Friday, January 30, 2009


Renee showed up on Letterman Thursday in a tight red number, topped off by a dirty martini raspberry cocktail ring. She talked about her daily workouts on the 42 months treadmill, while proudly watching CNN, etc.

David role played yours truly. Telling her how much he'd love to leave some goo-jelly-dot-cun "fluid" on her hips, etc. Earlier in the day, Granny Grass surprised me with a chicken dinner invitation to KFC with princess Diana. I noticed that the bill came to a 19.55 confirmation of 1955's KISS ME DEADLY prophecy. They were playing 1950s jukebox music the whole time.

"I eat more chicken than Colonel Sanders..." Elvis

Check out their red site at:

This week's big ice storm was confirmation of the explosive A/C ice bomb plot in THE FAT SPY.

Obama stuck to his fascistic Third Way world view Thursday. His party media just kept repeating, all day, the same red ANIMAL FARM agitation shit that came out of his filthy mouth, as explained at:

"And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet." [REV.16:13]

See the 1950s movie poster at:

Mussolini was the greatest unifier/divider that Italy had seen since Garibaldi. They lynched him like a southern negro chicken thief in the end, at:

Here's how Obama's many mindless female supporters will end up at:

Fascist movements, reformed or otherwise, never end peacefully.

Evangeline Liliy was on Conan and Letterman this week promoting some Brazilian lingerie charity for kids. I didn't get the joke until I found this connection at:

Obama et al are talking about those prophetic "smart meters" we saw in BRAZIL's famous shit plumbing scene; staring Robert DeNiro. That can control your home thermostat from a central government location. See:

It's no coincidence that the abomination of desolation numbers in MARK 13:14 match the new beast's 666 numbers in REV.13:14:

"And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those [technology] miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a [WWII] sword, and did live."

Renee mentioned to David that she is scheduled to be at the Berlin Film Festival, week after next, to promote her new movie, NEW IN TOWN.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Barack Obama's trillion dollar pork sausage was shoved down the throats of the righteous on Hump Day. Because they need to learn a lesson about the significant differentia between the blood of Israel, and the blood of Ham.

You say you don't give a shit about ISAIAH 11's last days prophecy regarding the JEREMIAH 31 restoration of the House of Israel? Here, eat another love'n spoonfull of America's abomination of desolation crap. You want to live like a marxist MLK gentile? Then you're cordially invited to their ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT [Warren] Buffet administration. Until you are so sick of it, that you will stop treating your own heritage of freedom as a thing of naught.

Week before last, Michael Savage had a vivid dream that he was crawling on the floor, before the feet of Barack Obama at some press conference. Then Obama, the miraculous black Jesus, offered Michael his hand. To help the populist radio host get up and start walking on his own two feet. Instead of worshipping the false 666 idols of MLK et al.

Jennifer Aniston's prophetic Baltimore, Maryland reality show, HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, is coming out just in time for those naive Christian Republicans who believe that Obama is a friendly bipartisan unifier.

Searching 'Hump Day' images at goo-jelly-dot-cum, I found this very pertinent black&white Jennifer look alike portrait. That even features John Mayer's new short haircut. Apparently, John's still role playing that younger groceries delivery boy in LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE, who can really deliver a bag of goods, at:

X17online snapped her prophetic 'redhead' delivery guy leaving his RED BULL food store, on a run over to Jenny's, at:

Just in time for Hump Day's trillion dollar robbery, a photo has surfaced that reveals today's 666 mark of the beast on the forehead. Left by the REV.11 theives who shall "tread under foot fourty and two months", the more righteous, at:

Turns out Sienna Miller was right all along. The STEALERS' Shittsburg, PA hometown voted for Obama, up there around HERSHEYS chocolate shit coutry. It makes total sense now, that they will play the red CARDINALS in a SUPER BOWL 43 stadium bearing a theiving BUCCANEERS pirate logo; straight out of a Keira Knightley movie.

Obama's red ANIMAL FARM pigs were not kidding when they kept telling George Bush to eat shit for eight years. Now it's time to flush their shit-eat'n grins down the toilet, at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Some big Chicago mob boss was sentenced on [Donald Young] Monday's post for killing a friend who threatened to talk, at:

Monday, January 26, 2009


In the prophetic 666 spirit of Barack Obama's ongoing rising sun role, HUMPDAY won Sundance's special jury award over the weekend. An indie film from Seattle, about some old college buddies getting together to make a gay porno art film. For a temple desolation confirmation of Obama sending George Mitchell to Israel this week on Hump Day, i.e. Wednesday.

At some point last week, the media stopped reporting on the mortar shells still landing in rural southern Israel. Fortunately, yours truly has a better, much higher source, for war time information, when it comes to Israel. The next big "rocket", in the EZE.38 war against Israel, may very well land on this side of the temple.

Mortars sometimes look like erections, when they are set upright for close range political purposes. Like in this photo featuring the nut sacks of foolish politicians, in the background, at:

Jerusalem's current temple desecration by an Islamic symbol, is a prophecy that Daniel's latter-day desolation of abomination will be fulfilled by a figure with Islamic roots. Who now stands in a scared place where he "ought not" be. The above gold gentile dome represents the Greek Capitol dome themes in Washington, DC, at:

We'll see if the impeachment this week of Gov Blago gets him off his loonie Gandhi and Mandela defense. And motivates him to get real, and tell America what he knows about Obama's involvement in the murder of his former gay lover, Donald Young.

Hopefully, those two kids didn't die in Chinatown, NY last week for nothing. When an unattended parked van suddenly drove backwards over them on the sidewalk, ever so strangely making a perfectly aimed turn into them. In confirmation of THE INVISIBLE MAN at the wheel of his "nervous Chinatown media" shouting people post. Those who helped put Obama into office are guilty of child abuse. Especially after his federally funded abortion ruling.

This is why that 6 year-old kid died last week from flying shrapnel at a Big Foot show in the Tacoma Dome.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: They found Allison's 7k diamond wedding ring in the shitter, week before last. Representing the 7 mountains [DNC Colorado Rockies] beast in REV.17 etc. at:

NOTE: Sienna is playing a hilarious Jennifer Aniston in her movie star role for INTERVIEW; starting with her dirty raspberry martini. Her real fiance is named 'Ray'.

NOTE: A couple weeks ago at THE CHECKOUT, these two hot babes bought two BEN&JERRY "banana split" pints. The next day, I picked up two of them for icecream lover Granny Grass. She didn't want them, so they sat in the freezer. I finally pried open the lid on one Saturday night, right when GG shouted from upstairs, "Can you set my alarm clock for 7:30?" While doing that, she yelled "It's snowing out!" The next day I couldn't believe it, STARBUCKS was actually selling bananas at their checkout for .90 cents each. It was freezing outside, so I was very suprised to see a fly on STARBUCK's rear window. Haven't seen any there for months.

Somehow this all reminded me that Neve was inspired to marry her INVESTIGATING SEX costar, John Light, inside that little ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW church in Malibu. Which reportedly burned down later in a windy wildfire. Confirming the light explosion inside that Malibu beach house in KISS ME DEADLY. Walking up Sunday afternoon, a little red car, all covered with snow, and bearing '...TQQ' plates, passed me at the APPLEBEES/TARGET corner. The banana split was really pretty good, at:

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The massive and expanding recall of peanut butter is a timely analgaysexual omen from God. That the illegal inauguration of the usurper Barack Obama will be recalled; one way or the other. In recent months, many [D&C 133] prophets among the lost tribes of Israel have received revelations that race riots are about to start.

The nervous Chinatown media can shout "President Obama... President Obama..." all they want. Helen Hunt's DOMINO bounty hunters are still on the way, with a very bad case of brown IBS, at:

Yesterday morning, I dreamed that two plumbers [of Judah and Ephraim] finished reparing the toilet in our Seattle house at 5717 16th NE. One of them asked me to give it a try, and make sure the unit works again, before paying their bill. I said "My mother is going to pay for it..." so I'll let her do the test run.

Reportedly, most of the symbolically infected peanut butter feces material is coming from MLK's southern state of Georgia. Where Jimmy Carter operates his own peanut butter farm. That turns out such shitty books as the one he just advertised in the NYT this week. Confirmed by the fact that Obama called the terrorist Abbas before he called civilized Israel. You can thank a lot of Jewish assholes like Steven Speilberg and George Soros for such an abomination of desolation in the temple.

Meanwhile, the mortars and rockets keep coming 24/7, in the war at:

Thankfully, the REV.13 jack boot oppression of the more righteous, during the era of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, will be allowed to last only 42 months. Usually, these latter-day chronologies unfold in the specific form of interconnecting layers. Which patiently and gracefully reveal the truth, 'line upon line, precept upon precept...'

For example, the Rev. David Manning's 1260 days revelation ends exactly with the first wave of 42 months tyranny; started by the Democratic Party's 2006 return to 666 power in Congress. All of it will wrap up after Daniel's 'time, [2]times, and the dividing of time' period; i.e. three periods and a half of the 1260 days time period. Then the REV.12 accuser and his magog armies will go to war against the saints in full revenge mode; which is already starting up. [See the Arab-Obama-gentile revenge declaration in THE FAT SPY prophecy.]

The latest MARK 13:14 omen for Judea happened in NYC. At the same time the abomination of desolation photos were all over the front page of Wednesday's NYT, etc. And the same day the star of VALKYRIE was replayed on Letterman. The Mount Sinai Moses sign is at:

Much of what Obama says is actullay quite inspired. Like the prophetic words that he first misspoke when taking the oath of office outside Tuesday:

"I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear that I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully,"

Damn straight he will. The entire place needs to be flushed down the toilet. Him first. The lying sack of shit.

Back in the 90s, the Lord told one of his lost tribes prophets that "Where there's shit there's flies."

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The 1960s LOST IN SPACE robot actor, Bob May, died at 69 the day the ineligible foreign born alien homosexual crack smoker Barack Obama hopped on his unAmerican AMTRAK train in black 6771 Philadelphia.

You think that's weird? In Israel, the Jews even stopped their war against the Islamic Devil himself for a few days. So their natural born USA nemesis, who has never once offered them his full support in the heat of battle, can have a huge fascistic size parade, in Washinton, DC.

Meanwhile, back on planet earth, Ham/as has launched at least 20 rockets and 8 mortars within the 24 hours period of this MLK Day report; i.e. contrary to NPR government media propaganda, the war continues at:

I heard about that deadly Lincoln County MLK Day pileup of cars and semis on Old Hwy.24, in a "blowing like hell" dust storm outside the DNC's Genoa, Color/ado at STARBUCKS. Due south of a place called Last Chance [Harvey], on Hwy.36 in Washington [DC] County. Walking back later by kinky 666 FEDEX KINKOS copy joint, I witnessed a huge cloud of thick brown dust. That was being created by a parking lot blower; directly across from LARRY'S BRAKES. See the middleast looking desert storm images at:

The above report sources Ester Chubbuck, owner of the famous Babylonian WONDER TOWER attraction in Genoa. Corroborating Larry's whistle blower reports about Obama only getting a chubby when he sucked on Barry's dick and nutsack, while he sucked the crack pipe. Due west of [Kyra] Sedgwick, Colorado is a town named after Bernie Madoff, called Crook.

There was also a spectacular snowy MLK Day pileup like "out of a movie or TV show" on I-70 near Washington Mon State park in northwest Maryland, [Probably a great spot for cruising and snow jobs] involving 35 cars and 5 semis. They think it was caused by a hit-and-run brown van at:

Longtime TWNers may remember that great chubby boner and nutsack icon by freezing cold Park City, Utah on their R/M mapbooks of Judah and Ephraim. Barack Obama's 666 sunrise logo was confirmed by that AIRBUS 320 crash on the opening day of Robert Redford's SUNDANCE Film Festival. And the first ever appearance there by Spike Lee. Redford spends a lot of time at his Manhattan place.

Speaking of the devil, a BNSF train load of sulfur derailed Friday near Columbine High School. [Read bone suck fuck] At least 17 cars DERAILED at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Here's the story about Oprah's own Larry Sinclair reality show at:

NOTE: Look past the pop culture media mania, at places like:

NOTE: There's a walrus penis on display at the WONDER TOWER. For some two-faced Obama context see:

NOTE: Helen Hunt did a two part HBO movie called EMPIRE FALLS during the Bush administration. Over the MLK weekend, a 32 year-old man fell and smashed his head while ice climbing above Helen Hunt Falls at:

It was confirmation of that phony journalist who smashed his head in my Sunday screening of Sienna's INTERVIEW indie film. No wonder I waited so long to see the vey interesting 2007 production. Later in the day, I found some great secondhand red wine glasses with lucky BOEING 777, and "Christmas 1981" etched on the sides. I also picked up an old copy of Sandy's LOVE POTION NO.9 movie about drinking an extract from the fountain of youth.

Check out the usual cast of Hollywood lefties in EMPIRE FALLS at:

NOTE: Here is some Third Way BRAZIL prophecy context for that new evangelist, from Gisele's Saddleback, CA, who is giving the opening prayer at the invalid and illegal inauguration of Obama. Where no.44 plans to lie about upholding today's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY constitution, at:

NOTE: In reference to THE BREAKUP's [Larry Sinclair] alterative rainbow ending in Grant Park, there was a train derailment Sunday in Grant Park, Ill at:,0,6080181.story

Friday, January 16, 2009


While people were getting rescued from that PASSENGER 57 plane crash outside the Letterman theater, on MLK's birthday, the bird like Kyra Segdwick was inside telling David what it was all about. Based on her role in the WB produced show for TNT, called THE CLOSER. Wherein she plays a fraud/murder investigator from MLK's Atlanta, GA, named Johnson, now working in the Obama stronghold of LA.

Looks like her next case will be about the murder of Barry's former lover Donald Young.

Sedgwick would be an extremely qualified expert by now. Since she lost most all of her cash in that Democratic Party con job by the Jewish Madoff backer of Barack Obama. The US AIRWAYS flight was headed for the major banking center of C/harlot/te, NC, en route to Seattle.

Early reports say the A320 was brought down in freezing 20 degree weather near the George Washington Bridge, on the day of George's final farewell speech, by scenes from Hitchcock's EZE.38 invasion prophecy THE BIRDS.

For one thing, the crash of flight 15/49, on MLK's 15th, was a certain KLM airlines confirmation of my Gisele Bundchen dream about her getting all excited and jumping off the Obama train in a black MLK men's shirt.

She tried to fly like some crazy crow, but crashing down instead beside the speeding train, breaking her Tom Brady leg. Before we hit the turtle beach scene in THE FAT SPY. This was all confirmed by the flight attendant who broke her own leg in the Hudson River crash. On the same day ACCESS HOLLYWOOD played a clip of Kate Hudson getting all excited about the Obama inauguration.

The fact that nobody died was an amazing grace sign of hope, for people like the righteous black flock at Rev. David Manning's church in Harlem. Basically, his 1260 days revelation is about the latter-day concept of, 'One man's plane crash is another man's flight to heaven.'

Somewhere around the first act of THE FAT SPY, we see a mosquito duster plane in the background; not likely a paid-for prop by the no budget production. It's costar Jayne Mansfield died shortly thereafter, in her crushed ELECTRA 225, when a slow mosquito [bloodsucker] fogger rig caused the truck in front of them to almost stop on day 1290's Mississippi Hwy.90.

They held her funeral on day 1260's July 3rd in Pen XXX Argyl, Penn, located outside Bangor.

Rush Limbaugh recently stated that the "Barack Obama bus is headed off a cliff." Being the aviation buff that he is, Rush really meant to say 'AIRBUS' 320.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Drew Barrymore was probably going for Marilyn Monroe at the 66th GLOBES. But I found out Tuesday that the Divine inspiration for her "six months" old 211 tongue stud came from 1966's Jayne Mansfield beach party [Charlie's Angels] spy movie about the upcoming physical transfiguration, entitled THE FAT SPY, at:

I found the "Top 50 worst films ever." rated movie for 2.99 at THE CHECKOUT store Tuesday. When I reached in back of their old DVDs selection for a James Bond movie. Which I had hidden behind there the other day, for later pickup; but pulled this one out instead, to my great surprise.

It's about a cosmetics and fragrance company that is looking to bottle and market an extract from the fountain of youth on a remote island; located off shore from Rush Limbaugh's waterfront estate. But first they must foil the competing 666 plans of a typical 1960s wild teenagers for Obama beach party.

Fortunately, the cheap public domain DVD is divided into only five sections in the 'scene selection' menu. By selecting the middle beach party "turtle dance" scene, you will see a brilliant prophecy about my prophetic mama turtles dream with Gisele Bundchen.

The sequence features yours truly doing the slow turtle dance with Annalynne McCord, a transfigured Nicole Kidman, and a brunet Liz Hurley, modeling her latest BEACH line. While my hot blonde fiancee spy reports it all back to her father George's CEO headquarters, from a distance, by radio:

"He's a hero daddy!.. At last they've accepted him!"

The good parts end with Teri Rutherford getting some youthful tips from her inner psychic mirror lady, about her future condition; i.e. her secret African Rhino born discovery of the physical transfiguration. That will happen when Sienna's two black&white zebra roses of Barack Obama are eaten in the Garden of Eden.

And Gisele plays a young Sandy [beach] Bullock, who sings:

"I'm glad you're a man... " who is not weak, and too affraid "to speak up" about what is happening these days, on the MLK campus of FINK UNIVERSITY, etc. at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Speaking of back stabbing finks: Obama met Tuesday evening with all those Jewish neocons. That's why the half Jewish and half conservative George Bush gave his farewell speech on the same day that BLACK HAWK Nat Guard chopper crashed in College Town, Texas. The gutless Republican Party of John McCain, et all, that's too affraid to speak up about the abomination of desolation, is done. Stick a fork in it.

NOTE: Check out this new excerpt from Larry Sinclair's book at:

NOTE: I had a dream about Jessica Simpson the other night. I wont go into any details. But the whole thing was confirmed later, when I discovered that Granny Grass had stuffed three small packets of "BIG & SOFT" chocolate chip cookies into a cup full of coins, like at:

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It was Obama's latter-day "pineapple express" weather pattern from Hawaii that flooded his lefty northwest stronghold last week. Crazy for Obama, Jennifer Garner, had her baby right when it arrived, for a muddy flood sign about the pregnant woman with child in REV.12; except she had a girl. A transsexual Jesus sign, if you will. Her fabulously loonie pre-Obama Hawaiian princess pictorial in 2004 was a half black, half white, zebrahead mulatto prophecy at:

Note this fine "fucking A man" spy shot that's on the same 404 page spiritually with the 44th president, at:

This is a take of Israel's royal Hawaiian princess standing next to Ed's 60s EL CAMINO. Which is coming after those who worship the 666 beast in DOMINO, at:

The true meaning of her photo shoot in Obama's Hawaii was meant to come out during MARLEY AND ME's postings about Jenny's "alias" dream girl song in Jenny's LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE. According to her prophetic Granny Grass portrait with steel 211 watch time at:

The 2004 INSTYLE cover has Jenny wearing a prophetic necklace made out of REV.13:1 bullets. For the war in Judea, and for the civil war in the New Jerusalem, etc. when we see the abomination of desolation, at:

The number '24' is symbolic of leadership, etc. May is the official 666 month of socialism. In this case, reformed and streamlined socialism, which is fascism, a.k.a. the Third Way.

A chopper crashed in the snow outside SLC, UT last week, near Rt.111. According to recent revelations in the 2BC, most of the Lord's LDS leadership are Branch Davidians.

This is the same branch caught under that British JAGUAR in 1955's GSR/TWN prophecy, KISS ME DEADLY. [President Hinkley went on his mission to England.] In the classic black&white film noir movie, my divorce figure 'Dick' finds a mysterious box, that is so full of bright D&C 85 light, that all the worldly doctors of religion and theology, and pop culture, die while trying to keep a lid on it.

Finally the Book of Mormon style box explodes inside Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox's Malibu beach house. Where they filmed LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE. This is when the picture's prophetic Anne Heche look alike blonde got her Lindsay Lohan lesbian killed off. By the powerful light that finally broke out with a bang.

George Albert Smith said that the Greek president war would start during a holiday, before the Greek's inauguration day. The MARK 13:14 war in Judea started during Hanukkha. When the Jews remember their historic defeat of their Greek oppressors. Who had caused an abomination of desolation in the Jerusalem temple.

Friday afternoon, I found a perfectly wrapped, thawed out, spicy chicken thigh-meat burrito. That had fallen out of someone's cart in ALBERTSON's parking lot. So I enjoyed it later, next to KFC, with a 211 and some tasty Rt.111 orchard country avocado chips. And read the next day that Courteney and Jenny went out for some Tex Mex Friday evening, at:

During last Thanksgiving's traditional apre-dinner siesta, I had a flash vision of Sienna Miller at 7:27 pm. Wherein she flashed me the two-finger sign and said; "Let's eat'em sore!.. Two of them!" The next night at 3:22 am, I was awaken by the freaked out voice of Vince Vaughn, who asked "What the hell is happening?"

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Obama's 111th shining sunrise Congress began Tuesday. Defining for us the Palm Springs Film Festival's big awards gala Tuesday night, off North Sunrise Way. Located at the north end of Obama's Chocolate Mtns Rt.111 signs and wonders surrounding Jennifer Aniston.

The Republicans are being shut out of the process by Sodom's California representative Nancy Pelosi. Speaking of Obama's fascistic Japanese sunrise emblem. Remember, the 666 Kobe, Japan earthquake and the Northridge, CA earthquake hit on the same MLK holiday date, one year apart. [MLK died on 4.4.] And the LA LAKERS' Kobe star went on trial in DNC Colorado, near the Sunlight Ski Area, for raping that chick on a hotel room sofa throne doggie style.

In confirmation of Jenny's official '111' divorce signs, the day of those cluster quakes around Rt.111's Bombay Beach, Conan played a clip of the fight scene from BRIDE WARS at exactly 1:11 am our time Wednesday.

Anne Hathaway was honored in Rt.111 Palm Springs for her work in RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. So was Dustin Hoffman for LAST CHANCE HARVEY. Sean Penn was recognized for [Harvey] MILK. All of which were a sure sign that DOMINO Harvey's bounty hunters are coming.

George Albert Smith's vision was probably a visual metaphorical manifestation, not a specific spoken word revelation. Therefore, the "Greek" president Obama was most likely portrayed in Greek robes, or in a Greek setting, or some such thing. Like those Greek temple pilars and statues in the Greek patio at Greek Jennifer Aniston's 211 Lookout Mt Drive house in LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE.

Obama's prophetic gentile Greek figure would also connect with Greece's historic culture of homosexuality. And alludes to the reported homosexual history of GREASE's co-star John Travolta.

The hookers' Whitehouse DNC donkey [ass] in Howard Stern's inspired PRIVATE PARTS movie was a Barack Obama prophecy. Donkeys and mules are the halfbreed [mulatto] offspring of the iconic REV.17 horse species. Therefore, IRS issued welfare checks to non tax payers are tax cuts. Massive pork spending on a historic scale, in a time of crushing debt, is the path to eliminate earmark pork spending, and produce sound economic prosperity. Bipartisanship means one party rule, etc. Never forget, the basic goal of all fascistic political movements is unity. They usually rise up in times of crisis. They are most always paganistic Greek in spirit. Much like the apostate pagan christianity of Obama's homosexual minister at their Unity church in Chicago.

Smith got the impression that America was appeasing a more powerful Russia in his vision. Keep in mind that Obama had an appeasement take on the recent Russian invasion of Georgia. And he fundamentally supports appeasing Russia's Iranian front in the middleast. Plus, Russia does have much more powerful nukes than the USA. There is also much appeasement talk in European camps regarding NATO's missile shield plans. It's very easy to misunderstand all the symbolisms in a Divine vision; meant to take place decades later, among complex future situations, involving unknown technologies, etc..

The Greek 'ZOO' frat house in DOMINO represents the 666 beast. Most of these college age kids voted for Obama. Zoos are usually full of exotic beasts from Africa.

Officially, the 111th Congress was actually opened last Saturday. When all those Rt.111 earthquakes started happening in Obama's native Indonesia.

"AND there shall come forth a [tree] rod out of the [tree] stem of Jesse, and a [tree] Branch shall grow out of his [genealogy tree] roots:"

[ISAIAH 11:1]

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, January 5, 2009


Several very large earthquakes struck in Barack Obama's native Indonesia Saturday, USA time, where he was a school boy who held full Indonesian citizenship. It was the same day he arrived in Washington, DC, to enrole his two kids in school. This is the REV.16 earthquake, of the two witnesses era, that will divide DIE HARD America into three parts. That has already started dividing America into three parts, starting from the 11.4 media snowjob election earthquake.

The sudden breakout of trouble in Judea is confirmation of the abomination of desolation prophecy in MARK 13:14. Judah stabbed America in the back with their support for Obama. Now comes the great, long awaited, latter-day object lesson by Jesus.

LDS president George Albert Smith received a vision after WWII, wherein he was informed that America's first ever non Israelitish president would be elected. But a great war would start before he was sworn into office.

"the President at that time would be of Greek extraction. Until then all the presidents would be of British or Northern European ancestry"

Greek is a Helenistic gentile theme in the scriptures.

President Albert Smith was born on 4.4 and died on 4.4, for a future 44th president sign. See the presently 4:42 stamped background info at:

The landmark of Lookout is located around California's 42 latitude 96104 zip code. New Year Lake is on the Nevada side. The Hwy.81 area's dry lakes are for Sienna's dry lake love scenes with her co-star at the end of LOST HIGHWAY.

On your R/M mapbook of Judah and Ephraim, look for Massacre Lake, Fort Bidwell Indian Res, and the Whitehorse prophecy landmark called Whitehorse Flat Res. Not to mention; REV.17's Cow Head Lake, Pit River, DOMINO's Warner [Bros.] Mtns and Davis Creek production credit. And my own 5750' Blue Mtn landmark confirmation of DOMINO's shitty GSR/TWN Mapquest reference in the "fuckinjg 90210" zip code scene.

The tragic death of Travolta's special needs son 'Jett', on a paradise island, signaled the coming end of Obama's transsexual Sodom and Egypt, supported by the black REV.13 gentiles at JET magazine, etc. The Moses like Egyptian son death sign, was about the 2BC revelation that explains, in some detail, how autism, etc. is the result of poor diet. Especially when there is no correctly grown wheat, from 7th-year rested soils, on our plates.

