Sunday, March 16, 2014


Apparently the Asian pilot of that high-flying 777 icon of the lost tribes of Israel had been driven out of his mind by the political persecution of some married homosexual politician that he was supporting. ~ ~ Remember, BOEING is now based in the black [sea] SEARS tower in Barack Obama's adopted home town of Chicago. ~ ~ Think WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING meets FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF meets THE BREAKUP; not necessarily in that order. ~ ~ Meanwhile, I watched 1985's TRANSYLVANIA 6-500 Friday night, because it takes place along the vampiric borders of the Ukraine. And then low and behold, Senator John McCain appeared there, yacking like an idiot about the virtues of democratic fascism, etc. ~ ~ Which is exactly what the white founding fathers of America warned us about; most of whom believed that the Negro was significantly different than the Cauc/Asian. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VAMPIRE BRIDE NOTES: At the end of TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000, Paris Hilton comes out of her Egyptian mummy butterfly cocoon. Miranda Kerr herself rises up out of her EZE.37 grave coffin, etc. And my very old mother is ashamed of her very own son. ~ ~ KING CITY NOTE: Right now I'm half way through the VIVA LAS VEGAS prophecy again. Wherein Elvis The King sends the sexy Lindsay Lohan a tree of life gift, because he believed in the BOOK OF MORMON's tree of life messages in NEPHI i&II, etc. Plus she gives great head. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

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