COMICS landmark. ~ The Ball/t/moore DC area RAVENS will be playing those really cool Hwy.101 49s from the gay area on GG's 86th birthday. In confirmation of my black&white sidekick's raven mask at: ~ People are going to die until the illegal dark knight takes off his African American hero mask. ~ The last time that I saw my LDS father alive was on 2.3 in 2005, seven years ago. ~ That noble Greek protagonist with an inner conflict in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL is Bonnie Lake's very own Bruce Troxell. Whose sexy wife was also born on February 3rd. The Hawaiian wedding fantasy movie is about Bruce finally getting over his warm and fuzzy feelings for the beautiful church of the devil woman in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN. ~ Back when Bruce and I were both attending Mr D's filmmakers' workshop at BYU, Robert Redford was fucking some hot Brazilian actress. ~ Blame it on Rio.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Talk about TO DIE FOR meets EVEN COW GIRLS GET THE BLUES meets MY OWN PRIVATE CALIFORNIA, meets MONTANA; around the same time that WOODPECKER WITH MATCHSTICK gets financing. Because finally Emma Stone agreed to the script's Hawaii Islamds con man themes, realizing that sex with 200 of my foxy wives was way better than the boring missionary position sex with some apostate Christian monogamist, Mormon missionay style, circa FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL meets PRETTY WOMAN. ~ You don't like to fuck for real, I don't really want to fuck you. ~ I have enough problems in my latter-days life already. ~ So I found INDECENT PROPOSAL on Saturday's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL opening of America's ridiculous MLK weekend inauguration day at GOODWILL. Wherein yours truly makes all those indecent proposals to have fancy yacht sex with all of my married lovers like Gisele, Jen, and Adriana Lima. ~ And then my exwife Demi Moore [Think Laurence teaching English as a second language.] takes a second job teaching today's third world immigrants about the MARK 13:14 abomination of desolation, at 1:22 on my DVD; who can not legally become a USA president, because he was not born here, like them. ~ Of course a horse; Everything and anything that is about an illegal alien becoming a legal president of America is an indecent proposal. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTE the sheer temple veil at Paris Hilton's fancy endowment room when Demi Moore agrees to fuck me. Because her petty minded husband had recently died; and now his older brother needs to take care of her, in every way. ~ Those two gay screenwriters are meeting with my attorney in the movie when they hear that Billy Ray Cyrus will finance their next project, if it stars his Hannah Montana girl. ~ That is Kristen Stewart singing at the piano when Demi Moore arrives to make a deal with me in 1993. Since she is no longer all that thrilled by the pale moons in her vampire movie series. NOTE the Keira Knightley phone number birthday prefix '326' on John Gage's love boat matchsticks in the INDECENT PROPOSAL prophecy. That start the fiery sex between me and her when her husband-fiancée finds them lying on the counter at: ~ There was a 3.6 earthquake under the dried up MUD Lake in Nevada, north of Stonewall Flat, at the exact hour that Reese Witherspoon's movie named MUD was playing at SUNDANCE. In other words, the election and the re-imagination of Obama as America's legally inaugurated president is what it is all about in the last days. Ergo, the distinct voice of my Goldmember sidekick, Barack Obama, spoke clearly to me at 8:04 pm Saturday; explaining that the white Christians of the lost tribes of Israel needed to see him with his filthy hand on top of the Bible of Lincoln. In order to regain their "self respect" as white men who are better than all that MLK Negro hype from the Jews and queers who are running the Hollywood media. ~ Speaking of Camilla Paglia; Here is a look into the future when the Old Testiment age for having sex with the King of England is 14, at:

Saturday, January 19, 2013


AP: GOLDMEMBER's anti Christ hero from Holland was introduced in the inspired 2002 movie as my transsexual sidekick in the scene where that NYC homosexual actor fronts for my sexy light skin fuck buddy named Rihanna. I do like a foxy bitch with a nice tan. ~ But enough about me. ~ In AP:3: GOLDMEMBER, that corrupt fat Oprah look atype judge from Africa who sentences Dr Evil, named Judge Obudu [Obama voodoo] for various hate crimes against Dutch queers, Jews, and illegal alien socialists niggers, like Obama, gets it in the end. ~ Just like all of her free-loading audience members started to get it at the end of the 42 months period of the new and much more cooler 666 beast in REV.13. ~ Hell, even Ashton Kutcher has now come out on TWITTER in favor of not killing any more of those innocent women and children in the APOCALYPSE NOW prophecy. ~ As if around 666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666 people are about to die in WWIII, and none of them are going to be innocent people. ~ This NYT report about the MLK weekend opening of the new CENTURY 16 theater in Aurora, Colorado shows yours truly looking at Gisele, at: ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, January 18, 2013


