Saturday, October 30, 2010


The last number played in VEGAS VACATION's old dead Larry King FDR end was '54'. For the little red pickup that passed me at LARRY'S BRAKES speed limit number 45 bullet sign Saturday afternoon, with some old creepy guy at the Emma Roberts wheel, bearing the king of the cowboys' GOLDEN COWBOY FIREWOOD AND FISHING GUIDE SERVICE message carved in wood along his custom stained wood pickup bed panels. In the cheap warm&fuzzy Jewish preservatives cookies&milk movie, Provo, Utah's Larry tells WALLY-WORLD's Griswold that he has never been married. Even though we all know that Larry has entered into the sacred Jewish carp chapel of matrimony at least 8 times. Just like all those apostate Christians around the Dallas region who have been raised up to believe in the false doctrines and dead traditions of their lost Israelite father's cheap and worthless faith in the Jesus Faggot Christ. As portrayed in the perverted Malibu Jesus figure in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI millionaire bum who gets divorced from my mainstream southern Christian wife Courtney Cox.

In the 2010 blackjack VEGAS VACATION prophecy, [confirmed by Nyle Smith putting his lucky blackjack wallet with D&C 85 bucks inside on top of his sweet BROWN UNIVERSITY 1970s brown pimp caddy along Charlize I-15, when we took a quick 80s vacation romp to LA] preceded by all those Elizabeth Hurley borderline quakes around the ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES' Funeral Mountains, Russ' sexy sister wife Michelle Rodriguez gives him her official number $5 bill token right before my black CAR 54 sidekick appears to check his fake illegal alien Arizona ID that he bought with a historic COMEDY CENTRAL government President Hamilton image. As in the future derailed "Central..." train introduction to Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST microfilm MICROSOFT prophecy about the un-American Jewish co-founder of MICROSOFT who graduated from Steven Bean's Lakeside High School summer camp in the ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES prophecy about the REV.17 "Mother in tennis sneakers" that I love to fuck no matter where she has been. Depicted in this 80s computer fake of Jenny holding my clear OLDE ENGLISH 8-Ball long neck bottle up tight against her slot machine at:



I didn't know there was a 4th Las Vegas VACATION sequel, released in 1997, co-starring today's Hollywood Star Wackers target Randy Quaid. But I accidentally found one Thursday in WAL*MART's $5 close-out bin and watched it Friday morning. A few hours before some 45 year-old guy at the Firecreek Crossing WAL*MART in RENO 911 shot three people in confirmation of my overhearing a lady in the store say she was buying two boxes of hunting rifle ammo for her husband's birthday.

VEGAS VACATION starts out with a double $5 gold coin slot win from an inserted $5 bill play, and continues throughout the story with the same Abraham Lincoln civil war icon getting replayed over and over for Senator Reid's future African abomination of desolation from the Griswald's hometown of Chicago. Confirmed repeatedly by the gold Africa pendant shaped like Lake Washington's Jewish Mercer Island that Quaid's crazy Cousin Eddie character wears. To go with his radioactive trailer-trash homestead A-bomb test site out in the desert, that is crawling with snakes and REV.9 scorpion stinger metaphors.

Griswald's kid Russ is the silly film's main GSR/TWN figure. Who keeps rolling so many lucky number 7s that his new underworld friends put him up in a fancy IN LIKE FLINT suite with a baptism pool full of hot wives. Which ends with my rice throwing "Happy 13th birthday!" dream and 4 hot babe cars that my Bonnie Lake look alike neighbor married to me at the film's little Chapel of the Physical Transfiguration. The same neighbor who drives around town now and then in his mint 1958 red CORVETTE. Inspired by the VACATION series' PEPSI placements and that famous blond bombshell in a red LA STORY physical transfiguration FERRARI with 'MAMA' plates. Who Griswald usually sees while he is wearing a Teddy bear CUBS cap reference to the one in Jen Garner's famous physical transfiguration image at:

Here's an example of the fine cars with FUCH wheels that lucky Russ wins every time he puts 2 quarters into a slot at:

A couple weeks ago I dreamed that Norbert Beil was at home plate hitting grounders to me; playing third base during infield practice at Seattle's Ravenna Park baseball diamond. However, we were using tennis balls, in confirmation of this getting to third base image of Jenny at:

Then he invited me to watch a minor league game with him on Saturday at 10:00. It probably had something to do with this third base pose of Jenny at the Lincoln log Chapel of the Physical Transfiguration near Jenny Lake at:

Griswald plays his old college football number 44 in the Providential KENO finale. That features a politically lonely Larry King look alike handing it all over to the conservatives after REV.13's 42 months of Orwellian COMEDY CENTRAL humor. Hence the new wildfires outside 30 ROCK's liberal Boulder, Colorado landmark about the big rock finale in DANIEL 2.



That's Sarah Palin at the hotel desk when the Griswalds first arrive on the strip.

Griswald's wife calls him 'Sparky' after hearing his idea about getting married again, for Friday's shooting near Rt.445 Sparks, Nevada.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The first time I ever tasted delicious raw sushi wrapped in rice and salty seaweed was on a 1983 New Years Eve romp to Vancouver, BC with Ken Keisler and his common law wife-lover Susanne, and my own future wife Teri Kornblum. The little REV.13:1 Asian place was located somewhere along the city's historic district, within view of a very creepy looking large prison building that contrasted sharply with all the other romantic vintage brick architecture.

