Saturday, May 31, 2014


Donald Trump's big mistake was that he offered to give his $50,000,000 [DEAD OR ALIVE] reward money to some gay ass pussy whipped mainstream NPR type charity foundation. Instead of offering to give his tax free mega bucks to anybody for any reason whatsoever. ~ ~ Jesus Christ already! Either put up or shut up. ~ ~ Is this America, or is this some perverted half Jew Hollywood, USA version of America? ~ ~ You want some slimy liberal asshole Jew fuck up at Harvard to cough up Obama's illegal alien college records? Then stop pussy footing around like Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern. ~ ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ Loose lips sink ships; Yada Yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NYLE SMITH NOTES: Many of you are still hung up on the fact that I still owe Nyle three months in back rent, circa 1990. ~ ~ Therefore, please send me your current snail mail address to and I will cut a check out for the same amount; plus triple damages. ~ ~ This offer is good for only the first 20 people of course. ~ ~ WEIRD NEWS NOTES: KOMO's Ken Scram just died on Friday, at age 66.6, after a long and slow painful death. Because he too believed in the 1964 civil rights act for nazi homos. ~ ~ Just like Clyde Lewis and Sean Hannity and Brad Pitt, et al. ~ ~ FRIENDS WITH MONEY NOTES: No, really. At this point in time, I AM is only interested in your money. Maybe later we can be friends and lovers. Once you pay me what you owe me. ~ ~ CBS RADIO NEWS NOTES: As reported at 4:00 pm PST, various Illinois state counties are now going to be offering quickie group weddings for gays; Reverend Moon style. ~ ~ I could very well be wrong about this one. So you might want to check it out at ~ ~ Remember, this is the same NYC Jew network that is still reporting that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

Friday, May 30, 2014


My gut tells me that the PISTOL ANNIES style shooter in Santa Barbara has something to do with Katy Perry's new PRIZMATIC rainbow colors tour. Since she was born in that area and raised up by a couple of crazy apostate Christian parents who voted for the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ As did most of the leadership of today's RLDS Mormon church in SLC, Utah. ~ ~ Hey, sometimes you screw the pooch, and sometimes the pooch screws you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CAPTAIN RON REMAKE NOTES: Any kind of a CAPTAIN RON remake rescue-movie featuring the Beaver as the same boy in the original picture [22 years later] would have to include a boat load of hot virgin 19 year-old Hollywood sensations. ~ ~ What? You still don't believe that Chloe Moretz and Hailee Stienfeld could play 19? ~ ~ That is like saying that you are not going to put one single dollar into any movie that would have an Ariana Grande walking around on deck in a topless bikini. ~ ~ Yeah, right. And Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ ~ KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN TIME LINE NOTES: Someone has just ratted out Obama, according to this new underground London link at: ~ ~ One would be amazed by what can happen when you drag $50,000,000 in cash through some white trash trailer park.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Last night at 1:39 am Jesus whispered a few secrets in my ear. Giving me a two weeks notice about 1992's CAPTAIN RON prophecy. Wherein I finally recover my former wife's love boat yacht down in Miami on 6.12. ~ ~ Based upon the fact that Elliot Rod/gers never even got to fuck one woman in the past 22 years. ~ ~ So know he gets to win the two witnesses' mega dittos lottery and start fucking two hot teenagers at a time onboard Dr Savage's twin VOLVO that is still tied up and tied down somewhere in Marin County, California. ~ ~ Plus, I get to drive around in Michael's mint condition 1969 XKE convertible that was featured in the 52 PICKUP propjecy that was produced by those two old school Jew cousins back in the Democrat Reaganite 1980s. ~ ~ Who were the providential forerunners to the two related Coen brothers. ~ ~ Much like Magnum gets the keys to drive that BOXER FERRARI all he wants; as later confirmed by Ariana Lima's rather strange interest in boxing as a workout hobby. ~ ~ Hey, whatever turns you on baby. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VA SCANDAL NOTES: I tend to agree with my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy Barack Obama. Today's white Christian war veterans are basically just a bunch of John McCain type RHINO cry babies who need to die and go away, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ BACK STORY NOTES: See: ~ ~ FUCKING RUG UPDATE: That millionaire MICROSOFT dude from Seattle has just offered 2B for the CLIPPERS in the same spirit that Donald Trump has just offered $50,000,000 to anyone who can produce Barack Obama's real birth certificate.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Madonna's amazing 1980s LIKE A VIRGIN prophecy was about the time when the five foolish virgins in MATTHEW 25 would get locked out of The Kingdom of God for security reasons. ~ ~ Because they needed to suffer a very painful and therapeutic death at the hands of the niggers and the illegal aliens who they are now helping to invade EZE.38 Israel. Which would then allow them to come back later in the first resurrection. ~ ~ After they had finally learned their last heartfelt Sunday school lesson. ~ ~ Believe it or not. A lot of people who vote Democrat are actually good people. Who just need to die from a painfully excruciating death right now in order that they can see the eternal light of Jesus at the end of THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING prophecy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FOOL'S GOLD NOTES: That Isla Vista shooter looked like Santa Barbara's native light skinned homosexual son Michael Jackson. Who once owned a private zoo for multimillionaire monkeys from Africa and Indonesia in the same area. ~ ~ Think Barack Obama spoke at West Point on the same day that the brown skinned REV.17 mother of LBJ's Civil Rights fascism movement died. In other words, there is no place for Marxism in The Kingdom of God; not to mention modern Mormonism or Catholicism. ~ ~ COMMENCEMENT TALK NOTES: Jesus Christ is Lord. There is no place in America for the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of the 19666s, or FDR's unconstitutional Third Way New Deal known as Social Security; nor the new unconstitutional abomination of desolation, a.k.a. Obamacare. And there is definitely no place in America for a fascistic military machine that promotes and defends by force homosexuality and democratic socialism; which is only new and improved born again fascism. I AM is the 12th I-Man of the lost northern 12 tribes of Israel. Even the future King of England; who is the masonic leader of the illuminati plot to dominate the world, based in London.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


In that 911 cash-the-check prophecy called THE BIG LEBOWSKI, the future Walter figure at says that they are going to kill that young woman at: ~ ~ Metaphorically speaking of course. ~ ~ Ergo, when the first brown president was ever elected in America, he immediately bounced a $1,000,000,000,000 check for all the third world niggers, illegal aliens, and long haired urban white dudes who look like Jesus, who who who... had voted for him. ~ ~ Therefore, there was a gigantic brown mud slide in Obama's Color/ado on the same day that Emma Watson got her English degree for reformed marxism at Brown. ~ ~ In accordance with the huge mud slide's mesa bluff location that represented the Bonney Lake, Washington plateau opening to THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PLOT TWIST NOTES: That 60 seconds twister in North Dakota, south of [Bruce] Williston, happened due north of Mormon Butte; just off of the Cherry River. ~ ~ WELL HUNG NOTES: That porn star who drives a black BMW3 in THE BIG LEBOWSKI looks rather Dutch to me. ~ ~ BIG PICTURE NOTES: That blond long hair dude who works for my Jackie Treehorn figure in the above movie represents a physically transfigured Terry McKnight. Who used to make a killing working the Colorado State Fair every year with his cheap computer printout blowup photos of all those poor little illegal aliens. Basically, he was just printing out a string of $5 bills, one a minute, for about 10 hours a day, for two weeks; which cost him around two cents a paper. ~ ~ And why not? Jesus loves everyone, rich or poor. ~ ~ Because he knows who is good for it. And who is not good for it, in the long run.

Monday, May 26, 2014


The reason why a CRY-BABY remake, co-starring the Beaver's Believers and Lady Gaga, is so important right now is because today's Christian Mormon squares still do not believe or understand that the original 1990 movie's bad boy 'Drapes' represented the temple veils in that LOVE SHACK prophecy by THE B-52s. ~ ~ Wherein the sex cult film's older "Smut King' eventually turns into my heroic Cry-Baby King. Who was born in the back seat of Granny Grass' CADILLAC, like they sing about in THE CLASH's album entitled LONDON CALLING. ~ ~ What? You still are not a believer? Even though you can clearly see Allison Roth, Emma Watson, and Juliet Lewis in the audience? ~ ~ No one is more blind or deaf than he who will not see or hear. ~ ~ Hence that surprise 3-way triangle ring-a-ding orgasm cue at the end of the film's prophetic performance that represents Rusty's hearing aid specialists; who keep testing his ring tones etc. In order to restore a measure of his 1260 days hearing that he had back around 1993-1996. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEENAGER MOVIE NOTES: If Chloe Moretz can lip-sync sing pretty good, I would cast her in the role of Allison in the CRY-BABY remake. If they can't get her, and want to go for something ever more kinky, I would go ahead and cast Ariana Grande. Not only can she sing for real, but she is finally starting to look almost old enough to play the original virgin high school girl role. ~ ~ Plus, you could probably get Ms. Grande for union scale minimum wages; if the back end deal is right. ~ ~ Whatever. Remember, it's a John Waters movie. So bad campy acting and bad campy lip syncing is only a plus. ~ ~ PRODUCER NOTES: If we can get Chloe to play the part where yours truly finally gets to feel her up, why not go with Rihanna for the 1950s Negro music voice-overs?

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Like I could give a fuck if some old 1980s style Reagan Democrat FARTMAN figure still refers to African Americans as blacks. Because he doesn't want his half black girlfriend to be fucking any of those NBA big foot niggers who might have the REV.9 AIDS virus plague. ~ ~ Hey Rusty, half of the NBA teams are owned by Jews, and the other half are owned by half Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FORGOTTEN MEMORIES NOTES: At the end of the 1980s Reaganite MAGNUM P.I. series' episode entitled BACK FROM THE SEA, a middle-aged British vet with died hair rescues the Hollywood, America vet; which ended with a Lake Tapps, Bonnie Lake, Washington memorial salute to the brave men who died in that M.A.S.H. potatoes prophecy that came out during the Viet Nam war. ~ ~ Think the tall Jewish John Kerry actor meets the tall half Jewish John Wayne. ~ ~ WAG THE DOG: II NOTES: Barack Obama suddenly showed up in Afganistan because of the pending GIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICA scandal that is about to break, like at: ~ ~ BROWN CANDY NOTES: Based on today's Black Sea election results in the Uk, I would be watching the WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCKOLATE CANDY FACTORY billionaire prophecy later tonight; don't have a copy though. ~ ~ WHITE HOUSE MOLE NOTES: As Barack Obama's most private and personal advisor, I would advise him to not listen anymore to conservative talk radio. If they are still too afraid, and too weak, and too childish to even tell the basic truth about you, why would you ever need to be afraid of them? ~ ~ Just keep on doing what God wants you to do; and fuck them and the 666 horse that they rode in on.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I didn't hear about that Memorial Day weekend shooter in Santa Barbara until the morning after I saw Tom Selleck shooting all of those people on a crowded sidewalk with his war veteran's semi-auto .45. ~ ~ So have a look at the dude who looks like a creepy physically transfigured version of that gay guy in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, at: ~ ~ Ain't David Lynch style Buddhist karma a bitch. ~ ~ Even when it is a bit melodramatic and over the top. Just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JOHN WATERS: You either make another breakout actor sequel to CRY BABY, co-starring the Beaver and an older Lady Gaga, or else. If the money is right of course. And I get to play that old guy with the die job who drives a mint condition 1950s HUDSON. Who doesn't give a fuck if Jennifer Aniston or Carey Mulligan are married or not. ~ ~ [I gotta start somewhere, even before the physical transfiguration kicks in; because I need the money now, not later.] ~ ~ MAGNUM P.I. NOTES: Most fans of the 1980s Ronald Reagan tv show would say that MEMORIES ARE FOREVER: I&II was Tom Selleck's most crazy and angry dark role of the entire 1980-1988 series. ~ ~ NOTES FOR CHRISTIAN MORMON DUMMIES: The Iranian rug that ties the room together in THE BIG LEBOWSKI is a vagina icon. Hence the "hard on" phone call recording when we first get a good look at it. I.e. it ties together the left and right two witnesses in the room who are both fucking the whore of Babylon in REV.17, etc. The 1998 movie's naive fainthearted character named Donnie represents Provo, Utah's Donnie Osmond. Who is completely out of his element when it comes to last days prophecy. And lays down and plays dead when he can't stand to see the righteous arguing with the unrighteous; just like a little girl. ~ THIGH CUISINE NOTES: The right wing militia who is loyal to the king and queen just shut down the corrupt marxist statist media in Thailand. Because that deadly historic 9.1 beach party earthquake that happened over there was a prelude to the earthquake in REV.16 that is going to humble Barack Obama, George Bush Sr. Bill Clinton, and David Letterman and Jay Leno. Not to mention the new pope of Greenwich Village and that mormon church President imposter in SLC, UT. ~ ~ CRAZY HEART NOTES: Last I heard, Jeff Bridges still lives somewhere up around the Santa Barbara area where Sandra Bullock got married to that crazy motorcycle dude 'until death do us part'. Think 52 PICK UP meets DEATH WISH V at the Cannes Film Festival side-markets in the 1980s. Where the negative film pick-up distribution deals were as hot as the underaged A-list wanna be actresses who would do anything onboard Herald Robbin's 91' yacht. Hence Keira Knightley's passion for trashy paperback novels.

Friday, May 23, 2014


On closed line Friday, Rusty asked his vast apostate Christian audience, "Who thinks like that?" Answer, anyone with half a brain and two fully functioning ears on both sides of his head thinks like that. ~ ~ New Readers: If you have no idea what I AM is talking about, then you are probably one of those prideful know-it-all mormons that the Lord talks about at; who are not listening to the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; prophesied of in REV.11 and 2 NEPHI 8, etc. ~ ~ Based upon that repeated 1980s BURGER KING slogan in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ What? You still don't know what the fuck I am talking about? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HOLLYWOOD INSIDER NOTES: Don't see this link if you still don't know who I AM is. It might only add insult to injury, like at: ~ ~ 1970-1980s MOVIE QUOTES: "You either do it my way, or you take the highway." Sylvester Stallone; talking about RAMBO I,II,III,IV,V,VI, and VII... I DID IT MY WAY NOTES: If that little skinny-ass blue eyes guy from Jersey named Frank Sinatra could make a go of it in the movies, there is no reason in the world that you Jew boys can't make my adopted son a major Hollywood movie star. If you know what is good for you. ~ ~ COSA NOSTRA NOTES: Notice how the Israelitish daughters of Palermo, like Ariana Grande, have been taught from a very young age to not let anybody on the outside know what they are thinking. Hence the blank stare in their eyes. ~ ~ In other words, I am that filthy rich Jackie Treehorn figure in Malibu who just wants what belongs to him, and nothing more. You can have the rest. ~ ~

Thursday, May 22, 2014

MARK 13:14 MEETS 3 NEPHI 20: 1-46

When we see today's rather strange Catholic Pope replacement icon who is desecrating all those Greek columns temples featured in the 1971-1973 ROMA prophecy arrive in Israel, we will be seeing a Divine version of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ Because 66.6% of the arrogant apostate Jews in Israel are going to deserve to die since they tried to kill off all the Jesus Loves You people in America; a.k.a the New Jerusalem of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: Seen any UFO aliens lately? ~ ~

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


BYU's iconic ex-quarterback just sued the NFL for all those pain pills that they were giving him while he was playing the butt-pitcher position for Barack Obama's prophetic Danite BEARS team in Chicago. ~ ~ Talk about the proverbial "quarterback sneak" player on the one yard score line. ~ ~ Ergo, Walter shouts "OVER THE LINE!!" in my own private 1998 prophecy entitled THE BIG LEBOWSKI, and then he has to flash his sex pervert .45 piece when the long hair Buddhist mutt dog fuck figure does not take him seriously. ~ ~ This being the film's prophetic KING RALF character named 'Walter' that is an unintentional future homage to the latter-day prophet named Walter at ~ ~ Folks sometimes look at my 31 year-old family portrait hanging on the wall in Granny Grass' split-entry stairs hall and wonder 'What happened to Greg?" ~ ~ Well, I'll tell you what happened; the SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS is what happened to me. Wherein due to the upcoming blood cleansing work in the Lord's endowment houses, I eventually look like I AM is about 29 years-old. ~ ~ And you will too, once you get your head out of your/his ass. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LIMBO NOTES: Rush Limbaugh's addiction to post back surgery pain pills was a SPINAL TAP prophecy. ~ ~ The jumbo size Walter character in THE BIG LEBOWSKI is big enough to be a former NFL player of course. Therefore his line in the above movie that goes, "Our troubles are over dude..." or something like that. [Note the indoor sports arena style theater seating in the scene.] ~ ~ BFD NOTES: Wow! Obama don't give a fuck about the VA. Good for him. Most of you phony garlic-baloney apostate Christian conservatives don't really give a fuck about the proven fact that he is not even a US citizen. What goes around comes around; karma is a bitch; etc. etc. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Maybe the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 will be around until they are around 70; in confirmation of the spoken-word relations at about the age of man being 70. In other words, the second woe comes after the first woe about eight years later. ~ ~ Whatever, I have been wrong before. ~ ~ Much like Rush Limbaugh, I AM has been proven to be right only about 96% of the time. ~ ~ BLIND GOSSIP NOTES: In the 5th season episode of MAGNUM P.I. entitled BLIND JUSTICE, a guy from Cook County, Chicago who was using a dead person's birth certificate and Social Security number, named Greg, had a history of [verbally] beating up his metaphorical REV.17 wives. All of whom apparently deserved it according to the episode's symbolic final word open-ended shot.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


In THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy about "Mr.Relf" we see the tall Jewish nose looking KING RALPH actor from New Orleans pull out his vintage Viet Nam 1911 .45 in confirmation of the Dude writing a check for .69 cents at RALPHS on 9.11; several years before the twin towers' 911 prophecy about Sodom and Egypt getting executed by those two warehouse gun men in the LIMBO episode, circa 1987. ~ ~ You keep sticking up for Barack Obama, you get the dog stick. ~ ~ As just confirmed by this latest cut-off penis omen in the clouds of heaven at: ~ ~ Hence, they made that iconic groundbreaking movie about those two kissing cowboys in Wyoming, etc. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ STICKY NOTES: See'em and weep, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ KING RALPH NOTES: In THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy about 2014, King Ralph sees that burnt out long haired 19666s dude step over the line in the context of his ex-wife's royal long-hair pooch who has a genuine birth certificate from Hawaii. While she is on vacation with her 7 Hillsboro, Oregon adulterer lover who had graduated first in his class at Stanford's law school. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. Yours truly was probably even a bigger mother fucker at the time than he was. Plus, I was a lot smarter than him. Which just added insult to injury. ~ ~ ON A VERY PERSONAL NOTE: I will never rest in peace until I have that 'first resurrection' opportunity to apologize in person for the way that I treated Laurence Pierson's father and mother. ~ ~ THE BIG LEBOWSKI: II&III NOTES: For the life of me, I can not think of any other cult film out there right now that lends itself so well to the post 666 concept of older men fucking underaged virgin teenagers in international waters. ~ ~ And nobody has to pay any income taxes either. ~ ~ IT'S ALL TRUE NOTES: The nicest thing about me looking like a 51ish Orson Welles in his early 40s, is that I get to have my pick of any one of his later 1950s-1960s-1970s movie remakes. If the money is right of course. ~ ~ I.e. "We sell no wine before it's time."

Monday, May 19, 2014


Last night I suddenly realized that the 1980s Reaganite MAGNUM P.I. episode entitle LIMBO was a Providential word play on the future Ephraimite witness named Limbaugh. ~ ~ So I watched it and saw the inspired show's prophetic Ronald Reagan school-of-acting star get killed for a few days; and then rise up again and go to paradise. ~ ~ Because Rush Limbaugh is now laying down and playing dead, as if he was in some kind of a spiritual limbo state of mind; that does not allow him to even speak about taking any phone calls about Barack Obama's phony garlic baloney Hawaiian birth certificate; featured in QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. ~ ~ Therefore, 31 Catholic school girls just died in a symbolic [March 1] old worn out [Rusty] bus explosion down in Mel Gibson's Columbia in confirmation of Magnum's Catholic school girl daughter symbolically dying in an explosion in the final two witnesses episodes of MAGNUM P.I. ~ ~ And then she suddenly and unexpectedly becomes born again. That is after her daddy finally decides to grow up and join the Marines again; and stop acting like a little girl. ~ ~ "Once a Marine, always a Marine." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CANNES NOTES: France's short movie star hero of the day, named Napoleon Bonaparte, was the one who invented canned meats and fish. ~ ~ TURKEY SHOOT BUCK SHOT NOTES: See that Turkey airlines sign confirmation in this latest image that is about Obama's underground black hole birth certificate coal mine explosion in Turkey; wherein 301 people died. Because if you do not tell the truth about the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, etc. then you know what comes next, at: ~ ~ Don't hold your breath too long. It might kill you.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Last week I dreamed that Mel Gibson got gut shot like a dog by that lying Russian mob bitch who now gets to take $20k a month from him in protection money for the rest of his life. Therefore he is now on the verge of suicide. Since the situation unfolded at the same time that he said some bad things about the Jews who killed Jesus; which killed off his Hollywood career for all intents and purposes. ~ ~ Think Donald Sterling got fucked in the ass by his own Jewish brethren at the latter-day Synagog of Satan cited in REVELATION. Wherein the extortionist money-laundering Jews are completely responsible for all of today's culture wars in the world. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just as long as I get my own private 10% cut off the top of the new 666 beast deal and everybody keeps their mouth shut. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE MORMON NOTES: Starting back in the 19777s, Spencer Kimball et al started to encourage everybody in Utah to keep their mouths shut about the new socialist 666 state; in order not to offend the worldly who worship the whore of Babylon. Then when that crazy ass violent wild-at-heart nigger got the shit beat out of him by the LAPD a few years later. Gordon B. Hinckley asked, "Can't we all just get along?" ~ ~ GO FOR THE THROAT OR GO HOME NOTES: The reason why Jesus is now ready to cut your throat, kosher slaughter style, is because you are still trying to cut his throat. ~ ~ Honestly now; just imagine what would Jesus do if he were you. ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON NOTES: Miss Frost gets stabbed to death by The Book of Mormon at the end of DIE ANOTHER DAY because the sacred book is the last word on 'The Art Of War'. I.e... Kill the Jewish women and their Jewish children and their old Jewish men first, in order to get a better shot at their strong young Jewish liberal men who want to destroy you; and everything that you hold dear and precious in your life. Because democratic fascism is not what it appears to be; "A rose is a rose by any other name." ~ ~ X WIFE NOTES: After my last X-wife post rolled out, I suddenly felt impressed to watch THE KONA WINDS episode of MAGNUM P.I. circa 1986. Wherein some guy's beautiful wife named 'Lauren' was lying and cheating on him. Who looked an awful lot like the love of my life, Donatella Greco.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Miss Montana just admitted that she got a little carried away with me and my Justin Beiber posse because we had been dissing her for the past few months. ~ ~ So now I get to play like Jesus Christ and forgive her while I fuck her brains out. ~ ~ God damn I love my job!! ~ ~ Is there anything hotter in this dreary little boring world than 'I forgive you' make up sex? ~ ~ [Nothing in this world is dreary or boring to me. I just said that for the sake of the Woody Allen type Jews who don't believe in fucking for Jesus, etc.] ~ ~ Moving forward now and letting go of all negativity, I finally picked up THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy DVD at WALL*MART Saturday. After seeing all those new pix of Brad Pitt arriving down in the New Orleans location where they made that James Bond movie about Barack Obama's African mask getting ripped off in the climax. ~ ~ I AM is definitely going to have to update and familiarize myself again with the iconic Jews For Jesus cult film if I ever expect to send in a brief synopsis of my remake sequel ideas about it to PLAN B and then expect to get $5,000,000 in return. ~ ~ "Don't hold your breath." [DIE ANOTHER DAY] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ALISON ROTH UPDATE: You still remind me so much of a 29ish Ornella Fresh. See ya baby on the flip side. Where the full on vagina make-up-sex is as hot as those two virgin 19 year-old actresses who live up the street from David Lynch. ~ ~ DIE ANOTHER DAY NOTES: Obama chose one of the two Castro brothers to head up the unconstitutional HUD agency in confirmation of Halle Berry rising up from the REV.13:1 sea like a Phoenix bird in Cuba. ~ ~ A VIEW TO A KILL NOTES: California Chrome won the second triple crown race in Bal/timore as the news rolled out about Obama's Chinatown gansta nigger was there talking about discrimination being illegal. When in fact, discrimination is the very idea upon which the US Constitution was founded; contrary to what Glenn Beck and Clyde Lewis might have to say about it.

Friday, May 16, 2014


That new kiss-ass house-nigger in charge of the NYT is definitely the answer to today's homosexual Jew boys who believe that I AM is a hopeless loser anti-Semite. While ignoring the fact that my half Jew nigger drinking buddy in the White House is probably the only friend that I have in the world right now. Because, "I have no friends... and no family..." says my prophetic John Steed figure from London in QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. Meaning I have no wife and children, or even any fishing buddies to speak of, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIE LATER, NOT NOW, NOTES: This particular occurrence is Providential confirmation of that small endowment house temple veil ending in DIE ANOTHERVDAY, captured at: ~ ~ NIGGER NOTES: Of course Barack Obama is a big time jive ass lying nigger. Are you white people fucking nuts or what? See: ~ ~ CONFUSING NOTES: Confused are we? Think that that iconic 1980s crazy-ass southerner Ted Turner, who also owns a major league sports team, still refers to black people as niggers. Plus the fact that he is a well known neo Mormon polygamist who is around the same age as Donald Sterling.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


THE CLASH were recording their underground GSR/TWN prophecy entitled LONDON CALLING at the same time that my French ex-wife left me. ~ ~ Which is why Princess Diana symbolically died another day in an underground crash in Paris because she was fucking some guy from the Sodom and Egypt prophecy explained in my 1260-1290 days newsletters. ~ ~ You fuck me, I fuck you. ~ ~ Jesus Christ forgives no one who does not confess to their crimes. And the crime of adultery is second only to murder. ~ ~ And the "on the down low" crime of Barack Obama type homogaysexuality follows right after that. ~ ~ If it helps at all, go listen to the second song on THE CLASH's album entitled LONDON CALLING at YouTube, which is about GG's Jesus Christ CADILLAC SEDAN DE DEVILLE, circa 1990. The same year when Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart were born to rule over the pop culture of the royal House of Israel. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO LAW NO GUILT NOTES: Jesus forgave that adulteress in the Bible who was caught in the act because at that particular time, everybody was fucking the whore of Babylon; just like in the latter-days of Noah, etc. When the two witnesses would appear in today's New Jerusalem that represents the old Jerusalem, where our Lord was crucified. ~ ~ NYT NEWS NOTES: That dirty little rich Jew fuck who controls the NYT fired Ms Abramson because I was starting to get to her. Case closed. ~ ~ Think NBC got rid of Jay Leno for the same reason. ~ ~ No coincidence that Jill Abramson looks like a caricature of Jodie Foster on some NYT editorial page, at: ~ ~ Rumor has it, she was always clashing with that money pinching Jew at the paper nicknamed Mr.Pinch. ~ ~ MAGIC JOHNSON NOTES: Magic is still on the down low of course. And how do I know that? ~ ~ Easy, he never did admit to being there in the first place. Plus, he still has the face of a sweet little Negro boy, who never had a daddy, after all these years. ~ ~ Just like those nice looking little negro boys who were adopted by Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron still do not have no real daddy in their lives. Not to mention Naomi Watts, Kate Holmes, Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Hurley, Miranda Kerr, Madonna, Donatella Greco; and the list goes on. [Don't forget Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman.] ~ ~ NEOCON NOTES: Today's polite society Jews from Harvard and Yale et al who are still sticking up for Barack Obama, like George Bush 1&2 and Michael Medved, are about to be forced to swallow a very big horse pill. ~ ~ Think CRAZY HORSE meets TO DIE FOR. ~ ~ COURT RULING NOTE: The g-d of Israel has been patiently awaiting America's court rulings on gay marriage before he feels fully justified in handing down his death sentence upon her. And there ain't nothing that the not yet born-again Glenn Beck or Clyde Lewis can do to stop him; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ FFING NOTES: Montana's official mayfly fishing season opens this next Saturday. See ya on the flip side.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


TNT just renewed Conan O'Brien's talk show until 2018 for a timely confirmation of the fact that he looks like the villain in DIE ANOTHER DAY who is a masked 666 Asian man at heart. See: ~ ~ Ergo the 2002 film's first act ends in Chinatown, Chicago, circa 2014. When we hear Madonna singing "...guess I'll die another day." at the end of it all. Where yours truly rolls around in diamonds inside of some little Buddhist endowment house temple above the coast line of Malibu, California. ~ ~ For a final touch to the Bond movie's many physical transfiguration messages. ~ ~ Now I see that this new posting has been time-stamped with Miley Cyrus's birth date. In reference to the above 007 movie's sexy double agent figure named Miranda Frost who looks and acts a lot like she does. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PAPA DON'T PREACH NOTES: That preacher from New Jersey who just fell to his death on the south side of Mt.Hood, Oregon represented the location where Madonna filmed her PAPA DON'T PREACH video in the 1980s. ~ ~ This on the same day that Clyde Lewis opened his GROUND ZERO radio show with an injured foot that represented the clay feet of Baylon prophecy in DANIEL 2. ~ ~ Yes, all those underground radio Internet rummors are completely true; Clyde is a human being whose body has been taken over by an alien with small slanted eyes and strange yellowish skin. See: ~ ~ NEW READERS: Stanely Kubrick's THE SHINING prophecy was filmed in 1979-80 on Mt.Hood. See: ~ ~ The same year when my crazy cold-hearted French Xwife left me without even saying goodbye.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Believe me you, you don't know the half of it. And that is the way that I like it. ~ ~ However, I still am impressed enough to give you a few glimpses into my private life. Where my girlfriend named Dawn Godman looks like my future wife Rosie O'Donald in my own private 2008 prophecy entitled THE FALSE PROPHET. ~ ~ Think MAGNUM P.I. takes place at that paperback book millionaire's Hawaiian beach shag pad, etc. etc. ~ ~ Where all the topless 16ish girls look like they are at least 18 years-old on my private 91' yacht tied up in Cannes, France; once owned by Mr. Flynt himself. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS QUEEN ELIZABETH III: Don't feel ashamed to look me in the eye darling. God wants you to fuck David so hard and so long that he will never forget you for the rest of his life. Per: ~ ~ Look at it this way. David invites you and me out to his fly-fishing ranch in western Montana during the peak mayfly season. With the obvious idea in mind that he wants to fuck you, and you too want to fuck him. Of course, David is no dummy, so he hires a few local barely-legal teenager cow hands to take care of his guests. ~ ~ Think EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES meets WE'RE THE MILLERS. ~ ~ THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW NOTES: That eastern European vampire transexual who just won the EUROVISION contest with his James Bond theme song has the same kind of campy 007 name as Pussy Galore or Odd Job, etc. ~ ~ 007 NOTES: James Bond's INVISIBLE MAN car in DIE ANOTHER DAY, 2002 is first introduced to us in an unseen underground plot scenario that takes place under London. As prophesied in THE AVENGERS' episode entitled THE LIVING DEAD. ~ ~ Wherein I AM takes full command of the unseen underwater submarine fleets of Britain, France, Germany, and America. After the more righteous white five virgins Israelites have all gathered under that protective umbrella cloud hovering over the Midwest, and the Mideast. And therefore one can nuke the hell out of the UN whore and not have to worry about any fallout from it.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Sunday, I stopped into GOODWILL to pick up their used copy of DIE ANOTHER DAY. Because the 2002 007 GSR/TWN prophecy was about me and my mulatto girlfriend sidekick from Chicago who has a man's haircut in the movie. ~ ~ Then that night, I read that a tranny from Hitler's native Austria had won the EUROVISION prize for his rendition of the James Bond theme song entitled RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly suddenly goes from having nothing and just barley surviving to having everything. After he sees Chicago's Halle Berry rising up from the REV.13:1 sea in Cuba. And then we hear that prophetic "London calling..." song about me becoming the future King of England. ~ ~ Which is why I also accidentally found a very small 2008 paperback at GOODWILL called THE FALSE PROPHET; that is apparently about some crazy return RLDS missionary from Brazil who wanted to convert all of Adriana Lima's little precious orphans into warriors for Christ. ~ ~ And then I saw that recent bio-picture about yours truly entitled CRAZY HEART, so I grabbed that too; just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SECRET RECIPE: I'll call this one 'Salmon Ariana'; Mash together two cans of pink boneless salmon with one whole egg; one cup of PROGRESSO's Italian bread crumbs, and a cup of diced sweet onions. Then either bake it in a loaf pan as a French style fish pate meatloaf, or make it into hamburger-like hand-job patties and fry it up using light olive oil. Whatever, serve it with a side of wild rice the one way, or as a McDONALDS style fish-wich sandwich with lots of lettuce on grilled EZE:4;9 bread the other way. [Never use wholewheat bread sweetened with honey on a fish sandwich.] ~ ~ THIS JUST IN: That greasy ass Democrat primary candidate in North Caroline, nicknamed Mr.CRISCO, who was just too afraid to talk about his opponent's slimy homogaysexuality just died. ~ ~ In other other words, if you are too afraid to talk about Obama's confirmed usage of a stolen Social Security number from Conn. then you too are going to die and then rise up again from the grave. ~ ~ Think Roger Moore meets Patrick MacNee meets Nyle Smith. ~ ~ Don't matter how big you are in this life; you lie you die. ~ ~ PS OBAMA: Why have some old white ugly fucker with a triple chin, who looks like a white man version of the CLIPPERS' Jew fuck owner, suck on your cock when you could have a much more younger and hipper Mr Clay do the job for you instead? ~ ~ GREEN LAKE NOTES: The nice thing about taking fly-fishing lessons on Seattle's legendary T-docks is that they only use very well seasoned 25 year-old Chinese Tonkin cane bamboo rods. Plus, one does not have to spend thousands of dollars on private jets and exclusive bed and breakfast resorts in places like West Yellowstone or Billings, Montana. ~ ~ On the other hand, one can buy a very nice 25 year-old Islay scotch in tax-free Montana for about half the price. ~ ~ RATHER PERSONAL NOTE: As I have become somewhat older and wiser, I only prefer fly-fishing for native coastal cutthroats and rainbows in the 9" range. Because that is where the pan-fried flavor is skin and all; per the way that my neo Nazi stepfather raised me. ~ ~ In other words, if you like guys who look like those long hair guys in pancake makeup from Austria in BARRY LYNDON meets THE THIRD MAN, I am the man for you.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Yesterday's news about the Catholic Pope being a die hard Third-Way Marxist from Madonna's Evitaville, now presiding over the seven hills of ROMA in REV.13, etc. was my cue to watch the prophetically inspired 1964 episode of THE AVENGERS entitled THE LITTLE WONDERS; co-starring Pussy Galore. ~ ~ Wherein the great and abominable church of the REV.17 whore in D&C 86 has even beguiled the leadership of the new and improved RLDS church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Which is the only true church in the world today; if we are to believe in the spoken word revelations recorded at ~ ~ Ergo, THE LITTLE WONDERS episode opens with the Rev. Barack Obama flying into England on PAN AFRICA flight no.583 and immediately getting busted by the Internet police for carrying falsified ID papers, etc. etc. ~ ~ Then later, we learn that the secret micro film information contained in that doll's head represents the future GSR/TWN information that Miranda Kerr is also carrying around in her head as she travels across the globe. ~ ~ The fact that the 1964 show's old world doll was made in Germany is just another Gisele Bundchen jungle thing. ~ ~ They don't call Seattle The Emerald City for nothing. As just confirmed by that hot air state fair balloon that suddenly burst into flames in Carline County, Virginia. Gisele's middle name being Caroline and all that. ~ ~ Plus, right there by these ominous Hwy.301 landmark signs and wonders is a religious roller coaster theme park called KING'S DOMINION. ~ ~ "You and your lady friend could live like kings!!..." [THE LITTLE WONDERS] ~ ~ See what I think this means at: AND: ~ ~ Remember, "If you don't think like I think then you are not thinking." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIGHTMARE NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Chicago's native son Vince Vaughn got electrocuted to death when he tried to grab my extra-large size SAMSONITE suitcase full of tax free cash money at a small third world international airport somewhere. ~ ~ Once upon a time, way back in the 1980s, Chicago was often portrayed in all of those Jewish made Hollywood movies as some kind of a bastion for right-wing Nazi Republicans. And so now that all of their liberal fantasy movies have turned out to be complete bullshit, they are only left with going after the CLIPPERS's Howard Stern style Reagan Democrat billionaire owner.

Friday, May 9, 2014


Turned out that Rush told us all about his amazing epiphany regarding the need for his hearing restoration on the right side on open line Friday. When traditionally he has been turning a deaf ear to the proven fact that Barack Obama's birth certificate is an abject forgery. That has been confirmed over and over again by modern computer technology. ~ ~ This from a guy who practically has an on air orgasm every time the left-sided APPLE corporation comes out with their latest 666 gadget. ~ ~ In other words, people on the radio who talk about there being no difference between the Jews and the Gentiles, like Michael Medved and Mark Levin, have a date with their local hearing aid doctor. ~ ~ This being those two 1960s era AM transistor radio size hearing aids that Mrs. Emma Peel introduces in the 1967 episode of the AVENGERS entitled THE HIDDEN 666 TIGER. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FACT CHECK NOTES: One of the reasons why talk radio has become so boring lately is because they now have one foot in bed with today's Orwellian high society types, as explained at: ~ ~ Who cares if Obama et al are a bunch of liars if everybody else out there is also lying about the fact that he is a well known homosexual who is not even a US citizen? After awhile it all becomes so ridiculously moronic that you begin to lose interest in the conversation altogether. ~ ~ LOST HIGHWAY:II: During the 90s, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to drive up to Seattle and watch David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY prophecy at the Masonic temple lodge theater called THE EGYPTIAN for ten Sundays in a row. So don't talk to me about pop culture obsessions. ~ ~ I know the real deal when I see it; and so does Sienna Miller and Cara Delevigne for that matter. "Only those who can hear my voice will inherit the kingdom of god." [Jesus Christ] ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: Towards the end of my own private LOST HIGHWAY time-line prophecy, we see yours truly making one of his next feature-length fuck films on one of today's amazing new HD home-video cameras. Who everybody thinks is the devil himself. Just like all those talk radio Jews in the New Testament believed that Jesus himself was possessed by the devil. ~ ~ MISSIONARY MAN NUDIST CULT SEX MOVIE NOTES: God told me recently that Sienna Miller has no reason whatsoever to publicly apologize for fucking my physically transfigured Steven Fresh look alike forerunner in LOST HIGHWAY. That is if the script is right, and so is the money. In some kind of a LOST HIGHWAY:II redemption/sequel/remake movie directed by a born again David Lynch; co-starring his two really hot teenager neighbors. Who are not going to keep giving him hand jobs and sucking on his cock if there is not something in it for them in the long run.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


According to the spoken-word revelations recorded at, today's good-hearted Christian Bible Belt church-goers will all end up in a very lovely second-class heaven where there is no sex and no money. ~ ~ If you think that I AM is over-the-top-crazy, just ask any devout Christian who you might know if there is any sex or money in his or her idea of heaven. ~ ~ For example, Ben Affleck and his lovely wife just got banned for all eternity from THE HARD ROCK CASINO in Las Vegas, Nevada because of his greedy love for free [tax-payer] money. ~ ~ No wonder the infamous modern City of Babylon keeps electing that apostate mormon with the valid temple recommend called "Dirty Harry". ~ ~ Think CIRCUS CIRCUS meets CESAER'S PALACE. ~ ~ Anyway, the next day I dreamed that Jennifer Garner was laying her head in my lap as we watched some old tv spy show rerun on my vintage 1974 color television. So I took that as my cue to watch THE AVENGERS' episode entitled THE HIDDEN TIGER. Which killed that high society Republican up in his no.60 penthouse in London. ~ ~ So I checked JG's 60th image at and saw her wearing the show's exact same golden 666 micro-circuit pendant around her neck at: ~ ~ "You show me yours, I'll show you mine..." to paraphrase my gambling hero in CASINO ROYALE's Cannes Film Festival prophecy, circa 2014. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ADVANCED READERS NOTES: Around now would be a good time to review my own private prophecy about Jennifer Aniston et al entitled ROD STEELE 0014. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly still looks good enough to fuck for now; with the promise in mind that you will not have to be throwing good money after bad money for that much longer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I only got to the final third act of 1984's prophetic FOOTLOOSE sensation last night, filmed in Lehi, Utah, and already Bruce Willis had a new-born-again baby girl confirmation of the kids crossing over that bloody meat cleaver Red River state line landmark in Willis, Oklahoma. ~ ~ God does work in mysterious ways. Just ask my little dirty dancer wife Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ Because basically, the iconic Kevin Bacon movie that featured the obviously Jewish Sara Jessica Parker was about a small minded town in the Bible Belt that had banned polygamy. ~ ~ Contrary to the teachings of the Bible. ~ ~ Wherein the young-at-heart kids had to drive all the way down to Texas in order to have a little fun three-way dancing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRISM TOUR NOTES: The above movie's dumb Christian beastie boy has a gay-ass prism pyramid rainbow decal on his buck pickup that stands for Katy Perry's upcoming rebellious PRISM tour concert dancing fests. ~ ~ You whore around with Babylon, I get to whore around with my underaged wives who are not even married to me, yet. ~ ~ A dick for a dick is still the law of Israel. And so is capital punishment, if you sincerely believe that it is wrong to kill somebody. ~ ~ DON'T BOTHER ME NOTES: My friends with money get to hang out with the likes of Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, and Mel Gibson, etc. Wealth has it's privileges. ~ ~ HALF NOTES: Please try to keep up with me people. I'm only in this for my long term health, like at: ~ ~ PANIC AT THE DISCO NOTES: When you see me hanging around some luxury 4-star hotel pool with Lindsay Lohan in the south of France, you will know without a doubt that the end is near.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


All those small little girls who are being hunted in Africa represent the BOOK OF MORMON prophecy about the day when the girls will be running everything in America; and therefore the entire G7 hills dominated world. ~ ~ For example, that woman who was trapped like an animal in her MALIBU that had crashed below Barack Obama's Red Hill Pass in Colorado is about the same age as the Jewish Monica Lewdwinski. See the red Elton John sunglasses on Miley, for example, at; ~ ~ Note those hot red leather pants from her own private West Yellowstone prophecy entitled MONTANA too; get it? ~ ~ So now those two same feet that were featured in the QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH prophecy are going to have to be amputated. Which represent the two DANIEL 2 clay feet of Ornella Fresh that were smashed at a discount apparel outlet in California. ~ ~ Then get this, today's prophetic John Steed look alike who loves vintage cars showed up at a [car] rally for homosexual dikes-on-bikes fascism in LA, right as my post was rolling out about his own private nakedness. ~ ~ This being those circus tents in the above episode. ~ ~ No wonder they murder gays and hate the Jews in the Arab world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VOODOO NOTES: That infamous African RHINO from Texas, George Bush Sr, was awarded the [Boston Providence] MURDERSVILLE JFK library and museum prize for courage. Because he was an Obama style New England liar who raised taxes while refusing to cut government spending. Of course, Bush is half Jewish, etc. ~ ~ UMBRELLA NOTES: That lazy overweight Jewish Ms Lewinski metaphor who was trapped below Red Hill, Colored-ado wrote rescue-me messages on her umbrella; as confirmed by all those African safari camp sun umbrellas in the background of the above Miley mile-stone link. ~ ~ Barack Obama is the reason why there is a 2NEPHI 15:6 style drought in California. Too bad that nobody ever talks about this kind of thing in Sunday School anymore.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Rush Limbaugh was wearing a full head bandage that made him look like my prophetic FDR style 1930s figure featured in THE INVISIBLE MAN prophecy. When he informed his vast Christian conservative Bible Belt anti-communist radio audience that they were going to start tweaking and fine tuning his new and improved 666 radio implant on his right side starting on May 9. ~ ~ Think DOCTOR HAVOCK'S 450SL meets DR. WHO. While thinking about the head bandage on the double agent spy in QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. ~ ~ In other words, today's phony [garlic] baloney Mormon Republicans, like Clyde Lewis and Senator Reid, need to become more aware of the differences between white Republicans and black Democrats. ~ ~ Make no mistake about it, Clyde has much more in common with Reid than he ever had with Ronald Reagan. ~ ~ All three of whom are Jews who have not yet come out of the closet. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Steven Fresh has a superficial resemblance to that tall white basketballer from Boston, seen at: ~ ~ For a Providential Rhode Island confirmation of the tall Jewish man who Ornella Fresh chooses to take his place in the prophetic 1966 episode of THE AVENGERS entitled QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. ~ ~ TENNIS BALLS NOTES: Here is the latest report on my HASTY TASTY era forerunner named Steed being an avid nudist, at: ~ ~ OPEN MIND FRIDAY NOTES: Michael Medved, the Jewish KTTH/KIRO radio salesman out of Seattle, reminds me somewhat of Tom Selleck. And that's a good thing. ~ ~ HOLY GHOST NOTES: Last night the Holy Ghost [Michael] reminded me in my dreams that I need to remember that the little people also need to have a nice place to live; as outlined in the spoken word revelations that have been recorded forever and forever on one of Steven Fresh's vintage pickup truck size 1980s EROX copy machines at ~ ~ Now back to me fucking virgin teenagers on my multimillionaire 91' yacht out of Newport, Rhode Island meets Victoria, British Columbia. Like at; ~ ~ PS NEW READERS: If you are not following me at J2, you don't know the half of it.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Those 9th floor high flying acrobats who fell from on high in Steven Fresh's Providence/Boston area represented today's high society Mormon Republicans. Remember, Gisele Bundchen's official number is 9. ~ ~ Which is the number of perfection; and therefore it is also the Divine Providential number that means that it's all over, finito. You can't do any better than that. ~ ~ As metaphorically portrayed in the prophetic QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH episode of THE AVENGERS, 1966. That ended with the same kind of gala dance balls that were held by VANITY FAIR et al right after this weekend's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Of course, by now everybody and his dog knows that today's high society media screwed the pooch when it comes to the abomination of desolation and the two witnesses. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MEDIA CIRCUS CIRCUS NOTES: Those fallen 9 high-fliers in Providence were a DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER confirmation of that amazing gems and diamonds studded necklace in Sunday's NYT. ~ ~ Think about it. How could anyone add even one more precious [Emma] stone to that? Plus, the last time that I ever talked to Steven Fresh on the phone, he informed me that all the big 666 money right now is in what they call "GEM" for "government, education, and medicine". ~ ~ Heck, I would bet dollars-to-donuts that a major share of the business that my long lost eye doctor buddy Kit Winn does at his SEARS location in Lynwood is paid for by Medicaid and Medicare. Per my Providence, RI days when Steven Fresh took me on a tour of all those amazing sailboats tied up in Newport. Back when he was selling machines that could automatically diagnose blindness, etc. [Kit's father once owned a 50' sailboat that was made out of a converted whale boat. Which he always kept tied up on a floating boathouse dock below the UW's boathouse theater. I shit you not.] ~ ~ PLEASE DON'T EVEN CALL ME NOTES: My new unlisted phone number that is legally and legitimately registered under someone else's front-name is in the B.C. area. So don't bother me. ~ ~ Dittos goes for my front man operator in the Bahamas. Who only takes calls from people who have already deposited their off-shore tax-free up-front contract-money in his name; no screenplay questions asked. ~ ~ STEED NOTES: The star of THE AVENGERS was an inspired avid nudist tennis player who lived in the San Diego area during the off-season. Because nakedness is a metaphor for sin in the Bible, etc. ~ ~ NEW NOTTING HILL NOTES: Hugh Grant is finally starting to look old enough to play the lead role in some kind of a remake of THE AVENGERS, circa 1969. ~ ~ What? You don't even own one of those new amazing home-video cameras with studio quality HD imagery? And you are still too cheap to even fork out about two weeks worth of minimum wages for a few union crew sound, grip, and editor people? ~ ~ Maybe you don't deserve the career comeback that god wants you to have; per that 1966 episode of THE AVENGED NERDS entitled THE 13TH HOLE. Wherein you love to slack off and go golfing and texting more than you love the word of god. Even though Cara Delevigne would do absolutely almost anything to be in your next picture. And so would Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock for that matter. Not to mention Elizabeth Hurley; who would probably be putting up half of the money anyway; just to make her horny fly-fishing middle-aged Iggy Pop looking hubby happy. Who represents that Harold Robbins paperback novelist figure in the 1980s MAGNUM PI series who liked to fuck two 19 year-olds on his CANNES FILM FESTIVAL yacht at the same time. While letting me hang out in his guest house on the vast estate of Jennifer Aniston. [Though I would prefer staying in Ms. Cox' little private quiet love shack above the beach in Malibu. Next-door to Julia Roberts' place.]

Saturday, May 3, 2014


After Clyde had made his case Thursday night about me being the fictional RONALD McDONALD figure in your dreams, some dude named after Jesus Christ called in from the 'Michigan mit' state of the north that looks like a monster with fangs. ~ ~ Who proceeded to tell him that he saw my midnight owl [INVISIBLE MAN] figure with no known face in a real-live dream on 4.29. Wherein I was talking to him, but he did not understand a word that I was saying. ~ ~ Then back at his symbolic Granny Grass home, he saw the word 'RE' on her monthly calendar, that means 'king' in French. But of course, Clyde was just phoning it in at that point; having no idea what the guy was talking about, next caller. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: Why listen to Rush Limbaugh mocking birthers on open line Friday anymore? When one can have so much more fun sleeping in, west coast style, and then listening later to late night GROUND ZERO radio? Where nobody is too afraid to call in and talk about aliens and monsters. ~ ~ SWEET REVENGE NOTES: One of the best black and white 1966 episodes of THE AVENGERS is QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. Which is about a communist dance studio front allegory about today's liberal media who are dancing with the imposter Barack Obama; complete with fake foreign-student-aid graduation diploma documentation papers. Per that fake PURBRIGHT CO. door number 301 that stands for Sheriff Joe's fatal 3.01 press conference about Obama's forged birth certificate, etc. ~ ~ Talk about the sudden unexpected upcoming 9th floor fall from on high. ~ ~ Which comes to pass after the episode's "...FRESH CO..." background back-story reference to Steven Fresh et al; who grew up in Boston. Wherein we see that Mormon faker's baby buggy in REV.12; after yours truly turns the corner too fast in my vintage TRIUMPH sports car. ~ ~ Note that one cannot see well enough to recognize the driver; and in the near background there is a sign that says 'THE RISE' of the triumph of the will of the new beast in REV.13:1. ~ ~ After the first neo-Jewish Internet international bankers 666 beast was put down like a rabid dog. And then the iconic Jew figure was miraculously brought back to life by all of those 1930s-1940s Frankenstein allegories about FDR and David Letterman et al. ~ ~ WORD TO THE WISE: I don't slow down and stop for nobody. So you best get out of my way. ~ ~ MY NEXT PROJECT NOTES: This time next year I will resemble Iggy Pop, thick blond locks and all. And I will be the most famous underground art film movie star in Hollywood. Finally, after all these years, all of those weird looking Angelina Jolie look alike billboards hanging above everyone's heads on Sunset Blvd are going to pay off. ~ ~ For example, see these prophetic images at: ~ ~ This being the same skinny long-hair man who 86ed Clyde Lewis' neck in his typical D&C 86 wheat field harvest dream. Around where they made that dreamy surreal Truman Capote docudrama called CAPOTE. Because the lost sons of Israel are still too stiff-necked to believe in the Book of Mormon, etc.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Adriana Lima just jumped her tall Jewish NBA player of a husband in confirmation of the breakup of the authoritarian Yugoslavia during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11-16. ~ ~ Hey Clyde Lewis. If you believe that the Book of Mormon was a product of the subconscious mind of Joseph Smith, then you will believe in just about anything. ~ ~ No coincidence that the last Emma Peel episode of THE AVENGERS is about her long lost look alike husband returning from his plane crash in Brazil's amazonian jungles; that represented my own home town of Seattle where is now based; 47 years later. ~ ~ Ergo, on May Day 2014, I watched 1966's black and white episode called SMALL GAME FOR BIG HUNTERS, that featured a primitive picture of some NBA negros from Africa playing under a basketball hoop icon with a crucifix icon. That included a center court circle on the hardwood oak basketball floor. Which was surrounded by 5 savage tribal nigger huts that were visually suggestive of the indoor arenas where they play today. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GROUND ZERO EFFECT PORTLAND NOTES: Last night Clyde was talking about the thin man with no face and long white shoulder-length hair who has been appearing in so many people's dreams. Oh yeah. ~ ~ Can you say Jennifer Aniston? ~ ~ NEW NAIVE READERS: All creativity comes from above or below. God has complete control of your subconscious mind. ~ ~ CANNES FILM FESTIVAL NOTES: Adriana Lima just dumped her husband in the same way that Gisele Bundchen dumps her husband in CASINO ROYALE because Keira Knightley is also going to shit-can her husband whom she had married in spite of me in the south of France. ~ ~ You suck my hairy cock, I lick your shaved clit, and we both like it.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


The revenge movie craze just exploded in the 1970s, and lasted all the way through the Reaganite 80s and into the two witnesses' special 1260 days period in the 90s. ~ ~ Of course, the tried and true formula never did die; but only got more/less subtle and sophisticated. In the more entertaining and intelligent campy forms of Quentin Tarantino et al. ~ ~ My point being that the authoritarian tyranny of today's black exploitation fascism is not going to go unanswered. Since most of those low budget 1970s revenge movies were financed by the Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE AVENGERS NOTES: In the 1967 episode entitled THE CORRECT WAY TO KILL, the obviously Jewish pawn shop owner was a traitor to his own people. Who liked to bounce his Big Foot [GLOBE TROTTERS] icon globe like an NBA basketball player; which featured the continent of Africa that is shaped like Mercer Island, Lake Washington, etc. ~ ~ ALL IS WELL ENDING NOTES: The aforementioned episode ends with me fucking Emma [Watson] and Olga [Fresh] at the same time. Like I could give a flying fuck if the international Jewish bankers are plotting to take over the world. As if you'all had something better to offer me in the long run; besides food stamps and Obamacare. ~ ~ 700 CLUB NOTES: The last days prophecy about the roiling REV.13:1 seas is about the polluted oceans becoming overly acidic. ~ ~ For example, when the hot tub service guys come around and test the bubbling waters in your backyard APOLLO spa and find it to be too acidic, they typically say that the water is too "hot".