Monday, March 31, 2014


No. Really. I'm not an egotist maniac idiot. I just play one in the movies. ~ ~ For example, in the first JOHNNY ENGLISH movie, the future French King of England wanna be Holy Grail long hair heir looks a lot like me these days. Since the royal surname 'Relf' means powerful wolf, that originated from Normandy, France. ~ ~ Then in JOHNNY ENGLISH: REBORN, yours truly beats up Queen Elizabeth II, and not by accident, if you can understand the film's encoded message. [She now looks like a gentile Asian alien old gray lady.] ~ ~ Which basically centers around some mind-control assassination plot that originates in Barack Obama's birthplace of Africa. That is designed to take out the current President of Chinatown, Chicago. ~ ~ Sounds too silly to be true? Have you not been listening to all the new reports from the [secret combinations] media about the millions of free Medicaid recipients who have now signed up for their free Obamacare? ~ ~ "Man!.. I'm tired of being right all the time!" [ACE VENTURA, PET DETECTIVE] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAMILY BUSINESS NOTES: The Spanish speaking Gwyneth Paltrow is supposed to purchase that bed and breakfast hotel located along the banks of one of the most amazing secret unknown top fly spring creeks in the world; somewhere in that very strange evergreen oasis area of northwestern Spain. ~ ~ Which is tantamount to Sandra Bullock buying that secret pirates cove beach property on the south side of Lopez Island. Just like Mel Gibson bought his own private volcano island in the Fijis. ~ ~ When you no longer half to pay any progressive taxes, all bets are off, and anything is possible. ~ ~ I DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE MARRIED NOTES: My idea of a compelling must-see remake sequel to Johnny Depp's original breakout movie entitled CRY-BABY, would half to have the Beaver playing Depp's original role; and Depp senior would now play that older dude who likes to pick up runaway teenager hotties. ~ ~ [A campy Waters film never requires that much acting experience.] ~ ~ Of course, the latter role would have to be expanded in order to become the main marketing focus. That is if one wants to lure all those slutty little girls into the theater. ~ ~ What? You doubt that I could get Ariana Grande to play the juicy hot sex runaway teenager sex scenes in the back seat with Johnny Depp? ~ ~ That's like saying that John Waters would not be interested in directing, even if the money was right. And today's bored-to-death Elton John would not be interested in putting up the money. Even if he is married.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


That new go-to-church-Sunday-morning 4.8 earthquake under the Norris campsite in mellow Yellowstone National Park was a purist dry fly fisher FFing thing. Based upon the restoration of modern Israel in 48. ~ ~ Right there is Canyon, for the Grand Canyon in Arizona; that begins near Ellen Page's amazing dike landmark called Page, Arizona. ~ ~ If you guys don't have the balls to step up and tell little Ms. Page et al what a little spoiled brat she is, I AM is going to have to do that for you. ~ ~ Just because you'all Bible Belt ignoramuses are too gay to believe in plural marriage; which is the ultimate spiritual cure to lesbianism and homosexualism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE AVENGERS NOTES: The global warming deniers about the last days prophecies in D&C 133 get zapped in 1967's THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN. Starting with that wind energy fan electric generator fantasy scene in the first shots. ~ ~ Named after, 'Charles Gray' for England's Prince Charles, who is a gray-area fence-sitting denier of God's plans to melt the icy hearts of the lost tribes of Israel who currently live in the northern frozen regions of the earth. ~ ~ 25 LINE NOTES: The electrically charged antihero in THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN is packing 25k volts for that 25 cutting-line that goes through the southern swamps of Florida's huge uncircumcised penis landmark. ~ ~ CASINO ROYALE NOTES: The anti-gravity scene in this prophetic 1967 movie was about the wise five virgins card-hand, regarding the principle of anti-gravity that will be restored in the millennium. The ancient tribes of Israel used their anti-gravity faith skills to build the pyramids, Stonehedge, Easter Island, etc. Which was a more clean energy system for the bigger projects; not to replace the more simple everyday uses for carbon energy. ~ ~ SPY VS. SPY NOTES: That democratic fascist lady was elected the mayor of Paris on the same day that the democratic fascist John Kerry was meeting in Paris with Russia's democratic fascist representative from Moscow. This is the French mother of whores in REV.17 who sits on top of the world. And the viscous cold hearted [cold play] beast who hates her is going to kill her, metaphorically speaking. And why not?

Saturday, March 29, 2014


THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN episode comes to an end with the secret handshake that seals the deal between Gwyneth Paltrow and I for all eternity. ~ ~ Per that last line in DON JUAN DE MARCO that goes, "And why not?" ~ ~ So why not have a 5.1 earthquake in The City Of Industry, California area that is a direct Rt.90 reference to 'Project 90' in THE AVENGERS, 1967 season? That was shot in the various industrial areas located just outside of London. ~ ~ Where the land is cheap and the real estate taxes are low. ~ ~ Wasn't Emma [Peel] Watson born in 90? Whose Dr.Noah movie came out on the same day? Wherein Woody Allen makes that ominous no.51 burp countdown to some A-bomb going off somewhere in the western Israelite regions of EZE.38? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO.90 NOTES: This 90th cfake of Emma is about the amazing electric-light powers of the new 666 beast, at: ~ ~ That are still confounding everybody from Woody Norris to Glenn Beck to Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ "Not everyday is Christmas..." [WILD AT HEART] ~ ~ SCREENPLAY NOTES: The surefire way to overcome all those Jews, queers, and niggers in the media is to make sure that your next home-video feature fuck-film features some really hot middle-aged overweight guy, like Mickey Rourke, fucking two teenagers at a time for real. This is what the Jesus-Loves-You era of flirty fishing is all about. I.e. we're not supposed to make XXX porno films in the long run; but we get to do whoever and whatever we want in the short run. As long as it works. ~ ~ For example, see this Adriana Lima look alike movie poster at:

