Thursday, April 30, 2015


Now that my girlfriend Jennifer Aniston has left her other man, in spirit anyway, I pulled out my lone DVD copy of FRIENDS, season 4, and watched the 3.26 1998 one where Ross falls in love with a woman from London who resembles Keira Knightley. And who suddenly calls him back when he is down on his knees praying beside his bed. ~ ~ That had started out with a reference to the tv remote Bubble Boy from upstate Republican, New York who replaced Jay Leno. ~ ~ Talk about a FRIENDS reunion reality tv movie idea. That has never happened because Chicago's David Swimmer still has serious Jew boy pinko issues. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DARK DREAM NOTE: Last night I dreamed that David Lynch was shooting a movie in Twin Peaks, Washington. When suddenly some German director's film crew/gang showed up and declared that they were taking over the entire cast and crew for his next porno. But instead of calling the police, Lynch just smiled and went along with the foreign guy who seemed to come out of nowhere. ~ ~ PS DAVID: If those squirrely unprincipled Jews at SHOWTIME are still fucking with you; you can always just go ahead and shoot your next feature in Buckley, Washington on some kind of a negative pick up deal. "Name your price man!" [J.Peterman]

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Before there was a hip 1960s San Francisco scene, there was a cool dadyo rider 1950s Baltimore scene; like in CRY BABY and PINK FLAMINGO. ~ ~ Lawlessness begats lawlessness. Especially if all of the teenagers' gay ass christian square parents are ignoring the laws of Israel in the Old Testament. ~ ~ And they're all saying that heaven is a place where noboby gets to fuck. Much less have 100 lover wife girlfriends who like to swing with the best of them. ~ ~ And the negro music folks get a nice piece of the action too; if they behave themselves and stick with the program. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEIGNFELD NOTES: In 1996's episode entitled THE VAN BUREN BOYS, the Clinton foundation gives the scholarship to a little lying con man in the making. Who wants to be a Mussolini style city planner, like at:,_Rome ~ ~ Note the thematic resemblance to the new oval shaped LDS temple city plan located outside of Rome, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Remember, there are always two ways to look at everything when it comes time for the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim to settle all the scores. ~ ~ Note how the above images look just like America. Because the two witnesses in REV.11 will appear in the New Jerusalem, which is very much like the old Jerusalem. Where also our Lord was crucified by a corrupt government that was lead by an illegal alien Greek homosexual usurper. ~ ~ FRIENDS O CLYDE NOTES: Big fucking deal; most major city police departments now have a couple of surplus army armored cars in order to deal with today's out of control niggers. And I could care less if the feds are filing everybody's cell phone bills. ~ ~ Dude, I don't even have cell phone.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


In the 1997 SUMMER OF GEORGE prophecy, George slips on one of my half size GSR/TWN envelopes and takes a hard fall, Brad Pitt style. Then everyone goes for coffee at STARBUCKS. For that 1260 days episode when Susan died from licking on my GSR/TWN ten virgins wedding invitation envelopes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GOOD TO THE LAST DROP NOTES: In the above summer of 2015 SEINFELD episode, the women are wild at heart gorillas and orangutans. Ergo, that homogaysexual demon in the Bishop Bob Larson video is frightened as hell of the woman in REVELATION 17. ~ ~ [MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE is made from those cheap Amazon dot com woman beans seen in my own private BLAME IT ON RIO meets WILD ORCHID movies.] ~ ~ Think EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY, and that's the way I like it, ah huh. ~ ~ STARBUCKS' light summer blends are just a way to sell cheap wholesale price weak-tasting bland enchilada refried beans from Brazil. "'s weak, and nobody's buying it." Paraphrasing Elaine in the very first 1260 days episode of season 8; while she chomps down hard on a big brown Rush Limbaugh cigar from Cuba. ~ ~ NICE HARD COCK NOTES: All of those volcanos, avalanches, earthquakes, and tornados in Texas that started up last week were about the 1966 OUR MAN FLINT prophecy. Wherein according to Clyde Lewis et al, it's all being done by three [666] underground mad scientists in Switzerland who want to take over the world.

Monday, April 27, 2015


The niggers rioted outside of the baseball stadium in Baltimore in confirmation of THE FOUNDATION's opening; wherein George tells Susan, who died on Megan Fox's birthday, that the YANKEES beat the birds in a 4-game sweep clean-up job. Because that violent and out of control nigger who got his stiff neck broken by the white people police represented MLK JR who got shot in the neck by a white deer hunter in Memphis, Egypt, USA. ~ ~ Bottom line, the anti white christian Jew media is going to get the wrong end of the stick on this one; per: ~ ~ According to the invasion of lost Israel prophecy in EZE.38, blackie fucks whitie, whitie wakes up, then whitie makes his big comeback and fucks blackie back. ~ ~ Oh yeah; "This is a gun. It shoots straight. See Harper shoot straight." [HARPER] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1960S LAUGH IN NOTES: ~ ~ Note how the rebellious holy ghost wanna be demon talks back to Bob Larson. Which is significantly different from when the LDS Priesthood does it. Wherein the homogaysexual spirits keep their big mouths shut and come out immediately and leave the room without saying a thing. ~ ~ Also see this high school exorcism video at: ~ ~ Since Bonnie Lake's Bishop Larson is also the Principle of a public school on the more culturally diverse south side of Seattle. Think EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMON, and you get it. ~ ~ You are God damn right, the Mormon church is the only true church in the world by half, relatively speaking. ~ ~ MOP UP NOTES: Mr.Plan B fell down and wounded his head for a born again Nepal Buddhist 7-years X Nazi movie thing in REV.13. ~ ~ You try to stop me, I stop you, and you like it. ~ ~ "Sorry about that wack on the head..." paraphrasing THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ 2015 NOTES: Back in 1996, Cosmo was riding to his Chinatown martial arts class in the backseat of Rene Zellweger's look alike [Mrs.Z] car full of physically transfigured kids, circa April 25, 2015. ~ ~ Less I forget, here is what it is all about today at: ~ ~ And don't let some neocon talk radio Jew fuck try to tell you anything different. ~ ~ BOOGIE NIGHTS NOTES: When yours truly shows up in the third act with some of my future girlfriend stars who look like boys, you will know that I AM will be making all of my feature length movies around San Francisco Bay on video. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: The reason why God gave you that little Senator Reid type tap on the side of your head is because you are still bitching about my ideas about co-starring in my restored vintage 91' sailboat sequel ideas for THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II. ~ ~ I do realize how harsh this all sounds. But dude, both Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart have already signed off on the script, if the money is right, yet not a peep out of you. ~ ~ Probably because your wife won't let you do it. So dump the bitch, and join the living.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


OUT magazine et al have been outing gays during the special era of the two witnesses for a sign from God that all of those homo spirits getting outed at BOB LARSON MINISTRIES is the real thing. ~ ~ Think GHOST BUSTERS meets ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~ ~ Ergo, the current leader of the Mormon church off of 214th in Bonnie Lake, Washington is Bishop Larson. ~ ~ And that is a good thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOXING DAY NOTES: The big boxing match is about this latinoish dude getting knocked out by me fucking Miley and Cara on my tied-up 50 shades of grey sailboat at WOLF MARINA in Seattle, at: ~ ~ Note the navy blue RL POLO top and the 42 months iPAD icon. ~ ~ TGIF NOTES: Mr. Jenny came out officially on a Muslim mosk services Friday for a reason. ~ ~ I mean think about it. You could put all of those depressed and suicidal secular liberal nonobservant Jews who run the three networks and the NYT into one ordinary size conference room. ~ ~ PS SEINFELD: Those boathouse love shacks for rent in LOST BOYS:2 represent my boathouse on Sag Harbor, Long Island; that you failed to provide for me; even on a temporary bridge loan construction/production basis. ~ ~ Guess it's now time to get my movie moneys from Jennifer Aniston's PLAN B front company located in North Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ Don't laugh, even AMAZON's motion picture tv studio head is now living in some million dollar beach shack in Malibu.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hillary Clinton once claimed that she was named after the first man who climbed Mt. Everest. Where that Chicago style mega quake just happened right before high noon. ~ ~ So much for today's warm and fuzzy fascism that is the force behind the Buddhist peace-love-&-harmony politics of actors like Richard Gere and Brad Pitt. ~ ~ During this time when all of the Peterman sons of Israel have become "burnt out" and escaped to their own private Buddhist Burma. ~ ~ And Elain is now thinking like Hillary Clinton thinks in THE FOUNDATION episode. Wherein she declares that all she would need to run the White House is "...a pair of pants, a stupid story..." ~ ~ So later in the 1260 days season in THE SOUL MATE episode, George complains, "...I'm about to become the target of a systematic process of intimidation and manipulation..." at the foundation. ~ ~ While holding a jumbo size yellow Asian man M&M chocolate in his hand that stands for Barack Obama; the president with the bad sounding name. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE STATUE NOTES: Bruce Jen/ner is the complete fulfilment of the Greek homogaysexual Olympics' REV.17 woman idol in THE STATUE episode. Google 'gay demon possession' for a look at some videos about men who are convinced that they are a woman. ~ ~ Give me a brake and have some respect. You know how much I love to fuck chicks who look like dudes, like at: ~ ~ At least I AM is honest and up front about it. And not pretending to be a woman.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Last night I watched the 1260 days era episode from 1996's SEINFELD season entitled THE FOUNDATION. After hearing so much about how the Clinton's white-trailor-trash foundation is your typical third world [African mask] operation for laundering political influence money. ~ ~ Let me sum it up this way; the current White House HBO series actress plays a woman who is not even qualified enough to run the J. PETERMAN company. But she goes ahead anyway and tries to because Cosmo said so. Who at the time was beating up on all of the little people in his [NAPOLEON DYNAMITE] Karate classes for little kids in Preston, Idaho. ~ ~ And then the first thing she does once she gets into office is put that BIG BROWN third world philosophy Mexican 'urban sombraro' on the cover of the catalogue. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN LITTLE INDIANS NOTES: Those foolish ten Republicans who voted for the negro woman named Lynch were a last days of disco ten virgins confirmation. Per that high school stage collapse in Hamilton County on the same day. For example, exactly 5 minutes before I finished watching LOST BOYS:2, there was a 4.2 in Bonner County, Idaho along Rt.2, right outside of Hope. Wherein yours truly role plays the 2007 made move's young lady's killer. ~ ~ ACTOR WORKSHOP NOTES: Yeah yeah, whatever, I know; the best roles for middle aged guys are always supposedly the antagonistic villain. ~ ~ LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE NOTES: My 17ish looking sister in this movie is played by a very young looking Ariana Grande. Who has a crescent moon [Luna Bay] tattoo on her very tasty looking neck, like at:

Thursday, April 23, 2015


5 foolish virgins who were studying 666 nursing in Bulloch County, Georgia died in another 7-car pile on yesterday, GSR/TWN post local time. Because their statism medicine school for socialist thieves and con men was located in Statesboro, due west of Julia Robert's Rt.17 landmark called Egypt. ~ ~ Don't miss the fact that it happen on REVELATION I-16 near Fort [Kristen] Stewart; yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REPETITIOUS ÑOTES: The boiling mad Tea Party water starts to scream when Jerry finally realizes that Will Ferrell et al had stolen his STATUE OF LIBERTY lady. ~ ~ PS HOWARD: The best part of your coffee and cars bit with Gary was that "PEACE, LOVE, AND HARMONY" Tee that your wife forced you to wear for the show. ~ ~ LADDYKILLERS:2 NOTES: The same Sunday I watched it, reports came out about two [BANDIT QUEEN] cruise ships experiencing severe day 1290 cases of irritable bowel syndrome; commonly called 'Montezuma's Revenge'. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: I do hope that you are getting your house in order for when the time comes when my very sexy and sophisticated French exwife comes over and plays your live-in nurse for a year or two. I know I can't wait to fuck your exwife too; the sooner the better. ~ ~ I don't know if you know this, but you were the one who turned me on to the used 1974 GTV ALFA in the first place. When you took me on that 3rd gear ALFA ROMEO dealer test drive along 72nd in Midvale, Utah. And your wife was sitting in the front seat, and me and my wife were sitting in the back 2+2 seat.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


In the 1260 days 1996 made movie called ANOTHER 9&1/2 WEEKS, we learn that Elizabeth Hurley died from a love drug overdose after her last lover fucked her in the ass. As just confirmed by PEOPLE's new cover featuring Sandra Bullock. Who also got fucked in the ass by some stranger who God had hired for that very same purpose. ~ ~ Hello Sean Penn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEINFELD SIGNS: In THE APARTMENT episode, 1991, George asks Jerry, "How does the baldness fit into the plan?" ~ ~ In THE STATUE, Jerry opens the show with a stand up guy type aside for the NYT in 2015; "Have some guts... come out with the truth... just tell people the truth one time." Later, the yellow plastic dish soap bottle represents that clean plate prophecy at that was a stand up joke in THE KING OF COMEDY prophecy about the two witnesses. ~ ~ Note that Will Ferrell shows up at the corner D&C 86 MONKS coffee shop to meet Jerry in a David Letterman jacket from the 1957s. ~ ~ LADYKILLER NOTES: G.H.PHD. jokes about Obama et al blowing the Jewish limousine chauffeur's horn in DANIEL way back before we ever heard anything about Larry Sinclair blowing Barry in the backseat of a limo in north Chicago; during his Christian church gosple choir years. ~ ~ AMBER ALERT NOTES: Darling, sweetheart, I want you to take real good care of " special boy." [Dr.Evil] ~ ~ Oh yeah, that is a disguised Chloe Moretz brunet wig figure who rolls in the breakfast cart in the beginning of 9&1/2 WEEKS. I.e. if my older wives with fake tits don't quite do it for me right now, I can always go to plan B. ~ ~ So what, everyone supposedly gets paid on the back end anyway these days in Hollywood. That's why all of the direct to TV video Internet movie action has moved up to Seattle. Where you can get a few nice big ones in tax free cash up front for your next project; no questions asked. And who gives a flying fuck if the film makes a profit or not. ~ ~ When was the last time that the bald dude in AP:II meets ever showed a profit?.. "It's just all on paper..." [Bill Gates] ~ ~ EXCEPTION TO THE RULE NOTES: Don't expect Miley Cyrus to star in your 27-years-old Janis Joplin biopic plans unless and until you are willing and able to pay her the full six figure amount up front. ~ ~ Something like this only comes along once in a life time, like at: ~ ~ PS HOWARD STERN: I didn't plan it that way, but the first comedians and coffee shop [STARBUCKS] episode that I ever saw the other day was the one about you telling Jerry that it was no fun making TV Internet video movies and shows. ~ ~ Dude, you looked pretty stressed and worn out. Perhaps it's time to take a week or 9 off and go spend some quality time with your much younger hot tall blond wife while scouting out locations in the Seattle area for some kind of a sailboat swingers sex movie about older folks trying to spice up their lagging marriages.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


