Saturday, April 30, 2011


Unless you are a part of the International homosexual Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, that the legally blind neo-populist Glenn Beck mormon is always jacking off about via his 1966s style anti-communist morning AM radio show, heard around the world on shortwave from inside one of Jay or Jerry's many vintage collector cars. You are now clearly seeing all those Obama BC videos out there that are going as viral as a Jennifer Aniston SMART WATER sex tape.

If you are not watching these explosive videos on the 666 Internet, then you are really not a very smart person. Much less one of the 5 wise virgins who makes it on board my ROYAL WEDDING ark before the gang plank is pulled.

This is the "new information" that Mr Relf was trying to give to his right-wing partners in the back seat of that WAG THE DOG limo in THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy.

Why do you think that all those tornados wrecked havoc in CAPE FEAR's Bible Belt on the same day that MARK's abomination of desolation released his doctored doc/ument on the Oprah show for white niggers with weight problems? And then he went straight down to Florida to deliver his passionate speech to a bunch of horny college girls about how even undocumented illegal aliens like him should be allowed to stay in Washington, DC.

Talk about Nobel Peace Prize Buddhists with suicidal tendencies skinny dipping and jumping off cliffs in Yosemite National Park.

Why do you think that The Donald started talking about Obama's use of a dead person's Social Security number from Connecticut, right before there was a massive fireworks explosion outside Honolulu at DONALDSON ENTERPRISES that lasted for hours into the night. And then we saw that TRUMP TOWER in Portland, Oregon which is the UN looking headquarters for minority women who look like Ms Fukino?

Why do you think that the prophetic Hawaiian Japanese Fuk Me twins in AP III represent the BORNE IDENTITY twins' birth certificate that is now being used to compare and confirm the authenticity of Barack Obama's Book of Mormon birth certificate from Africa? Which has original information on it that was never before revealed to the public, in confirmation of the half hand-written doctor's document that Ms Fukino saw.

This is the little baby of mysterious origins that was hiding behind a cheap Gurnee, Illinois hotel room mattress in my Portland, Oregon ZERO EFFECT prophecy about my own lost sons, co-starring the co-star of THE LITTLE PRINCE FOCKERS films. Which opens with Obama's W2 form birth certificate that has his 8.04 birth date scratched off and replaced by his 8.02 date of the day 1290 abomination of desolation. While the song asks, "Tell us about the mystery dance... [of the media] ...I'm not satisfied..."


Thursday, April 28, 2011


There's only one way to look at it. And that is through the inspired 400% plus 1966 BLOW UP vision of Oprah's doctored BC on all the front pages of the fascistic NYT fringie newspapers that have been doctoring "All the News that Fits..." going all the way back to the Third Way 1930s.

This being the final front page "Gotcha" by God through the acts of my corrupt authority sidekick in BRIDE OF CHUCKY with a light skinned hide named, fill in the blank...

That telephone recording of Obama's grandmother, Sarah Obama, clearly says that her mulatto grand baby "passed through my hands" in the Kenya hospital delivery room, as recorded at:

If you blow up the above genuine hospital document, you will clearly see what the God of the lost tribes of Israel, scattered across the islands of the seas, has been talking about for all these. As in these pre HIPPIE HIPPIE SHAKE shots of Sieanna Miller by her future IN LIKE FLINT Austin Powers hero at:

The original film camera never lied. Until they started to fuck around with it in the 1290 days 90s, and came out with all those amazing manipulative hand-held 666 computer gadgets at Therefore all those WIZARD OF OZ Bible Belt tornados by God on the EZE.47 south side of the temple of Israel on the same day that DANIEL's little horn released his doctored birth certificate.

Those ominous Fukmi backpack earthquake twins in the AP III prophecy stood in for Ms Fukino's specific word quotes in her MSNBC interview about Obama's 'original birth record' information being partially typed in, and partially entered in by hand. Which is why you don't see any basic info on the new 666 form that was actually filled in by hand, other than the standard bottom line sign-offs. That said, I have no doubt that she was telling the truth. About the standard legal forms that she saw which any baby doctor back in 1961 could fill out and send into the state of Hawaii.

This being my blond wife's BLUE CRUSH threeway prophecy, co-starring my other hot wife Michelle Rodriguez. Wherein my good times best buddy Barry tells everyone at that pot party to stop fighting with me and my hot teen wife and just go with it man. I mean really, the only reason why I care about Bob Denver's BYU abomination of desolation fucking America's more righteous mother fuckers in the ass, who have been fucking Joseph Smith in the ass forever, is because I had a crystal clear dream last night that the political conspiracy actress Naomi Watts rang my door bell two times. Before quickly hopping back into her shiny red White Horse Prophecy MUSTANG parked in our driveway. I'm not sure, but I think that Nicole Kidman was sitting in her passenger side front seat.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I like the enclosed second and third breakdown of that typical genuine birth document that was just released by Oprah on Wednesday for all those new-born out-of-state alien cry-babies in her Chicagotown audience. Hey, what's so wrong with using a little authentic Hollywood screenplay word-polish, which has been going down on the set of FANTASY ISLAND meets LOST for how many decades now, at:

Because it finally put to rest all those silly ideas about Obama's genuine hospital birth certificate from Kenya being some kind of a no.151 computer generated image. That all the rest of us knew had been authentically generated by Barack Obama Sr and signed by Dr. David [Larry] Sinclair at:

Get out your checkbooks everybody. Because the 1960s no-tell hospital that treated Elvis during his blue movie Hollywood era in Hawaii will soon be asking you all for a contribution for the construction of their Obama birth place memorial. NOT!

My strong impression has always been that anyone who wants to get to the bottom of the abomination of desolation's BORNE IDENTITY prophecy in MARK 13:14 etc needs to go to the prophetic dark continent of Tarzan's Africa, not Bob Denver's volcanic black beaches of Hawaii. That were played out by all those 1948 West End, London staged Calendar Girls at the end of GREASE 2's bomb shelter prophecy. Where so many of their strange looking Asian babies were born abroad that they used to give out birth certificates to just about anybody with a local based OB/GYN. After all, that bloody mulatto baby born with sharp teeth at the end of BRIDE OF CHUCKY meets MARRIED WITH CHILDREN had a blackened mother and a white father.


