Wednesday, April 30, 2014


You know that the above 1980s Ronald Reagan actor tv show sensation was a prophecy about the time when Hawaii's corrupt cocaine user [no.44] would be in the White House; when you see Orson Welles' scarlet FERRARI bearing it's famous horse logo next to it's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY date of 5.6 E. ~ ~ Per Larry Sinclair's well documented book about him sucking on Obama's cock while he sucked on the cocaine pipe. ~ ~ And then Joe Biden leaned on his AG son in Delaware to arrest Sinclair at some DC press conference. ~ ~ Which was about as dumb as any one of the 8-season show's tv scripts. ~ ~ Ergo, those two black skinny attack dogs in the series had Greek god names. For today's skinny Greek homosexual leader in the Greek Columns White House who is also black. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIRTY HARRY NOTES: The 1980s tv show named MAGNUM P.I. was a take on Dirty Harry's iconic "loose cannon" 44 magnum movies. See: ~ ~ Which always opened with a montage that featured Higgins firing off a symbolic cannon. ~ ~ The series' very first 1980 episode had the tall half-Jewish Tom Selleck plotting a three-way with those two hot super-model blondes from Brazil with European accents, etc.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


In the prophetic 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS, entitled MURDERSVILLE, there is a huge sign hanging over everyone at Obama's future presidential library that says, 'SILENCE' ~ ~ Wherein everybody and his dog knows that the homosexual kid from Hawaii was behind the murder of his long time lover Donald Young. Who couldn't keep his mouth shut. ~ ~ Not so ironically, by the third act, we see Hillary Clinton chained to the proverbial STONEWALL gay mafia icon with a dog muzzle locked on her mouth. ~ ~ One may recall, this is the amazing episode where we are surprised to find David Lynch sleeping against a big log that represents the mysterious REV.17 log lady in all those TWIN PEAKS tv episodes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: "Hollywood is a very small town." ~ ~ NEW READERS: Eva Longoria was originally born in the Corpus Christie, Texas area on March 15. ~ ~ THE AVENGERS's episode called YOU HAVE JUST BEEN MURDERED is about dying and then becoming born again. Getting your mind right, etc. ~ ~ By 1967, the Masonically inspired Mormon cult tv series was always introduced with the prophetic line, "THE AVENGERS IN COLOR". For when the time would come in the last days where there would be a colored man in the White House who does not belong there. Because he was born in Africa. And all those homosexualish ISAIAH 11 Jew boys in MARK 13:14 would be having so much fun with this idea of fucking Ephraim in the ass, that 66.6% of them would need to die immediately in Israel. Before everyone almost forgets why the white race Nazis murdered so many of them in the first place. ~ ~ TYPICAL JEWISH NOTES: The NBA's Jewish nigger-lover who is extorting $2,500,000 from Mr. Sterling represents the 2,500,000 Jews who are going to survive the upcoming holocaust in Judea, Israel. ~ ~ "All is well that ends well..."

Monday, April 28, 2014


Barack Obama is the latter-day little horn prince who doesn't like to fuck women in DANIEL. And who is now desecrating the ark of the covenant in the sacred White House temple of God. ~ ~ Therefore there was a devastating twister north by northwest of Little Rock, Ark that confirmed that Obama is using a stolen 666 SS number from a retired man who was born in Conn. and died in his old age in Hawaii. ~ ~ Ergo, some Spanish teacher was stabbed to death at England's Corpus Christi Catholic school on Eva Longoria's birthday because she was born in Corpus Cristi, Texas. And she had married that half black mulatto Obama NBA metaphor just because she thought that it would be really cool to be seen with him. See: ~ ~ And the sex wasn't that bad either. ~ ~ In other words, in the prophetic AN EDUCATION, Carey Mulligan goes to Paris with a conman in the same way that Eva went to Paris with a con man. ~ ~ Who was a Jew who was using niggers for his own private financial gains. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CON NOTES: Most so-called "independents" like Clyde Lewis and Michael Savage are a bunch of lapsed Jewish con men who are too afraid to tell you that they are really populist Democrats at heart in sheep's clothing; just like Mel Gibson or Roger Moore, et al. ~ ~ Apparently, even Rush Limbaugh thinks that the 1964 Civil Rights Act is constitutional, and that it's no big deal that Obama is not even a US citizen.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Last night I dreamed that Woody Allen is going to direct me in some epic art house film co-starring Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie; entitle "JULIET". That would take place in CASANOVA's home town of Venice, Italy. And would be based upon the classic ROMEO AND JULIET story by William Shakespeare. Only with some kind of a three-way swingers angle. ~ ~ Which corresponded by a verbal message from God that I had received earlier that night at 2:31 am. Wherein Mrs. Peel said "Goodbye" at the end of that 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS entitled THE FORGET-ME KNOT. ~ ~ It probably meant that Emma Watson is getting ready to say goodbye to England's politically correct high society types. Not sure though. Gonna have to watch it later tonight and get back to you. ~ ~ It's been years since I last saw it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SWEET DREAMS NOTES: In my above Venice Film Festival dream, for some reason it was very important that me and my two loves would be staying at some historic small out-of-the-way luxury hotel with really romantic small balconies. ~ ~ Think THE ITALIAN JOB remake co-starring Charlize Theron and her long lost daddy figure played by Donald Sutherland. ~ ~ EPIC NOTES: Everybody knows how fluid dreams can be. For example, in my above surreal Fellini like dream scenario, Martin Scorsese was in the background ready to play the role of Federico Fellini. In case the Jewish Woody Allen was not yet up to it. Of course, if that ever happened we would probably have to write in a couple dozens pages for Leo Di Caprio. Incorporating some kind of a more realistic physical transfiguration stand-in subplot that would justify me fucking Emma and Angelina at the same time. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: I watched 1967's episode of THE AVENGERS last night that co-starred the future naive 29ish Jennifer Aniston and the conniving 29ish Justin Theroux; entitled [LDS] MISSION... HIGHLY IMPROBABLE. ~ ~ Wherein her nice looking fiancé fuck-buddy turns out to be a guy who was in it all along just for the money. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now... I AM is a huge fan of JT's acting; going way back to MULHOLLAND DRIVE. To the point that I would probably have more fun hanging out with him at a local DENNY'S rather than hanging out with her up in some boring Beverly Hills mansion somewhere; at this particular point in time. ~ ~ DENNY'S was once sued for millions by a bunch of Jew fuck lawyer mobsters for not letting any uppity midnight niggers sit down at their up-front coffee counters of course. What goes around comes around. "Niggers have no concept of day or night." [Leslie Winn] "The Jews are just dogs!! [Leslie Winn] "After the war... I realized that we were fighting for the wrong side." [Leslie Winn] ~ ~ "The royals of England are all Jewish descendants from Germany." [PLAIN TRUTH magazine, Pasadena, California.]