Friday, March 28, 2014


That is the blond top-secret Gwyneth Paltrow actress living in London in the opening act of THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN in 1967. Who was the object of VANITY FAIR's recent top secret hush-hush reports; which never materialized. ~ ~ Since she shows up later in the episode as a purist top-fly fly-fisher who was inspired by God to be Chris Martin's own private FFing angel from above. Think SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE at: ~ ~ Then think Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, and so on. ~ ~ Because here is what they know in their heart-of-hearts that they are going to get for all of their long suffering earthy troubles, at: ~ ~ According to D&C 76, in the First Class section of the celestial kingdom, everybody looks 23ish forever and ever. Plus, they get to wear really nice outfits. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WOODY NORRIS NOTES: That fence-sitting futurist inventor in the above 19666s tv series also represents my ex-business partner Woody Norris; who was always dabbling in stereophonic sound research. ~ ~ For example, see this timely blood sucking pest sign confirmation at: ~ ~ In CASINO ROYALE, Gisele says that yours truly is "...frightfully synchronized." ~ ~ LOVE NOTES: Note how much Gwyneth Paltrow looks like a 23ish Taylor Swift in the above 1998 movie link. ~ ~ "The men don't know, but the little girls understand..." [THE DOORS] ~ ~ JAY LENO NOTE: After the THE AVENGERS series tv show ended, that had featured a transfigured Jay Leno look alike spy driving around in his vintage evergreen BENTLY, he went on a very successful and lucrative dinner-theater tour throughout America for about another ten years. For that race car green ALFA VELOCE that the man owes me, which still runs pretty good. ~ ~ And don't worry yourself about the car's aging electro-magnetic all aluminum flat-4 dual-WEBBER injected engine Jay. Not to mention the car's dual torsion-bar transaxle stabilizers in back. My guys know more about how to fix up that stuff than your guys. ~ ~ Just make sure that the glove box is in good working order. ~ ~ Remember, there are only two genuine ALFA ROMEO garage shops left in America. One is located in New Jersey, and the other is located in Tacoma, Washington. And that other one located on State Street in Midvale, Utah ain't that bad either, oddly enough. ~ ~ The Lord works on his sexy sports cars in strange ways. ~ ~ PS STEVEN: My sexy French ex-wife doesn't make that much sound when you begin to fuck her. But look out when you shift down and put her into third gear. Have fun my friend. ~ ~ OFF BROADWAY NOTES: Chloe Moretz' new high school play about me fucking two sweet sixteen teenagers at a time in the library is probably worth the ticket money. I'm not just doing this for my health. ~ ~ P.S ELIZABETH HURLEY: Would you mind doing me just a little itty bitty FFing favor in regards to that scene in THE AVENGERS wherein Jay Leno crashes his vintage car into that clear-as-gin top-fly royal coachman spring-creek that runs through the property of your pig farm? ~ ~ You scratch my back, I scratch your back. Deal?

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Last night I watched THE AVENGERS' 1967 season episode entitled THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN. Because it is about Gwyneth Paltrow's fence-sitting husband getting electrocuted on an Internet wire fence in 2014. ~ ~ The show didn't say if Chris Martin would become born again in the future. But I'm guessing that he will be. ~ ~ I just can't believe that Gwyny would have ever hooked up with some guy if she didn't believe in her heart-of-hearts that he had great potential in the long run. ~ ~ This being the actual concept at the end of the prophetic episode where she finally accepts the fact that, "...we're inseparable." Because yours truly has become literally magnetic. After we see my masked man figure who becomes a "king" due to the broadcasting power of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, via their Christian revival radio broadcasts in EZE.37, etc. etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ P.S. Chris Martin looks a lot like my younger brother Jeff, when he was 37. ~ ~ FROZEN BOSTON TV DINNER NOTES: That 9-alarm fire burned down that 4-story brownstone on no.4's 3.26 birthday in Boston's Back Bay district for a backdoor man Rt.9 confirmation. See THE BOONDOGGLE SAINTS meets THE DEPARTED. Just in time for the abomination of desolation appearing with the POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE: II.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


When Giselle dumps her spiritually frozen hubby in Casino Royale, it is a reverse homage to 1961's prophetic look alike film entitled DIVORCE ITALIAN STYLE; like at: ~ ~ AND: AND: ~ ~ ~ ~ Which to me suggests that Gwyneth Paltrow has actually read the SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS and is starting to have a fundamental understanding of the Biblical principle of concubinage. Not to mention Jimmy Carter style sex slavery. Where the virgin teens are hot, and the men are willing to pay them what they are worth. ~ ~ In other words, there is no such thing as a free chicken salad lunch in this life. The kind that Jennifer Anniston ate every single day on the set of FRIENDS for ten seasons. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOAH'S ARK NOTES: Dr.Noah's prophetic Ebola plague capsules in CASINO ROYALE are starting to show up in West Africa. For a western world warning unto the white Caucasian peoples who think that they are supposed to be acting like the dark skinned people. And therefore they elected Barack Obama two times just to make the point that they are real Christians, and not some crazy Josephite followers of Joseph Smith et al. Ergo, all those dire alien invasion prophecies in EZE.38,39 are about Israel, not Judah. ~ ~ When Money Penny test kisses the second 007 prospect in CASINO ROYALE who looks like the future Daniel Craig, she crosses him off her list because he is not a gay enough kisser. Probably because his lips were too thin, whatever. ~ ~ 007 NOTES: If you guys want Emma Watson to play the next Bond girl, you are going to have to at least treble your offer; otherwise all bets are off. ~ ~ On the up side, for that price she will appear totally naked in your next Bond film, if the sex is right.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last night, David Letterman had that well known fly fisherman, Jimmy Carter, on his show talking about men who love to fuck two hot teenagers at a time. ~ ~ Talk about being born again times two. ~ ~ Looks like we're going to have to shoot EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES: TWO on the private property of his stud ranch out in western Montana; somewhere north of [Mel] Gibson Lake. ~ ~ I'm there dude. Just show me where to sign on the dotted line. ~ ~ You want Robert Redford to direct? You got it. ~ ~ The Sundance cowboy dude owes me big time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HARD RED WINTER WHEAT NOTES: Montana grows the best hard red winter wheat in the world. Never fuck without it. ~ ~ Even Atlanta, Georgia's Ted Turner has invested very heavy into that whole Hanna Montana playboy stud ranch thing. Not to mention that King of the Cowboys forerunner, Ralph Lauren. Who comes to the rescue at the end of CASINO ROYALE's look alike Mel Brooks movie entitled, BLAZING SADDLES. ~ ~ CASINO ROYALE NOTES: When yours truly shows up at Gisele Bundchen's shag pad in the 1967 swingers movie, we see her dumping her spiritually frozen fuddy duddy husband into the deep freeze. Think Jennifer Garner meets Adriana Lima.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Apparently the upcoming Noah movie that was shot on Long Island is a pretty strange thing from a Biblical point of view. ~ ~ Per Dr.Noah's prophetic ark plot in CASINO ROYALE that looks like a huge UFO. ~ ~ Wherein the American hero icon kills himself with a backwards shooting gun, and then drops dead right in front of the expressionless KGB spy who looks like Putin. ~ ~ Because he was one of those rather normal looking Americans who had voted for my extremely strange illegal alien sidekick Barack Obama. Who is not even a US citizen, though everybody and his dog knew it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LANDFALL NOTES: Ms Montana recently covered 1975's LANDFALL at the Bay Area's ORICAL ARENA. Since oracle means revelator, etc. See and hear it at: ~ ~ Note the snow covered mountains lyrics for the snow on top of the mountains behind Washington's Dicks Creek landslide omen, like at: ~ ~ My Love Bug dream about Miley cyrus took place at the top of a steep hill street in San Francisco. ~ ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES FOR NEW READERS: That is the actual Rush Limbaugh sitting next to Mao in Dr.Noah's underground basement lair in CASINO ROYALE; secretly located underneath Heff's Playboy Mansion in London for plural wife swingers. ~ ~ The brunet babe that he has strapped down inside his physical transfiguration blood cleaning lab is Ornella Fresh of course. Since all those babes in the movie keep running off suddenly in order to take their eternal [House of Israel Masonite] temple vows at the endowment houses of the Lord mentioned at . ~ ~ FFING NOTES: My first fly fishing experience happened when I caught a nice 9" Montana black-spotted cutthroat trout on a No.10 Montana buck hair wet fly, tied by Ken McLeod. Using one of his ST.CROIX fly rods [The sainted cross of Jesus in French.] while standing on a big rock at the inlet to Jade Lake in the Necklace Valley chain. Which was a prophetic representation of the beautiful necklaces that my beautiful FFing wives would be wearing in THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO. ~ ~ REV.19 NOTES: The gung-ho US General from Texas shouts, "HEY IT'S WAR!!" in CASINO ROYALE at about 1:18 on my DVD, after he sees that all those Eastern European Jews from Brooklyn, NY, like Michael Savage, have been blackmailing him with LBJ's weird Civil Rights Act of 1964. Which is the main reason why the Gay Area's Savage never talks about Obama's F FOR FAKE look alike credentials anymore. ~ ~ [Ironically, the left-wing pinko Oliver Stone looks just like the right-wing pinko Michael Savage on his wiki page photo.] ~ ~ DEAR GREG AND PIERCE: Last night I dreamed that Selena Gomez would do anything to be in your MATADOR sequel. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: This one is on the house. In Miley Cyrus' Janis Joplin biopic, she plays an obsessed Janis Joplin wanna be impersonator from Texas. Who is working a few small rooms somewhere in the Las Vegas area. Eventually, she attracts a fairly large number of look alike wanna be groupies like her, Natalie Merchant style. Who show up at every one of her gigs, no matter where. ~ ~ Naturally, the plot would mirror the life of the real Janis Joplin, without you having to worry about the film critics saying that she is not a very good Ms.Joplin, etc. Even though in some ways, she is actually better than the original. ~ ~ Think BUBBA HO-TEP meets Jennifer Aniston in LIVE A LITTLE LOVE A LITTLE. ~ ~ If I were you, I would keep her current sexy blond short haircut look and just have her wearing a really thick 60s looking hair wig most of the time, even after work while she is driving around in her psychedelic paint job bathtub PORSCHE. ~ ~ Get busy now. Come up with a nice first draft. Sent it over to Paris Hilton's people. Telling her how much money you need. And how you have a really juicy part for her in your new Las Vegas movie. And see what happens.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Ms Montana has been covering the 1960s-70s era LANDSLIDE hit song lately. So according to my 60s Love Bug no.53 dream about her, that huge landslide happened along Rt.530 and Steelhead Drive, just west of Dick Creek. ~ ~ For the opening of 1967's CASINO ROYALE, where Heff flashes his fake credentials for my sidekick dick in the White House. ~ ~ Because the White Horse Mtn. trailhead is also right there in confirmation of the White Horse Prophecy about the abomination of desolation in MARK 13. ~ ~ Ergo, all those earthquakes around the Masonic Scottish Rights Temple in Oklahoma, southwest of Stillwater's landmark reference to the North Stillaguamish River. Where my buddy Ken McLeod taught me the virtues of fly fishing; for a future Flirty Fishing thing. ~ ~ In the fall, one always finds the best sea-run cutthroat fishing in the still water pools; preferably using a top-fly no.8 Royal Coachman buck hair pattern. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 19 NOTES: When you see the two virgin 19 year-old Hollywood sensations suddenly appear on the scene, you will know that it is now REV.19 time. Anything to get your attention. ~ ~ BIG LEBOWSKI NOTES: This ridiculously enduring GSR/TWN cult movie has all the makings for a fabulous religious guru sex cult sequel. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Leo just showed up Sunday afternoon for my new open audition screen tests without even being asked; even though Brad Pitt already has a lock on the role. So now I'm thinking, why waste a golden nugget opportunity like this, and just make some kind of a surreal double vision look alike second film sequel? Wherein everybody involved in the much anticipated prestige art film remake is fucking two underaged looking school girls on spring break at a time. ~ ~ MATADOR NOTES: Dear Greg and Pierce. If there was ever a movie that just begged for a sequel/remake it would be THE MATADOR, like at: ~ ~ Of course it wouldn't hurt if we could get Salma and Eva involved, not to mention Penelope Cruz. Just throw me some excuse for a screenplay and I will throw you the money without even reading it. [Like they do nowadays in DC.] As long as it has some kind of a tantalizing WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN theme; hiring the same Spanish speaking [illegal alien] director of course. ~ ~ No need to throw good money after bad money. Besides, like my good drinking buddy Barack Obama, Pedro never works with a set-in-stone screenplay anyway. See: ~ ~ NO FUCKY SUCKY NOTES: In the original THE MATADOR, all those little underaged Catholic girls want him, but their REV.17 church lady mothers won't let them have him. Which is why we see him shooting her in the head in the movie.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


