Monday, March 31, 2014


No. Really. I'm not an egotist maniac idiot. I just play one in the movies. ~ ~ For example, in the first JOHNNY ENGLISH movie, the future French King of England wanna be Holy Grail long hair heir looks a lot like me these days. Since the royal surname 'Relf' means powerful wolf, that originated from Normandy, France. ~ ~ Then in JOHNNY ENGLISH: REBORN, yours truly beats up Queen Elizabeth II, and not by accident, if you can understand the film's encoded message. [She now looks like a gentile Asian alien old gray lady.] ~ ~ Which basically centers around some mind-control assassination plot that originates in Barack Obama's birthplace of Africa. That is designed to take out the current President of Chinatown, Chicago. ~ ~ Sounds too silly to be true? Have you not been listening to all the new reports from the [secret combinations] media about the millions of free Medicaid recipients who have now signed up for their free Obamacare? ~ ~ "Man!.. I'm tired of being right all the time!" [ACE VENTURA, PET DETECTIVE] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAMILY BUSINESS NOTES: The Spanish speaking Gwyneth Paltrow is supposed to purchase that bed and breakfast hotel located along the banks of one of the most amazing secret unknown top fly spring creeks in the world; somewhere in that very strange evergreen oasis area of northwestern Spain. ~ ~ Which is tantamount to Sandra Bullock buying that secret pirates cove beach property on the south side of Lopez Island. Just like Mel Gibson bought his own private volcano island in the Fijis. ~ ~ When you no longer half to pay any progressive taxes, all bets are off, and anything is possible. ~ ~ I DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE MARRIED NOTES: My idea of a compelling must-see remake sequel to Johnny Depp's original breakout movie entitled CRY-BABY, would half to have the Beaver playing Depp's original role; and Depp senior would now play that older dude who likes to pick up runaway teenager hotties. ~ ~ [A campy Waters film never requires that much acting experience.] ~ ~ Of course, the latter role would have to be expanded in order to become the main marketing focus. That is if one wants to lure all those slutty little girls into the theater. ~ ~ What? You doubt that I could get Ariana Grande to play the juicy hot sex runaway teenager sex scenes in the back seat with Johnny Depp? ~ ~ That's like saying that John Waters would not be interested in directing, even if the money was right. And today's bored-to-death Elton John would not be interested in putting up the money. Even if he is married.

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