Saturday, April 26, 2014


There was a 4.7 earthquake out in the REV.13:1 sea directly west of Seven Devils Beach, Oregon on Friday at 1:18 pm. So later that night I watched 1967's THE AVENGERS episode entitled THE SUPERLATIVE SEVEN. ~ ~ Which features Keira Knightley role playing the future PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop co-owner in Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ One may recall, this is the prophetic show where they are having that fancy-dress party while flying over south England's royal Whimbledon tennis courts in June. ~ ~ Wherein Steed ends up with both Emma and Keira in his arms at the same time. ~ ~ Because the prophecy about the last days' G7 mountains in REV.17:9-11 has now come true. Wherein there once was something called the G8, but then it went back to the G7. And those ten USA presidents who were not yet kings, are now getting their 666 government fantasies fulfilled in the form of Barack Ombama. ~ ~ Ergo, some mormom rancher out west tells the truth about the Negro, and everybody in Mormon high society has a fit. As if he had said that Obama's birth certificate is a proven forgery, and it has been confirmed that he is using a stolen Social Security number from some deceased Hawaii condo retiree from Conn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REVENGE FILM NOTES: That swinging London 60s episode entitled EPIC ends with Emma strapped down on some typical Oregon coast log sawmill. Therefore there was a huge Italian mafia pizzaria type explosion in David Lynch's 1260 days [TWIN PEAKS] location on the same day that I saw it again, years later. ~ ~ Apparently, Mr. Lynch spends most of his time these days sitting around on a large soft pillow and meditating; while humming, "...ommm...ommm...ommm..." ~ ~ NO.27 NOTES: Watch out for the number 27. ~ ~ PS DAVE: You want 27 big ones for your next epic motion picture art house fuck film? You got it. ~ ~ Just make sure that there are a lot of naked underaged teenagers in the home video picture. Nobody wants to throw good money after bad money. ~ ~ LOPEZ ISLAND TOURIST NOTES: Even the very frugal Evangeline Lilly has a modest 27' sailboat. The kind that nobody would think twice about if they saw it motoring into Friday Harbor. Sometimes less is more. ~ ~ Think Hilary Swank is even more cheap than Evangeline Lilly, if you can believe it. Yet she too also keeps a 27' yacht tied up on the docks in her home town of Bellingham, Washington. All ready to go at a moments notice. ~ ~ Women are like that. ~ ~

Friday, April 25, 2014


My adopted son Justin Bieber is going to play the proverbial James Dean queer bait figure in David Lynch's next three hour home video masterpiece that takes place in North Hollywood; co-starring those two 19 year-olds who live up in his Hollywood Hills neighborhood. ~ ~ Where you can get anybody to do just about anything on camera; as long as you are paying union scale. ~ ~ You want to have a future in motion pictures? ~ ~ You do it my way, or you take the highway. ~ ~ For example, 48 hours after I re-watched THE AVENGERS' episode entailed THE HIDDEN TIGRR, they found around 25 dead Egyptian pussy cats hanging from a symbolic Branch Davidian tree in Bonkers, NY. ~ ~ Which opened with a prophetic shot of my royal crest SAILOR DOG dog house that is now located on the sprawling 20 acres estate of Jennifer Aniston up in the REV.17 seven hills of Beverly Hills, California. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOVIE NOTES: I would only let Woody Allen direct me in his inevitable PLAY IT AGAIN SAM sequel if the money was right. And the two main subplot support-actresses were young enough to make it all believable. ~ ~ LAST DAYS PROPHECY NOTES: Israel is going to die and then become born again, because they voted for the day 1290 abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ For example, if you do not believe in the modern day revelations at, then I guess that we are just going to have to do something about that; aren't we. Like at; ~ ~ Don't think that the Mormons and the Catholics and the protestants are all that different these days. ~ ~ GROUND ZERO RADIO NOTES: Absolutely everything that is wrong with the world today can be traced back to Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery. For example, the current leadership of the LDS church in SLC, UT are a bunch of impostors; and then just take it from there.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Prince Charles' brother-in-law fell down and banged his head and then died in front of the American DIAMOND-HORSESHOE CLUB on the same day that I watched THE AVENGERS' classic Fourth of July episode about the assassination of some major British V.I.P. By a couple of crazy newlyweds on a KINGS CROSS station train who had the traditional lucky horseshoe hanging on their private cabin window. ~ ~ Then there was that huge gas plant explosion in Opal, Wyoming that represented that black [Obama] opal that Amber Heard was wearing when I sat down at her diner car table in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Since it was in Lincoln County's Hams [dinner] Fork location due north of Evanson, Wyoming. Where my French ex-wife and I spent our honeymoon night. ~ ~ Based on the same future idea that was featured in MR. BEAN'S VACATION; wherein my hot French Keira Knightley wife finally gives me a ride down to Cannes in her British MELLOW YELLOW mini mouse car. But not until after that huge metaphoric A-bomb explosion happens. ~ ~ First things first, of course. ~ ~ Marital sex is very nice. However it is only the frosting on the cake. ~ ~ You have to bake the cake first. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: This one is on the house. In you first star turn-around role on the flip side in THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II, you show up at my CITIZEN KANE type mansion wearing your trademark short Nazi haircut. Where you encounter yours truly sitting behind a huge oak desk who looks like some filthy nouveau rich long hair Orson Welles wanna-be who had just purchased the historic Hearst estate off of Hwy.1; just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson is not quite ready for the full sex cult polygamist mormon experience. Therefore, I AM is forced to find another place that I can convert into an Endowment House of the Lord. Where the teenage virgins are hot, and the men in their 60s are already starting to look like they are in their late 40s; Cary Grant style. ~ ~ Look at it this way. It is going to take more than one of those blood cleansing castles on a hill in BRIDES OF DRACULA meets TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 to take care of all of the cast members in Jennifer Aniston's FRIENDS WITH MONEY prophecy. ~ ~ PS BARTON FINK ET AL: Please feel free to rip off any of my inspired screenplay concepts. ~ ~ No really. I mean it. ~ ~ That's what they are there for. Salvation is free in Jesus, etc. ~ ~ As if I needed the money or the credit anyway. ~ ~ Just don't forget that I gave you my business card at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL back in the 80s, suggesting that the time might come in the future when you need a few new script ideas. ~ ~ PRODUCER, WRITER, DIRECTOR, STAR NOTES: In the two first sequel/remake/prequels of THE BIG LEWBOWSKI, the longhair Jesus gun-nut figure is the right-winger. And the short-hair macho Nazi homo is the left-winger, if you get my drift. ~ ~ PS SPIELBERG: Doesn't matter if Justin Bieber is the next major Holliwood movie star or not. Just put up the money for him playing the lead role in David Lynch's next surreal Hollywood movie and shut the fuck up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


After seeing those new pix of Taylor Swift at a flower market in NYC, I decided to watch my new 50th Anniversary edition of NORTH BY NORTHWEST; which I found a week or so ago at WAL*MART for 3.97. ~ ~ Taylor Mtn. is just west northwest of Rt.29's Beaverhead Pass across the state line that forms the prophetic silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock and all that. ~ ~ Located exactly north by northwest of my favorite rainbow trout spring creek in the whole wide world. ~ ~ So I got pretty excited when I saw Cary Grant sit down at Amber Heard's dinner car table on her very same birthday and order the brook trout on her recommendation. ~ ~ You think I'm kidding? ~ ~ It's the same place where Ken McLeod's father always took him hunting for big fat [Democrat Party] mule deer every year using the two 9mm German rifles that his tall Jewish Scottish father had brought back with him from WW II. ~ ~ Basically, NORTH BY NORTHWEST is a prophecy about my rich Israel brothers in NYC who have been placing all of those GSR/TWN advertisements for the past 20 years. Wherein he takes the no.4044 train to Barack Obama's Chicago in pursuit of today's secretive no.44 secret agent who is the double agent one who has been assigned by g-d to assassinate the new 666 beast. ~ ~ Who was miraculously resurrected and born again after WW II; thanks to those two very talented comedians, David Letterman and Glenn Beck; etc. etc. Not to mention Heber C Kimball and Gordon B Hinckley et al. Which would also include the last Popes in Rome going back to the religious and political reformations of the 19666s. That was driven by the international marxist Jewish conspiracy that drove Adolf Hitler completely mad. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSH LIMBAUGH NOTES: Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 prophecy ends with Amber Heard getting rescued at the Mt Rushmore monument to the four REV.17 horses of the apocalypse in REV.11, 12, 13. Which is located among the prophetic 7 Black Hills of South Dakota that represent the time when there would be a sodomite black man who is their Egyptian style Greek homosexual ruler. ~ ~ MONEY MATTERS NOTES: Hey VV. Wanna make a quick killing? Buy some really huge restored historic property in downtown Chicago and then take out the most lucrative earthquake insurance policy on it that you can find. Which would not be that hard to do; since everybody in today's world of high finance would think that you are an absolutely crazy sucker to be spending that kind of money on property insurance. ~ ~ I mean think about. ~ ~ Your wife is already a well respected real estate agent in the Chicago area. Which means that you could probably pick up some typically trendy $10,000,000 property for less than 5% cash money down. And then when it burns down to the ground in an earthquake you collect on the insurance. ~ ~ Think I'm crazy? A guy with your local fame and celebrity status quo could quickly barrow the aforementioned minuscule downpayment on easy terms and probably cash in big time without putting out one red cent from your own pocket. Of course, I get ten percent in the deal. ~ ~ Just like you promised to me in that alternative gay ass ending to your thematically entitled movie called THE BREAKUP.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