My sidekick negro in DC has just put the voodoo hex spooky-eye on certain individual homophobic persons in Russia in confirmation of Dr.Evil's personal vendettas issued from the top of the SPACE NEEDLE in AP:II meets IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR, at:'s_Fair ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CASINO ROYALE UPDATES: This time around, it finally dawned on me that the wealthy business woman with the kinky neo German Brazilian accent is none other than Gisele Bundchen herself, circa July 20, 2014. Who we first see in the 1967 film wearing a Brazilian carnival of souls costume headdress made up of exotic amazon jungle bird feathers. For a homage to her Las Vegas broads show look alike figure in VIVA LAS VEGAS. Where all of the wildcat beauties are wearing Barack Obama's African face masks. ~ ~ PERSONAL PRODUCTION NOTES: I play Marlon Brando downstairs, to Sean Penn's Steven Hughes upstairs figure in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II; who was fucking my late French exwife in the butt, directed by Roman Polanski. But this time we give the guy an even more meaty role. You don't pay Sean Penn a couple big ones up front without using him as much as possible. ~ ~ Yeah yeah I know, Mel Gibson would also be perfection in the expanded role. If we had the budget to make it a three hour movie. Which is not exactly out of the question when you have my kind of money to throw around.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Thursday night in a cat napping flash vision, God showed me that CASINO ROYALE was my next big blog project. So later, I got around to the 1967 movie's opening sequence where we see Hugh Hefner showing yours truly his open-fly boner credentials on the streets of Paris [Hilton]. Wherein Heff is directly positioned above that future image of the legendary cruising-for-sex-with-strangers Barack Obama; in direct reference to his queer-as-orange identity papers. ~ ~ And yours truly is directly positioned below that deep sea search sub UFO saucer in THE LIFE AQUATIC. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUE OR FALSE NOTES: Doesn't matter. The reports rolled out about Scarlett Johansson being in the family way while my postings about AN EDUCATION were still rolling out on the Internet. In confirmation of Carey Mulligan losing her naive virginity in Paris to some sleazy Jewish media con man. ~ ~ PLEASE BE PATIENT NOTES: It is going to take me at least a full week to chew on and digest all of the inspired prophetic elements in CASINO ROYALE, 1967. Plus, I don't want to waste any of the golden nuggets found in the last three casino movies that I have been screening. Which I will be slowly and gracefully incorporating into the latest news reports about ELIZABETH HURLEY BEACH bikini bonfires, and the inevitable timely copter crashes. ~ ~ Think Conan's favorite Elvis picture will be CLAM BAKE:II meets THE FAT SPY:II. That is if he gets to play Executive Producer in the indie films' back-end financing deals. Just because he was so scary enough to put up about one little big one in the deal. Since his already bored_to_death wife let him do it anyway. Hoping that something would finally come along that could revive their dead_end marriage. ~ ~ VIVA 19 NOTES: Elvis the King sings about the two teenage girls who are going to rescue his lonely heart in VIVA LAS VEGAS while we see the lucky number 19 on the roulette wheel behind him. ~ ~ See my prophetic no.10 virgins [Hairy Potter] post for example, at: ~ ~ That latest beach motel fire happened off of Liz' I-95, per her beach bikini link at: ~ ~ I am not kidding. That nurse Betty figure in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON really does represent my crazy exwife Elizabeth Hurley. ~ ~ Who was once involved with Hugh Grant. But then it all came to an end when she lost all respect for him after he was caught trying to get a blow job from that prophetic Michelle Obama whore figure between Hollywood and Sunset. ~ ~ Like when the time would come in the near future that my crazy dark skinned hairy sidekick would become a rabid wild dog figure like Barack Obama. And then all of the English white men would rise up in anger and chase him down into some back ally in Chicago.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