Those petty money-grabbing liberal NYC Jews who own the rights to AP I,II,III are still holding out. Apparently the concept of "wholesale or no sale" only works one way. Anyway, here is a great look at that GOLDMEMBER boner icon that was just discovered in Ms Kerr's backyard, at: ~ Think NEW LINE meets MIRAMAX, circa 1999. ~ If I was that half-Jew half-Canadian half pint Mike Myers, I would just pay the mother fuckers off and go out and do something really radical and groundbreaking with my new found final-cut freedom. ~ I'm thinking Dr Evil gets his GOLDMEMBER sub reposessed because he got behind on his GOLDCARD payments to the new Nazi 666 submarine wolf-pack. ~ So he brings Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham, and that MORE BOUNCE TO THE OUNCE mulatto babe out of A-list movie retirement. ~ Then he cuts a deal with some rogue USA Navy Admiral James Bond wanna-be who has a half dozen atomic missile subs under his command, APOCALYPSE NOW II style. ~ Believe me, you float that underground screenplay around the backdoors of the best Jew mansions in Hollywood, your money will be no good to them. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LUCKY U NOTES: Check out this shamrock clover jackpot of gold sign from God at: ~ PS: The blood cleansing work in the Endowment House of the Lord, that initiates the physical transfiguration of the body, will cure all forms of herpes, etc. per: ---- ~ This royal Branch Davidian sire Goldmember image was taken well before that GOLDMEMBER icon report came out from Australia, at: ~ Believe me U, Jodie didn't need no stink'n plastic turkey-baster to get the job done.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have not even seen my used copy of GET HIM TO THE GREEK yet, that I recently found at PISTOL ANNIE'S prophetic gun control pawn shop, and already I know that it is about Sandra Bullock falling into the illegal dark knight's bat cave of captivity in Barack Obama's state of Colorado in her 2007 prophecy called ALL ABOUT STEVE [Bing]. ~ Now just confirmed by that 177 bounce to the ounce golden vagina nugget icon that was found in the VICTORIA'S SECRET state of Australia, on the plains of the Great Dividing Range of the white people in REV.16. ~ In other words, if you have a Jewish neo con thing for Barack Obama, like his new homosexual Jewish Chief of Staff has, you have a certain thing for the synagog of Satan in REVELATION. Therefore, the Israel of today's sodom and Egypt Oslo peace treaty, established by the born again birth certificate Christian patriot Jimmy Carter, must be destroyed as soon as possible; before any more white children are brainwashed by the neo Marxist lies of MLK meets LBJ. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SANDY VAGINA NOTES: Here is the one where that big black dog named Sandy jumps in the FORTIS FILMS media van and backs over her pussy whipped husband at: ~ This is that GREMLIN car Jew boy in IT'S ALL ABOUT STEVE who carves voodoo look alike head pagan idols out of red apples at: ~ Those white folks who worked for BP just died in north Africa because the British based Jews at AP just put out another propaganda piece about Barack Obama not being born in Africa. ~ An illegal alien from Chinatown, Hawaii was convicted of forging Barack Obama's fake ID, thereby stealing about the same amount of cash money as my half-Jew nose hero does in THE BIG BOUNCE; on the same day Obama said that he wants to take away the guns of US citizens. This would never have happened if Michael Medved, and Glenn Beck, et al, had not made fun of all the white Israelites out there who instinctively know in their hearts that they are better than black people. ~ This report is about all the Mormon liars who are about to die in SLC, Utah, at: ~ PS KENNEY KEMP: It's totally up to you; But I do hope that you would get David Shearer involved in your three part documentary about the lost tribes of Israel, and the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Don't be afraid to ask for an extra 200k or so for him alone. I want both of you to be making enough money on the two year production so that you don't have to be distracted by making any money on the side, just to pay the rent, etc.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


