Sunday, April 19, 2015


Nothing tastes better that pan fried 6" trout in hot salt-cured Canadian bacon grease; eating the skin and bones and all together. Then shoving down a couple buckwheat pancakes, smothered in maple syrup, along with some scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I AM is not fucking around here, I mean business. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS RUSSELL CROWE: I do hope that your private estate chapel down under is large enough to be converted and re-dedicated into an endowment house of the Lord. Like that little church is where Daniel and Julia got married in some kind of a desolation of abomination desert ceremony in New Mexico by an Indian medicine man on the Fourth of July. Back when that rattle snake medicine NATURAL BORN KILLERS movie came out in a theater near you. ~ ~ Check out Mel Gibson's private church|temple up in the Malibu hills if you need any ideas about how to make it bigger. ~ ~ Try this on for size. I give you Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts in the horse trade deal, plus Kate Blanchet, etc. etc. You agree to lose 35 lbs and pay me what you owe me. ~ ~ Remember this, whatever makes me happy, will always make you happy. Plus, you get to keep 90% of your before taxes money; not less than even 50%. ~ ~ And the best part is, you get to start looking half your age once you fork over the cash. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Hang in there brother. The jobs, the money, the young women; it's all coming. ~ ~ Whatever I get, you get too, like at: ~ ~ Yeah I know. At least two times in the past ten years I have watched those two [Woody Norris] IN LIKE FLINT movies about swinging mormon polygamists in southern Utah and tried to make them fit in; but nothing happened. Well fuck me Jesus, I'm now feeling like trying it all over again this week. ~ ~ SEE:

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