In the 1991 SEINFELD episode entitled THE STATUE, America's STATUE OF LIBERTY has become a Greek goddess idol that gets smashed in the end; thereby lifting the oppressive weight of Jewish style democratic fascism from off of George's shoulders ~ ~ Which the look alike Will Ferrell says he found in a CHINATOWN pawn shop that was a prelude to me finding the used 1990s SEINFELD series at some pawn shop for guns in Bonnie Lake, Washington, circa 2015. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEER HUNTER NOTES: A rogue christian apostate father of 7 was killer by a deer in Marathon County, Wisconsin last [Joe] Friday. For the county's [Tom] Brokaw NYC landmark located east of Little Chicago. Where the Big Rib River flows down east of Athens and Milan, at: ~ ~ Like it says in the Bible, the Antichrist 666ers will be apostate Christians. And not just the followers of the false prophet and the dragon in the middle east, who deny that Jesus is Lord. And scoff at the idea that I am in fact the long awaited 12 tribes I-man with the 'I' scar on my forehead. ~ ~ HARSH REALITY TV NOTES: Last week I read that Seinfeld was using classic cars in his coffee and comedians series. So I watched one or two of them for the first time last night. [Somehow I always thought that the Internet show was pay-per-view.] ~ ~ Oh, okay, I get it now. There is a Divine reason and plan for my 30ish years obsession with the 1974 ALFA VELOCE. ~ ~ WOW, there is definitely a reason why Jerry is looking like a 57ish Humphrey Bogart these days. Per Kramer's iconic 57 CHEVY sofa in his 5th floor apartment.

Monday, April 20, 2015


That Grand Old Party Republican looking head of FOX, who has a large LADDYKILLERS portrait of MLK JR hanging in his office, and has banned all reporters from talking about Obama's fake birth certificate, is the dying force behind today's newscasts that are about nothing that really matters. ~ ~ See what I mean at: ~ Hence, Jerry jokes in THE APARTMENT episode, 1991, that every year a man from Kenya and a woman from Norway win the NY MARATHON, and there are "20,000 losers". ~ ~ And then in the next week's episode, we see a transfigured Will Ferrell who is married to a Scandinavian socialist theif; him played by a REV.17 woman statue-idol worshiping actor named Michael Conway. ~ ~ Talk about the FRIENDS O CLYDE show that is about nothing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INSIDE BASEBALL NOTES: Seattle's huge grey UFO mother ship landmark, built like a thick concrete WWII bomb shelter, was supposed to last "...a thousand years." [Adolf Hitler] But they blew it up after only 24 years. ~ ~ Think Germany, 1920-1944. ~ ~ The king's station tunnel there being a Providential timeline for the original king's station in London that was featured in the original LADYKILLERS, at: ~ ~ ANTICHRIST NOTES: Obama is not the Antichrist because in 1JOHN 2:18, the Antichrist is a member in good standing of the last days apostate church. And since Obama is not even a christian, he can not be the Antichrist christian who is not even prophecied of in REVELATION or DANIEL, for that matter. ~ ~ I mean, think about it. Could you even imagine an unrepentant homosexual communist like Obama being an active Elder in your church? ~ ~ Ergo, I AM is the one among us who has come to destroy the fake birth certificate church in D&C 86, etc. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the abominable church of the devil people in the BM can't even stand to look me in the eye. Much less even breath a word about me and my true sidekick drinking buddy in public. ~ ~ Think NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN meets THERE WILL BE BLOOD. ~ ~ BASKETBALL MAN NOTES: Note the above episodes' basketball hoop hanging on the wall above the same APPLE computer that I sold to buy me a one-way negro train ticket up to Tacoma in November, 1990. ~ ~ This representing my [long-time-a-coming] big break acting roles in such movies as DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS and SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. And then years later, I make my big comeback in such highly acclaimed films as AN EDUCATION; wherein I play an older man who educates a much younger Carey Mulligan on how to firmly suck on my cock without biting me, like at: ~ ~ CAR NOTES: Call me a crazy jibberish man who sees and hears things that other people do not; but HONDA come out in 2011 with a sporty retro 60s maroon coup that looks like my English sports car in AN EDUCATION. See:

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Nothing tastes better that pan fried 6" trout in hot salt-cured Canadian bacon grease; eating the skin and bones and all together. Then shoving down a couple buckwheat pancakes, smothered in maple syrup, along with some scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I AM is not fucking around here, I mean business. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS RUSSELL CROWE: I do hope that your private estate chapel down under is large enough to be converted and re-dedicated into an endowment house of the Lord. Like that little church is where Daniel and Julia got married in some kind of a desolation of abomination desert ceremony in New Mexico by an Indian medicine man on the Fourth of July. Back when that rattle snake medicine NATURAL BORN KILLERS movie came out in a theater near you. ~ ~ Check out Mel Gibson's private church|temple up in the Malibu hills if you need any ideas about how to make it bigger. ~ ~ Try this on for size. I give you Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts in the horse trade deal, plus Kate Blanchet, etc. etc. You agree to lose 35 lbs and pay me what you owe me. ~ ~ Remember this, whatever makes me happy, will always make you happy. Plus, you get to keep 90% of your before taxes money; not less than even 50%. ~ ~ And the best part is, you get to start looking half your age once you fork over the cash. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Hang in there brother. The jobs, the money, the young women; it's all coming. ~ ~ Whatever I get, you get too, like at: ~ ~ Yeah I know. At least two times in the past ten years I have watched those two [Woody Norris] IN LIKE FLINT movies about swinging mormon polygamists in southern Utah and tried to make them fit in; but nothing happened. Well fuck me Jesus, I'm now feeling like trying it all over again this week. ~ ~ SEE:

Saturday, April 18, 2015


The main reason why God wants the men to have many wives is so they don't become so horny and hard up that they will do anything that is politically or religiously compromising in order to please the REV.17 dominatrix woman who is trying to dominate them. ~ ~ See this new video by the HOOKERS FOR HILLARY pack for example at: ~ ~ Universal health care being one of the first orders of business when the Jewish led socialist workers' unions put Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini into power. ~ ~ Think NPR in Area Code 310 meets KIRO in Area Code 206, and you start to get the talk-radio picture. ~ ~ So now comes the best times that you ever had in your lives; relatively speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BM NOTES: Try reading HELAMAN 5 if you still don't get that whole baptism and repentance thing. I know, "That's harsh." [SHAWN OF THE DEAD] ~ ~ No pain, no gain, yada yada. ~ ~ LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night God told me that Conan O'Brien was a good guy; even if he is that same "bozo" faker who suddenly is gone in LEP 3. Then when I woke up later I saw this new clown riot report at: ~ ~ Oh hell, think OCTOPUSSY meets A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ ~ AM NOTES: I woke up this morning in a dream about me and Scarlett Johansson riding around in South Seattle in the back seat of a long LINCOLN limousine driven by Conan O'Brien. Needless to say, I was pretty startled when she suggested that we get together after "these bozos" drop us off somewhere, anywhere, doesn't matter where right now; at this particular point in time. ~ ~ UNIVERSAL FASCISM NOTES: The reason why the Jewish FRIENDS O CLYDE can't see the Antichrist 666 beast that is right there in front of their noses is because they still believe in Social Security and Medicare; not to mention the apostate religion civil rights act of 1964 meets 1984. ~ ~ [The Vatican in Rome was a soverign church state for exactly 1260 years, etc. As per HANNIBAL:2, and so on.] ~ ~ PS JEN: Don't make me run the extremely embarresing license plate numbers on you at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN in my last three motion picture reviews. ~ ~ I get it. ~ ~ You suck my cock dry. I don't suck your bank accounts dry.

Friday, April 17, 2015


In the 1260 days meets the 70 weeks prophecy entitled ANOTHER 9 & 1/2 WEEKS; I baptise and anoint a naked physically transfigured Julia Roberts at the endowment house retreat located in the countryside outside of Paris. ~ ~ And then I hire her current Danny boy "husband" gigolo to fuck her in the ass in that cheap hotel pensione in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets ROMA; circa 1973. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works. ~ ~ And the best part is, JR's trusty assistant three-way swinger in the above prophetic direct-to-Internet-video movie is a Natalie Portman look alike. Who is actually now living in Paris with some pretend husband; just like Scarlett Johansson was doing until she recently got so sick of the Left Bank experience that she suddenly up and relocated to Malibu, California, or something like that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 9.5 NOTES: The key to understanding the above 1986/1996 sequel full circle completion is the Hannibal Lecter look alike figure who makes and breaks the Julia Roberts actress from the 90s. Ergo that brass key invitation to room 17, which is her official number. ~ ~ MYSTIC PIZZA NOTES: All of those pretentious and cheesy dialogue lines that read, "You still don't get it..." etc. etc. suddenly come to life when one understands that they are about REV.17 and the upcoming transitions at, circa 2015. ~ ~ JERRY SEINFELD NOTES: Little innocent Hudson Ellis died below the bridge in Bonnie Lake for that old times antique photo of Ellis Island on the 1260 days Hudson River in Gary Signfield's NY apartment. Hanging above Jesus' own private line telephone next to that lone wolf howling at a full moon, light years before anyone heard about Mr. Relf in Bonnie Lake, circa 1992. ~ ~ [My surname means 'powerful wolf' in Older English.] ~ ~ For example, I say something is going to happen on 4.16; then that US MAIL package delivery bomber appears in a Washington, DC court wearing his official federal post office jacket. Demanding that the government be in complete control of all election finances; just like in the days of Mussolini and Hitler. Does the name Newman ring a bell? ~ ~ PS MICKEY: I am the one who gave you another [9.5] physically transfigured second chance again when I exposed the light of day on your brilliant performance in DOMINO. When every one of those arrogant rich Jew fuck bubble boys in their early 80s in Hollywood were looking the other way and not paying you what you were worth. ~ ~ So here is the new deal. Not only am I going to restore your good looks in the first 9 & 1/2 WEEKS, but I AM is also going to restore your own private bank account that once had disappeared into the REV.13:1 British Bermuda Triangle. ~ ~ And the best part is, not even Austin Powers can catch me. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL DOUGLAS: I got your message; looking forward to working with you. ~ ~ PS EVANGELINE: Looks like this year's exotic Montana black spotted coastal cutthroat trout season comes early this year. Due to the warmer low-water level temperature's in the outlet to those two highland Jordan Lakes of Judah and Ephraim, located above Bridal Veil Falls. ~ ~ Don't sweat it. We'll put the heavy as hell 16" cast iron campfire pan inside of Kristen Stewart's backpack. It only takes about one hour tops to climb up the verticle hand-over-fist trail full of roots and boulders. And then later around the campfire, we two can cosy up in our sleeping bags and watch her gently licking the sweaty salt off of her girlfriend's pussy. ~ ~ What? That's a no go? ~ ~ Okay, how about Ellen Page and her CAMPFIRE GIRLS girlfriend? Both big time Canadian mountain girls who love to backpack and get it on around the campfire while frying up pancakes with maple syrup. ~ ~ Talk about having a great time without spending another dime.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The great thing about Miley Cyrus is that she doesn't need my money. And so I get to cast her in my debut fuck films for only union scale; plus of course an honest gross percentage off the top before expenses. Kind of like me getting 20% of anything that I raise for the United Order credit union. ~ ~ I know, yesterday I said that the credit union of Israel gets 90% of my money; but then God corrected me a few hours later and said they get 80%. ~ ~ Since I'm gonna have some many wives and so much child support payment liabilities. ~ ~ And we're not talking priestcraft here because I am not a priest, or any kind of a religious church office holder/elder. Rather, the one in 2BC:91 becomes the King of England, and not the Pope in Rome. ~ ~ Who works his white race magic from the inside, and not the outside. ~ ~ Where money is the coin of the rhelm. ~ ~ For just an example, at the end of THE LADYKILLERS, the characted named after the lump on my head looks like a more muscular underwear model version of Justin Bieber, per: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ABORTION NOTES: God has revealed unto his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that, "...abortion is like unto murder." And that parents have a right to kill any child under 13 if they refuse to repent of their drunkeness and homosexuality. ~ ~ Because children are the private property of their parents; and not the state. ~ ~ And if any mother is not teaching her children about repentance and baptism, the father has the right to take them away from her and give them to one of his other blood-sister wives. Since the father is the legal head of the family, and not the mother. ~ ~ Naturally, all of the above sounds like a lot of bullshit if you don't even believe in the lost tribes of Israel in the Old Testament. ~ ~ I know, "That's pretty harsh..." [SHAWN OF THE DEAD] ~ ~ INDIAN MEDICINE MAN NOTES: Indiana got a pancake size comb-over scalp job when he crashed his vintage sports car style WWII plane onto that public golf course in Area Code 310. Which Larry David always made fun of in his CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episodes that were shot in LA. ~ ~ No biggie. It's the easyest thing to do; just sterylize it and stitch it back on. ~ ~ LUCKY U TATTOO NOTES: Yesterday at PISTOL ANNIES I could not believe my luck when I found SEASON 1, EPISODE 1, of SEINFELD, 1989, Taylor Swift time. But when I got back home with it and opened it's soft thin plastic case; there was the wrong one in it from season 2 about [God's] PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE meets CHINATOWN on 5th Avenue. ~ ~ Keep in mind, this was light years before Jerry knew anything about his show becoming a stratosphere phenominum for 9 years; happening inside of stage 9 on the NBC lot in LA. ~ ~ SEE: MEETS: MEETS: ~ ~ Keep in mind, this was light years before 50 SHADES OF GRAY, etc. And the latter future TV video Internet movie poster art work makes him look rediculously younger than he was when he made the physical transfiguration sequel when he was 45, at best.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


In the Jew brothers very underrated day 1290 prophecy entitled THE LADY KILLERS, the mighty line happens in the first act. ~ ~ Which reads, "Behold, there's a stranger in our midst, come to destroy us." ~ ~ This is key because in most films the mighty line comes in the final third act. And if it works in a perfectly artistic way in the beginning of the story, it is a sign of a film that is unusually great. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKUP NOTES: That black church lady pickup that got miraculously smashed as flat as a pancake below the Angeline bridge in Bonnie Lake, Wash represented Mr. Pancake in LADYKILLERS 2004. ~ ~ Next thing you know, Mr. Rodham's tombstone got knocked down in Scranton, Pennsylvania 6-5000 by a bunch of vampire wanna-be goth teens on the same day that I re-viewed THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. Because the above Homer Simpson simpleton figure, Mr. Pancake, was originally from Scranton; before he got suckered into that whole MLK JR. fad back in 1964. ~ ~ MONEY TALKS NOTES: The budget for the Hwy.410 bridge project is the same amount that the polite society professor robbed from the muddy day 1290 river casino; plus of course the usual 10-15% contingency that my exectutive producer handlers "...OWE" me. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself, I'm not in this just for my health. ~ ~ FRIENDS O CLYDE NOTES: God cut off Clyde Lewis on Monday night because he got sick of him calling me a Pinocchio figure. [He put a green frog in this throat, Michael Medved style.] ~ ~ CASH NOTES: I only get to spend 10% of the tithing monies that you launder for me. The other 90% goes to the United Order credit union in the form of gold rounds and squares. ~ ~ Let's face it. Even Lindsay Lohan is going to get 4 big ones from me in tax-free money child support. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the first order of business will be to get rid of the blood-sucking IRS. Ergo, all of those 19666s vampires die in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING when we see Barack Obama's neo fascist sunrise logo. ~ ~ YESTERDAY'S NEWS NOTES: Granny Grass came home yesterday sporting the same basic haircut on that MARRIED WITH CHILDREN gay guy who is in charge of AMAZON's TV video movies studio. ~ ~ Go figure. The 47 year-old dude now lives in Malibu. And he still believes that Spike Lee and Hillary Clinton et al are the future of America. ~ ~ Don't laugh, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that both Mel Gibson and Michael Moore would vote for the crazy bitch woman too; as opposed to a Governor Walker or a Senator Cruz. ~ ~ Not to mention Clyde Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld. ~ ~ HAPPENING NOTES: The iconic Elivs Presley movie about me fucking an underaged Miley Cyrus at THE SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR was a prophecy about me making romantic movies with hot young girls on my 51' sailboat tied up on Lake Union, like at: ~ ~

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I watched THE LADYKILLERS, 2004 Sunday night. Then in the AM a 20' guardrail fell down onto Angeline Road in Bonnie Lake, Washington that represented the supporters of the negro church lady getting dropped onto the garbage truck barges below. ~ ~ Think Tom Hanks would vote for any woman running for the White House right now; even if she was an African born negro with a fake birth certificate. ~ ~ In case you are confused, I am talking about Hollywood's favorite actor when it comes to making some patriotic movie. ~ ~ In the movie, MLK JR's portrait looks down on a white angel candle in between the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim. For when the time would come that the niggers would school the lost tribes of Israel about all those last days prophecies about the white people finally admitting that they are different than the black people. ~ ~ GSR/TWO ~ ~ HARSH NOTES: In my own private SHAWN OF THE DEAD prophecy, co-starring Ken Keisler, they parody decent and simple minded white folks who accuse me of being "...a bit harsh." ~ ~ HAPPENING NOTES: Tonight's entertainment is 1971's Italian German looking tax-free cash-money-on-the-barrel low budget blood-cleansing temple veil movie entitled THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING; costarring Lindsay Lohan and Larry David. ~ ~ So let's talk about WHATEVER WORKS meets ALICE; and the importance of having more than one crazy wife as an insurance policy against going crazy yourself. ~ ~ SEE: AND: ~ ~ INDIE FILM CONCEPT NOTES: The whole idea of me making a feature film on video for 100k and then entering it into some phony film festival bidding contest for the world wide distribution rights for ten big ones is just basic economics. I could make up this stuff for the next ten years if you are like me and you don't have a problem with not paying taxes. ~ ~ After all, the IRS is a completely illegal rogue for with antisocial attitudes towards white people. ~ ~ Let me guess, at least half of the peeon people at the lower levels of the IRS are people of color.

Monday, April 13, 2015


By the above woman, I'm talking about the woman in REV.17 of course, whose MYSTERY title is written across her forehead that says, MOTHER OF WHORES. ~ ~ This would also eliminate most of the Republican field; who are not man enough to tell us the truth about the homosexual alien who they allowed to become our Commander in Chief because that is what their polite high society country club wives wanted. ~ ~ That said, the word 'republican' does sound way more manly than the warm and fuzzy feel-good term 'democracy'; whatever that means. ~ ~ Bottom line, without law and order there can be no freedom. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LAWLESS OUTLAW NOTES: Sandra Bullock thought that she was playing one of the cool rider chicks when she married Jesse James; just in order to stick it to me. ~ ~ Let that be a Hillary Clinton type object lesson for the rest of you spoiled brat bitches out there. ~ ~ THE MASTERS NOTES: That strange looking underaged physically transfigured figure from Texas who won THE MASTERS was confirmation of Rush Limbaugh's annual blood cancer cleansing marathon. ~ ~ Wherein they finally discover the cure to me not having any money and me getting to fuck anyone of my wives that I want to, when I want to; if the money is enough of course, and I get the car that I always wanted when I was in my late twenties. ~ ~ Get real, I'm not at all interested in having sex with girls who are not all that interested either in having me go down on thier pussy. ~ ~ I'd rather go row boating around slowly on Lake Union in Seattle if you know what I mean. ~ ~ If I catch a nice fish, fine. And if I don't catch any fish. Well, there's always Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne waiting for me with a fresh alderwood grilled salmon dinner over on deck at my classic [47 cabin] 51' sailboat tied up at WOLF MARINA. ~ Oh yeah, I'm not as desperate as you might think I am at times.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


The doctor who looks at uncle Leo's disagreeable eyebrows that the itchy REV.17 lady put on his head looks like Indiana. Because Indiana crashed his vintage WWII airplane on a golf course that represented THE MASTERS. ~ ~ On the same day that Hillary would come out of the closet and spill the beans with Liz Smith at THE NEW YORK POST. ~ ~ No wonder Tom Hanks wants to vote for the proverbial 7 hills woman just to get it all over with; and not drag things out any further with some gay ass Republican who is not even man enought to tell us the truth about the president with the bad sounding name. ~ ~ GSF/TWN ~ ~ OPTOPSY NOTES: The alien optopsy remarks at the beginning of THE PACKAGE represent Sheriff Joe's more professional and more mature close examination of Obama's birth certificate. In other words, today's fake patriots like Tom Hanks and Clyde Lewis now need to grow up and walk the talk. ~ ~ Think BIG meets BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINATOWN:II. ~ ~ RECIPE NOTES: Perhaps my favorite sun, sex, and pasta dish right now is this: Stir-fry a pan full of garlic and onions in lots of virgin olive oil and sea salt; then toss in chunks of sockeye salmon with a cup of thick cream until barely thickened and cooked; add your favorite pasta with oregano and dig in. ~ ~ Oh yeah, that's a good thing. ~ ~ Be sure to mop up your plate with an unsweetened pane completo bread roll of course. That is if you are going to have sex afterwards with some underaged teenager hottie who is still capable of having a normal baby with no brain damaged attention deficit bipolar birth defects. Who needs to wear glasses before age 8. ~ ~ When you are pushing your 90s, most 19 year-old girls look like they are around 14 years-old, tops. ~ ~ IRS NOTES: Uncle Leo accepts that mysterious unlabeled package bomb from Montana's log cabin anarchist bomber that was meant to blow up Jerry et al, and not me. With the very obviously written street number time-line date of 416 seen in the background. ~ ~ Jesus Christ already; unspoiled virgin teenager girls who like to suck and fuck me interest me more than most of my old ladies from the 19666s out there do. ~ ~ What did I tell you? Justin Beiber is my born again Canada mini me clone featured in AUSTIN POWERS: II & III. ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: I'm thinking JB plays me making love to Nicole Kidman in some kind of an indie film production because that was the only package that we could get financed by the Jew boys in Hollywood. ~ ~ Don't let anyone ever tell you that I hate the Jews. No matter what Tom Hanks and his fucked out wife look alike Barbara Streisand figure might want you to think about me and Mel Gibson and me LOST BOYS in Santa Cruz, California, the sequel. That was filmed in Charlize Theron's South Africa, for Half Moon Bay, California, using the tag line, "NEVER GROW OLD. NEVER DIE. NEVER KNOW FEAR AGAIN." per: ~ ~ STAND BY ME NOTES: This week I will decide who I want to pay for my first three independent full on XXX sailboat fuck films. Talk about the accidental billionaire producer of my future career in low budget motion pictures. ~ ~ UNCUT NOTES: Keifer Sutherland is/was a prophetically transfigured Ken Keisler look alike during the 1980s for a reason. For example, see Woody Allen's new sailboat fuck film costarring Emma Stone. ~ ~ PS HILLARY: The biggest reason why I would never vote for you as president is because you are a woman.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


In the 5th 1260 days period instalment of SEINFELD, the mystery package that crazy uncle Leo signs off on is the Iran bomb. ~ ~ Because the 8th season episode opens with Kramer and Newman reading the latest in today's NYT about some funeral where the illegal alien homosexual in the Greek White House in DC was born. ~ ~ Wherein my difficult patient/nurse wife from France contracts the 7-year itch during today's 7th year sabbath; when 6 years after the abomination of desolation was allowed to take office, the shit hits the same fan that Kramer sneaked out of Jerry's apartment in year 7. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: I would love nothing more than to go watch your performance in FF7. However, I don't have a car right now, thanks to Jerry Seinfeld. Who is one of the biggest car collectors/hordors in the entire world; if not the biggest. ~ ~ THE PACKAGE NOTES: When Jerry gets hauled in for an investigation into his mail fraud [ballet] vote for Barack Obama, we see my 32ish poster stamp image of the physical transfiguration hanging on the wall. Much like the one that is hanging above the two cheap hotel beds of my two lost wives in KILL CRUISE. ~ ~ Of course, Jerry thinks the whole thing is bullshit. ~ ~ In that same vein, check out the amazing crystals motif design theme song video for my own private sequel entitled 50 SHADES OF GREY meets LAST TANGO IN SEATTLE:II, at: ~ ~ So now I get to stick it to every cock sucking Jew boy around the world. ~ ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. And that's a good thing. ~ ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Remember when you were staying in a house boat on Lake Union while you and Chloe Moretz were shooting LAGGIES for peanuts, and you saw that man in an old wooden rowboat who was fishing for sockeye salmon? Guess what, that was me, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ BFD, I love the idea of you sucking on my cock while Chloe watches us. ~ ~ Like they don't know what to expect if they get involved with me and Mikey Cyrus et al.

Friday, April 10, 2015


THE PACKAGE opened in 1996 with Kramer and Newman sitting on a Central Park bench; discussing the latest retro 50s underground anticommunist international conspiracy [GROUND ZERO] talk radio show on the AM dial. ~ ~ Which is why my official autobiography movie called ZERO EFFECT takes place in Portland, Oregon; and not for example LA or NYC. ~ ~ For example, in this blockbuster no.5 episode, Elaine role plays my ex-wife who was a very dificult person who was always going to the doctors, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MIDNIGHT RADIO NOTES: In the MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy about yours truly, my ticket out of town is illustrated in the scene where I am listening to my white Christian AM radio show while riding on some bus that is leaving Texas. And at the end of it all, you see me taking a bus down to the Jewish Miami, Florida area of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 11 meets EZE.37. ~ ~ MOTEL CALIFORNIA NOTES: Today's CHINATOWN:II sequel follow-up drought in California is an EZE:37 thing. ~ ~ Who would have ever thought after all these years that Charles Manson was right on about the lost ten tribes of Israel living in some secret undergroud city location out in Death Valley. ~ ~ Not to mention his crazy hippie chick polygamist [cult] theories about the upcoming race wars in America between the blackie and the whitie. And we all know how that ended. ~ ~ ELECTION 2016 NOTES: The only thing that you need to know about the upcoming presidential election between Hillary Clinton and whoever is that it ain't gonna happen. It's all over, finito, end of story. ~ ~ MEANWHILE NOTES: Obviously, Bill Gates is now my own private bank account manager who controls all of my no-name Bermuda Triangle money in THE SOCIAL NETWORK meets THUNDERBALL meets A VIEW TO A KILLING. Just don't let it get to your head. ~ ~ 24 HOUR PHOTO LINKS: Here is a look alike look at that attractive young blond babe who works at the 24 hr photo shop counter where the gay Obama negro figure works at:

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Yesterday I read that some of those plural wives [BIG LOVE] guys in Colorado, Arizona were throwing chickens at the woman who came to take her kids away from the coming Kingdom of God. Then some hours later, I didn't know which 1996 /97 SEINFELD to watch; so I just played THE CHICKEN ROASTER. Wherein Kramer hangs a "BAD CHICKEN" banner from his window and starts shouting, "BAD CHICKEN!.. MESS YOU UP!!" ~ ~ And later in the piece Newman says, "It's the wood that makes it good." ~ ~ Obviously, states like Utah and Arizona are going to have to take a walk and secede from the union until the US Constitution is restored as the law of the land. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ANSWERED PRAYERS NOTES: In the opening monologue to THE BUBBLE BOY, Gary cracks jokes about people who call up Jesus but are disappointed by the answer they get. Because in their hearts they really just wanted to hear from the 666 machine that listens and speaks like a human being; as described in REV.13. ~ ~ BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: That massive Lincoln log cabin industrial fire in Chinatown, China started on Jesus' birthday, and took over 800 fire firefighters three [resurrection] days to put it out. Because the corrupted mob media in Chinatown, Chicago is still lying to our faces. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Abraham Lincoln's typically Jewish ideas about centralized government and the love of illegalized power are headed for the 1950s style Republican party gas chamber; talk about capitol punishment. ~ ~ People who believe in and uphold the Civil Rights Act of 1964 have blood on their hands. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. ~ ~ PS SANDY: You did the right thing by adopting your little precious negro man child boy. And your involvement in your CRASH movie rip-off was probably also the right thing to do, all things considered. Considering the fact that I got absolutely no buttkiss in return for giving David Cronenberg et al all the credit for making me the man that I am today. ~ ~ Don't worry, in fact don't even call me. I'll call you when I get over it and I feel better about the idea of me fucking you, and you fucking me. ~ ~ Remember, Howard Stern's all time favorite movies are the PORKY'S sequels, starting at: ~ ~ Just because the idea of me fucking Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend gets me more excited right now than fucking you doesn't mean that it will always have to be that way every day between you and me and Elizabeth Hurley and Nicole Kidman for the next one thousand years; not to mention Naomi Watts. ~ ~ For example, last night I dreamed that the co-star of STEALING BEAUTY was my future Jesse James type love shack beach house wife on the south shores of Lopez Island. Ergo, any friend of Sienna Miller is a friend of mine, with full privieges. If the money is right of course. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF AMERICA NOTES: Warren Jeffs claims that Jesus told him in a spoken-word revelation that he will become the next physically transfigured Greg Relf look alike president of The [13] United States of America. ~ ~ Who am I to argue with that? ~ ~ I mean think about, Tom Hanks was the producer of HBO's polygamy Mormon series. And he was also the co-star of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have only watched LEP 2 like about 50,000 times. So I have to say, with no ifs, ands, or buts; that latest inferno in LA was yet another sign about those 5 little fools living in a fool's paradise in the ten virgin kids prophecy at: ~ ~ I mean think about it. Most negros are wild at heart and childish. Which is what all of those LEP IN THE HOOP sequels were all about. ~ ~ Note the West Olympic Blvd location that stands in for the future Greek House homosexual President that President George Albert Smith saw in his famous post WWII fried chicken and potatoe salad picnic holocaust vision. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIGHT VISION NOTES: Last night at 11:36 pm, I had a vision about a smiling old white haired lady peeking out at me from behind the bedroom hallway in Grandma Sanders' house in north Seattle. ~ ~ At first, I did not recognize who she was because she did not look exactly like my 88 year-old mother, or even my 87 year-old grandmother. But then I saw the very same lady at: ~ ~ Of course, all three of these women are Jewish, so the slight confusing resemblance is understandable. Next thing you know, Lizzy is going to start blabbing about Obama being gay. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that ~ ~ SOLID GOLD HIT NOTES: I want me gold. And I want it now. So I'll give you until next week to make good on the first installment of my three picture deal with you. "And if it's peanutbutter [peanuts] I'll throw it back in your face!!" [THE BUBBLE BOY] ~ ~

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Gary Signfield jokes that "...the holocaust is on." in the beginning of THE BUBBLE BOY. So the next day they found 7 dead kids who were gassed to death in Princess Anne, Maryland. Just south of a place called Allen, west of Dividing Creek. ~ ~ Then we learned about those foolish 5 virgins who died in a NCAA plane crash. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. ~ ~ According to the ten virgins prophecy in MATT. 25, Jesus is all about dividing people up into seperate disagreeing camps; i.e. partisan fighting. ~ ~ Anything less than that is just plain gay. ~ ~ In other words, people who disagree with me are guilty of being disagreeable and petty minded. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 666 NOTES: Even after 666,666,666 Jews were gassed to death by the first 666 beast in REV.13, they all immediately rose up and dusted themselves off and started to vote for the new 666 beast once again; talk about being stiff necked. ~ ~ REFRESHER COURSE NOTES: Will Ferrell's SEMI-PRO prophecy is about a 4th place NBA team that plays in a fool's paradise area full of tropical palm trees and sandy beaches. Which comes to a typical sports cliche movie climax when he wrestles that [Gov.Brown] bear mascot of the State of California. Think Chicago's BEARS team meets THE BAD NEWS BEARS kids meet THE BREAKUP, costarring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston; not to mention Barack Obama and the Alone Ranger himself.

Monday, April 6, 2015


In THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO meets BEING THERE, I will be the one who holds the TV remote and decides which movies are the most important ones to watch right now. Me Tarzan, you my bitch. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Or like Rihanna says, "We are the new America." ~ ~ Telephone call from Jesus, yada yada. ~ ~ Check out these new pix of VV getting into the swing of things too at: ~ ~ Better late than never. All is well that ends well. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIFFERENT LEVELS NOTES: Since being different is the big thing right now; we should bet that Kramer's plans for his carpeted 1970s style shad pad covered in erotic pillow clouds not happening. ~ ~ SPECTRE VISION NOTES: Right after I had read the above 'true or false' quote, I saw Rihanna having a really fun time with some " mighty and strong." figure in D&C 85, at: ~ ~ Obviously, we're talking FAST&FURIOUS 7 here. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: I'm gonna kick your ass if you do not do something about that little spoiled brat Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ She is starting to get on my nerves. ~ ~ I only say this because I know that you can do anything that you want to if helps me me me and it thwarts THEM meets PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. And if you need more money, don't call me, call Paul Allen and leave a message on his 1980s technology answering machine. ~ ~ BFD, the old rich fucker is a blatant homogaysexual. So is Elton John for that matter, and they both can not wait to hook up with me when the time is right. That is when everyone in Jewville is so freaked out that they are looking the other way. ~ ~ NEVER ENDING NOTES: The SEINFELD episode that follows THE BUBBLE BOY reveals that the upstate cabin in Bonney Lake, New York was a homogaysexual love shack for Susan's Log Cabin Republican father. ~ ~ I'M THERE NOTES: All that anyone in the ANIMAL HOUSE frat house culture media has to do in order to restore their liberal Jew boy reputation is report the facts about Obama's fake story birth certificate. ~ ~ Oh the humanity! ~ ~ PS BILL GATES: You are the physically transfigured one who is revealed in THE PILOT, circa 1993. Therefore, you need to come up with something better than Paul Allen or that alien looking bald headed guy from New York at are offering me. ~ ~ Oh yeah, "There's enough juice here to keep us all fat and giggly." [Cosmo Kramer] ~ ~ PS MICHAEL DOUGLAS: I want you in on this deal. If nothing else, we need your expertise and experience in offshore tax-free banking at THE BANK OF CANADA meets THE BANK OF ENGLAND in the Bahamas. Call it the international fund to cure bad bipolar behavior in autistic children; whatever, just do it. ~ ~ LONELY GUY NOTES: Whenever I feel completely alienated and alone from the rest of the world, and I have no friends anymore, I fantasize about the star of KICK ASS coming to my rescue and sucking on my cock, like at: ~ ~ Here's my last and final offer. I need 100 big ones for each and every one of my KICK ASS IV, V, VI, & VII Harold Robbins book deal movies. And I cut you in for a sweet piece of the action.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Tomorrow is Jesus' birthday, even the same day that the Jews crucified him. ~ ~ Yeah I know, Michael Medved claims that the Jews did not kill Jesus. And like Clyde Lewis still thinks, there is no such thing as the lost ten tribes of Israel; no matter what they were saying for free at THE PLAIN TRUTH magazine boxes in West Hollywood, circa 1985. ~ ~ Guess he and his crazy uncle Leo brother were too busy at the time handing out all of those GOLDEN TURKEY club sandwich awards. ~ ~ [Medved is a huge supporter of America's blatantly unconstitutional National Parks system, that was set up by the progressive horse rider nicknamed Teddy.] ~ ~ Ergo, at the end of the two witnesses Cuban cigar episode entitled, THE BUBBLE BOY, filmed at some Bonnie Lake cabin in the north country woods, we see that he is a 34ish full grown man; "Hey Seinfeld, thanks for showing up." Better late than never, finally. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BONNIE LAKE, WASH. ÑOTES: In the above SEINFELD prophecy, that short little bald Jew jerk calls yours truly a liar and a cheater. ~ ~ FAKE BIO NOTES: Peterman's fake autobiography was a prophecy about Barack Obama' future fake autobiography that was holy ghost-written by someone else in Chicago. And the reason why most Americans think that this is true is because they don't know for sure if it is true; thanks to NBC news and the Mormon church that owns KIRO/KSL radio etc. etc. ~ ~ PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE NOTES: Seriously, how in the world could one believe in UFOs, and still not believe that the ten lost tribes of Israel are still living in some giant climate-controlled ice cave paradise in northern Russia? ~ ~ In all earnestness now; I really and truly do believe that the American 007 wanna be spy in the two IN LIKE FLYNT movies represented Woody Norris, circa 1969. ~ ~ Believe it or not; I would not be the man that I am today if not for Woody Allen and Woody Norris. Throw in Clint Eastwood in the mix if you must. ~ ~ If that is what it takes to get you to come around and start seeing things my way, or the take highway. I'm not always the kind of hard ass that you think I am.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Okay, I admit it. But I first had to make sure that you yourself understood your own guilty pleasure involvement in the above prophetic SEINFELD episode. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I'm gonna kick your ass. And your wives and girlfriends are going to take their tops off and show me their sexy titties. ~ ~ Just like Jerry does at the end of THE MUFFIN TOPS in that public park area for having sex with strangers on a full moon; just because it feels so good, if nothing else. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SPECTER NOTES: Carey Mulligan's new play from London about me fucking her and her sucking me, which is currently running on Broadway until June 14, is what needs to happen if Harvey Jewstein wants to get out of the born again Christian 666 sex police jail in ISAIAH 42. ~ ~ In other words, having sex with hot women who are way too young for you is the same thing as refusing to serve niggers and queers at your drug store soda fountain somewhere in Alabama during the 19666s. ~ ~ Alas, who really gives a shit anymore; except for perhaps the SEATTLE TIMES and the mormon owned DESERET NEWS in Utah. ~ ~ LEGAL JEW FUCK LAWYER STRATEGY NOTES: How about I have my wife Taylor Swift getting papped while walking out of her swanky shag pad down in the three-way corners Tribeca area holding hands with Mr. MIRAMAX himself. ~ ~ All for show in exchange for him putting her into some kind of an indie film born again movie star union scale sensation situation. ~ ~ Casting is more important than acting, because directing is all about casting. ~ ~ I mean think about it. You cast Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber as her creepy little leprechaun bad boy lover, who thinks that he is the new 1951ish James Dean, possibly because he actually is; you half/have to rent a dump truck just in order to haul away the cash. ~ ~ END TIMES NOTES: The reason why Kenya is being invaded is because their government officials have been hiding Barack Obama's birth certificate; just like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly have been doing.

Friday, April 3, 2015


The abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 began his latest fool's paradise tour in Louisville, Kentucky [WILDCATS] when it got hit by a REV.12 flood and a REV.15 factory wildfire; next stop, SLC, UT. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the NYT splashed his latest fake opra with Iran for their front page splash from the past of his fake birth certificate. Talk about the Jewish bloodline king not wearing any clothes. ~ ~ Ergo, that little bald YANKEES Jew invites Megan Fox up to his phony tourist hotel room to watch some X-Rated SPECTER cable channel television. Because that is the new title of THE SUMMER OF GEORGE James Bond movie. Per the ending of the muffin penis head episode for stupid white Bible Belt christian tourists from Little Rock, ARK. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REALITY NOTES: This typical WND link looks a little bit over the top at first, until one reads down further and the reality of it starts to sink in, at: ~ ~ Kind of like listening to the Rush Limbaugh show for the first time. ~ ~ THE PONY REMARKS: That is the proverbial mysterious unknown "telephone call from Jesus" in the opening sequence of THE PONY REMARK meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets DRUGSTORE COWBOY. ~ ~ Of course, in THE MUFFIN TOPS episode, Jerry Seinfeld plays a predatory wolfman homosexual who shaves his hairy chest and parades around Jew Town in a sundress. ~ ~ Check out this Divinely timed telephone call from Jesus at: ~ ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: If Jen lets me top her off like this, I make her look that young and exciting again. And she doesn't even have to lose one red cent in teenager waitress tip money in the deal. I mean think about it; some underaged waitress catches my eye, I fuck her brains out later at my penthouse; I end up owing her at least two big ones in child support money. At that rate, it is going to make me broke in about 1000 years; give or take. ~ ~ WOODY WOODPECKER NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Woody Norris was going to help me save the mormnon church. And Cameron Diaz would be more then willing to extend him a helping hand if necessary; as in WHATEVER WORKS meets GOLDMEMBER:II. ~ ~ For example, on April Fool's Day, Jesus let me know that if I can lose 34lbs, then I get to co-star in some full budget unrated feature indie film adaptation of me fucking Carey Mulligan and Cara Delevigne on Michael Savages' twin VOLVO tied up in San Francisco Bay, like at: ~ ~ Becoming the new and improved and born again 29ish owner and operator of does have it's privileges. ~ ~ I mean get real; money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ I get that fat Jew pig Harvey Weinstein out of his jam with the sex police, he gets me out of my jam for making underaged girl-sex movies on my 51' sailboat up in Newport, RI in Woody Allen's next film. ~ ~ "You have the distribution, I have the hot young video movie stars of the future." [BOOGIE NIGHTS] Or something like that. ~ ~ Picture this pitch, I have Emma Watson lose around 20 pounds in some kind of a sweaty work-out hard body freak-out movie with lots of zero-body-fat full frontal nudity. And nobody gets to complain about it; not even your aging and overweight and unattractive wife. Just as long as she gets to watch it with her Bette Midler type girlfriends of course, at: ~ ~ Note the enclosed Woody Allen birth date, etc. etc. at: AND:

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I found a few old New York cut stakes with the bone in buried deep in our chest freezer yesterday. So I ate one and a half of them, since they were all a little bit on the thin size. Then I spent the rest of the night running to the toilet, at least six times, to flush out the food poisoning from my body. ~ ~ So far, I'm about 20 minutes into my "UNRATED" copy of THE INTERNSHIP. ~ ~ Sorry about that Vinny, but I'm gonna have to get back to you on this one. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BILLY O'REALLY: You're right, it doesn't matter if the American people think that Obama was born in Kenya. But it would matter if they knew that he was born in Kenya. And the reason why they don't know this is because you and your chummy high society golf club buddies in the Jewish NYC media have not told them about it on no uncertain terms. ~ ~ According to ALMA 32, faith begins with thinking, and soon it becomes no longer necessary when it becomes knowing. ~ ~ 007 NOTES: The reason why the UK finds itself in such a 7-party political pile-up mess right now is because they do not have a true Branch Davidian king for an exemplar leader. See: ~ ~ True, the King of England no longer has dictorial/editorial powers. But that don't mean that he can't get what he wants when he wants it; God willing and the creek don't rise. ~ ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: You are still my first escape plan. Everything else is second place. ~ ~ Probably because God likes the way that you handle his money, among other things. ~ ~ PS TAYLOR SWIFT: You were inspired by God to get that sweet shag pad in Tribeca because of the upcoming TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL. Shortly after Jennifer Anniston had to let go of her $12,000,000 cash money East Village childhood fantasies about me. ~ ~ Just because I had invited Sienna Miller and Carey Mulligan over to her new PENTHOUSE village magazine pad for a little three-way action sleepover without asking her permission first. ~ ~ Sorry, that was so 70s of me. ~ ~ Faith without action is dead, and all that jazz. ~ ~ Understandably, Jen was away on business at the time; probably tied up with something on the west coast in Malibu, etc. So I can't half blame her for not being there when I wanted her.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Do I watch THE INTERNSHIP prophecy about Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson that I found on top of the heap for 5 bucks at WAL*MART? Wherein they both end up owning and operating the entire operation? ~ ~ [wink wink] ~ ~ Or do I stick with my original idea about watching THE SOCIAL NETWORK for tonight's entertainment? ~ ~ Whatever, last night I watched THE MUFFIN TOPS again and then I saw that JJ post about Jerry's girlfriend in the episode having a baby only hours later. Probably because I also watched1987's RAISING ARIZONA right afterwards, at: ~ ~ The above 8th season SEINFELD no.21 featuring a very nice Megan Fox look alike. Which ends with Jerry Seinfeld turning into a wolfman on this T.G.I.F.'s full blood moon happy hour holiday. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UNFINISHED BUSINESS NOTES: Last night at 2:12 AM, Jesus woke we up and said simply "UNFINISHED BUSINESS NOTES!" Obviously, He is still pretty mad about the Jews crucifying him. And he wanted me to mention that in my next posting notes. ~ ~ NATURAL LAW NOTES: According to the 1776 US Constitution, discrimination is already the law of the land. And anybody who tries to deny this basic civil right is a suspicious [Jewish] foreign agent that should be delt with by any means necessary. ~ ~ "I could care less about Ferguson or Hillary Clinton's emails..." to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld wearing a dirty FRIENDS O'CLYDE sports jersey in THE PONEY REMARK episode about him being too far off base. ~ ~ Think 99% of the world's devout Christians believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior; but alas, they could care less about the BM. Not to mention the latter-day prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 and 2NEPHI8. ~ ~ So now comes the justification of the righteous in REV.11-12-13. Where the table gets turned. ~ ~ MIRAMAX NOTES: You got caught with your pants down because you bought out the rights for that amazingly brilliant GSR/TWN indie film for just peanuts and then you deliberately put it on the back burner in a vain attempt to make it go away. ~ ~ SUMMER OF GEORGE NOTES: God caused George Clooney to make THE AMERICAN biopic about yours truly as a way to close the gap between me and right wing populism. ~ ~ Therefore, that church van full of African Christian children crashed down in the swamps of Florida on the same day that Obama announced that he was going to visit Kenya, where he was born. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that.