Tuesday, April 1, 2014


As prophesied, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached unto every nation, kindred, and tongue in the latter days; but only after the Josephite Smith white people are finally put back in charge of things. ~ ~ Ergo, all those REV.16 earthquakes in and around the Scottish Rights Masonic Temple in Oklahoma. Because that really white looking dude from Missouri, who blew up all those Jewish Negro lesbians at the Federal building in Oklahoma City, looked just like my bisexual brother Jeff. Who served his gay ass Mormon missionary mission down in Gisele Bundchen's home town in Brazil. ~ ~ In other words, today's fed up natural born white men are about to metaphorically blow up their relationship with Washington, DC. ~ ~ And why not? ~ ~ Even back in the swinging Bill Clinton 90s, most of the whites only men in Relfs Bluff, Ark and Star City, Ark, still believed that the President of America should at least be a US citizen. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ G7 DEVILS SWAMP NOTES: Ark's infamous duck hunting paradise known as Seven Devils Swamp is located south of Florence, and west of Hwy.65's Masonville. ~ ~ Yes it's all true. Clyde Lewis is actually a plant designed to throw you off of the International Davidic Code conspiracy to rule the world. ~ ~ No wonder that Michael Savage has been banned by England's old Marxist lesbian gray ladies until he gets his act together. ~ ~

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