Sunday, June 30, 2013


What a shocker! Turns out that the well known homosexual butt fucker from Chicago has been buggering the EU. B.F.D. ~ ~ That's like claiming that Obama's confirmed birth certificate forgery is breaking news or something. When all that the phony baloney, plastic banana, good time rock and roll, mainstream media ever had to do was make a few quick clicks at E-VERIFY. ~ ~ But it gets worse. Now FOX is reporting with a straight ass christian face that some 84 year-old lesbian in NY had lost thousands because her fake marriage certificate "wife" did not have full-on IRS status recognition. ~ ~ I don't know about you, but I'm feeling really 22 right now, like at: ~ ~ Think the angel Moroni blowing on his wake-up horn of warning on top of all those RLDS temples that are now being desecrated by the sons of Ham. Including today's original White House masonic temple mansion depicted in the AMERICAN GANGSTER prophecy. ~ ~ No wonder that Mormon missionaries are such a hot item right now, like at: ~ ~ Most latter-day saint artists depict Moroni with long hair, and looking rather physically transfigured, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LOVE BUG NOTES: The news about the USA buggering the EU came out of the closet on the same day that all those homogaysexual parades across 666 America were fulfilling the prophetic word of God in REV.9.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Forget about all those filthy rich red-capitalist Hollywood high society Jew nigger homos getting together every year in Sun Valley, Idaho, and or Switzerland. In the MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO prophecy, all the hot lesbo three-way action goes down across the border from [Ellen] Page, Arizona, like at: ~ ~ Don't get too cocky boys. You may have discovered my own private G6 airplane hideout that was known as the "Hole in the Wall" in Robert Redford's Sundance ski resort prophecy. But you still do not know the location of my nearby desert oasis spring creek near there that is chuck full of German brown trout. Not to mention the private retreat's beaver dams full of eastern Jewish brook trout. ~ ~ Oh yeah, my little 16ish looking girl in her breakthrough HARD CANDY prophecy really loves to work up a sweat on some secret 4-Corners area hot springs hiking trail for hippie chick nudists; and then get rewarded for her rather hard efforts by yours truly licking off her famous chewy and sweaty Salt Lake City taffy pussy; as she keeps her really sexy R.E.I. boots on, purchaased online from Sumner, Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GOING DOWN IN BEVERLY HILLS NOTES: The DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS prophecy ends in the back ally. Where yours truly sneaks into the back doors of Jewish run Hollywood; no one the wiser. And fucks all of their neo lesbian wives who are starving to know what it is like to be all loved up by a real man. ~ ~ Sandra Bullock's Tudor mansion is located right next door to the Greek columns mansion of the Chinatown dry cleaners hanger mogul in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS. Because in the near future, that married homosexual nigger on the down low, who lives across the street, will get hanged by all those white policemen who were getting so tired of responding to the black and white mulatto dog's false burglar alarms. ~ ~ Yours truly fucks that 19 year-old daughter of Israel in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS, who then tells her daddy that, " was a miracle!" ~ ~ 1986 NOTES: That is my good BYU film school look alike buddy, Ken Kemp, at the end credits of the above 1986 LA prophecy. Who is so poor in spirit that he does not yet realize the coming financial and spiritual desperation of his pending situation. ~ ~ PS MS PAGE: Feeling confused are we? Let me pick you up in my G6, along with some of your bestie girl friends, if that would make you more comfortable. [That's what Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus would do.] And we can all talk it out over a glass of white Pinot with some smoked wild bred 6" rainbow trout, personally caught by me.] Don't worry your little heart honey; I would never try to lay an unwelcome hand on you in a thousand years. Besides, Evangeline Lilly would be making us up the smoked meats and French cheese plates in the back cabin. And if I start to get too Randy or something, she'll take care of that too; since my older wives are always ready to protect my younger wives. ~ ~ LET'S MAKE A DEAL NOTES: Could be that Hanna Montana belongs to David Lynch, the Eagle Scout from Montana. After all, the eraser head babe does look exactly like one of those two teenager hotties who live up the street in his neighborhood in the hills. Hey girls, whatever it takes; you could do a lot worse. Plus, look what it did for the twenty something career of Naomi Watts.

Friday, June 28, 2013


The new freak heat wave in Beverly Hills, California, that is suddenly being created by the sun's invisible flair-ups, is a sign from Jesus, the s-n of g-d, on the opening day of Sandra Bullocks' new half Jew movie called THE HEAT. ~ ~ In Divine confirmation of the BEVERLY HILLS COP heat that is put on the prophetic Barack Obama figure in AMERICAN GANGSTER. ~ ~ Who ends up getting caught by the cops when he exits that great and abominable temple-size church of the Utah whore in Harlem; now run by a pack of fake white priesthood niggers. As he heads out to his black LINCOLN limo that represents the same JFK icon in the original CRASH prophecy; that was filmed in Canada, not California. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ HOMOPHOBIA HYSTERIA NOTES: The Orwellian propaganda term 'homophobia' means fear of homosexuals. In all of my life, I have never met, nor even ever heard of, someone who feared homosexuals so much that he loved to bash them with lead pipes in Seattle's Ravenna Park public bathrooms, etc. The last thing that ever came to my mind was that he was somehow afraid of them.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


If you cannot stomach the idea of watching Isaiah walking around buck naked for three years, then don't go to any of my back-to-the-future art house fuck films for Bible thumpers. ~ ~ Of course I would use a butt double. Just because I do not look a day over 50, it does not mean that I AM is crazy. Per this really nice Renee Zellweger teenager ass with a Thailand beach tan clip, at: ~ ~ Think Dan Aykroyd's TRADING PLACES prophecy about my Chicago sidekick nigger in 1983 meets DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS, 2013, at: ~ ~ Since Siskle and Ebert are now both dead. And therefore there is no one left to protect him; that is after two thirds of the Jews suddenly die in Israel. ~ ~ GSR/TWN


Bett Midler played Jennifer Aniston in the 1980s DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS prophecy; and her son in the movie was played by her current hipster fiancé from THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES meets TWIN PEEKS. ~ ~ No wonder HBO's Jewish mob boss, Tony Soprano, was buried on the same day that the Las Vegas mob voted in the Roman Senate to legalize illegal aliens. Your typical Hollywood Jew boy is nothing, if not a back-stabbing Nazi sympathizer. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: Here is my daughter of Israel in an Asian silk blue number that depicts the two sides of Israel in THE OUTSIDERS, at: ~ ~ Which takes place in the future along Barack Obama's I-44, I-444, and I-244 landmarks in eastern Oklahomo, circa 2013. ~ ~ FIRST ACT NOTES: I'm only finished with the first act in 2007's AMERICAN GANGSTER prophecy about the conservative looking Barack Obama. The ultimate Harlem/Chicago style mob boss on the down low; who doesn't want the cops to see him as having any connection with all the unsavory or illegal things going down in [Denzel] Washington, DC.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Some years before I crash landed in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, a mid 1980s rumor was started by one of Hollywood's most powerful and influential hairdressers that there was a new boy in town. Which almost immediately resulted in a fairly successful rip off comedy called DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS, at: ~ ~ At the time, it really pissed me off. However, now I have come to understand that if I really wanted to become the king of the Jews, I needed to relax and enjoy being some kind of a brilliant insider joke; circa MONSTERS II meets MULHOLLAND DRIVE. ~ ~ And not just because I had refused to suck the guy's cock when I first met him at some trendy Mexican food mall-bar in LA's Palms neighborhood. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: Now you know why I thought that I was such hot shit when I was staying at your retro 70s apartment complex for swingers in the Palms area. The one right next to that private French catholic school where Jodie Foster had become a wanna be lesbian.


The more righteous among us just got fucked in the ass by THE SUPREMES' 1960s act because white people need to step up their game. ~ ~ Ergo, that super handsome PATRIOTS halfbreed who plays tight end got arrested Wednesday on behalf of Barack Obama murdering his gay lover Donald Young. ~ ~ Hey, if you don't tell the truth, I'll tell it for you. ~ ~ This being the traditional homogaysexual rainbow drug pusher icon on the fake Hawaii driver's license ID in SUPERBAD meets SUPERSTAR; that represents all of today's Negro pimps who are on the down low, like at: ~ ~ And the US Supreme Court of Sodom and Egypt doesn't give a shit, because apparently Glenn Beck et al don't really give a shit either. ~ ~ Just because you love the new 666 beast, it does not mean that the new 666 beast will love you back. ~ ~ In other words, you pass some gay ass Christian law that bans Biblical polygamy, you get what you deserve in spades. ~ ~ They don't call Obama my trusty sidekick 6-gun shooter with a super fast draw for nothing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ S&P 500 NOTES: This new Keira Knightley project report came out of the blue on the same day that the S&P 500 did a 3.26 number, at: ~ ~ Looks like one of those classic Hollywood movies where the hot young starlett gets fucked by some 50ish actor. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Ms Montana just told her daddy to "...tell the truth or I'll tell it for you" according to this gossip report at: ~ ~ Oh yeah, as if we already didn't know, Miley's Bible Belt gun toting daddy has more than one wife. ~ ~ Oh my achy breaky heart. ~ ~ In the last days, many people's hearts are going to be broken. Starting with yours truly, circa 1980. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MATCH POINT PROPHECY: Now that the royal courts at Wim/bled/on have opened, one should remember that the Irish killer in Woody Allen's inspired 2006 movie had his grouse hunting shotgun hidden inside of his tennis tote bag. Per the film's scene where Scarlett is standing next to that giant 'ACHE' vagina wall-art piece at that government run London museum. ~ ~ IRS NOTES: It was truthfully revealed on the very first day of the IRS scandal that the IRS reviews all requests, left or right, for tax free exemptions. So today's new liberal media reports about left-wing organizations also getting looked at by the IRS, is nothing but new 666 spin. I.e. the scandal is only about the different attitudes attached to differing points of view. ~ ~ In other words, if you are suspicious of government, the government is suspicious of you. And if you support governmentism, the government goes easy on you, and has a more supportive attitude towards you. Therefore the liberal Jewish applications for niggers are quickly approved. And the conservative applications for white Christian Ephraimites are stonewalled to death. ~ ~ Meanwhile, all those dumb fuck Mormons out in Utah do not know if they are afoot or horseback.

Monday, June 24, 2013


The little asshole in this SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE confirmation probably had it coming. That's not the point, at: ~ ~ Rather, the point is, that little Internet pix shit with a camera would never have gotten into the face of today's Barack Obama style niggers in the first place; if he was not as desperate as my protagonist is in the ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL'S prophecy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE SUPERBAD MOTHERFUCKER NOTES: The movie's fake Hawaii birth certificate ID had a Scotish Highland Drive name on it, called 'McLovin'. Since the royal highlands of Judah are pretty much saturated with the Davidian blood line of Judah. Therefore that burning CAR 54 at the end of the 2006/2007 made movie stood in for the abomination of desolation, named Barack Obama. Who nobody had ever heard of back then. Get it? The car crash on Highland represented Obama's fake car driver's license. Funny how nobody is leaking the Book of Mormon's secret combinations files, at: ~ ~ Think PLAYBOY magazine meets ROLLING STONE magazine. Same difference; six one-half dozen, the other. ~ ~ When SUPERBAD's bad boy named Evan says that Obama's born-again fake Hawaii ID driver's license is "passable" we see a nigger pass by in the background.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Last week, I found THE OUTSIDERS's Bible Belt prophecy about all those James Dean look alike wanna be rebel actors who steal the underaged virgin daughters of all those apostate Christian fathers in Oklahomo, and then fuck their brains out; two at a time. ~ ~ Hey, you neglect your Biblical responsibilities as their Israelite fathers, then somebody else like me gets to be their daddy. ~ ~ At the suddenly really rude second coming of Jesus, many families are going to be torn apart; just like the family of Miley Sire Us. ~ ~ GSR/TWN


Back in 1993, a local Seattle casting agent called me and asked if I could play an airline counter clerk extra in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. But I turned down the offer when she refused to even pay me the standard extra player fee of $150, plus all I could eat at the craft services table. Apparently, the typical liberal Hollywood Jews were paying Tom Hanks so many millions for the gig that there was no money left for the little people. ~ ~ Kind of like that snow globe in ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL'S that represented the Levite temple whore redhead who took the house away from me in 1979. ~ ~ And I did not even see it coming because I was raised in the new RLDS church that was being run by a religious cabal of apostate Branch Davidians. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ STATE MEDIA NOTES: My Putin look alike link was deleted by the same Jewish whores who are trying to protect the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12. So I found another look alike angle of the prophetic look alike white safari hunter at: ~ ~ Here is what happened to those [ten virgins] highlander Swiss Alps mountain climbers in Pakistan, who have been trying to hide Obama's passport records of his trips to Pakistan, at: ~ ~ The fake cops in the above Divine confirmation represent those two cop fakers in SUPERBAD; who knew that Obama's Hawaii ID was fake, but were so bored with their jobs that they just went along with it for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ CASTING THOUGHTS: Back in 1993, Seattle was all abuzz about some 29ish looking actor who suddenly showed up out of the blue at Van Brooks' actors workshop. Who was sure to become the new born again older brother of the late James Dean. So one can understand why they were all so disappointed and personally humiliated when I turned down their crazy school girl crush offers. ~ ~ NEW READERS: Van Brooks' actors lab was located across the street and two blocks south of THE SAILOR DOG spot where they shot that famous spooky "Hello?" scene in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


We see Miley Cyrus' hot 1970s ERASER HEAD figure standing behind Annie in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, across from the room's James Dean standee stand-in, [Who plays yours truly in that new Lindsay Lohan fuck film.] circa 23:50 minutes into it. Later, after my barely legal teenage fuck buddy says that Annie is "Y.O.H." We cut again to the 1993 film's Miley Montana look alike cardboard cut-out. I.e. the film's "H&G" match made in heaven that stands for Hannah and Greg. ~ ~ Because in the Seattle based story, Jonah and Jessica are more young and pure in heart; than say Keira and Carey, so they come first. In order to show them the way to find love that lasts forever. ~ ~ Ergo, Sam's first wife looked like my own first Deja vue French wife; who needed to die and become born again before she could ever understand the deference between eternal life, and say, Social Security or government health care. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1980s LINK: ~ ~ MORE W.T.D. NOTES: ~ ~ PUTIN LINK: Zimmerman looks like an overweight Putin at: ~ ~ Which is because the Russian born white safari R.I.N.O. big-game hunter also hates niggers, who lie, cheat, and steal.

Friday, June 21, 2013


"Where's Greg?" is probably the most mighty line in the SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE prophecy, which begins in Chicago. ~ ~ Think FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF meets SHE'S HAVING A BABY, while listening to the two witnesses' talk radio matchmaker show of Judah and Ephraim, at: ~ ~ Because most young women need to get knocked-up before they can finally realize that they no longer need the expensive boyfriend husband. ~ ~ Ergo, Barack Obama et al are about to wipe them out financially, if they do not quickly divorce themselves from the new and improved and much cooler 666 beast in REV.13. ~ ~ Lynn Shelton is the new Nora Ephron and all that. Only not so hung up on Hollywood. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FILMMAKER NOTES: Here is the Divine inspiration behind that black and white Mormon missionary man FFer who suddenly shows up with a shotgun pistol and starts shooting at the homos in ONE NIGHT AT McCOOLS, at: ~ ~ RUMOR HAS IT NOTES: The inspiration behind Jennifer Aniston purchasing a high concept Branch Davidian compound up in the hills, that has a wine vineyard, was that wine country vineyard G6 private jet scenario in RUMOR HAS IT... CHARACTER BACKGROUND NOTES: Here is the mind behind the new illegal alien bill designed to get Barack Obama et al off the hook, at: ~ ~ Here is the reason why that is not going to happen, at:

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Mr ROLLING STONE could not stop his new MERCEDES on Highlander in Hollywood in confirmation of the historic "highland shift" in the German language; whereupon the old German language suddenly became 40% phonetic Hebrew shortly after the fall of Jerusalem. ~ ~ Ergo, that Orthodox Jew in the LA WEEKLY video immediately ran out of his House of Israel and tried to put the flames out with his pathetically small garden hose. ~ ~ Then like 10,000 left-wing maniacs, who regularly read ROLLING STONE, hit the looney toon Internet blogs with their own private CIA conspiracy theories. That made your typical birther look like one of those moderate Rebublicans in congress who actually still believe that Barack Obama was actually born and raised in Chicago. ~ ~ Therefore, that 33 year-old phony Hollywood liberal who was still stonewalling the biggest scandal in the history of America, after all these years, got the same kind of day 1290 treatment that the Jews are now going to get, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE SUPERBAD BOY NOTES: Michael Hastings died in a blaze of glory on the same date in Barack Obama's obviously fake ID from Hawaii in the SUPERBAD liquor store prophecy, circa 2008 meets 2013. ~ ~ ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL'S NOTES: Right after Randy sees that Black Panther Afro forerunner to Barack Obama on his cheep motel room tv, he changes the channel and sees two black&white mulatto homos going at it. Then he sees that toll-free psycho sign reference that was confirmed by Mr Hasting's 52 PICKUP style car explosion. Which was the big 1980s buildup to the film's DEATH TRAP shootout that kills off all THE VILLAGE PEOPLE who voted for the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


ROLLING STONE's Michael Hastings just died in a very strange urban car crash; in confirmation of the iconic magazine being located at street number 1290 in NYC. ~ ~ That was immediately confirmed by me finding THE LINCOLN LAWYER at PISTOL ANNIE'S Wednesday afternoon; see: ~ ~ Since that JFK assassination car in the above prophecy represented my sidekick hit man's LINCOLN [Illinois] car in ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL'S. ~ ~ Barack Obama is nothing if he is not God's surprise hit man with the COOL HAND LUKE touch. Note the dark skin protagonist in the born again New Deal 666 era movie poster art, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TIGHT END NOTES: It's looking more and more like Boston's tight end pass receiver for the new 666 patriots of Sodom and Egypt is going to need THE LINCOLN LAWER this time around, to get him off. ~ LA STORY NOTES: Hastings died in LA in confirmation of O.J. being found not guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole, and her Jewish lover. Just like Obama is so obviously guilty of defrauding America with his fake born in Hawaii ID. And all those 1964 Civil Rights Act butt fucking niggers on conservative talk radio are looking the other way and giving him a free pass. ~ ~ THIS JUST IN: HBO's iconic Chicago mob boss, via NJ, just died in Italy, from a John Hughes style heart attack on the sidewalks of NYC, while visiting his sister there, go figure at: ~ ~ BIRD-LADY NOTES: Virtually all of today's major film critics still believe that COOL HAND LUKE was about the loner with emotional hang-ups.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Princess Taylor sings about being sleepless [in Seattle] in her recent 3-way video code-named "swing two" at: ~ ~ They don't call it underground filmmaking for nothing, like at: ~ ~ Which is why Billy Crystal showed up on Leno Monday draped in a deep blue blanket; to promote his new iconic one-eyed-monster GSR/TWN movie prequel allegory. Co-starring the star of KING RALPH meets WHEN HARRY [Potter] MET SALLY in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. ~ ~ Continuing my train of thoughts therefore, the new illegal alien 666 Feds raided a chain of 7-11s on the east coast that represented my SUPERBAD boy sidekick buying a REDBULL at the start of the movie's fake Barack Obama ID prophecy. In other words, if you want to come into the country illegally, you are going to have to show the man from South Chicago some respect. ~ ~ Same thing goes for my sidekick Jesus superstar figures. You make fun of the rod of Jesse in public, he destroys and humiliates you in front of everybody on national and international tv, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ROCK STAR NOTES: Here is Miley Montana sporting her Montana winter wheat harvest hairdo at: ~ ~ PRETTY PINK PUSSY NOTES: As if I don't already have enough DVD player movie notes on my mind. I found ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL'S at PISTOL ANNIE'S yesterday. Which was about me playing some sneaky older half-Jewish Tommy Bahama dude; who surprisingly wins the really hot 23ish redhead [bingo I-29] jackpot at the end of the movie, at:'s ~ ~ Notice that my prophetic INVISIBLE MAN face does not appear on the above movie poster. Even though the movie is all about me.

Monday, June 17, 2013


All three of the prophetically inspired singers in THE SUPREMES were apostate Christian Negro women. Who were 1964 Civil Rights Act type back-to-the-future examples of when the time would come that Washington, DC would be a city run by niggers, and their illegal alien leader who was born in Africa. So now you know what happened to Detroit, per: ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by the USA Supremes ruling that you don't have to be a US citizen to vote for a non US citizen president in John McCain's Arizona. That is now being overrun by Barack Obama style illegal aliens showing fake government issued ID. ~ ~ Think RUMOR HAS IT... that the man in today's occupied Casablanca represents the film's Casablanca Night charity ball for high society Republican R.I.N.O.s ~ ~ Yeah yeah yeah, we know; there are no longer enough old money Republicans in California who even matter anymore. But one could never make a romantic comedy in Hollywood without at least a little bit of imaginary 1980s style dramatic structure. ~ ~ Hence, the only screenplays that really interest me right now are about some older paperback romance novelist fucking teenagers on his 55' sailboat out of Seattle, called THE EMERALD CITY. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK ME NOW JESSE! NOTES: Jessus Christ Almighty; Ms Swift just showed up in a British Tudor Playboy mansion outfit in Canada, at: ~ ~ [Please excuse my French Canadian.] ~ ~ Remember, my skinny sidekick's fake Hawaii ID in SUPERBAD was issued on June 18. And the name 'Muhammad' was his preferred second choice. In reference to my marred servant sidekick code-named Seal. ~ ~ SUPERSTAR's foolish little Catholic school girl is holding onto her Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Bible, when suddenly the two witnesses appear at the door with a sign that says "RETARD". Which I saw right after that 15 year-old D&C 86 Catholic school girl named Molly Conley was shot in the neck up in Stevens Lake, Washington. Hey, you lie, you die, and so do your innocent children. ~ ~ In the SUPERSTARBUCKS meets SUPERBAD boy Barack Obama prophecy, a Catholic school cheerleader asks the priest if his bland tasting British sacrament water crackers are non fat. Apparently they are, if you look at this skinny Catholic church shooter's face at: ~ ~ In the new born again Jewish German democratic fascism model, it does not matter how much money you have. [One person, one vote.] Everyone, rich or poor, must worship the new judeo-christian 666 beast in REV.13. "You must all be equal with each other." Adolf Hitler. ~ ~ BORN AGAIN RUMORS: Here is the latest newborn gossip news that confirms, once again, that the weird kid in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL prophecy is still engaged to Jennifer Aniston. Note their matching Jewish hook noses, in these new fabulous EZE.47:1 fountain of life pix, at: ~ ~ INFERIOR RACE NOTES: Heavy Biblical REV.12 rains flooded Negro Feet, Mexico on the same weekend when the Tex Mex SPURS beat the Miami HEAT Big Foot giants in game 5.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


2005's RUMOR HAS IT... prophecy has Ms Aniston and her JT look atype New York lover agreeing to still get married at the end. Gossip about contrived movie endings that just feel a little bit weird. ~ ~ RUMOR HAS IT.. Is my dream about Jen suddenly kissing the 55ish dude in a hotel elevator. The same one who flies around the world in a G6 fucking women in their 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s, and sophomore college coed teenagers. ~ ~ What? You think JT wants to hook up with only one lady, in only one of these age brackets? Get real. The man is no dummy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOTORCYCLE DIARIES NOTES: Here is Cara wearing her trademark TWIN PEAKS motorcycle jacket, at: ~ ~ For Divine confirmation of those 60,000 pounds of apples that just spilled on I-15 in Utah. Where the Twin Peaks of Judah and Ephraim are located directly above Rt.210 in Salt Lick County, Utah. Next to the two Cottonwood Canyons ski areas. ~ ~ FRIDAY HARBOR FUN NOTES: The VICTORIA'S SECRET III-way yacht clipper caught fire on Friday. You got that right. See: ~ ~ Sex with Keira and Chloe at the same time is pretty hot, needless to say. ~ ~ MS MONTANA NOTES: Miley's new ERASER HEAD hairdo is an inspired D&C 86 wheat harvest statement regarding that deformed baby in the film. Who was born by two parents who were eating horse-feed oatmeal for breakfast; instead of some kind of delicious KASHI brand granola with blueberries or strawberries. Just for starters. ~ ~ SUPERSTARBUCKS NOTES: My sidekick with the monkey ears in SUPERSTAR sniffs Neve Campbell's iPAD slate/tablet that is contained inside of a typical protective green iPAD folder-case, according to: ~ ~ UNDERGROUND RADIO CLIP: Listen to this gossip from the Chicago Southside ghetto at:

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Mercer Island's Michael Medved is now ready to take his judeo-christian neo-conservative talk radio listeners on an extended tour to Israel and Greece. In confirmation of his Jewish dominated Lake Washington island residence being formed by g-d in the shape of today's Black-Irish Africa. After the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DAN.12 visits the G8 island of Ireland, and the land where he was born in 1961. ~ ~ Therefore, my interpretation of the Torah is correct. And everything else is mostly religious crapola, times ten. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WAG THE DOG NOW NOTES: And you thought that they would never make the miraculous movie's sequel. Well hell's bells, read 'em and weep, at: ~ ~ Sarah Palin is probably the least controversial person in America right now. Since she always seems to say what the vast majority of Americans are thinking. Which is in direct opposition to the un-Americans who are now occupying the government in the CASABLANCA meets KEY LARGO prophecies. Per: I'm not talking about New York, California, Detroit, and Chicago. ~ ~ TOUR DATES: MM's tour of the Bible land's MARK 13:14 prophecy starts on June 24; and comes to an end on Lindsay Lohan's birthday. True or false, it is already being reported that LL has moved out of the BETTY FORD clinic, located out on Hwy.111. ~ ~ EXTRA NOTES: Sarah Palin said that Allah should sort out the dead in Syria. Finally, some plain spoken and well informed intelligent clarity on the issue. ~ ~ UNDERGROUND FILMMAKER NOTES: Apparently that new R-17 Lynn Shelton film that is now being shot in the Seattle area has Keira Knightley and Chloe Moretz on a sailboat together; probably on location somewhere in the Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands region. ~ ~ Think Jennifer Aniston's PLAN B PRODUCTIONS pays for everything, the next time around.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Mary ends up with my mysterious TWIN PEAKS superstar HARLEY DAVIDIAN rider at the end of 1999's SUPERSTAR prophecy; who has Barack Obama's big monkey ears. A.K.A. Mr Slater, the man with the iPAD slate/tablet, that was miraculously given to him by Jesus Christ on Gisele Bundchen's 7.20 birth date, almost three years ago now. ~ ~ Think Rush Limbaugh giving out free iPADS to his best phone callers who make him look good. You make Jesus look good, He makes you look good too, like if you were around 29 year-olds or so. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GONE BABY GONE NOTES: Here is what happened to Detroit, at: ~ ~ A Harry Potter lightening bolt struck Salt Lake City's town hall clock, freezing the old thing at 4:58; for a Divine physical transfiguration confirmation of the 1980s style BACK TO THE FUTURE physical transfiguration prophecy, circa Ronald Reagan, according to: ~ ~ Why not? My African born sidekick with the big ears has hinted in the past that he is the new born again Ronald Reagan; works for me. ~ ~ BIG WOW! NOTES: AP just discovered that there are polite society Nazis living in the New World's twin cities. Who apparently had become born again with their new fake identity papers after they had escaped Germany, at: ~ ~ Next thing you know, the same naive liberals will be doing a breaking news report about Obama's birth certificate forgery. Talk about back-to-the-future journalism, where the old 666 beast meets the new 666 beast, during AMATEUR HOUR on the Glenn Beck radio show. ~ ~ BOMBSHELL FFER NOTES: That chemical plant explosion off I-10 meets Hwy.61 in Catholic Luisiana happened when I watched SUPERSTAR's prophetic movie about Catholic high school girls who love to get jiggy with Jesus, purr:

Thursday, June 13, 2013


That symbolic residential wildfire outside Black Forest, Colorado, that represents Obama's niggers burning down the new Sodom and Egypt, is happening near Falcon. For a Chicago BLACKHAWKS ice rink thing. ~ ~ Drive directly east on your RAND McNALLY map book of Judah and Ephraim and you come to a small gas station, convenience store, and motel along the remote highway, called Rush. ~ ~ "...BURN IT DOWN BABY!..." Vince Vaughn, in BLACKBALL meets the illogical ending to DO THE RIGHT THING. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