When John Kerry's gun boat finally arrives at the lost temple of the white tribes of Israel in 1979's APOCALYPSE NOW prophecy, we see a giant idol of Barack Obama's Negro lips. That was just pre-confirmed by all those NYC niggers who are now demanding that there be a new image of the abomination of desolation standing beside Teddy Roosevelt et al. Who was the first progressive Marxist third-way horse rider to appear in the new and improved Republican Party. ~ Therefore, in the APOCALYPSE NOW movie, we see today's half breed mayor of Chicago sitting down to a nice prime rib dinner with Charlie Sheen's Catholic father. ~ That in the end was about all those kids getting their arms of flesh cut off, who had gotten today's flu shots for free, and then appeared along side Obama on REV.16 January. ~ In the film, the 666 mile long Ohio River Valley of death is a metaphor for King David. Who's basic war strategy will be based upon the concept that you always want to kill the children, women, and old people first; in order to get a better shot at the young niggers who are holding onto their illegal MACK-9 assault guns. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FILM NOTES: We see my 50/50 forehead scar line on my double DVD set of APOCALYPSE NOW at 1:14:2. Note the number '1' to the right side of my head. ~ Col. Walter E. Kurtz had a dream about a snake crawling along the top of GILLET STADIUM's razor in Foxboro, Mass. Where the state of today's fake patriots is now being run by a black Irish nigger named Deval Patrick. ~ In the last days of disco, everybody who is lying will be killed, left and right. ~ For example; You refer to Obama using the bogus title 'President'; You refer to the Bible as the only word of God; You claim that negros are no different than the Jews; You say that you are better than white Christians, who are so obviously significantly better than you are, and so on.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Some young Book of Mormon style Selena Gomez look alike babe was just raped and lynched in [Biharlot] India. Right after Mel Gibson's head wife, Jodie Foster, came out of the closet at the Golden Globes and admitted that she had a bisexual thing for watching her sisters' tits bouncing on top of the business end of Mel's physically transfigured cock in MAD MAX meets APOCALYPSE NOW. [Hosted by John Kerry, with prophetically inspired GSR/TWN commentary, on the A&E channel, etc etc.] ~ In confirmation of the Golden Globes' 'GLOBAL' license plate on Richie Rich's ROLLS in THE BIG BOUNCE meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI's re-imagined prophecy. ~ Therefore, some frat house college dorm was just bombed two times in Syria. In order to make it look like the newly acquired missiles in the hands of the false prophet in REV.16 are now powerful enough to strike any target, anywhere, insider of Israel. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HEADS UPS: That black voodoo beer box in THE BIG BOUNCE prophecy of God has the image of the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. Talk about box cutters. ~ Ms Foster demonstrated that she has been an epic liar all along for an introduction to the back-peddling appearance of Mr Armstrong on Oprah. ~ Seems like I always get a nice bounce out of my next posting, like at:

Monday, January 14, 2013


Any wonder why all my nigger bitches want to bankroll me? Hey. You get what you pay for, at: ~ Why go buy your cheap discounted wedding ring from some sneaky lying sack of shit Jew over in Brooklyn; when you can pay only about 10% more for the real deal in the heart of Manhattan at TIFFANY, and just be done with it? ~ This is the very same reason why the God of Israel caused the miraculous $50,000,000 film called THE BIG BOUNCE to suddenly disappear from the screen. And then reappear later on the eve of Barack Obama's cancelled inauguration show on 1.21.13. ~ How many times do I have to say it? You fuck me in the ass, I fuck you times two in the ass. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLACK VOODOO NOTES: Jack steals a retro 56 T-BIRD in THE BIG BOUNCE's pre Obama picture; that then gets towed away by the REV.13:1 sea shore cops. While the two are hanging out on that topless babes yacht that Leo DiCaprio recently chartered down in Australia. ~ After Jack first sees the film's Sienna Miller sound alike blond in the above invisible movie, his buddy shows up in a MILLER TIME T-shirt; with a plan about robbing all of Barack Obama's Greek frat houses. Hey, you rob me, I rob you. ~ The main reason why Mr Bing's THE BIG BOUNCE vanity project was such an epic failure at the end, circa 2013, was because Jack did not have the grace of God to invite Nancy into his limo for a three-way. Jewish liberals from Brooklyn, NY are so petty, especially when it comes to money. ~ Ergo, that REDDIT Jew boy who lynched himself, Obama style, never wanted to pay for anything, even after he became a multimillionaire. ~ [Think Jerry Seinfeld posing for free movie theater tickets from some humiliated half-breed manager at the local multiplex in West LA.]

Sunday, January 13, 2013


My special little Nazi Jew KKK boy in the I CAN'T WAIT prophecy was just confirmed by those bathtub sex candles that started a fire in the bathroom with Carey Mulligan and her shag pad co-star sister in AP:II meets GOLD MEMBER, per: ~ [The German language is 40% 'high shift' Hebrew dialect, according to BYU's world leading linguist researchers.] ~ Oh well. I bought THE BIG BOUNCE at Sienna Miller's PISTOL ANNIE'S the same day. Which is a miraculous prophecy about today's Negro con man from Hawaii. Who represents all the 666 judges of America who are now stonewalling the lies and fabrications at the official government offices on the islands where they filmed all those Elvis Presley fantasy romance movies at the LDS Polynesian Center during the 19666s. ~ In THE BIG BOUNCE prophecy, produced by one of the biggest Barack Obama backer con men that Hollywood has ever seen, named Steve Bing, my protagonist dude ends up winning the No.9 jackpot. After he manages to fix her Catholic style baptism shower of course. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PUZZLING NOTES: Charlie Sheen said that the Sara Foster sex was magical on the set of 2004's THE BIG BOUNCE; kind of like when the film's producer, Steve Bing, was fucking Elizabeth Hurley on his own private jet to Hawaii, and then later tried to lie about, per: ~ In other words, Mr Bingo was Providentially reverse FFing one of my original cheap money wives so that in the future they would stop having sex with strangers. ~ Here is the film's box full of stolen wallets that prophetically represents the time in America when there would be a black voodoo guru from Hawaii in the white Greek frat house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, at: ~ Charlie gets whipped with ISAIAH 11's rod stem of Jesse Branch of David up at the hunting lodge in THE BIG BOUNCE. ~ Here is a nice shot that says it all regarding today's sneaky 666 media Jews, at: ~ I saw this big sign in the heavens report after watching THE BIG BOUNCE, at: ~ The rogue [River] nomination of that Viet Nam War hero faker by today's phony Hollywood birth certificate coconut nigger from Hawaii was my cue to pick up APOCALYPSE NOW at PISTOL ANNIE'S. The same 1979 movie that is about the future GSR/TWN war general who would be hiding somewhere in the thick Douglas fir tree jungles of the Pacific northwest.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


KK and my sweet potato Carey Mulligan ALFA ROMEO ride don't need to worry about a thing anymore. Now that my line leader Sandra Bullock has provided a Tudor mansion place for them to live like queens in the hills, no matter what happens. ~ You want to get pregnant with Jesus's baby? ~ Take a meeting with the above co-star of PRACTICAL MAGIC meets JESSE JAMES meets FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER meets BRIDES OF DRACULA. ~ What goes around comes around. In other words, Sandy married some outlaw Branch Davidian Waco Kid mother fucker from Texas, because he was the husband who she was going to marry in the near future. When she would have a little Negro slave man child bodyguard baby with him. In confirmation of the time in 2013 when there would be a bastard child in the Mormon Greek Temple House of the Lord in Washington State, DC. ~ And all those apostate Christians who are now desecrating the House of The Lord in SLC, Utah, and Bellevue, Washington get what they got coming. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: I watched SOLITARY MAN last night. Noting that the Jewish Hollywood mob thug started to beat on my [Michael] Douglas fir, GEORGIA PACIFIC mother fucker at exactly 1:13:00 on my DVD. Therefore, the film's Jewish frat house figure in the above indie Sundance film committed suicide, like at: ~ Think Robert Redford meets Steven Spielberg in some kind of a faux Lincoln documentary docudrama about the lost tribes of Israel on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL; produced and directed by Kenny Kemp. [Call my secretary; leave a message with her about how much you need for the HISTORY CHANNEL project; I'll have one of my niggers cut you a check.]

