Wednesday, October 31, 2007


They gave me an extra bonus with my free birthday movie rental at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO Monday. I went in there thinking maybe DEATH PROOF, but their large selection of PLANET TERROR was down to just one last copy, so I went for it. Walking to the checkout, I noticed that they finally got L4YER CAKE in, and I grabbed it for a double feature birthday cake layer thing.

PLANET TERROR's Iraqi smallpox WMD movie opened with a ‘R.I.P.' gravestone logo like the Halloween one that just appeared that very morning on the Campbell's lawn off Evergreen Drive. Where some fat lady made a Uie-turn the other day in a red van bearing ‘...UHE' plates. I see my copy of L4YER CAKE is so scratched and marred on back, I'll likely have to swap it for their second copy.

As the marred servant in 3NEPHI 21:10, I was thrilled to get such a lovely marred birthday gift anyway, and for free, due to a back seat taxi incident around the first of the year, that left her right eye looking like this: .

In fact, I don't know which present to open first; the cute puggly Iggy pup at: ?

Or the prophetic Janet look alike from ROCKY HORROR, who was married to an amazing horror movie figure for five years at: .

Or maybe my Roosevelt High screwl sweetheart at:
And: .

For a Divine RSVP birthday party sign, there was a Hwy.101 5.6 earthquake northeast of I-88's Campbell, CA Tuesday at 8:04:54 pm. Now I'm gonna have to go back and get DEATH PROOF because the GRINDHOUSE B-movie's handsome CAR 54 year-old driver could easily be 56ish.

All those blown off heads in PLANET TERROR were confirmed, on the same day I watched it, by the NYT's full page ad with all those [headless] John the Baptist paintings by the Italian masters for . Rose McGowan was born in Florence, Italy. Her being the artistic inspiration behind Tuesday's purple ad featuring Da Vinci's portrait of John holding my genealogy tree rod in D&C 113, while flashing the two fingers of Judah and Ephraim. That rod-like tree in the background is ISAIAH 11's stem root of Jesse tree at: .

This is why the Israelitish host of the Davidian Letterman show asked Jerry Signfeld Monday if he was in the comedian's new BEE MOVIE.

Sitting outside in front of STARBUCKS Tuesday, reflecting on the strange NYT ad, I began pondering my mirror-like image reflecting off their sunlit windows. As my eyes adjusted, I noticed a younger Napoleon Dynamite looking dude sitting inside, directly facing me, with his sun bathed face replacing the exact spot on the glass where my own face was. Thereby forming an amazing replica of myself having the face of Jon Heder. Then I noticed that he was speaking passionately to two rather hot young babes seated on the shop's two front sofa thrones; one a transfigured brunet Rose, and the other a blonde Sienna Miller figure. Miraculously, he was pointing his index finger for emphasis in the exact manner of the Da Vinci painting in Tuesday's NYT 54,113.

The 666 beheading of John the Baptist, on behalf of a beautiful REV.17 mother of whores, was a Sterling silver 925 platter prophecy about the lost tribes of Israel in the wilderness of John's mission. Where he wandered and preached for years, living off locusts and BEE MOVIE honey.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Here's an earlier prophetic Dr Goldfoot portrait of the bikini No.11 spy at: .

Friday, October 26, 2007


Famous Pittsburgh area Falling Water architecture fan Brad Pitt showed up at Hollywood's FF awards last Monday. In confirmation of the same day's DARK WATER flood sequel down in his beloved New Orleans; after 8" of rain fell suddenly all at once.

Think the movie star, with the famous missing sensitivity chip, noticed that the THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE movie opened just in time for Gov Homer's Saddleback Butte wildfire frenzy? It's as if the actor was playing Jesse James' wild west 666 Che Guevara thief in some old REPUBLIC BEE MOVIE movie; starring that handsome FDR era senile Lone Ranger ambushed by the past in BUBBA HO-TEP.

Meanwhile back at the bikini No.11 beach castle in Malibu, they caught that New Jersey trucker who stole the million dollar GONE BABY GONE Spanish painting featuring Kate Holmes' daughter. After it had left her home town named after Toledo, Spain, at:
And atop the castle wall: .

The prophetic title of the work, still in progress, is ‘Children with a [shopping] Cart' at: .

The painting's children remind me of the ROCKY HORROR wedding chapel castle period in Italy where Kate and Tom were married in the pouring rain. Before they honeymooned on board Scientology's cruise ship in the pouring rain off DARK WATER's India.

Last week's news reports of panicked residents fleeing California's racing wildfires were a prophetic type of the day 1290 abomination of desolation SCHIP children warning in MATTHEW 24:15-18, "...Let him which is on the house top not come down to take anything out of his house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes..." Unless one is missing their prophecy sensitivity chip.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Based on my recent Sunset Highway bus stop dream set in Washington County, Oregon, I suspect that MANAGEMENT's film-makers are royally pfucking with MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO family tree motel legacy. But as the future Da Vince code King of England motel painting subject, I‘ll reserve who I wish to metaphorically kill off, settling at times for just a good royal pfuck in the ACE TAXI's back seat.

For example. Yesterday afternoon, I found a stray piece of scratch paper that had a biographical snippet on princess Neve's Jewish theatrical roots in Holland. Then a ticked off Granny Grass shouted at me to come outside, and help her pick up all the fallen Canadian maple leaf Loonie icons. Cramming as much as I could into her blue yard waste receptacle with a wooden rake handle, she started shouting about a huge brown dog shit patty stuck to her Dutch garden clogs, which she had just tracked inside the house when Bud rang her phone bell.

Now follow me on this. Last week, SEXUAL PERSONAE's sexy Greek Italian art professor Camille Paglia stated that Hillary Clinton could never win the presidency. Which is true, but Hillary Clinton is not running for president. Rather, her collective HBO personage of Hillary Bill Obama is the fraudulent mighty and strong one running. Who will restore the middle class DANIEL 9 road to wealth and success. He/she is already the defacto leader of America's Sodom and Egypt empire, ever since his/her last 42 months transsexual election sweep.

This is the Mexican threesome MILLION DOLLAR BABY motel painting called ‘Three Personages' that [Queen] Elizabeth Gibson found in the NYC sidewalk trash, about four years ago. [The 2004 movie was shot in 2003?] The last time a wildfire frenzy ravished California's historic Mexican Catholic mission country. The fiery image of invading aliens is at: .

West of MANAGEMENT's reported location in Madras, is the medicinal Warm Springs Indian [motel] Reservation prophecy about Jennifer Aniston warming up to her husband; revealed to her about four years ago. To the east are the painted hills of the 1260 days John Day River canyon country.

I'll never forget the tall bull-legged LDS missionary from John Day, Oregon who walked into our Provo training center dorm rooms one day, dressed in big cowboy hat&boots. He gave us all a look like he was thinking ‘What a bunch of homos...' Within weeks he was out of there.

Jenny's Madras motel art sales around Oregon's EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES territory has an obvious Sisters link to cowgirl Ellen DeGeneres' traumatic regret over her abandonment of my hairy dog figure named Iggy at: .

I'm thinking of Vince Vaughn's cheap motel manager in Gus Van Sant's PSYCHO II remake. The one where Jenny does a sexy shower scene, hoping to God that no one can hear her scream, while her body double waits to come over.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Sunday, October 21, 2007


London's respectable FT newspaper published a new interview of America's freakish Gov Homer Sunday morning, about 8 hours ahead of California time, reiterating his Traitor's Cove call to phuck the Republican base in Sgt O'Shield's ass even harder. So that famous ROCKY HORROR castle church icon above Mel's Malibu burned to the ground in a wind driven London style FRENZY wildfire. Symbolic of the historic 1666 blaze that almost burned lost Israel's former New Troy to the ground.

They say it took only about 30 minutes to burn down the former hippie town's local peace love and harmony Presbyterian church; left over from the 1960s communist beach party revolution featured in WAYNES' WORLD.

In my Hollywood autobiography, THE HOAX, they have yours truly fooling around with the younger Andy Warhol star of HIPPIE HIPPIE SHAKE behind Jenny's back; which is not even here yet. There's got to be some kind of a cheap hotel painting connection there someplace.

Last Wednesday at 4:16 am, a very loud and clear voice declared simply "30 minutes!". Later, I wondered if my new Richard Gere biopic had anything to do with that. So I kept track of the editing clock, and discovered that the movie hits Las Vegas at exactly 30 minutes in, when my GSR/TWN 6x9 envelope slides under Cliff's cheap art hotel room door, and THE PRICE IS RIGHT style television game show is asking "If this is called a whopper, what would you call this?"

The MIRAMAX filmmakers think they got me in the film when I'm suddenly confronted with a scheduled telephone call for 1:00 from [Steven] Hughes himself, cutting to a wall clock showing 12:59. Which prompted me to check my own bedside clock that read exactly 12:59. Then the movie's phone rang, exactly when my own clock turned to 1:00, confirming the scene where I look at my TV and say "You are so royally full of shit."

See what I'm talking about in this report about the five foolish Midwest castle church virgins dying in a horrific crash Sunday north of [Pam] Anderson, Indiana on the Dalai Lama's I-69 route to THE HOAX's Plum Tree motif by 767' Fort Wayne at: .

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Nevada's Mormon senator from the 42nd latitude line praised Rush Friday for selling his socialist pig agi-prop letter for Jenny's double 211 figure of $2,100,100. On the same day the FBI opened an international rape-torture RENDITION investigation of THE HOAX expert David Copperfield. I read that there is a video recording involved. So if things don't work out for Pam Anderson with that other Las Vegas magician, she might wish to audition for DC.

The best review so far of the new movie in theaters came from HOUSE OF WAXMAN member Pete Stark. Who really got into the paranoid 42 spirit of the CIA torture story by claiming that President Bush is sending young soldiers to die in Iraq for his own personal pleasure. If Stark was a real patriot like Senator Reid, he would write that all down and sign it. Then have Rush auction it on ebay to raise funds for the troops' widows.

The Seattle woman who claims that she was sexually tortured in a foreign country by the liberal Jewish illusionist is from the district of the stark raving mad con man Rep. Jim McDermitt. Because there is a little place on Nevada's 42nd line called McDermitt; east of Disaster Pk and Kings Creek. Right there is the socialist Bilk Creek Mtns if you know what I mean. Going east along the line is my Hwy.93 Jackpot landmark on Falls Creek. It's probably a gas station and two card room bars with a old motel full of cheap paintings.

I have never seen DC's fiery act, but I hear that he makes elephants disappear, the high society kind who believe in the grand illusions of FDR, MLK, LBJ, and His Silliness the Dalai Lama. The words GONE BABY GONE describe perfectly the basic disappearance theme of Copperfield's entire show.

Down in fascist Venezuela, a group called the ‘Patriot Command of the [Utah] Desert' destroyed a glass monument to the socialist pig Che Guevara. Prophetically confirming the Rt.140 path across Nevada's 42nd latitude desert around dry Cows Head Lake, dry Massacre Lake, Black Rock Range, and Valley Desert, for Friday's S&P 500 civil war closing at 1,500.63, down 39.45 caliber at:

Down in Ganglanda, South Africa, the news broke Friday that 43 year-old reggae star Lucky Dube was gunned down in one of the day's numerous carjackings. He was best known for his hit song ‘Come Together as One'.

In George Clooney's New Jersey, a drug infested house exploded Friday at: .

Up in Traitor's Cove, Alaska, Republican Ben Stein contributed $2,000 to loony Al Franken's twin cities senate campaign, because all this 42 months hysteria is really creeping him out. In REV.19:10, it says "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." And Jesus makes a lot of Jews very nervous, like Billy Crystal and Abe Foxman, etc. I hear BC is hosting the big upcoming 60th birthday bash in NYC for Hillary Bill Obama, which stands for HBO.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Rt.14's big Saddleback Butte S.P. pileup happened when those lovely photos from ELLE's 14th annual Women in Hollywood event rolled out. Don't miss the pics from this Monday's FF awards in LA.