The first BC related video on this link has a good review of Obama's doctored form at:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I was all set to watch the end of PLANET OF THE NIGGERS 5 for Wednesday's funny FAT ALBERT finale interview by Oprah of my royal little horn prince of the abomination of desolation; who is so specifically cited in D&C 85. But then I saw that inspired piece in Monday's Jewish run NYT about my short half-Jew Mini-Me FANTASY ISLAND sidekick relative Ben Stiller; a.k.a. Greg. That was probably written by some filthy Roaring 20s homosexual member of the international Jewish oligarchy plot inside Truman Capote's iconic UN Hightower, designed to rule over THE PLANET OF THE APES. Who still believes in Barack Obama's conspiracy theories about global domination through tax credits for big Jew oil.

[Anonymous sources from my own northern Idaho tell me that their secret Egyptian Masonite headquarters are located in the subbasement of Manhattan's odd looking 666 holocaust museum. With their public front offices probably being operating out of the city's ADL headquarters run by that populist right-wing pig with the ridiculous alias 'Abe Fox'. And that tall half-Jew blond Aryan Nation joker named Donald Trump acting like some John Birther Society nut from Appleton, Wisconsin, due south of Rt.54's Black Creek, Wolf River, New London, yada yada, just to throw everybody off their obvious 666 Greenville scent in Outagamie County. Just saying.]

In the above Portland, Oregon prophecy murder case, yours truly gets hired by yours truly, who only comes with the deal if his his short Jewish Hollywood Hills actor sidekick is involved; in order to reveal why he had to put down that female dog [bitch] in the CAPE FEAR prophecy.

The movie's missing set of keys is about my Scottish CLAN MacGREGORY'S GIRLS sequel footballer wife. Who has gone missing of late with my own set of Oregon's Indian/English love guru convertible car keys, on the eve of Ms Keira's ROYAL WEDDING by proxy to her rather strange looking brother. Who was one of the background extras in the prophetic ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES wedding scenes that came out in Sunday's BRIDE OF CHUCKY pix.

This being the Scottish plaid porn movie signs and wonders that were revealed so powerfully during my DVD rental of Jennifer Anniston's MANAGEMENT movie confirmations of my Fife, Washington motel dream. That were filmed just down the road in Madras, Oregon, [Indian Madras plaid] for a Kingman, Arizona statement about the latter-day London Bridge landmark that was miraculously transplanted after the release of 1951's ROYAL WEDDING prophecy.

In Divine confirmation of Granny Grass' surprise side-trip on Monday to one of our Bonnie Lake morman family neighbors to drop off several "Cranberry Explosion..." dried fruit and French peanut packs, which she had bought at THE CHECKOUT for 99 cents, that nobody wanted to eat. Hey, I didn't have anything to do with it.


Monday, April 25, 2011


Anyone with half a brain tied behind their back, just to make it fair, knows that Barack Obama can not back up his ridiculous BOURNE IDENTITY claims to being born on FANTASY ISLAND, USA. Therefore, Bob De Niro went on TV to lodge a formal complaint confirmation about the exploding situation; saying that The Donald et al can not back up WND's claims that Obama's genuine hospital birth certificate is some kind of a computer generated cfake image.

This is the same nigger that the white woman is fucking in her upper east side luxury apartment in De Niro's yellow TAXI DRIVER prophecy. That was confirmed years later by the same movie's star going out and marrying some REV.17 Egyptian nigger and breading little prophetic mulatto princes and princesses with her. As most recently confirmed by that crazy bitch who sneaked into GOOGLE's headquarters and demanded to see MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO business partner.

The main reason why NEW YORK, NY's famous VOODOO FOR DUMMIES Italian mob actor was inspired by God to say that Trump could never back up John McCain's crazy FANTASY ISLAND birth certificate beliefs with any kind of reach-around confirmation, is because I watched half of the final PLANET OF THE APES 5 movie from 1973 Monday morning. Wherein it was established into the new and improved left-wing fascist Civil Rights Act laws of the 19666s revolution that no one could ever again say "No" to Bob's nigger. As per the cool low budget black exploitation movie's dialogue line that goes; "An ape may say no to a human... But a human may never again say no to an ape." Especially if you are some dumb fuck grease monkey in Texas working at your local JIFFY LUBE franchise, who still believes in the original birth certificate based US Constitution for dummies.

Looks like I'll half to watch the final half of PLANET OF THE NIGGERS 5. After seeing these breaking REV.12 report confirmations about the flooding Black River in the RLDS heart of Zion, at:

That last Butler County, MO reference must have something to do with some butler figure in the new ARTHUR remake, which I have yet to see at:

Right there is The Call of the Wild Museum landmark on 850 South Wisconsin Ave, in Gaylord, Missouri; just northwest of Fagus and Campbell.



I woke up at 9:44 Monday morning from a vivid dream wherein Ellen Barkin asked me to get baptized in her little endowment house chapel. Probably because of this new piece at:

De Niro's African wife named Grace Hightower stands for that alien operated high tower full of secret documents in DIE HARD, that was recently re-named, WILLIS TOWER.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


A special FULL METAL JACKET reach-around thank-you seems in order for Arizona Senator McCain on this most wonderful chocolate Easter bunny parade Sunday. I just can't imagine that my marred face mother-fucker behind the scenes of the last SEX AND THE CITY sequel would ever think about launching some kind of an unthinkable STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER attack on the west. Unless he and his polygamist family were being threatened with national assassination at the hands of New York City's transsexual power-brokers who have gun swinging clown tattoo chips on their shoulders.

One might think that this is a bit of a stretch. But just consider how many de facto homosexual Republicans are behind this crazy idea. After all, most of these mainstream Christian WND queers have been demanding for months now that [UGLY BETTY] America's unacknowledged abomination of desolation show us his birth certificate. Even though most of them are lying when they say that they believe that the well known homosexual was born on FANTASY ISLAND and that Lucas Smith somehow ginned up a fantasy hospital birth certificate at:

People who believe that the above genuine hospital birth certificate is a 1961 era fake, are the same kind of warm&fuzzy church lady fools who would probably believe that the obviously authentic [Niagara Falls area] BOOK OF MORMON is also a fake. And that the mandatory 666 mark of the beast is more important to worry about than the actual 666 beast himself; which most likely they have been supporting all of their life.

Did you read about those 4 women, and a 14 year-old virgin, who had their throats cut by some OJ Simpson animal down in Elizabeth Taylor's beloved 1960s Acapulco, Mexico? In Divine confirmation of Julia Rob/erts committing adultery with a man that she robbed from his pregnant wife on the set of THE MEXICAN; co-starring Jennifer Aniston's stolen husband Brad Pitt, at:

This is CAPE FEAR's video clip by JANE'S ADDICTION about the little horn prince, called "Been caught stealing".

Probably the best shot in CAPE FEAR is when a filthy dirty yours truly crawls out from under the corrupt high society lawyer's family station wagon woody CHEROKEE and takes off his Bible belt, while staring down that ugly fat Oprah television nigger bitch from Obama's Chinatown, Chicago. Before he drops it into a 55 gallon oil barrel and goes into the nearby public toilets to fresh up for his romantic rendezvous with Ornella Fresh and her sister on their Cape Fear River house boat.


Saturday, April 23, 2011


Chucky's "princess" doll bride has a hand-me-down diamond wedding ring worth about '5-6k' in BRIDE OF CHUCKY's first act, that mostly takes place inside an aluminum jet airliner look alike AIRSTREAM trailer.

The 1998 prophecy starts out with a cop who looks like a young Ben Affleck.

John Ritter plays the corrupt authority figure who gets crucified with nails, because years later he suddenly died in real life on the anniversary of 911.

The Bride of Frankenstien on Tiff's TV looks like THE PRINCESS DIARIES actress Anne Hathaway; produced 4 years after BRIDE OF CHUCKY. Hence the princess bride doll's jealous green eyes.

The marred servant figure Chucky becomes a Canadian royal monarchy bridegroom at Niagara Falls after the film's STARBUCKS logo voodoo rights on page 217 of VOODOO FOR DUMMIES. That refer to the two witnesses' birth date earthquake signs in Haiti, thematic of my sidekick in 1951's ROYAL WEDDING prophecy; co-starring a Canadian Ellen Page look alike. The two dolls are married by proxy in a waterfalls mural chapel of the Church of Obama on the US side, by a great Will Ferrell look alike. Who was seen ministering along side George Clooney at my sidekick's big Hollywood fundraiser last week.

When Chucky comes alive inside Tiffany's AIRSTREAM, and is born again like today's new and improved BOURNE IDENTITY 666 trilogy beast in REV.13, he sits up on a dresser top next to my iPAD.

Originally, Chucky was named Charles Ray [King], from out of Obama's Chicagotown. You know that he is my 'little prince' sidekick in DANIEL, who had his gay lover Donald Young killed, when the no.42 cop car's Libyan gas tank blows up and smashes into 'THE ONE's yellow burger joint sign. Then a yellow gas hog CAMARO gets wrecked, and later the gay character named David gets killed by a yellow semi from the "ARMSTRONG" company.

The day after I got I LOVE TROUBLE, there were two unrelated AMTRAK train wrecks in Brad Pitt's Louisiana.

The BRIDE OF CHUCKY prophecy opens with lyrics that go "...there's only one way... to bring the [NBA] giant down..."


You should send a couple 'tourists' to Kenya and get some hilarious video of Obama's hospital birth place shrine and placard. Maybe interview a few people in low places and high places.

Friday, April 22, 2011


By the Southern EZE.47 style Grace of God, that is a transfigured Bible Belt southerner girl who looks like Democrat Party backer Reese Witherspoon, in the first act of CAPE FEAR. Where she gives Danielle a greasy 211 spoon to go with her news media scoop of neo Republican Party pinko ice-cream. That was just confirmed by the end of Rep. Bachmann's back-sliding political careerist party politics due to her female nature's instinctive rejection of the manly tough-as-nails US Constitution.

The Providential reason why God has caused an unconstitutional son of Ham to become the illegal leader of today's apostate Sodom&Egypt oriented Israelites of the latter-day B&M, is to make it devastatingly clear why the new 666 beast's radical unAmerican schemes like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights, and public union education, will all be destroyed in such a brutal and violent manner. In answer to the pagan Easter bunny Pope 16's question in 666 Rome about why there is so much suffering in the end of days.

This is why we are running an annual 1.6 trillion dollar deficit, and Hollywood's black transsexual star of BEVERLY HILLS COP 4's funny money prophecy showed up at Obama's limousine liberal fundraiser in Brentwood to beg for more of the same shit. People who have the mark of the beast in their head, and on their hands, are going to be political partying like it's 1999 up until the end. As prophesied in song by DANIEL's dark and short 'little prince' figure from Bachmann's famous northern 'State of 10,000 taxes' full of Walleye pike.

Ask anyone in the Pulitzer Prize media. The only thing that really matters right now in American politics is the cover-up of the exposure of the underground abomination of desolation's African based BOURNE IDENTITY birth certificate Trilogy con job prophecies at:

You could no more save the bankrupt finances of America than you could reform and save the bankrupt nature of her 666 political culture that is founded in the 666 public schools and today's mainstream churches of the 666 devil. Until and unless the God of Israel steps into it and cleans his desecrated Israelitish temple out with a good Texas style leather Bible Belt whipping.


PS: The upcoming royal wedding in England will likely be based on 1998's prophetic [Canadian Monarchy produced] BRIDE OF CHUCKY 4 movie at:

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The 1993 filmed prophecy entitled I LOVE TROUBLE comes to an end with Julia Roberts sporting a real shining black eye. Like the one that her Jewish sister got in CAPE FEAR, after picking up another woman's husband in the film's Madison, Wisconsin swingers bar scene. Where yours truly, the conservative reporter-blogger, makes fun of her jealous church lady bitch character by fucking Kate Hudson right in front of her in their Vegas honeymoon suite bed. Where they make love against 4 satin pillows 'in shifts'.

For a second little horn sign from DANIEL's last days scenario, the mindless left-over anti-Reagan 80s popcorn romance ends with their pee stained newspaper "mutt" in Chicago, using Obama's own term, that she fell so hard for in her final mighty line that read, "...I've become really attached to little dick."

Essentially the Madison, Wisconsin mad cow with big tits movie is about those renegade politicians in bed with Bush's Yale, Conn mob who recently fled in spirit to the secret dirty back alleys of Chinatown, Chicago. Because I was actually watching the stupid thing when I realized that it was the same day that Blago's second trial was set to open. In confirmation of the second beast who has risen from the grave to devour our Malibu, Elvis' lost House of Israel daughters, because he was such a weak father the first time. Who could not even tell the jury about how the abomination of desolation was always getting his cock sucked by middle-aged white DA lawyers during club basketball night.