Friday, January 11, 2013


You stonewall the news about that REV.16 year-old shot-gunner at Union High School in Bakersfield, CA. You stonewall the confirmed fact that Barack Obama has been using a stolen Social Security number. You stonewall the real reason why the banks failed in 2008. You will love it when you get those two greasy horns up your ass big time. ~ Ergo, some two witnesses wanna-bes took a bunch of day 1260 [January 20] hostages on Friday next to LAX' THE RACK. For a torture rack confirmation of that anti American movie that was just nominated by all those Jews and nigger-loving queers in Hollywood. Ergo, the unlawful dark knight wanna be look alike gets lynched in THE DARK KNIGHT prophecy, without a lawful trial. As was just confirmed by the hanging of that 666 Mexican high school namesake hero, all over again, at: ~ Think everybody and his dog knows that Obama had Donald Young murdered in Chicago. But they all go ahead and make him an honorary citizen President of America anyway; just to piss off the Christian white people who don't like niggers, Jews, homosexuals, and drug addicts. ~ Who can blame them now for not getting all that excited about Mitt Romney in the last politically bogus election? ~ GSR/TWN ~ DC NOTES: The National Cathedral announced their excitement about holding gay weddings there on the same day that ferry rammed into NYC at full speed. Saddly, they never saw it coming. ~ Here is the story about Donnatela Greco getting drowned, and then rising up from the sea, born again, at: ~ Think Carey Mulligan meets Keira Knightley in NEVER LET ME GO.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


That boat load of ferries got rocked real hard in NYC right as the news was coming out at's underground radio web site about how 99.999% of the Jews, queers, drug addicts, and Spike Lee type Chinatown niggers there support the abomination of desolation in Gothem City; 2013. ~ Kind of makes you wonder if all those old rumors about Lincoln being a Barack Obama style homosexual Jew on the down low were actually true. ~ After all, his wife was about as crazy as Michelle Obama, and then some. ~ Whatever, I do like the fact that my batty sidekick in the recent new bat cave movies has a hard on for my white kin who love it when he fucks them in the ass. ~ Anyway, January 20, 1993 was when the occupation of America began during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. ~ GSR/TWN - FLASH NOTES: Back on Boxing Day, at 8:23 pm, I flashed that I hit a golf ball off of my T in front of home plate in YANKEE STADIUM, straight at Mr DJ, at: ~ His current much younger "squeeze play" babe looking much like the joker above in THE DARK KNIGHT. Who will turn 23 on 5.5. ~ Several months ago, Jesus let me know that there was a new one coming. ~ FILM REVIEWS: So I'm in the middle right now of reviewing the fairly inspired sappy 1996 NFL romance movie, JERRY MaGUIRE. And then over at STARBUCKS Thursday afternoon, I experience a series of cluster-mind-fuck signs and wonders that clearly indicated that I needed to watch GIRL FIGHT first. Because every white hot babe that I marry for all time and eternity is only going to make Michelle Rodriguez et al al all that more hot to trot, like at:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The tall Jewish king of all media joker slaps a topless photograph of Sienna Miller on my Seattle area computer WINDOWS frame that says "Your mum" in 2009. In confirmation of Sienna Miller Time becoming a mum by way of her royal look alike ONE DIRECTION sire who is far too young for her. Like at this inspired girlfriend sister wife 3-way pic posted on by my not too young wife at: ~ [Miley's current boyfriend fuck buddy/missionary is much too tall for her, and all that.] Remember, every one of my wives who belongs to me also belongs to every one of my wives. In other words, everything that I have belongs in the family, forever and ever. ~ And if you cheat on me and my wives again, I will cut your throat. Like my Joker figure threatens to do to Maggie in THE DARK KNIGHT's high society Hightower fundraiser party. ~ You lie about Barack Obama style born again fascism in Hollywood; I lie about the Nazi holocaust of the Jews who escaped Russia and Germany and now run Hollywood. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOOD HUNTING NOTES: The revealed word of God at says that the leaders of the church of the whore in SLC, NYC, LA, and SEATAC, etc. are going to be hunted down and killed at their homes " by one..." Which suggests some kind of a more gradual, and graceful, and more civilized and orderly process; like at: ~ No need to throw the REV.12 baby out with the filthy Jewish bath water. ~ Both of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim were born on January 12. Which is about the only thing that really interested my long lost friend Kenny Kemp back in 1994. ~ A hot air balloon wedding ceremony in San Diego just suddenly crashed down to earth, in high winds; putting an end to Donatella Greco's fantasy about one way romantic monogamy. [She was a high flying ALITALIA hostess, and all that. And I dreamed that my beige 76 ALFETTA was a Carey Mulligan metaphor in San Diego, etc. etc.] ~ Think LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE loves to suck my cock for a thousand thousand dollars in THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets KICK ASS II.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


In the 19666 PIRATE RADIO prophecy, millions of white people are secretly listening to the news at home and at work about the government of Barack Obama, that they can't hear anywhere else. ~ When the king of all media returns to the ship, who looks like the Branch Davidian prophet from today's occupied Berlin, a.k.a. David Bowie, at: ~ The prophetic BBC film's time-line is established by that kid who suddenly arrives on THE SAILOR DOG boat who looks like one of the ONE DIRECTION boys. Who just blew off Taylor Swift because she was too uptight about having three-way sex with one of her girlfriend sisters. ~ Hey girl, love is not a one way street. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ISAIAH 22:22: The Queen's British navy war vessels will cut you down and force you to confess that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. Ergo, the Seattle SEAHAWKS injured RG III's knee last weekend in DC for a confirmation of the prophecy when every knee shall bow down and worship the King of England. ~ That huge king of the sea ship that just hit the San Francisco Bay bridge is a Michael Savage twin VOLVO [pirate radio] Internet radio thing.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I picked up a never seen before virgin copy of PIRATE RADIO, 2009, at PISTOL ANNIE'S Monday afternoon, for two bucks; still sealed in plastic wrap. Later, I saw the film's wiki page 3-way confirmation time stamp at 15:15, at: ~ All of which was just confirmed by Jesus in WND's breaking piece about those Batman caves that were just exposed at: ~ Where one can see the look alike electric psychedelic radio power-towers [Think TOWER RECORDS, circa 1985.] featured in the 1976 ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. Which was a Providentially inspired allegory about the future King of England who takes command of the royal [underground] undersea submarine navy. ~ The time when once again Christian white men will rule the world. And everybody else will follow, if they don't wish to die. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 4 WHEEL DEALS: I heard something earlier on FOX radio about 4 women being shot dead around Mr 44's I-44 landmarks in Oklahomao, wherein a 4 year-old kid somehow survived, BATMAN BEGINS style. So I looked it up, and then looked over at my bed clock, that read 4:44. Oh well. ~ JEW NOTES: Chuck Hagel believes that the Jews run Hollywood. They don't call Barack Obama my underground radio bat cave sidekick for nothing. ~ In the 2005 BATMAN BEGINS prophecy, the tall Jewish Irish Catholic actor declares that, "Men fear most what they can not see..." I.e. they can not see Barack Obama's real birth records in Hawaii, because the Jews who run the media will not let them see it. Therefore, they are going to kill the Jews. After they have simply had enough of such abject day 1290 humiliation and disrespect.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I only found BATMAN BEGINS and BATMAN AND ROBIN in my stack of old VHS tapes. Because BATMAN AND ROBIN is about the illegal dark knight in DC who is robbing Chicago, USA; because the city's giant 666 Mr Boner telescope icon was so frozen with fear that he could not even whisper the truth about Barack Obama. ~ Why so, you ask jokingly? Because all of his high society polite Republicans are not as white as they look. ~ Therefore, Mr Freeze shows up, a.k.a. the tall half Jewish Arnold Schitznnigger, who is still mourning the death of his ugly freakish Catholic wife from Taxechusettes, which leads to the dark light reflection solution from Obama's African continent. ~ In other words, Mr Boner et al needed to have their upturned noses rubbed into that stinky Jewish dog shit pile in the occupied White House Temple; in order to warm up to the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Ergo, we first see the [masked] bright dark light reflections in the BATMAN AND ROBIN prophecy when Poison Ivy and Bain arrive at today's unfolding "Turkish bath" situation on the border with Syria. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SHITS & GIGGLES: This London report is about all the Jewish jokers who are about to flee Israel with only the shirts on their backs, at: ~ Approximately half of the USA's navy fleet is going to abandon today's abominable sodom and Egypt, and join the British navy, under my command. Which is why my first love, Donatella Greco, named her first son Diego. Per my own private AUSTIN POWERS: III submarine prophecy time-line. When everybody kisses and has great three-way makeup-sex at the end. ~ [War ships are traditionally referred to in the feminine.] ~ Once a Marine, always a Marine. PS: Obama's birth certificate is an inside joke for today's smug Jews, get it? ~ I'm thinking AP:4 should be some kind of a Keira Knightley pirate submarine movie. Wherein the 30 something 57 year-old Dr Evil freak, and his teenage sex sidekicks, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld, get their freak on in some kind of an ensemble cast production. Where everybody who is anybody humbles themselves and works for 666 union scale. Think Naomi Watts sucks on my born again cock in GOLDMEMBER meets THE SPY WHO FUCKED ME, over and over. After all, nobody is doing anything with the rights to the above three AP movies. Therefore, why not just sell them for enough cash to pay your office overhead for the next twelve months. Hell, if you have to, go get the low budget video money from Elizabeth Hurley. No doubt, she will do it for sure if you give her enough lines in the script. Five big ones is nothing out of her pocket if you promise to make the sequel about her and me getting it on at the end. ~ Any good screenplay always ends where it began.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Last night I dreamed that Sienna Miller would love to fuck Jude Law more than she would like to fuck yours truly; but she was still keeping an open mind about it. ~ Bottom line, never fuck a woman three ways to Wednesday [mouth, pussy, Popeye the sailor man's garbage can] unless God has told her for sure that you can. ~ Which is really not that big of a deal if you know that you already have two pairs of topless teenager look alikes up on deck, like in this pic of her sucking joker cock at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ KKK STUFF: The light skinned Ms Jackson ran into a pack of German Klansmen at some bullshit charity that she attended with the psychotic drug designer look alike mullatto freak in THE DARK KNIGHT, at: ~ THE DARK KNIGHT killings will not stop until the Jews stop it, at: ~ I went through my stack of old 90's VHS tapes last night, and found a 1997 copy of big time Obama backer George Clooney playing today's unconstitutional dark knight homosexual wearing an S&M sex pervert mask in DC [Comics]. ~ There was a powerful 7.5 earthquake off the shores of Prince of Wales Island, ALASKA AIRLINES, last night. In Divine confirmation of King David's atomic bomb submarines, now taking refuge in New Zealand and Australia. Catch me if you can you Yellow Sea dog meat eaters in REV.13:1.