The King's copter in VIVA LAS VEGAS took off with a nice shot of the top of Seattle's SPACE NEEDLE in the background. And then it went on to check out that Colorado River dam that represents today's corrupt media dikes who are stonewalling the truth about Colorado's Barack Obama Grand Canyon divide figure. Who is a well known homosexual who is using a stolen Social Security number of a dead man from Conn. Which he got from his late granny who did volunteer filing work at Hawaii's probate offices. Where all those old retirees were dying off in their shared condos faster than they could keep up with them. ~ ~ Therefore, the 666,666,666 loving Jews are doing everything that they can to not let the white people spread the word [of God]. ~ ~ Just check out those new clips of Obama on the Hollywood dike [dam] show if you think that I AM is kidding. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PINK HELICOPTER CONSPIRACY THEORIES: During Michael Savage's second hour monologue on Wednesday, a pink helicopter model was hovering outside his window in Marin County. In confirmation of his many monologues about that 'pinko' Barack Obama. There are a lot of pink colors in 1964's VIVA LAS VEGAS [drones] prophecy about the King. Who ate more pink pussy chicken than any man had ever seen. ~ ~ ATLAS NOTES: That amazing red rocks area known as 'Fire Valley' is located just north of the Hover Dam. The desolate place looks like the surface of Mars in places. Think Elizabeth Hurley in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN meets STAR WARS: EPISODE 7. Who is one of those rather rare creatures who has really big boobs and a very nice and tight small vagina. ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: The copter that crashed below Seattle's SPACE NEEDLE air-control tower BOEING 777 jackpot icon landed in a ball of fire on Broad Street, off of John Street; for all those Vegas show broads in VIVA LAS VEGAS. The copter that crashed into the REV.13:1 sea in THE LIFE AQUATIC was also searching for the mysterious new 666 beast. The copter that crashed on the set of a John Landis movie was AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON thing about my ex-wife Elizabeth Hurley. Yada yada. ~ HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP NOTES: Here are some nice stills from Charlie's new screen tests for my upcoming sequel of THE FAT SPY, at: ~ ~ Not kidding, we just wanted to make sure that she could add to, and not distract from, the lesser experienced Adriana Lima. And not just because we will be shooting all those hot 15 year-old looking sex scenes using a legal-aged 20 year-old Ms.Grande from Florida. Who we already know can act and sing. The big challenge on this one will be getting Cara Delevigne to agree to play one of her 17 year-old girlfriends from the British Bahamas. ~ ~ My gut tells me that CD is going to hold out for a good two big ones on this particular photo shoot. As if Mel Gibson doesn't already have that kind of off shore money. ~ ~ When the King meets LEP:3 on the flip side, the Jews and their pack of niggers in Hollywood will need Mel Gibson way more than he needs them. ~ ~ Now I'm thinking Neil LaBute directing the above straight forward Andy Warhol style 1969ish screenplay. So I can quickly move on to my next project and make another killing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


That Jew media chopper working for FISHER crashed and exploded into flames below Dr.Evil's SPACE NEEDLE headquarters in AP:II in confirmation of Conan's new burning babe magic act in LEP:3. ~ ~ No kidding. You are not supposed to be promoting homosexuality and new age fascism non stop if you have been given a license to broadcast on the publicly owned airwaves of the latter-day promised land cited in the Book of Mormon. ~ ~ Think Gordon B. Hinckley did everything that he could to keep Rush Limbaugh off the air at 710 KIRO during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: My friends at CHANNEL NO.5 just put out a really sweet look alike Mormon missionary video of you. Wherein you get to fuck my sexy French ex-wife with the small tits and really tight pussy all you want, at: ~ ~ IT'S ALL TRUE NOTES: We're going to have to shoot the scripts backwards on my various Orson Welles remakes. Starting with A TOUCH OF EVIL meets THE GRINGO in THE STRANGER, etc. That dark skinned man who we see walking behind me in LEP:3, and then we see sitting with a brown cock bottle beer at the blackjack table, is the devil himself. ~ ~ I'm thinking an abbreviated short version of CASINO ROYALE meets ROD STEELE 0014. Wherein I only get payed union scale at first just for the screen tests. In your dreams. ~ ~ Which is a good thing, generally speaking. ~ ~ We might as well take advantage of Orson Welles' artistic obsessions with looking like an older middle-aged man in most of his better movies. There must have been a prophetic reason for that. ~ ~ For some examples, see: AND:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


If you can ID that strange man who is walking behind my younger transfigured hero named Scott in LEPRECHAUN 3, right when we see me and Granny Grass playing the lucky jackpot 777 slot machines, you will know that your 'calling and election' has been made sure for all eternity. ~ ~ Right after the older boss assures Sienna that, "'ll come around." per that winning protagonist from the British spy detective sex cult tv-series entitled, THE AVENGERS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ELIZABETH HURLEY'S TIME LINE NOTES: In the 1964 VIVA LAS VEGAS prophecy, we hear Liz's 6:10 am time mentioned after learning that the sexy racy cars gran prix goes from Prince Charles Mountain to the Hoover Dam. Where the small mouth bass fishing is good, and the water-skiing girls all wear her latest line of bikinis. Ergo, at the beginning of VIVA LAS VEGAS, the identity of the hot redhead babe driving that vintage TRIUMPH is a REV.17 style female mystery. Ergo, the sexual preference identity of Obama's fakey birth certificate is also a homogaysexual mystery. ~ ~ LEP:3 NOTES: The owner of the movie's future PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop location was an East Indian figure who represents today's REV.13:1 Indian Ocean search for the mysterious 777 jackpot jet. That represents the new miraculous iPAD APPLE temptation of Eve's high tech 666 beast snake of the 7 hills. ~ ~ HINT HINTS: That tall trim stranger in LEP 3 with the cropped brown hair, who looks somewhat like a physically transfigured Glenn Beck, is the first guy who is going to bankroll me; "See ya on the flip side." ~ ~ AP:4 NOTES: I see the final AP:4 happening where it began, in Las Vegas. ~ ~ If I were you, I would start it with a supposedly washed up 21ish Beaver playing in some small run down room that is just a front for the swinging London based Illuminati; who are planning to take over the world. ~ ~ Think Elvis is not really dead, and America never really did land a man on the moon on 7.20, 1969. But this time shoot the whole new thing from a much more mature and sophisticated point of view. While maintaining the original movies' surreal absurdity by having Mike Myers himself fucking a host of teenager hotties.

Monday, March 17, 2014


For some strange reason, by the end of 1964's iconic VIVA LAS VEGAS prophecy, the half Italian/Irish redhead Lindsay Lohan starts to look a lot like Nicole Kidman. Particularly when they are coming down the stretch and zoom by that KTOO 1280 country music radio station that is now playing so much of Keith Urban's Nashville, Tenn music these days. ~ ~ As just confirmed by that 4.4 earthquake at 6:25 am outside of Paris Hilton's hometown of Endcino, California. In order to mark Nicole's Catholic church wedding anniversary on 6.25. ~ ~ Since I finished watching the movie at the start of Saint Patrick's Day for a lucky leprechaun 777 BOEING jet airliner jackpot thing. At the end of the rainbow's pot of gold, for the end of today's homogaysexual rainbow fascism situation. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEAVING LAS VEGAS NOTES: The green no.31 car is the first to crash through those 440 hay bails that represented those 440 Asian squirrels that were dumped into a meat grinder by those Dutch airline employees at KLM meets MLK. In the context of Sheriff Joe's 3.1 press conference that proved that Barack Obama is an illegal alien. Just like the ones who are still flooding across the borders of Arizona, south of Tombstone, etc. ~ ~ The liberal Jewish media has tried to slander Sheriff Joe for his efforts to control our illegal alien problem in the same spirit that they have trashed him for exposing Obama's illegal alien status. ~ ~ Nicole Kidman's prophetic figure in VIVA LAS VEGAS is called "Rusty" because the aging 46 year-old actress's sexy sports car ride is beginning to show a little rust and peeling paint around the edges. And so now she is in need of a nice overall restoration job; as per the inspired ending to TRANSFIGURATION 6-5000. [Both movies end with car wreck themes.] ~ ~ Both Paris and LL are well known for their Las Vegas night club disco appearances. Think BOOGIE NIGHTS:II meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II. ~ ~ DOUBLE FEATURE NOTES: For Saint Patrick's Day, I might have to watch that lucky Leprechaun 3 sequel that takes place in Las Vegas. Wherein the little marred face servant guy beats the shit out of that BEST MORTGAGE loan shark spokesperson Glenn Beck. Then if I have the time, I should watch Vince Vaughn et al in SWINGERS:II meets LEP IN THE HOOD:II. ~ ~ EVEN MORE WEIRD AL NOTES: I'm not joking, or trying to be cute or clever; Natalie Merchant could sell out a good size Las Vegas room for six months if she wanted the money.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Apparently the Asian pilot of that high-flying 777 icon of the lost tribes of Israel had been driven out of his mind by the political persecution of some married homosexual politician that he was supporting. ~ ~ Remember, BOEING is now based in the black [sea] SEARS tower in Barack Obama's adopted home town of Chicago. ~ ~ Think WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING meets FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF meets THE BREAKUP; not necessarily in that order. ~ ~ Meanwhile, I watched 1985's TRANSYLVANIA 6-500 Friday night, because it takes place along the vampiric borders of the Ukraine. And then low and behold, Senator John McCain appeared there, yacking like an idiot about the virtues of democratic fascism, etc. ~ ~ Which is exactly what the white founding fathers of America warned us about; most of whom believed that the Negro was significantly different than the Cauc/Asian. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VAMPIRE BRIDE NOTES: At the end of TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000, Paris Hilton comes out of her Egyptian mummy butterfly cocoon. Miranda Kerr herself rises up out of her EZE.37 grave coffin, etc. And my very old mother is ashamed of her very own son. ~ ~ KING CITY NOTE: Right now I'm half way through the VIVA LAS VEGAS prophecy again. Wherein Elvis The King sends the sexy Lindsay Lohan a tree of life gift, because he believed in the BOOK OF MORMON's tree of life messages in NEPHI i&II, etc. Plus she gives great head. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


I see Justin Bieber skipping over any kind of a faux James Dean meets River Phoenix remake/sequel and just cutting to the chase with a movie that starts out with his retro bathtub PORSCHE car wreck homage to that Canadian made movie entitled CRASH. Which happened just south of King City, California. ~ ~ Think CARNIVAL OF SOULS: II. ~ ~ After so many long years of people saying that 'The Beaver' is not a serious act, it only makes sense that he would want to begin his acting career with a little something more serious. ~ ~ The comedies could always come later, a la Elvis Presley. ~ ~ The last words ever spoken by James Dean were, "They gotta see us..." Not realizing that he was a prophetic forerunner to THE INVISIBLE MAN, circa 2014. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SENATOR FLAKES NOTE: 8 US senators suddenly appeared in the Ukraine Saturday. Why? Who really gives a flying jet airliner fuck if gays can get legally married anyway? ~ ~ BELIEVER NOTES: When those lesbian Miami cops recently busted The Beaver for speeding, he was just rehearsing for his debut James Dean role in a vintage German SPEEDSTER. ~ ~ KING CITY NOTE: London's David Cameron was in Jerusalem when suddenly the rocket fireworks started flying. Because the future Davidian King of England is yours truly. ~ ~ DAVID NOTES: In the 1999 made prophecy NURSE BETTY, David was definitely attracted to Ornella's evil twin sister Donatella. But he was not yet ready to jump her bones while we were parking and talking inside of my little ESCORT rental car. Because he was still dealing with some very heavy exwife issues. Back when I first visited the Steven Fresh family along Hwy.9 outside Boston, Mass. in 1980. The very same year when Gisele Bundchen was born in BLAME IT ON RIO meets AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ ~ FAST FOWARD VIDEO NOTES: A few years later in IT STARTED IN NAPLES:II, Ken and I were walking along some lover's lane in Naples with Donatella and her local sister when we saw some dude jumping on the bones of some 16ish hottie inside one of those small Euro FORD box cars.

Friday, March 14, 2014


In the NURSE BETTY prophecy, Greg's ex-wife role played one of those bitches in CRASH. Wherein she lost her head while fucking some Russian diplomat mogul; just confirmed by those new pix of Elizabeth Hurley hooking up with that billionaire Russian in London. ~ ~ Based upon the "evil twin sister" idea in the 1999 made movie that represented Ornella Fresh's sister Donatella Greco. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSSIA LIMBAUGH NOTE: The nice thing about having an illegitimate black President, is that Russia now gets to do any illegitimate thing that it wants to regarding the Black Sea's Ukraine sea port. Based upon the mother country's completely legitimate new laws that prohibit homosexual government propaganda. ~ ~ DEADLINE NOTES: John Kerry's next HEINZE 57 SAUCE deadline for Elizabeth Hurley's new Russian love interest falls on Saint Patrick's Day; since she is half Irish, etc. ~ ~ Think Sienna Miller meets King Ralph in some kind of a kinky NOTTING HILL sex-ploitation sequel. Wherein Hugh Grant's loser roommate still has a thing for Sienna, and she still has a thing for him too; if the money is right. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ And then go from there, adapting some kind of an evil twin sister generational theme.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


For decades now, the un-American communist Jewish homosexuals in Hollywood have been making movies about white Christian Republican villains from Orange, County, California. Which have now turned out to be quite true. ~ ~ Since Richard Nixon's Orange County has now become overrun by illegal aliens who all vote Democrat. Ergo, the state's rich hippie governor is a guy named Brown. And most of the state's white Republicans have either fled to Sheriff Joe's Arizona, or Gov.Perry's Texas. ~ ~ Where they are now organizing their prophetic Alamo style last-stand counter-attack plans. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NAZI NOTES: The Nazi motorcyclist Satan worshipers in DRAGNET were all from Jesse James' Orange County; as was the film's dumb virgin Republican. Who eventually fingered that Big Brown race horse faker at THE BROWN DERBY. Who was your typical Orange County, California mega church operator/pastor. ~ ~ According to the latter-day lost tribes prophecy in ISAIAH II, etc. Judah will stop fucking Ephraim in the ass. And Ephraim will stop being jealous of Judah. ~ ~ Find the other above scriptural references in ISAIAH 11 at the online King James [Bond] Bible at .

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Those two buildings of Judah and Ephraim blew up in Harlem for that next-door neighbors house explosion in THE BURBS. Since most of the rental buildings in Harlem are owned by Jews and Asians. ~ ~ These being the two beeps beeps of Judah and Ephraim on the 57 CHEVY's radio 11 dial in the 7th episode of CURB. Right before the big REAR WINDOW style rear-ending. ~ ~ And when Larry's wife sent him over to get back all of that stolen chicken L'orange, we see various African Obama masks hanging in the background while Larry makes a wise crack about Africa. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 7TH EPISODE NOTES: The episode's ANNIE GET YOUR GUN reference was about me buying used DVDs for two bucks about ten years later at PISTOL ANNIES; out in the burbs of Bonnie Lake, Washington. In the episode's 'Last Supper' of Jesus scene, the Ephraimite AAMCO transmission guy takes the seat of authority away from Judah. After we heard about Justin Theroux's new physical transfiguration contract for making plastic DIET RITE PEPSI bottles. ~ ~ iPAD NOTE: One of the most amazing features on your iPAD is how easy it is to blow up the screen's image using two fingers. See: . ~ ~ GREEK PRESIDENT NOTES: The biggest blow up between Israel and Gaza since the Jews re-elected America's known homosexual Greek president, happened on the same day of the Ukrainian leader's visit to the Greek Casa Blanca. Where the two discussed the increasingly worrisome situation between Russia and Sodom.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In HBO's 2003 episode 7 of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, Jennifer Aniston's future Republican husband Justin Theroux has just relocated because he had found some kind of "...a sweetheart deal". While that arrogant prick Larry David complains to his wife that none of their Jewish neighbors were at her non kosher duck l'orange dinner party. ~ ~ Mind you, I watched episode 7 on the same night that the Jewish politicians in the senate were discussing how many ways they could find to raise gas taxes on those stupid white Christians who live in the burbs. ~ ~ Which were represented in 1987's THE BURBS prophecy by a Midwest Zionist place called [Gordon B.] Hinckley Hills; i.e. the seven hills of the new 666 beast in the New Jerusalem of New London, Conn. America, a.k.a. Sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ That is if you actually believe in the 11th chapter of REVELATION; otherwise never mind. Have a good time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EPISODE NOTES: Last week Michael Savage said that he had some kind of a health "episode" but it was no big deal. I tend to believe it. Listen, I know that the talky radio Eastern Euro-Jew immigrant from Brooklyn, NY has a loose screw or two. Jesus was called to visit and heal the sick, not the healthy. ~ ~ Think Alex Baldwin meets George Clooney. ~ ~ POP-EYE NOTE: Check out this black&white Portland, Oregon pussy cat confirmation of Ms.Z giving me the hairy eye in BRIDGET JONES: II, at: ~ ~ FOX NEWS NONSENSE: Please stop reporting about how many new millions have signed up for Medicaid via the Obamacare web site; who were already eligible for government paid medicaid in the first place. That's like saying that Obama was born in Hawaii, according to his new birth certificate.

Monday, March 10, 2014


In B.J. II, we see three GSR/TWN eye icons about my forehead 'I' scar before my Daniel figure in the movie suggests a three-way with Ms.Z and and Lucy Lui in Thailand, like at: ~ ~ Hence the prophetic film's opening where she jumps out of a doomed high-flying plane before it's too late. ~ ~ As if it were any secret who is the apple of my eye right now. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE BURBS PREVIEW: I'll need to see Larry David's 7th HBO episode again before I get into THE BURBS' 1988 made prophecy about those weird looking Eastern Euro-Jews who moved in next door. And in the end, all of those accused Republican Christian white men decide that, "We're not going to take it anymore!" ~ ~ KING RALPH: II NOTE: In my sequel co-starring Sienna Miller, either all of the African masked spear-chuckers who are now invading London are going to shape up, or they are going to be asked to move out, as of yesterday. ~ ~ The great thing about making a retro King Elvis impersonator movie in Jay Leno's born again race car VIVA LAS VEGAS location is that I don't have to loose any weight for the lead role. ~ ~ WHITE 1960s MOVIE QUOTE: "Borders, language, culture!" by Michael Savage. [Who is still banned from entering the old gray lady's England.] ~ ~ ALL SEEING EYE NOTE: Jesus sees all of your dark secret works, and everything that is in your darkened hearts, and the long-awaited 12th 'I' man is his forerunner. Not to be confused with the actual I AM himself of course. I wouldn't go that far. ~ ~ J.B. OR J.B. NOTE: I'm thinking J.B. hooks up with an older J.B. in his long awaited cougar town mama film debut. Think James Dean meets River Phoenix in Jennifer Aniston's feature film biopic director debut, "...based upon a true story." Wherein some New Age born-again Christian sex cult from California ran into yours truly in TO ROME WITH LOVE: II, circa 1971. Which basically could be the first ever Woody Allen movie prequel/sequel/remake rip-off in the history of latter-day cinema. Think THE BICYCLE THEIF meets CINEMA PARADISO meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES; and so then Sandra Bullock bankrolls the whole project. Just because she personally would love to get a piece of the action on the back side.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Most of the more serious grown up Jews throughout history believed that Jesus was some kind of a cheap talking religious cult guru. ~ ~ Much like the idea of Jerry buying me a 1972ish ALFA VELOCE and then all of his past sins and personal transgressional crimes will be payed for. Exactly like in mid evil times when a king could purchase a complete remission of his sins with a handful of gold coins. Now worth about 35k in American dollars on the daily spot market exchange. ~ ~ Talk about the Jews in Hollywood getting away with murder. ~ ~ Hell. Most of them thought that they were just doing their jobs. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READERS: One of the best ISAIAH 11 style portrayals of Judah and Ephraim in cinematic history is found in MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Wherein the hip smart-ass Jewish director encounters that plain talking straight-shooting cowboy from Texas in the horse corral above the hills of LA. Who was all about those virtuoso wholesome movie heros of the 1930s and 1940s. ~ ~ This is why Ephraim holds the keys to the higher priesthood. And Judah holds the keys to some fast-car dealership for fast-talking salesmen. Both of whom have a place in g-d's eternal plan. ~ ~ EPISODE 7 NOTE: I'll watch Larry David's episode about my 57 CHEVY just as soon as I can. But I might have to watch Tom Hanks' pre-Obama prophecy about the Bonney Lake, Washington suburbs first, entitled THE BURBS; just to put things into the proper context and get everybody's minds right first. ~ ~ B.J. NOTE: At the end of the second B.J. movie, Renee ends up with that same boring older-looking fuddy duddy lawyer asshole that my ex-wife ended up with in Hillsboro, Oregon in 1980.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