This is the little Israelite endowment house of the Lord in Vegas where yours truly finally gets sealed to JR for all eternity in their Jewish wedding ceremony. Which could never have happened, if not for that Nazi medicine man figure from Chicago chasing after her foolish carnal-minded heart-shaped turkey burger world-view. That was Divinely confirmed later at her delirious Fourth of July hippie swingers orgy inside her little chaple wedding on her stray dogs ranch in New Mexico to another woman's husband. If you try something like that during the millennium, you will be turned over to an OJ Simpson act-alike figure who will cut your throat from ear to ear.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I know that you can't see me on television or in any of the pro-government censored online newspapers and magazines. But you know that I am right there with you behind the next pop-up advertisement or news-clip about my superhero sidekick with a pussy as tight as a new cork on a $350 bottle of bloody Jesus juice, while awaying the time in Jennifer Aniston's swinging 60s IN LIKE FLINK wine cellar at:

Coming back from an impromptu run to KFC Tuesday evening for a double PAPA BURGER with onion rings dipped in creamy garlic ranch pussy sauce, we stopped at THE CHECKOUT for a couple discount priced pagan Easter cards. Where I found 1994's I LOVE TROUBLE train-wreck no.417 prophecy about the divorce of Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts, that ends up with yours truly fucking both of them at the same time, 14 months after my DELIVERANCE movie time-line unfolds.

What a slam dunk. Check out this FACEBOOK report about my homogaysexual sidekick who just exposed the Internet guru's affiliation with the miraculous 666 technologies in REV.13. That perfectly describes ancient Egypt's culture of science and bisexual sex when the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim would appear in the last days of disco at:

Hopefully, the southern half-jew billionaire, Ted Turner, who converted from right-wing fascism to left-wing fascism during the half-jew apostate Christian 80s, will step up to the plate and save my half-jew sidekick from that populist half-jew billionaire Yankees fan of the north country. Dude, you need to make sure that my half-nigger makes it all the way to the desolate 42 months of UK unemployment mark in my beloved England prophecy entitled THE FULL MONTY. Besides, you ain't getting any younger.

Take a clue from your fed-up white-hunter Montana brother David Letterman, and just push aside all that Montana size mountain of rock solid evidence that my nigger was born in Tarzan's Africa. Don't ever forget why you got rid of that fucking CHINA SYNDROME cunt Jane Fonda. I need to have you fucking my Bible Belt brothers in the ass for just a little bit longer.


PS: Am I gonna have to come down and blow your cock, or what?
I need a copy of 1985's MALA NOCHE.

Stop fucking and finking around with me like some Jew boy and just send the God damn thing to me. Jesus Christ already. I also need; THE FRONT, MANHATTAN, BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, 400 BLOWS, PROBLEM CHILD 1-2-3, and MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.

Tune in Thursday to hear how my half-morman friend deals with this slam dunk at:

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Nick Cage was arrested for battering his Korean Town, L.A. wife in the Big N.O. swamp below sea-level, that has always made Woody Allen's movies so jazzy, in confirmation of my Brad Pitt FIGHT CLUB prophecy dream about David Lynch's WILD AT HEART prophecy. Wherein I beatnik-ed the shit out of Justin Timberlake in a cage fight and then made my afterwards acceptance speech wearing a gray Tee print of that North American map on the wall behind the private detective in CAPE FEAR. Who was trying to shut up your marred servant in the film with my royal crown of England tattoo on his shoulder, above the Branch Davidian cross of Jesus. Hence the assault and battery signs and wonders bullshit in a New Orleans tattoo shop for the above prophetic 'SHIT HAPPENS' T-shirt movie reference.

Therefore Woody Allen was inspired by God to start FF fucking Mia Farrow's adopted teenage daughter figure in CAPE FEAR. Since his crazy blond ex-wife, slash lover, looked so much like Jessica Lange's uptight Catholic church lady bitch. That was pre-confirmed by the death of her former French director husband for a post-production confirmation of his after midnight with Greg movie in Paris.

That was Divinely confirmed by the new warm&fuzzy Nazi WIZARD OF OZ twisters that Blitzkrieged, like a political campaign that never ends, across the Bible Belt. For that belt I used in the 91 Scorsese movie to ride underneath the corrupt see-no-evil lawyer's CHEROKEE 4x4 woody. Because all those 666 Emerald City, Seattle fantasy president twisters [Of a different color horse.] started out around the abomination of desolation's eastern pagan Easter section of Brad's I-44 , Oklahomo, taking the storm king's prophetic 'three and one half days' path of the two witnesses in Sodom and Egypt to Glenn Beck's home state of Billy Gra/ham. Who lives on an animal farm spread atop one of those seven high OVERLOOK HOTEL hills mentioned in REV.17 etc.

And so a vaginal mine shaft caved in below the Lucky Friday casino [925 sterling] England silver mine opening in Alfred Hitchcock's adopted Bonner County home state of Bono's SPIDERMAN musical cock sucker icon. Where the beautiful clear trout lake waters are polluted by lead mine trailings in confirmation of the classic prophetic lead-wing boner novel given to my sexy teen wife in CAPE FEAR.

Many of your cheaper sport trophy idols are made out of heavy old English dinnerware lead and coated with a thin 22k gold plate. To go with the obvious TGIF restaurant chain's I-90 Mullan mine location in Shoshone County's confirmation of '...the old shoe...' hero song bullshit in WAG THE DOG. Which is located right on the GSR/TWN forehead scar of the classic 60s mystery suspense television profile icon; east of Fourth of July Canyon.

The amazing fake no.44 cent stamps based upon that fake statue of liberty at the NEW YORK, NY casino in 2020' Las Vegas, were printed by the billions in order for us to understand more fully why Glenn Beck et al have lost their 2020 eyesight. The number '20' being symbolic of all things that are alien and illegal to the House of Israel in ISAIAH 11 etc. Which is why my Providential sidekick from the 7 hills beast rides the red horse convertible car in Yosmite Smith's White Horse Prophecy, while living off the assets of his loving mother.

That started with my GSR/TWN prime-time radio bombshell ads on KALL in SLC, UT 14 years before my sidekick would come along and get me out of my gourmet French cheese and wine 666 prison. Exactly like he does in my southern DELIVERANCE prophecy. If you watch Scorsese's 1991 Alfred Hitchcock movie, you will see that it has been exactly 14 years since I had a set of car keys.

Perhaps you have noticed how often Beck opens his morning radio show laughing out loud and joking about my latest prophetic movie postings. Exactly like I do when I mock the moronic fake Mormon of the future inside that CAPE FEAR movie theater, while lighting up a big disgusting smelly Rush Limbaugh cigar joke about what a gay YES MAN Christian cock sucker he is.