Friday, January 4, 2013


According to 2008's election season prophecy called, THE DARK KNIGHT, people are going to die until the illegal dark knight from Chinatown, Chicago takes off his mask. The one who is completely motivated by revenge. ~ All those jokes about anarchy by my marred servant protagonist in the movie are just for shits and giggles. [Hey, you gotta sell tickets.] Obviously, the only man with a plan in the movie is the Joker. ~ You don't just totally explode some major 666 Obamacare hospital without doing a great deal of logistical planning. ~ If you have been following my postings for the past 18 years, you know that I am a man of my word. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HEADS UP: Here is the latest wild-card bomb threat message from some right-wing joker out in California, at: ~ It's no coin/cidence that the guy in California looks a lot like the head designer of CHANEL NO.5 Paris. [Look for the new pure 99.9 gold coins that will soon be minted by some of Europe's major design houses. As they convert the Joker's funny paper money pile into stone.] ~ Mussolini always kept a Jewish gold medal coin in his pocket. He was not as crazy as he looked sometimes; neither was the half Jew Hitler. ~ BUSINESS TIP: You can make just as much real money selling designer gold as you are now making selling crystal perfume bottles with cheap gold plated caps. Especially if the vast world market demand for something real involves mostly small ounces that would command a handsome handling fee profit. Add it up; you make 50 bucks per ounce trade; you sell a billion ounces of solid gold. You keep the money off shore. You dare the fascists and the niggers to come after you. I back you up from my underground international headquarters in London. ~ The world will tremble when King David takes command of England's small Royal Navy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Could be, Mr Boner just died, and was born again; we'll see wont we. At this point in time, I don't trust the look alike co-star who died in the born again HANNIBAL sequel. But he definitely could prove me wrong, based on the 2000 movie's many Divine Branch Davidian confirmations. The Jews do love their magic shows, full of disappearing no.2 led pencil surprises, etc. ~ What a bunch of jokers. ~ Still confused? ~ Imagine that the Mormon church in Utah gets assassinated by THE DARK KNIGHT joker; but then she rises from the ashes as the new Masonic Temple leader of the born again KKK. Therefore, millions of Bible Belt southerners decide to jump on the pilgrim band wagon. ~ And nobody on earth can stop them, because of the historical fact that in 1958 KOOL cigarettes and SPECIAL KKK breakfast cereal became all the rage. ~ Followed up by such far right tv shows as FATHER KNOWS BEST, and MY THREE SONS of Israel. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: You have to see this report about that small plane pilot in THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY who spotted a white union thug nigger robbing his House of Israel travel trailer at: ~ The overweight 5.9 year-old fascist wanna be Batman was arrested in Charlotte County. ~ Anyone who does not bow down and worship the cross of Jesus is going to burn on the same cross of the born again KKK at: ~ You piss off the new KKK cult, you piss off the new Keira Knightley King of England. ~ JOKERS NOT JOKING: ~ Take a hard look at this JJ pic that shows Kristen Stewart hiding behind Jude Law at:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