In the original 1997 BEAN prophecy, the Negro law figure is shot in the heart with a yellow M&Ms chocolate candy that represents the two REV.17 'M' icons of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Because today's leadership of the Mormon Republican Party are a bunch of man-child boys who refuse to grow up and start acting like real men. ~ ~ And of course, by the expression 'real men' I mean to say white men. ~ ~ Speaking of today's girls who are now in charge of everything, this news report is about the sleeping Jewish teen in BEAN who died while riding on the movie's medicine wheel metaphore, and then she was born again after yours truly jumped on top of her in her hospital bed; Miley Cyrus style. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STERN NOTES: "I like to pretend otherwise, but I do whatever my daughters want me to do..." [Howard Stern] ~ ~ "Been there, done that..." [Greg Relf] ~ ~ WHO'S WHO? NOTES: The 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS entitled WHO'S WHO ??? is about when the time will finally come when it is high time for the sons and daughters of Israel to get real; and start being themselves.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Last night I watched the original 1997 BEAN movie. Wherein the imposter Dr. Bean replaces Barack Obama's marred boner nose painting worth 50 big ones, [50 states], with a fake copy of his birth certificate that nobody in high society even questions. Including America's military generals. Even the same arrogant kiss ass pricks who have actually prosecuted some of their inferior officers for not believing it. ~ ~ Think Mark Levin meets Michael Medved, if you get my drift. ~ ~ GSR/ TWN ~ ~ FLYING MONKEY NOTES: The flying monkey joke in BEAN: The Movie establishes the prophetic time-line when there would be an African born homosexual man-child in the Greek homosexual White House that stands in for that Greek columns museum in London that opens the TIGER ASPECT FILMS production. ~ ~ Therefore, at the end of the G-13 Rated movie the black authority figure gets shot in the heart by some crazy car-jacker; but then his life is miraculously saved by my odd looking half Jew figure Mr. Bean. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ UFO RADIO NOTES: Throughout the entire above movie, Mr. Bean is considered to be an alien from outer space. So be sure to listen to GROUND ZERO radio this week for all of the juicy details. ~ ~

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Those new baby girl nursery pix of Ms Montana sucking on my cock came out around the same time that I watched 1967's episode of THE AVENGERS entitled SOMETHING NASTY IN THE NURSERY, per this link at: ~ ~ Wherein all of those arrogant high society Ephraimites are completely drunk and crawling around on the floor like little boys; but not by wine or whiskey, etc. ~ ~ For example; Utah's new and improved Republican tea party conservative Senator in drag just said that it doesn't matter anymore if Barack Obama is not a US citizen. That's all water under the bridge as far as he is concerned. ~ ~ Think Donald Trump meets Rush Limbaugh, etc. ~ ~ "I just turn into a little baby whenever I catch a bad cold." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHILDISH NEGRO NOTES: When Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." He was talking about the Sons of Ham. Even the same ones who he referred to as "my people" in the Old Testament's record of the destruction of the Egyptian armies on the last day of Passover. ~ ~ G RATED NOTES: 2007's MR. BEAN'S VACATION opens with a hilarious JACK IN THE BOX shot that features a physically transfigured Greg in the background; both of them positioned below that rod of Jesse scaffolding metaphor that was being used for the restoration of the true church of the Lamb in the BOOK OF MORMON. Then later, we see my dead adopted son Justin Bieber rise up in some kind of an Italian opera reenactment sequel-remake homage to the two witnesses laying on the street in REV.11. ~ ~ JACK IN THE BOX SURPRISES: After watching SOMETHING NASTY IN THE NURSERY last night, I was surprised that I felt up to watching the next week's episode entitled THE JOKER. Wherein Emma role plays today's Keira Knightley who is freaked out by all those whispering voices and ringing telephone calls from Jesus that have been haunting her in the middle of the night for the past ten years. ~ ~ For instance; that DOMINO logo no. 326 on those German records; wherein she hears my Nazi lover in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN whispering her name in the middle of the night. And then she discovers a dead Ken Keisler Nazi lover look alike Cyclopes dummy inside of that aging rusty car that is in dire need of a new paint job. ~ ~ Who she had once blocked from going down to BLAME IT ON RIO; where the hot topless teenage virgins are 19ish, tops, and the older men in SPEEDOS are at best middle-aged, going on 29 in their own minds. ~ ~ IT'S SPRING TIME FOR HITLER NOTES: As usual, we are seeing another prophetic Mel Brooks production number coming to pass this spring. ~ ~ We see the two dead witnesses laying on the street two times in THE AVENGERS' 1967 episode entitled "I HATE TALK RADIO", to paraphrase. ~ ~ POPE NOTES: Why does every single Catholic Pope in Roma have to sound like your typical Greenwich Village homosexual when he speaks? ~ ~ ELTON JOHN NOTES: That older man who is playing with his remote control toy boat in the NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE episode is Elton John. "Most gays are guys who just never grew up..." [Howard Stern]

Saturday, April 19, 2014


There was a 4.3 orgasm metaphor near Woody, California at 5:15 am on the sabbath day opening day of FADING GIGOLO in LA and NYC exclusively. Which was g-d's way of saying that you ought to go see this particular underground GSR/TWN movie; co-starring my Pentecostal born-again wife Sharon Stone. ~ ~ You think Miley Cyrus always has a smile on her face? Just google the images of Sharon Stone sometime. When you're not too busy praying and going to all your stupid church Bible study classes. ~ ~ That said, Woody still owes me some serious cake. Since the aforementioned earthquake omen occurred just north of Bakersfield. Which definitely looks to me like some kind of a traditional Hollywood Jew down payment in good faith. I.e. 1/3 payable upon signing; 1/3 payable upon completion of principle photography; the last 1/3 due at the end of post production. ~ ~ The nice thing about most Jews is that when it comes to money, you can trust them with your life. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DOCTOR SAVAGE RADIO NOTES: The LDS type mainstream Church of England banned Michael Savage's radio show in confirmation of those future Barack Obama Obot impersonator usurpers who go around smashing radios in THE AVENGERS's episode entitled NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE. Because they were driven mad by those two anticommunist firebrands on the radio. For example, Gordon B. Hinckley fired Rush Limbaugh from his RLDS owned radio station in Kansas City, MO, etc. ~ ~ MS MONTANA NOTES: Here is the latest confirmation of the Divine inspiration behind her timely concert performance of the 1975 hit song LANDSLIDE, at: ~ ~ Note the Jackson Hole location not mentioned by the Obot media clones in the above 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS, entitled THE REV.13th HOLE. [Wherein white Russia is now threatening the future democratic fascists of the EU who are facilitating the invasion of Israel in EZE.38.] Who are the liberal media's secret "independent" Jew fakers and photo homosexuals, like Clyde Lewis et al, who are behind the secret imposter's Obot aliens plot emanating from today's Greek White House. ~ ~ FILM NOTES: The new CANNES 2014 poster features my pre-transfiguration poster hanging on the wall in KILL CRUISE, circa 1989, seen at: ~ ~ LEAVE IT TO BEAVER NOTES: This new J2 thread is definitely about the upcoming CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, at: ~ ~ Oddly enough, in MR. BEAN'S VACATION sequel the film festival takes place in June, not May. ~ ~ MY THREE SONS NOTES: This iconic 1960s tv series was about me; centered around a father who lost his wife. And who had three sons named Sean, Andrew, and Bieber. The latter being much younger than the first two, seen at: ~ ~ As confirmed in the above broken house news photo that features the exact same brown stained 5400' house across the road in Stanwood, Washington where we were living in 1979. Since Laurence and I went on our honeymoon in Wyoming.

