Friday, April 24, 2015


Last night I watched the 1260 days era episode from 1996's SEINFELD season entitled THE FOUNDATION. After hearing so much about how the Clinton's white-trailor-trash foundation is your typical third world [African mask] operation for laundering political influence money. ~ ~ Let me sum it up this way; the current White House HBO series actress plays a woman who is not even qualified enough to run the J. PETERMAN company. But she goes ahead anyway and tries to because Cosmo said so. Who at the time was beating up on all of the little people in his [NAPOLEON DYNAMITE] Karate classes for little kids in Preston, Idaho. ~ ~ And then the first thing she does once she gets into office is put that BIG BROWN third world philosophy Mexican 'urban sombraro' on the cover of the catalogue. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN LITTLE INDIANS NOTES: Those foolish ten Republicans who voted for the negro woman named Lynch were a last days of disco ten virgins confirmation. Per that high school stage collapse in Hamilton County on the same day. For example, exactly 5 minutes before I finished watching LOST BOYS:2, there was a 4.2 in Bonner County, Idaho along Rt.2, right outside of Hope. Wherein yours truly role plays the 2007 made move's young lady's killer. ~ ~ ACTOR WORKSHOP NOTES: Yeah yeah, whatever, I know; the best roles for middle aged guys are always supposedly the antagonistic villain. ~ ~ LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE NOTES: My 17ish looking sister in this movie is played by a very young looking Ariana Grande. Who has a crescent moon [Luna Bay] tattoo on her very tasty looking neck, like at:

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