THE BIRTH OF A NATION was the first motion picture to ever be screened at the White House. For a prophecy about the last days of the White House, when there would be a masked black-face white man sitting there. Who really doesn't like Jews and Catholics all that much, like at: ~ No wonder that America's original United Nations Third Wayer, President Wilson, really liked the movie so much. ~ [None of Obama's Third World niggers and darkies at the UN actually like the Jews in their heart of hearts.] ~ Note the Ephraimite unicorn symbol on the head of the KKK horse rider of the lost tribes of Israel on the above movie poster. Because in ISAIAH 11, the Kingdom of Israel hated the Kingdom of Judah, who was always raising taxes on theme. ~ Which eventually lead to the future Civil War II in America. Much like the war between Israel and Judah, wherein 500k were killed. ~ [You will never hear about that kind of Biblical history in any of Michael Medved's history series.] ~ [Just like you will never hear about when an illegal alien gentile was illegally sworn into office for the ultimate fulfillment of Joseph Smith's May 6 White Horse Prophecy.] ~ THE BIRTH OF A NATION was a 42 months prophecy about the born again birth of the Nation of Israel, after the Jews, niggers, and homosexual Catholics, had gotten behind the abomination of desolation prophecy in CINEMARK 13:14, Aurora, Colorado. ~ You must die before you can be born again. Just like the Republican Party had to get old and die, before there could be the birth of a new party called, The Independent American Party. ~ The part in THE DARK NIGHT prophecy [Think 2008 election season release.] where the Joker dares Batman to run over him, with his 42 months tire tread warranty, in a game of chicken while he has an assault rifle in his hand, is the time in 2013 when the Chinatown mob boss from Gothem City, Chicago tries to confiscate the guns of the painted white-face tribesmen of Israel. Hence, the Salvatore Moroni underground mob boss reference to the secret combinations in the Book of Mormon. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Most of the more serious economists who have now had a chance to study and analyze the details of the new massive Obamacare tax, believe that this is the real fiscal cliff, already upon us. And yesterday's steep tax increase on small to medium size businesses, that create most new good paying jobs, is the fiscal cliff's double-whammy that is already devastating the economies of Europe. ~ May 9 happens 3 and 1/2 days after May 6.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I screened THE DARK KNIGHT, first time, for New Years Eve. ~ Happy as hell to see the opening sequence, where yours truly role plays my masked sidekick who shoots all those masked mother fuckers in the media who are helping Barack Obama rob the naive white Christians of America. ~ Because when God's people turn away from Him, he always calls in the niggers to do a little dirty janitorial work; Book of Mormon marred servant style. ~ Ergo, my anti-christ Joker in the 2008 election season movie tells the high society Dark Knight darkie, "You complete me..." ~ Then he is left hanging at the end of the movie for a future prophecy about the big nigger lynching that is coming in the day 1290 future; after all the Jews, queers, and Catholics are forced to get out of the way. ~ And you will never be able to stop me, now that Lindsay Lohan has just arrived in London, sporting a luscious full length fox fur coat confirmation of the same movie's Luscious Fox character who is willing to do Batman's dirty work, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ LOOK ALIKES: This link shows the prophetic Louis Farakan meets Jesse Jackson character from Obama's Chicago at: