Monday, April 27, 2015


The niggers rioted outside of the baseball stadium in Baltimore in confirmation of THE FOUNDATION's opening; wherein George tells Susan, who died on Megan Fox's birthday, that the YANKEES beat the birds in a 4-game sweep clean-up job. Because that violent and out of control nigger who got his stiff neck broken by the white people police represented MLK JR who got shot in the neck by a white deer hunter in Memphis, Egypt, USA. ~ ~ Bottom line, the anti white christian Jew media is going to get the wrong end of the stick on this one; per: ~ ~ According to the invasion of lost Israel prophecy in EZE.38, blackie fucks whitie, whitie wakes up, then whitie makes his big comeback and fucks blackie back. ~ ~ Oh yeah; "This is a gun. It shoots straight. See Harper shoot straight." [HARPER] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1960S LAUGH IN NOTES: ~ ~ Note how the rebellious holy ghost wanna be demon talks back to Bob Larson. Which is significantly different from when the LDS Priesthood does it. Wherein the homogaysexual spirits keep their big mouths shut and come out immediately and leave the room without saying a thing. ~ ~ Also see this high school exorcism video at: ~ ~ Since Bonnie Lake's Bishop Larson is also the Principle of a public school on the more culturally diverse south side of Seattle. Think EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMON, and you get it. ~ ~ You are God damn right, the Mormon church is the only true church in the world by half, relatively speaking. ~ ~ MOP UP NOTES: Mr.Plan B fell down and wounded his head for a born again Nepal Buddhist 7-years X Nazi movie thing in REV.13. ~ ~ You try to stop me, I stop you, and you like it. ~ ~ "Sorry about that wack on the head..." paraphrasing THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ 2015 NOTES: Back in 1996, Cosmo was riding to his Chinatown martial arts class in the backseat of Rene Zellweger's look alike [Mrs.Z] car full of physically transfigured kids, circa April 25, 2015. ~ ~ Less I forget, here is what it is all about today at: ~ ~ And don't let some neocon talk radio Jew fuck try to tell you anything different. ~ ~ BOOGIE NIGHTS NOTES: When yours truly shows up in the third act with some of my future girlfriend stars who look like boys, you will know that I AM will be making all of my feature length movies around San Francisco Bay on video. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: The reason why God gave you that little Senator Reid type tap on the side of your head is because you are still bitching about my ideas about co-starring in my restored vintage 91' sailboat sequel ideas for THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II. ~ ~ I do realize how harsh this all sounds. But dude, both Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart have already signed off on the script, if the money is right, yet not a peep out of you. ~ ~ Probably because your wife won't let you do it. So dump the bitch, and join the living.

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