It was the Reagan 80s period when Stallone was mixing it up in Vancouver with those Jewish Golan guys who were producing all those splashy full page fake movie production ads in VARIETY, and he was doing ads for full length fur coats by some shadowy Italian-Russian business syndicators. Back then, STARTRON's KK was nice enough to foot the bill for our 4-star hotel double-bed bedroom suite, probably because he was way ahead of me in hoping for a little swingers singles cocktail mixer, left-over from the 70s.

Whatevermore and forevermore, I bring this up now because I was so set on reviewing an old $1 secondhand GOODWILL tape I had found of THE DIRTY DOZEN epic that inspired Tarantino's last WW II movie about THE BLOB. That was amazingly defeated, and then miraculously returned in the 2006 SPICE GIRLS aftermath election. However, when I got back in Wednesday afternoon, I was quite surprised to see the Internet reports from prison on Randy Quaid and his Teri look alike wife going all Wikileak on my Hollywood STARBUCKS Whackers plot to destroy the REV.17 motherfuckers who ride the buttfuckers at:

Now it's looking like I'm gonna have to quicken my own private film festival lineup planned for the holidays, and start right into the old 80s tapes I have found of the two epic Randy Quaid prophecies entitled VACATION [1983] and CHRISTMAS VACATION [1989].



Tuesday's fierce wind storm throughout the Chicago region came from the Pacific Northwest, in confirmation of Patty Murray's northwest looking summer camp in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES. Her prophetic little Amanda Buckman look alike movie came out around the same time she was elected to the US Senate. Her movie mother being the same Jewish actress who appeared in Seattle's FRASER sitcom.

The breaking news about Pam Anderson on the January cover of PLAYBOY is confirmation of Fester's centerfold of "mom" in the ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES prophecy.

At one point, the look alike gay camp director in AFV role plays President Bush's warm&fuzzy politics of bipartisan harmony, so keen with many country club Republicans like John McCain. The faint hearted sons in 2NEPHI 8 who never had the balls to confront the REV.11 forces of Sodom and Egypt.

Tuesday night at 8:51, the Lord said "Joel!" Which is a small three chapter book that describes the point where we are right now in latter-day prophecy.

The DOW closed Tuesday at 11,169.

Two nights ago I had a flash vision wherein I sliced open the top of a pack of [JOEL1-3] BOUNTY paper towels in the garage with a sharp knife. The next day I remembered it when I was out there getting something out of the freezer. So I went over and looked at the package and saw "12 GIANT!" rolls printed on top. Which corresponded with reports I had read about the GIANTS' manager calling his team of
misfits, "The Dirty Dozen". As in we use towels to clean up dirty messes etc.

Maria Shriver hosted the huge women's conference in Long Beach, CA looking like an Addams family matriarch straight from central casting at:

We see a miniature of the Egyptian 555' Washington Monument prophecy in the opening devil worship burial scene of ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Washington state Democrat Senator Patty Murray looks exactly like an older version of Wednesday's blond antagonist at summer camp in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES. The girl she first meets in the arrival scene, where Wednesday mentions "homicide" and we cut directly to the prophetic Larry Sinclair whistle-blower. See what I mean at:

The log cabins at summer camp help establish the inspired film's future Illinois time-line for my Abraham Lincoln log-splitting sidekick Barry Obama. When the Tea Party girl Wednesday suspects that the Jewish nanny state black widow is conning her "uncle" she is referring to Uncle Sam.

Washington state rangers ran into whiteout conditions and had to call off their search for Tacoma hiker Natalya Manko, near Stuart Mountain and Fourth Creek, on the same day a black Michelle Obama was in the Seattle area speaking to white women who vote for the white woman who rides the number-of-man's 666 beast. Her worried Tom Hanks look alike husband was all over the TV news.

Wikipedia's last update to the Chaple of the Physical Transfiguration was on 9.30.10 at 14:44, last I looked at it, at:

This image shows some detail of it's prophetic REV.16 Lincoln log construction at:

There have been at least 3 powerful 6+ earthquakes in Obama's Indonesia region as JENNY LAKE QUAKE rolled out. If the Republicans take the House, someone is going to ask to see Obama's non existent Hawaii birth certificate.

One of those injured Latino kids in Monday's east LA Roosevelt High School [GREASE 2] bus crash had his/her hand severed. In confirmation of The Thing that Gomez is wrestling with at the start of ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES.


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Jennifer Aniston's latter-day Rt.111 earthquake legacy continued Sunday with a fairly rare size 4.4 shaker that caused a landslide near Jenny Lake, Wyoming, in the Jackson Hole fly-fishing heaven area. In confirmation of SNL's open-fly jeans ad by no.4 Brett Farve. Right there is that spooky little roadside Chapel of the Physical Transfiguration along Hwy.191 for the 191st image of Jenny getting baptized at:

Nearby no.4's 10,326' Mt Leity reference to her 3.26 birth date is also A DANGEROUS METHOD part of the epicenter's no.44 abomination of desolation message; located above Spread Creek. Because Hwy.191 is also Hwy.26 along this stretch of the National Elk Refuge for her 26th image at positioned next to an elk skin in some mountain cabin at:

On a more detailed map of the beautiful Snake River Spotted Cutthroat fishing area, one can see nearby Forget-Me-Not Lake's confirmation of her NEVER LET ME GO movie.

This is why a big shark chomped off the left leg of Lucas McKaine Ransom, 19, from DAN.12 Riverside County, last Friday while boogie [nights] boarding off the surf from Purisima Point, California. A baptism cleansing and re-birth in the name of Christ, by a genuine priesthood holder, is the ransom payment for the cost of our sins [spots] that Christ paid for with blood, if we have a true faith in him and repent.

