Saturday, March 15, 2014


I see Justin Bieber skipping over any kind of a faux James Dean meets River Phoenix remake/sequel and just cutting to the chase with a movie that starts out with his retro bathtub PORSCHE car wreck homage to that Canadian made movie entitled CRASH. Which happened just south of King City, California. ~ ~ Think CARNIVAL OF SOULS: II. ~ ~ After so many long years of people saying that 'The Beaver' is not a serious act, it only makes sense that he would want to begin his acting career with a little something more serious. ~ ~ The comedies could always come later, a la Elvis Presley. ~ ~ The last words ever spoken by James Dean were, "They gotta see us..." Not realizing that he was a prophetic forerunner to THE INVISIBLE MAN, circa 2014. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SENATOR FLAKES NOTE: 8 US senators suddenly appeared in the Ukraine Saturday. Why? Who really gives a flying jet airliner fuck if gays can get legally married anyway? ~ ~ BELIEVER NOTES: When those lesbian Miami cops recently busted The Beaver for speeding, he was just rehearsing for his debut James Dean role in a vintage German SPEEDSTER. ~ ~ KING CITY NOTE: London's David Cameron was in Jerusalem when suddenly the rocket fireworks started flying. Because the future Davidian King of England is yours truly. ~ ~ DAVID NOTES: In the 1999 made prophecy NURSE BETTY, David was definitely attracted to Ornella's evil twin sister Donatella. But he was not yet ready to jump her bones while we were parking and talking inside of my little ESCORT rental car. Because he was still dealing with some very heavy exwife issues. Back when I first visited the Steven Fresh family along Hwy.9 outside Boston, Mass. in 1980. The very same year when Gisele Bundchen was born in BLAME IT ON RIO meets AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ ~ FAST FOWARD VIDEO NOTES: A few years later in IT STARTED IN NAPLES:II, Ken and I were walking along some lover's lane in Naples with Donatella and her local sister when we saw some dude jumping on the bones of some 16ish hottie inside one of those small Euro FORD box cars.

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