Sunday, September 30, 2012


In my late 80s CITIZEN COCAINE treatment, the best-seller tv guru in MONTANA also owns a chain of STARBUCKS style drug rehab resorts that financially compliment his leading cocaine import business from Columbia; which was just confirmed by that powerful 7.3 earthquake down there at REV.16 London time, per: ~ Because I was watching CITIZEN KANE fall down on the steps of his 'W' castle in Florida, and drop his ROSEBUD pussy snow-globe at the exact same time that LL was mixing it up with that Republican Party dude on the stairs at NYC's W hotel. Where she pulled the joint's fire alarm in confirmation of the Colorado snow-job sled ride that all the Third Way NYC media have jumped on; the same day of the RYDER CUP climax on Rt.19 outside Chicago, off Royal Lane. ~ 1941's prophecy about my love starved sidekick, Barack Obama, has two great close-up shots of my future TARZAN THE APE MAN at the same time they are roasting that lamb in Florida, and my sexy wives are all dancing in line to today's African tribe chief from Kenya, wearing a furry college football band hat from Egypt. ~ Just like in the same era when today's NYT empire is failing to uphold it's original principles. Just because the illegal alien in the CASABLANCA is a man of color. And it doesn't hurt that he is also a homosexual. ~ I knew that something was going to happen on NYT No.55,909 after seeing a pickup around town with a '909' decal on it's rear window. But I didn't know that the boxing glove hanging off it's back window gun rack would have anything to do with the death of 'Mr Punch' ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: My boy Bieber vomited on stage in sheriff Joe's Arizona in confirmation of the same weekend's BET performances. ~ CITIZEN KANE opens with a shot of the RYDER CUP's fourball REV.16 hole that is PAR 4 and 365 days long. ~ Obama's no.44 time-line in CITIZEN KANE is established by the fact that Charles Foster Kane has 44 M readers at the beginning of the end. ~ Howard Stern just did some man-on-the-street interviews up in Harlem. Asking people if they have a problem with the fact that Obama is basically an RLDS type Mormon, and Romney is a false prophet style Muslim gentile, per the REV.16 spoken word revelations at etc. ~ In my own private CITIZEN KANE interpretation, my second wife lives at 185 74th Street; per my four wives who were born in 85. [The number '1' is a universal root number; the number '74' is a general symbolic reference to all of my French speaking - Paris Hilton hotel - wives starting in 1974.] ~ My sidekick named Leland in CITIZEN KANE asks the NYT reporter if he could secretly smuggle him in the two cigars of Judah and Ephraim, before he walks off to bed for a three-way with those two nurses. Who keep him feeling young and alive, even at 85.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Too bad that Martin Scorsese got so upset with me that he decided to waste his precious time, and priceless talent from God, on some tired old done-to-death Wall Street movie about greedy wolves. When he could have actually used his big fat Hollywood bank account to make the CITIZEN KANE remake of the century, starring Leon Di Caprio as Orson Welles, circa 2012. ~ Sadly, all that the TAXI DRIVER short man masterpiece director would have ever had to do is ask Leo, and he would have said yes; whatever you want, you got it. ~ But then that new-old 666 beast mother fucker Jew died at the age of 86, on the same morning that the NYT no.55,909 came out. So now it's time for me to take over Hollywood, USA and make myself the star of my own private CITIZEN KANE sequel remake movie. And somehow, someway, I will find a way to write in a big fat juicy co-starring role for my financial bagman Mel Gibson. Just so as I can fuck all of you Jews, queers, and niggers in the butt fucking media so hard that you will get down on your knees and beg me to let you see the rough cut before it actually comes out in Park City, Utah; in the winter of 2014. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, September 28, 2012


FOX radio reported that big SIN CITY lie again at exactly 4:00 pm PST Friday, about how my big black snake sidekick was, "...unable to meet in person..." with the leader of Israel, [Even the one in EZE.38 originally from Brooklyn, NY.] In confirmation of all those spoken word revelations given unto the prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 133; that refer to the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 etc. as "the fox". ~ You make it look like Barack Obama was born in the USA, I AM will make it look like you are committing journalistic suicide, like at: ~ Naturally, therefore, of course, there was a second Jewish Jesus Christ crucifixion dated 4.6 earthquake east of Constitution, Mexico at exactly 9:24:54 on Naomi Watts' number 44 birthday. Since the MULHOLLAND DRIVE actress is so famous for co-starring in all those corrupt corporate-media-politician axis movies. ~ GSR/TWN

Thursday, September 27, 2012


That powerful 6.2 TREMORS sign east of Constitution, Mexico occurred on the eve of the Jewish Judgement Day. The 6.9 earthquake on the east side of Alaska's Rat Islands was for those grave rats at the end of the BRIDE OF CHUCKY prophecy. ~ That "November 6" message I received from the Lord a year or so ago, pointing out Emma Stone's birth date, was also a message about the upcoming election on her 24th birthday. '24' being a symbolic number about leadership, or the lack thereof. ~ That BRIDE OF CHUCKY shooting at a sign company in the Twin Cities happened on the same day I watched DELIVERANCE's day 1290 river allegory about DANIEL 12 etc. which came out in 1972. The big black snake in the prophetic film's river scenes is my sidekick Barack Obama. Since the 4 white men in the story were from MLK's Atlanta, Georgia. And the muddy day 1290 Mississippi River starts at 1290' Grand Rapids, next to Blackberry and Deer River; due north of Hill City. ~ DELIVERANCE was filmed in Rabun County, Georgia, near Black Mountain. Where the woods were filled with homosexual strangers, and the courts were too corrupt to do anything about it. At a time when democratic fascism was the highest law of the land. Because the movie's "Church of Christ" got towed away in the REV.12 flood that was created by the new 666 dam they were constructing off of Hwy.76. ~ GSR/TWN


Get out your wallets and drop your pants, because here I come. And you're gonna like it. ~ Ergo the butt fucking neo cons at FOX radio reported at 4:00 PST that "...the president couldn't meet with Nethanyahu..." in NYC; so now I have to do what I have to do, even if you don't like it. ~ These being the same high society fucks who thought that Larry Sinclair was one of those little people who don't matter, even if that Chicago mob boss politician in the WILLIS TOWER chapter of SIN CITY shoots Bruce full of bullets. ~ And of course, that is exactly what he is going to do, metaphorically speaking. ~ You don't pay me what you owe me, I AM sends my O.J. juice man nigger in the inspired CABLE GUY prophecy after you. ~ That was just confirmed by LL's chest pains that sent her to the hospital. In confirmation of that union thug who just died of a heart attack on the set of THE LONE RANGER meets DON JUAN DE MARCO. ~ GRS/TWN

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I watched the Bruce Willis chapter of SIN CITY on the Jewish Day of Judgement, wherein a 61ish Willis role plays an iconic 61 year-old Hemingway PAPA BURGER figure who shot himself in 61. Around the same small town where Willis used to own and operate a variety of private residences and businesses. Before he came out of the closet and voted for my homosexual murderer sidekick from Kenya. And then they named that new black tower after him that dominates the Chicago skyline mountains in Miley's 1990s MONTANA prophecy. ~ Because Bruce Willis' episode in SIN CITY, 2005, has one of the best Barack Obama politician introductions that I have ever seen in latter-day cinematic prophecy, which starts out saying; "Power comes from lying, lying big. Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true... You got em by the balls." Because nobody out there wants the truth to come out, which would immediately collapse their " of cards." ~ So the news rolled out today that some foundation in Boston is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean the fly shit off all those old letters that were sent to papa Bruce while he was in prison for 8 years in SIN CITY. From his future teenager lover who is now 19 years-old. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is the JFK Letter-man confirmation report that I read on the same day above at; ~ Therefore I double checked my sources and remembered that Papa had 86ed himself in the head in Sun Valley, Idaho on Lindsay Lohan's future birth date in 86, at: ~ After voting for my illegal alien nigger sidekick who was born in Africa, back in 2008, Willis shoots himself right on the proverbial GSR/TWN forehead line at 1:56:... minutes into my special uncensored and uncut DVD edition. ~ It's always snowing in SIN CITY's own private Bruce Willis chapter in order to establish the story's prophetic SUN VALLEY ski resort context. ~ This link is about two faced Willis shooting himself in the head in his SIN CITY chapter, circa 2012, at:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


People are always gossiping about Brad Pitt's wife financing Jennifer Aniston's directorial debut. [Jen was a teenager East Village hippie wanna be, and all that.] Throw in some co-producer pre-production cash money from Bruce Willis, and you might actually have something there, like at: ~ AND: ~ Nevermind if some of that cash comes from Mr Montana himself, just because he is so bored with the scene in NYC. [Have you ever noticed that we never see any homosexual sex perverts on camera from David Letterman's staff?] ~ [He likes to vote gay, and he likes to talk gay, but he doesn't like to walk that way. Kind of like Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, Cameron Diaz, and Jimmy Kimmel, for starters.] ~ The inspired BRIDE OF CHUCKY prophecy about my plastic teenager blow-up doll, Miley Cyrus, has two 5.6 references to the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY about the same movie's opening shots of Barack Obama's African mask from Mercer Island, Lake Washington; the home of America's top neo con radio talker Michael Medved. [Who once tried to screw Rush Limbaugh, but that's another post for another day.] ~ The main thing that you need to see right now in my own private bride movie above, is the reddish orange hair mop on top of Chucky's head in the [Aurora, Colorado] scene where the number 42 cop car gets blown up. ~ Guess what, I don't like something getting stuffed into my rear-end asshole gas tank any more than you like voting Republican. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Yours truly tells Kitty on TV in MONTANA that she needs to identify Obama's fake identification documents problem if she wants to get real real and take the next level step. ~ Note the 42 months punk ass [rock the vote] boots tread on Miley Cyrus' look alike doll in BRIDE OF CHUCKY meets LEPRECHAUN 1-2-3-4-5... ~ BRIDE OF CHUCKY opens with a prophetic dialogue time-line statement about how curiosity killed the hello kitty, who became so curious about my GSR/TWN blog at

Sunday, September 23, 2012


OK, you got me. My next project is just going to be an amazing look alike cluster-fuck art film shot in the Bay Area on video, for double-overtime and a half on union scale, of course, plus the usual daily double non IRS cash per diem pay-offs. [Don't forget, a lot of my union thug drinking buddies are Howard Stern style Reagan Democrats who don't like niggers, queers, and Jews any more than I do.] Because all the Third Way film critics out there in Sundance Utah land will already know what I AM is up to. So we all are going to have to make it an extra special bombshell face-slap project. If you know what I mean. ~ Believe me you. If I make a XXX 70s movie about me fucking Chloe Moretz and Liz Hurley at the same time on my future THE WEIGHT OF WATER yacht off the coast of Vancouver, BC, or the Rock of Gibraltar, you are going to go there, and you are going to watch it in person; probably at some last old big screen small town theater in Montana. [You can still make a 35mm print out of a SONY video that will work on those old movie projectors like in Sandra Bullock's 52 PICK UP prophecy. And they only cost about 3k per print if you order a dozen or more.] ~ Think of my above indie film project as some kind of an artistic Hollywood leadership coupe that turned out to be a Divine confirmation of the 2008 election coupe that finally overthrew the America that was being oppressed by the apostate Christian neo con job homosexuals who are now in charge of Dallas, Texas and SLC, Utah. ~ Last night, I heard on CBS radio that my MONTANA sidekick was flashing his cash in front of that gay ass church lady transsexual looking mayor of Milwauki at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Study this wikipedia page if you want to know what is going down between the lines in the 2012 election, at:'s_Gate_(religious_group) ~ Think $5 Lincoln bills in the pockets of dead men wearing NIKE sneakers; above the Black Beach area where Paris Hilton's godfather has that CITIZEN KANE south mansion. ~ At the very end of the small town theater 1997-98 Sundance Film Festival MONTANA prophecy, the fat Hollywood 666 jew pig sausage factory bosses at MIRAMAX learn that it was my future teen idol wife Miley Cyrus who gave Mr Coupe the gun.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Here is the brief synopsis for my full 20 page treatment of my indie film video screenplay, starring Miley Cyrus playing Janis Joplin; now being written with a yellow no.2 erasorhead pencil on a ten cent white paper ring back-to-school notebook. ~ Oddly enough, I see Miley Cyrus playing Ms Joplin growing up in Texas, and then I see a boozed out JJ at the very end of her 27 year-old life being played by Carey Mulligan. ~ I'm not sure yet who will actually write the screenplay and direct. ~ I would do it myself, but I don't really have the time. ~ That decision will be determined by whatever PLAN B writer-director-producer wanna-be out there offers me the nicest amount of non IRS cash money in that suitcase prophecy in MONTANA meets BRIDE OF CHUCKY. ~ If you want to play with the rod of Jesse in ISAIAH 11 meets D&C 85, you need to stop paying the IRS right now. Just file a legally accepted extension, or whatever, and then wait for the next step. ~ You may even have to pay an immediate money laundering penalty of around 20% to the illegal federal reserve bank of the day 1290 abomination of desolation. But it will be worth it, times five, in the short run. ~ Probably the only way that I am going to get to fuck both Miley and Carey at the same time on camera, and off camera, in this double mind-fuck flash-back project, is to write me in as some kind of a sleazy 666 half Jew record producer with a big fuck ass VOLVO yacht tied up somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area. ~ But the script would still need to be just as believable and straightforward as a Harold Robbins novel. Like in this old guy "music legend" shot of Ms Cyrus' very long tongue at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS: If we can't get Carey Mulligan to play the older Janis Joplin, we will use Lindsay Lohan. Who is a better actress, and gives better head, but is not quite as reliable. ~ I doubt that she would go for it. But Gwyneth Paltrow would be perfect in the above story as my long suffering wife, who knows that I love to fuck young hotties who look like boys.