The bloody shark omen's Santa Barbara County area is where Katy Perry grew up in a teenage fantasy world of youth camp Christianity, that prepared her for the fake wedding purification rituals she just completed in India. Where the abomination of desolation stonewaller
is going to visit for 12 days right after the earthquake election. Confirmed by that kids climbing wall that collapsed, like in an earthquake, at an ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES Christian camp on Flathead Lake, Montana. For the flathead sculpture in the graveyard where Mr and Mrs Addams get romantic while we can hear their house is being trashed inside by a fierce battle with the little evil one.

According to KIRO news & sports radio, Michelle Obama will be visiting the Seattle area home today of the Jewish co-founder of COST/CO.


Friday, October 22, 2010


I went to bed early Thursday, but Granny Grass accidentally woke me up at 8:27 pm to mention that she had found a marked-down 1.14 pound top sirloin at FREDDYS for 4.63, and the female butcher recommended soaking it overnight in lemon juice. Obviously, I was supposed to sit up and see what Liz Lemon was up to on 30 ROCK at 8:30. Turned out she had a deep-rooted frigidity problem with T-bone steak dating back to some childhood trauma. When her mother caught her masturbating in BOGGIE NIGHTS roller skates, with a full size Tom Jones poster laying on top of her.

The episode's other plot was a long grift partnership with Seattle's Fraser, that involved buying 21 expensive custom made ice cream birthday cakes from a 31 FLAVORS joint with a company credit card, as show props, then returning the melting items for a cash refund, that they pocketed. And the gay intern Kenneth sent his cut back to his beloved pet pigs down on the ANIMAL FARM.

Walking into FREDDYS some years ago, the Lord said, "Look who's reading your posts..." So I looked around and saw the most amazing Ben Stiller look alike walking towards me from 31 FLAVORS. Around the time when one of his Greg Fucker movies came out. So I walked by there after the latest Ben Stiller signs and wonders on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and saw a unique black pimped-out caddy parked by the door with '636 TZU' plates, next to an old gray lady's van bearing '175 RED' plates. Then a woman walked by in the lot wearing a large white star top, like the star on CAPTAIN AMERICA's costume at:

Now I see reports about Ben's RED HOUR company doing comedy shorts for the Internet about his elderly Jewish parents.

On 10.21 at 4:29, a creepy voice said "Have a nice night..." That corresponded later with this 4.29 dated fake of Tina Fey laying with the traditional single red rose icon of International Socialism on top of her at:

That was confirmed by the high end Roseville Galleria fire started inside a GAMESTOP store by some black dude named Alexander Corney Pigee on 30 ROCK Thursday outside Arnold's red planet state capital, for an amazing MARK 13:14 Chocolate Mtns SEES thing at:

Because eventually, Ms Lemon got cured of her reoccurring three-way mental block by Jack's verbal application of A DANGEROUS METHOD in the back seat of his limo. That involved the corny Tracy Morgan role playing Mr Pigee in a riotous bit that shut down the streets and backed up their limousine traffic.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I watched an episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM for the first time ever Tuesday night; a 2004 re-run about Ben Stiller's 39th birthday party. Wherein Ben is re-gifted with a tacky red "INDIANA" medicine wheel sweat shirt from Larry, which Ben then re-gifts to a blind piano player at THE MINT club. Afterwards, I googled 'Indiana' and found out that 72 year-old Leroy Thomas from Highland County, Florida drove his son's riding lawnmower into a pond and drowned outside Columbia City, Indiana; located on Rt.9 in Whitley [witty] County, west of 767' Fort Wayne. According to this prophetic baptism rebirth report based on Larry's first 7.2 birth date at:

LITTLE FUCKERS comes out on 12.22 with a third sequel story line that revolves around Greg Fucker now having twin sons, in confirmation of the recent tip I received from above about having 18 more children myself. West of Columbia City is Winona Lake's baptism site for the actress who will turn 39 on my upcoming 10.29 birth date, and is showing a little in this inspired 39th image of her on at:

Here's a 2007 image of the upcoming DILEMMA actress in her baptism whites, wearing Emma Robert's confirmed AUDI 0000 necklace design at:

Winona was born in 666' Winona, Minnesota, located along the Hwy.61 reference to 1961. The year when my gay CAPTAIN AMERICA sidekick was born in Africa; according to his only existing birth certificate, various high level Kenyan government officials, and his
grandmother Sarah Obama, who was present at his birth.

In the new Fuckers movie, Jessica Alba plays a medicine [wheel] rep. Who is featured among the new beast's seven hills of ROMA in's 248th image confirmation of Winona County's Rt.248 location for ROLLINGSTONE's street number 1290 promotion of DANIEL's day 1290 abomination of desolation. That starts upriver in 1290' Grand Rapids, next to Obama's untraceable Blackberry marker, that he uses to communicate with the BOOK OF MORMON's secret combinations who murdered his former blabbermouth lover Donald Young. In the prophetic ROMA missionary image, we see the actress perched atop a Roman Greek White House pillar, like the beautiful REV.17 woman who rides the beast at:


NOTE: A series of strong earthquakes are shaking the REV.13 sea off Mexico's Holy Ghost Island, and San Jose [California] Island, located below the Giant Mtns in the Gulf of California. The Gay Area GIANTS play near MLK highway and Willie Mays Plaza in the heart of Sodom and Egypt. This powerful quake series began a couple hours after judge Katie Couric said no more 'don't ask don't tell' where the illegal gay military commander in chief was born etc from DANIEL 12's Riverside, CA.