Friday, April 18, 2014


GREAT BALLS OF FIRE is the inspiration behind Sienna Miller's new own-private-Mississippi movie. ~ ~ As just confirmed by that second SHAKE RATTLE'N ROLL earthquake in England. Which corresponded with that very powerful 7.2 earthquake Mexico at 9:27 local time. Based upon all those inspired true-or-false gossip reports about the 9.27.72 born actress conducting a 'higher consciousness uncoupling' ceremony on a beach somewhere down there; that represented my dream about her and I sitting on the grass along Seattle's Green Lake rainbow trout paradise. ~ ~ Where the black caddis fly hatches are thick, and only older guys and teenagers are allowed to engage in a little licensed flirty fly-fishing. ~ ~ [The older Killer married the Jewish 13ish Ryder in the 1989 movie, circa 1956, etc.] ~ ~ Ergo, millions of narrow minded religious neo marxist bigots are going to have to be killed before anything like that could ever happen in real life. ~ ~ "I'm the mayor of Realville, California." [Rush Limbaugh.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EUPHEMISTIC NOTES: The phrase 'conscious uncoupling' refers to the laws of concubinage outlined in the 2BC. Wherein a women is allowed to have children by a man who is not her eternal husband. And then she is allowed to keep those children sealed to her forever, after she finally finds out who her real husband is. According to the word of promise that will be given unto her through the veil inside of the endowment houses of the Lord.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Making a successful indie film about my hero in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE who thinks that he is the actual real born again Napoleon, is the same thing as climbing into a CESSNA 172 and flying it to the moon. ~ ~ Which is why most of today's prideful self-righteous Mormons have no real comprehension about what a Hollywood movie miracle from god is. ~ ~ For example, most of today's faux born again Christians don't believe that Jesus was married, and that he loved to fuck his many [religious sex-cult] wives. ~ ~ So now comes the time when you all get to get fucked in the ass for having so little faith in the word of God in ISAIAH 4. ~ ~ As explained in the modern day revelations at which most wanna be Christian mormons reject. People who don't believe in really hot fucking will be sent to an eternal christian cathedral heaven fantasy-world where there is no fucking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CASTING NOTES: If I were you, I would take a cue from those new pix of Leo DiCaprio strolling on the sandy beach with some island babe in Bora Bora. Since that prophetic Harry Potter plants sailing ship in 62's MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY was 91' long. And why not? ~ ~ For example, see Gisele Bundchen's new thematic Tahiti bikini pictorial at: ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANNISTON: You want it? You got it. ~ ~ Once you hand over to me my 10% cash money at that coffee shop in MULHOLLAND DRIVE, it's a done deal. ~ ~ SECRET NOTE: An earthquake shook the exclusive area where I currently have one of my secret mutiny hideouts in England; as reported at: ~ ~ Catch me if you can.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Everybody needs to hurry up and make their inspired erotic indie fuck films that they always dreamed about making, before it is too late. ~ ~ Because THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO window is now closing in on the era when everybody gets to fuck anybody they want, even if they are "married". Yeah right. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTE: I just found this new posting from yesterday in my "draft" backup; so I thought, fuck it, and hit the 'UPDATE' icon. ~ ~ In the Kingdom of God, there is no giving and taking in marriage, i.e no DIVORCE ITALIAN STYLE. ~ ~ PANIC NOTES: Don't panic everybody. I figure that the three woes scenario in REV.11 should give us at least a ten years grace period to fuck our brains out. Before Glenn Beck et al finally wise up enough and gain enough strength to get the upper hand in the prophetic latter day saints outline in REV.12; Frank Capra style. Wherein a fully healed Bruce Troxell et al get to make all of those G Rated movies that they always wanted to make. And I get to pay for them. ~ ~ NYLE SMITH NOTES: If you google map the post office photos in Salem, Utah, where they mail out all those home study copies of the 2BC, you should see me getting a helping hand from one of my younger wives. Who is seen wearing an orange NURSE BETTY gown on the side of some small European type delivery van; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ As promised to me in 2BC 91, after ten years of diligent home study with the School of Prophets, I will no longer have to be living alone. ~ ~ For example, Emma Watson has just completed her Internet home study degree from Brown University; that will be awarded to her this spring, 2014. ~ ~ According to all those red clay Harry Potter pot icons in 1961-1962's MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY prophecy. Wherein the middle-aged SAILOR DOG men finally get to fuck all those young virgins, after all their suffering upon the high seas of REV.13:1.


Glenn Beck just announced that he is getting into the motion picture business. And that's a good thing. ~ ~ However, if I were Vince Vaughn, I would still be looking for a place where he could get involved with yours truly without having to worry about anyone looking over his shoulder. ~ ~ In other words, the temporary latter-day Flirty Fucking era of Jesus Christ is just getting started. ~ ~ So make your upcoming Plan B productions with me; where the hot babes are way younger, and the money is better. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEWS NOTES: Those hundreds of earthquakes in Idaho are about the state line of Montana that forms the black&white silhouette profile image featured in all those Alfred Hitchcock tv episodes aired during the swinging 19666s. ~ ~ Right there is Taylor Mountain, if you get my drift. ~ ~ To the north is the state's major cut-off boner icon in Bonner County; that includes Priest Lake, etc. Where the rainbow trout are so big and fat that you need a light salmon pole rig just to haul them in. For that rapper who just cut off his penis and then jumped off the second floor somewhere. ~ ~ As in, "My friend is standing on a ledge right now." to quote Vince Vaughn in Chicago's prophetic breakup prophecy about Barack Obama. Co-starring my future sexy Jewish-Orthodox-Christian-Greek wife who likes herself a little homogaysexual anal-sex excitement every once in awhile. Just as long as you don't over do it. Since she once had the nicest ass in all of Hollywood. And in her heart-of-hearts she knows that she it is going to get it back when she becomes born again in the upcoming physical transfiguration era.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The problem with most of today's born again Christians is that they believe that they have become born again and saved just because they had some genuine for-real encounter with Jesus that changed their lives forever. Problem is, they have not died yet. And nobody, no matter how much faith they have, can become born again unless they have died in the first place. ~ ~ For example, if you still believe that the 66.6 books of the Catholic Roman Bible are the only words of God that were ever spoken, then you are still living in a stagnant fantasy world. ~ ~ Get real people. Saint Peters Square is today's amazingly wonderful theme park style DISNEY WORLD thrill ride that was featured in my MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets ROMA; circa 1971 to 1973. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CROSS OF JESUS NOTES: The word 'cross' actualy means 'angry' because Jesus is very angry, or cross, right now with his Jewish friends in Israel. Who never call him. ~ ~ Contrary to what the RLDS church teaches in SLC, Utah, Jesus does not believe in forgiving criminals. ~ ~ He only believes in forgiving personal trespassers. For example, while on the cross, he said "...forgive them..." since they were just doing their jobs. There is no eternal never-ending punishment for those who were never taught the law. Only temporary punishment in the eternal lake of fire that never ends, until it is all over, and they have paid a very high price for fucking Jesus in the ass, see: D&C 76. ~ ~ ROCK STAR NOTES: Michael Savage's son is the co-founder of the ROCK STAR energy drink. For all those years that his father spent in the Fiji islands region searching for that fountain-of-youth [GSR/TWN] plant featured in MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY. Where there were at least two girls for every boy in that prophetic 1960s BEACH BOYS song. ~ ~ PS PAUL GARRISON: That full page STARBUCKS ad in the latest TIME magazine issue is about you. ~ ~ PS KEN McLEOD: Don't worry my brother, come next spring, you and I are going to be sitting in a Pass Lake style trout fishing on Islay Island. All paid for by me, plus a few grand in pocket money cash, no questions asked. ~ ~ PS KENNY KEMP: Stop fretting about those flakey Mormon Babylon fornicator contractors who are never ever going to be able to pay you. ~ ~ PS TERRY McKNIGHT: After you receive my old 1980s personal-debt check made out to "cash" for 6k; let me know if you need any more cash money from me. Nowadays, 6 big ones means nothing to me. So please don't call me. Since the last time that you called me was on the first day of Passover. And that's a good thing. [True enough, I'm still kind of a half Jewish wanna be egotist who likes to spread my money around.] ~ ~ Think both Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld want to set me up with my favorite restored mint-condition ALFA dog sports cars. As in east meets west. ~ ~ As if there was any middle-aged man in the world who would not like to fuck one of my wives who was born in or around 1972, etc. ~ ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: Yeah yeah, you tried to fuck me in the ass with you stupid ass liberal CRASH movie. All is well that ends well. If the money is right. ~ ~ INTERMISSION NOTES: I'm half way though my born again three hour DVD copy of 1962's MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY right now. ~ ~ Think the Coen brothers finally get over themselves and agree to make THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II&III with Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Because they no longer need the money, but they still want the young pussy. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Sell your house now for double what you paid; and your Russian art metals mafia-front money-laundering business too. ~ ~ Because you were inspired by the God of Israel to relocate your business affairs down in the San Francisco Bay area. And now I AM is gonna pay you triple tax-free off-shore damages for your long suffering faithfulness. Wherein you get to be paid for playing the long haired blond CAPTAIN RON role onboard my upcoming 91' fuck yacht movie.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Those Democrat Party Jews who were murdered by that KKK Grand Dragon figure in Overland Park was a Providential satanic warning about the Russian jet that flew over one of America's gay sailor navy ships on Passover Eve in the Black Sea. [Think operation grand slam.] Based upon those prophetic dragon images in 1967's DEATH'S DOOR episode that were about today's Russian Danite plot to destroy the EU. ~ ~ Per the last days scenario in REV.17 wherein the savage beast kills the sleazy David Letterman type whore of Babylon. ~ ~ Ergo, Sunday's uncircumcised 2.6 quake in Malibu at 8:25 am that marked the 8.25 French Bastille Day date in DAY OF THE JACKAL. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ICONIC NOTES: Here is a look at today's green EU [United Europe] logo that gets smashed at the end of DEATH'S DOOR, at: ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Those two powerful earthquakes in the King Solomon Islands region represented the two ensign tribes of Judah and Ephraim. Which have always been the Divine inspiration behind me making some kind of a virgin two witnesses sex cult movie about me and Chloe Moretz and Hailee Seinfeld sailing around the pristine waters of the Prince George Cult island landmark location of Vanuatu. ~ ~ Think MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY meets the King of England in BLUE HAWAII, yada yada. Wherein the new Lewbowski heir hires some professional skipper dude from the Bay Area to helm his 91' yacht on a fantasy south seas cruise. But it turns out that the guy is an insufferable liberal asshole; who accidentally gets thrown overboard in just one of their many mutinous arguments, as in KILL CRUISE meets THE WEIGHT OF WATER: II.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Too much eating and drinking is gay, from a Book of Mormon point of view. Making shit loads of money with strangers, without paying any tithing to the poor and needy is also gay. In other words, selfish indulgence is the very essence of homogaysexuality; not just butt fucking lonely love-starved strangers via Craig's List. ~ ~ So if you too are having same-sex attraction problems, don't worry. You have lots of still-in-the-closet company. ~ ~ For example; the assistant to that wealthy high tech mogul in 1967's RETURN OF THE [666] CYBERNUTS episode looks like Elton John. ~ ~ And yet Elizabeth Hurley still believes that the spoiled brat butt fucker is a good role model for her son, who she conceived while flying high on one of Steven Bing's private jets in GOLDFINGER meets GOLDMEMBER. Which came out in theaters at about the same time. I.e. at about the same time that she was born; and at about the same time when she got knocked up with her 13ish son. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OBOT NOTES: That prophetic wealthy high technology 666 mogul in the RETURN OF THE CYBERNAUTS episode was the future financial backer and creator of today's human Obots who keep terrorizing all of those unsophisticated simple-minded birthers on their various amateurish looking Internet web sites. Because in the last days, the little people are going to bring down the high and mighty society people who are just too big for their bitches. Such as the current leadership of the D&C 86 Mormon church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Not to mention today's populist third-way born again pope in my own private 1971-1973 missionary FFer man ROMA prophecy. That was originally directed by my right-winger forerunner figure Federico Fellini. Who was featured some years later in Madonna's prophetic EVITA movie. ~ ~ AVENGERS 1967 NOTES: The strange British cult tv series episode called DEATH'S DOOR is a lamb's blood stained door Passover thing, circa 2014. ~ ~ A CLOCKWORK ORANGE NOTES: Those two wrist-clock watches in the above high tech 1967 episode were the inspiration behind Kubrick's 1971 masterpiece about the beast who was destroyed by FDR et al; and then he suddenly rose up from the grave three days later and was miraculously born again, thanks to Clyde Lewis et al.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


In 1964's GOLDFINGER prophecy, all of Obama's Chicago mob Democrats die from that no.9 gas set up in Kentucky. Where today's white men who look like Rush Limbaugh are still in charge of things. ~ ~ "We own Kentucky." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ And all those strange odd job looking Mormon missionaries from Utah are still looked upon with suspicion. ~ ~ As if there was something about them that is not all that white. ~ ~ Looks to me like today's polite-high-society leadership of the RLDS church who voted for the day 1290 abomination of desolation out of spite for white GSR/TWN type Christians just got burned. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GRAND SLAM NOTES: The day after those minority prep-school kids were burned to death near Ham/ilton, California, the Gay Area's butt-pitcher for the GIANTS named Madison hit a rare pitcher grand slam against Obama's Colorado ROCKIES baseball team from Denver at AT&T stadium. In other words, you burn me, I burn you. ~ ~ Because those 44 innocent school kids were headed up to Eureka's Humboldt State University. Which is located at the mouth of the Mad River. And the word 'eureka' is a historic expression about finding a gold mine. ~ ~ "He's quite mad you know." says James Bond to Pussy Galore in GOLDFINGER, 1964. ~ ~ AVENGERS NOTES: That small haunted chapel next to the closed Relief Mine in THE LIVING DEAD prophecy is Mel Gibson's little endowment house chapel located in the seven hills above Malibu. Wherein Sting et al are secretly plotting their underground take over of the Throne of England. ~ ~ In the 1967 episode entitled THE MAN FROM AUNTIE, whose name is Gregory Auntie in English, we see that priceless DA VINCI CODE portrait of the future virgin Chloe Moretz which sold at auction for 1.6 big ones. ~ ~ WISDOM OF KING SOLOMON'S MINES NOTES: There have been at least two very powerful orgasmic earthquakes in the Solomon Sea region that corresponded with my purchase of MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY at WAL*MART yesterday. Wherein I eventually get to fuck an exotic and erotic topless native Hailee Seinfeld and Chloe Moretz at the same time on my off-shore tax-free 91' sail boat in the South Seas of Barack Obama's adopted home state of Hawaii. No wonder the classic 1962 movie is a good three-hours long. ~ ~ MORE MEDDLING PLAN B PRODUCER NOTES: That looks a lot like Mel Gibson's own private volcano island in Fiji on the jacket artwork of my surprise new MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY DVD case. Therefore, if I were you, and my rich wife was paying for everything anyway, I would think CAPTAIN RON meets JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO in some kind of a remake of THE BIG LEWBOWSKI where she also gets a nice piece of the action. ~ ~ Think THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets a fully corrected version of KILL CRUISE; working with an ensemble cast that includes Sean Penn and Charlize Theron of course. ~ ~ You let me fuck your hot wife, I let you fuck two of my much younger hot wives; just for now. ~ ~ PS WOODY: Don't sell yourself short. I would hop in the sack with Soon-Y in a heartbeat. Like they say; 'Once you go Asian you never go back.' And we could always sort things out later; like they say in London. ~ ~ PS HUGH GRANT: I need you to make at least one FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL sequel to NOTTING HILL; co-starring Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Hurley in some really hot three-way sex scenes. So that all of you can start to feel more young again. Is that really too much to ask? ~ ~ Considering that I am going to be putting up all the money. And you guys get to have all the fun?

Friday, April 11, 2014


Those high school kids burned to death next to the Black Butte landmark in California on the same day that Barack Obama was speaking at LBJ's Gordon B Hinckley style library down in Austin [Martin] Texas. ~ ~ Therefore, Austin Powers just had a new baby girl named Sunday, etc. ~ ~ No coincidence that the day before the FED-X inferno those new prep-school reception pix of Michael Douglas and Harvey Weinstein rolled out on J2, at: ~ ~ Right there is Orland, which means 'gold land' for 1964's GOLDFINGER grand-slam plot to take down the new 666 beast's unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964. ~ ~ Remember, Hitler rose to power when the 1930s socialist marxist union workers got tired of the first European Union's economic and social tyranny. ~ ~ Think FDR's New Deal meets Clyde Lewis et al's long held belief that the New Deal and the Great Society were a good thing. And so now they are all worried to death that some new Nazi movement is going to appear in America that is going to destroy their previous new 666 beast; who they worship above all else. ~ ~ Because nowadays, nobody can be on the radio with their buying and selling talk shows unless they have the 666 mark of the beast on their foreheads and in their hands. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN VIRGINS PROPHECY NOTES: Interstate 5 is a long time ten virgins landmark that stands for the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish virgins. In other words, half of them are going to believe that the new and improved FDR/LBJ/JFK/MLK Letterman beast is already here. And the other half are still going to be looking for some new CIRCUS CIRCUS Hitler clown figure who has risen up from the dead; until it is too late. And then the foolish morons will be all locked out for security reasons. ~ ~ COWBOY KING NOTES: That white rancher in Nevada lives near Gold Butte and Black Butte, next to the Muddy Mtns. For the prophetic muddy anal sex homosexual scenario in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Wherein the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it possible that an illegal alien negro homosexual could finally end up taking over in the Washington, Dick Whyte House of Senator Reid et al. ~ ~ Of course, right there is the deep Grand Canyon divide's Valley of Fire state park. For the fiery explosion on I-5 that was about the historic divide that my trusty sidekick has caused to happen. ~ ~ I never could have done it without him.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


In the airport sky-cab negro scene where Bond sees the real diamonds, we hear about the two witnesses mutual January 12 birthdate, confirmed by the gate number 9-17 that connects directly to the 1260th day of the two witnesses in 1996, some 35 years later. For the Nevada latitude line at 35. ~ ~ Where the 666 Feds are now surrounding that white man's ranch next to Lincoln County that represents that Jewish asshole comedian's running gig in the Lincoln Lounge at the Whyte House casino of that Jewish Mormon Senator Reid. ~ ~ All in the name of protecting Renee Zellwegger's slow ass desert turtles in EZE.37. ~ ~ Therefore, now comes the second and final 6,666,666 gas ovens cremation confirmation situation. ~ ~ This being those scary Obama masks that we see at the political 666 circus casino right after we see that African born REV.17 woman turn into today's 800 pound gorilla in the room that scares the shit out of all the white girls; like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Who never imagined that they now have the mark of the beast on their foreheads and in their hands. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: The flight number 112 from Easter/n Airlines is a 1.12 thing in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Gate 9-17 represents the 9.17 date of the Judah time-line of the two witnesses in 1996. When Newt Gingrich set up the day 1290 abomination of desolation for the future Barack Obamacare nightmare. ~ ~ Which is now supported by most all of today's RLDS leadership in neocon Utah, that also includes their latter-day immigration reform invasion plot prophesied of in EZE.38. ~ ~ Ergo, after we see all those scary Barack Obama monster masks in the above prophetic 1971 movie, we see the fall of the Babylon man whose number is 666. ~ ~ RED FLAG NOTES: That fire-retarded USA flag was lit on fire by those fireworks at the Atlanta, BRAVES stadium on Tuesday because Hank Aaron said that all of those southern white Republicans who were watching the game were just a bunch of KKK haters who don't like black baseball players. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Of course, this obvious warning from the God of Israel was an Indian medicine wheel message. Which meant that you-all should never again allow a nigger to take up residence inside of your white houses. ~ ~ Not because you hate them. But because they hate you; especially if you are Jewish, or even half Jewish like me. [Some Orthodox Jews would say that I am a full blooded Jew, just because my intense crazy Jewish mother is mostly Jewish. However, my father was a rather shortish 5'9" left-handed Benjaminite with brunet hair and brown eyes; that he got from my Spanish great grandmother who was Providentially referenced in EATING RAOUL.] ~ ~ For example, my crazy liberal soap opera media wife in NURSE BETTY slaps her future Mr. Cooper jerk lover on the face with her left hand. ~ ~ RED HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: That scarlet red MUSTANG in the DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER prophecy represents the red horse in the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. Who comes to the aid of that very special WHITE HORSE pub sanctuary located in London, England. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: One of those two gay ass witnesses in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is wearing a cheap wig because all of his hair fell out due to radiation poisoning fallout. The other longhair one has also lost most of his hair for the same reason. Per the movie's radiation shield themes. That are now all about the "down-winder" life history of Clyde Lewis. Think Lincoln County, Nevada's sanctuary for slow ass turtles, yada yada.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Darling. Sweetheart. I don't want all of your money. I just want you to invest it wisely so that you can give me ten percent of your lucrative prophets for the rest of your life. ~ ~ For example, shortly after I saw this goldmine hole image of Evangeline Lilly, I was overwhelmed with visions of her and I getting together in a mutually beneficial business arrangement, per: AND: ~ ~ Of course, in the land-down-under where Miranda Kerr comes from, they have some of the most amazing gold mines in the world. ~ ~ Just ask all of those little horny Chinese businessmen from Hong Kong who are represented in JOHNNY ENGLISH: REBORN. Who do most of their pure 999.9 gold GOLDFINGER trading with the decadent western world via Switzerland. ~ ~ Ergo, one of the most precious rarified real estate property investments in my royal empire is George Clooney's lakeside estate. Which he gets to keep forever and ever; just as long as he keeps up with my tax-free off-shore ten-percent protection money payments. Otherwise, all bets are off. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: At about 2:39 PST, 'Jeff from Atlanta' called into the Michael Medved radio show and claimed that a significant number of white southern conservatives are opposed to Obama just because he is an African American jive ass nigger who was born in Africa. ~ ~ You can disagree with me all you want. But you can not lie to me. Otherwise we can't be friends and neighbors; much less drinking buddies. ~ ~ For example, that British ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW imposter in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER kidnapped that typical southern conservative Republican icon named Jimmy Dean. Who narrates the entire 1976 sex-cult movie from the set of Mr. Steed's 1960s swingers shag pad in THE AVENGERS. ~ ~ THE LIVING DEAD NOTES: That born again atheist asshole who worships Woody Norris' new 666 technology beast number, even the same one who miraculously rises up from the grave again in THE AVENGERS, 1967, gets stabbed to death. In confirmation of all those homogaysexual Glee Cub musical high school kids who just got stabbed in Bill Murray town, PA. East of Shittsburg, and south of North Washington, [DC] and Oklahoma, PA, etc. ~ ~ Ergo that back-stabbing Jewess Elizabeth Hurley type in the above episode finally gets it. ~ ~ Because I AM is not going to let my precious adopted son have anything to do with that married child molesting sex pervert Elton John. ~ ~ BEDTIME NOTE: I probably have screened GOLDFINGER about ten times in the past ten years. Yet Jesus just let me know again that I should see it at least one more time. ~ ~ This time for my 1970s era tour bus trip across the Swiss border with my ex-wife Laurence. ~ ~ Exactly about the time when the Hollywood Hills director Roman Polanski would be fucking all those prep-school teenagers. And then later, David Lynch would make some kind of a bio-picture about it; co-starring Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld and Dakota Fanning.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Ms.Montana cancelled her concert in confirmation of my "call me when you feel better" posting. ~ ~ Therefore, everybody immediately received a text number where they could call to get their refunds. ~ ~ In other words, today's pop concert political tour known as "the President of America" in the silly-little-girls media is about to get cancelled. ~ ~ Just like in 1971's DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER prophecy about a homosexual imposter who has taken over the WHYTE HOUSE hotel and casino in Senator Reid's Las Vegas. ~ ~ "Most of my schoolmates in Las Vegas were Mormons." [Jimmy Kimmel] ~ ~ Talk about all those financial fornicators in REV.18, etc. Who don't conduct their business at the United Order credit union. ~ ~ No wonder Bond sees that empire map that features Obama's GMC car investments after he gets caught sitting on the royal throne shitter in the movie. ~ ~ And then we see DANIEL's little horn sitting on the desk of the abomination of desolation; who will not respect the desires of women. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWISTED SIGNS AND WONDERS: There was a destructive twister near MARK 13:14's Mount Olive, Mississippi and Hebron, Mississippi when I was watching DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Because of the Muddy Mississippi River's source that starts up at the day 1290 landmark of Grand Rapids, Minn; elevation 1290' on my R/M map book of Judah and Ephraim, circa 1994. ~ ~ For a second witness, there was a second destructive tornado near Gaylord, North Carolina on Monday, east of Washington, [DC] ~ ~ This is the eastern Dismal Swamp region of the Carolinas state, where if memory serves me, Rush Limbaugh once went duck hunting with some of his brown cigar buddies. ~ ~ BORN AGAIN NOTES: That very rare 5.0 earthquake in Southern France was for the ending to JOHNNY ENGLISH. Where Keira Knightley married her Mormon FFing missionary man. ~ ~ WHITE HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: James Bond is hanging by a thread, just like today's US Constitution, when he is sneaking into my sidekick's Whyte House PENTHOUSE magazine shag pad in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S meets LEPRECHAUN:3. ~ ~ EMPIRE NOTES: My invisible man's luxury PHANTOM RR ride in JOHNNY ENGLISH: REBORN represents all of my select and very rarified real-estate properties. Like Leo DiCaprio's Palm Springs purchase that was inspired by my own private 1951 Italy prophecy entitled MR. IMPERIUM.