In Elvis' last crappy movie, LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE, out in 68, he played a character named 'Greg'. Who meets a crazy Jennifer Aniston look alike at her beach house in Malibu. The confused looker has at least four lovers, including a former husband, who may, or may not, be out of her life yet. Plus she has a big dog with garlic breath. [These would represent Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, her Britt model, and John Mayer.]

Elvis ends up staying in her doggie guest room with his $104,000,000 pipe. Where he has a vivid dream while sleeping on her Branch Davidian print sofa-bed; about going home to his four dancing wives, as he sings, "I walk alone... I can hear... voices... If she's not real..." then he's lost his mind.

Later he's homeless, jobless, and Jenny moves him to a posh house in the hills at '211 Lookout Mtn Dr.' Complete with EZE.47 water springs on the south side of the temple stonewall. Which resembles her white high concept place on Bluejay, with that baptism font in back, facing south I believe.

Oddly enough. Greg eventually gets a couple future photo blog gigs by simply telling everyone that he's "here with the truth". His first photo shoot portrays some hot PLAYBOY babe in a prophetic Neve Campbell snow blizzard.

Elvis' 1968 movie was based on the novel, KISS MY FIRM BUT PLIANT LIPS, by it's co-screenwriter Dan Greenburg.

You can find the crazy movie's 6-wives plural marriage poster, displaying a future computer mouse 'click' blog reference, and camera zoom lens, at:

Yours, Greg

Friday, January 2, 2009


On New Year's Day, we all enjoyed some grilled exwife prime rib of Adam with family members. Served with one of those huge Idaho potatoes mentioned by my sad widower in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Later, I took an apre-dinner siesta, whereupon I experienced an extremely vivid, almost 3-D dream.

I was inside that cheap dark Portuguese motel at the end of THE PASSENGER, looking outside at myself in the bright and sunny town square. An older 70s 280z and a 4x4 were parked outside.

Suddenly I was a passenger riding in the small town's square inside the 4x4. That was expertly maneuvering around various obstacles, like trucks, etc. even though no one was at the wheel. Then I woke up and realized that yours truly, the invisible man, was doing the driving.

My dream about THE INVISISBLE MAN was almost immediately confirmed, when I started writing this posting, and a very surprised Granny Grass informed me that it was snowing hard outside "and sticking".

Shortly before my powerful 3-D dream, at 7:09 pm a sexy female voice shook me awake with the soft words "Congratulations... It's a 96104 zoom." So later, I googled the 96104 zip code and zoomed in on their Suprise Valley map, along Sienna's Hwy.81 and my own 299, etc, finding the remote California area loaded with landmarks like; Washington St, Bonner St, Lincoln St. etc. One thing always leads to another, for those who have faith.

I don't know why I never saw the Coen brothers' KKK comedy back in 2000, entitled O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? Especially after their amazing GSR/TWN bio cult pic THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Judging by the 2000 Cannes festival release date, their inspired pre Obama prophecy must have been produced and filmed in 1999. Possibly during November, when Larry and Barry were getting together in limos and Gurnee, Ill hotels for some hot coked out stranger sex.

The DANIEL day 1290 Mississippi movie opens with a great musical tribute to the Obama convention in Denver, Colorado. That goes on about the DNC's homogaysexual, "Big rock candy mountains..." pyramid culture of Sodom and Egypt. Including the now classic "You are my sunshine..." campaign logo theme song.

One of the film's highlights is my 'Big Dan' Bible salesman figure. Who is planning to prosper quite well during our current economic depression. He breaks off a thick rod of Jesse from the genealogy tree of Jesus, and clubs the shit out big time Obama supporter George Clooney, and his froggie friend too.

When the huge hangman crane inauguration party goes bad, that was celebrating their secret society victory by today's CHINATOWN, Chicago media machine, the phony reform candidate blames it all on certain 'mulatto' cons.

Yours, GSR/TWN

I like those DOMINO'S pizza icons on Keira's no.4 jacket at: