Monday, March 10, 2014


In B.J. II, we see three GSR/TWN eye icons about my forehead 'I' scar before my Daniel figure in the movie suggests a three-way with Ms.Z and and Lucy Lui in Thailand, like at: ~ ~ Hence the prophetic film's opening where she jumps out of a doomed high-flying plane before it's too late. ~ ~ As if it were any secret who is the apple of my eye right now. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE BURBS PREVIEW: I'll need to see Larry David's 7th HBO episode again before I get into THE BURBS' 1988 made prophecy about those weird looking Eastern Euro-Jews who moved in next door. And in the end, all of those accused Republican Christian white men decide that, "We're not going to take it anymore!" ~ ~ KING RALPH: II NOTE: In my sequel co-starring Sienna Miller, either all of the African masked spear-chuckers who are now invading London are going to shape up, or they are going to be asked to move out, as of yesterday. ~ ~ The great thing about making a retro King Elvis impersonator movie in Jay Leno's born again race car VIVA LAS VEGAS location is that I don't have to loose any weight for the lead role. ~ ~ WHITE 1960s MOVIE QUOTE: "Borders, language, culture!" by Michael Savage. [Who is still banned from entering the old gray lady's England.] ~ ~ ALL SEEING EYE NOTE: Jesus sees all of your dark secret works, and everything that is in your darkened hearts, and the long-awaited 12th 'I' man is his forerunner. Not to be confused with the actual I AM himself of course. I wouldn't go that far. ~ ~ J.B. OR J.B. NOTE: I'm thinking J.B. hooks up with an older J.B. in his long awaited cougar town mama film debut. Think James Dean meets River Phoenix in Jennifer Aniston's feature film biopic director debut, "...based upon a true story." Wherein some New Age born-again Christian sex cult from California ran into yours truly in TO ROME WITH LOVE: II, circa 1971. Which basically could be the first ever Woody Allen movie prequel/sequel/remake rip-off in the history of latter-day cinema. Think THE BICYCLE THEIF meets CINEMA PARADISO meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES; and so then Sandra Bullock bankrolls the whole project. Just because she personally would love to get a piece of the action on the back side.

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