Monday, May 5, 2014


Rush Limbaugh was wearing a full head bandage that made him look like my prophetic FDR style 1930s figure featured in THE INVISIBLE MAN prophecy. When he informed his vast Christian conservative Bible Belt anti-communist radio audience that they were going to start tweaking and fine tuning his new and improved 666 radio implant on his right side starting on May 9. ~ ~ Think DOCTOR HAVOCK'S 450SL meets DR. WHO. While thinking about the head bandage on the double agent spy in QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. ~ ~ In other words, today's phony [garlic] baloney Mormon Republicans, like Clyde Lewis and Senator Reid, need to become more aware of the differences between white Republicans and black Democrats. ~ ~ Make no mistake about it, Clyde has much more in common with Reid than he ever had with Ronald Reagan. ~ ~ All three of whom are Jews who have not yet come out of the closet. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Steven Fresh has a superficial resemblance to that tall white basketballer from Boston, seen at: ~ ~ For a Providential Rhode Island confirmation of the tall Jewish man who Ornella Fresh chooses to take his place in the prophetic 1966 episode of THE AVENGERS entitled QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. ~ ~ TENNIS BALLS NOTES: Here is the latest report on my HASTY TASTY era forerunner named Steed being an avid nudist, at: ~ ~ OPEN MIND FRIDAY NOTES: Michael Medved, the Jewish KTTH/KIRO radio salesman out of Seattle, reminds me somewhat of Tom Selleck. And that's a good thing. ~ ~ HOLY GHOST NOTES: Last night the Holy Ghost [Michael] reminded me in my dreams that I need to remember that the little people also need to have a nice place to live; as outlined in the spoken word revelations that have been recorded forever and forever on one of Steven Fresh's vintage pickup truck size 1980s EROX copy machines at ~ ~ Now back to me fucking virgin teenagers on my multimillionaire 91' yacht out of Newport, Rhode Island meets Victoria, British Columbia. Like at; ~ ~ PS NEW READERS: If you are not following me at J2, you don't know the half of it.

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