Friday, March 14, 2014


In the NURSE BETTY prophecy, Greg's ex-wife role played one of those bitches in CRASH. Wherein she lost her head while fucking some Russian diplomat mogul; just confirmed by those new pix of Elizabeth Hurley hooking up with that billionaire Russian in London. ~ ~ Based upon the "evil twin sister" idea in the 1999 made movie that represented Ornella Fresh's sister Donatella Greco. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSSIA LIMBAUGH NOTE: The nice thing about having an illegitimate black President, is that Russia now gets to do any illegitimate thing that it wants to regarding the Black Sea's Ukraine sea port. Based upon the mother country's completely legitimate new laws that prohibit homosexual government propaganda. ~ ~ DEADLINE NOTES: John Kerry's next HEINZE 57 SAUCE deadline for Elizabeth Hurley's new Russian love interest falls on Saint Patrick's Day; since she is half Irish, etc. ~ ~ Think Sienna Miller meets King Ralph in some kind of a kinky NOTTING HILL sex-ploitation sequel. Wherein Hugh Grant's loser roommate still has a thing for Sienna, and she still has a thing for him too; if the money is right. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ And then go from there, adapting some kind of an evil twin sister generational theme.

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