SALT was about my dark skin Hawaiian sidekick Barack Obama dropping the bomb on my enemies. Just as plain and simple as his fake SUPERBAD ID movie scenario; that has been covered up and stonewalled for all these years by the corrupt liberal media and the cowards in conservative talk-radio. ~ ~ You give the false president a free pass out of jail, God looks the other way when the false prophetic sets off some nuke in America; even the new Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ Then you all become born again, Biblically speaking. ~ ~ Never, ever, put your trust in the Devil. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SNOW JOB NOTES: That neo Marxist leaker who is now hiding out somewhere in Red Capitalist China, is named Snowden. For the frozen snow covered grass lawn at the White House in the end of the SALT prophecy. Salt worked at the red corporate RINK front in DC for a hockey ice-rink time-lime. ~ ~ RAIN MAN NOTES: After seeing the inspired pre-GSR/TWN Seattle rain opening to KILL CRUISE, I read that princess Keira is now filming some kind of an indie Sundance Film Festival movie in King County, Washington. ~ ~ ESCAPIST NOTES: Here is Carey making her escape at LAX with the very same backpack that Salt had prepared for when the day would come. ~ ~ In Salt Lick City, Utah, they call it the "72-hours emergency back pack" that you should always have at the ready. For when the day 1290 days would come in MARK 13:14, and you don't even have the time to grab your coat, like at; ~ ~ Hopefully, it won't happen in winter. ~ ~ MORE KILLER NOTES: Towards the end of KILL CRUISE's inspired illogical ending, Queen Elizabeth finds the medicine that would save her sailor dog savior figure inside of the globe that is showing the promised [Prom Dance] land of the Book of Mormon. Ergo, the film's small boat represents those small boats that took the family of Lehi across the sea to the New Jerusalem of Judah and Ephraim. [Think Hawaii too.] Thereby rescuing them from the corrupt tyranny and pending destruction of the old Jerusalem. Where our Lord would be crucified centuries later. After it had been destroyed, and then was born again, as a fake version of the New Jerusalem. ~ ~ JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR NOTES: I probably was not ready when SUPERSTAR came out in 1999, at; ~ ~ But I found a pretty beat-up used copy of it at GOODWILL on Hump Day; so I'll take another look at the thing tonight. Mostly because the physically transfigured DVD artwork features Molly Shannan as a GSR/TWN look alike. And Will Ferrell is role playing Ben Afflect looking at his future wife Jen Garner.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Jesus made it very plain and simple last night that I need to see SALT. So I went over to WAL*MART looking for the thing Tuesday afternoon, and found the thing lying on top of their five bucks close-out bin. [Think looking for a needle in a hay stack.] ~ ~ Then later, I read that the Russians are thinking about giving the 29 year-old 29ish whistle blower political 666 asylum. As a proxy for the Larry Sinclair whistle blower who gave Obama all those blow jobs while he was blowing the Chicago crack pipe in 1999. ~ ~ Then get this. Some older guy from St George, Utah was arrested for technically raping Elizabeth Hurley's girlfriend in KILL CRUISE, at: ~ ~ You got it. I'm talking about WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING meets FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, at:'s_Day_Off ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I SPY NOTES: In this new and improved 666 day and age, who knows were Rosie got the idea to pose for her new pix about my French exwife's green bikini, circa 1974, at: ~ ~ HOT LESBO NOTES: The reason why my Greek Islands MAMMA MIA yacht in MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING prophecy has to be at least a classic 1930s style 91' long sailboat, is because my 1970s love boat for swingers has to be big enough to let my FOR YOUR EYES ONLY meets OCTOPUSSY crew be completely in charge of the entire female named pirate ship. While at the same time allowing me and my honeymooning wives a little bit of private-time space. ~ ~ In other words, I don't want to be fucking a pair of my hot virgin teenager wives up on deck in the bright midday afternoon-delight sun while a couple of greasy looking local guys are watching and listening to us. ~ ~ However, if my entire experienced sea-worthy crew-for-hire is all female, that's not such a problem. ~ ~ Kind of like James Dean making a Porno movie/video at some luxurious shag pad up in the canyons; and insisting that the production crew be all female. Call me gay, but I'm not that gay. ~ ~ NOTHING MATTERS ANYMORE NOTES: When you apostate Christian Mormons in Utah, Texas, and Oklahomo allow a nigger to be in the White House, who is not even a US citizen, everything else is just partisan bullshit. ~ ~ RUSH NOTES: For all these years, Rush Limbaugh has warned you that the Jewish MTV/ACLU crowd was all about nothing but your 19666s phony boloney plastic banana good time rock'n roll freedoms, per: ~ ~ No wonder the pretty smart redhead girl wants the smart conservative Republican kid at the end of PRETTY IN PINK; instead of that immature Jew boy hipster named Duckie.


I watched KILL CRUISE for Queen Elizabeth's 48th birthday. The one about my own private image hanging on the wall above the bed when the British Labor government is still taking advantage of and exploiting Elizabeth Hurley and Patsy Kensit. Yet still, the two stupid Catholic bitches think that I AM is the one who is the sex pervert serial killer, etc. at: ~ ~ Confirmed in the film right after we see my physically transfigured face of God, and then we see my GSR/TWN forehead scar line on the owner of the CLUB CALIFORNIA endowment house located above Malibu. Even THE SAILOR DOG who is going to save them from their oppressive old age problems that relate directly to the old bowler fags who are still running things in the UK. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SAIL BOAT NOTES: Elizabeth Hurley found what is going to save her bikini babe boat from sinking in KILL CRUISE, hiding inside the BLAME IT ON RIO globe of Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. And yet she still wanted to kill off yours truly, and go back to how it was before the advent of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, per: ~ ~ Therefore, all the critics said that the movie was ridiculously illogical. Hence, the lucid dream that Liz' sexy 3-way sister had about her marrying some handsome retarded dark stranger in the future; and then rather quickly getting divorced from him. ~ ~ As just confirmed by these new symbolic same-day pix of Demi Moore and Elizabeth Hurley hooking up with a couple of TARZAN THE APE MAN figures from down under, like at: ~ ~ PS BOB: I am that guy who sat right next to you in the back row, during your own private screening of 1987's PROMISED LAND at Sundance, per: ~ ~ Why don't we make a deal, before it's too late. ~ ~ [Really old guys like Redford and Savage will never become 29ish again in this life-time; more like 39ish. Hey, you take what you can get.] ~ ~ SUPERBAD BOY NOTES: Barack Obama's fake Hawaii ID was issued on June 18 in the SUPERBAD prophecy. ~ ~ POSTER NOTES: Note that the old car in PROMISED LAND's desolate movie poster art has not been restored yet.

Monday, June 10, 2013


In my own private Hawaii prophecy about me marrying a Carey Mulligan look alike, the banging on the walls, etc. represent the kind of powerful sonic boom thumps and bumps sounds that so many screenwriters experience when they are receiving creative inspiration from God. ~ ~ Hence the "...our destiny..." musical lyrics when we get that Carey Mulligan close-up at 28:37 minutes into my DVD copy of the king fucking two pairs of underaged teenage virgin hotties in the GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! meets PRETTY IN PINK prophecy. ~ ~ When you have your own private volcano island in Fiji, and you also own the country's biggest bank, you get to get sucked and fucked by whoever you want on board your own private yacht. No questions asked. ~ ~ Talk about the right to privacy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE BLUE HAWAII BYU NOTES: In the 1961 prophecy, BLUE HAWAII, the King returns from Europe after his two year RLDS mission. Where he found his first tourist copy of the Book of Mormon at the Lamanite Polynesian Center, owned and operated by the Mormons. The REV.17 mother of whores reference in the two prophetic films was from Chinatown, Chicago of course. [Think the 'two thumbs up' of Judah and Ephraim, etc.]

Sunday, June 9, 2013


When you care about privacy, but you still shit all over the US Constitution, who cares about what you think? Certainly not me. ~ ~ The 4th Amendment prohibits your house from being searched without a court order. That's about it. ~ ~ You make a strange middle of the night call to Iran's secret service forces based in Shiraz, my god damn illegal alien butt fucker better have his big brother cock so far stuck up your earpiece that he can hear every word you are saying. ~ ~ Guess what. I hate the false prophet in REV.16 just as much as I hate the new 666 beast that you are so much in love with; etc. etc. ~ ~ You don't care about Obama's fake birth certificate. I don't care about your fake counterfeit copy of the US Constitution. Ya follow? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAKER NOTES: The fake "salamander letter" was a prophecy about Barack Obama's future fake birth certificate that would fool today's naive 1980s Reaganite Republican leadership of the new and improved RLDS church in Utah, per: ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: The King sings about me and my Napolitana lover getting back together again someday in BLUE HAWAII meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES; with the lyrics, "... let's be sweethearts again." ~ ~ AREA CODE 310 NOTES: That GHOST BUSTERS killer had the same part Jewish Christian Lebanese roots as Vince Vaughn. Hence all the LONE RANGER gun belts, etc. ~ ~ Sometime in the very near future, people are going to stop pretending that they believe in the US Constitution; including Michael Medved, Glenn Beck, and Mel Gibson, just for starters.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


BLUE HAWAII came out in the same year that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, Africa, and then he was born again somewhere in Hawaii, technically speaking. ~ ~ Thereby furnishing my one mighty and strong sidekick with the two completely legal birth certificates of Judah and Ephraim, circa 1961. ~ ~ No wonder everyone in the born again 666 media is trying to hide the reality of the lost tribes of Israel, who are about to be born again, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOVIE POSTER NOTES: The pretty in pink artwork for BLUE HAWAII features my 4 wives juxtaposed below my vagina icon long-board. Along with the two West Palm Beach, Florida palm trees of the two witnesses, set in the context of that Messianic palm tree to the far right of them. ~ ~ Love the pretty pink hues in Gisele's latest art film pics, at: ~ ~ Just to kill some time last weekend, I watched 1981's ON GOLDEN POND masterpiece. And actually even I was quite shocked when I saw Henry Fonda reading a day old newspaper sports section and suddenly he exploded with the line, "WHAT HAPPENED TO DETROIT!?... IT'S GONE!!"

Friday, June 7, 2013


Some loser GHOST BUSTERS wanna-be actor showed up at a college library that was possessed by the Devil on Friday and started killing all the demons, left and right. ~ ~ In confirmation of that 5.9 cutting-time earthquake off the shore of Mel Gibson's tax-free off-shore bank in Fuji. ~ ~ Therefore, Jim Carrey had to give me $4,000,000 in order to get out of his way over-priced shag pad money pit up in the hills near Mel's Malibu Beach endowment house of the love guru Lord, according to: ~ ~ Then he moved to the Manhattan neighborhood of today's sodom and Egypt where Gisele Bunchen is also now ready to fork out about the same amount for my prophetic I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS meets BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ figure. Completely off the books of course. ~ ~ Since the best way to beat the new 666 IRS beast is by putting everything into a trust that is now spiritually controlled by the Crown Prince of England. Even the same one who gets the girl at the end in PRETTY IN PINK meets THE CANYONS' pink vagina movie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VOLCANIC ENSAMBLE NOTES: There was an orgasmic 3.7 shaker at northern California's volcanic National Park of the lost tribes of Israel on the same day that I watched PRETTY IN PINK, as reported at:,0,1389064.story ~ ~ PRETTY IN PINK's back door alarm scenario at the record shop is a surprise 'thief in the night' thing, like at: ~ ~ When all of a sudden all those Jews, queers, and niggers, in the White House would get caught for cheating and stealing. ~ ~ I DON'T CARE NOTES: I don't care if the new 666 government reads all of your 666 emails, and listens to all of your 666 cell phone calls, and combs through all of your 666 IRS finances. Since most of you stupid over-educated Christian conservatives think that there is actually no new 666 beast yet; as described in such plain and simple terms in your own apostate Christian Bible that is made up out of a measly 66 books and letters that had survived, by the Grace of God, after Jesus was crucified some 400 years earlier. See: ~ ~ FUNNY OR NOT NOTES: Vince Vaughn's new Gay Area movie is about the new 666 beast.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Mr George, and Mr George Jr, are now curiously on trial for bringing some of their brown-bread bun hookers to NYC from Michael Medved's 1776 Philadelphia talk radio show; oh the irony. ~ ~ Which is why we have the underground pirate radio Howard Stern show. ~ ~ Since the Egyptian George Washington boner icon in DC is a prophecy about the two witnesses appearing in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. That now is the New Jerusalem version of where our Lord Jesus was crucified in the old Jerusalem of the new gay ass Christian Bible. ~ ~ Where anything and everything goes, just as long as you love Jesus. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UNIVERSITY DEGREE NOTES: Here is my idea of a creative political science BA for Emma Watson from BROWN, at: ~ ~ FOX NEWS NOTES: Just because someone has been born again gay, and is a registered Democrat, it does not mean that they are completely hopeless liars, like at: ~ ~ NEW BORN RUMOR HAS IT NOTES: The reason why Jennifer Aniston looks almost exactly like a shorter Greek Gisele Bundchen in the prophetic RUMOR HAS IT movie poster is because my Brazilian supermodel wife is now looking for a lower west side replacement penthouse for me and her, like at:… ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ The nice thing about having 4 pairs of wives is; if one of them sells you out like my first wife did, it's not going to wreck your family life. ~ ~ TEXAS CHAINSAW INVASION OF THE NIGGERS NOTES: That old FDR meets JFK meets MLK JR meets LBJ meets David Letterman farmer fart who was killed by a swarm of Africanized honey bees was my cue to finally see this Vancouver Island, BC thing, at: ~ ~ I gave LaBute a ride from the SLC, Utah airport in my ACCORD, back in the GHOST BUSTERS' Reaganite 80s, for a prophecy about when Jimmy Carter's Oslo Accords would blow up when we see the day 1290 abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Granny Grass' hard line telephone line had been dead for about five days. Then on hump-day, I kid you not, a somewhat overweight Vince Vaughn look alike showed up in our driveway; swinging a pair of double tool belt pistols as low as THE LONG RANGER. And he definitely looked like he was ready to take care of business. ~ ~ Once he took a gander at the house's shitty brown 1970s era HERSHEYS chocolate [Pennsylvania] paint job, and determined what the problem was. ~ ~ That being the wiring was all too old and cracked and had to be completely replaced, free of charge. Which took like 60 minutes. In confirmation of today's old men on the 60 MINUTES show who are too cracked in the head to even mention that Barack Obama is a well known homosexual illegal alien who is using a confirmed stolen Social Security number on his fake Hawaii drivers license ID in SUPERBAD meets THE LOVE GURU. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I found a used copy of THE LOVE GURU Tuesday at GOODWILL. In order to put Keira Knightley's PRIDE&PREJUDICE prophecy into the right context; per all those behind the green door themes in FRIENDS, at: ~ ~ Ergo, THE STANLEY CUP of the northern frozen-ice countries of the lost tribes of the northern Kingdom of Israel, now melting, represents the Holy Grail of Christ, at: ~ ~ Hence, Jessica Alba is half lost tribes Lamanite, and half lost tribes Scandinavian. [Many of whom are half Jewish.] Just like my tall fly-fishing buddy from Alaska. Who inherited 40 acres of prime wilderness along the banks of Alaska's North River. Which has some of the best grayling trout fishing in the world. ~ ~ The color gray being a half and half mixture of white and black. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAKE ID NOTES: The love guru in 2008's pre-Obama THE LOVE GURU movie is actually Barack Obama's phony eastern religion version of Jesus Christ, at: ~ ~ Because the name of Obama's white Jewish mother from Mercer Island, Seattle, Lake Washington, was Stanley. ~ ~ Obviously, my OREO cookie sidekick who was born in Africa is also a Branch Davidian. ~ ~ MORE MAMMA MIA NOTES: Check out Hilary Clinton playing Meryl Streep's figure in MAMMA MIA, at: ~ ~ That's like me dreaming about fucking Barbara Streisand and Jane Fonda at the same time. ~ ~ THE CURE NOTES: Obviously, genuine whole wheat bread buns are the cure for serial killer clown zombies, etc. at:

Monday, June 3, 2013


Miley Sire Us' new WE CAN'T STOP fucking me, and her sisters too at the same time, came out on SUPERBAD's June 3 fake ID date. ~ ~ Oh well, fuck it. Now I guess that I AM is finally going to half to watch that really boring looking Keira Knightley period piece DVD that I bought some time ago at WAL*MART. ~ ~ Think the costar of DOMINO gets married to a Mormon missionary man, and after she gets so bored with the bland missionary position sex with him at BYU, Hawaii, she's ready for her sexually mature close up. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTES FOR GROWNUPS WHO UNDERSTAND ADULT FILMS: Last week, I dreamed that FF6's Michelle Rodriguez told me that her and I are going to be fucking in the near future. But when I replied, "I know..." she became rather upset and said, "That's not the right answer!" In other words, she wanted me to chase after her, and not take her for granted, and make a really really hard effort to entice her; and not take advantage of her. ~ ~ See what she meant by that at: ~ ~ "...OK, alright..." [SNOOP DOG]

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Get over it you old bowler fags. Real men fuck more than one woman at a time. That's how me and my niggers roll in BLACKBALL meets FF6. ~ ~ Fuck, even my SUPERBAD sidekick in today's white Greek frat house in DC is getting sucked and fucked by at least three different men right now. And you don't seem to have a problem with it. Which makes all you tabloid journalists at the DM look pretty gay, like at: ~ ~ Splashing headlines about politicians fucking good looking women is about the same thing as reporting with a straight face that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ ~ In other words, it really doesn't matter anymore, does it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE END IS NEAR NOTES: You won't hear about it on conservative talk radio, and you won't read about it in the liberal media, but it will suddenly happen without any warning, like "...a thief in the night." per:

Saturday, June 1, 2013


The 1990s star of EVITA, once married to Sean Penn, just showed up once again, at: ~ ~ You worship the new and improved changed 666 beast, you finally get it. ~ ~ In terms of public humiliation and scorn. Like in the old days when they used to put the REV.17 MOTHERS OF WHORES on display in the public square. ~ ~ Note to Madonna: It's never a good idea to disobey your [real] husband. Especially if he is the real King of England, based out of London, via the Bahamas, registered in Alaska, and writing checks that are as good as gold on some offshore bank in Fiji; owned by Mel Gibson. ~ ~ Ergo, the spirit of Madonna's black power salute above was just confirmed by Oprah getting sued again for stealing the "OWN YOUR POWER" slogan. ~ ~ That's what the MLK jr. niggers do; they lie, they cheat, and they steal. Desperate people do desperate things. ~ ~ In the upcoming Kingdom of God, nobody is left desperate. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DESPERATE WIVES NOTES: When they finally give me the rights to make, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, THE MOVIE, it's going to be way hotter that any of that SEX AND THE CITY crap. First of all, I'll bring in Elizabeth Hurley and Sandra Bullock, just for starters; probably Sharon Stone and Demi Moore too. Whose way out of control daughters will be played by all of my teenager wives. ~ ~ Basically, we will be turning Sandy's new British Tudor Branch Davidian compound up in the canyons into an unlicensed underground mini studio for feature length XXX Hollywood film productions. ~ ~ Think STAR MAPS meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR meets FRIENDS. ~ ~ Since all of my inspired fuck buddy FRIENDS sitcom reunion movies will probably be shot over at Jen Aniston's new private basement studio. Talk about PLAN B PRODUCTIONS; Jen always did want to get into directing.] ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night I finally re-watched CHICAGO. Wherein Renee Zellweger and Catherin Zeta Jones eventually come to realize that three-ways are way sexier, and last a lot longer, than apostate Christian Mormon homosexual monogamy, like at: ~ ~ The prophetic REV.13 bird man prison movie makes complete sense when you realize that the pre-FDR era 666 prison mama is actually today's Oprah Winfrey. Who is now role playing the film's future transsexual Barack Obama figure from Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. [In the above musical, Oprah-Obama tricks Renee into believing that I AM is the man who is going to set her free.]