Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hillary Clinton once claimed that she was named after the first man who climbed Mt. Everest. Where that Chicago style mega quake just happened right before high noon. ~ ~ So much for today's warm and fuzzy fascism that is the force behind the Buddhist peace-love-&-harmony politics of actors like Richard Gere and Brad Pitt. ~ ~ During this time when all of the Peterman sons of Israel have become "burnt out" and escaped to their own private Buddhist Burma. ~ ~ And Elain is now thinking like Hillary Clinton thinks in THE FOUNDATION episode. Wherein she declares that all she would need to run the White House is "...a pair of pants, a stupid story..." ~ ~ So later in the 1260 days season in THE SOUL MATE episode, George complains, "...I'm about to become the target of a systematic process of intimidation and manipulation..." at the foundation. ~ ~ While holding a jumbo size yellow Asian man M&M chocolate in his hand that stands for Barack Obama; the president with the bad sounding name. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE STATUE NOTES: Bruce Jen/ner is the complete fulfilment of the Greek homogaysexual Olympics' REV.17 woman idol in THE STATUE episode. Google 'gay demon possession' for a look at some videos about men who are convinced that they are a woman. ~ ~ Give me a brake and have some respect. You know how much I love to fuck chicks who look like dudes, like at: ~ ~ At least I AM is honest and up front about it. And not pretending to be a woman.

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