Thursday, May 8, 2014


According to the spoken-word revelations recorded at, today's good-hearted Christian Bible Belt church-goers will all end up in a very lovely second-class heaven where there is no sex and no money. ~ ~ If you think that I AM is over-the-top-crazy, just ask any devout Christian who you might know if there is any sex or money in his or her idea of heaven. ~ ~ For example, Ben Affleck and his lovely wife just got banned for all eternity from THE HARD ROCK CASINO in Las Vegas, Nevada because of his greedy love for free [tax-payer] money. ~ ~ No wonder the infamous modern City of Babylon keeps electing that apostate mormon with the valid temple recommend called "Dirty Harry". ~ ~ Think CIRCUS CIRCUS meets CESAER'S PALACE. ~ ~ Anyway, the next day I dreamed that Jennifer Garner was laying her head in my lap as we watched some old tv spy show rerun on my vintage 1974 color television. So I took that as my cue to watch THE AVENGERS' episode entitled THE HIDDEN TIGER. Which killed that high society Republican up in his no.60 penthouse in London. ~ ~ So I checked JG's 60th image at and saw her wearing the show's exact same golden 666 micro-circuit pendant around her neck at: ~ ~ "You show me yours, I'll show you mine..." to paraphrase my gambling hero in CASINO ROYALE's Cannes Film Festival prophecy, circa 2014. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ADVANCED READERS NOTES: Around now would be a good time to review my own private prophecy about Jennifer Aniston et al entitled ROD STEELE 0014. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly still looks good enough to fuck for now; with the promise in mind that you will not have to be throwing good money after bad money for that much longer.

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