Sunday, March 23, 2014


Ms Montana has been covering the 1960s-70s era LANDSLIDE hit song lately. So according to my 60s Love Bug no.53 dream about her, that huge landslide happened along Rt.530 and Steelhead Drive, just west of Dick Creek. ~ ~ For the opening of 1967's CASINO ROYALE, where Heff flashes his fake credentials for my sidekick dick in the White House. ~ ~ Because the White Horse Mtn. trailhead is also right there in confirmation of the White Horse Prophecy about the abomination of desolation in MARK 13. ~ ~ Ergo, all those earthquakes around the Masonic Scottish Rights Temple in Oklahoma, southwest of Stillwater's landmark reference to the North Stillaguamish River. Where my buddy Ken McLeod taught me the virtues of fly fishing; for a future Flirty Fishing thing. ~ ~ In the fall, one always finds the best sea-run cutthroat fishing in the still water pools; preferably using a top-fly no.8 Royal Coachman buck hair pattern. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 19 NOTES: When you see the two virgin 19 year-old Hollywood sensations suddenly appear on the scene, you will know that it is now REV.19 time. Anything to get your attention. ~ ~ BIG LEBOWSKI NOTES: This ridiculously enduring GSR/TWN cult movie has all the makings for a fabulous religious guru sex cult sequel. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Leo just showed up Sunday afternoon for my new open audition screen tests without even being asked; even though Brad Pitt already has a lock on the role. So now I'm thinking, why waste a golden nugget opportunity like this, and just make some kind of a surreal double vision look alike second film sequel? Wherein everybody involved in the much anticipated prestige art film remake is fucking two underaged looking school girls on spring break at a time. ~ ~ MATADOR NOTES: Dear Greg and Pierce. If there was ever a movie that just begged for a sequel/remake it would be THE MATADOR, like at: ~ ~ Of course it wouldn't hurt if we could get Salma and Eva involved, not to mention Penelope Cruz. Just throw me some excuse for a screenplay and I will throw you the money without even reading it. [Like they do nowadays in DC.] As long as it has some kind of a tantalizing WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN theme; hiring the same Spanish speaking [illegal alien] director of course. ~ ~ No need to throw good money after bad money. Besides, like my good drinking buddy Barack Obama, Pedro never works with a set-in-stone screenplay anyway. See: ~ ~ NO FUCKY SUCKY NOTES: In the original THE MATADOR, all those little underaged Catholic girls want him, but their REV.17 church lady mothers won't let them have him. Which is why we see him shooting her in the head in the movie.

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