Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Madonna's amazing 1980s LIKE A VIRGIN prophecy was about the time when the five foolish virgins in MATTHEW 25 would get locked out of The Kingdom of God for security reasons. ~ ~ Because they needed to suffer a very painful and therapeutic death at the hands of the niggers and the illegal aliens who they are now helping to invade EZE.38 Israel. Which would then allow them to come back later in the first resurrection. ~ ~ After they had finally learned their last heartfelt Sunday school lesson. ~ ~ Believe it or not. A lot of people who vote Democrat are actually good people. Who just need to die from a painfully excruciating death right now in order that they can see the eternal light of Jesus at the end of THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING prophecy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FOOL'S GOLD NOTES: That Isla Vista shooter looked like Santa Barbara's native light skinned homosexual son Michael Jackson. Who once owned a private zoo for multimillionaire monkeys from Africa and Indonesia in the same area. ~ ~ Think Barack Obama spoke at West Point on the same day that the brown skinned REV.17 mother of LBJ's Civil Rights fascism movement died. In other words, there is no place for Marxism in The Kingdom of God; not to mention modern Mormonism or Catholicism. ~ ~ COMMENCEMENT TALK NOTES: Jesus Christ is Lord. There is no place in America for the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of the 19666s, or FDR's unconstitutional Third Way New Deal known as Social Security; nor the new unconstitutional abomination of desolation, a.k.a. Obamacare. And there is definitely no place in America for a fascistic military machine that promotes and defends by force homosexuality and democratic socialism; which is only new and improved born again fascism. I AM is the 12th I-Man of the lost northern 12 tribes of Israel. Even the future King of England; who is the masonic leader of the illuminati plot to dominate the world, based in London.

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