That 777 went missing over the REV.13:1 Gulf of Thigh Land in confirmation of the last installment's final location messages at: ~ ~ Hell. Since you queer boy Jew fucks can't even elect a president who is a US citizen, I guess we'll just have to take a less democratic approach to things. ~ ~ Talk about the 7 hills of Beverly Hills meets the 7 hills in TO ROME WITH LOVE. ~ ~ Ergo, Greg moved out of Jen's beach house in Malibu and bought that fixer-upper House of Israel glass mansion up in the hills overlooking Century City. ~ ~ Per that ALONG CAME POLLY reference to nurse Betty's pet parrot. Who just keeps repeating the latest PC lines in the liberal media entertainment culture. ~ ~ So Friday, I found 1987's DRAGNET prophecy. Which was about any square out there who sees the film's brown African zoo man behind the mask, like at the Hollywood BROWN DERBY, should be fired and committed to a sanitarium. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MIDNIGHT DREAM NOTES: Last night, I dreamed that Steven Fresh put a deal together with that old-money timber baron in ZERO EFFECT; for building 700,000 houses. Using 18" thick brick mason wet plastered walls, topped off with 2x4x6 trussed roofs and 100-year clay tiles. Just like they do in the old world of the lost ten tribes of Israel. And all I had to do was stop in real quick and sign the check; and then get right back to having some fun with my girlfriends.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Time for all you immature Jew boys in Hollywood to grow up and put all of your cards on the table. ~ ~ Otherwise, I AM is going to buy all of you out from under your old hook noses. Including the now very discounted price tag for the rights to the above two sequels. Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ And with my kind of money, I could make both of these third-sequel films for under 55 big ones total with a new cast of teenager stars, who also look great with their bikini tops off, etc. ~ ~ Think I AM is still full of shit? ~ ~ How about I make these two third sequels based upon a true story about that older dude who lead the original Flirty Fishing sex cult that gave us the River Phoenix forerunner to Justin Beiber? ~ ~ Not only does the kid from Canada believe in the Bible, but he has the dough to make it happen. ~ ~ Plus, he would love to break into acting. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: We would need a solid British accent actress to play the new slimmed down Bridget Jones in BRIDGET JONES: III. Who still looks sexy enough to get the horny Jew teenager boys into the theater, like at: ~ ~ If it were me, I would shoot the hot action exteriors on Michael Savage's twin VOLVO tied up in Marin County. And the below deck interior shots could all be filmed at Jen Aniston's new basement studio up in the Hills. In other words, you're looking at about 2 big ones per picture in below the line costs. And the rest of the money would go to me and my girlfriends. ~ ~ SECRET SPY AGENCY REVELATIONS: Nothing that the so-called google/NSA complex is doing even comes close to the Orwellian nature of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, plus Social Security and Medicare. Not to mention the new and improved Obamacare; which is rarely ever mentioned on places like Ground Zero Radio. Hence, nobody is talking about the well confirmed fact that Barack Obama is an illegal alien; not even at CPAC. ~ ~ In other words, to this day, LBJ et al still want to know what your brain is thinking. Much more than they want to know what is going on inside of your smart phone. Which is why the big nose motherfucker was so famous for making all those intimidating and bullying telephone calls to the liberal Jewish media.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Last night I dreamed that Sienna Miller was cheating on me with my good buddy Kit Winn. And the worst thing about it was, Kit's mother was actually letting her come in through the backdoor, and welcoming her with a cup of tea until he got back from his latest midnight venture. ~ ~ But it got worse. I also split-dreamed that Jessica Beil liked to fuck my German buddy Ken Keisler at his million dollar shag-shack in San Francisco more than she liked to fuck me. ~ ~ In other words, both Sienna and Jessica are FFing a couple of nice guys right now who are my same prophetic friends and "brothers" in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. ~ ~ Much like my good buddy BiBi has been whoring around with all of my enemies in California at the same time that I was just trying to be his friend. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKDOOR MAN CONFIRMATION: ~ ~ DREAM DIARY NOTE: I also dreamed last night that I was riding around Fall City, Washington in Jimmy Fall/on's nice 1999ish copper BUICK car featured in NURSE BETTY. But now it is 15 years later, and the older oxidized paint job car was definitely showing it's age. ~ ~ So I acted like my usual too candid blabber-mouth self and asked, "Now that you have your new NBC contract, can't you at least afford to buy a new car?" ~ ~ MIDNIGHT MOVIE NOTES: At about 1:14:18 into 1999's NURSE BETTY, we see Jen Aniston's fixer-upper house in the hills, that she recently had remodled and flipped for a nice profit. And then she moved into an even more amazing place with a sound-proof studio basement. Similar to that converted car garage film studio in BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Believe it. Jen is no dumb Hollywood movie star blond. ~ ~ After she sees Chloe Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, Ellen Fanning, and even the older Miley Cyrus, show up at her front door asking for Greg, it will definitely be EATING RAOUL time. Just like back when she was in her early 20s in the latter 1980s. And it was still quite a thrill to be watched while getting fucked and sucked buck naked by some hot Latino dude. ~ ~ BB NOTES: When BiBi arrived in LA this week, there was a wise 5.0 virgins earthquake in the REV.13:1 sea southwest of Catalina Island.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


One would have to listen to THE DOORS' debut studio album version of the song on YouTube, that was produced in LA, in order to understand why Miley Cyrus and I will be making underground movie magic together in the near future. ~ ~ Oh yeah. That's right. You got it. You are totally fucked. ~ ~ Because that Panama based boat load of 100 miles rockets was intercepted in the Red Sea at the same time that Bibi was hanging out with the whore of Hollywood, in California. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SNEAKY INDIE FILM PUBLICITY NOTES: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ HEINZE 57 STEAK SAUCE NOTE: Absolutely every D&C 57 omen out there right now is a foolish Jewish John Kerry thing. Like this one that happened in [queer as] Orange County when Israel's Bibi was on his way to LAX, at: ~ ~ BLACK AND WHITE NOTE: Youtube's black and white clip from THE VERY BEST OF THE DOORS version of I'M A BACKDOOR MAN features my fuller right eye above his cut-off middle finger stump. ~ ~ SIDE NOTE: When my Lizard King forerunner was getting a little low on the doe while living in Paris, he would always check into the same low budget walk-up pensioners hotel where Laurence and I stayed; the last time we were in Paris together. [After he had exposed his royal sire Picasso painting penis in Miami of course.]

