Monday, May 19, 2014


Last night I suddenly realized that the 1980s Reaganite MAGNUM P.I. episode entitle LIMBO was a Providential word play on the future Ephraimite witness named Limbaugh. ~ ~ So I watched it and saw the inspired show's prophetic Ronald Reagan school-of-acting star get killed for a few days; and then rise up again and go to paradise. ~ ~ Because Rush Limbaugh is now laying down and playing dead, as if he was in some kind of a spiritual limbo state of mind; that does not allow him to even speak about taking any phone calls about Barack Obama's phony garlic baloney Hawaiian birth certificate; featured in QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. ~ ~ Therefore, 31 Catholic school girls just died in a symbolic [March 1] old worn out [Rusty] bus explosion down in Mel Gibson's Columbia in confirmation of Magnum's Catholic school girl daughter symbolically dying in an explosion in the final two witnesses episodes of MAGNUM P.I. ~ ~ And then she suddenly and unexpectedly becomes born again. That is after her daddy finally decides to grow up and join the Marines again; and stop acting like a little girl. ~ ~ "Once a Marine, always a Marine." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CANNES NOTES: France's short movie star hero of the day, named Napoleon Bonaparte, was the one who invented canned meats and fish. ~ ~ TURKEY SHOOT BUCK SHOT NOTES: See that Turkey airlines sign confirmation in this latest image that is about Obama's underground black hole birth certificate coal mine explosion in Turkey; wherein 301 people died. Because if you do not tell the truth about the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, etc. then you know what comes next, at: ~ ~ Don't hold your breath too long. It might kill you.

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