Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My 'funny business' post was confirmed by Obama's 666 operatives who tracked and reported Larry Sinclair's Queen of Diamonds earrings purchase for $225 over the weekend, at:

I read that America's Manchurian candidate is scheduled to meet with England's Queen of Diamonds in London on April Fools Day. If true, that would match the '...4.1...' date behind England's future Queen Keira in all those DOMINO bounty hunter interview scenes with Chinatown's Lucy Liu. [Earlier, I had read somewhere that they were to meet on 4.2.]

When the Queen of Diamonds appears in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE prophecy, it's a signal for him to spring into action with the plan that was foreordained so many years earlier; as in DANIEL and MARK 13:14 etc. Keep a sharp eye out for any official press photo releases that may show the Queen in Larry's diamond earrings. Similar to this thematic Pearl Harbor, Hawaii tear drop pearls reference to Queen Obama's BJs by Larry Sinclair at:

Many of the elderly people shot by that deer hunter in Demi and [4.10] Mandy's Moore County, NC were of the Queen's FDR generation. The nearby historic House In The Horseshoe landmark commemorates various shootouts between British royalists and southern colony rebels. Carthage, NC is a Providential allusion to Carthage Jail, off Madison, where the Israelite Joseph Smith was murdered by an apostate Christian mob.

In 1951's THE AFRICAN QUEEN prophecy, my Branch Davidian Bogart figure, from Canada, has to navigate his naive Kate Hepburn princess through the dangerous dark waters of Obama's Nazi infested East African homeland. Thus all the new photos of Lady Mary Madonna down in Africa sporting military gear and jack boots, like at:

She looks like big time BEVERLY HILLS COP supporter Debra Messing, in the prophetic poster art at:

Speaking of Eddie Murphy, the man who cut off his sister's 5 year-old virgin head, Islamic style, at 7 Belvoir Rd in Milton, Mass, looks an awful lot like a younger Eddie at:

Gregory Scott Relf

NOTE: Bruce Willis' SOLDIER MTN SKI RESORT lodge in Idaho's Sawtooth Mtns, off Hwy.20, completely burned down Monday morning. Confirming all those brain dead butt head snow skiing signs surrounding Natasha's children cemetery in Butte.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


"Some very funny businesss."

Is going on with all the newly minted money at:

Eddie Murphy's prophetic TRADING PLACES prince of a street hustler, Barack Obama, is scheduled to meet with Queen Elizabeth II this week. So London's Lady Madonna [Lady Mary] has traveled down to Malawi's Home of Hope to adopt another African child. Just like the naive and childish side of America did in their 2008 election fantasy. At the end of 1983's trading places movie, everyone goes on a lovely vacation to Africa with their adopted transsexual gorilla.

Confirmed last week by Obama's official endorsement of Scott Murphy, to take the place of New York's new senate replacement for Hillary Clinton.

The role of Bruce's WILLIS TOWER volcano prophecy in all this, was confirmed by his second civil wedding ceremony Friday in BEVERLY HILLS COP land. That lead to another sudden eruption of Demi steam and Ashton Lent period ash from Alaska's 3111 m Mt Redoubt fortress icon Friday evening, after a quieting down period, at:

It's no coincidence that a true 1950s 1960s era Baked Alaska, covered in flaming whipped egg whites, is always made with French Napoleon ice cream, i.e. chocolate, vanilla, and pink strawberry.

Based on college basketball's Final Four scenario at FORD FIELD in Detriot, I'll try to find a copy of 1983's pimp professor comedy DOCTOR DETROIT. Played out prophetically in and around Obama's Chicago gangland by his TRADING PLACES co-star Dan Akroyd. America's historic usurper of the US Constitution taught constitional law at some university in Chicago. So there should be some inspired Providential connections in it with alternate endings, at:

Another classic Obama Chicago movie would be THE BLUES BROTHERS. Based on Bruce Willis' blues band looking for that one last concert blast before the CAR 54 boys arrived. Not to mention all those inspired Chicago based John Hughes' movies, like the Kate Holmes look alike turkey baster prophecy, SHE'S HAVING A BABY, at

Gregory Scott Relf

Thursday, March 26, 2009


THE BOAT THAT ROCKED London had it's big rock'n roll premeire Monday night. Then the late night action moved over to Rhys Ifans' houseboat. That was probably still rocking when the 71' clam boat Lady Mary sank off Cape May, New Jersey's penis shaped peninsula Tuesday morning; drowning most of the crew at:

'I am the egg man' Paul McCartney was also at the swinging shag fest. Confirming the peninsula's nearby Egg Island Point, south of [England's] King Pond. Here's Sir Paul at:

Not to mention Mel Gibson's Lady Mary image on his ICON film logo. On Tuesday, they announced the recall of MAMA MELLACE'S NUT HUT Sweet&Salty Peanuts stuff at:

The same day Chuck Shumer's support for gay marriage was reported, they arrested that mental HALLOWEEN knife killer from Queens. Who stabbed some famous Barack Obama loving media pervert 50 times. One time for each of Obama's 50 states in the fataly divided union of REV.16.

The suicidal beast is eating it's own tail on the COMING TO AMERICA poster art at:

Note the poster's Madison Ave [dance] reference to Obama's transsexual ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy.

I bought 2004's pre-Obama MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE remake Wednesday at TARGET for $5. The receit was time-stamped at 3:30 pm.

There is a new earthquake swarm happening around Rt.111's Bombay Beach Chocolate Mountains location. That's why El Wood felt inspired to buy me a small box of seven fabulous chocolates around the time we visited Bellevue's BOMBAY art shop. On the same day an earthquake swam stuck the Bombay Beach, CA area.

Reportedly, Princess Keira is visiting her boyfriend on a movie set in Regina, [Queen] Canada for her 24th birthday. Right there on my R/M map is Pilot Butte. To the west on Hwy.1 is Moose Jaw, north of Old Wives Lake. Some years ago, the Lord appeared to me in a vision, and sat down on the grass by my patio chair, to sing "...There once was a man named Gregory... He was half Jew and half moose..." I think the passing of Natasha was some kind of a Canadian Bullwinkle the Moose sign.

Toronto's Mike Meyers was on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night. Showing us his oil paintings of the KFC bounty hunter, Colonel Sanders, posed next to his Annalynne McCord bride. Afterwards, I went upstairs for a bread pudding with walnuts custard snack, and found a new book of .99 cent KFK coupons lying on the stove. Placed next to a small bowl containing a canned Georgia peach half in light syrup.

Here's the pirate radio movie poster art at:
One of their top 80s DJs was a friend of my brother Jeff. Once he ripped his skin tight red leather pants while playing pool at our Utah place.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


"I love you man... [God]" Ashton Kutcher

The true meaning of Sunday's 3:30 pm plane crash in Butte, Montana was confirmed by Ashton's pre-crash photo of 4.6 year-old Demi's butt at Bruce's Turks [Arabs] Island wedding on the same weekend. All those Redlands, CA children, and their medical doctor parents, died amid the headstones at Holly Cross [4.6 crucifixion] Cemetery. Because they too were headed to the snow covered beginner kiddie ski slopes that killed Natasha. And put her into a cemetery grave on her very same funeral Sunday in Butte; requesting that all donations in her name be made to some anal sex AIDS research scam at:

This is the same cemetery in the original Mike Meyers HOLLOWEEN movie that features Obama's "SINCLAIR" tombstone prophecy. Confirmed by Letterman's announcement on Monday that he was married in Montana on Bruce Willis' CAR 54 birthday. After their pickup truck got stuck in the symbolic shit hole mud for hours. East of Mel's Gibson Resevoir dam landmark in Teton County, to mark the breaking engagemet news from legendary Teton 7 Mtns Jackson Hole pilot Harrison FORD. Harrison Ave takes you directly to the airport in Butte.

This whole thing looks like a lot of providential publicity for the upcoming 4.10 opening of HANNAH MONTANA: The Kids Movie.

Demi was steaming Ash/ton's suit. So that the kids could better understand why Alaska's frozen volcano started blasting steam and tons of ash that same Saturday; for the first time in 20 years. Confirming that prophetic volcano eruption in the bedroom of DANIEL's day 1290 prince. Which opens the COMING TO AMERICA prophecy about Obama's coming foreign African birth volcano atop Bruce's WILLIS TOWER movie.

For a second witness, there was a huge volcano wildfire in the African nation where Obama was actually born, at:

Obama's latest $$$ trillions plan fulfills the prophetic line in COMING TO AMERICA about, "The boy has got his own money!" with his picture on it.

After all the jokes about DANIEL's prince having gay sex in bathrooms; his Islamic design royal palace, Obama's [African] masks exhibit; calling his African queen an "alien"; the St Johns college basketball game; the Rev Brown's gay black awareness church band called SEXUAL CHOCOLATE; the gay 'Queens' apartment where Donald Young was murdered, by the Queen of Diamonds; the plan to rebuild Lincoln Park; Obama's Divinely foretold calling to "take out the [MLK] garbage..." COMING TO AMERICA's latter-day prophecy ends with a song over the final credits that goes:

"Oh say can you see... I'm coming to America..."

For an 'O' icon reference to MARK 13:14's prophecy about "...when ye shall see..." Obama's abomination of desolation administration no. 44.

Gregory Scott Relf

PS: Another British Natasha got married in Malibu on Saturday at:

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Obama's cocky con man forerunner, Axel Foley, wears a Detroit LIONS [beast] college Letterman jacket throughout BEVERLY HILLS COP II. As seen in this sunrise/sunset CD cover with penis pistol at:

All the film's Gerald Ford White House jokes indicate that it's prophetic time-frame relates directly to the Final Four events in bankrupt Detroit's FORD FIELD; scheduled for Jesus Christ's birthday and crucifixion date of April 6.

See how the Michigan monster beast is fixing to give Canada's boner icon a prophetic Larry Sinclair BJ, on America's special DOMINO coin quarter at:

Lion's Head, Hope Bay, Red Bay, etc. are all located on the above O/ntari/o peninsula. Obama's Port Hope is located on the Bay City monster's lower jaw. Lookout Point forms one of his 666 fangs.

Laying the groundwork for his 44 symbolism, BLACKBERRY Obama spoke to a group of Beverly Hills movie stars at FORD THEATER's grand re-opening on 2.11. A special prophetic REV.16 civil war presentation of the Gettysburg Address was played, featuring Jimmy Carter et al. In confirmation of Gettysburg, Penn's Adams County peanutbutter crap address.

This is why Obama appeared Providentially inside the symbolic Jay Leno theater on Bruce Willis' birthday. To joke about his day 129_ BIG LEBOWSKI bowling score at the White House lanes. Where the movie's halfbreed sex pervert 'Jesus' tells Walter, 'I'm gonna fuck you up... Wednesday'.

Amid the rumors of a Bruce Willis Voodoo wedding on some Caribbean island paradise this weekend, Bonnie Lake's uncanny look alike Bruce pulled up to STARBUCKS's post Friday. Sporting one of those shrunken head DOMINO Voodoo dolls hanging from his rear-view mirror. Inspired by that prophetic half black, and half white, Obama figure at the AMTRAK ending of LIVE AND LET DIE.

Next up is Hollywood's black Irish transsexual Eddie Murphy in the prophetic role of DANIEL's alien African prince, in 1988's COMING TO AMERICA. Where the foreigner tries to hide his true identity, in order to scam all the hot babes around Queens, NY in the 2008 election.

Here's what director John Landis had to say about America's future third world usurper:

"The guy on Trading Places was young and full of energy and curious and funny and fresh and great. The guy on Coming to America was the pig of the world – the most unpleasant, arrogant, bullshit entourage...just an asshole. However, Eddie is brilliant, and he and I have always worked together well; there’s never been an issue created. On Coming to America, we clashed quite a bit because he was such a pig; he was so rude to people. I was like, “Jesus Christ, Eddie! Who are you?” But I told him, “You can’t be late. If you’re late again, I quit.”

We had a good working relationship, but our personal relationship changed because he just felt that he was a superstar and that everyone had to kiss his ass. He was a jerk. But great – in fact, one of the greatest performances he’s ever given. The character he plays in Coming to America, Akeem, is so opposite of what Eddie really was: a gentleman, charming and elegant, as opposed to this jerk-off. Someone, I think it was James Earl Jones, used to say that when Eddie came on set, “It’s like an arctic wind.”

Gregory Scott Relf


Natasha's miraculous brain death ending, on a frozen snowy Canadian ski slope, was her final Divine role play for the brain dead daughters of Israel. BEVERLY HILLS 90210's Shemae Grimes is from Toronto. Natasha was from England. Her tall Jewish husband widower is from Ireland. Her REV.17 mother of whores figure is a classic ANIMAL FARM style Marxist pig. A real political cunt.

Check out this REV.17 Conover, NC sign, involving Utah's Washington County BIG LOVE show landmarks, at:

In Megan Fox's 70s TATTOO CONNECTION, the future Barry Obama homogaysexual shows up incognito at George's hotel room, hiding behind two HEAD tennis ball rackets.

Denise Brown was shot in the gut by a plumber's V-tip hunting arrow last Sunday. When she was dropping off a friend, after church, at some NYC wheelchair care center. See the two arrows in this Kate Holmes medicine wheel 'V' icon portrait of the ten virgins prophecy at:

The report is at:

Last Saturday at the library, Jesus said print out the following Ron Hubbard fake and throw it into the trash. When I went to toss it inside their nearby copy room, I got a strong impression to instead throw it into the outside trash can. Where I found a post card lying on top from Scientology. Asking some Deborah Turner lady to become an auditor at their 'ASHO DAY' program, that stands for 'American Saint Hill Organization' at:

The trim bald guy who showed up on Bruce Willis' 54th birthday to clean the DIE HARD air ducts, was an amazing younger 40ish Willis look alike. Only he had darker, olive skin, and spoke with an Arab accent.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Axel's prophetic gay Barack Obama con man illegally occupies the White House in 1987's BEVERLY HILLS COP II, complete with large frontal Greek columns, by lying about his true identity and intentions. Declaring to a remodeling foreman that the newly whitewashed place has too many "right angles" and should to be round, like Al Gort's UFO flying saucer.

His bold Beverly Hills scam, pulled off in bright daylight, was amazingly easy. Because the Israelite home owners were away on vacation in the LOST paradise islands of Obama's Hawaii. Only a few years after Obama himself attended college in Los Angeles on a foreign student aid program.

Basically, the fools just gave it all away without a fight. Like the naive National Guard vet George Bush, telling America's Mad House media Sunday that the Republicans need to be more "inclusive". While the news was breaking about Sacha Baron Cohen's gay peanutbutter brown "Bruno" tricking the Alabama Nat Guard into letting him train in uniform at their military academy in Anniston, AL; along Rt.21, off I-20, by America's famous boner map icon at Jenifer. Right there is Munford, for the "MUMFORD Phs. Ed." T-shirts that the homogaysexual Axel wears in both BHCs.

BHC II revolves around a gun club's special made exotic .44 bullets. That will help the two witnesses cops track down Letterman's "Alphabet Code" FDR/LBJ/MLK style robberies. Which include the Democratic Party's future robbery of America's federal banking system.

The heavier witness cop, Taggart, who is always smoking a Rush Limbaugh cigar, has got Axel's future gay Obama figure all figured out. When he looks at the White House and remarks, "If he's here, he must be robb'n the place."

Meanwhile, back in this season's FINAL FOUR college basketball destination of Gerald Ford's Detroit, Axel's cop buddy Jeff is driving around town in a red FERRARI threesome with Scarlett Johansson and some blonde version of the future BEVERLY HILLS 90210 co-star Shemae Grimes.

I followed up Sunday's VHS screening of BHC II with a surprise dvd copy of 1974's original classic Charles Bronson DEATH WISH prophecy, discovered at WAL*MART. The Gov Blago look alike movie ends in Chicago at Abraham Lincoln's Union Station. With the greeting by a man named Fred Brown, under a sign that reads "...SEE THE SEARS TOWER" That has now been changed to the Bruce WILLIS TOWER.

Gov Blago always complained that Illinois' senate was acting like the 'judge, jury, and executioner' at:

Around the time I had that black "BLAGOJEVICH" playing card flash vision, I also had a vivid dream that I was attending the birthday party of one of his two little daughters. All the kids had brought their own homemake birthday cakes, covered with various chocolate frostings, spread unevenly over their imperfectly shaped creations. At one point, his small Olsen twins girl looked me straight in the eyes with a frightened and pleading expression, that said, 'My family is in trouble..." Then Mrs Blagojevich asked me to "project" a prayer over the refreshments. Which struck me as a strange choice of words, and I woke up feeling very sad.

Gov Blago spent some early college years in Malibu for a Providential introduction to the cheap "I love you man..." hypocrisy of Hollywood politics. The Central European Charles Bronso look atype reminds me of a stock 50s character. I'm thinking the Israelitish man is a possible Danite, at:

DEATH WISH starts out on vacation in Hawaii. Then takes off back home in NYC with a blonde Martha Stewart wife by THE CHECKOUT; introducing the film's future time-frame number on the cash register with a .57 cents charge. Then three theiving political thugs, who look like James Carville, Jeff Goldblum, and a very young Bruce Springsteen, follow her home for some good old fashion CLOCKWORK ORANGE action on a chocolate Rockie Road icecream sofa with her younger Caroline Kennedy type daughter. Who gets her high society socialist peanutbutter shitter painted all red by the REV.17 beastie boys.

Eventually, Bronson's .32 shooter goes out west to the desert "abomination of desolation" country in John McCaine's Arizona. Where Obama's 42 month gang is harassing America's famous 60ish looking Charles Bronson figure at:

Before too long, the heat is put on Bronson's reformed gospel of Paul persona, to get out of town. As the PC cops start harassing him, while Scotland's future talk show host Craig Ferguson, who has been following the protagonist's GSR/TWN blog closely, watches their "spread your legs" gay jokes with a mix of disgust and fascination. Giggling about Monday's grand opening of NYC's new South Ferry subway station, on the same day I saw DEATH WISH's subway shooting of some Joe Adams and a Mr Reach.

Gregory Scott Relf

Saturday, March 14, 2009

90210 COP

When I reviewed 1984's BEVERLY HILLS COP some years ago, it was obvious that the slick cocaine mob figure was an inspiration from God about America's future no.42 boss Bill Clinton. Who didn't mess around with any flunkies who threatened to expose his Arkansas Angel Fire, New Mexico connections.

Now it has become quite clear, that the illegal invasion of his Whitehouse mansion complex, by Eddie Murphy's self destructive transsexual Obama forerunner, is what will finally stop the Democrats' 666 gangland judges outfit.

In the future American Sodom and Egypt of BEVERLY HILLS COP, the gays are running everything.

Today's prophetic time line is quickly established by an amazing blue super hero poster for THE WATCHMEN. When ROLLING 1290 STONE magazine's Axelrod reporter enters the gay art gallery in Beverly [7] Hills, and passes a headless White Horse Prophecy sculpture to look at the chopped off heads of various Republicans, including Sarah Palin. Displayed next to a piece depicting today's white man in 42 month MLK slave chains.

Without the corrupt culture of today's MLK fascism, MARK/DANIEL's illegal abomination of desolation con man would never have been elected to the highest office in America; due primarily to the color of his skin.

Basically, Axel's black cop from Detroit is a con man, in white BEVERLY HILLS COP. A con man sent by God to destroy the great latter-day con job by the new 666 Letterman beast. Created by lost Israelites thinking and acting like third world gentiles.

The fact that Obama's mother once lived on Judah's African shaped Mercer Island, located in Lake Washington [DC], Providentially indicates that she was Jewish. Which makes Obama almost as Jewish as his centralized power-loving mentor Abraham Lincoln. Corroborated by the fact that Hawaii's present female governor is also Jewish. Who has been legally stonewalling the legal vault containing Obama's only genuine birth certificate.

The new healed 666 beast was fully revealed in the 42nd administration's 1260 days era of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; even Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. Confirmed by the LA [Beverly Hills] action just taken against Anna Nicole Smith's REV.17 lover pill-boy assassin Howard K Stern. Howard Stern has often declared that he is society's IBS EXLAX pill.

Eddie's beast figure starts out in apartment 314 in Detroit, thereby re-establishing my first screening of the film in many years, for the full context of today's 3.14 date.

Bill Clinton's offical looking smuggled bearer-bond certificates from Germany, in BEVERY HILLS COP, are yet another DIE HARD representation of Barack Obama's hidden birth certificate. Like this week's German teenage girls shooter, the air ducts shooter in DIE HARD is also German.

All this was confirmed by Thursday's breaking news that the SEARS tower in Obama's Chicago gangland has just been re-named the WILLIS TOWER. By it's new London based tenants from the WILLIS GROUP insurance company.

Gregory Scott Relf

NOTE: Here's a good 90210 site at:

Like the Team Obama media, Axel often plays the race card in BHC. While repeating "I love you man..."

Axel's gay lover was murdered in a mob hit, by someone he knew and didn't resist. The same way that Obama's gay lover Donald Young was shot, execution style, by someone who peacefully entered his apartment on familiar terms.

Chinatown's black usurper nicknamed Barry, communicates with his Chicago contacts etc. using an untrace'able BLACKBERRY. While ordering the release of George Bush's past emails for his great "transparency" con.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It came to light Wednesday, that lost Israel's 4.10 birthday girl, Mandy Moore, held her shitty ADAMS PEANUTBUTTER wedding in FORCES OF NATURE's Savannah, Georgia. On the same day that crazy shooter, with her same MM initials, went ape shit down in Alabama's peanut farm country along the Pea River at:

The suicidal Manchurian candidate shooter was recently fired from a pork sausage plant. Confirming the tragic event's Providential sychronism with Washington's 410 pork bill production. He also worked at a factory that manufactures metal heating and A/C air ducts.

Wednesday's German Nazi shooter went for the teenage girls at his Albertville, Germany school. Firing the exact same 9mm BERETTA used in LETHAL WEAPON. Thereby confirming the abomination of desolation's order on Wednesday to establish an offical Whitehouse Council for cloning teenager Femi-Nazis.

"The purpose of this Council is to ensure that American women and girls are treated fairly in all matters of [fascistic] public policy," Obama said.

You can read up on what God thinks about Obama's latest abomination at:

Albertville, Alabama is near Nixons Chaple, for the Nixon dead end reference in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy about Barack Obama.

The same day GG booked that $99 special AFA duct cleaning for Bruce Willis' 3.19 birthday, I saw new blog pics of Willis wearing a USA flag cap. For the company's Obama 'O' icon flag logo at:

A naked suicidal man decided to body surf Niagara's Horseshoe Falls Wednesday; hoping that the falls' BLUE CRUSH would get him. That horseshoe scarred brainwashed astronaut in PLANET OF THE APES was basically in naked animal skins. Last Sunday's Horseshoe Lake Bible shooter must have put a bullet right through REVELATIONS' warning about worshipping the 666 beast.

Maryville's ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW church shooting happened on the eve of MILK's dvd release.

"And the fifth angel poured out his [penis] vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their [AIDS] pains and their [AIDS] sores, and repented not of their deeds." REV.16:10-11

Now would be a good time to review 1984's BEVERLY HILLS COP prophecies; I&II. Starring Hollywood's well known transsexual cross-dresser Eddie Murphy as "Axel", in the future role of Barack Obama; for an inspired allusion to Obama's homodefacto buddy Axelrod . DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY [7] HILLS's high society types probably voted 80% for Obama. About half of them up there are Jewish.

Here's a great ape portrait of today's supreme court judges, and their media lap dog chows, at:

Gregory Scott Relf

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The 111th Congress passed their $410 B spending bill to set the stage for DOMINO's ...410... bounty hunter ending. Confirmed by that MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE shooter who went ape shit in and around Samson, Alabama. The Bible's Danite Samson being the original Manchurian suicide candidate who brought down the day 1290 temple of a corrupt high society.

Martha Stewart's beloved Chinatown ape 'chow' was killed in a kennel fire in Carbon County, Penn, not in Monday's kennel fire on Cape Cod. The PAZZAZZ kennel is located off Hwy.9 for the 70 weeks scenario in DANIEL 9. The word 'chow' being a Martha cooking reference to today's ape diet chow, devoid of whole wheat, that causes all those birth defects that Obama wants to cure with Nazi 666 science. The Carbon County context would also be a carbon pollution reference to metalic cancer toxics etc. in the environment. Which still need to be reduced by at least half. George Taylor crash landed in a poisoned lake in PLANET OF THE APES.

Sodom and Egypt's MILK movie came out on DVD for Purim Tuesday; about a gay guy getting shot by some crazy man.

PS North Korea: I wouldn't mess with the crazy Manchurian candidate if I were you. Who is going to need a timely distraction. His prophetic movie takes place during the Korean war; which still has not been resolved. Like it says in the Book of Mormon, "It is by the wicked that the wicked are punished." And you fascist apes need to be humbled so that the gospel of Christ can be taught in your land. Same thing goes for Iran et al, and even modern Israel. Who is stonewalling the existance and return of the lost ten tribes of Ephraim.

"The lion and the unicorn are the ensign of Israel" Joseph Smith.

Here's some basic historic background on the two ensign nations of Israel [Ephraim] and Judah at:

Now might be a good time to update Clint Eastwood's 1978 movie EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Captain "Bright Eyes" climbs into his rocket ship's flight chamber bed when their earth-time clock reads out Princess Keira's 3.26 birth date; earth-year 26/73 AD. Wearing the latest king RALPH LAUREN flight gear, featured in Sunday's NYT, he goes to sleep making the REV.11 Egyptian mummy pose with his crossed arms.

In no time, they crash land into Lake Powell's redish lifeless abomination of desolation country. And soon find themselves being chased through an Iowa corn-holer field by apes on their high horses. Then he gets tossed into some science lab's animal cage with a hot Megan Fox look alike at:

Before eventually uttering the classic 1968 movie's most famous line:

"Take your stinking paws off me you damned dirty ape!"

"It's a mad house!" screams Bright Eyes to the three supreme court apes. Who are making the classic 'See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil" monkey pose. About the well known obvious fact that Barack Obama is not even a US citizen, much less a natural born citizen, as required by the US Constitution. And that Obama is a widely known homosexual who is involved in the murder of his former gay lover Donald Young.

The brainwashed horseshoe scar on the head of Bright Eyes' fellow astronaut, was confirmed by the mindless preacher who got shot Sunday near Madison, Ill's Horseshoe Lake, along Rt.111, north of Washington Park. Reportedly, the crazy 27 year-old Bible shooter in Mel's [Virgin] Maryville was suffering from the effects of a blood sucking tick bite. Nearby Stonebridge Golf Club is for Lake Powell's red Rainbow Mon stone bridge.

The status of today's blind, deaf, and silent, Chinatown judges was confirmed by the sad kennel fire death of Martha Stewart's redish brown Chinese chow dog Friday; near Ted Kennedy's place on the popular homosexual Cape Cod destination. [My French X wife had the exact same kind of dog.] You can see their typical ape looking faces at:

Speaking of Lake [officer] Powell signs. Granny Grass got a $99 mail-coupon offer to clean her heating ducts from AMERICAN FRESH AIR [public radio]. They were able to schedule her in on Bruce Willis' 3.19 birth date. Confirming those scenes of the DIE HARD actor crawling around in air ducts atop the 20TH CENTURY FOX tower.

Another Mel Gibson corn crop sign happened last week when a small dog was rescued from a butt hole icon sewage drain pipe in Mehlville, MO. West of Mel's Koch Rd reference on my R/M map to his HECKLER&KOCH lethal weapon cock sucker signs. No wonder I found a surprise double feature dvd of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, and PLANET OF THE APES, the week before at TARGET.

Bright Eyes tells Liz Hurley's SIMIAN FILMS judges that "It's been [70] weeks..." at the start of his famous religion vs science court hearing. That was Monday morning, earth time, for yours truly. The same day that Obama confirmed the apes' Nazi science experiments with his order to have scientists start monkeying around with human stem cells.

Finally, the chief ape reads from their 29th scroll at the end. That basically says 'Beware the beast man killer... who kills his [Donald Yound] brother... for power and gain... Who makes a desert [desolation] of his home..." in the eastern desert of the future country.

Then George sees the fallen Staue of Liberty lying upon lost Israel's REV.13:1 sands of the sea.

Gregory Scott Relf

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The Hawaiian BLUE CRUSH party scene at the Whitehouse is confirmation of little Penny's prophetic name reference to Obama's fake copper civil war Lincoln coin. See:

After Obama's day 1290 health care summit, 6 people, including 2 kids, died in a [surfer] van collision near the Lincoln County line Friday, in the new beast's New Mexico, west of the famous Roswell alien invasion site, at:

The Hwy.70 location was about Mel's 70 weeks character looking for his 70k in 1999's PAYBACK. Looks like DANIEL 9's 70 weeks scenario will finally unfold literally during Obama's 44th administration. When the holy city starts to break up into three parts, for the sake of the righteous. According to the alternate Larry Sinclair ending of THE BREAKUP's vagina rug prophecy. That featured all those gay cowboys and Indians.

Near Obama's New Deal, Texas Friday, 3 kids were dead among the 5 foolish virgins killed in another, second witness same day crash, at:

Obama's 25 classic movies gift for Gordon Brown was God's cue to watch 1968's classic PLANET OF THE APES; filmed in and around the prophetic Lake [Collin] Powell red rock landmarks.

The film's crashed space ship would represent Utah's St George Republicans, etc. 1968's gentile prophecy came out the same year that MLK was shot on 4.4 with a deer hunting rifle in modern Egypt's Memphis, Tenn. The 19666s movie ends with a fallen Statue of Liberty. To mark the red planet Mars lake's Rainbow Bridge Nat Mon., White Canyon, Monument Valley, [Of Washington, Lincoln, FDR, MLK, JFK...] etc.

Some black guy who killed 5 family members in 570' Cleveland, shot himself dead, MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE style, Friday. While Gov Terminator was telling everyone in Ohio to "never worry", at:

Bruce Willis' directing debut got all queered up because he was trying to run away from his inspired [Collin] Powell DIE HARD prophecy.

Reportedly, Obama has been invited to meet with England's Queen of Diamonds before the G20 meet. London being a major African diamond trade location.

Here's the latest White Horse Prophecy fulfillment. Demonstrating high society's contempt for the US Constitution, at:

Doesn't Judge James Robertson look just like another one of today's eerie mainline D&C 86 religion leaders? They are truly the bland leading the bland. These doomed Ken Star types have no idea what is coming. They couldn't handle the first page at:

Too icky poo.

"While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept."

Matthew 25:5

Gregory Scott Relf

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Gordon Brown will be only the fifth British prime minister to ever address the US Congress. Marking it's prophetic Rt.111 Chocolate [brown] Mtns session, with a Divine confirmation of the March 4th date number '3.04' on those jail lockers in the opening of DOMINO's 666 bounty hunter prophecy. Which also bear my Hwy.410 context formed by the double '104104' pipe signs. Wherein Domino is asked 'Where's the money?'

The prophetic Big Brown race horse connection to the abomination of desolation is established by PM Brown's support for basically all of Obama's 666 agenda. That started out in the western mountains of NYC's famous naked MIDNIGHT COWBOY singer at:

The REV.17 beast's seven mountains location of Denver, Colorado for the DNC beast, was forecast by that huge 32' Blue Mustang sculpture that killed it's creator, BLUE CRUSH style. When a large chunk broke off and fell on top of him on the Olsen twin's 20th birthday; in the new beast's New Mexico. See what I mean at:

[New readers: The number 20 is symbolic of all things alien and unnatural, or out of place. Things that don't belong where they are.]

In BLUE CRUSH's prophetic stoner [political] party scene, a fight starts up over little Penny's irresponsible behavior, while "...it's almost over now..." rocks the black rap music score. Then America's future black Hawaiian party leader dude steps in to break it up and declares "We're over this... Turn the music up!" i.e. no more debate and arguing! It's time to politically party like it's 1999, and create the ultimate bipartisan/bisexual 666 paradise on earth.

Confirmed immediately by the timely drowning of BLUE CRUSH'S two NFL players off the blue waters of THE FAT SPY's Florida.

The TATTOO CONNECTION is made in today's Chinatown, USA when Obama's 1977 diamond bounty hunter tells George [Bush] that he was sent to "checkmate" him for trying to play both sides. The same way that he checkmated John McCain for doing the exact same old foolish "new tone" thing.

Gov Blago's "six figure deal" to rat out Obama's 666 Chicago mob outfit was confirmation of Jim Kelly's "6 million dollar man" in TATTOO CONNECTION. The film's Queen of Diamonds robbery took place on Clearwater Bay Road, Hong Kong, for those NFL players putting their doomed fishing boat in at the bay by Clearwater, Florida, and nearby Sunshine Mall. The same area where Megan Fox moved to as a ten year-old tattoo free virgin.

TATTOO CONNECTION has many artistic qualities that are unintentionally similar to Woody Allen's classic re-dubbed Japanese egg salad spy movie, WHAT'S UP TIGER LILY? at:

Like Woody's movie poster suggests, those who eat the sacred secret Easter egg salad recipe will become younger.

Right before I found TC, Granny Grass had made a delicious egg potato salad. That gave both of us a horrible case of REV.10 heartburn from the imported [Adriana] Lima, Peru "sweet" onions she used. I was amazed when the film's old diamond cutter ordered three hot babes as part of his deal to help the outfit. Before he fooled everyone and swallowed the large stolen "North Pole Star" rock. That the Chinese mob boss had joked about giving to his beautiful Hwy.666 fiance.

Gregory Scott Relf