Tuesday, April 21, 2015


In the 1991 SEINFELD episode entitled THE STATUE, America's STATUE OF LIBERTY has become a Greek goddess idol that gets smashed in the end; thereby lifting the oppressive weight of Jewish style democratic fascism from off of George's shoulders ~ ~ Which the look alike Will Ferrell says he found in a CHINATOWN pawn shop that was a prelude to me finding the used 1990s SEINFELD series at some pawn shop for guns in Bonnie Lake, Washington, circa 2015. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEER HUNTER NOTES: A rogue christian apostate father of 7 was killer by a deer in Marathon County, Wisconsin last [Joe] Friday. For the county's [Tom] Brokaw NYC landmark located east of Little Chicago. Where the Big Rib River flows down east of Athens and Milan, at: http://news.yahoo.com/father-killed-crash-way-birth-8th-child-220722339.html ~ ~ Like it says in the Bible, the Antichrist 666ers will be apostate Christians. And not just the followers of the false prophet and the dragon in the middle east, who deny that Jesus is Lord. And scoff at the idea that I am in fact the long awaited 12 tribes I-man with the 'I' scar on my forehead. ~ ~ HARSH REALITY TV NOTES: Last week I read that Seinfeld was using classic cars in his coffee and comedians series. So I watched one or two of them for the first time last night. [Somehow I always thought that the Internet show was pay-per-view.] ~ ~ Oh, okay, I get it now. There is a Divine reason and plan for my 30ish years obsession with the 1974 ALFA VELOCE. ~ ~ WOW, there is definitely a reason why Jerry is looking like a 57ish Humphrey Bogart these days. Per Kramer's iconic 57 CHEVY sofa in his 5th floor apartment.

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