Willie Mays was born on the 5.6 anniversary of Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy. See Mays' Obama looking image at:

Monday, October 18, 2010


4 people died in a medical charity plane crash down in Mexico in the fog on the same day of Sienna's volunteer doctors charity event hosted in an ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES number. The Catholic mission based BEECHCRAFT A36 plane report I read is at:

Here's Renee fetching some morning refreshment for everyone after a long three-way night at:

An OAK EXPRESS furniture truck backed over Mrs Hermansen on Briarwood Drive in the Denver, Colorado area Saturday. In confirmation of that REAR WINDOW wood driver shot of the director who got a new oak bed set from Mr Wolf in PULP FICTION.

The steel spike in TRIP WITH THE TEACHER looked similar to this one at:


TRIP WITH THE TEACHER's steel rail spike connection to SPIKE TV's SCREAM award spike got me wondering about the hotel rape scene in DERAILED, which I have on DVD, but had not yet felt inspired to watch. So I went directly to the scene and found Jenny wearing a spike pendant at the LH hotel [Elizabeth Hurley hotel]. Then I remembered the lucky Leprechaun 98 coin I got back Sunday at STARBUCKS' 211 th location. Which led me to this Oscar award winning image of Jenny's chocolate fudge fun hole on a farm house porch in the 98th image on at:

This just in: Alicia Keys has been nominated this morning for 4 Soul Train Awards; 4 days after giving birth to her son Egypt.


Sunday, October 17, 2010


After watching a physically transfigured Zalman King perform his acclaimed screaming threesome in 1975's cultish student film entitled TRIP WITH THE TEACHER Sunday morning, wherein he tells the coed student babes from Obama's Big Brown University to 'watch and learn' about the latter-day prophecy in REV.17 etc, I heard about that [school] tourist bus crash in the Indian medicine state of Arizona, where the movie takes place. The good thing about this 90210 high school forerunner to it's Annalynne McCord look alike co-star is that one can go straight to the rather erotic rape fantasy and not feel too guilty about being enlightened by it, because the entire thing is so silly, or not, at:

Kind of like that astonishingly brilliant homogaysexual hero prophecy about Barack Obama coming to the rescue in Sarah Palin's Alaska, by those tacky Jewish Golan guys at CANNON, entitled CAPTAIN AMERICA; probably one of the Top Ten films of all time in last days prophecy. Thanks to the picture's brilliant alien UFO flying saucer weapon scenes in the Italian Benito Mussolini castle by the sea.

The very strange TEACHER'S Highland Cream end timing was confirmed at the climax by that steel SPIKE TV beef steak award in the hands of the royal Scotish princess at Saturday night's SCREAM event. That was erotically thrust into the back of the anti-hero antagonist that she loves to fuck no matter what at:

At the most, it should take about 20 minutes to enjoy the low budget TRIP WITH THE TEACHER meets EASY RIDER prophecy. Therefore, take a few minutes to get into the proper context with this Divinely inspired image of Renee taking Alyssa Milano by the hand outside my Mr KATZ older actor place in that secret shortcut to Jennifer Aniston's LA STORY mansion on high at the end of MULHOLLAND DRIVE, at:

Which was confirmed with complete artistic license by the NYT's special Milano edition of their Sunday T magazine featuring the look alike star of IT STARTED IN NAPLES meets ROMA on the cover. That folds open to a dark green love bug pest depiction of the 90210 Georgia peach who looks like she wants to suck my cock dry between those raspberry mocha lips by Milano's Giorgio Armani. As depicted by that Karaoke babe going down on her microphone in the following PRADA placement.

Here's Milano in the back seat of Jenny's new BENTLEY at;

"I wanted to buy that judge a Rolls Royce..." [MULHOLLAND DRIVE]


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Friday at 10:08 pm I dreamed that a little boy who had been crawling around the driveway in a turtle costume came up to the door and asked to use our telephone. But he was so dirty that I told him to go back home and turned around to walk inside. Where I discovered a little girl in diapers was standing in the entrance, with her feet all covered in black sand. So I asked, "Why aren't you at home?" and she replied, "I want a comb!" Which later I assumed was a reference to the messy hair fake of Keira on page 15 that I had seen earlier at:

Then I read the details about a rare 2.9 quake at 8:43:46 am PST Friday in Miley Montana, west of I-15 on the border line of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. To go with the Indian looking Miley's 4-gem medicine wheel silver necklace pendant.

The quake's Cut Bank, Montana epicenter is where Rt.358 starts in confirmation of the 358 images of Keira at . The Hwy.2 location explains the limestone Luv Bug that passed me Friday at the two 25 mph signs on Buckley Hwy bearing 358 RZT plates. The Renee Zellweger T-bone initials being a cute boyish turtle girl thing.

Long time TWNers know about the number 125 being a Divine numerical reference to the medicine wheel healing omens that relate directly to Montana's Alfred Hitchcock profile landmarks. Which involve his A-Bomb suitcase prophecy in REAR WINDOW's many rear-ender confirmations, such as cfake's 15th image of RZ with larger breasts and a British 12.5 date twist at:

This just in: There was another 3.5 quake in the Conway, Ark area this morning at 4:43:18 local time.

Sienna showed up in LA Friday wearing a cute ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES soft shoulder number in gothic black lace at:

Looking at a GREEN EYES chard Friday, a cute Carey Mulligan type went by me on her way to restock the store's candy bar racks.

