Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Before there was a hip 1960s San Francisco scene, there was a cool dadyo rider 1950s Baltimore scene; like in CRY BABY and PINK FLAMINGO. ~ ~ Lawlessness begats lawlessness. Especially if all of the teenagers' gay ass christian square parents are ignoring the laws of Israel in the Old Testament. ~ ~ And they're all saying that heaven is a place where noboby gets to fuck. Much less have 100 lover wife girlfriends who like to swing with the best of them. ~ ~ And the negro music folks get a nice piece of the action too; if they behave themselves and stick with the program. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEIGNFELD NOTES: In 1996's episode entitled THE VAN BUREN BOYS, the Clinton foundation gives the scholarship to a little lying con man in the making. Who wants to be a Mussolini style city planner, like at:,_Rome ~ ~ Note the thematic resemblance to the new oval shaped LDS temple city plan located outside of Rome, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Remember, there are always two ways to look at everything when it comes time for the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim to settle all the scores. ~ ~ Note how the above images look just like America. Because the two witnesses in REV.11 will appear in the New Jerusalem, which is very much like the old Jerusalem. Where also our Lord was crucified by a corrupt government that was lead by an illegal alien Greek homosexual usurper. ~ ~ FRIENDS O CLYDE NOTES: Big fucking deal; most major city police departments now have a couple of surplus army armored cars in order to deal with today's out of control niggers. And I could care less if the feds are filing everybody's cell phone bills. ~ ~ Dude, I don't even have cell phone.

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