PS: All of the above Woody Allen screw confirmations are about my personal EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES biography at:

Here's a good look at that uncircumcised Florida nigger who murdered those two white royal niggers from England, in confirmation of the BofM prophecy that says that "...It is by the wicked niggers that the wicked white niggers will be punished..." The enclosed crazy Tuscon, Arizona style orangutan shooter with a Church of the Devil Pentagon shaped bullet scar between his eyes is named 'Tyson'. In the prophetic ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE context of Mike Tyson's Arizona governor mother of ho bitches who vetoed the manly bill that would have ended the reign of America's abomination of desolation homosexual mother fucker in the Casablanca on the birthday of the illegal alien UGLY BETTY Hollywood actress named America. More and more, it is looking like women who are driven by their fascistic 666 emotions will not be allowed to have the vote in the Kingdom of God. Where Moroni's standard of liberty will be the manly latter-day priesthood standard of the Promised Land. Which will never abide the last days [Bradley Cooper] shit on display at:

In other words, the reason why the crazy women in CAPE FEAR will not be allowed to have the vote in the Kingdom of God, is because they have too much love for animals, like their family dog Ben [Afleck]. As in the original Adam and Eve story of the Bible Belt, where the woman listened to that Arizona desert rattle-snake, over the advice of her husband named Adam. Who is the Holy Ghost named 'MICHAEL'S DISCOUNT' in the film's scene where Max is wearing his Palm Sunday TOMMY BAHAMMA sunset shirt.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine's California suicide jumper [G7 peaks] cover arrived in the P.O. BOX Friday as my suicidal YES MAN screenplay notes rolled out at:

Because Maggie's Scandinavian named Yosemite [Josephite Smith] National Park full of buck naked FFing cultists is where my royal Mt STARBUCKS King landmark stands, that no one in today's deep 666 Hell's Canyon divide can ever remove from me. For example, where Ellen Page would likely be found taking one of her outdoor hippie nudist hikes below the so-called Nevada Fall to enjoy it's famous skinny dipping Emerald Pool at the top of the next lucky 317' falls at:

Hence the nudist cult ending to YES MAN. Where we first saw my Carl Allen protagonist give a big "YES!!" shout out to his eternal bootie call fuck buddy sitting right there behind him, who looks like Gisele Bundchen.

Who really gives a flying aluminum supersonic fuck about the kind of childish emotional infatuation that is still driving Charlie Sheen's ex-wife insane, ever since she had her fake silicone tits implants? Real blond haired Goddesses only believe in the joy of sexually surrendering to a man if it lasts forever; i. e. if he is man enough to take care of her family's business in the long run.

Those YES MAN scenes where Carl is looking at bingo wedding ideas in a Korean bridal shop were confirmed by the breaking postoffice news that the no.44 administration had printed some 3,000,000,000 44 cent postage stamps using the obviously fake Las Vegas casino image of the REV.17 lady statue of liberty that both Glenn Beck and Gail Collins seem to think is the real thing at:


This report came out on the opening weekend of Redford's assassination conspiracy movie, at:

Carlo means Carl [Allen] in billionaire FFing Italiano Americano speak at:

Friday, April 15, 2011


I saw Jim Carey's YES MAN for the first time Wednesday and Thursday, that was shot in 2007, before anyone knew the Barry Obomba meaning of their trip to Lincoln, Nebraska. Where he gets interrogated at the airport as a terrorist suspect. That was confirmed by the Nebraska quarter I got in change at STARBUCKS Wednesday which depicts the brightest shining full moon in 18 years as the B-2 bombers and Tomahawk cruise missiles flew over at:

The coin's big boner rock was for the Bono celebrity look alike cakes seen in the movie right after Jim checks out a computer ad on his bank employee computer for penis enlargement.

The Republican Party's fake bank check for $80 on Thursday was no.352. Which was confirmed by cfake's 352nd image of Keira by Monty Bank at:

Since YES MAN ends with Jim riding off on Keira's DUCATI motorcycle featured in those beige catsuit ads for CHANEL.

The House of Israel is supposed to be operating their own non-profit credit unions that have no pirate affiliations.

Here is the poster for Jim's new movie that features six of my wives at:

I saw YES MAN's Woody Allen cake for yours truly that is supposed to depict Alec Baldwin, but looks like KING RALPH, on the same day the news broke about Woody casting Baldwin in his new FFing in Rome movie.


PS: AP et al continue to report falsely that the state of Hawaii has confirmed that the Obomber was born there. When in fact the only thing that they have confirmed is that there is a 'record of birth' for him on file. Which everyone has always known is true.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Granny Grass got a letter in the mail Thursday, along with the MORMON TIMES, from the Republican Party that said "CHECK ENCLOSED" on the outside. Which turned out to be a phony $80 check gimmick to raise funds for the party whose leader had just declared to US NEWS that the abomination of desolation was born in BYU, Hawaii. And the party's hapless leader in Congress had just voted for a compromise with the illegal Casablanca gang that is absolutely worthless. The fake I-80 Utah leadership conformation might as well have been sent to her by the Catholic Glenn Beck or the Mormon Bill O'Reilly, or is it the other way around? Who knows, it's all just a big REV.17 whore fuck fest as explained quite clearly at:

The REV.13:1 Yellow Sea invasion of the Gay Area by IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA to save Nancy Pelosi was confirmed by the man who caught fire inside an FFing porn shop at Mission Street Wednesday. With a Barry Oboma Bonds related 1999 street address at 99 and 6th, as reported here:

The east coast Republican Party leadership's involvement in Barry's obstruction of justice conviction for lying about his birth certificate will be a major component to Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy about the sudden success of an Independent American party.

This is why a suicidal black woman drove her van full of children into the Hudson River near New Windsor in OJ's rather queer Orange County, NY during the no husband pregnancy with REV.12 child of Kate Hudson. The ten year-old boy who escaped the flooding van represented the ten virgins prophecy in MATT 25 at:

Because the royal lost tribes gentile couple with white hunter skin, who were engaged in black Kenya's prophetic Lincoln, Illinois log cabin, are acting like a bunch of tribal Negro royalty all dressed up in their finest fake Oprah Winfrey outfits described at:


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The final 42 months of suicidal Lady Gaga insanity was confirmed by the $100,000 fine on Kobe for calling America's referee judges a bunch of faggots. Who don't even have the Obama pick up game basketballs to look at my homogaysexual's Kenyan hospital birth certificate, at:

So now comes the scene where my tall gay basketball mother fucker grabs that crazy Rm.217 lady in Colorado's high elevation resort hotel and fucks her in the ass high and hard for a good half hour. Bending her over a chair so that the 7 footer could do her standing up straight, at the reasonably cheap price of a 100k diamond TIFFANY cushion cut ring for his wife back in LA.

That is because Barry [Obama] Bonds was found guilty in the Gay Area for obstructing justice on the same day that my African born "liar and a thief" figure in PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES, nicknamed Barry, went on national TV to promote his Egyptian pyramid money scheme to sell more USA junk bonds made in the anti-American fascist country of China. Where the animalistic powers of the statist Democrat party are the only basketball game in Chinatown. According to the upcoming gog Magog invasion from the Yellow Sea aliens in BATTLE LOS ANGELES in order to save the Nancy Pelosi people who owe them big time.

For a second witness, the technically gay Mitt Romney Morman from MIT came to the passionate defense of his day 1290 666 healthcare partner and declared that Obama was born in the FANTASY ISLANDs of BYU Hawaii. Just like the RLDS leaders in Utah are continuously receiving revelation from God, even though no one is allowed to see it or read it, like anyone can at and:

The same wise and learned people from Harvard et al who believe that Mr Smith is a liar are of the same people in Mormon high society who only give lip service to the Book of Mormon, that was brought forth by the no name prophet Joseph Smith. Who was the D&C 85 forerunner to the millennial King of England with no known title.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Nicole was eating melting ice cream when the queer as orange OJ Obama juice man rang her door bell. And then there was a Providential 1290 days switch in the PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES prophecy plot when the Jewish Jeff Goldman showed up from LUNA with her forgotten sunglasses, to protect against the bright sunburst of an A-bomb blast in all those prophetic 1950-60s si-fi movies about the end of today's 666 world as we know it.

A juice man is one who collects debts for the mob. Like that crazy second story black man who cut that 23year-old blond babe's throat wide open Sunday in Apt 6 at 63 Clinton Street in Gail Collins' NYC. In confirmation of the 666 bounty hunters' '...363' plates in DOMINO, because she was still one of Obama's WAG THE DOG girl scout coeds at Hunter College. [A black security man is also assigned to take care of the short half Jew icon at the end of WTD.]

This link has a good shot of my light skin EATING RAUL sidekick at:

Who is the same guy in the PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES prophecy who makes the traditional throat-cut sign with his finger across the neck at the end of the film's Eiffel Tower party, like it's 1999, in Gurnee, Illinois. The one who suddenly looks like Tom Hanks every time he switches into his 'liar and a thief' character who voted for the abomination of desolation that was born among the private zoo giraffes of Africa's wealthy white liberals, like Madonna and Oprah. Which is why he will appear as the film's political 'hack' at the end of Oprah to do publicity for the end of the 42 months of 666 oppression plot in REV.13.

Google map 63 Clinton for a look at the trash bags, cheap mattresses, and flaming store fronts around the place where Bill Clinton's OJ Simpson sequel took place; off Houston Street for that same day confirmation of the fascistic Lady Gaga falling off her GREAT BALLS OF FIRE piano in Houston, Texas wearing big black 42 months boots. While her ferocious 'born this way' fires were still consuming the latter-day Sodom and Egypt grasses in Stonewall County.

We see the white Egyptian George Washington erection idol monument when my homogaysexual sidekick sits down at the end of PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES and admits that he has been a liar and a thief for too long to change now.


Here is the intelligent, common sense, rational report that none of the typical lying and thieving CRAZY HEART kooks at USAT would ever read before mouthing off like a bunch of Southside, Chicago street niggers about The Donald's blond hair at;

Maine voted to cut off the head of Senator Snow's Jewish federal beast Tuesday.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The 7:20 pm CT Wizard of Oz twister hit Mapleton, Iowa right as I was logging my crazy maple leaf Canadians post. Revelations received by the prophets among the lost tribes of Israel say that Canada will escape the REV.16 violence south of it's border. But the Lord has other ways to put pressure on the tribes of the north countries to repent and return to his laws in JER.31 etc.

Hence the 3.1 quake at 3:33:42 local time in Obomber's Routt County, Colorado location for THE SHINING 666 beast prophecy.

I really dig these MIDNIGHT IN PARIS remake shots of my prophetic Hollywood hipster actor in PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES at:

Jesus committed suicide so you don't have to. As confirmed by all those satanic shooters out there killing innocent children while screaming "You're all gonna die like rats!!" before they commit suicide. Of course they are, if you believe in the Bible and the Book of Mormon to any degree. Why do you think that twister hit in the same area of zion where Larry Sinclair's Truman Capote forerunner spent so much time?

Good news; New homosexual public park pix are out from London of my future GREGORY'S GIRL wife Keira Knightley diligently FFing some really cute guy who looks like he has real potential. FFing grace is all about doing the missionary work of Jesus under the radar, 007 style, in places where it is simply too dangerous to speak the Word of God openly. Which is why the Lord's FFing fornication plan for sinners was introduced in ROMA, Italy while yours truly was the city's RLDS missionary District Leader in 1972.

Here are a couple nice shots of the tight ass cutie in traditional Woody Allen jacket at:

Before I forget; let me give a shout out to Camy for giving A-Rod such a loving hand. I kind of like that guy who always plays 3rd base and is a big hitter with the lost daughters of Israel. Basically, it's the same idea role-played out in Julia Robert's iconic PRETTY WOMAN prophecy. Wherein she sucks on my cock while I sit on a sofa throne watching the bloody REV.14&19 jumbo-size grapes of wrath getting the juice pressed out of them on TV; i.e. she gets busy FFing me while I'm engaged in FFing her. Before we both enter into that little gas station Endowment House of the Lord where Keira lives in TWIN PEAKS's television pilot and set everything straight, forever and ever.

The historic Stonewall County wildfires in apostate Christian Texas are about the worst EZE.37 draught there in 44 years. As recorded at the Lord is going to cleanse the wicked city of Dallas, Texas.


NOTE: After over two years of requests by legit investigators, Hawaii's former Heath director Ms Fukimo finally spoke to the ultra liberal MSNBC. Their stonewalling report includes almost no direct detailed quotes from her, and only repeats her former statements about a "record of live birth" certification on file, that is often refered to as a "birth certificate" . Which in fact it is, technically speaking. The kind that was commonly available back in 1961 to babies born out of state to resident mothers. Who send in the proper perfectly legal form signed by two people, usually including a family doctor. If MSNBC was a real news organization, they would have found out and reported what hospital Obama was born in, and who signed his existing "record of live birth". Without disclosing any other personal or private information. But since they know in their hearts that his Kenyan grandmother Sarah Obama is not lying, they left all that common sense stuff unspoken. And made no comments about the mountain of sources that clearly indicate that Obama was born in Africa. What a bunch of liberal kooks.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Lately the kooky neon LA Buddhist Hollywood movie star who calmly meditates about suicide every morning, transplanted from wack job Canada, has been spotted by God's lowly LA DOLCE VITA stalkers who can barely pay their rent, outside various Italian ROMA restaurants full of hot teenager Girl Scout hookers in tight 70s hot pants. Sporting the same .44 SMITH&WESON Indian medicine wheel hair cut in the Martin Scorsese second story story about my wife Renee Zellweger fucking my "nigger" taxi driver sidekick. That he first introduced on his web site for twits with pix of himself covered in 60s Parisian artist's [North African] oil paints. Now updated by my woody pecker still life painting in Woody's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS homage to yours truly fucking Liz and Patti at the seven HILTONs RITZ. After enjoying their exquisite gory Bolognese spaghetti sauce in their hotel restaurant.



There was a huge fireworks explosion outside Honolulu at DONALDSON ENTERPRISES Friday, that went on for hours, shortly after The Donald let it be known that he is going to expose the media phonies who claim that the Obomber was born in Hawaii.

Like Gail Collins at the NYT, who is still repeating the old translator bullshit story about Obomba's grandmother saying he was born in Hawaii. When in fact two other native Kenyan speakers have analyzed the same taped phone call and declared that there is no question that Sara Obama clearly says she was present at his hospital birth in Kenya. For which we have a genuine Kenyan hospital birth certificate of course. Unlike the Hawaii birth certification that was commonly available to children born out of state to resident mothers.

Ms Collins is the willfully blind NYT type who would tell you, like Glenn Beck would, that the Kenyan ambassador was talking about Obama senior when he clearly told those two Detroit DJs on tape how proud his country is that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Even though it would take about five minutes to google the damn recording and listen to it for yourself. Not to mention the official parliamentary debate transcripts on file at WND, wherein Kenyan politicians mention on record that Barack Obama was born in their country.

Unlike the above Katie Couric type kook, I actually googled DONALDSON ENTERPRISES and found a typical 666 world web site that Providentially features a classic Donald Trump tower with crucifix, at:

For a second kookoo source, there was a large fire in Honolulu's secretive Chinatown on the corner of Kukui Street, according to:

But all that's nothing compared to the fact that Gail Collins looks suspiciously like this fake of the CRAZY HEART actress at:


LINK: The explosion report is at:

Thursday, April 7, 2011


If you have been listening to Howard Stern for any length of time, especially during his 1260 days, you would be inspired to know that any Girl Scout out there who is packing a super tight pussy secret weapon can take down any full size man out there. How do you think Sienna Miller does it?

For example; If you are a tight ass homosexual writer for AP, who instinctively knows that Barry's Hawaiian fuck buddy was busted for soliciting she male prostitutes on the eve of the same state's legal birth certificate stonewalling, you would automatically not report that a 'certification of birth' is the same thing as an automatic newspaper birth announcement. Since both of them are based upon the same original birth forms filled out and sent into the authorities by the baby's family members.

What? You think that the local advertiser paper would actually send out a reporter to do a confirmation interview with the mother et al?

How do you think that the paper's routine sincere obituary announcements are generated?

This is why the legally blind Catholic Mormon style de facto homosexuals like Glenn Beck and George Bush have lost so much respect from their true grit conservative audience. Who can always smell a queer when their FOX news leadership at the RLDS church in high Utah looks down their Eiffel Tower size cocks at their humble common sense listeners.

The Jewish Judge Judy trash talk coming out of Hawaii confirmed the Jewish judge election vomit coming out of the cock sucking media mouths of the famous German Swiss cheese head dairy state of Wisconsin. That is now engaged in the political civil war that is coming to all of 'the holy city' in REV.16. Where it is now looking like 10%, or about 30,000,000, are going to die from that 6.5 quake on the border of Tabasco, Mexico right after I posted my first Bloody Mary thoughts on WHEN PARIS SIZZLES. The gentile quake's Vancouver, BC 6:11 time-line connection to the 3.9 quake at 6:11 around Arkansas' two witnesses landmarks was like connecting the two 1260 days time-lines between Judah and Ephraim near I-40's Palestinian time lines.

You'll notice that my physically transfigured screenwriter looks like me from certain angles, then like Charlie Sheen; but it will all finally make complete sense when you see him in the Hollywood studio rip off climax where you realize that the future filmmaker is an astonishing Tom Hanks look alike. And so you google the BIG LOVE producer's upcoming projects and find out what's next by the grace of God.



1964's PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES prophecy opens with a boy lighting a huge Bastille Day fire cracker that looks like one of those 211 pipe bombs in my SUPER link with Allen keys, that ties it all together with Woody Allen's new after midnight with Greg [Ferguson] in Paris movie. Because the film's Keira Knightley forerunner co-star passed away on the first day of the two witnesses' special 1260 days period; which was January 20, 1993.

That was Providentially confirmed by my April 6 viewing of "THE GIRL WHO STOLE PARIS" screen writer romance comedy when the S&P 500 civil war index closed at 1,335.54 Wednesday [+2.91]. To mark DANIEL's 1335th day in 1996 that connected the 1260 days of Howard Stern's Judah witness with the 1260 days of the Ephraimite witness; counting back to the Lord's birthday and crucifixion anniversary of April 6, 1993.

In the film, William Holden slugs my wife's movie actor boyfriend which starts a civil war.

The evolving screenplay plot within the film plot is about when the crafty homogaysexual Gurleyville, Conn man in the Casablanca has robbed the joint's bank. Prophetically played by my protangonist's sidekick, who runs circles around the hapless chief inspector, played in the future by John Boehner at:

As confirmed by the film's suggestive boner shots of the stolen Eiffle Tower radio station that looks over the city where Princess Diana died in a violent underground car crash.

My constantly cheating and lying cheetah's criminal career comes to an end, Casablanca occupation style, at the twin engines of the SKY KING airplane icon of Judah and Ephraim that refers to the movie's STARBUCKS cafe location that means 'The Good King Henry' in French.


The movie poster's PLANET OF THE APES theme is at:

"Frankenstein and My Fair Lady are the same story" says Rick.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hwy.44's U Conn dominated in Houston on the same day no.44 announced that he was going to keep his con game domination going in 2012. Why not? No one with any legal authority has ever once asked to see his birth certificate.

Just like no one ever asked MLK why his graduate thesis was a complete plagiarized fraud. Which is studied in Canadian universities as a classic case of academic deception. And no one has asked Obama why Bill Ayers wrote his Book DREAMS OF MY FATHER, as explained clearly at:

Like no one has ever explained the basic constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act, etc.

It's all just one big con U job by the worldly wise and learned who worship the new 666 beast of reformed democratic fascism. Which is why the United Nations is now lead by a luna/tic Korean man named Moon.

That windy Colorado wildfire on the edge of the [Teddy] Roosevelt National Forest near Redstone Canyon is threatening to have a second term too, according to;

The Masonville Fort Collins location makes it a two witnesses of the lost twelve tribes omen. Right there is Wind/sor and all that.

Katie Couric announced her departure from the liberal media news the same day. As in, C our ick... From catty cfake women and Gurleyville, Conn men.

That is a 666 Allen key set lying on the work table in that SUPER movie link, as explained more visually in 211 terms at:

Granny Grass picked up 4 sacks of BLACK GOLD potting soil Monday. For Neve Campbell's black outfit on Leno Monday night, where she had him taste some traditional English black blood sausage.


Monday, April 4, 2011


That is the shining full moon on 3.19 in the SUPER still link. Some of those 211 pipe bombs are 'yellow' of course.

In clips, Boltie mentions my hidden green arrow in ISAIAH 49:2. The ARROW PRESS SQUARE no.125 fire in SLC, Utah happened on the 3.25 anniversary of when the beast visited Howard Stern and cut him a deal, at:

That reporter who was forced to stay in a large walk-in closet during Biden's fundraiser at some wealthy Jew's mansion in Florida was the Larry Sinclair Lucas Smith figure hiding in the secret closet in ABSOLUTE POWER. Who was a witness to the crimes of the abomination of desolation.

The African born Barack Obama is expected to announce today that he will make another illegal run for the White House. If some state does not ask to see his actual birth certificate this time.

SNL did an ESPN womens track sports show skit, sponsored by KY-JELLY, and hosted by yours truly, Greg Stink; wherein a lady from Ft Worth throws a big apple size shot-put 23 meters. For Ellen's 23rd cfake image at:

The above fake does a poor head replacement job that makes her jackknife necklace area skin look like burn scar.

Another skit had Elton John ride into a western TRUE GRIT town on his White Horse Prophecy unicorn. Where he meets a macho killer dude cowboy in the salon and starts coming on to him. For all those stonewall crucifixion shots that are straight out of central casting of the true grit preacher in Florida, Terry Jones, like at:

Jennifer Aniston's SMART WATER sex tape came out right before I saw the red's water fluoridation plot in DR STRANGELOVE.

I believe that Ellen's jackknife necklace pix came out before I posted about Gen Jack The Ripper in the DR STRANGELOVE prophecy.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


SUPER opened in Manhattan Friday in Divine confirmation of Elton John's SNL Calendar Girls spoof. Wherein the 4 seasons Girl Scout star of WHIP IT sprung like spring out of his piano box for that jackknife necklace on Ellen Page linked to a Canadian caribou buck charm. That she probably bought at some Venice Beach sidewalk jewelry stand.

Back on the first day of spring in March, Jesus whispered to me at 11:04 pm that there was " more...." and that "...It's a good one.." in fulfillment of the 4 spicy Italian herb pots that Granny Grass found for me at Wally's last week.

These being the "crack" that opened up during a symbolic 'G6' cock sucker icon flying over Page, Arizona somewhere south of The Gap. That is illustrated in this promotional SUPER still of my Vancouver Island Love Shack sidekick staring at a Dishman, Washington pipe bomb and wondering how the thing could possibly fit into her extremely tight schedule at:

Which is why it is so much nicer to be committed to a more independent and free Clan MacGregor arraignment. As opposed to some suffocating monogamous homogaysexual situation; that would require her to have my boyfriend jerk me off and then inject my defective old seed into her uterus with a plastic turkey baster if she wants to have a child or two.



On the 4.2 date of Elton John's SNL gig it was decided that the Butler BULLDOGS will play UConn in Monday's big 4.4 mens college championship title basketball game. Because the butt-lover piano man looks like an English bulldog at:

The HUSKIES 'UConn' nickname is a homophone word play based on the dog native to the Yukon region. Their campus is located off Hwy.44 in Mansfield, near Gurleyville and Obama's Mount Hope, for men who love to mount up and play in the dirt, Biblically speaking, according to:

UConn's Tolland County location is for the toll that must now be paid by a land that promotes the false notions of "homophobia" in all their institutions of higher learning. As confirmed by the new Hwy.520 bridge toll on Lake [George] Washington in Seattle next to the Mountlake Cut's HUSKY STADIUM.

Butler's BULLDOGS are from inside the famous Indian medicine wheel landmark of David Letterman's Indianapolis, Indiana. The team's historic second trip in a row to the ultimate "March Madness" title is being dubbed "Blue 2 mania". For the Afghan Blue Mosque riots that broke out over Elton John's weekend in NYC because the Rev Jones burned a Koran near the Devil's Millhopper pit landmark; the day after Obomba started his fake WAG THE DOG war. Which is all a part of Dr Strangelove's evil fluoridation plot by the red rock lobster B52s element in Florida.


Friday, April 1, 2011


Finishing a rather green double CLAN MacGREGOR that I love to fuck no matter how cheap the price Friday, with garlic steamed broccoli spears in black pepper and dark green virgin olive oil, the Washington State Republican party called me up on behalf of my good buddy Kirby Wilbur for a donation. So I had them put me down for $10,000 in the next 60-90 days. Because my party's leader in the US Congress is knowingly fooling America about Barack Obama's birth certificate. Thinking that he can get away with the decadent polite society scam as long as Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly are backing him up from behind.

Then there is the unknown question about the April Fools budget of the abomination of desolation's 10,000 MANIACS who will be given the power of God to oppress the more righteous white Israelites in REV.13 for 42 months. Until the prophecy in MULHOLLAND DRIVE is fulfilled , when the word will come down from the God father of Hollywood to shut everything down. Until they can learn to live within the promised land's economic means of reality.

Of course, the best way to accomplish this unstoppable 666 prophecy would be to vote down any increase in the nation's debt ceiling. As confirmed beyond a doubt by the fact that the main street media of Sodom&Egypt will not talk about it. Like they won't talk about Obama being born in Africa.

Tomorrow is the NYT 55,363 number on the EL CAMINO plate in Keira Knightley's DOMINO prophecy. Keep an eye out for any new plot point previews in the bounty hunter movie that have not yet been screened.


NYT 55,363

Gisele pic at DAILY MAIL...