Walking back Friday at the horse corral on Chuch Lake Road, a white pickup drove by with a "SILVERBACK" sign on the door. If there is a beautiful horse movie in the news, then there are beautiful pix of Hilary Swank rolling out, like at:

Conway, Arkansas' Bill Clinton has been stumping for Jerry Brown this week in West LA. For a JACKIE BROWN type confirmation of the Quentin Tarantino look alike stumping Renee in the above fake. Here's a fine look at her larger breasts in the new UK BAZAAR at:


Thursday, October 14, 2010


The latest in a continuing series of Conway, Ark earthquakes near Enola registered 3.5 inside the 35.29 line at 5:07:33 am Thursday. For those 33 miners rescued down in BOOK OF MORMON country who represented the apostate Bible Belt's no.33 church. In review, Enola's Rt.107 area omens, that include Mt Vernon, Rose Bud, Romance, I-40's Lake Conway, etc stand for the ENOLA GAY B29 that dropped the original "Little Boy" A-Bomb on the first 666 beast in REV.13. Whose head was wounded but miraculously healed and came back as today's amazing new and improved techno Third Way G7 hills beast, that adds an 8th member in REV.17 to become the G8. The prophetic name GAY was explained by today's Jewish witness who describes gays as mostly little boys in Elmo diapers who refuse to grow up. In other words, the A-Bomb will return to destroy Mr TMZ' latter-day culture of Sodom and Egypt.

ENOLA GAY's number 82 was the day 1290 date of 8.2 for the abomination of desolation in the promised land of the 'Ark' in DANIEL's prophetic 1260-1335 days scenario of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. That is a time shortened object lesson about the beast being defeated and then quickly returning. We now can see the remarkable young Larry Sinclair look alike in this famous gay photo of the ENOLA GAY bomber at:

As the drill was breaking towards the San Jose Mine last Wednesday, there was a 4.4 quake in the REV.13 sea west of Oregon's famous human feces cave formations along REV.13's 42 months latitude line; located next to Obama's Illinois Valley on Rt.199. See how high they stack the shit in Illinois Valley at:

Switching gears, here's Keira in a great Kiana hammock number at the NEVER LET ME GO premier, at:

Carey's red and black number represents the red&black ant that crawled down my pants and bit me while I sat to make some notes at the GSR/TWN fisherman sculpture. Walking back moments later at the SOFT SHOULDER sign on Church Lake Road, that black STINGRAY car with double ass AAWSOME plates zoomed by.

Andrew Garfield's ROMA missionary outfit also looks pretty cool.


To mark the return of Ms Lemon's pilot lover on 30 ROCK Thursday. I found a smooth EGGO shaped rock on the ground where that red&black ant bit me.

NOW: After logging and seeing the above post's 4:15 time-stamp, I checked page 15 and found this soft shoulder composition of the bug that crawled down my pants and bit me at:

I did see a CORONA truck earlier at JIFFY LUBE.

Look closely at that prophetic gay ENOLA GAY photo and you can see the new beast's digitalized 666 fingerprint of the mark of the beast in the hand.

Page 15 also has Keira in a WWII style bomber jacket at:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


While they were running the final tests Tuesday on that 28-inch-diameter mine rescue hole in Chile, Daniel Collins fell into a 27-inch-diameter sewer pipe in C/ass County, Missouri and was swept along in the MARK 13:14 chocolate SEES ass shit for almost 1.5 miles. Or about the same length as the muddy Belmont race track where Secretariat beat a horse named Sham in 73. Meaning the 69th day start of the miners' rescue from the pit of captivity represents the 69th week rescue start in DANIEL 9:25 regarding the Big Brown race horse prophecy about the surprise fall of Barack Obama.

Reportedly, Daniel fell into that "sweet ass fucking " hole in a little place outside Kansas City named Raymore; located on Rt.58 to the west of Pleasant Hill, and Kingville in Johnson County. Because I was awaken Tuesday evening at 9:20 by a flash vision of Jennifer Aniston, and later after midnight got the sudden impression out of nowhere to "See page 46". Where I found her wearing the 2BC temple garments that lead to the physical transfiguration, standing next to a tossed salad sofa while watching something royal at:

The image's brown leafy pillows are confirmation of Ken McCleod's threesome portrait of those two gorgeous grouse with his 3-shot Featherweight ITHICA 20 gage from the Finger Lakes region of New York. Where my iPAD landmark named Slaterville Springs is located to the east of Buttermilk Falls St. Pk. Confirmed by my HASTY TASTY threesome link to NEVER LET ME GO that came from the KANSAS CITY STAR.

Since my Aniston dream flash happened at 9:20 pm, I also checked page 20 on and found this DAWG fantasy dream theme fake that connects directly to Ken's many years as a curtain and window coverings installer, before he went to work at GI JOES. That was
created by someone whose logo is the GI radio operator character Radar in M.A.S.H. For Ken's Viet Nam era service in the GI JOE Army as a two witnesses radio communications guy. Hence, the gentile Vietnamese radio station that burned down in San Jose on Saturday when the San Jose Mine rescue hole was getting done at:

If you are thinking about breeding, you don't want to be eating just EGGO waffles and rice. M*A*S*H takes place in the Yellow Sea's Korean war zone that Jenny sang about in, "we all live in a yellow submarine..." For that massive red fascist military parade Sunday in North Korea. That will lead to the destruction of the modern Sodom and Egypt culture that has produced so many Katie Couric look alike twits like Judge Virginia Phillips. Who ruled Tuesday that it's curtains for the media's Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell policies on gays and illegal aliens serving in the Oval Office as military Commander In Chief.


Monday, October 11, 2010


Rush came out of my threesome Triple Crown gate Monday with the true interpretation of the White Horse Prophecy code contained in the opening weekend of SECRETARIAT,,, The sweet rear end fucker offspring of BOLD RULER and SOMETHINGROYAL. So all the creepy 1950s era queers and lesbians and beatnik manloving pinko nigger subversives over at NPR freaked out like the dirty old 60s fringies that they are and launched into a big promotion for Benito Mussolini's new and improved bald POTATO HEAD plan to restore the fabulous highways and acquaducts infrastructure of ancient DANIEL 12 Roma. As portrayed in my LDS mission district leader prophecy entitled IT STARTED IN NAPLES meets ROMA.

Because a group of crazy REV.17 Lamanite Latino goonies from THE BLOB's 1958 prophecy had grabbed a couple meaty Bruce Willis and Barack Obama style fagots and Sodomized the butt fuckers on Neve's Swindle Island earthquake orgasm birthday inside an old dark abandoned and dilapidated ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES house on [Sharon] Osborne Place in Jewish Brooklyn. Confirmed by Palindino's stinging statements about the apostate Catholic mafioso de facto fag Mario Cuomo being a Pope 16 style supporter of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.13. In other words, the gang found out Mario was as queer as a clockwork orange GUCCI watch for $20 and acted appropriately according to proper Catolica Romana Bible scripture.

Thanks to the flaming "GRACE" of Jesus gas tank on Micheal's motorcycle hog in GREASE 2 meets PULP FICTION, we can see so clearly the crooked SEES chocolate penis nose on the lying DEEP THROAT cancer voice of Brian Williams at:

That's why Bruce Willis and his under age French wife had to suddenly get out of Dodge really fast in PULP FICTION, without even going back to grab any of their Uncle Fester belongings in MARK 13:15 etc at:

All of you old polite society queers in SLC, Utah, and at and at NPR, and at NBC, who believe that Lucas Smith and Joseph Smith and Larry Sinclair are fakers are soon going to be asking your Jesus-loves-you God, "Why?.. What did we do to deserve this?!..."

All of you were given ample chance to read and pray about the BOOK OF MORMON, and the 2BC, and the genuine Kenyan birth certificate of the abomination of desolation, and Larry Sinclair's expose on the same, so plainly brought forth in these latter-days by the hand of God, at:

Now the God of Abraham is going to speak to you apostate Christians, and you worldly apostate RLDS Mormons, by the voice of earthquakes and atomic TMZ 20 gage bomb-shells in the breakup news about my Scotish SCREAM 4 co-star of LONDON BOULEVARD at the HASTY TASTY counter circa 1969 at:


Butt you treated it as a thing of naught.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Riding back Saturday, in the burgundy leather rear seats of Granny Grass' white 1990 Caddy, with "UNCLE MIKE'S CADDY" Holy Ghost comforter GREASE 2 frames, we turned up Evergreen Drive as a PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA delivery car was coming down the hill towards us. In confirmation of Kristen Stewart's inspired evergreen shirt image on a white leather sofa something at:

Within the next month or so, we should see the new trimmer Elvis POTATOHEAD gift item come out, complete with my gourmet Italian PAPA MURPHY's PIZZA garlic breath in the LIVE A LITTLE LOVE A LITTLE dream prophecy available for Christmas. When some of my semi Jewish wives will be taking me out in their dreams for our traditional Chinese restaurant dinner, with all the pornographic cranberry turkey sauce trimmings in Kingman, Arizona and Fife, Tacoma, Washington.

What?.. This is grossing out all you slutty Paris Hilton hotel bed bug bitches who are fucking around like rich bitch dogs in heat? Please don't tell me that you are all reading my D&C 85 whistle blower blogs in the same ignorant dark light as those Mormon morons in SLC, Utah, or for that matter at Walking back Friday at the Miley Montana mile marker number '14' in ISAIAH 4:1, a little pickup hauling a classic high back middleages gold sofa throne drove by slowly in the rush hour traffic at:

Did you hear about that crazy Israeli who wanted to sit next to 30 ROCK's pilot on John Travolta's QANTAS QF29 flight to LONDON BOULEVARD, so they had him arrested in KILL BILL's Hong Kong? Reportedly, he was screaming "You're all going to die!" This is why GG gifted me Saturday with a "Never let her out of your sight." $5 DVD of Keira 's THE BODYGUARD prophecy, and a 18 episodes collection of
Steve McQueen's season one series of his WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE prophecies.

Whether you go see CONVICTION's latest stupid bitch pest production seeking to shut down what's left of our apostate Christian justice system, as confirmed by Juliett Lewis getting T-Boned in her black-as-Obama limousine liberal REV.16 LINCOLN TOWN CAR outside Jay Leno's Burbank studio. Or you go see Naomi's lying sack of shit Hollywood indie movie called FAIR GAME. Always remember that the machine gun wildfire in CARNIVAL OF SOULS was confirmed by that big cry baby in West Jordan, Utan at:

Those who seek to destroy EZE.38 Israel, wether in LDS Utah, or Palestine, Israel, will be cast into the pit of captivity that has been prepared for them in REV.13.



Back at the house Friday afternoon, I discovered Granny Grass had made a fresh batch of potato salad, that was still warm. That night on Leno, they brought a GG figure on who had found a Jay Leno look alike potato in a 5 virgins pound sack of Idaho spuds. That was featured in her local paper, with the main headline being "TEACHER BOY HAD SEX". In confirmation of the royal TEACHERS Scotch actress Kristen Stewart coming out and role playing the " I love to fuck no matter what." Who was photographed in CRY BABY that way by the James Gandolfini age porn king in her new indie stripper film WELCOME TO THE RILEYS, at:

Thursday, GG surprised me with a Hitchcock classics DVD collection she found in a close-out bin for $5. So I watched 1961's THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE television episode Friday morning, about some kid who stabs a Toledo carnival magician devil figure and cuts his cheating Lady Ga Ga look alike wife in half with a huge power saw blade. All of which was confirmed later in the day by the breaking news about the indictment of that Arab Israeli guy who stabbed Tony Leno in Toledo.

