Tuesday, May 6, 2014


All those small little girls who are being hunted in Africa represent the BOOK OF MORMON prophecy about the day when the girls will be running everything in America; and therefore the entire G7 hills dominated world. ~ ~ For example, that woman who was trapped like an animal in her MALIBU that had crashed below Barack Obama's Red Hill Pass in Colorado is about the same age as the Jewish Monica Lewdwinski. See the red Elton John sunglasses on Miley, for example, at; http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3106852/miley-cyrus-performing-at-billboard-music-awards-01/fullsize/ ~ ~ Note those hot red leather pants from her own private West Yellowstone prophecy entitled MONTANA too; get it? ~ ~ So now those two same feet that were featured in the QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH prophecy are going to have to be amputated. Which represent the two DANIEL 2 clay feet of Ornella Fresh that were smashed at a discount apparel outlet in California. ~ ~ Then get this, today's prophetic John Steed look alike who loves vintage cars showed up at a [car] rally for homosexual dikes-on-bikes fascism in LA, right as my post was rolling out about his own private nakedness. ~ ~ This being those circus tents in the above episode. ~ ~ No wonder they murder gays and hate the Jews in the Arab world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VOODOO NOTES: That infamous African RHINO from Texas, George Bush Sr, was awarded the [Boston Providence] MURDERSVILLE JFK library and museum prize for courage. Because he was an Obama style New England liar who raised taxes while refusing to cut government spending. Of course, Bush is half Jewish, etc. ~ ~ UMBRELLA NOTES: That lazy overweight Jewish Ms Lewinski metaphor who was trapped below Red Hill, Colored-ado wrote rescue-me messages on her umbrella; as confirmed by all those African safari camp sun umbrellas in the background of the above Miley mile-stone link. ~ ~ Barack Obama is the reason why there is a 2NEPHI 15:6 style drought in California. Too bad that nobody ever talks about this kind of thing in Sunday School anymore.

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