Thursday, March 6, 2014


Last night I dreamed that Sienna Miller was cheating on me with my good buddy Kit Winn. And the worst thing about it was, Kit's mother was actually letting her come in through the backdoor, and welcoming her with a cup of tea until he got back from his latest midnight venture. ~ ~ But it got worse. I also split-dreamed that Jessica Beil liked to fuck my German buddy Ken Keisler at his million dollar shag-shack in San Francisco more than she liked to fuck me. ~ ~ In other words, both Sienna and Jessica are FFing a couple of nice guys right now who are my same prophetic friends and "brothers" in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. ~ ~ Much like my good buddy BiBi has been whoring around with all of my enemies in California at the same time that I was just trying to be his friend. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKDOOR MAN CONFIRMATION: ~ ~ DREAM DIARY NOTE: I also dreamed last night that I was riding around Fall City, Washington in Jimmy Fall/on's nice 1999ish copper BUICK car featured in NURSE BETTY. But now it is 15 years later, and the older oxidized paint job car was definitely showing it's age. ~ ~ So I acted like my usual too candid blabber-mouth self and asked, "Now that you have your new NBC contract, can't you at least afford to buy a new car?" ~ ~ MIDNIGHT MOVIE NOTES: At about 1:14:18 into 1999's NURSE BETTY, we see Jen Aniston's fixer-upper house in the hills, that she recently had remodled and flipped for a nice profit. And then she moved into an even more amazing place with a sound-proof studio basement. Similar to that converted car garage film studio in BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Believe it. Jen is no dumb Hollywood movie star blond. ~ ~ After she sees Chloe Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, Ellen Fanning, and even the older Miley Cyrus, show up at her front door asking for Greg, it will definitely be EATING RAOUL time. Just like back when she was in her early 20s in the latter 1980s. And it was still quite a thrill to be watched while getting fucked and sucked buck naked by some hot Latino dude. ~ ~ BB NOTES: When BiBi arrived in LA this week, there was a wise 5.0 virgins earthquake in the REV.13:1 sea southwest of Catalina Island.

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