The shuttle ENDEAVOUR took off on it's anal sex campaign tour circuit on Wednesday, with multiple stops, as a sign from above that today's USA is the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11, like at: ~ Therefore, the inspired words by Paris Hilton about gay men being "disgusting" and many of them have the butt fucker plague in REV.9, rolled out on the very same day that the END-EAVOUR took off in penis shaped Florida. For a second witness, Amy Poehler was on Leno the same day smoking a fag and enjoying a night club martini. ~ Then Ann Romney's high flying phallic icon got smoke in the cockpit and had to make an emergency landing in Barack Obama's Denver, Colorado. [Colorado means colored in Mexicano.] ~ Because Mitt Romney's high society types are just too gay to even mention that his presidential opponent is not a citizen of the United States. Not to mention that he is also a well known homosexual. ~ Here is a shot of the homosexual manifestation from God above flying over one of LA's most popular public parks for men having sex with strangers; note the two black Egyptian butt icons of ancient astronomy science at: ~ The 2012 election tour of Sodom came to an end on Friday near Hinkley, California. In confirmation of the current RLDS church of Gordon B Hinckley saying nothing about the advent of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in Sodom and Egypt. Egypt being the ancient center of science, art, and technology. ~ Ergo, the iPHONE-5 of the five foolish virgins also came out at the end of ENDEAVOUR's election tour over the promised land of the abomination of desolation. When it landed at Ed/wards Airforce Base; due north of Saddleback Butte State Park. ~ 'Ed' being a popular name for the talking horse G7 beast in classic 60s television shows and movies. ~ GSR/TWN

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Miley Cyrus' inspired new deal ERASER HEAD hair job has turned out to be about yours truly putting her on the table for some kind of a neighborhood teenager wife swap trade in my own private Montana prophecy that was made in the same year that Chloe Moretz was born. Which is a deal that I can probably live with if Miley is the next financial backer of Lynch's next feature length SONY camera video, co-starring me fucking Chloe both on and off camera in some kind of a lost 1970s Harold Robbins novel adaptation for the big screen. ~ Now just confirmed, yet again, by LL running over that Chinatown cook in NYC. Just like Claire does with her 'L' car in MONTANA. ~ Therefore, when the metaphorical Barack Obama figure gets metaphorically assassinated in the above cinematic prophecy, he falls down like a dead man walking onto that metaphorical 'seat of power' inside of my famous metaphorical dream about Nicole Kidman pulling off her undies on the sidewalk and hoping that we can find a hotel room in Manhattan that doesn't have any metaphorical blood sucking bed bugs. ~ After all, Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery, his fake Selective Service registration, his use of a stolen Social Security number, his involvement in the murder of Donald Young, etc. and his long history of homosexual sex with strangers, are all just Providential metaphors about today's apostate Christians who are fucking THE BOOK OF MORMON in the ass, and think that they are still getting away with it. ~ GSR\TWN ~ NOTES: When Claire Kidman picks up that designer suitcase full of cash at the bus station, she sees that Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana will be some of the main future safe havens for white people. ~ FT is reporting from London, via L.A., that the same "Jimmy" in my MONTANA prophecy has now been set up by the above film's Chinatown boss to take over FOX tv news. In order to make sure that nobody knows the truth about my good beer hall buddy Barack Obama, according to their breaking big new deal report at: ~ Claire says that the obvious Rush Limbaugh look alike boss in MONTANA, who smokes big fat expensive cigars, is not really my friend, but just a mutually beneficial associate; kind of like my friendly drinking partner Barack Obama. Whatever, the more I study my original GODFATHER movie DVD cover artwork, the more it becomes crystal clear that all I have to do now is lose enough weight to look a little bit gaunt in the face, with nice older guy cheek bones, and shave off my goatee of course. Then die my hair a little and clip it back behind my head, and voilĂ , I got the classic Francis Ford Coppola ending where we see a naked Keira Knightley image of my wife on the shoes of Lake Tahoe, at: ~ After listening to the Jimmied news on FOX at 5:00 Thursday, I suddenly got the impression that 47% of Americans are going to die in the upcoming EZE.38 holocaust against the House of Israel.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


America's first Islamic president, who is not a citizen of the United States, is a direct fulfillment of the false prophet of Muhamad prophecy in REV.16:13. ~ I know this to be true, because as the long awaited 12th Iman of the lost 12 tribes of Israel, it is my job to know about such things. Besides, no one in the new 666 media seems to think that their job is to uncover corruption and evil in high places anymore; so someone from above now has to come down among the mere mortals and do it for them. ~ And do you know what today's RLDS Mormon church has to say about all this?.. "Stop calling each other names." Talk about false prophets, seers, and revelators. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: My trusty sidekick was on Mr Montana's tv talk-show Tuesday night in NYC. In confirmation of his own Negro sidekick look alike getting shot dead as a doornail in MONTANA, 1997. When he and his buddy go after my half Jew figure who is already counting his millions in IRS free cash money that he got from Hanna Montana and her sisters, in Woody Allen's HANNAH AND HER SISTERS prophecy, at: ~ AND: ~ We see my Barack Obama look alike sidekick standing next to his presidential limo after Claire feeds the genealogy tree of Judah and Ephraim in MONTANA. And then she takes the step at and moves to Montana.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sometime after logging my post about John Ritter role playing yours truly in my own private HANNAH MONTANA prophecy, I remembered that John Ritter had suddenly died on the 911 anniversary of that American faggot who was murdered in Lybia in 2012. So I checked out his wikipea page and discovered that my latest MONTANA posting was logged on the same 9.17 birth date anniversary of his birth. ~ In confirmation of all those white men out there who are still claiming that John Ritter's light skin sidekick in the above prophecy was born again in Hawaii, after he was actually born in Africa. And therefore the government of the USA is illegitimate, and their sacred duty now is to find some way to assassinate him, and his sidekicks in the state media. ~ Which also would include anyone on talk radio, left or right, who is involved in the day 1290 conspiracy to overthrow the government of America. ~ Talk about insiders killing insiders, who have a smiley black-face African mask with big white lips on their heads. ~ The light skin Obama look alike sidekick to my Kenny Kemp look alike in MONTANA, who writes all those gay ass Christianity books, gets it in the end; but we don't hear whatever happened to the one who wrote the book about taking the first step that is outlined in detail at Where you have to put everything on the table, if you want to live forever and ever, in the real sense of the Word. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: My spiritual guru in MONTANA, who let's you know what happens to people who are not taking him seriously, wears a tie with futuristic iPAD icons on it when he is introduced. ~ Check out the Third World sex slave outfit on Lady Gaga meets Jeff Relf at: ~ One of the funniest scenes in my Miley Cyrus prophecy, MONTANA, is when Nick the tall Jew sarcastically stuffs a campaign cash donation into the pocket of my Barack Obama sidekick enforcer. You either take the step, or you get my butt fucking nigger from Africa up your ass. And you can forget about those 7-steps for LDS homos book that was written by that RLDS Mormon who died of [cancer] after he fell off his bicycle along the Snake River on Annalynne McCord's birthday in Eastern Idaho, at: ~ AND: ~ The wrist cutting scene in MONTANA was a time-line for all those recent pix of Miley sporting cutting marks on her arms. ~ My prophetic author of 'THE STEP' in my own private MONTANA movie prophecy shows us what exactly happens to the Mormon Utah looking fools who don't take him seriously. No wonder that my spiritual guru who takes over the new 666 mob in MONTANA, 2012-2013, says that, "Claire is about to take the step..."

Monday, September 17, 2012


You know that the prophetic 1997 Hannah Montana time-line in MONTANA is about when Miley Cyrus is 19 years-old when that stupid dumb ass son of the film's mob boss starts flashing his G-LOCK 19 around. ~ Basically, the invisible low budget indie film is about insiders killing insiders. The kind of quality art house movie that Miley could now finance on a SONY video camera fuck-you budget until the cows come home; or she dies at the age of 120. And still has plenty of ass fucking cash left over. ~ If you don't love her as much as she loves you, then she is going to get her freak on somewhere else. ~ GSR\TWN ~ NOTES: My spiritual guru forerunner in the above indie film prophecy wrote a WND/NYT best seller book entitled 'STEPPING OUT'. Wherein the deal is, you give me 10% of your invisible non IRS cash money, and I AM lets you live. Call it an Obama tax increase, if that makes you feel any better. After all, The One is the one who the God of Israel put into the White House in order to make you take the next step. ~ On Rosh Hashana, the Jewish women at the NYT ridiculed the idea that voters in San Diego should be required to show valid ID in order to vote. Just like they have been ridiculing the idea that the half Jew Nigger in the White House should be required to show some form of valid ID in order to be president. In confirmation of that C/harlot/te, NC woman in REV.17 who has the title 'MYSTERY' tattooed on her forehead.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


The growing trend of homosexual G.I.s getting killed by Afgan insiders wearing NYT-WP security police military uniforms started back when Sienna Miller came out of the closet as a major co-star of my own private Idaho GI JOE prophecy. ~ That has now been confirmed again by the sudden news that Chloe Moretz is filming KICK-ASS II in Manhattan. ~ Forget about unpaid, or underpaid interns, sometimes I get a little bit carried away. The ones that you really need to worry about are the ones who are wearing uniforms down in the underground basement security detail that you probably see every day in the elevator; DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER style. The ones who have guns on their belts. ~ Who were all just confirmed by the LA LOTTERY neighborhood security police catching that bald eagle Dr Evil figure who was sporting a goatee beard inside the walls of Miley Cyrus' Branch Davidian compound in Studio City, USA. Per 1997's prophecy about Miley Cyrus [Kitty] surprising everyone in that HANNA MONTANA invisible movie prelude entitle MONTANA, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JEFF: A pack of premium fags costs around 11 cents in India. In Third Word India, you can live like a king on 18k a year. Where it would cost you around 50 bucks a month for a full service 14 year-old maid cutie, who looks like a boy, to do your laundry every day, and wash your back every night. Just like your future teen hottie wife did for you, as a miraculous Providential object lesson from the God of Albert Einstein; before she left you and moved to Tampa, Florida and married the area's king of the Howard Stern strip clubs. NOTES: Funny how Kyra looks like Chloe in the above movie poster, that was made in the very same year when Chloe was born. ~ I AM is not joking; my all time favorite right-winger Woody Allen movie is 1976's THE FRONT. Just because it was so fucking funny, at: ~ When I first watched it in SLC, Utah at TROLLY SQUARE's San Francisco style movie theaters, I almost died laughing. Why so serious? ~ Just because I call you a nigger, and a queer, and a Jew fag, doesn't mean that I don't owe you for everything that I got. You think that I AM is going to turn down my own private G6 jet 007 double-mind-fuck of the century, Rhianna, just because she loves to fuck me like an animal? To the contrary, since my light skin sex slave Rhianna has been so gracefully patient enough to let me verbally and physically abuse her, Mr Brown chocolate icecream style, and desecrate her on every level, for the sake of latter-day prophecy clarity, she gets to let me do whatever she wants me to do to her at: ~ Since she has already admitted on TWITTER that she has a thing for 9-inch cocks. And who can blame her? She was born that way...

Friday, September 14, 2012


Fellini's ROMA prophecy that was filmed while yours truly was the first FFing missionary to appear on the screen in Ellen Page's new Roma, Italia movie, made by Woody Allen, was about today's gay-ass Christians getting crucified by the ancient Romans. And all you arrogant east coast mother fucking Jew-nigger-queers thought that Katy Perry's full moon fireworks song was just another mindless pop sensation for horny teenagers. ~ Look who gets the two horns of Judah and Ephraim now. ~ In THE MASTER's prophecy about my CITIZEN KANE prophecy about that woman who now runs the NYT, everybody finds out about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate. Who was born again politically in Colorado as a mysterious orphan without a home, and who was born in real life on the 5.6 anniversary of the White Horse Prophecy; and then he was raised by his mother in Chicago, according to: ~ Also note the TITANIC co-star resemblence at; ~ And note too the last 16:16 REV.16 break up time-stamp sign from London, England on the above TITANIC break up link. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Dustin Hoffman's upcoming award at the Kennedy Center on 12.2 in DC is a WAG THE DOG time-line thing. ~ The last LA LOTTERY jackpot number in my own private prophecy entitled MATCHSTICK MEN is '60'. In other words, "...make sure the person you're conning isn't conning you." [One of googles' underground OCTOPUSSY henchmen smugglers in India needs to hire my Seattle based brother Jeffery Relf in order to cover their rear ends. If need be, you will hire him as an unknown invisible man style sub-contractor out of India; on a very generous annual cash-only salary for around 18k. Who will be so removed from you that none of your international 666 enemies will have the slightest idea what hit them. You know who he is, and you know where to find him.]

Thursday, September 13, 2012


That Democrat Party Jew who runs the federal reserve bank for con men announced that he would be printing more fake birth certificate type financial documents on the same day the news broke about that new half Jew looking monkey that they discovered on Mercer Island's African map icon in the USA, at: ~ Which was confirmed all over again when the Feds found out that the half Jew who made that video about the great and abominable church of the REV.17 whore, known as Muhamad, was a fulfillment of my 12th IMAN figure in MATCHSTICK MEN. ~ Good news! The long awaited 12th man has finally appeared. Bad news. The Providential messianic conquerer loves to fuck 23 year-olds who kind of look like they are around the Old Testiment type wife ages of Chloe Moretz or Hailee Steinfeld. ~ The really freaky thing about the MATCHSTICK MEN prophecy is that neither of my two wives in the movie really look that much like Ellen Page or Ashley Greene, until you get to the big face-slap twist at the very end of it. ~ I was sitting upon the royal throne of England's shitter at the exact moment when that 3.3 tremor happened at 10:33 am near 727' Wenatchee, Washington's famous tasteless red apple country. In confirmation of the area's snake shaped Lake Chelan reference to the stinky underground snake monster in TREMORS. ~ Nicolas Cage spent his way into bankruptcy because God inspired him to be a forerunner to Hollywood's new financial guru in the White House, circa 2012-2013. ~ GSR/TWN


Howard Stern's beloved white female English bulldog named Bianca died this summer. Who was a key plot reference in Ridley Scott's prophetic MATCHSTICK MEN con man movie about yours truly. ~ Oddly enough, last Tuesday Granny Grass had invited me out a second time for another PAPA BURGER basket at A&W KFK. So afterwards we went over to GOODWILL where I found my secondhand copy of MATCHSTICK MEN; which I got around to watching for the first time ever on 9.12. Then I checked out it's wikipedia page and discovered that the film came out on 9.12 in 2003. ~ Because in the movie it turns out that the real identity of Roy's sexy teenage con artist papa burger girl was the extremely young looking Ellen Page. And his second wife from THE CHECKOUT was an Ashley Greene look alike; in confirmation of the two babes' matching 2.21.87 birth dates. That are a Divinely inspired play on the matching 1.12 birth dates of the two matchsticks of Judah and Ephraim. In the end, Frank Sinatra sings about, "...two sweethearts, and the summer wind." While the news is now rolling out about Ellen getting involved with INCOGNITO PICTURES' upcoming con job movie about two lesbians. ~ Hence my recent flash vision on 8.10 at 9:46 pm, about Ms Greene apologizing to me for lying. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Compare the look alike bulldog in MATCHSTICK MEN with; ~ I like this shot of Ashley at; ~ Today's prophetic time-line for MATCHSTICK MEN is established when Roy encounters the future black Obama figure at the checkout, and rings up $36.50 in BEN & JERRY'S Chocolate Mtns rocky road New York City ice-cream etc.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


All the niggers, queers, and Jews who were fucking America in the ass for 42 months in the name of global warming, and who were also ironically butt fucking my good liberal fly fishing buddies at , just got served yet another legal notice from above regarding God's latest 666 lawsuit against them, at: ~ AND: ~ Wherein that dark skin guy has the new iPAD 5 in his mouth in confirmation of the homosexual BJ prince in DANIEL's day 1290 prophecy that the leaders of the Mormon church know nothing about apparently. ~ Which is what always happens when you desecrate the House of the Lord with a pack of 666 niggers who hate you with a smile on their African masks. ~ In the 1995 GSR/TWN HEAT prophecy, the masked Robert DeNiro supporters of Obama knock over the bank car of America that has the sideways number '506' date of the White Horse Prophecy of Joseph Smith on top of it. ~ No wonder that today's latter-day saints keep insisting to the world that they too are Glenn Beck style apostate Christians. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Check out the new series of tremors south of Paradise, Nevada that confirm the newer and smarter underground 666 beast message in TREMORS' Perfection, Nevada setting. Per the arrogant liberal stink signs and wonders from Barack Obama's Chocolate Mountains prophecy along Jennifer Aniston's Rt.111 court house for divorced lovers. ~ Note to John Travolta et al; the time has come for you to put away your fags, like at: ~ The DOW did 13333.35 +9.99 +0.07 on the same day I watched my antihero counting "1,2,3,.." every time he fucked his 14 year-old virgin wife-daughter who was actually around 23 when they made my MATCHSTICK MEN prophecy about me ripping off the new 666 beast.

Monday, September 10, 2012

THROW ME A BONE GUYS. I NEED THE INFO. ~ How in the world AM I ever going to be able to extort the $billions$ in petty cash from the new and improved 666 beast that I need, if you don't help me out? ~ For many weeks now, I AM has been trying to find out what is going on with Woody Allen's new Gay Area remake of his PLAY IT AGAIN SAM masterpiece, and all I get from you is the usual politically correct stonewalling, circa 1969 meets 2012. ~ Sorry. But if you don't want me to know what exactly is going on, I AM is going to be forced to beat the shit out of you, and your girlfriend too, in order to find out. Just like my Nazi tattoo Jew fag with long Jesus hair does in Michael Mann's 1995 prophecy called HEAT; which was essentially about Mr "Relf" fucking your wife, and your underaged step daughter too. ~ And was just confirmed by the recent news about Kristen Stewart and her mother leaving her long hair father, and moving into a new look alike Malibu shag pad like the one Mr DiNero has in HEAT. Therefore the Italian government's new mother fucking 666 officials at the Venice Film Festival just taught the Jewish director of THE MASTER movie who is the real master of this new 666 world order. Per Iran's new Nazi wanna be leader of the millennium speaking to all the UN leaders of the world of Scarlett Johannson and Natalie Portman on Rosh Hashanah meets Yom Kippur. Who are all so "hopelessly devoted" to that dark skinned devil shorty that tried to beguile their husbands in the ADAMS FAMILY VALUES prophecy about today's Mormon church in SLC, UTAH. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: This is the latest confirmation of that medicine wheel snake monster in TREMORS, at: ~ Note that the 42 months Mormon father of three kids had tried to avoid that pot hole on Church Lake Road; located in front of the Britt driveway where I found my scratched DVD copy of TREMORS; that comes to a stop every time at the 56 minute mark that represents the White Horse Prophecy of Joseph Smith. Who today's gay ass pussy whipped Mormon leaders with short 1950s hair cuts and clean shaved girly vagina faces are treating as a thing of naught. Just like that closet homosexual leader of the Republicans, a.k.a. Mr Boner, who is stonewalling anyone in his own talk-radio party who wants to uphold the Constitution of America. ~ Glenn Beck is my kind of tall Dallas, Texas half Jew. A little bit naive about niggers and queers, but still a pretty nice guy, all things considered.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


The future King David of England will also be elected by the only legitimate United States Faction of America to become their president. Since "Mr Relf" meets the US Constitution's requirement to be a King County, Washington, USA natural born citizen. Which is going to be a pretty big deal after the editors of today's D&C 86 newspapers are hunted down and shot, one by one, for what they have done, at: ~ AND: ~ This is the "stampede" of Tarzan style elephants with noses that look like the new 666 beast in TREMORS' future 2012-2013 prophecy. ~ The government in DC has now become an illegal underground mob syndicate. Which is the main reason why Russia's Putin has recently stated that he would be much more comfortable dealing with Chicago's Barack Obama boss; but he could also work with Mitt. After all, there were two Lebowskis in THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy. And I AM likes to role play both of them. If that is what it takes to get you to put away your blinding bigotry and stinky smelling arrogance. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Those dancing monkeys in Hawaii leis at the end of the GREASE prophecy, who represented the future Barack Obama, were just Divinely confirmed by the God of Israel in L.A. at: ~ The nice thing about being the future President of the United States of America, Canada, and the sovereign city state of London, is that I will have the power to grant amnesty to any formerly illegal immigrant from around the world who accepts the sacred Israelite oath of my office that is outlined by God at . Which will have nothing to do with the fact that this will definitely get me laid by both Eva Longoria or Penelope Cruz. ~ According to various spoken word style JOHN 1:1 revelations that have been given to the underground prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 133, etc. the perverted editors at the NYT, and the WP, and the LDS CHURCH NEWS, etc. will be killed by their trusted unpaid aprentices who are actually now working like slaves inside of their own offices.

Friday, September 7, 2012


There was a series of deadly earthquakes in the mountains of China on the same day-date I watched the Chinatown man get eaten by the new and smarter underground 666 beast in TREMORS. ~ I found my used DVD copy of TREMORS a couple weeks ago at a moving sale, off Church Lake Road, up at the Britt's residence. The scratched DVD stops at exactly 56:... minutes, then starts up again about ten seconds later. For the movie's 5.6 White Horse Prophecy scene where the two horses of Judah and Ephraim get spooked by the underground 'snake monster' in the White House, and run away. ~ At the end of TREMORS, Val says that they are going to be in PEOPLE magazine. So I checked the latest PEOPLE at WAL*MART and saw Snooki on their cover, in confirmation of the new 666 media snookering America about Obama's fake birth certificate, etc. at: ~ Hawaii has never confirmed that the above computer image is actually something that they have on file. Not even once. ~ And no US government official has ever seen it as well. ~ "The bastard is trying something new!" says Earl in 1989's TREMORS prophecy, as the underground beast with the wounded head tries to eat away at the foundation of their refuge. ~ In GREASE, the national dance-off election starts on my DVD at 1:12... The matching birth dates of the two witnesses in REV.11 who have flames pouring out of their pipes for 1260 days. ~ GREASE's "shape up" message is about the upcoming physical transfiguration. Which will actually change the shape of one's body; involving more than just weight loss and better hair and teeth, etc. ~ In TREMORS, the conservatives with guns and Glenn Beck's food storage plan are the good guys. ~ GG treated me to a 1950s double-burger basket with onion rings and ranch dressing at A&W KFC Friday. The no.69 receipt was stamped on Renee's 4:25 birth date in 69; the dance-musical co-star of CHICAGO. ~ GSR/TWN

YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT TO FUCK THE MOST ~ That tremor near Clinton, Montana was my heads up about those two unusual tremors this week in Beverly Hills. So I took a time-out from my GREASE updates to watch 1989's TREMORS prophecy about the new and improved underground 666 beast in Senator Reid's Nevada that has multiple heads, with horns on each head. And whose head was wounded, but was miraculously healed in REV.13 after it had quickly learned from it's mistakes. ~ The prophetic movie's red capitalist Mao look alike from Chinatown, Chicago was confirmed the same day that my African born monkey sidekick spoke in Charlotte, by Howard Stern showing up Thursday night on the Letterman show in a Chinese red star T-shirt. ~ Hence, my physically transfigured 29ish Mr Bacon stand-in sidekick to my older Mr Ward LDS stand-in starts out with the smarter bade with the smaller tits, who comes before that blond babe with the bigger tits who he has on his visor. Per Neon Hitch's I can fuck you betta in 2012 pictorial. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Miley Montana's blond BJ hair job above resembles the look after I have been pulling on her greased hair from above. That black gothic ADAMS FAMILY VALUES dress is just a double mind-fuck bonus. ~ Here is a look at Kristen Stewart's new mother and daughter Malibu shag pad that was featured in my AMERICAN GIGOLO sidekick prophecy at: ~

Thursday, September 6, 2012


The prose in Harold Robbins' zillion seller PULP FICTION paper back novels were all about me fucking a party of underaged teenagers on his yacht off the coast of France in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES, at; . ~ Where the Holy Ghost rings the bell of liberty two times at the end of GREASE, after the Jewish Italian T-Bird asks John Travolta how he knows that the BOOK OF MORMON is really and truly the Word in JOHN 1:1 meets MORONI 8:8. ~ The Republican Party is the party of the more righteous in REV.11,12,13. The Democrat Party is the party of the sick and twisted sex perverts who are now in charge of the NY-DC-HOLLYWOOD axis that was oppressing the promised land of America for 42 months. As confirmed by that red state murderer who was just convicted in Chicago for murdering at least 4 of his lovers, on the same day that the abomination of desolation will be speaking in the TIME WARNER sports gym arena at: ~ Therefore, those two public school church ladies start to cry into their KLEENEXs in GREASE, shortly after Sandra Bullock decides to change her mind and "shape up". In the context of Danny crying about Sandy leaving him at the drive-in, while we see the plural marriage ice-cream family with three wives following their ice-cream bar husband up on the movie screen. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: RYDELL's quarterback in GREASE is named Tom, for today's two NFL quarterbacks named Tom, whose "...brains are all in his biceps..." ~ Emma appeared in Travolta's white 70s disco jacket on Letterman, complete with 1950s street gang brass knuckles, and tight black Olivia Newton-John pants, at: ~ Looks like they are casting Kate in a new feature film spin-off Broadway musical, or something, at: ~ One tends to fuck brunets in the mouth just a little bit harder, but not too much, like at: ~ According to the legendary vision given to George Albert Smith in Washington [DC] County, Utah, right after WW II, the deep shit in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER really hits the fan after the November election in 2012, and before the 1.20 inauguration in 2013. In order to teach the lost tribes' sons of Israel about the sacred nature of the 1776 US Constitution. Because they were just too weak to get rid of my illegal alien British actor cell mate fag in I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS. Even though they all knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was not a citizen of the United States. ~ I AM not joking, Brown University's English department has a 70s romance novel [Harold Robbins Chair] class in confirmation of Emma Watson's new magazine covers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


"Maybe there's two of us..." [John Travolta, the famous Hollywood bisexual, in GREASE, circa 1978 meets 2012.] ~ ~ Mitt Romney spends his summers living among the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. Somewhere around the state's Twin Mountain town junction, due east of day 1290's Bethlehem Junction; to the southwest of Rt.16's Berlin, I suppose. ~ Therefore, my ALASKA pilot look alike fishing buddy in GREASE makes a big Mitt joke when he introduces today's national election dance-off contest, shouting out, "...OK cats!... Your mittens are on your kittens, and away we go!" Before we cut to a giant cowboy from Texas in the middle of the gym dance floor. That loses it's head in the same shot of that born again young church lady running for office at Rydell High. ~ Because the big 'R' on the red state uniforms in the 1978 prophecy stands for the Pink Lady's Republican Party; who want you to shut up about that illegal alien in the Oval Office. ~ However, Rizzo tells her sister wife to "Relax... Our luck is changing..." when the marred servant in 3 NEPHI 20:44, and 21:10, pulls up and offers them both a three-way ride in his Jesse James hot rod of Jesse in ISAIAH 11. [Sandy's double mind fuck husband named Jesse was making fast cars before he ever got into making fast motorcycles, down in Orange County, Cali.] That has fiery flames pouring out of the two witnesses' firebrand ass holes in REV.11 and 2 NEPHI 8. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That no.42 time-line earthquake off the Book of Mormon coast where Gisele Bundchen got hitched to her NFL quarterback from the Gay Area happened on the same day of the GIANTS/COWBOYS/DNC opener. The "SHAKE SHACK" number at the end of GREASE was about the REV.16 earthquake that is going to divide America into three parts. ~ That is a light skin Barack Obama on that LUCKY STRIKE fag billboard in the opening animation sequence to GREASE. In confirmation of all the billboards in the future that would be asking our government to see his birth certificate. That no one has ever seen who works at any kind of an official government office in DC or Hawaii. Of course the romantic husband and wife billboard propaganda in GREASE is located behind the Pink Ladies' billboard, next to some Hollywood movie theater. Hence the appearance of those two rather too short Jewish actresses Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson at the TIME WARN/ER arena when the day 1290 abomination of desolation is scheduled to take the stage for the last time. ~ The animation opening to GREASE opens with a shot of the two witnesses' old FDR era radio icon of the first 666 beast, whose head was wounded in Berlin, Germany, but then miraculously healed and rose up from his hospital bed, in Germany, etc. etc. James Car/ville's 666 mob down in Louisiana is connected to the Harlem mob in LIVE AND LET DIE that had all of Bill Clinton's former fuck buddies murdered who threatened to fink on him. Bill Clinton is involved in murder just as much as Barack Obama is involved in murder, not to mention Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Nazi beer hall rally that started in Charlotte today feels like an October Fest prelude to some kind of a WAG THE DOG style October surprise. Based upon that Nazi BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES in GREASE 1978, where the white kids in red state uniforms are lynching Barack Obama et al. Right after it is prophesied in the movie that the royal prince of England is suddenly going to " up again..." and preside over those hog school seniors who still believe in miracles. ~ When the coach of the White Horse Prophecy declares that his red horse riders are now primed and chomping at the bit to rip apart the Democrats and their media minions who have been lying about Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen 666 Social Security number. ~ Therefore, at the end of the GREASE prophecy, based on JOHN 1:1, all the kids in Hawaii leis start dancing and prancing around like African born monkeys, just after we see one of the movie's very rare albino Negro students. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That is yours truly sitting all alone on a picnic table next to his plural wives in the above movie's first summer love number. ~ The red and white mob at the pep rally in GREASE is going to ring the 1776 Liberty Bell once they lynch the future illegal alien usurper in the White House. ~ While the new third party T-BIRDS gang watches and laughs like the three stooges from the parking lot sidelines. ~ Dutch beer is pretty good too, like at: ~ If Jennifer Aniston doesn't put away that fag that she is still smoking, she is going to end up looking like this Jewish canine Beverly [7] Hills bitch at: ~ After my Book of Mormon marred servant catches that T-Bird dude fornicating in the No Parking zone, he roars off in his flaming two witnesses hot rod of Jesse James car. Turned out that in real life, the leader of the Scorpions gang died in Orange County, California some years later from the scorpion AIDS plague prophecy in REV.9. Hence all the inspired rear bumper butt fucker jokes in the prophetic swinging 70s movie.

Monday, September 3, 2012


The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus in REV.19. And I AM the mother fucker in REV.19 with a sharp two-edged sword that is so offensive to both sides of today's gay-ass battle of the bands. ~ In the original GREASE prophecy about 2012's national election dance off contest, we see Louisiana's James Carville mugging in front of that same black and white 1950s TV camera that my good Nazi beer hall buddy Obama is talking about. ~ Then the prophetic 1978 movie cuts to that lucky Jessica Beil [J.B.] penny that I will be winning when she finally wakes up like Sandy [Bullock] after the men put away their fags. ~ Per the grand finale in GREASE where Neon Hitch stomps out that fag with the same 42 months foot that she uses to kick a fallen John Travolt to his senses, and demands that he stops hanging around with his faggot boyfriends and starts acting like a man; "...You better shape up!" John Travolta, or you are going to lose it all. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That tall skinny Jew named after Eugene, Oregon is wearing his Hawaiian lei when he gets Barack Obama's African mask rubbed in his face. Like some cum facial hand job at ~ That chair in Neon Hitch's Keira Knightley three-way video is the same INVISIBLE MAN chair that is now going viral on America's 1950s style black&white you-tube television. Obama's arrogant Egyptian transsexual goddess comments about black and white You Tube TV were confirmed in Seattle at; ~ The odd looking yellow skin Rev. Moon died during the week of a rather rare Blue Moon funeral for the first man who walked on the moon. [Think MOONSTRUCK in NYC meets whatever Woody Allen movie that was filmed in NYC comes to mind.] ~ WHITE CASTLE's new take-out eating-out sacks menu signs were just confirmed in Paris by my FFing wife to-be at: ~ In the black&white cat television videos that won the feline film festival contest in the twin cities, my north Seattle character speaks fluent LAST TANGO IN PARIS French, complete with London, English subtitles. ~ That is my stand-in lover Justin Theroux look alike who ends up with 'Frenchie' at the end of Neon Hitch's GREASE prophecy. Where we see him posing with an old looking pug face bitch-dog and her dirty martini glass. ~ Justin Theroux's look alike T-Bird guy in 1978's Greece bitch prophecy is called 'Doody', played by Barry Pearl. ~ The guy who wrote that high-flying 1970s seagull book that inspired the seagull metaphor in THE WOMAN IN RED got electrified last week when his mile high John Denver airplane hit a power line; like the passionate John Travolta meets Tom Cruise pilot for Ms Newton-John from Australia does at the end of GREASE, circa 1978 meets 2012. Ya follow?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

WHITE CASTLE'S NEW IN-&-OUT BURGERS ~ While everyone was acting all gaga about Obama's old greasy IN-&-OUT BURGER fad in California, WHITE CASTLE was secretly plotting it's come back. ~ In the form of their greasy hamburger patties that are way thinner, but might just now be even more greasy, leaner, and tastier, in the new wave of Obama's financial bankruptcy economic policies designed to get rid of America's 666 fat. ~ Who needs a couple pieces of watery iceberg lettuce with a tasteless slice of hot-house tomato, when you get to spend your leisure time eating out Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan on your 91' fuck boat off the coast of some Greek Island. ~ Talk about the word of God in GREASE 1&2. Where the special collector's DVD introduces John Travolta posing in a sizzling 3-way on the menu. ~ One of the reasons why the original 1978 GREASE is so special, is because at the end, the film's oily Neon Hitch look alike in her I CAN FUCK YOU BETTA video sings about throwing away today's apostate Christian "conventionality". Therefore "...Grease is the Word... Is the Word... Is the Word... Is the Word..." in JOHN [Travolta] chapter 1 verse 1. Per yours truly cruising around Greece with 4 of my wives onboard the original 1940s era IN LIKE FLINT yacht. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GREASE's Jewish kid named Eugene, [Oregon] gets a big 666 cream pie in the face [white mask omen] before anything like me fucking Keira or Sienna at the same time can possibly happen of course; "... Tell me about it stud..."; ~ Just like John Travolta, Harrison Ford is eventually going to overcome his Barack Obama style homosexuality. ~ Back on 8.10 at 9:46 pm, Ashley Greene appeared to me in a vision and apologized for lying about me. Of course I forgive her. You think I'm going to turn that down?

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Barack Obama's new born-again homogaysexual LAWERENCE OF ARABIA revolution remake is about to fuck Israel in the ass at the same time that the gay ass Jewish crown of London gets fucked in the butt; DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets SPLITTING HEIRS style. ~ You don't allow me to sit down on the Throne of England's royal shitter in Las Vegas, you don't get to sit your ass down there either. ~ Because the NYT's butt fucking Jews were lying about the greatest illegal alien con job in the history of America; thanks to the white pussy whipped Anglo Saxon Protestant Mormons who are now running the grand old party of Abraham Lincoln, meets Illinois' new 666 president who was born again after he was born in Afroca. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That old nigger who ran over the children in L.A. was about Obama's FDR era minions at the LA TIMES robbing their children's future to pay for today's reformed fascism. ~ Last night, I dreamed that Tom Hanks et al died laughing while riding on some metro bus in West Los Angeles. ~ I just read that Adriana Lima's 7 year-old white pooch named 'Ivory' was kidnapped by the devil during her symbolic 9 months with child period period in REV.12. Per the new Biblical Isaac REV.12 flooding during that homogaysexual Brazilian fest party down in Louisiana, USA. ~ After three weeks of Jennifer Aniston shooting MEET SIENNA MILLER down in North Carolina, the NYT style gossip media is finally suggesting that Obama's birth certificate belongs to the invisible man who is seated upon the invisible throne of England. Where they made the original INVISIBLE MAN movie. ~ Last night, I tagged 'Keira Knightley topless' on google news. Paul Anderson is presenting some kind of a CITIZEN KANE look alike movie sequel-remake called 'THE MASTER' at the Venice Film Festival, at:


Hurricane 'Isaac' means "he laughed" in my Bible dictionary. Which began to generate it's biblical REV.12 flooding on the same day that the REV.9 marchers were arriving in New Orleans for their big annual Mardi Gras party ~ The miraculous 7th anniversary floods came just outside of the metro region in confirmation of the battle of the bands climax in BLUES BROTHERS: 2, in the very same area. Featuring my future born again birth certificate sidekick Barack Obama. ~ Isaac was the father of Jacob. And the big battle between the lost tribes of Jacob and the Gentiles is now at the doors. The Republican Party is the party for white people. The Democrat Party is the party for niggers, queers, and Jews. ~ In JACKIE BROWN, the future gun runner in the White House notices a photo of Max standing next to one of the giants in MOSES 7:15. Hence, it will be the GIANTS' niggers Vs. the white COWBOYS from Texas in the NFL opener during the DNC convention in C/harlot/te. ~ That 100 year-old black man who ran over a dozen kids in L.A. with his GG Caddy Wednesday was the latest Sodomite warning that always happens when some big queer deal is going down. ~ The old man represented all of Obama's FDRMLKLBJ Letterman style supporters of course. These being the giant REV.13 swordfish in Max's office photos etc., because there is also some huge gay thing happening down in Key West, Florida right now; per I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS. Which ends with Jim Carrey running away from prison laughing. ~ GSR/TWN