Friday, July 31, 2009


Barack Obama's media backed beer garden putsch failed to generate any revolutionary 'race profiling' propaganda from the arrest of his civil rights neonazi sympathizer Prof Gates. Here is what an eye witness to the first beast's historic beer hall putsch said:

"I cannot remember in my entire life such a change in the attitude of a crowd in a few minutes, almost a few seconds ... Hitler had turned them inside out, as one turns a [OJ] glove inside out, with a few sentences. It had almost something of hocus-pocus, or magic about it."

Old Prof Mueller sounds like some reporter following Obama around in the 2008 campaign. Just in time for the NYT's piece on Wikipedia, see the creepy new beast parallels, everything crudely dramatized like an old 20s movie, at:

Today's slicker movies are much more sophisticated and believable, more realistic. That's why Benicio del Toro, Bill Murray, Bob Duvall, and James Caan, etc. are down in Castro's Cuba right now for some film award thing, at:

You don't believe it? Hillary Clinton's State Dept just cancelled the US visas of several top Honduras officials. For arresting their illegal president who was being bankrolled by the red fascist Hugo Chavez.

Obama is still not talking to our main Middle East ally Israel. While openly meddling in their internal affairs.

After this week's flood of additional information about the 99% probability that Obama was not born in Hawaii, both the US Senate and Congress overwhelmingly passed identical resolutions declaring that Obama was born in Hawaii.

America's White Horse Prophecy politicians and reporters don't read the bills they pass, and promote, just like they don't read the important facts at:

The same spiritually drunken thing is happening with their day 1290 health care reform propaganda putsch. Reportedly, the 666 media's politicians will be voting on the abomination of desolation around the same time the SEINFELD reunion starts on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

One day before Woody Allen's Larry David movie came out about me and Emma Watson, I saw an amazing string of Larry David look alikes at the STARBUCKS on 211 th. Later in the day, I found a $20 bill lying by the curb at BANK OF AMERICA's drive-thru.

This is why that Branch of David fell down and hit the GOOGLE genius on the head in NYC's Central Park centrist landmark at:

I don't mean to be a hard on. But the alluring REV.17 female vagina is located in the middle of her legs. It's the fucking rug that ties the room together.

Gregory Scott Relf


News photos showed the two CAFE NOIR shooting victims laying near a pool table, with balls scattered atop the green felt. In confirmation of Larry Sinclair's description of Obama's two balls at:

THE BIG LEBOWSKI's Larry Sinclair bombshells hit six months after Obama's illegal inauguration on 1.20.09. For an inspired reference to the film's messiah sex pervert 'Jesus' spending 6 months in jail for flashing his Johnson at an 8 year-old kid. Like Obama did to the liberal media kids on his campaign airplane, after he exited the toilet and started speaking to the group with his 8 1/2 inch cock hanging out.

5 foolish virgins died in a collision near Knob Lick, Mo Saturday night, according to:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hawaii's official birth certificate stonewaller, Chiyome Fukino, has again refused to reveal Barack Obama's pertinent birth papers, as is so violently alluded to in THE BIG LEBOWSKI's 1998 mulatto messiah prophecy. Repeating the same vague "vital" information trust-me statement that she made back in October of 2008, at:

The above photo of Fukino reveals a look alike message from God. That was providentially timed for Sodom's confirmation vote of the lesbian Judge Sotomayor, at:

This is that violent collision with 49 year-old Guy Bastardi's 4x4, over the weekend in Westchester County, New York. That killed the REV.17 mystery mother driver and all those girls from West Babylon, Long Island. The sick woman was driving the wrong way at:

The official capital title of REV.17's Babylon woman is 'MYSTERY', and 'MOTHER OF WHORES'.

The arrest of Harvard's down low homo Prof Gates, after forcefully breaking open his own door, was a sign from God that the locked and blocked doors and gates of Sodom and Egypt are now being forced open. These are the same gates of tears that we see almost every day in front of Sams at:

The Obamas are skipping Hawaii this season, for a vacation at Blue Heron Farm on Martha's Vinyard. They will probably arrive by chopper. But most folks take the ferry over from Woods Hole, Mass to enjoy the sights around the island's popular Gay Head peninsula. Perhaps they will find time to make a side trip over to Nantucket's world famous whale museum.

Gregory Scott Relf

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The Dude mentions his prophetic black KAHLUA liquer, that goes into a 50/50 mixed race white cream "Caucasian" cocktail, when we see the cable TV repair man porno "LOG JAMMING". This is the future mulatto who will be instrumental in busting up today's marxist log jamming and stonewalling by the likes of Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Of course, Vodka is the ominous Danite [Russian] element from GEN.49:17. The glass of melting silty glacier ice is the latter-day ice melt in D&C 133.

BIG LEBOWSKI's opening sequence, through the courtyard sidewalk vagina icons, sporting upright boners inside them, leads across the Persian vagina icon rug, and into the bathroom's waterboarding prophecy. The REV.17 pussy rug is what connects the whore on both sides; the third way left, and the centrist right. It's what ties the room together, that unites the two LDS Senators, Hatch and Reid, for example. It's what unites Republicans like Collin Powell and Bruce Willis with the Democrat they voted for, Barack Obama. It's what unites today's mainline Mormons with traditional apostate Christians. It's what unites the Jewish Michael Medved with the Catholic Pope, etc. etc.

Walter pulls out a gun and suddenly gets violent when we find out that the 60s hippie radical Barack Obama has cheated and stepped over the US Constitution line. Unlike the X-wife lady's pet pooch, who is on vacation in Obama's Hawaii, no.44 has no USA birth certificate or citizenship papers.

By design, LEBOWSKI's feminist Maude represents Camille Paglia, the arts professor. Her latest piece is at:

Those candle sticks around the Dude's bathtub represent the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11.

A billion in California pot was nabbed as the latest LEBOWSKI posts rolled out. Scores of native Bruce Willis Jersey boys were busted for money laundering, etc. If you are not paying tithing on profits [not wages] your money is dirty in the eyes of God.

The black homosexual writer E. Lynn Harris suddenly died at 54 Thursday, probably like the Mormon Donnie figure did in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, according to:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, July 24, 2009


Renee's inspired BJ III rumors probably can't get confirmation because the money is right, but the soft script sucks. So let me nail it down, without any legal or financial obligations, including a signed release form, if need be.

The Dude's 10% ransom finder's fee for help saving the eternal life of Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightly, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Jerry Seignfeld, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Mike Meyers... and the Olsen twins, will take care of the above. Besides, most of the bones, or clams, will be converted into gold and deposited in my name with the United Order anyway.

After all these years in BJ III, Bridget starts out as our familiar beloved character, who is overweight and frustrated about her empty SINGLETON Scotch mini bottle lotion love life. By now, she knows that a woman of her age should be happily settled down with a loving and faithful husband and kids. Using makeup, costumes, cgi. etc. For her fine form look, at:

Therefore by the end of the first act, she gets involved in a religious JENNY CRAIG type fittness and diet cult, that results in every hot prince around town locked onto this:

BJ's intense romance is fun and exciting for a brief period during the second act. But the fuller love of a healthy baby or two, plus a fine husband, feels more lasting and three dimensional in her now very fit and trim heart of hearts.

It's LOVE STORY with kids, meets THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING, without the cancer, and the dark agnostic brain dead mortality of a retro Brad Pitt motorcycle movie.

My gut tells me that the project should be a quick writer-director thing. With a firm three-month start deadline, tops, allowing for no watered down 12 month plus polishings and re-writes. Write it and shoot it, before anyone at the studios has a chance to read it. Exactly like the Democrats' Hollywood agents always do back in Washington, DC.

THE BIG LEBOWSKI ends with the Dude's finder's fee left up in the air. Until the plot's semi finals would finally get started, after a personal "that's a wrap" by the film's prophetic Ralph Lauren cowboy narrator at the bar. Where we learn that a little Lebowski is on the way.

Gregory Scott Relf


4 people died when a ROBINSON 44 chopper crashed on I-70 weeks Thursday night in Washington County, Maryland, like the ones at:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The captured GI JOE soldier from Sodom's MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, near Fourth of July Canyon, is related directly to the recent Natasha Richardson fire confirmation that burned down Bruce Willis' ski lodge at Soldier Mtn; located in Idaho's Sawtooth Nat Forest. That's why they shaved his head bald.

Willis was born the son of a soldier in Germany. And has played some very inspired soldier roles, like in the prophetic rising sun Obama Africa picture TEARS OF THE SUN, for today's elite Sun Valley Idaho crowd, at:

Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl's name is an IN AND OUT 'burger doll' allusion to THE BIG LEBOWSKI's prophetic Larry Sinclair dancer, named Larry Sellers. Whose humble theater number depicts the classic JACK AND THE BEAN STALK giant slayer tale; a.k.a. JACK THE GIANT KILLER. Right before they all cruise over to the film's 9th grade REV.9 stingray car scene.

"You see what happens Larry when you fuck a stranger in the ass!!"

Today's Larry Sellers is now selling his self-published book about sucking on Obama's cock, while Mr O sucked the crack pipe, at:

Another prophetic Obama figure in THE BIG LEBOWSKI is the skinny 'Jesus' messiah sex pervert in a purple jump suit. Who promises to fuck the foolish lost Israelites in the ass until they wake up and smell the latter-day dog shit. Which starts with the Branch Davidian Dude of Jesse in Chloe Sevigny's BIG LOVE checkout line, dating his prophetic 9.11 whale check to RALPHS FOODS for a pint of half&half.

It will all end with the limo driver's "Home Sweet Home Mr Relf" line. Just before Mr Lebowski promises the Dude, holding onto a nice Caucasian fuck glass, that he is going to get a tenfold reward for the plot's $1,000,000 ransom fee. While he unfolds the severed Babylon babe's bloody toe from DANIEL 2.

BIG LEBOWSKI's Euro red Nazi punkers represent today's Obama thugs. Who have been trying to cut off Little Larry's dick, ever since he blew the whistle on big Barry. In the end, they destroy the dude's clunky Detroit iron car, just like Obama has done.

Then the Dude orders himself two long neck boner bottles of MILLER, from the bowling alley's hardwood lane no.23 bar; and we see a perfect ten pins strike from a black curve ball.

Gregory Scott Relf

Monday, July 20, 2009


A hell of a lot of KNOB CREEK no.9 action for one thing. Thanks to their full page "Thanks for nothing..." Love Potion No.9 ad in Sunday's NYT 54,741 at:

Which came out on the eve of Seattle's BIG LEBOWSKI Scandinavian wives fest. Reaffirming DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS' dude from America, who gets nothing, even though he is doing most of the work.

But in 1973's THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, filmed in Italy when I was serving in Siena, Italy for free, the KING RALPH Crown Prince of England look alike dude gets a 500k fee; or about $5,000,000 in 09 bucks. Before they burry his immortal vampire coffin. And then discover that their future Prince 'Charles' alien watermelon hunter suspect was not even British; wondering "Who the hell was he?..."

The ALFA 'GE 16 1741' driving straight shooter in designer scar/fs with died brown hair and black rim glasses; on a symbolic [de gall] contract for OAS.

That's what the butt fucking train station rear ender was all about in Pelosi's San Francisco on the opening day of Seattle's light rail system. I saw my dude run by in the train station again Sunday morning. When the time-stamping clock watching Jackal is headed to pick up his new passport.

Here's a clip from the RALPH FOODS coffee can scene. After the film's Mormon 'Donnie' figure passes away from a spiritual 2NEPHI 8 heart attack at:

"Thy sons have fainted save these two..." candle sticks of light by Judah and Ephraim.

The new blog pix of Sienna sporting a crucifix in Australia's DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDREL saddle country, came out right before Pope 16 fell down in his incorrect doctrine baptism shower bath. While enjoying a mountain villa vacation in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL alpine country, like at:

"..he that supposeth that little children need baptism is in the gall of... iniquity..." [MORONI 8:14]

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's two more 44 omens at:

This is a classic vampire ghost ship KILL CRUISE sign. The SAILOR DOG boat was found off Charles Island, at:

JFK was assasinated on Charles de Gaulle's 11.22 birthday. Which is also Scarlett Johansson's 1984 birth date.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Walter Cronkite's death at 7:42 pm Friday confirmed the coming death of polite society's 42 months tyranny under the 7 hills beast of mother Madonna's D&C 86 Rome.

Shortly after her transsexual propaganda radio tower fell, the prophetic female sounding male Pope 16 also fell down and broke his right wrist. In the very same place where the Jewish Romans drove a second nail into the Lord's temple body.

While ET et al have been showing clips, over and over, of the transsexual Michael Jackson's greasy hair on fire during a shooting of his physical transfiguration PEPSI commercial; "For those who think young..."

The clips reveal a burt bald spot on the crown of his scalp, which looks exactly like a typical Catholic monk haircut. Thereby creating a prophetic homage to the pop king's NEVERLAND Kingdom of God fantasy estate by Los Padres National Forest; located in Oprah's Santa Barbara County.

There was always something about Walter Cronkite et al that really bugged me. After first listening to Rush Limbaugh for about five minutes back in July of 1992. While sitting inside my father's VITA MIX blender van, parked at the SEATAC MALL in 666 Federal Way, and holding onto a new pair of WORLDWIDE PANTS from NORDSTROM, I finally got it.

We were being fucked in the ass non stop by an east coast culture of polite and civilized morons in expensive Italian suits. And the dirty rotten situation has only gotten more ripe and smelly since then.

Pretty soon I began to notice that the brainless Cronkite looked and sounded an awful lot like the leaders of my own LDS church. And that Brigham Young was exactly right, when he declared that the latter-day Mormons would someday become almost no different than the other worldly churches.

This is the meaning of that powerful 7.8 earthquake confirmation off the coast of New Zealand's Long Island. A country which is symbolically divided into the two sections of the latter-day ten virgins prophecy.

Here are the inspired lyrics to Madonna's LIKE A VIRGIN prophecy about the wilderness in D&C 86:

I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didn't know how lost I was
Until I found you I was beat incomplete
I'd been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel Shiny and new
Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
(after first time, "With your heartbeat")
Next to mine
Gonna give you all my love, boy
My fear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
'Cause only love can last
You're so fine and you're mine
Make me strong, yeah you make me bold
Oh your love thawed out
Yeah, your love thawed out
What was scared and cold
Oooh, oooh, oooh
You're so fine and you're mine
I'll be yours 'till the end of time
'Cause you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
I've nothing to hide
Like a virgin, ooh, ooh
Like a virgin
Feels so good inside
When you hold me, and your heart beats, and you love me Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Ooh, baby
Can't you hear my heart beat
For the very first time?

Gregory Scott Relf


Of course, Madonna's RKO/RCA tower collapse was in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS' France, not Spain. Sorry for that time warp typo.

New readers should note that the upstairs temple perversions in 1975's ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW physical transfiguration scenes represent the unique upstairs temple chamber of the RLDS church center in Manhattan; near Obama's REV.16 LINCOLN CENTER civil war landmark. A great spiritual civil war is brewing inside the bland LDS church.


Madonna was dwelling among the seven hills of Rome in REV.17, when her Sticky&Sweet RCA radio music tower collapse in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW played out in Spain Thursday, killing two people. You can see the transsexual movie's royal throne, steel radio tower, etc. at:

Madonna's miraculous stage presentation marked the end of Sotomayor's transsexual stage presentation in the US Senate. Before a crowd of finely dressed high society church people, who looked exactly like the final floor show audience in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. Right before they all disappear, as if the capital was suddenly evacuated or something.

That youth Bible camp bus, from the day 1290 Red River, etc. was headed to a religious retreat near Hwy.129's Clinton, Georgia sweet peach country, around Macon, GA.

The original day 1290 abomination of desolation manifestation, back on 8.2.96, was a stage set up for the revealing of Obama's medical fasciation plans. "But when ye shall see the abomination..." out in the open, in the light of day, where it ought not be, there will be great trouble in Judea, and in America's Jewish seat of power and wealth.

Judah's royal scepter and throne, that will never be taken from the earth, [GEN.49:10] is based in Madonna's England. Where they produced THE ROCKY HORROR prophecy. So keep a sharp eye over there on your bangers, your JAGUARS, and your fish&chips.

In Chicago Thursday, they held the official re-naming of the now British owned WILLIS TOWER.

In DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS: That's yours truly from the 1260 days GSR/TWN period, and beyond into the transfiguration again, who quickly walks by Michael Caine on the French train station platform. After the Italian Keira Knightley got aboard, and Caine got off to meet the police chief.

Note the stonewall setting when crazy Freddy gets transsexual on both his brother and fiance from Oklahomo.

Jessica Simpson had to swallow her Love Potion No.9, from Dallas' No.9 Tony Romo, on the 9th of July, in the year of 09. I could see that one coming at:

According to Sandra Bullock's prophetic Crown Prince of England movie, the Love Potion No.9 cure doesn't work until you have kissed, or at least blown a kiss, in this case.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


REV.13's 42 months period of the black African Jewish political plague, originated on Seattle's African shaped Mercer Island, in the middle of Lake Washington, [DC], is being backed up by such emasculated LDS defacto-homos as Senator Hatch. Who have lost their Isrealitish manliness needed to confront judge Sotomayor's well known, long time, lesbian life style.

It is prophesied in the 2BC, that all of the top leaders of the worldwide nondenominational D&C 86 church will be hunted down, one by one, for what they have done.

Furthermore, the 2BC says that their deluded followers will wish to commit suicide, like Obama's Berlin Germans did when facing a certain horrific end at the hands of Russia's inspired PLANET OF THE APES invaders. Following the implosion and collapse of their beloved 666 beast's 42 months oligarchy.

Those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, can already sense clearly that this is now unfolding.

Those D&C 86 leaders in government, and the media, who refuse to ask Judge Rosie O'Donnell about her homosexual agenda, are all a part of today's great 42 months VILLAGE VOICE con job.

Take a close look at the invisible mark of the 666 beast in the open palm of Obama's moronic front man at:

Mother Obama's Mercer Island, of her Jewish youth, is located inside the royal King County of Judah. Confirmed by the acceptance of a homosexual priesthood by Queen Elizabeth's British church in America, on the same day the obviously lesbian Sotomayor was getting away with her abomination of desolation nomination in the modern day Sodom and Egypt of REV.11.

Therefore, a suicidal 24' shark, the official number of leadership, washed itself up on the REV.13:1 shores of Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna's predatory Red River garfish shaped Long Island on Tuesday, and quickly died, at:

Gregory Scott Relf


The Manhattan, Kansas area bus crash was about THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's church transsexuals, near Obama's Rocky Ford, at:

The redhead [at '07:40'] widow of Denmark's match sticks king of Judah and Ephraim, in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, is Seattle's Rose McGowan. Who turned against my Freddy boy for sleeping with another woman, after her GRINDHOUSE FFing signs and wonders.

That's a younger Michelle Obama in the scene where my freedom fighter Freddy is returning to America by jet.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The super smart brown safe cracker in DIE HARD is getting close to busting through the last sophisticated layer of media security surrounding the Obama con at the top of Chicago's renamed WILLIS TOWER. The same day Bruce Willis' nicknamed BRUNO movie came out, WND cracked their electronic 666 security system in Hawaii at:

That's why Bruno's brown Obama figure arrived in Africa on the same day BRUNO came out world wide. As reported here earlier, Hitler's original brown shirt fasion trend started in Africa.

Mr Brown's BRITISH AIRWAYS 747 was evacuated in Phoenix on the day of the British actor's BRUNO opening. Because electrical smoke was filling the back end from the same day's WAG THE DOG media hyped CIA scandal smoke screen. Designed to give cover for the 1,747.17 NASDAQ's abomination of desolation. Since the Obama supporter Steve Jobs is dying from REV.9's latter-day plague that originated in Africa.

Apparently Hollywood's secret DNC producers have cast Megan Fox in their latest FOX TOWER damage control effort. THE FAT SPY fiance was seen Friday wearing another one of her funky Robert DeNiro hats. Amid reports that her 8 tattoos represent my 4 pair of wives; based on her arm's double image threesome tattoo, of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield as one nice lay, at:

Reportedly, Fox took her first dance lessons in Kingston, Tenn, next to Naomi's Watts Bar Lake. Created by the Watts Bar Dam at Rt.68 Peaksland, south of Pleasant Hill and Ten Mile, in the same 5 wise virgins state where Nickel Kidman now lives.

Fox recently mentioned that she was sent to an awful D&C 86 Bible camp in her teens. Confirmed by Sunday's youth Bible camp bus crash on I-20/59, east of 333' Meridian, Mississippi, a few miles west of Cuba, Alabama. The injured kids are all members of the First Baptist Church on the Red River in Shreveport, LA.

Generally speaking, all your mainline churches, including the LDS church, support today's federal 666ism. Which gives them very little ground to oppose the abomination of desolation. And they just stare, when you tell them that the pearls of sperm lady in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS has the same figure as Jeremiah's future Princess Keira. Quickly confirmed by that Italian Keira Knightley look alike, who takes my commonly perceived Steve Martin con man to Porto Fino.

Tell them about the two witnesses era of Sodom and Egypt? Many of these foolish church virgins will remind you that such contention is of the devil.

Here is a high level surpressed image of Obama's Borat look alike sexy time buddy, that has now reappeared for the coming out of BRUNO at:

The above link also includes an inspired prophetic image of Obama's other anus O boring and filling roommate, Phil Boerner. In Hollywood's DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS prophecy, my Australian con job wife refers to me as 'Chips O'Toole', while telling my Freddy boy to keep his mouth shut.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's a link to the latest smoke and mirrors CIA scandal nonsense at:

WAG THE DOG's president 'Mel' media conspiracy is still playing out at:

The left's shocking CIA scandal keeps getting bigger. It's now been learned that there was a secret plan, backed by Cheney, to catch Osama bin Laden et al and kill them, by any means necessary. The horror...

Friday, July 10, 2009


"And the great city was divided into three parts..."

Mr day 1290, America's REV.16:19, part Jewish, split log Jewish Lincoln figure, is stopping by Pope 16's great Roman city Friday, on the way to his native African continent. Where he will cautiously avoid any embarrassing crowd contacts in his birth place of Kenya, that would be sure to turn out.

About the only two Americans left who believe that Obama is a natural born USA citizen, are Larry King on the left, and Michael Medved on the right; both of whom are Jewish.

The Vatican was a city state for exactly 1260 years, before Mussolini restored the church to a shadow of it's historic government status quo. Thus the '1260 years' context in Joseph Smith's REV.12 Bible translation inspirations.

The 666 NASDAQ closed at 1,747.17 on the opening day of REV.17's G7+1 summit in the earthquake zone of the Lord's April 6 birthday and crucifixion date.

Here's Annalynne McCord's nice hard ass response to my going back to college post, shot last Tuesday, at:

Note her double threesome rings, and her multiple sister bracelets. The Georgia peach was home schooled, so she knows a thing or two about such latter-day Biblical scriptures as ISAIAH 4:1. And the Bible's teachings about the eternal gift of revelation, which many mainline believers ironically think is a non Christian anti-Bible concept.

Suddenly, everywhere I look in the past few days, I'm seeing massive WILLIS TOWER birth certificate omens.

O/zzy's pet pooch was eaten by a WAG THE DOG coy/ote, whilst watching the Michael Jackson memorial, according to:

Throughout the west, 'Coyote' is a slang term for illegal alien runners.

New readers: The royal crown prince of England, Michael Caine, is introduced as yours truly when he moves his hand over my famous left scalp bump in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. I'm the symbolically marred servant cited in 3NEPHI 20:44 etc. The vertical scar on my forehead was the inspiration behind the original marred Harry Potter images, like at:

David Lynch depicts yours truly in TWIN PEAKS [North Bend, WA] , standing next to Granny Grass, with a big wart on my forehead. Directly in front of the railroad tracks, where I always parked my car, with strange electrical problems, when eating pie at the MAR-T. If you watch the prequel movie, or the TV series, keep an eye out for Annalynne McCord.

In DRS' retarded sperm dinner table scene, I'm holding a REV.13:1 pitch fork icon from THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, after my prophetic PLANET OF THE APES bedroom act.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Sunday, July 5, 2009


At a certain pre-transfiguration age, we all have our foolish youth regrets; I can't tell you how sorry I am, that back in 1991 Both/ell, Washington, I did not fuck THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of Ginger Blake's tight little Michelle Rodriguez ass, and her sexy Dirty Harry duplex roommate too, at the same time, at:

Some years ago, I experienced a vivid dream about my little 19 year-old adopted Woody Allen Moonie forerunner, Ginger. Wherein I was talking to her on the side of Northgate's 105th I-5 exit, about going back to college. Then shortly thereafter, I drove by there with pops at the wheel, who spotted a pair of shoes sitting neatly side by side along the shoulder.

Suddenly pops slammed on the brakes hard, explaining, 'Sometimes people get hit by a car, and their shoes are left lying perfectly in place on the ground... We better go back and see...' to paraphrase his amazing inspiration.

Back in 1991, I had no education or understanding about the Providential signs and wonders that I was seeing, left and right, as explained in the 2BC relating to one's eternal spouses. Just like the powerful ones experienced by Mel Gibson and his pregnant Russian Temple Mount, Malibu bride.

Whose signs and wonders continue to rev up. As Honduras' marxist President 'Mel' got sent to Hollywood Mel's Costa Rican white horse ranch country, whilst WAG THE DOG's abomination of desolation was packing to visit Russia's official REV.17 church of the motherland's MOTHER OF WHORES.

This is why LICENSE TO KILL's narco-marxist ass holes at OAS told Hon/dur/as' freedom fighters that they have to take back their abominable Mel Gibson Obama supporter, or they wont get any more international bank bail out money, at:

This is why 570 KVI went off the air on the 13th anniversary of Ephraim's triumphal day 1260, 1996; due to an electrical fire in Seattle's FISHER PLAZA basement. The same day that a very rare racing-green British TRIUMPH 7 passed me at the corner of Locust and Love Shack.

Today's female oriented D&C 86 Christian conservatives "...need to get over this cry baby stuff..." to paraphrase Santos in WILD AT HEART. That whole third way Eisenhower Palin unity thing is dead. It's time to stand up to the MLK fascists and tell it like it is, at:

The reason that the abomination of desolation has overcome the righteous, and will tread on them with their strong DUNLAP tire treads for 42 months, is because the righteous lack faith in the revealed word of God.

This is why 1.6 million 'stupid mother fuckers... [who] deserved to die...!' according to WILD AT HEART's Big Tuna motel JACK DANIELS dude, signed up for Michael Jackson's brain dead REV.16 memorial at LA's 1111 STAPLES CENTER.

For the Fourth of July, I watched my royal prince freedom fighter prophecy from 1988, entitled DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS; co-starring yours truly as both Michael Caine and Steve Martin. Which is encoded backwards, Harry Potter style, like so many of my personal HAMMER FILMS vampire prophesies. And was given an inspired D&C 85 ranking by BRAVO at:

It opens with a revelation by the hand of God. About how important it is to have healthy pearls of sperm, for the sake of the "innocent children..." While Israel's women and men fight 'side by side' for freedom from the day 1290 federal abomination of desolation medications.

Gregory Scott Relf


The killing of the Tenn. TITANS' no.9 QB leader was a Love Potion No.9 thing. His 20 year-old waitress lover was probably a Jennifer Aniston waitress reference from the prophetic cult hit OFFICE SPACE, at:

DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS ends with my Australian con woman wife. She just finished shooting a typical left-wing con movie about the media's bogus CIA spy scandal.

Here's the no.44 shit on Honduras etc. at:

Friday, July 3, 2009


2001's DAWG star Denis Leary was on Craig Ferguson Thursday morning at 1:00 am, talking about how much he now loves O/prah. Whilst sipping from matching coiled rattlesnake cups with his Scotish host. A few hours later back in Leary's Massachusetts, Harry Potter lightening struck a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW church steeple in Medway, on the [Prince] Charles River by Rockville, at:

The same Charles River where recently Gisele's husband, Tom Brady, almost drowned in a kayak rollover.

Earlier Wednesday, a 42 year-old man was killed by lightening while claming on Pleasant Bay in [New] O/rleans, Mass; located out on homogaysexual Cape Cod. According to REV.13, lost Israel's D&C 86 HEBREW brand hot dogs got 42 months, tops. Right there on my RAND McNALLY mapbook of Judah and Ephraim is Ravenna Park's 5900 block Cliff Pond.

[Ravenna, O/hi/o is located along Hwy.59.]

Leary plays 'the king' of BURGER KING merchandizing in 1997's WAG THE DOG prophecy. Well before Keira Knightley's prophetic 2BC91 KING RALPH movie was confirmed by the Lord on Natalie Merchant's BB.

My favorite WTD White House scene is when 59 year-old Dustin Hoffman looks at a TV monitor and declares, "Look at that shit!.." Right before Michelle O/bama comes on the screen in a Big Brown horse race re-election campaign commercial.

The film's best future Obama figure is the illegal alien driver of the D&C 86 HARVESTER; revealed right after we see his Colorado COORS 7-peaks neon logo. He gets sworn in legally at the last minute, swearing to defend America from her domestic enemies. And then the wink is given to the future black mystery man to get rid of our marxist enemy in Hollywood.

Tapps are played as a reporter announces the sudden heart attack of Michael Jackson et al. Over the end credits, Willy Nelson sings about our "...half black and half leopard..." mulatto leader of the 303 church.

My own personal appearance comes in the GSR/TWN apartment scene. Where Neve Campbell is sleeping with yours truly, in order to put out their fake folk song from the first beast's 1930s era. Their first song, about the "...right to fight for democracy..." in Honduras, etc. was scrapped and changed into an old fascist boot anthem to Obama's marxist allies in Cuba and Venezuala, and in NYC, USA at:

The Providentially timed death of Michael Jackson points God's finger at all the prophetic Rogue River style Butte Falls landmarks in Jackson County, Oregon. [Where I blogged off for a year or so.] That forms the Rt.62 west border of crystal clear Crater Lake's Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger time line in 69/40' Wizard Island, shaped like a volcan/o cone breast at:

And on her famous inspired look alike with Adam's rib at:

Gregory Scott Relf


Walking by LARRY'S BRAKES the same day Larry's WAG THE DOG book came out, a gray colored classic 1961ish hippie P544 VOLVO trailered by, like the one at:

You don't see that every day.

7 black school kids were shot in black Detroit when my ABRAHAM 1 post rolled out about Ham at:

Here's the prophetic DAWG movie poster featuring some of Denis' future wives at:

Just in time for the fall of the miraculously restored 666 beast, they discovered a rare 'Dunlap' copy of the Declaration of Independence, in England, at:

Classic British DUNLAP tires on JAGUARS being a medicine wheel reference.

I recently found a copy of Naomi Watts' pre-Obama 'O' movie remake at: