Wednesday, November 30, 2011


On the same day they declared that the anti-alien FANTASY ISLAND shooter is crazy in Norway, a complaint was filed on America's own FANTASY ISLAND of Hawaii asking why a known illegal alien was being allowed on the state's election ballet for US President. Per:

69 people, mostly teens, were killed on Utoya Island by the now permanent nut house resident who probably believes Obama was born in Africa; on the same day that Selena Gomez turned 19.

Tuesday morning I watched 1997's AS GOOD AS IT GETS. Wherein Jack's character immediately associates the film's black faced mixed mutt with the gay "colored man" fudge-packer down the hall. And then he predicts how thrilled they are going to be "...when the first queer President of the United States..." gets elected.

It's at the shrink's office full of crazy people where Jack delivers the film's mighty 42 months line, "Is this as good as it gets?"

Turns out Paris is not so crazy after all. [Read Julia Roberts] Here she is in a fabulous gathered gems of Israel limestone number covered in stars at:

She has been seen rolling around in her new L.A. STORY car a lot lately, like at:

AS GOOD AS IT GETS ends with Mel and Carol [car roll] going into a bakery at the break of dawn for some "warm buns".



Monday, November 28, 2011


HITCH ends with my future black matchmaker sidekick onboard Harold Robbins' 91' yacht somehow, just before yours truly shows up for the film's pretty ridiculous big wet makeup kiss finale with Paris Hilton. Which they try to make up for with the soaring Tom Cruise love boat music over the end credits that sounds like the spy theme for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

Then my weird alien looking MEN IN BLACK co-star in the Oval Office races over to catch Eva Mendez before she falls for some guy who is even more handsome than a mindless Halle Barry lover sporting the prettiest cock you ever saw.

The hilarious black&white identical twins movie poster is at:

Trying to run interference, Steve Carell's new son of Ham pix were suddenly put out there in confirmation of my famous IN LIKE FLINT yacht prophecy at:

Which was confirmed on the very same day by that white REV.17 woman who went public with her apostate Christian accusations about GODFATHERS PIZZA's former Godfather being the Kenyan polygamist father to the white Jewish mother of Barack Obama. And which everybody and his half mutt dog knows is true.

"This thing is like a bad penny." says Hitch about Herman McCain's Ms Penny. Like everyone else out there who is trying to bad mouth my future co-star of STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER. If my NIGHT SHIFT remake wife decides to pass on the offer, and Emma Stone decides to change the color of her hair.

It sure as hell did not work for Sandra Bullock. And it ain't gonna work for Ms Cruz or Ms Hurley neither.

Fortunately, I am now at the perfect age for the perfect remake of LOLITA, co-starring Chloe Moretz with her sequel plot twist half-sister Ellen Fanning, after the second woe earthquake in REV.11 kills about 7k around the Chicago area.

Put that in you crack pipe and smoke it.



ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST comes to an end around Christmas time. After Mac gets treated by the lunatics in the ward's upstairs Manhattan Temple across from Obama's Lincoln Center. And then the Indian medicine wheel chief uses the Lord's fountain of life water works unit to break out of the nut house and run for his eternal life.

The salmon fishing scenes connect the northwest setting with my salmon fisherman monument in Bonney Lake, Washington. As confirmed by the similar size of the king salmon they bring back to port. And the twin REV.13 wounded head scars of Judah and Ephraim on Mac are virtually identical to the fading one on my own forehead.

Throughout the film, the freedom idea is expressed by a plan to escape to Canada's maple leaf flag emblem of the Branch of David. Hence the appearance of the 'one mighty and strong' at the end who is prophesied of in D&C 85 and ISAIAH 11.1. Who everyone in the LDS ward thought was crazy.

The mental patient named Billy represents my younger schizophrenic brother, who we always called Billy when he was young.

The various black enforcers in the 1975 nut house movie represent the future black leader of America. Who is just as crazy as the deluded maniacs in the media who are carrying his water. The recent election committee insanity in New Hampshire corresponded with the period when I was watching the mental ward officials discuss Mac's case and his remaining 68 days of jail time, at:

It is now a verified fact that Obama's Hawaii birth certificate is a counterfeit, and that he is using a deceased person's Social Security number from Connecticut. The fact that no one at the NEW YORK TIMES will report this is pure lunacy. Which symbolizes everything else about high society that is crazy and insane. Like running an annual 1.8 trillion dollar budget deficit and blaming it on too little taxation, etc. etc.


Saturday, November 26, 2011


I bought my black matchmaker prophecy called HITCH at GOODWILL on Black Friday. After I noticed that I had exactly 3.35 in my pocket, that would cover the 2.99 price plus sales tax, and then went over to REGAL TALL FIRS 10 to see Adam Sandler's movie about me fucking his Jewish twin sister.

Then sometime during the movie's first act, I suddenly realized that I could go back to GOODWILL and get yet another used DVD on special because of their three-way 2-4-1 half-price sign from G-d that I didn't know about until I got up to THE CHECKOUT.

Back at GOODWILL after my birthday gift-card movie from my sister Diana, there was an older used DVD of Harold Robbins' THE BETSY sitting on top of the stack that was not there the first time around. In confirmation of Paris Hilton's new red FERRARI pix about the physical transfiguration introduction to L.A. STORY meets FATHER OF THE BRIDE, at:

Based on the above link's nice&tight&soft 70s cut leather jacket pussy icon and all that.

At the end of THE BETSY, yours truly not only gets the BETHLEHEM MOTOR COMPANY, but he also gets the movie's physically transfigured Jessica Alba babe with the big untanned tits in the baptism pool in L.A. STORY.

They don't make'm like they used to when they were making movies like SHAMPOO meets LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR meets AMERICAN GIGOLO meets LOLITA. All four of which are long overdue for their remake closeups; co-starring anywhere from Lindsay Lohan to Megan Fox to Chloe Moretz to Ellen Fanning, and her sister too, like at:

Annalynne McCord being the consummate retro 70s actress of course.

HITCH definitely looks like it is an inspired prophecy about my nigger on the down low setting me up with all that young pussy on Diddy's yacht out of Miami, back in 05. And I appreciate that and all. But I'd really rather be hanging out on Michael Savage's twin VOLVO tied up somewhere around San Francisco Bay, sipping on some smoky boutique chard from the region for 75 bucks a bottle, with a little smoked sockeye on a cracker. Us two talking about being born again etc. etc. And explaining to him the meaning of Woody Allen's physical transfiguration movie called PLAY IT AGAIN SAM.


PS: A Miley CIRRUS 22 crashed outside Chicago Saturday around Rt.14's Crystal Lake. So that when Ms Fanning turns 14 on 409 she can join the cult of the undead if Jesus says so.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The Bible says that the sins of the Hollywood mother fuckers will be felt unto at least the third generation sequel of life. Which means that I get to fuck the daughters of my 1979ish backup wives who would have been born to them around anywhere from 1992 to 1994 to 1998, on the outside. If they had become pregnant in their mid teens. Not that there is anything wrong with that, to quote Larry David role played by Jerry Seinfeld, and then role played over and over again by the likes of the younger Adam Sandler and Sacha Baron.

That prophetic L.A. STORY publicity photo of a physically transfigured Steve Martin sitting on my royal Davidian throne of England looks like it was taken circa 1979.

At least that is what it says on the movie's old 1992 VHS box, that quotes, "THIS IS THE FIRST GREAT COMEDY [fuck] OF THE 90s"

When the weather prophet Steve Martin would be spending time in the future with his barely legal fuck buddy at some Santa Barbara resort, while the rest of the old Jewish faggots in Hollywood are laughing at him. Even though he is also fucking their own aging trophy wives like Jennifer Garner and Kate Holmes. In order to complete the third generation prophecy that so amuses all those apostate Christian SERIAL MOMs out there.

Reportedly, Jenny is paying 60k for three months rent on her deluxe suite at the SUNSET. In confirmation of my vision last year about seeing Granny Grass ironing her clean laundry while a bright reddish orange sunset was burning through the window from outside.


The Bible says that even the guilty fourth generation can get involved in all this. I.e. Jane Fonda, Joan Rivers, Annie Hall, Ralph Lauren, Warren Beatty, Don Rickles, yada yada... You are never too old to be born again.


Somehow I came across Steve Martin ironing a young pussycat the day before that ROCKWELL AC69 twin crashed into Flat Iron Mountain in the Superstitious Mountains of Arizona on Miley Cyrus' 19th birthday, near Rt.88 and Rt.188, at:

I saw the image on the same day that Granny Grass gave me a $20 bill from SAFEWAY [think Tucson] that had a single angel wing drawn on it, and then I encountered my ALASKA pilot friend at the 211th STARBUCKS. And then I went back and saw that blond babe on TMZ wearing the same single wing pendant.

Obviously, an angel can't fly with only one left wing. She needs the two wings of Judah and Ephraim to sore to freedom.

Kelly Osbourne tweeted like a bird right before Miley's birthday, announcing her huge "sick" party for the HANNA MONTANA star. So by the Hand of God, Ms Montana got sick and could not attend her own big "sick" number '19' bash in Hollywood. Except to drop by at the end of it, around 2:00 am, from her FDR hotel suit to thank all the people for coming. Reportedly, there was the traditional unicorn Ephraim emblem in the lobby.

Later, Ms Sire Us was spotted at some tattoo removal joint, having one of her marks of the 666 wildcat beast taken off her hard rock'n body. This SUN link has a shot of Miley's tattoo that says, "She wants to fly" at:

The search&rescue base has been set up at the Lost Dutchman Mine that represents Miley's $100,000,000 plus pile of Leprechaun gold. The Superstitious Mountains are famous for their large bobcat population.

SUPER 8 is about a train wreck while some kids are making a homemade zombie movie back in 79. Hence the location of Black Mtn along Rt.79, due south of the Hanna Montana plane crash that killed three kids, per:

There was a 4.2 earthquake in the REV.13 sea west of Bella Bella, British Columbia on Wednesday. The region where most of the new Bella Swan TWILIGHT movie was filmed.

Steve Martin recorded an album called RARE BIRD ALERT last year with his banjo group called STEEP CANYON.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The new royal BLUE RAY premier pix for SUPER 8 exposed my $104,000,000 Picasso penis nose on JJ on the 19th birthday of Miley Sire Us, at:

So now you know who that young waitress was who handed me my restaurant check at the Hollywood SUNSET HOTEL that had only the number '19' on it. And then I got into the elevator and saw Jenny push button '55' before she suddenly turned around and gave me a big wet 60k year kiss, like at:

This is that 13 year-old hottie who liked it when Polanski was fucking her in the ass with his Polish sausage in Jack Nicholson's EATING RAOUL hot tub. And she only freaked out about it later once her Christian fruitcake mother got all POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE about it. Because the Bible says that a woman can start fucking after puberty, if God specifically tells her that it's OK, yet most of today's gay ass Christians and Jewish homosexuals think that the prophetic word of God in ISAIAH 4:1 etc. is pretty ridiculous.

Which basically is why yours truly has spent the first half of his pre physically transfigured life living inside the 1975 world of Jack's ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST prophecy; starting around the time when I got married to that French whore who stabbed me in the back in the same year that my back-up wife Angeline Lilly was born in Canada.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This premature posting at around 6:00 pm BL time Tuesday was inspired by seeing Chloe Moretz is coming on Jimmy Fallon's LATE NIGHT show tonight, later. In confirmation of my EDGE OF WETNESS post about JC's show that ended in 1992.

Which I have not seen yet, and obviously it has already been taped at 30 ROCK, circa EST.

Not only that, I haven't even done my usual KICK ASS penthouse Jennifer Aniston google news search in the last 24 hours, or thereabouts.

THE RUNAWAYS's wet cherry bomb movie poster was the Divine publicity for me breaking in Chloe and Hailee on the same night around the Fourth of July. While we watch the loud fireworks exploding above the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. For SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE at the end of the mayor Bloomberg murder prophecy entitled WOLFEN.

Like when that naive Tea Party babe from the FARGO prophecy came on Jimmy Fallon Monday, and his inspired African tribal nigger drummers there were playing 'Lying ass bitch..." Because she has been saying lately that the abomination of desolation was born in Hawaii. Even though every mother fucking liar in North Dakota knows that it's just another liberal Jew media snow job out of New York, Boston, and Washington, DC.

What an insult to anyone with even a just little bit of pride in their African American history roots.

You Jew me, I'll Jew you.


Demi Moore is shit-canning Ashton because he thought that he could pretend to be fucking Ms Moretz et al without getting her temple mount permission first. Can you imagine me fucking a pair of teenager babes in the EATING RAOUL hot tub at Sandy's Beverly Hills 90210 Tudor Branch Davidian compound in Beverly Hills without having her say-so? And I'm even the future King of England, for God's sake.

The 42 months church steeple clock of the devil in Orson Wells' Harper, Conn prophecy keeps on tickIng at:

Monday, November 21, 2011


BRIDES OF DRACULA's cult of the undead vampire polygamists was the sequel to HAMMER's 1958 film about the physical transfiguration called DRACULA. Uncovering the two movies' message is a lot like playing an Elvis Presley record backwards in order to hear it's hidden secrets. Since the movies were made from the point of view of apostate Christians, who have accepted the Son, but have rejected the fullness of the Father in revelations like D&C 4, 76, and 133.

BRIDES OF DRACULA was filmed in Black Lake, Buckinghamsire England with a female protagonist named Marianne Danielle for when the black prince in DANIEL would appear and tread upon the more righteous for 42 months; during the release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN 1. According to:

Hence the very sexual thrusting subtext to the message from the Father in D&C 4.

In BRIDES OF DRACULA, the 'cult of the undead' runs along the rich history of the lost tribes of Israel who gradually migrated up the Danube River and into places like Transylvania.

New Hampshire's struggle with the alien abomination of desolation in DANIEL and MARK 13:14 etc is about the first primary state's landmarks like the White Mtns' Mt Deception, just west of the state's highest point, Mt Washington. Where that great FDR monument called Old Man of the Mountain collapsed on May 3rd in 2003. The famous stonewall icon was also known as the Great Stone Face, according to:

This is why God has been causing the ground to shake in Lincoln County, Oklahoma's Christian stronghold around Davenport lately. The old man site in New Hampshire now looks like the naked breast of a reclining woman in the above link.

For all you TWILIGHT fans, the bade in that hide-a-bed porn clip I posted in MOON NOTES looks exactly like Ashley Greene. Who was born on the same date of the other Ellen Page stand-in look atype babe who starts shaking in the video at around 6:00 am.


Sunday, November 20, 2011


That peculiar letter given to Ashley Greene from a stranger in Sweden was the same threatening letter with a capital 'G' from God that came from Miley Cyrus's fruitcake mother in SERIAL MOM.

Back on my 10.29 birthday, that started in 51, I bucked it up and watched some more of Lindsay Lohan's POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE prophecy that came out in the same year that today's Ms 409 BRIDES OF DRACULA babe was born; which I had begun to watch in spurts back on 10.25. Having been inspired by the iconic film's prophetic Olsen Twins artwork at:

The smaller the mouth, the tighter the blow job, from my two sidekicks at:

So keep your big mouth shut bitch.

"Does anyone else want to be arrested or killed before we wrap this fucker?" asks the Malibu for South America director of EVIL ANGELS at the beginning of POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE.

Now I'm kind of feeling like watching the rest of the Carrie Fisher movie directed by Mike Nichols. You would too if you were the new Jack Nicholson prophesied of in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST penthouse film that my future 8mm fuck buddy Jenny bought for me.


Saturday, November 19, 2011


A U-HAUL full of beer hall kegs rammed into a bunch of brainwashed Third Way Obama supporters at some Connecticut tailgate party at Saturday's Yale-Harvard football game for heterosexual faggots like George Bush meets Jodie Foster in the upcoming national election campaign for absolutely nothing.

Saturday morning at 4:51 am, I suddenly felt impressed to check for any breaking news. And then found the KSL, Utah report about 19 year-old Laura Blocker dying in a fiery crash on Foothills Drive [think football blocker] around 5100 south. In confirmation of the lost daughters of Israel who are striving in vain to block the restoration of the House of Israel. Based on the report's luke warm image with a '51 degrees' stamp on it for my regular 51 birth year birth code identification number, at:

This is how all the stonewalling on the left and right will come to a sudden end.

There were two young ladies in the car. One survived with only minor injuries, while the other one was cremated on the spot. In a Divine statement from God about the 50/50 survival of the wise virgins in the last days ten virgins prophecy.

True or false, one report said that the car was a Malibu.



Homes burned in Reno's wildfire along the Star Meadows Loop neighborhood next to the Sunrise Meadows Loop, in the Lake Stanley area. For Barack Obama's mother with the same name, who gave birth to him in Kenya. Given his sunrise campaign logo that was inspired by the sunrise logo of Japanese fascism in WW II. And the historic usurper of America is now visiting with world leaders in Asia.

Friday morning I watched the WW II era prophecy about an escaped Third Wayer from Germany who becomes a teacher with false identification papers living in Harper, Connecticut, called THE STRANGER; co-starring Orson Wells. Who ended up living in Nevada in real life to avoid state income taxes.

In THE STRANGER, Wells marries the daughter of a liberal Supreme Court judge in order to mask his true nature. Just like Obama married a liberal woman to cover up his homosexual lifestyle, etc. Eventually Wells' new beast wanna be character from REV.13 kills his REV.17 wife's dog named 'Red'. Which leads up to a big climax at some 'high tea' for high society in confirmation of the legendary high tea location that just burned down in Fire Island Pines.

Wells' hidden character also murders the born again Christian apostate in the woods where the boys played a paper-chase game by scattering a long trail of my many GSR/TWN postings from the northwest woods of Bonney Lake, Washington. And my shadow man's influence spread out everywhere and covered the land in his wife's vivid dream.

In the end, the first snow started to fall when the D&C 86 church steeple clock's transsexual angel of death ran his/her REV.19 sword through the imposter at 12:00 exactly.

All of which is confirmation of the undisputed fact that my sidekick Barack Obama is illegally using a stolen Social Security number from Connecticut. And the people are too afraid to do anything about it because of the new 666 beast that was created on the back of the Negro race, by people like Senator Reid, according to the revealed word of God at

Hence the 42-line state of Jackpot, Nevada is shaped like that guillotine blade which chopped off the right arm of a loopy man at his symbolic 'occupy Wall Street' camp outside Bellingham, Washington.


LINK: Friday afternoon a kid wearing a horned devil mask walked by me at the TARGET sign along Hwy.410, very similar to the REV.13:1 sea beast one at:

A red no.7 logging rig was waiting there for the light to turn green.

P.S. Here is a late report about what happened in New Hampshire, and what is going to go down elsewhere, at:

This is big.

Friday, November 18, 2011


New Hampshire determined that the abomination of desolation was eligible to be on the ballet on the same day that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN 1 movie about my blood sucking breaking dawn GSR/TWN postings opened around the world. Which was instantly confirmed by the 10,000 MANIACS misfits who were evacuated in Senator Reid's Reno, Nevada. In confirmation of that Fire Island Pines fire that burned down one of his constituents's favorite fascist beer halls full of short-hair queers in tight shirts. Because the foothills around RENO 911 are so covered with such extremely dry Ponderosa pines full of sap that all it would take is one loose fag butt from MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO to light the fuse when the 42 months of tyranny in REV.13 comes to an end by fire and violence. Per:!

Here is the very non Pulitzer Prize winning link confirmation with multiple sources at:

Now even TMZ is getting in on the pretend computer illiterate born-in-Hawaii joke, as every one of their underpaid 'associate producers' in the room stares into their latest model company laptops with that big shit eating grin on their faces.

These are the new NYT publicity stills of Bella Swan in black&white top touching her tummy, imaginary BLACKBERRY cell phone in the ear, while my physically transfigured Bob Hope warm up prince from England is standing right behind her tight little ass sporting the traditional Harry Potter hair line bangs.

It's looking like the RENO 911 wildfire was started by a campfire girls band of homeless teenagers out of Kristen Stewart's THE RUNAWAYS misfits prophecy. According to the 2010 cherry bomb poster at:

Wherein Miss Dakota gets to role play the true virgin by proxy for all those wise virgin wanna-bes out there. Who are soon going to learn what it means to do baptisms for the [spiritually] dead in the upstairs temple in MOONSTRUCK meets BASIC INSTINCT.

One of the best things about the upcoming physical transfiguration, besides the new third set of teeth, and the new hair-piece for men, is the actual physical restoration of vaginal virginity. How could you ever have children again if you don't get to have a new freckled pussy face again? Like the one that was mentioned with a big capital 'G' for me in Miley Cyrus' threatening SERIAL MOM message. Using the capital 'P' letter cut out from that Sharon Stone cover copy of PREMIER magazine, circa 1992.


PS: The new cold file murder investigation by Hollywood of the young Natalie Wood represents the murder of Donald Young by Barack Obama's proxy killers in Chicago. I.e. Obama killed his second story gay lover who couldn't keep his mouth shut with Larry Sinclair on the phone. Because in the near future he was going to be my sidekick who destroys today's Sodom and Egypt beast that is being protected by the D&C 86 apostates in SLC, Utah, Dallas, Texas, Vatican, Rome, and of course, Jerusalem.


After watching BASIC INSTINCT Thursday morning, for the first time in years, I saw the new lesbian photos of Amber [buffalo] Heard role playing Sharon Stone's fruitcake look alike character at:

That gay Mecca by the sea on Fire Island was literally still burning down when JJ posted the new gay sailor seamen photo spoof of the Bob Hope Bing Crosby buddy buddy movies at:

The cool blond Sharon Stone, 1992, reminded me a lot of Charlize Theron, 2011, in BASIC INSTINCT's "Catherine Woolf" paperback novel plot. As confirmed by her new rocky sea shore pictorial for VOGUE that looks exactly like the rough sea below Catherine's beach house at:

Ashley Greene got a desperate hand-written letter from a shaking crying young girl in Sweden. Which asked her to pass a note along to Miley Sire Us. Because the Miss Montana star will become very instrumental in helping the lost daughters of Israel find eternal life, and safe refuge from the 666 Bay Area beast symbolized in BASIC INSTINCT.

BASIC INSTINCT opens with the ice-pick murder of a former 60s rock star who had "5 or 6" hits, and whose mansion is decorated with surreal Picassos and the African masks that are hiding the true identity of the abomination born in Kenya.

TRI-STAR's legendary logo, like on BI, was a flying white horse prophecy statement with angel wings.

THE ROAD TO BALI starts with the two buddies singing 'Chicago Style' in Australia, when their trombone falls apart and a REV.17 lady's silk stocking comes out the instrument's vagina icon.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Fire Island's gay paradise for ferry riders burned down around the same time that Barry Obama was beginning his Australian stop to promote the new homosexual Marines Corps base there; while on his way to the gay ten virgins wedding in Bali, circa 1952. That was confirmed some time ago by the terrorist bombing there of a night club full of blond haired blue eyed Australian tourists.

You harass me, I'll harass you.

An eye for an eye, a dick for a dick.

I AM the Super [[half] Jew who Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin were always so obsessed about. Whose comedic torch was eventually passed on to my dim witted half brother Adam Sandler. Whose cold hearted co-star probably did not even give him a Courtney Cox style handy thank-you note for all his trouble in casting her as my second wife in his very successful HAWAII-5-O virgins [Elvis] movie he made with a Nicole Kidman cameo; much less a blow job that squeezed every drop out of him.

[I could be wrong on this.]

I Think I know this now because BASIC INSTINCT was the Prophetic 3-way movie that made Catherine Zeta-Jones fall in love with my sterling 925 cock warm-up boy in BASIC INSTINCT meets MY FAVORITE BRUNET; circa 1952 meets 1992 on THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD.

This is the movie about the violent death of Gwyneth Paltrow's homosexual husband rock star in her CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy that was filmed in that burned down Pavilion bath house for gay mormons on Salt Lake. Which was just confirmed by COLD PLAY's new appearance during Ms Stone's second time around hosting SNL.

Too bad that all you cock sucker Jew boys out there don't realize what you are missing at:


The obvious cover up of any high level official crimes by high society's hypocrite snobs is always way more entertaining than the crime itself. Which is why the longer the NYT et al keep fronting for Obama, the better it gets. Talk about foreplay.


SAVOY PICTURE's buffalo logo at the beginning of the 18 year-old SERIAL MOM prophecy was confirmed by the rare 3.7 quake along Hwy.18 in South Dakota's Buffalo Gap Grasslands, last Sunday at 11:51:39 am local time.

A man appears in the background with an Evergreen State backpack when the Newyorker buys Peewee Herman for $158.

Serial mom's harassment represents the constant harassment from organized Obama bloggers when people like Larry Sinclair try to blow the whistle on Obama's whistle blowing etc.

One front group just posted a false report about Sinclair getting killed by a serial mom hit and run, for a joke on my SERIAL MOM ppstings at:

THE ROAD TO BALI prophecy reveals that Barack Obama is the future Big Foot figure in REV.13 etc by introducing him right after the homosexual shot of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. [The 1952 movie was originally called THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD.] Then the African ape is attacked by a tiger, and those "...Republicans are everywhere..."

The volcano god erupts violently on the island of the lost tribes of Israel just after the gay wedding between two grooms. When everybody shouted "Mozel tov!"

"Now that the imposter is gone..." they can smooch, says Bob Hope to LaLa. Who earlier joked about turning back his speedometer when his two witnesses partner also mentions getting their "...batteries recharged" in the physical transfiguration at their elaborate island temple chambers.

At about 46 minutes into the DVD, the two witnesses sing about seeing pix of their true love from Toledo, Ohio on the future Internet. And joke about each other being their future wife's "warm up" boy.

THE SAILOR DOG allegory ends with George [Washington] walking to his new sailing yacht in a threesome, holding onto the precious jewels of Israel.


Monday, November 14, 2011


Those shocking new Mr Potato Head photos of Billy Crystal's giant 3-egg omelet chin are the reason why the odd looking daughters of Judah are eventually going to lighten up and relax in the bed. Just like Bette Midler [Dotti Hinkle] does in my DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS prophecy about me fucking that overweight Michelle Rodriguez look alike stoner in SERIAL MOM. In confirmation of the live-in minority babes in Emma Stone's very successful project, THE HELP.

"You fuck me, I'll fuck you... "

Who wants to look at that while you are pretending to make love to Harrison Ford? Certainly not me.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Who was/is the King of England's great great great... Grandfather. And that vain prince in D&C 85 who thinks that he is me is going to end up on the wrong side of one of those toll both operators on the Tacoma Narrows bridge in THE GODFATHER, I,2,3.

That said, Billy Crystal's monumental double time-machine chins of Judah and Ephraim were chosen by G-d to host the next Oscars, even before the world was created, in order that those who survive the upcoming day 1290 woes in Judea will be allowed to watch them shrink and disappear right before their eyes. As if they were at some cheap third-rate magic show prophecy in LEPRECHAUN whatever meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS.

Who do you think that the metaphorical Hwy.410 [Eli Hill] "hillside strangler" on the Bonnie Lake plateau, who has so inspired that blond LA look alike MILF of the future on TMZ, was supposed to be in John Waters' 1994 prophecy? Which stands for the "thirty mile zone" of safety outside of any full size nuclear bomb explosion.

Heck. They didn't even know who the Green River killer was who was giving all those king cabs in Kent a nice new paint job remake when they made their Beverly Hills lion king movie. And I was just going along for the ride when pops and GG were attending PC computer classes for seniors at Green River College circa 1992.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


When the very respectful mother of Miley Montana makes her first obscene Howard Stern phone call in SERIAL MOM, circa 1992, she sounds exactly like her future virginal DISNEYLAND star daughter.

That is Michelle Obama at the PTA night for concerned mothers in SERIAL MOM. Who discusses her man-child husband 'son' with the day 1290 math numbers teacher, sitting under the poly science looking sign that reads like it says 'POLYCON'. Right before the mother of Miley walks in with a fruitcake in a pink box that represents the official color of the gay rights movement of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt. Which most of today's REV.17 church ladies in SLC, Utah and Dallas, Texas don't want you to talk about.

Hence the D&C 86 car wash scene right after Beverly runs over the guy who even dared to mention that there is something wrong with the way she is raising her family.

After my younger physically transfigured blood cleansing figure appears on the dude's TWO AND A HALF MEN show TV screen, Miley's mom says, "You know how I hate the brown word."

Note that Misty's Shenae Grimes fatty is now in college.

SERIAL MOM's first true story 7:26 time-stamp is confirmation of Sandra Bullock's new Branch Davidian English Tudor compound in Beverly Hills.

Detective Pike suddenly shows up at the door in SERIAL MOM because he looks exactly like Warren Jeffs from the Tom Green County jail in Texas. Have you ever seen a Tom Green movie? Have you ever been to a gay ass Texas style rodeo?

The blond trout lips star of THREE'S COMPANY appears in the third act of SERIAL MOM when all the future TMZ reporters' microphones are making the date-stamp about today's 11.13 date. When the latest sheriff JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO report would roll down the mountain from:



In 1994's inspired SERIAL MOM, written and directed by John Waters, Beverly [Hills] is a sweet 90210 mother who cares about the environment and other people's feelings. And who would have definitely voted for Obama in the 2008 future, since he was directly involved in the murder of two of his gay Sunday school lovers in Chicago. You can follow the prophetic plot spinoffs at:

SERIAL MOM was produced by G-d 18 years ago in order to be a template for today's TMZ culture. Which is why Beverly's gay husband looks very much like Harvey Levin at:

And their horror movie son is a prophetic look alike for the 2011 show's surfer boy figure who usually sits near the young Kathleen Turner blond mother figure. The movie poster doesn't really capture the shocking true-story's gossipy look alikeness. Better to examine that on the screen, but here's an introductory look anyway at:

The 1994 daughter is an overweight version of Shenae Grimes in 90210: TWO of course. Who ends up having a crush on the film's remarkable Woody Norris look alike, who was originally from the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Only hours before watching SERIAL MOM's gory catsup meatloaf scene, TMZ's future front seat look alike dude in the movie mentioned that a bottle of catsup only costs about a "$1.29".

As my Peewee Herman post rolled out, I saw SERIAL MOM's Peewee Herman "weirdo" collectors doll sell for $158.

Beverly gets one of her murder weapons in a sewing box kit that contains a REV.11.1 measuring tape that says "...56..."

The BLOOD FEAST movie posters etc. are about the future blood cleansings in the Lord's endowment houses.

That is yours truly looking oddly enough like Charlie Sheen again in the video rental movie TV close-up in the dude's bedroom.

SERIAL MOM is also about the moms who have blood on their hands for feeding their kids junk food cereals for breakfast.

Katherine Jen/kin's royal gems were stolen in London for a sign from God that he is now gathering up his precious gems, at:


Saturday, November 12, 2011


[It was 4:20 pm Bucky Larson time when I started to write this post.]

Checking out two discounted jars of DAVE's heirloom tomato sauce at MARSHALLS, some mother in the other aisle called out to her "Jennifer!.."

When finally I got up to THE CHECKOUT with the two jars that I love to fuck no matter what in Granny Grass's shopping cart, there was this really fine ass 40ish Jennifer Aniston look alike looker in front of us wearing the same all black look that we have been seeing on her ever since she bought me that upstairs IN LIKE FLINT penthouse birds' nest.

Ever since Jesus told me "Twenty minutes after four..." at 9:44 pm on 8.29, I have been picking up on various new 42 months signs and wonders. Like that 4.2 earthquake in Miley Montana in the exact place where I caught my first German brown trout ever using a dry fly buck hair blond body grasshopper #8 by Ken McLeod on the Rock River near Clinton.

The spectacular and amazing trout lips prophecy was a little bit on the fat side. In confirmation of all the new plumper pix of Miley Cyrus complaining that her slight weight gain has weakened the beauty of her rather weak anti-Aniston jaw line.

Sometimes skinny is better. Sometimes a little marbling on the bone can help, just depends. Sometimes a cock that is not too big, and not tOo small, is just what the doctor ordered.

Most of today's hot babes who like to suck giant NBA cocks have a rather big mouth.

The 4.2 earthquake in Hitchcock's Miley Montana happened on the same day that the abomination of desolation took off for his reenactment of Bob Hope's NBA Big Foot prophecy called ROAD TO BALI meets JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO. [It's now 5:06 pm]

On the same day that Emma Stone's historic 5.6 earthquake in Lincoln County, OK caused a DANIEL 2 stone to break loose and fall off the temple stonewall at El Shaddai Ministries, landing next to NEW APPEARANCES SALON's sandwich sign, JJ posted the news about the YES MAN star joining the cast of MR WONDERSTONE.


Here is the SNL clip of Ms Stone role playing the part where my glasses broke at MARSHALLS. So I had to wear my old physical transfiguration black-rim LIZ CLAIBORNES the next day, while the temple WELDER brand glue was drying inside the titainiun socket stem that snapped into her freckled faced pussy on my old COSTCO ones, which kind of turned her on at:

Friday, November 11, 2011


When you are the future King of England, you don't need any money to live like a king. Who is still holding his measuring stick of Jesse in REV.11:1 on 11.11.11 in David Lynch's Nicholas Cage prophecy about the prophecy that goes...

"Step on a crack, break your mother's back..."

In the WILD AT HEART in Texas prophecy, my somewhat older mother fucker who is fucking Tom Cruise's wife behind his back, is in the telephone booth telling my no.44 fuck-me-now Reggie Jackson figure in the Oval Office of today that he has the two REV.11:1 problems of Judah and Ephraim. Now confirmed by the 11.11.11 opening of the sterling silver dollar president's FBI director movie.

This sexy corroborating time-line shot of Ms Katy, Texas' home coming queen coming down the southern nigger gentleman's escalator/elevator full of tricky moving steel stairs cracks, at the symbolic LAX Manhattan temple, is what I'm talking about, at:

This being those flashing X landing lights in the MOONSTRUCK scene when Loretta's pussy whipped fiancé returns from the death bed of his REV.17 mother in THE GODFATHER's Palermo, Italy. That represented the no.33 church in Alabama where my wife attended some baby baptism 3-way ceremony of the great and abominable church of the whore with my other wife Jennifer Aniston.

Believe it or not. I did watch YES MAN yet again last night. Just because of those new big tits shots of LL in a YES top walking into MOONSTRUCK's Hwy.177 funeral house morgue. And Carl's 86ish BMW3 car with personalized 'TOPHVY' plates had passed me the same day at the Britt mailbox. Because when it comes to fucking my prophetic LOLITA girl and her lesbian girl next door sister in Venice, "YES IS THE NEW NO!!"


Peewee Herman was my skinny half Jew forerunner brother in today's gray area LDS missionary suit, still living with his half Jewish mother in his 80s period at:

My greenish polyester suit, with two pairs of 33" waist pants, which I bought from that old New York family taylor in Seattle's U-district, based in Tacoma, was cut way too high above the ankles of my Chicago WHITE SOX queer in 2011.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


You tell me. Annalynne McCord shows up in the satanic Scotish Rights Templar basement pilot for TWIN PEAKS on Capital Hill in Seattle, with all her filthy born again Christians speaking in confusing hallelujah tongues at STARBUCKS. Where she serves me a nice fuck of her sweet ass oily STARBUCKS Turkish brew. Around the same time that Jack Nicholson was starring in Mr Nichols' prophecy about Lara and Laura and even my X Laurence, fucking me forever like her blond GREASE 2 Sienna Miller look alike in 1994's WOLF prophecy about the physical transfiguration in MOONSTRUCK. When the wolf man comes out of the closet with a vengeance and gets the girl with the freckled face pussy at:

Right off the bat, Will feels 20 years younger in my forerunner movie called WOLF. Right after his half Jew sidekick has his gay ass church choir lover Donald Young executed in his upstairs temple decorated with lavish layered Viva Las Vegas Liberace type temple veil window treatments in Chicago.

Hence, the film's beautiful Sienna Miller figure fell off her stud horse at age 12, when her mother died when she was 12.

This is the movie of my dreams when the handcuffs came out in my Naomi Watts dream, right before nothing happens until the dream comes true. And then the handcuffs come out that will lead to the arrest of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 meets Lindsay Lohan at the NIGHT SHIFT funeral salon in MOONSTRUCK.

OH GOD. Now my upcoming underaged hot LOLITA remake stand-in, co-starring me fucking Chloe's nice and tight young 15ish pussy, is showing up in previews on TMZ, wearing a big bold "YES" top on her way to the morgue full of teen girls shot dead by big black giant nigger gang bangers.

Now I guess I'm gonna have to squeeze in yet another update of Jim Carey's YES movie, or something. What a guy won't do to get laid, even if he has to bring out the handcuffs.


That dark DC catcher was kidnapped by the red 666 beast down in Venezuela in confirmation of the 666 homo in the Oval Office who loves to play catcher, but can't pitch the hard ball worth shit. Hence the corrupt dim-whit Joe Biden asked his corrupt AG dim-whit son over in Delaware to come up with some mob land excuse to arrest Larry Sinclair right after his obviously brilliant press conference.

Gwyneth showed up at the German BAMBIS in confirmation of my same-day viewing of Lara's future husband Jack chasing down his Bambi deer game in WOLF at:

Which was confirmed by her 9:27 birth date timed 4.1 earthquake in her CARNIVAL OF SOULS's Utah prophecy near Huntington off Rt.29 on Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today's "boys" in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt are raised up by the federal government schools to believe that homosexuality is just another pleasurable lifestyle option. Demanding that the Feds do something about male college coaches fucking other males in their late teens is like demanding that we do someone about the completely documented illegal alien homosexual who is sitting in the Oval Office.

You want to talk about sexual abuse of power and authority? Hey, most of those confused 17 and a half year-olds who sucked on Jerry's cock probably liked it. That is the same way that all the boys were raised in Pompei. Not to mention today's Afganistan and Egypt. No wonder the crowds at Penn State are rallying behind their 84 year-old paternal coach. Everybody loves a sugar daddy.

Asking Herman McCain to get out of the race because he stuck his hand up the mini dress of some drunk flirty slut, same thing.

You don't care about the historic abomination of desolation, who is known unto everyone. So I don't double care about your ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKO NEST' political correctness about horny teenagers without fathers in the locker room showers.

All you bitches in the new feel good fascism media have been fucking the youth of America in the ass since the 1960s. Now we are going to return the favor, with a 42 months vengence. And you're gonna like it, like it or not, like at:

As was just confirmed by the rare 2.7 quake at 11:44 in the prophetic DELIVERANCE state of Georgia's famous civil war football field landmark called Whitfield County, at:

Just south of the epicenter is Folsom Prison's landmark, due east of Hwy.27's Rome, GA. Which sank the DOW almost 400 points Wednesday.


Watergate never bothered me neither. Since I was living in Rome and wearing a classic Chicago mob BLUES BROTHERS suit at the time, per the lyrics at:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The breaking old news about Jenny buying THE JEFFERSON'S upper east side village sitcom luxury apartment was confirmation of the upcoming number 7 wife of Herman McCain coming forward. [They owned and operated 7 dry cleaners.] So that I could finally watch my 5 buck DVD of YOUR FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS assholes meets VERY BAD THINGS meets SERIAL MOM meets my sweet ass fuck buddy in NURSE BETTY.

For a while there, I thought that the aging Jenny was getting cold feet. Until I realized that she was "moving on up" so I could have her KICK ASS penthouse sloppy seconds all for myself. Based upon the credit union principle of her depositing her $100,000,000 Wonder Trust account in the United Order; knowing that it is still her own money and that she can withdraw a part or all of it any time she wants.

Without absolute private property rights, there could be no such thing as voluntary charity. Without absolute sovereignty over your own flesh and blood offspring, there could be no such thing as abortion murder.

Therefore, the better half of England is eventually going to get down on their knees, along the lower class sidewalks of Relf Street, London, and beg yours truly to become their WHITE LABEL meets JOHNNY WALKER BLACK LABEL scotch of England. Even the hidden BLACK&WHITE brand scotch in FATHER GOOSE that so inspired me to put up with all you little sexy under aged NEVER LET ME GO virgins while I was repairing my SAILOR DOG boat.

You must be born again to inherit the Kingdom of Dogs. Which is what Ronny meant to say on today's dog-eat-dog level of understanding when he asked Loretta to take his hand and go upstairs with him at the end of MOONSTRUCK.


Last night, I dreamed that I had drowned Angelina Jolie while water-boarding her into confessing to me her secret VALENTINE LIQUOR shop plot to love me forever and ever. But then suddenly she was born again, rising up from her watery grave to box me like Michelle Rodriguez did in her erotic breakout GIRL FIGHT prophecy, now in replay at:

Which actually kind of turned me on like one of Ted Casablanca's former Dallas, Texas dates. That being the same day of the Venessa Hodgens news about 'The Thrilla In Vanilla' fighter who prematurely died from his bout with the usual 42 months cancer of the liver.

Herman Cain is the sidekick to my sidekick at:

Hopefully, my half ass Jew sidekick will be mighty and strong enough to tell his southern white pagan christian bosses to shove it where the sun don't shine. And then go on to his JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO summit next week, like that prophetic 800lb Big Foot gorilla does in the Bob Hope prophecy entitled THE ROAD TO BALI. Reportedly, my good buddy Obama plans to make a stop in Australia, just like the two comedic witnesses did in the original, before catching a boat to Bali.


That is Michelle Obama walking behind the cheater Cosmo in the first shot of him at the LINCOLN CENTER.

The upstairs LDS temple for the physical transfiguration blood cleansings is located across the street. For when Rose shouts "Everybody upstairs!.." when the old LDS leader 'pops' comes in the house with his 5 dogs of the ten virgins prophecy.

The Manhattan LDS temple opened on the birthday of the Olsen twins in 2004.

Note how you can see the face of the devil right between Ronny and Loretta when they sit down at the LINCOLN CENTER. In the neck area where later that night they get their blood sucking vampire lips love bites.

All those royal phallic sire us door handles in the LDS temple are Statue of Liberty replicas. The time will come when the princesses of England will beg the people for a new king.

Those are the wheels within wheels in EZE.10 at the LINCOLN CENTER fountain. Where we hear emergency vehicle sirens blaring in the background when their opera date starts. Right after the scene where Loretta admires her new physical transfiguration outfit in front of the fire that leads to the big changes.

Walking by the mini temple replica at El Shaddai Ministries in Bonnie Lake on Emma Stone's birthday, I discovered that a large DAN.2 stone had fallen down from the Jerusalem site's retaining temple wall. Which had come to rest next to a sandwich sign for Loretta's NEW APPEARANCES SALON scenes in MOONSTRUCK.

Ronny's unstable behavior from the beginning is a manifestation of the white flour bread diet that leads to various mental and physical problems due to bad seed. Which is one reason why people who do not love the laws of Israel have blood on their hands.

"No matter what you do, you're gonna die. Just like everybody else." says Rose the Catholic church lady, as Cosmo gets ready to go upstairs.


LINK: A man remodeling his old home at 129 Northwest in Miami tore a wall out Saturday that was full of Africanized bees, which attacked and killed him. No doubt it's a link to this latest day 1290 situation bee blog at:

Monday, November 7, 2011


Right after the cheater Cosmo sits down behind Obama at the LINCOLN CENTER opera house, we see Loretta and Ronny walking in past a sophisticated looking Satan figure who is sporting the traditional devil's goatee.

MOONSTRUCK opens with a man at the Hwy.177 funeral parlor who knows how to cheat death and make good STARBUCKS coffee. In the SWEETHEARTS liquor shop, the physical transfiguration is introduced by a middle-aged 'Wolf' man who sees the young woman he married in his middle-aged wife at the cash register.

Lady Gaga came out in a silvery full moon opera costume at the MTV EURO-TRIP awards Sunday, at:

Complete with black UFO alien mask.

Patriotic VFW people were handing out fake single red roses with the red star of China on their stem tags at FREDDYS Saturday; the traditional emblem of International Socialism, i.e. left-wing fascism. The next day, that big phony Gen. Powell was on the cover of PARADE magazine with some group of vets. Fascism loves a parade. Or at least a good occupation rally.

MOONSTRUCK ends it's romantic portrayal of the no.33 church of the moon with a bowl of oatmeal. They eat cracked wheat cereal for breakfast at the no.34 church of the sun. The dim-witted glory of the Muslim crescent moon represents the third class glory of the stars for people of honor who reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

"Moonies" is an inspired Korean church reference to the gentile looking Christians, of all colors, who accept the Son, but reject the fullness of the Father. Their reward will be as the glory of the moon. A crescent moon is not much brighter than the stars on a good night.

The pagan Christmas season in MOONSTRUCK is a comment on the no.33 Christians in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO. Which is the volcano above Loretta's head when Johnny proposes to her.

MOONSTRUCK's old Italian church lady put a curse on the EZE.10 wheels jet that exploded later inside the twin towers on 9.11 because her sister stole her husband from her. Rather than let him marry and take care of both of them under the laws of Israel.


The 42 months clock keeps ticking at:

Sunday, November 6, 2011


That historic 5.6 White Horse Prophecy anniversary earthquake at 10:53:10 pm, under the Davenport, OK hide-a-bed landmark, happened during the first act of SNL, local time. Since that big Italian fennel sausage evergreen tree landmark along Hwy.410 became a HERBIE THE LUV BUG NO.53 thingy way before yours truly was made into some kind of a Miley Cyrus fertility god by the pagan high priests of Hollywood.

For a climatic confirmation of all their Bucky Larson portraits of me and Sienna and whoever having our cake and eating it too on some sitcom davenport sofa bed comedy skit like the one in that kinky Bella link.

CORRECTION: I got the June suckers spawning run mixed up with the big blue carp lips run that so often messed with my late season brown trout fly fishing in the lower Provo River. June suckers always like to fuck and suck in June. Big lip carp do it in the fall.

Anyway, the word 'davenport' is a traditional name in the midwest of America for any full size sofa. That more than often converts into a raw sushi style Asian futon fold-out for shaking kinky Bella like orgasms; according to this historic 'AAAHHH...' company confirmation at:

No wonder that Michelle Rodriguez is my future warm-up pitcher co-star in Taratino's SLUTS IN THE SLAMMER remake. You can't make a realistic 80s exploitation prison movie without some really hot minority babes holding down Emma Stone et al while my Davian DiCaprio stand-in goes down on her. And you know that she ain't ever gonna go for that level of art filming unless you bribe her with the kind of money she gets in those XXX rated AVON movies. If not her, you can probably get my future fuck buddy Selena Gomez to do it for half the money.

That's the nice thing about having more than one woman who wants to fuck you.


Saturday, November 5, 2011


[It's 4:39 pm in Bonnie Lake, Washington on my 70s era COSMO TIME bed clock as I start to write this new post.]

Checking out a rare VHS copy of MIDNIGHT COWBOY for a buck at GOODWILL Saturday afternoon, while Granny Grass was shopping at FREDDYS with her $9.14 bonus rewards certificate, a man walked by in cowboy boots and natural 69ish leather skin nude jacket. Looking like one of those middle-aged beach nudists in EURO-TRIP. I wasn't feeling it, but that was enough to tell me that I should get it.

When I caught up with GG at the checkout, there was this gay earring cowboy type in a Northwest plaid porno shirt waiting behind her with a 12-pack of unfiltered German style PYRAMID wheat ale. The same kind that is so specifically recommended in D&C 89's Word of Wisdom. And is still verboten by today's gay ass German pilot Mormons in Salt Lake City, Utah, who continue to allow the Modernist apostate Christian Protestants of the Reformation to interpret the DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS for them.

Which is the reason why my prophetic rod of Jesse figure from Waco, Texas in MIDNIGHT COWBOY is still as homeless as Jesus was when the old city of Jerusalem was being run by an alien gentile mother fucker who was polluting the temple of the Promised Land in the BOOK PF MORMON.

Therefore, all you old Utah fags that were revealed in MOONSTRUCK's final family portrait have until the end of Napoleon Dynamite's 42 months state line prophecy in REV.13 to get out of Dodge. And that is saying it nicely.

All you luke warm middle-of-the-road compromisers, like Steven R Covey, are going to have to repent of your 7 HABITS Bible book about getting along with the great and abominable church of the whore who always votes for the Democrat Party of the Devil in D&C 86. So don't come bitching to me about any of my inspired porn clip revelations from G-d on the 666 Internet during this era of the two witnesses in Sodom and Egypt.


That is Barack Obama sitting in front of the cheater Cosmo at the LINCOLN CENTER opera house in MOONSTRUCK.

Like the marriage of Steven and Ornella Fresh, Loretta's marriage was problematic from the start. The surname 'Fresh' being a Divinely prophetic theme about the fresh start of the physical transfiguration in MOONSTRUCK. Which opens with the famous Napoli lyrics by Dean Martin that say " is king."

My last Sienna Miller posting at 6:47 pm caused a very rare 4.7 earthquake in Lincoln County, OK Saturday at 12:12 am Bonnie
Lake time; based upon Sienna's official number 12. Where Obama's I-44 makes it's way past Hwy.177 for the number 177 in MOONSTRUCK when Ornella is introduced; right before she is given a fresh single red rose bud.

Getting Granny Grass' mail at the postoffice Friday, an X-TERRA rolled by me bearing a "Ciao Bella" plate frame. Later, I saw the new pix of 'Bella' at Hollywood's Chinese theater in confirmation of the [PANDA] scenes where yours truly, a.k.a. Bucky Larson, shows the two young babes how to do it cranberry style in MANAGEMENT's DVD extras. That also include a take of Sienna and Jenny and I on the sofa for an evening of porn movies with some 3-way popcorn and PEPSI.

Bella is wearing a nude fishnet number in the pix for my fisherman monument on Bucky Highway. That was originally inspired by the topless beach scene in EURO TRIP, that followed my SAILOR DOG children's book prophecy. In this Divinely inspired pic, the old GSR/TWN shadow motif is creating a confirmation of that giant Pompei porno boner above Bonnie Lake's Fennel Creek, at:

[The best fresh Italian sausage always uses fennel, like the ones in GOODFELLAS, not to mention the 3-meat meat balls.]

Searching for any JETWAKE pix of jet wakes and sushi after the Justin Bieber timed intel surfaced about Israel planning to bomb I/ran, my iPAD pinky touched the wrong link somehow and took me to this 'kinky Bella' site called kinkybelle... something. Where I was amazed to see those two topless babes in EURO-TRIP making out under the moving fisherman monument at:

Which was confirmed Thursday night on Leno by Bella's royal blue mini sporting a hilarious double Y-Y 3-way design at:

Note the shot where she is making traditional sailor binoculars with her hands.

Don't miss the remarkable pre-911 shot of the cursed jet's EZE.10 wheels in MOONSTRUCK, based on the prophetic film's many Twin Towers of Judah and Ephraim shots of the full moon. The crazy abomination of desolation started to illegally strike Libya on the same night of the brightest MOONSTRUCK size full moon in 18 years. In fulfillment of Katy Perry's bright moon fireworks song about making the girls go boom boom uuum.


Friday, November 4, 2011


Tom's full name is Thomas according to:

Which is about his underaged affair with Sienna that was confirmed by her first class teary eyed ending to THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. Where she finally realizes that Mr Crown is for real, and that she has been acting all throughout the movie like the petulant little girl in her prophetic ALFIE remake.

It is no coincidence that Sienna's current FFer in law is a striking younger Ashton Kutcher punk look alike. Who was inspired by G-d to punk all the foolish silly little rich girls in Hollywood to the point where they understand just how much they have been conned by the half Jew in that White House style luxury flat in AN EDUCATION.

Only someone like my Providential sidekick Barack Obama could be naive enough to demonstrate just how much the Negro race is like a wild at heart child. Who definitely needs someone with total unconditional love like Sandra Bullock to take him by the hand and show him the ways of G-d. Who will then protect her in return when he is all grown up, like he is doing at:

"You take care of me, I'll take care of you..."


Now that I think about it, DiCaprio would make the perfect southern prison warden in Tarantino's SLUTS IN THE SLAMMER remake at:

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Justin Bieber showed Leno how to eat sushi the day before the news broke about him possibly having a second wife. Which was corroborated by the news that Israel fired a new missile at the same time his new UNDER THE MISTLETOE album came out. With a title about all those [Arab] camel toes and sushi shots at JETWAKE.

Some months ago, before her TITANIC movie dinner date with Bieber, I experienced a flash vision wherein Selena Gomez was standing in the middle of STAPLES' court holding a basketball. And I stepped up behind her and gave her a big swat on the butt with my hand. Then she immediately shot the ball up way high and long for a perfect swish basket 3-pointer.

Chloe is on the cover of INTERVIEW in the same month that the rare June suckers spawn in the Provo River, at:

The mother of Obama's murdered lover Donald Young is speaking up at:

MOONSTRUCK is about the mother in REV.17. So Ronnie doesn't fuck his brother's fiancée until the table is knocked over.

In MOONSTRUCK, Napoli's Ornella Fresh goes to the salon at street number 581 before her opera date with Mr Wolf at Obama's LINCOLN CENTER. Having just entered into the physical transfiguration that is manifested in the opera house's crystal chandeliers. Even her voice changes, for only that one particular scene in the 1987 movie, which is about the symbolic number 58; for all things restored like new.

Towards the end, her gay fiancé has no idea why a man should have more than one wife.

The portrait of the old married couple, without any physical transfiguration, in the last shot stands for the glory of the moon that is the D&C 86 church of today.

Sienna showed up in Monet's orange tones painting of Venice Wednesday with Tom in confirmation of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR's protagonist named 'Tom', snapped at:

One of the funniest scenes in MOONSTRUCK shows yours truly on a dinner date with some 19ish babe in black and white plaid. Where the volcano in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO is painted on the walls. Since the 1987 movie was written by the same guy who directed the 1990 movie.

MOONSTRUCK's 19 Cranberry address was the inspiration behind MANAGEMENT's cranberry sex lesson by the Tacoma porn star [a.k.a Bucky Larson] Who is shunned by the 40ish mother but is attractive to the two 19ish teens by his PANDA restaurant table.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When you are in bed with two A-list actresses at the same time like I AM, I can understand why all the detractors out there are saying that my lovers are only faking it. Just because I AM the direct descendant of, 'Jesus Christ!!... Oh Jesus!!... Oh my God!!!...' himself.

Hey, contrary to the circumstantial evidence, I don't really take myself all that seriously. Which is why I AM who I AM in REV.10 meets REV.19's failed actor has kept me in such humble circumstances. If you want to be the latter-day KING RAT, like I AM, you got to be everyone else' filthy dirty Old Testament sex slave husband prophet, figuratively speaking, at:

Case in point:
Ms Fox was inspired by Oh My God!!... Jesus!! to marry into a Mr Green style concubine arrangement, way prematurely, for a follow up to Ornella Greco marrying his 7 Beverly Hills High School forerunner Steven Fresh, and then moving into their 7th East, Provo BYU basement.

Whatever, it's not up to me. I have had just as many dreams about Steven being my best friend forever, as I have had about Ornella and her sister being my best 3-way fuck buddies forever in IT STARTED IN NAPLES with Steven's middle-aged King of Hollywood brother from 1776 Philadelphia.

This is the same beloved brother who was supposed to be Ornella Greco's husband forever in the heavenly second class MOONSTRUCK portrait in 1987; the same year that Ms Page was born on Ms Greene's birthday. But instead she falls for the guy with the missing forearm in the whole wheat bread baker's basement, whose [Relf Street, London] surname means 'powerful wolf' in the old tongue.

So how do you know if she is faking it? Slow down and take your time for one thing. This JETWAKE clip for 14 year-old virgin sex education girls in today's public schools illustrates that the girl usually only comes after she can completely relax and go limp from head to toe when you are eating her out. Don't let this repeat video loop fool you into thinking that she is tensing up over and over, at the bottom of the page at:


NOTE: Tarantino's inevitable big fake PR comeback, for the sake of Hollywood's Jewish homos who are all MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, could be a great SLUTS IN THE SLAMMER remake co-starring Emma Stone and Lindsay Lohan as hot hot cell roomies at the mercy of their hot aging lesbian prison guards with a heart of gold; maybe played by Jennifer Aniston, on the night shift. Who are both warmed up for the day shift's hot brunet Southern law&order bitch with the long black dildo nightstick poker treatment between the steel bars by my wife Courteney Cocks. It would probably take a good $45 million to make the feature look like a genuine 80s GOLAN BROTHERS picture. It's not that easy to make a brilliant artistically successful movie that looks like everyone in it is playing a bad actor.


Right after getting CHLOE for a surprise birthday present at SAFEWAY, I popped it in and saw the Davian protagonist professor open the college lecture scene by stating "Today's my birthday." Then he goes out with a couple of his barely legal age female students, thereby missing his own surprise birthday party that night. The rest of the movie is about his wife getting turned on by the idea of having a threesome with Chloe. But eventually returns to her apostate Christian roots, that involves riding back home in Glenn Beck's taxi with a "BECK" sign on top.

For 11.1.11, I watched an old VIDEO UPDATE tape I had found at GOODWILL for a buck of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, circa 1999. Where Crown steals a $100,000,000 Monet painted in orange Sienna Miller tones depicting the location of her future plural marriage movie entitled CASANOVA. The ISAIAH 4.1 wives theme comes out when it is discovered that Crown's other wife is none other than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Who was snapped at the film's airport ending on the same day I saw her in the movie at:

The lady pushing Rosie's large JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO luggage is the same flight attendant who watched Crown's second wife threaten to break off both his arms in the last shot.

Crown's German Rosie blond also role plays Gisele Bundchen, one of his 8 wives in the film's bedroom painting, who is an art counterfeiter forerunner to the abomination of desolation's counterfeit birth certificate at:

Which is confirmed in the 1999 artist imposter story when Rene Russo's insurance investigator hands over her microfilm copies of the forgery to the same cops in the above new WND report. That lays out the current time-line that was prophetically set up by Obama's coked out homosexual encounters in 1999 with a stranger called Larry Sinclair at:

Everything unravels in THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR when the cfake painting gets washed away and the real thing hiding underneath it is revealed.