GG was probably inspired to overcook her potatoes from the Hitchcock state borderline prophecy. Because all that mayonnaise mixed in with the boiled eggs and chopped Walla Walla sweets made the dish look more like creamy mashed potatoes. To go with Naomi Watts' appearance on Jimmy Fallon later that night for a quick game of SNATCH; using the letter pieces from strip SCRABBLE to magically spell out 'BEEP' and 'WHO' etc at:

CRY BABY's 58ish iPAD dirty pictures taker would likely have a more younger collection of his work to go with Emma Roberts' mini iPAD ring that she wore on Jimmy Fallon Thursday to promote her new film entitled IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY. Like at:


Thursday, October 7, 2010


In 1776 Philadelphia Wednesday, the first perfect playoffs game since 56 was thrown against the REDS.

There was a 4.4 quake in the REV.13 sea off the Eureka coast of California's Redwoods National Park Tuesday at 8:15:27 am. The same day no.44 spoke before a REV.17 women's conference at the Mellon in DC and the presidential seal fell off the podium, like in an earthquake, at:

In Liz Hurley's DAWG location zone Tuesday, there was a 4.1 quake at 2:22 pm. In the movie, Liz carries around a photo of her future husband on an iPAD frame. They stay at the FOUR ACES MOTEL. They stop into Gov Arnold's OAKS PHARMACY in Sacramento, for his former Hollywood OAK PRODUCTIONS title. In the far-fetched finale, Anna shows Doug an iPAD pic of herself when she was a Megan Fox look a-like in college. In the out-takes over the end credits, we see the 60s Jesus-loves-you Keira&Sienna FFing fusion figure, Kiana, bouncing in the Hammock with Doug, saying, "We're already committed..."

Uma pushes the 'Beep... Beep, Beep' threesome buttons on the "chapel bell" when she returns home from JACKRABBIT SLIMS with John in PULP FICTION.

I was wondering why Demi wore my black rim physical transfiguration glasses in their wink wink photo op at the UN conference and on TWITTER.

They found Quentin Tarantino's deceased partner and her black dog in Beechwood Canyon at 2:15 am, for the motel room no.215 in PULP FICTION. Where the French lady forgot about the gold watch values of her forefathers.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1985 944

Ever since I met that cool guy wearing an "ICON" leather jacket at STARBUCKS who is a master 944 PORSCHE mechanic, at, I have been experiencing signs and wonders regarding Keira Knightley that are often times preceded by Divine information that comes in at 9:44 am or pm exactly. For example, back on 4.10 at 9:44 pm I was awaken from a late apre dinner nap by the voice of Keira saying simply, "Hi" . Then I discovered a rare black 944 4-banger sporting California plates parked on Buckley the next day, that remained there by the Church Lake Rd T for a couple days. With the stick shift knob missing for that steel piston one given to Ellen Page's character in AMERICAN GRAFFITI.

A few days before Naomi Watts' 9.28 birthday, a very rare skin colored 944 in a moth-pest beige tan shade was seen driving around Bonnie Lake. That was confirmed at 9:44 pm on her 9.28 date by a loud threesome 'Beep... Beep, Beep' car honking noise. The prolonged second and third climaxes usually coming close together of course.

In 1985 the 82-91run of the 944, with it's familiar trademark FUCHS wheels, was vastly improved in many ways at:

Pondering last night's message at 9:44 pm, when the Lord said, "Are you sure you don't want that around your neck?" I turned on TMZ and heard someone mention that loud "Canadian moaner" chick on JERSEY SHORE who was banging The Situation. Then they joked about that Lehi, Utah guy who has 4 wives, before showing a clip of Miley Montana exiting MR CHOWS in a sacred Indian medicine wheel necklace with 4 vagina stones above 7 keys, on her way over to MILLION MILKSHAKES. Wearing her GREASE 2 birds-of-a-feather earrings in front of that chick waving a big stripper tip bill at:

On one of these shows on the same day the DOW closed on 10,944. I saw a clip of the WILLIS TOWER movie star on Letterman Monday night wearing a Jewish Meathead hat and flashing the GSR/TWN index finger. That corresponded with Mr TMZ' joke about Jewish folks traditionally eating out at Chinese restaurants on Christmas. Somehow I new that this fake of Keira's head attached to a hot Asian babe's body meant something when I first saw it at:

Just in time for Keira's new China girl cut at:


Monday, October 4, 2010


After logging the new PULP FICTION info, I went upstairs and found a defrosted carrot cake on the stove. Back at the IPAD, I saw there was a 2.9 quake in the Chocolate Mtns region, near Seeley, CA on Bruce Willis' birth date of 3:19:22 am.

On Neve's birthday Sunday, there was a 4.5 quake at 10:56:18 pm, southwest of her Campbell River, BC landmarks, like King Island and Swindle Island.

On LDS conference Saturday, a CARNIVAL OF SOULS Ferris wheel in German Racine, Wisconsin got out of alignment and stranded riders for hours until they could be rescued. On Sunday, a red church van rolled over and over on Hwy.27 and Cuban Road in Early County, near the Miller County line; west of Damascus on Rt.45.

