Thursday, March 13, 2014


For decades now, the un-American communist Jewish homosexuals in Hollywood have been making movies about white Christian Republican villains from Orange, County, California. Which have now turned out to be quite true. ~ ~ Since Richard Nixon's Orange County has now become overrun by illegal aliens who all vote Democrat. Ergo, the state's rich hippie governor is a guy named Brown. And most of the state's white Republicans have either fled to Sheriff Joe's Arizona, or Gov.Perry's Texas. ~ ~ Where they are now organizing their prophetic Alamo style last-stand counter-attack plans. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NAZI NOTES: The Nazi motorcyclist Satan worshipers in DRAGNET were all from Jesse James' Orange County; as was the film's dumb virgin Republican. Who eventually fingered that Big Brown race horse faker at THE BROWN DERBY. Who was your typical Orange County, California mega church operator/pastor. ~ ~ According to the latter-day lost tribes prophecy in ISAIAH II, etc. Judah will stop fucking Ephraim in the ass. And Ephraim will stop being jealous of Judah. ~ ~ Find the other above scriptural references in ISAIAH 11 at the online King James [Bond] Bible at .

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