Monday, April 7, 2014


You get what you pay for in this life. And in the next life too, don't kid yourself. ~ ~ In other words, if you have faith in Christ, you get way more money in the long run for all your surplus shit than it is actually worth. ~ ~ Which is why I never leave the house without wearing my true value '925 T & CO (1837) 1997 TIFFANY&CO. 925' wedding ring. That I once found lying on the street in REV.11. Where Hwy.410 meets South Prairie, just below the Western Wailing Wall prophecy in the chapter's first verse. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ATHEISTIC NOTES: That tiresome old Jew fuck Bill Maher likes to say that he is an atheist. Which is tantamount to Ellen Page saying that she is a lesbian. Okay, yeah, whatever; call me when you feel better, and we'll do lunch. ~ ~ Dittos David Letterman. ~ ~ DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER NOTES: I got through the first half of 1971's James Bond movie that came out when yours truly checked into Anziano Boyton's language training center for Italian missionaries. Which opens with all those bubbling up sulfuric smelling brown mud geysers in the Norris Geysers Basin in Yellowstone National Park; that smell like shit. "The Republican's budget offer is a stink burger." Barack Obama. No kidding. Takes one to know one, yada yada. ~ ~ For starters, see: ~ ~ The above movie takes place at the Whyte House Casino in VIVA LAS VEGAS meets LEPRECHAUN:3. Where my shady old school FDR comedian sidekick has had a gig in their Lincoln Lounge ever since WW II. ~ ~ Talk about gay ass Log Cabin Republican Mormons.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


The reason why Hillary consented to her husband getting his cock sucked by a virgin teenager during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses, is because she knew in her heart that it was high time for a change. ~ ~ Kind of like Brad and George making fuck films with teenagers at his lakefront shag pad in highland Italy. Where everybody looks the other way now. ~ ~ And why not? If the only other religious alternative in the land is homogaysexual Christianity for young choir boys and old men. ~ ~ Therefore, after a bit of plastic surgery, Hillary Clinton now looks almost exactly like the plastic anti-hero in BRIDE OF CHUCKY. ~ ~ Who finally convinced her evil husband that it was all over. And that it was finally time for both of them to die and then become born again; in one of the series' inevitable upcoming sequel/remakes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BRIDES OF DRACULA NOTES: My future born again wife Camille Paglia has always believed that the legal age of consent should be 14. And why not? ~ ~ Say what? You have some problem with a hard working family man stopping by the local pub after work for a quick pint or two with his buddies? ~ ~ That's like saying that you'all are jealous of my sexy erotic Tom Boy girlfriends on the side, like Ellen Page. Just because they know how to suck cock with a really firm hard tongue. ~ ~ MORMON METAPHOR NOTES: Think the late Barack Obama meets the late Gordon B Hinckley when you read this one, at: ~ ~ DEAD MAN'S TREASURE CLUES: The shortcut themes in 1967's AVENGERS rally car episode are a prophetic reference to today's RLDS Mormons who are trying to find an easy shortcut into the celestial kingdom. Which is the Divine inspiration behind my obsession with restored ALFA ROMEOs and hot sexy twin-turbo LOTUS 4-bangerz tour girls, etc. ~ ~ PS JAY&JERRY: I always eventually pay full-market fair-value for any of my vintage sports cars; plus 2% interest in the short-loan run. You front for me, I front for you, times two, yada yada. ~ ~ Just ask Terry McKnight. Who I still owe $3000, which is now worth $6,000 in under the table cash. ~ ~ Don't make me go to my niggers for all of my wants and needs right now. Believe me, you would not like that.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


An amazing mint condition 85ish race-car green LOTUS 4 drove by me on Old Buckley Highway yesterday. So I went ahead and watched that 1967 AVENGERS episode about those top secret papers from "you know who" that featured Nicole Kidman and her many lover fiancées, entitled DEAD MAN'S TREASURE. ~ ~ Wherein Nick holds the money, and I get to hold onto her symbolic 'box' vagina metaphor. Complete with gushing ejaculation champagne bottle icon at the end. ~ ~ [Think Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone, etc.] ~ ~ Per the episode's repeat Swingingdale 2 three-way signs that everyone thought was supposed to be about all those swinging 60s cheaters in AP:2. ~ ~ As if some older married dude who likes to fuck two hot teens at a time is some kind of a sin. ~ ~ Which is tantamount to saying that drinking mild English ales is also a sin; even though the recipe for them is specifically outlined in the Word of Wisdom. In other words, turn-of-the-century Protestant teetotalerism is similar in spirit to apostate Christianity's non-scriptural church-lady notions about monogamy. ~ ~ In the very near future, nobody is ever going to mistake apostate moronism for apostate Christianity. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TREASURE BOX NOTES: At the end of 1967's DEAD MAN'S TREASURE episode, co-starring that rather tall half-Scottish secret Jew Jay Leno, we see that the box inside of Penelope Cruz' red treasure box is actually a fly-fishing tackle box. ~ ~ SACRAMENT MEETING NOTES: You get to enjoy about two glasses of pure red table wine. While you take your time and quietly enjoy chatting among yourselves. Then after everybody has had enough time to relax and feel less inhibited, it will be high time to jump up and make a little joyous noise. ~ ~ Ergo, the reason why they only serve a sip of bland tasteless water during sacrament meetings in today's watered-down RLDS church is explained in JACOB 5. Where the Lord's only true church on the earth has lost all of it's savor. And so now the more tasty wild olive tree branches of the Branch Davidians in Spain and France and Italy and Greece etc. need to be grafted into the vineyard. And all those old flavorless dead branches in Utah need to be thrown into a big dead wood pile and burned.

