Wednesday, April 15, 2015


In the Jew brothers very underrated day 1290 prophecy entitled THE LADY KILLERS, the mighty line happens in the first act. ~ ~ Which reads, "Behold, there's a stranger in our midst, come to destroy us." ~ ~ This is key because in most films the mighty line comes in the final third act. And if it works in a perfectly artistic way in the beginning of the story, it is a sign of a film that is unusually great. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKUP NOTES: That black church lady pickup that got miraculously smashed as flat as a pancake below the Angeline bridge in Bonnie Lake, Wash represented Mr. Pancake in LADYKILLERS 2004. ~ ~ Next thing you know, Mr. Rodham's tombstone got knocked down in Scranton, Pennsylvania 6-5000 by a bunch of vampire wanna-be goth teens on the same day that I re-viewed THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. Because the above Homer Simpson simpleton figure, Mr. Pancake, was originally from Scranton; before he got suckered into that whole MLK JR. fad back in 1964. ~ ~ MONEY TALKS NOTES: The budget for the Hwy.410 bridge project is the same amount that the polite society professor robbed from the muddy day 1290 river casino; plus of course the usual 10-15% contingency that my exectutive producer handlers "...OWE" me. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself, I'm not in this just for my health. ~ ~ FRIENDS O CLYDE NOTES: God cut off Clyde Lewis on Monday night because he got sick of him calling me a Pinocchio figure. [He put a green frog in this throat, Michael Medved style.] ~ ~ CASH NOTES: I only get to spend 10% of the tithing monies that you launder for me. The other 90% goes to the United Order credit union in the form of gold rounds and squares. ~ ~ Let's face it. Even Lindsay Lohan is going to get 4 big ones from me in tax-free money child support. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the first order of business will be to get rid of the blood-sucking IRS. Ergo, all of those 19666s vampires die in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING when we see Barack Obama's neo fascist sunrise logo. ~ ~ YESTERDAY'S NEWS NOTES: Granny Grass came home yesterday sporting the same basic haircut on that MARRIED WITH CHILDREN gay guy who is in charge of AMAZON's TV video movies studio. ~ ~ Go figure. The 47 year-old dude now lives in Malibu. And he still believes that Spike Lee and Hillary Clinton et al are the future of America. ~ ~ Don't laugh, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that both Mel Gibson and Michael Moore would vote for the crazy bitch woman too; as opposed to a Governor Walker or a Senator Cruz. ~ ~ Not to mention Clyde Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld. ~ ~ HAPPENING NOTES: The iconic Elivs Presley movie about me fucking an underaged Miley Cyrus at THE SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR was a prophecy about me making romantic movies with hot young girls on my 51' sailboat tied up on Lake Union, like at: ~ ~

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