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Ok Mr. Lewis in Portland, Oregon, you caught me red handed. But no need to rub it in, for heaven's sake. ~ ~ Yes you are right, IT'S ALL TRUE; The situation in the Crime/a is a secret plot by the London based illuminati to depopulate the world using atomic bombs. ~ ~ Credit is due when credit is deserved. Based on the fact that I am the I AM's format man. And everything that is now happening in the world is a part of my master plan to take over the millennium. Which would include everything that I let the devil himself do; if it serves my purposes. ~ ~ That's right my darling. You are being used by me, and you are gonna like it. ~ ~ GSR/GSR ~ ~ GLEN OR GLENN NOTES: Glenn Beck has no problem with the Sodom and Egypt prophecy in REV.13 because the leaders of the Mormon church cult are his masters. ~ ~ AFRICAN MASK NOTES: They just made Lebron take off his black Obama African mask down in Miami, so then he broke some kind of a symbolic '61' African birth certificate record, according to; ~ ~ Note the no.6 number-of-man basketball jersey; that refers directly to the modern day [born again in Hawaii] 666 beast. That was born again in earnest by the Jewish communist red capitalist mob's new deal offered up under FDR, at the very same time that the 1930s style Jew from New York was beating up on the first modern 666 beast in REV.13. ~ ~ SAVAGE RADIO LISTENER NOTE: Savage probably has the best take right now on Russia Vs Sodom. ~ ~ That said, I must remind Savage that I'm only interested in stealing the really hot wives from today's flaky communist Hollywood celebrities who hate America. Not the wives of conservative Christians who believe in America. ~ ~ Don't get me confused with any of those Texas style [George Bush] 1950s radio preachers portrayed in such movies as MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets PINK FLAMINGO. ~ ~ Why in the world would I ever want to fuck the wife of a George Bush or a Glenn Beck? When I could be back-dooring such hot MILFs as Jennifer Garner, or Gisele Bundchen? Not to mention Jessica Beil or Jessica Alba.

Monday, March 3, 2014


1953's GLEN OR GLENDA indie film was a prophetic commentary on when the time would come that there would be earthquake signs and wonders from God happening around the Glen Canyon dike in southern Utah's polygamy country. Where that homogaysexual Rainbow Bridge red rock landmark is located on your PLANET OF THE APES map book of Judah and Ephraim. As seen in the opening sequence to AUSTIN POWERS: III; and at the end of that typical plural wives James Bond OCTOPUSSY movie. ~ ~ [Think October 29 pussy.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLIFF NOTE: ~ ~ JEW BOY SCOUT NOTES: Those wandering Jew teddy bear boys who are now running things at Mini Mouse's DISNEYLAND, down in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE [COUNTY] California, have just declared that they are no longer going to be giving any money to David Lynch's patriotic militia style scouts in Montana, according to: ~ ~ That's like the tall French Jewish John Kerry telling Putin that he needs to change his attitude about homosexual troop leaders who like to molest innocent little boys in Nazi style uniforms. ~ ~ WEIRD AL DREAM: The other night, I dreamed that I was running around on the grass in San Francisco's [China Town] Golden Gate Bridge Park while stabbing and stinging various cruising-for-sex-with-stranger homos with my one inch blade SWISS ARMY pocket knife. Which was not large enough to kill anybody; but they sure did't exactly appreciate it. ~ ~ Then later that same day, the news broke about all those folks in China getting stabbed to death at some train station in red capitalist China. ~ ~ And then Cate Blanchett won the OSCAR for best actress in BLUE JASMINE. ~ ~ GREG OR GREG NOTES: At the 'Save the Children' scenario in NURSE BETTY, we see a 1986ish looking Greg standing next to a 39ish Greg Kinnear. ~ ~ TEA PARTY NOTES: The main reason why America's white Tea Party patriots are on the side of Russia on this one, is because they want to see the un-American communist Jewish homosexuals die; one way or the other. Think the 1950s Black Sea listed Jews in Hollywood finally get it. ~ ~ "I'm conservative, but I'm flexible." [NURSE BETTY]

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Finally, the Sodom and Egypt in REV.13 is going to get what it has coming. ~ ~ Man I'm tired of always being right. Or to put it in the last words of my dying father, "Greg always has to be right." As in when Nurse Betty's husband died, who is an A-list Mormon actor in Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ So anyway, in NURSE BETTY's latter-day soap opera fantasy world, Chloe is played by a sexy actress whose real name in life is Annalynne McCord. ~ ~ Gets confusing, doesn't it. ~ ~ Dr. George McCord [Greg] gets betrayed in real life by a blond southern bell actress whose real surname is McCord. ~ ~ Since, ergo, because, therefore, my wife named Renee is also a southern bell from Texas. ~ ~ Who once attended the Carelton School of Nursing in confirmation of those three UFO frisbee sports nuts from Carlelton College in Northfield, Minn; who just died in a collision on Hwy.3. In reference to Ms. Z' career killing film entitled NEW IN TOWN in the same region. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UFO REPORTS: Crazy talk radio's Clyde Lewis claims that he is not political; doesn't believe in "left or right" etc. Therefore he is directly responsible for today's third way fascism situation. Ironically, Michael Savage has the same kind of silly Jewish boy problems stemming back to his childhood. ~ ~ For example, Savage thinks that three-way sex with more than one wife is not a Jewish-Christian tradition. Contrary to what we are now seeing, like at: ~ ~ INTERNET VIRUS LINKS: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ NURSE BETTY NOTES: Renee's future second floor apartment roommate in NURSE BETTY is named Ornella Fresh in real life. Per her second floor casa in IT STARTED IN NAPLES: which comes to an end in Italy. ~ ~ I met Neil LaBute in real life back in the 1980s, when I was living in a second floor walk-up apartment in Provo, Utah. ~ ~ QUEEN ELIZABETH III NOTES: When you see me fucking nurse Elizabeth in WEREWOLF IN LONDON meets SHAWN OF THE DEAD, you will know that it is high time to buy gold; and put the rest of your cash into THE BANK OF CANADA. ~ ~ I mean; who wants to fuck some loser who lost all of his funny-boy money in the Jew run stock market in Jew York? ~ ~ MOVIE REVIEW NOTES: In Vince Vaughn's epic 1260 days SWINGERS prophecy, shot in 1996; I'm money, and you have no money. See:

Saturday, March 1, 2014


In the 1999 made NURSE BETTY prophecy, my future Miley Cyrus fuck-buddy wife suddenly appears on the photo-shopped cover of MODERN NURSE magazine at 51:54 minutes into my DVD. ~ ~ This being the born again EZE.3.7 earthquake near McCord, OK when I watched the silly soap opera news movie about Dr. David/George McCord; whose name in real life is Greg. ~ ~ So how much is it going to cost me to purchase the rapidly fading-value rights to make BRIDGET JONES:III ? ~ ~ If I gave you the same amount that I am willing to pay for the last rights to LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II, it would be highway robbery. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SCHOOL TEACHER NOTES: Here is a good look at Harry Potter's school girl friend arriving in LA for the OSCARS, at: ~ ~ LOL NOTES: When Jack Nicholson was my age, he was still fucking two teenage girls from the neighborhood almost every night. Talk about ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. ~ ~ SEAN OF THE BORN AGAIN DEAD: Sometimes the first movie was so damn good, that all one needs is a respectable enough budget to bring back all of the original filmmakers involved in order to make it come alive again. If they themselves are still alive of course. ~ ~ For example, I'm temporarily staying at Elizabeth Hurley's shag pad for London swingers; but I don't wish to be living off of her good graces while wearing out my welcome. So I find a good paying replacement role for myself in the movie that resembles the film's original father figure. Who will be co-starring with Carey Mulligan this summer in some West End play. ~ ~ That way, I don't have to bother Elizabeth every time I need a little taxi money. ~ ~ WEREWOLF IN LONDON:II NOTES: Jack Nicholson made a pretty good werewolf movie with Michelle Pfeiffer. For the New London, Conn version, I would just spice it up with some second unit teenager fucking footage; probably using Cara Delevigne and some amazing new 23 year-old Elizabeth Hurley look alike.