Friday, April 4, 2014


According to REVELATION 18 etc. most all of today's active Mormons are financial fornicators, and so are their church leaders. ~ ~ Therefore, just like that fat ass moron, Clyde Lewis, they believe that the visionary dreams of the destitute RELIEF MINE cult followers are a thing of naught. ~ ~ Because their understanding of last days prophecy is weak. And they are color blind to the fact that in the upcoming physical transfiguration into the millennium, my BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY followers are going to end up owning a controlling share of that big gold mine in Utah that everybody thinks is just a copper [gong] mine. ~ ~ Ergo, Gisele Bundchen says, "Buy gold!" in CASINO ROYALE, 1967, after she finally understands chapters 7&6 in my book; which is the 2BC of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RELIEF MINE NOTES: Most of the dream miners who live above Salem, Utah still do not believe that Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh are the two firebrand witnesses of Judah and Ephraim who will appear in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ Which is tantamount to saying that you do not believe in any kind of a new Jerusalem; where also our Lord was crucified. ~ ~ AVENGERS NOTE: Their 50,000 pounds sterling episode in 1967 was a homage to BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, which took place in the 50 states. Wherein the polite society stock market fornicator villains try to escape at the last minute to Steven Fresh's fantasy world of Switzerland. ~ ~ Some blind man named "Steven" from Murray, Utah called into Rush's two witnesses radio show on open Friday; when nobody is ever allowed to talk openly about the proven fact that Obama is not even a U.S. Citizen; according to the 1260 days scenario in REVELATION, etc. ~ ~ Too bad, conservative talk radio et al could have taken out that half Jewish nigger in DC in six months time if they were still up to it. ~ ~ Unfortunately, they were all just too color blind to see what was going on prophecy wise. ~ ~ Think 710 KIRO's Gordon B Hinckley meets KTTH 770's late night mystery woman Clyde Lewis, originally from Murray. ~ ~ Switzerland is a major center for gold trading, and all that 007 Johnny English GOLDFINGER stuff. ~ ~ Plus, one can read about the worldwide trading in fake diamonds and gems that has been going on in Utah for some decades now at .

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Clyde Lewis' big problem is that the Christian Bible is not really all that biblical. Which is tantamount too Rush Limbaugh's devout Methodist father who always taught in his Sunday school classes that REVELATION was never a book that belonged in the 66 books of the Bible. ~ ~ And therefore, Clyde can talk all night long about those alien giants who were threatening Noah, without even mentioning the Utah Republican elephant in the room that is THE BOOK OF MORMON. Which is tantamount to trash talking my good buddy Barack Obama without even having the squirrelly nuts to mention that he is an illegal alien UFO figure. ~ ~ Just like Lewis, most Mormons don't really believe in the plain talking simple meaning of REVELATION either. And if they do, they are just too pussy whipped to talk about it. ~ ~ Ergo, I lump Clyde-the-Camel-toe into the same color-blind talk radio camp with all of his old school anti-communist 1950s radio colleagues like Michael Savage and Glenn Beck. ~ ~ For example, see this amazing gibberish Internet address link at: ~ ~ In confirmation of the ending to JOHNNY ENGLISH: BORN AGAIN that goes "It's over, over, over, over, over." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MIDNIGHT COWBOY NOTES: At the beginning of the MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy, my GSR/TWN King of the Cowboys protagonist is listening to late night radio as he leaves Texas for NYC. Where he hopes to hook up with all of my rich wives who now have there second and third place shag pads there. ~ ~ ENGLISH NOTES: In the original JOHNNY ENGLISH meets KING RALPH remake prophecy, we see Barack Obama's Afrocan mask next to that Republican elephant and my 7.20 2010 iPAD icon, at about 5:30 minutes. Then we see the Greek Temple of the homosexual abomination of desolation at about 5:50 minutes on the 2-4-1 DVD. ~ ~ PLAN B NOTES: In the first Johnny English movie, Miley Cyrus' beloved dog gets a gun to his head. For the prophetic movie's funeral hearse themes about her dog suddenly dying in 2014. ~ ~ GOSSIP RUMORS: They are saying that Michael Savage's pet poochie doesn't have that long to live either. ~ ~ PS: GUS VAN SANT: Send me your next whatever first draft; I'll have one of my off-shore tax-free front-men cut you a check without even reading it. We just need to make sure that the thing has at least 100 pages or so. And please feel free to but in and insist that you are the director of my next whatever ZERO EFFECT movie sequel remake revelation. I do have my favorites and my priorities. ~ ~ "I'm sorry about saying all those bad things about you." Ornella Fresh in CASINO ROYALE, 1967. ~ ~ That said, if I were you, I would want to make something about a very rich-chick like Cara Delevigne hooking up with some poor undocumented Hispanic clerk at a late night 711 convenience store, role played by Michelle Rodriguez. ~ ~ That would really rock my world.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The continuing 'plan B' nature of the fluctuating Obamacare law is what the new born again over-and-over beast is all about in REV.13. ~ ~ Which is why I have been receiving so much inspiration from g-d on this blog regarding the many upcoming remakes and sequels for such GSR/TWN cult movies as THE BIG LEWBOWSKI and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, etc. ~ ~ Not to mention TAXI DRIVER and SHAMPOO. ~ ~ Therefore there was an 8.2 day 1290 earthquake out in the REV.13:1 sea in THE LIFE AQUATIC on the 19th anniversary of GROUND ZERO RADIO. In confirmation of Dr.Noah's April Fools Day birthday in CASINO ROYALE. Where Woody [Norris] bangs the huge eye icon copper gong that represented the largest copper mine in the world located in Chile. Right as Gisele Bundchen was arriving down there with her precious gem REV.12 baby in her arms. ~ ~ Ergo, all those symbolic giant niggers in the NBA over 4.6 are going to die. Because that was the fate of all those giants in the days of Noah, according to the PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 666 NOTES: That day 1290 8.2 earthquake in Chile freed 300 prisoners of the 666 beast for that "300" [BOOK OF MORMON] movie about the sons of Israel rebelling against the ancient times 666 beasts outlined in DANIEL. This being the two witnesses' REV.16 earthquake in Chinatown, Chicago that finally let's all the white people in America go free. ~ ~ Hillary Clinton is originally from the suburban white oak trees area of Chicago, and she originally campaigned for Arizona's secret Jewish gay rights supporter Barry Goldwater, and all that.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


As prophesied, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached unto every nation, kindred, and tongue in the latter days; but only after the Josephite Smith white people are finally put back in charge of things. ~ ~ Ergo, all those REV.16 earthquakes in and around the Scottish Rights Masonic Temple in Oklahoma. Because that really white looking dude from Missouri, who blew up all those Jewish Negro lesbians at the Federal building in Oklahoma City, looked just like my bisexual brother Jeff. Who served his gay ass Mormon missionary mission down in Gisele Bundchen's home town in Brazil. ~ ~ In other words, today's fed up natural born white men are about to metaphorically blow up their relationship with Washington, DC. ~ ~ And why not? ~ ~ Even back in the swinging Bill Clinton 90s, most of the whites only men in Relfs Bluff, Ark and Star City, Ark, still believed that the President of America should at least be a US citizen. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ G7 DEVILS SWAMP NOTES: Ark's infamous duck hunting paradise known as Seven Devils Swamp is located south of Florence, and west of Hwy.65's Masonville. ~ ~ Yes it's all true. Clyde Lewis is actually a plant designed to throw you off of the International Davidic Code conspiracy to rule the world. ~ ~ No wonder that Michael Savage has been banned by England's old Marxist lesbian gray ladies until he gets his act together. ~ ~