Thursday, April 9, 2015


Yesterday I read that some of those plural wives [BIG LOVE] guys in Colorado, Arizona were throwing chickens at the woman who came to take her kids away from the coming Kingdom of God. Then some hours later, I didn't know which 1996 /97 SEINFELD to watch; so I just played THE CHICKEN ROASTER. Wherein Kramer hangs a "BAD CHICKEN" banner from his window and starts shouting, "BAD CHICKEN!.. MESS YOU UP!!" ~ ~ And later in the piece Newman says, "It's the wood that makes it good." ~ ~ Obviously, states like Utah and Arizona are going to have to take a walk and secede from the union until the US Constitution is restored as the law of the land. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ANSWERED PRAYERS NOTES: In the opening monologue to THE BUBBLE BOY, Gary cracks jokes about people who call up Jesus but are disappointed by the answer they get. Because in their hearts they really just wanted to hear from the 666 machine that listens and speaks like a human being; as described in REV.13. ~ ~ BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: That massive Lincoln log cabin industrial fire in Chinatown, China started on Jesus' birthday, and took over 800 fire firefighters three [resurrection] days to put it out. Because the corrupted mob media in Chinatown, Chicago is still lying to our faces. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Abraham Lincoln's typically Jewish ideas about centralized government and the love of illegalized power are headed for the 1950s style Republican party gas chamber; talk about capitol punishment. ~ ~ People who believe in and uphold the Civil Rights Act of 1964 have blood on their hands. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. ~ ~ PS SANDY: You did the right thing by adopting your little precious negro man child boy. And your involvement in your CRASH movie rip-off was probably also the right thing to do, all things considered. Considering the fact that I got absolutely no buttkiss in return for giving David Cronenberg et al all the credit for making me the man that I am today. ~ ~ Don't worry, in fact don't even call me. I'll call you when I get over it and I feel better about the idea of me fucking you, and you fucking me. ~ ~ Remember, Howard Stern's all time favorite movies are the PORKY'S sequels, starting at: ~ ~ Just because the idea of me fucking Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend gets me more excited right now than fucking you doesn't mean that it will always have to be that way every day between you and me and Elizabeth Hurley and Nicole Kidman for the next one thousand years; not to mention Naomi Watts. ~ ~ For example, last night I dreamed that the co-star of STEALING BEAUTY was my future Jesse James type love shack beach house wife on the south shores of Lopez Island. Ergo, any friend of Sienna Miller is a friend of mine, with full privieges. If the money is right of course. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF AMERICA NOTES: Warren Jeffs claims that Jesus told him in a spoken-word revelation that he will become the next physically transfigured Greg Relf look alike president of The [13] United States of America. ~ ~ Who am I to argue with that? ~ ~ I mean think about, Tom Hanks was the producer of HBO's polygamy Mormon series. And he was also the co-star of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE.

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