This new report explains where we are in the White Horse Prophecy era, now that the Supreme Court is in session again Monday with two new lesbian judges, appointed by the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, at:

This just in. I see there was a 5.1 quake in the Cuba region at 7:48:34 local time Monday.



Uma plays Emma in PULP FICTION's famous dance scene at JACKRABBIT SLIMS, among the restored 58ish cars from the GREASE 2, AMERICAN GRAFFITI, and CRY BABY prophecies. Twisting on the floor to the words of, "They had a teenage wedding, and the old folks [cynics] wished them well..." After we learn that Emma is part of a bloody and violent future spy babes pilot entitled FOX FORCE FIVE. And Uma made an outline of my future iPAD in the parking lot.

Before watching the movie Sunday morning on an old tape that I had found at GOODWILL months ago, I had a dream about sitting in the library with 5 ten cent print copies and a camera. When out of the blue a 90210 teenage Annalynne came over and offered me a big carrot, like the NIN on the film's black boss man in her 5 images at Which include this physical transfiguration crystals time machine take on the NAPOLEON DYNAMITE prophecy at:

When Willis role plays yours truly, with my French wife Laurence and our 70s HONDA, the score sings about my work "...playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of 51..." Then the big Barack Obama 666 gang era crash happens, and those two Tea Party southerners have their moment of glory in the basement of a hock shop filled with tools and junk that today's unemployed workers sold to raise cash.

Laurence often had the same hair style as Uma, playing Emma in a wig, at:

One can see the surprise look a-type casting in these recent TEEN VOGUE pix at:

Speaking of CHARLIE'S ANGELS concepts, Charlie arrived back from Kiana's Tahiti love shack in DAWG Friday night, carrying a large hammock shag bag like the one in the 2002 movie at:

Looks like those posed images of Lindsay shooting smack on X17 came out just in time for the new Tarantino signs and wonders.


Saturday, October 2, 2010


They say that "LA is a lady" in Los Angeles. So a few hours after Mr.TMZ responded to the RESERVOIR DOG signs and wonders east of "TMZ' Hollywood Reservoir" with a Jewish Meathead clip history lesson about how much Dick Nixon hated San Francisco homos, they arrested a NIN look alike psycho named Dam/ir Sha/lako in Rolph Playground on Hampshire in San Francisco. Who has a 'SF' tattoo on his face, and is accused of shellacking and raping a 45 year-old lady Tuesday, at:

There was yet another day 1290 abomination of desolation no.44 quake inside the 44 and 129 lines off the DEEP HORIZON coast of Oregon that registered a 4.4 on the latter-day prophecy scale. Striking at 10:51:53 pm Friday due west of Lincoln County's Devil's Punchbowl landmark on Hwy.101.

Elizabeth Hurley showed up in a red dress and gold shoes at an ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES cancer benefit in NYC Wednesday [read Wednesday] as the heavy rains from Nicole started to work their way up her flooded out I-95 REV.12 land markings. Then a series of Death Valley quakes started rattling the Hwy.95 area around the Cottonwood Mountains west of Gold Point, Nevada. So I popped in my old VHS copy of her 2002 GSR/TWN movie DAWG, by GOLD CIRCLE FILMS. That opens with a great shot of yours truly, the Burger Dog King, standing next to my future sidekick kid Barry Obama. Before Liz and I hit the highway in California to experience a series of audio-way threesomes with a few of my future pretend wives. Like the hot Keira&Sienna fusion figure named Kiana who make just one of the "disgusting" iPAD pix I showed Liz at:

I couldn't believe my eyes when a teenage Miley Cyrus showed up at the door in DAWG and gave me a sexy private strip dance. Before I tied her up to a STARBUCKS table with all those straps and belts on her as she was leaving a West LA strip club at the very same wee hours of Friday when I was watching her in the film at:

Then two old men arrive with bags of bills that my royal buck rack sire character named Doug dumps on top of Miley. In confirmation of Carey Mulligan getting a dollar tip from Craig Ferguson Friday night, that she stuffed into her bra like a skilled stripper.

Miley's official number is one million.

The hip director named Adam in MULHOLLAND DRIVE meets the king of the cowboys at the top of Beechwood Canyon.


Friday, October 1, 2010


The tragic PARKS & RECREATION death of Quinton Tarantino's 56 year-old creative partner, Sally Menke, in Beachwood Canyon, east of TMZ' Hollywood Reservoir, was confirmation of his 1991 RESERVOIR DOGS prophecy about today's Barack Obama DC robbery set up. Reportedly, they found Menke's black dog wandering around the body at around 2:15 am Tuesday.

RESERVOIR DOGS starts out with the Hollywood Chicago gang sitting around talking about the NIN meaning to Madonna's LIKE A VIRGIN. Then moves quickly to the action just after Obama's treasury rip off, where everyone is shocked by the unexpectedly quick response by the Tea Party's law enforcement troops. Obviously someone was set up big time.

"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right..." starts playing when the lead LA ZOO animal starts torturing a cop they kidnapped inside of a funeral warehouse that represents the famous Hollywood funeral businesses in Griffith Park. Before the film's marred servant undercover detective shoots the psycho holding a gas can, the right ear gets cut off of the Cook County authority figure who was deaf to the mountain of evidence that could have busted the bald Mussolini boss long ago.

No coincidence that Tarantino got started in a Manhattan Beach video rental joint.

Don't miss the amazing cut off boner image created by God Wednesday, the day I watched RESERVOIR DOGS on an old VHS tape, in this Chicago mob Rainbow Coalition lightening bolt over Naomi Watts' HOLLYWOOD sign in Griffith Park at: