Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Last night Clyde Lewis hit the jackpot when he told us about how he looked out the window Sunday night and could see space alien invader UFOs streaking across the stars of Israel through the burning smoke that was drifting north from that historic FDR era stadium inferno down in Hippie Town, USA, at: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20150630/us-eugene-stadium-fire-3faef1ffa8.html ~ ~ AND: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plan_9_from_Outer_Space ~ ~ OK, I admit it. I now announce my full support of Donald Trump for president. ~ ~ No really, I'm not joking. ~ ~ BFD, he likes Oprah, and I like Seattle and Barack Obama... ~ ~ Hey, whatever it takes. ~ ~ I AM is the only real best friend that you ever had in the long run, and you know it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: Actually, love is not the answer to today's out of control nigger-mania Jew problem. ~ ~ Based upon the fundamentalist mormon poligamy teachings of Jesus. ~ ~ That were always ment to offset the cruel realities of the laws of Abraham. ~ ~ I mean who wants to live in a tooth-for-tooth world of Nazism realism? ~ ~ "Hitler was right." [Leslie Winn, originally from the Springfield-Eugene, Oregon area, via Denver, Colorado.] ~ ~ PS KIT WINN: Had enough alreally with selling old fashion eye glasses at SEARS in Alderwood? ~ ~ How about you and me producing some kind of a metaphorical internet really TV series about guys fly-fishing beaver damns in the foothills of King County? ~ ~ I'm thinking that Ken McLeod would be the perfect voice-over as we drop a line into Texas Pond or Drunken Charlie Lake. Remember, many of these beaver ponds were stocked with cutthroat fingerlings during FDR's federal workers fascism era. Like the one that Ken McLeod and I fished near Julia Roberts' own private lake below Pilchuck Mountain in the 1960s.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Puffy fell into that trap door at the BET awards shortly after that FALCON 9 exploded into a puff of smoke off of I-95 in Florida. Destroying it's DRAGON capsule that was headed for Hillary Clinton's Operation Suffer space station at the end of OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT: I&II. Because the Banana estuary forms the Cape Canaveral launch site that represents the kind of Banana republic money/monkey business politics of those 9 judges in all of those PLANET OF THE APES remake prequel sequel movies. ~ ~ Don't laugh, SPACEX is located right next door to Athens, California. ~ ~ And the firm's CEO has some nice look alike angles of Peter Lorre; like at: http://static.progressivemediagroup.com/uploads/imagelibrary/esq-elon-musk-1212-de.jpg ~ ~ AND: http://buzzdixon.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/animated-peter-lorre-bogarts-that-joint.gif ~ ~ Most medical scientists still believe that the prideful and unrepentant AIDS parade marchers in REV.9 go back to the hot monkey sex traditions in Africa; where the abomination of desolation was born. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOT FOR EVERYONE NOTES: Could be Cameron Crowe would be a better writer director choice for the Janis Joplin biopick; starring Miley Cyrus. Let the ass kissing begin. ~ ~ PS FALLON: You fell down and hurt your little guitar pinky on that coffee table in MULHOLLAND DR. because Bono also had fallen off his medicine wheel in Central Park at the same time that U2 was on the cover of ROLLING STONE's special edition fanzine magazine. ~ ~ MIDAS TOUCH NOTES MEETS PS KEN-KEISLER, KEN-KEMP, AND KEN-MCLEOD: If you three stooges could use a few extra big ones right now in order to feather your retirement plans; find that very same used SONY brand model video camera that David Lynch used to make his last feature Internet film in Poland. ~ ~ Remember, anybody who has ever touched my life and inspired me is now worth their weight in gold. ~ ~ Let the scavenger hunt and garage sale fun begin.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I decided to relax and take a brake Saturday evening and just enjoy watching THE MALTESE FALCON. ~ ~ Which was all about Obama's fake [birth certificate] black raptor bird idol; that eventually would lead all of those fat older Jews, short perfumed queers, and childish baby-face trigger happy niggers with guns in the San Francisco Bay area into eternal captivity. ~ ~ After I had read that some break-dancer nigger in north Africa had unmercifally killed all of those northern European women who were just too fat and too old to be wearing skinny ELIZABETH HURLEY BEACH brand bikinis anyway-in-the-first-place. ~ ~ So why not just put them out of their misery now, rather than later. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOW WHAT NOW? NOTES: One of the main lessons that we can learn from all of this is that Elizabeth Hurley can actually be a pretty decent actress when she has the right director who inspires her; Sienna Miller, same thing. ~ ~ For example, see: http://www.justjared.com/2015/06/27/this-paris-hilton-plane-crash-prank-video-is-insane-watch/ ~ ~ BAY AREA NOTES: That is the 'Bay Bridge' to Berkeley and Oakham's, California that we see outside in the background through Sam Spade's office windows in THE MALTESE FALCON prophecy. PS PARIS: Your performance in that wax museum horror movie remake was as good as anything that I have ever seen on the big screen. Not quite on the level of a Lindsay Lohan or a Dakota Fanning; but damn good enough for me, nevertheless. ~ ~ NOTES FOR GUYS: Right now, you need to hire a special real estate agent to research every single property that is for sale now in Tuscany, and then get back to me. ~ ~ In my world, I end up owning practically everything in Toscana and Montana that is worth owning.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


I only ran the ALMOST FAMOUS hotel room numbers on Jennifer Aniston at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN because she was the co-star of my own private Idaho prophecy entitled ROCK STAR, at: http://www.bobshouseofporn.com/fakes/JenniferAniston/images/Jennifer_Aniston537.jpg ~ ~ Wherein I found her amazing fake birth certificate computer graphics composite image that features Kate Hudson's small titties on top of Jen's 14k pussy; complete with a look alike Diamond Head, Hawaii landmark in the background. ~ ~ Note the image's horizontal stonewall theme. ~ ~ Since the most popular nicknames for today's Roberts Supreme Court of Sodom and Egypt are Rob and Bob. ~ ~ And that doomed dead 9 number [HOLLAND AMERICA] sea-plane pilot was from Hope, I/da/ho. ~ ~ And the inspiring Obama negro speaker figure at Willy Miller's high school graduation in San Diego spoke about "hope". ~ ~ Call me unmercifully honest and crazy. But I'm starting to get a gut feeling that at least 1/3rd of Amerca is hoping and praying that the "...STERN AIRLINES" jet that takes Lady Penny back home where she belongs at the end is going to fly straight into the White House on Pennsilvania Ave in DC. ~ ~ And if I were one of those liberal Brooklyn, New York Jews at the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER in Atlanta, Georgia; I would make a run for the hills right now, without even grabbing my coat and hat. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MISSIONARY JOURNAL NOTES: Right before I left for my class of 1973 Mormon mission that was all recorded for posterity in my own private ROMA film documentary by Federico Fellini, a regular HASTY TASTY customer mysteriously nicknamed 'Kayak Ron' told me that I was going to marry an extremely rich woman someday. ~ ~ Think Gisele Bundchen meets Jennifer Aniston and me at the film's feast scenario in D&C 58 and you get the big picture. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: This was the same outdoors trattoria where we ate dinner with Donatella and her sister wives in 1988. Yet I was still too ignorant and naive at the time to fuck the four of them between us in a three-way situation in two seperate bedrooms. ~ ~ Remember when you got tired of paying for everything with you credit card when we checked into that ROOM WITH A VIEW in Florence? ~ ~ Oh yeah, now I own the place outright, with no bank mortgage debt, in a full on business partnership with Sting and Guy Richie, based out of London. ~ ~ Anyway, you can use my own private 14th century stone construction flat in Siena if the popular hotel for rich dime-millionaire tourists is too full.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Shut the fuck up niggers. Remember, if I don't get what they owe me, you don't get what they owe you; first things first. Like at: http://www.justjared.com/2015/06/26/rihanna-takes-us-into-the-studio-for-bitch-better-have-my-money-watch-here/ ~ ~ Which is why Jimmy Fall/on just got hand surgery that represented the electrifying 666 guitar hand of the lead singer in his asshole white Jew role in ALMOST FAMOUS. ~ ~ And then immediately all of those nine judges on THE SUPREMES court of "DETROIT SUCKS" died when their Dutch haircut TITANIC cruise ship from the new CHINATOWN Seattle hit a gay marriage stonewall in Alaska that represented that ice/burg that sank the TITANIC monstrosity that is Barack Obama. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RAP NOTES: Yeah yeah, most older white men can't follow rap. ~ ~ ALMOST NOTES: The longhair Rush Limbaugh door guard in ALMOST FAMOUS is a composite character. Then later we see Rush Limbaugh himself at the hotel registration desk who tells the little immature [street number 1290] ROLLING STONE Jew boy writer that his crazy fascist liberal mother did a real number on him. ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: Those 9 people hit the granite stonewall above Ella Lake. The word Ella meaning 'lady'. Which was Penny Lane's real name in the ALMOST FAMOUS prophecy. Hence those 9 bitches who were gunned down by that cute baby face Dutch boy at the 'Mother Emanuel' church of the MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17. ~ ~ PS MACNEE: See you for sure on the flip side. You were a true top-fly royal coachman fisherman gentleman. Who always helped me deal with the painful reality of me being forced to leave my two kids with their lying and cheating mother for the better. Only to return later on tv and on the Internet movies as their really cool father hero who loves to fuck teenagers and 37ish women at the same time on his vintage 1937 era 91' sailboat in the Greek Islands. ~ ~ And nobody could stop me; not even my antihero license-to-kill hero in those three woes Dr.Evil Austin Powers trilogy. ~ ~ Note the swinging 60-70s Dutch Boy haircut on Michael Meyers in the three movies. ~ ~ MY OWN PRIVATE DICHOTOMY NOTES: Right now I AM is struggling with my own personal emotional problems makeup that wants to know who is the coolist kid out there right now. ~ ~ Is it Barack Obama, who had Donald Young shot in the head execution style? Or is it Dylann Storm Roof who did the same thing to those 9 nigger bitches? ~ ~ Admittedly, there is something very appealing about both of them. ~ ~ Bill and Hillary Clinton, not so much anymore. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: You do know that I am only half Jewish. So you only take about half of what I have to say about you directing Miley Cyrus in some kind of a Janis Joplin impersonator biopick movie. What do you want from me anyway? I get down on my knees and confess that it was so wrong for me to take over your next movie? Just because I was paying for the whole she-bang with the monies that I got from my rich wife Sandra Bullock? ~ ~ NINE NOTES: Now that Nicole Kidman has openly spoken out about her 9th wedding anniversary. I'm probably going to go ahead and watch NINE again and see if it has something to do with Tarantino struggling with his 9th movie precepts and concepts.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Selena Gomez sings about her 14k pussy for Kingston's Miley Sire Us Rt.104 landmark, at: http://www.justjared.com/2015/06/22/selena-gomez-drops-new-single-good-for-you-feat-aap-rocky-listen-now/ ~ ~ [Miley looks like a white Indian girl from Montana.] ~ ~ Which is why the BOOK OF MORMON poster girl from Dallas, Texas has been spotted lately wearing Kate Hudson's ALMOST FAMOUS sunglasses. Wherein the young budding GSR/TWN writer finally gets through THE DOORS after having flashed his Howard Stern cover for CREAM magazine. ~ ~ "You half to make your reputation on being honest... and unmerciful." ~ ~ Therefore, the prophetic September 13, 2000 movie release ends with an EZE.10 medicine wheel jet airliner ticket-to-ride shot one year before September 11, 2001. ~ ~ Followed up by that negro church lady's idol shaped plastic fantastic ANGAMIME SYRUP bottle for wafflers. ~ ~ Which was all about the film's quest to discover what is real life. As played out by the rock star's fantasy world confessions in the end. About lying about gay marriage, democratic fascism, Obama's phoney baloney born again birth certificate, and nationalised Obamacare; you name it. ~ ~ Hence the repeated Colorado Rocky Mountain high mighty line in the movie that goes, "Don't take drugs." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ H8 NOTES: The Dutch Dick Van Patton star of EIGHT IS ENOUGH died at 86 Tuesday. Timing is everything, yada yada. ~ ~ REPUBLICAN PARTY NOTES: Since virtually all Republicans believe in Social Security and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And they all believe that Obama's birth certificate is real; what is so unconstitutional about gay marriage [Sodom] and Obamacare [Egypt]¿ ~ ~ That's like saying you believe in Jesus, but you don't believe in the BM.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Generally speaking, most Jews, queers, and niggers hate white people because on the whole they tend to be more righteous and straight shooting than the average bear. ~ ~ And we can't have that can we. ~ ~ Ergo, recent poles have indicated that the most unpopular religious tradition in America is the Pentecost church of Sara Palin et al. ~ ~ Since the gifts of the Holy Spirit have a tendency to spook the feel-good people in the mainline religions of contemporary mormon catholic protestantantism. ~ ~ With the possible exception of Glenn Beck et al who now are teetering on the verge of outright down-on-your knees christian catholic protestant mormon fundamentalism. Which more often than not leads to tea party type political fundamentalist screaming and shouting. ~ ~ Can I get a hallelujah? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK TO SCHOOL NOTES: South Carolina's Limestone College specializes in a christian education for special needs students. Who are the white flour victims of today's apostate Christians who can not even stand to look at the creepy and unfamiliar 2BC; much less actually read it and then pray about it. ~ ~ IN THE KITCHEN WITH GREG NOTES: If you mix in about one third of unbleached white flour with your MAGIC MILL whole wheat flour bread, and then pound it with your fists for a good 5 minutes. You will get the kind of Italian 'pane compagna' that is great for mopping up all of those tomatoe and cream sauces in Stanley Gucci's inspired cook book, at: http://d28hgpri8am2if.cloudfront.net/book_images/cvr9781451661255_9781451661255_hr.jpg AND: http://archive.lohud.com/article/20121010/LIFESTYLE01/310100025/A-recipe-family-Stanley-Tucci-shares-his-passion-new-cookbook ~ ~ AND: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51WElD%2BG6BL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg ~ ~ SHARE THE SHARES NOTES: There is something very inspiring in that communal Montana white pine log cabin paradise development located outside of Yellowstone. ~ ~ Think the fraternal lodge of the elk and moose bucks, yada yada.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Dylann Storm Roof shot those 9 church lady niggers right after the 9th month of Ramadan had begun at sundown. Which represented the June 18 anniversary of those 9 firefighters who died in Charleston, South Carolina when a burning false-ceiling roof suddenly fell down on them. ~ ~ WOW, didn't see that one coming. Now that practically every single federally subsidised local fire and police department in America is now promoting homogaysexuality and third-wayism. ~ ~ That is if they know what's good for them. ~ ~ But I digress; Storm King Mountain is 1448 meters tall and towers above Washington Creek, Mineral Creek, and Gallop Creek, next to the Rt.7 reference to the 7 mountains beast in REV.17; which ends in Mort/on, Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE NIGGER NOTES: Puffy got arrested for making terrorist threats at USC, 11 niggers were shot by some rich nigger at a birthday party in Detroit, a cop-killer nigger named Mr.Boys was arrested on a bus in The Big N.O... right after those 9 niggers got it too in Charleston by some other trigger-happy white nigger who looks just like Justin Bieber with a Dutch Boy haircut. ~ ~ TITANIC NOTES: Mr.Horner's retro WWII plane crashed and burned at this particular point in time because he was gay, plain and simple. ~ ~ Heck, this is the Dick Smith Wilderness area for God's sake, just east of Hog Springs, and due west of Dutch Campground and Halfmoon Campground. In confirmation of my two Jordan Lakes and two Falls Lakes camping recommendations. ~ ~ With the water levels as low as they are on the west coast right now. One is going to have to look for fly-fishing creeks that still have a decent amount of underground water sourcing. ~ ~ Otherwise, Montana, Wyoming, and Alberta will probably be your best bets for this summer and fall. ~ ~ OBAMATRADE NOTES: This particular issue is about the fulfilment of the last days prophecy in REV.18, plain and simple. ~ ~ Yours truly is a long time supporter of free trade. Without any kind of Donald Trump style populist nationalist socialist import-export taxes. I AM is certainly no big fan of the internationalist Marxist Jewish capitalist bankers conspiracy that is now being tolerated, if not promoted, by today's half Jewish neocon Republicans in both [sides] houses of congress. ~ ~ I DON'T REALLY CARE ANYMORE NOTES: The reason why the two witnesses are not making a big deal out of the Obamatrade abomination is because they know that it doesn't really matter anymore. Since America is about to break up into the three parts in REV.16. anyway. And therefore what anybody says in DC ain't gonna mean dick to the folks in Texas and Oklahoma.

Monday, June 22, 2015


The amazing Dylann Storm Roof look alike antihero in I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND loses his RE.17 wife in the end when the burning roof of a stately building collapses down on her. Then the building miraculously rises up from the ashes and becomes born again. Which the Czechs' so famously described as today's new and improved "velvet glove" fascism. ~ ~ Represented by the protagonist's medal of honor that he had received from the grand leader of negro Africa. Who would become born again circa 1961; complete with an amazing new birth certificate from Hawaii. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ US OPEN NOTES: If you watched the golf tournament in the 1961 prophecy called THE BELLBOY, you already saw that miraculously missed 4' put at the last hole. Which obviously means that the movie's hijacked airliner earthquake scenarios is still in play. ~ ~ MAP SIGNS: Those various Kings Mountain landmarks in the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY area where Mr. Roof was arrested are all located off of I-85, for a D&C 85 thing. ~ ~ Right there is Blacks/burg in EZE.10 Cherokee County, etc. Anything with a 'burg' on the end of it being German of course. ~ ~ Nearby LIMESTONE COLLEGE looks like the stately Greek homosexual Supreme Court building in DC, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limestone_College ~ ~ That oddly enough, has the traditional Nation of Islam [Temple Mount] dome crown on top of it. This being the false prophet in REV.16's Anderson Island earthquake prophecy. Anderson being a traditional Eric Jaderholm style Scandinavian surname. And the tall dark and handsom 6'3" Capt. Garrison [Springs] is 1/3 Norwegian, 1/3 Jewish, and 1/3 native American. ~ ~ UNITED ORDER NOTES: The reason why that luxurious community mountain lodge and golf course cult colony for spring-creek fly fishing billionaires is located near Yellowstone, complete with private jet strip, is because a 4000 square foot log cabin with Jacob's stone fireplace is the standard of Israel. And the rest of the monies left after expenses should be deposited into the United Order credit union cult for men who like to fuck two wives at a time. ~ ~ FACEBOOK NOTES: No matter how you slice it or dice it, FACEBOOK is the new better looking kind and generous face of Hitler. Which means that Jimmy Fallon et al are his new henchmen, plain and simple. Who want to get everything in life for free; just as long as the money is right for them. ~ ~ 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN NOTE: Taking the private money away from politics is pure democratic fascism.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Forget about the fact that there are 9 judges on the Supreme Court of Sodom and Egypt; which we all know by now is going to come to a very bloody and violent ending. ~ ~ Maybe H8 will be a great JUST FOR MEN guys movie; maybe not. But I would bet dollars to donuts that it will be at least a very interesting movie. Now that he still has the time to edit in a few sweet shots before it comes out on Christmas. See what I AM is telling you at: http://cdn2-www.comingsoon.net/assets/uploads/2014/11/file_124845_0_Eight-Cast-bar.jpg ~ ~ I.e. nobody will get to direct one of my indie film low-budget looking movies for 100 big ones if they don't even ever bother to call me up once in awhile and ask me for my KILL BILL:2 type imput on their latest indulgent teenager sex film project. ~ ~ Know this before you even call me; I am going to have to see a lot of blood and gore and older men fucking underaged girls in your next adaptation opus screenplay if you want my kind of money. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: If you still are harboring physical transfiguration sailboat fantasies about directing low budget Wi-Fi Internet horror movies; here's an idea. Some late night retro 1950s era anti-communist UFO talk radio populist neo con is suddenly taken off the air by the gog magog space alien invaders prophesied of in EZE.38. ~ ~ Bear with me now, and don't hang up on me. ~ ~ I'm thinking you interview me live on the radio, just like old times in SLC, Utah. Then I drop a couple of big ones on your next born again career as a SUNDANCE filmmaker. And then again we call it even Steven. ~ ~ Just a suggestion, the hero who lives in a middle class Masonite brick house in London in SHAUN OF THE DEAD looks like the killer who shot all of those ugly looking zombie niggers in the head in [Prince Charles] Chareston. Not to mention that the anti-hero in the original LOST BOYS also looks like some kind of a retro 'Baby Face Nelson' cold blooded killer kid at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_Face_Nelson ~ ~ Not to mention Justin Beiber's big hit from the past called BABY BABY. ~ ~ GOOGLE ME NOW NOTE: That is the Barack Obama monkey born in Africa on my back in Google's latest doodle depiction of the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I now own at least a 51% controlling share of Google.com and MICROSOFT and the privately controlled federal reserve bank. Not to mention the Vatican Bank in Roma and my very favorite bank in all of the world, based in Canada.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


The primary charge of the King of England is to defend the faith. I.e. take revenge in the name of the House of Israel and her two ensign tribes of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Therefore, I found I SERVED THE KING OF ISRAEL for 5 bucks at THE CHECKOUT last Tuesday. And then I saw the 2006 film's protagonist at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3132670/Dylann-Roof-manifesto-Killer-unveils-Charleston-target-church-massacre-calls-black-people-stupid-violent-complains-s-no-real-KKK-help-him.html ~ ~ AND: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_5_p0cW4_ixY/Ssf_glyXX-I/AAAAAAAAABE/V4wv4EoVLFw/s1600-h/i-served-the-king-of-england.jpg ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Shut the fuck up nigger. Just because the above Dutch Boy looks an awful lot like the boy in THE BOYZ FROM BRAZIL is not my problem. I had nothing to do with the writing, directing, producing, and distribution of any of these prophetic mind control movies. ~ ~ And yes, both Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima are still my hot crazy bitch Jewish wives who are crazy in the head and great in bed. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Stay tuned to the late night 1950s style populist Clyde Lewis anticommunist UFO fascist rado show for further details. ~ ~ Kind of like I find KILL BILL at the same time that 9 negros were gunned down in a church. And then I see 9 people get gunned down inside of a church. So then the blonde bitch goes after that transsexual negro lady who lives in a little house in Pasadena, California that looks like a little church, complete with EZE.10 cherub size medicine wheels lying around on the front yard grass. Even that same nigger bitch who sang the National Anthemn in Oakland while those nine niggers were getting the full MORMON 4:5 treatment that they had coming. For my dreams and visions about an atomic bomb explosion in Oak Town that kills ten million people, who look like this Larry Sinclair figure at: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2015/06/18/transgender-woman-sings-national-anthem-at-pro-sports-event-for-first-time/ ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Anyway, the above short blond natural-born-killer dude was arrested in Shelby, NC, near King Mountain, in confirmation of my posted Key Peninsula map with all of those cool car restoration and repair shop references, again at: http://funmapsusa.net/images/maps/keypeninsula2wa_full.jpg ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ "A comic, erotic and perfectly wonderful film." Joe Morge/nstern, WSJ. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Last night, I finally finished BACK TO SCHOOL's 1986 BYU prophecy about Rodney Dangerfield's triple three woes [leap-of-faith] finale that sends everybody back to school; including yours truly. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Over two weeks ago, I registered at paranormaldate.com as a varying shads of gray haired [49ish] billionaire who likes to hang out on his 51' sailboat tied up on Lake Union. And then my email box became flooded with enquiries from still rather good looking aging women who are really loney and bored with the christian conservative status quo of Glenn Beck et al. ~ ~ Talk about the need to restore the Biblical principles of mormon poligamy. ~ ~ Don't laugh, last night I dreamed that even my exwife Laurence Pierson [[county]] wanted to hook up with me again. ~ ~ I guess everyone loves a winner with lots of money, especially the women. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ On a totally unrelated note, check out this snap of my future SEINFELD wife sitting by THE LADIES MAN's Dustin Hoffman figure in the background at: http://cdn01.cdn.justjared.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/dreyfus-826la/julia-louis-dreyfus-thandie-newton-celebrate-826la-10th-11.jpg ~ ~ I mean get real. In this day and age of the uncensored adult Internet, there is no reason why Jerry's cool car series should not eventually feature the occasional front seat blow job. ~ ~ Big deal, you're married, she's married. For Christ's sake, bring along your mutual spouses if that is what it takes. Think yours truly gets to have his cock sucked in the 2+2 back seat of my 1974 GTV ALFA by both Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. ~ ~ OBVIOUSLY JEWISH NOTES: No question about it, the late middle aged druggie Philip Seymour Hoffman does look an awfull lot like that physically transfigured baby-faced killer of those 9 apostate christian niggers at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synecdoche,_New_York ~ ~ No wonder that I am so jazzed about Ken Keisler and I making some kind of a RIP off of BLUE JASMINE meets AN IRRATIONAL MAN on a sailboat in the bay. ~ ~ Yada yada Emma Stone would never agree to do it. That is why we have her look alike older sister Lindsay Lohan who will do it if the money is right. "You drag a million dollars in cash stuffed inside of a potatoes sack through a trailer park in Arkansas... You get the picture." James Car/ville.

Friday, June 19, 2015


KILL BILL uses the above iconic Cher lyrics in the classic 1970s revenge movie's opening scenario for a Divine purpose. ~ ~ Just like the ominous Dutch Boy from Gas/town was caught in Shelby, NC in confirmation of the SHELBY MUSTAND that was introduced in the 4th quarter of THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 from left-wing Austin, Texas. This being the beast that the whore rides in REV.17. Who then is killed by the beast who hates her, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelby_Mustang ~ ~ No wonder that I own everything now, and you got shit. ~ ~ Talk about FAST AND FURIOUS: 1-7. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GROUND ZERO NOTES: Late last night on the Clyde Lewis talk-radio show, he reminded us that the mother ship of all Masonite Mormon lodges is located in South Car/olina. ~ ~ JERRY LEWIS NOTES: Last night at 2:35 am Jerry Lewis said to me, "Bring me 340 people!" What the heck does that mean? There are typically about 340 people on average riding high on any givin day inside of a 747-400 BOEING jumbo jet? ~ ~ Your guess is as good as mine. ~ ~ INSANE DELUSIONAL KILLER NOTES: See this pig headed son of Ham figure at: http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/06/must-see-tv-sc-state-representative.html ~ ~ No wonder that Joseph Smith believed that the childish and wild-hearted negro of sodom and egypt in REV.11 should never be trusted with the higher priesthood of God. ~ ~ Much less be allowed to be the non American Commander in Chief of America. ~ ~ KILL BILL NOTES: Part 1 of the two KILL BILL movies is about the Bible prophecy that says that one blond person will kill 10,000 niggers from Chinatown, USA. ~ ~ For example, people who support the satanic Hillary Clinton dragon lady mob boss by day, and then study the bible by night, are vermin.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


"...and the holy city shall they tread under foot for 42 months." REV.11:2 ~ ~ According to wiki, Charleston, South Carolina's nickname is 'The Holy City'. Where the first shots were fired in the BACK TO THE FUTURE civil war in the latter-day great city of REV.16:19 by young white 21ish trigger happy military cadets. ~ ~ Ergo, I found INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, KILL BILL, and THE INVENTION OF LYING about Barack Obama's invented birth certificate at exatly 9:00 pm EST at PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop. ~ ~ Then I saw a mind-blowing Bill Murray decal on the rear window of a BIG FOOT CHEROKEE at the Locust light that represented the Pacific Northwest HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS prophecy about Henderson Bay in Pierce County, Washington. ~ ~ Which was probably some kind of a CADDY SHACK thing. Bill being Irish and all that. And Bill having just dumped another shit load of REV.12 rain on Texas. ~ ~ Plus, the movie opens as Tarantino' s 4th film, 4 years later, etc. etc. ~ ~ With a not so suble 5.6 reference to the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY shooter. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: By the Hand of God, that crazy white 42 months shooter in Barack Obama's Aurora, Colorado is now on trial. The name 'Aurora' meaning "the beginning" of course of course. Note the latest shooter's Dutch Boy haircut at: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/06/18/police-respond-to-shooting-at-sc-church/ ~ ~ Also note that these maps of Charleston and Key Penninsula, Pierce County look very similar. One having a Devil's Point landmark exactly where the other one has a White Point landmark, at: http://www.ces.clemson.edu/scmaps/cartography/small/CharlestonTopo.jpg AND: http://funmapsusa.net/images/maps/keypeninsula2wa_full.jpg ~ ~ In other words, "It is by the wicked that the wicked [negro Democrats] are punished." MORMON 4:5 ~ ~ THREE WAY NOTES: Could very well be that Trump, Romney, and Cruz will be the next three presidents of a three part post two witnesses America. ~ ~ On a more personal level, I kind of like all three of these guys. But then again, I also kind of like Barack Obama. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ~ ~ EAT ME NOTES: Last night I dreamed over and over that I had just become married to a very sexy looking 29ish Madonna. But after several months I began to grow weary of the fact that she still would not let me make love to her. ~ ~ Then God informed me that my net worth is now around 10B. Per Trump announcing that he is now worth about 8.7 B; and then JJ broke the aging 8.7 birthday girl news about Charlie Theron breaking up with Sean Penn. ~ ~ MOVIE TRIVIA CONTEST NOTES: Try to spot the blond Charlize Theron look alike in THE LADIES MAN prophecy. And you may win a chance to be an extra in one of my upcoming low budget video movie fuck films written, produced, and directed by Ken Keisler and Kenny Kemp. SLC, UTAH being the place right now for garage sales featuring SONY video cameras that were once owned by all of those budding independent filmmaker trolls at SUNDANCE.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


That 4th floor sign balcony collapse that killed at least six of those Irish Conan O'Brien fans represented the stage 4 billboard in ERRAND BOY, 1961, that says "THE END" at the end of the fake Barack Obama birth certificate year movie. ~ ~ [Motion pictures are fakery, etc.] ~ ~ After the film's aging southern bell [Australia] birthday party disaster that represented Nicole Kidman's birthday party, circa 2015. ~ ~ Per my dream about her telling me that we can get together after I give her a bottle of WHITE LABEL Scotch [golf course] that bears the two ancient emblems of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUPER JEW NOTES: Here is the tall and good looking super model Cara Delevigne posing in Jerry Lewish Jew boy shorts at: http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3394287/cara-delevingne-bares-midriff-at-paper-towns-photo-call-10/fullsize/ ~ ~ Last night Michael told me that I have something good to eat. ~ ~ Yeah whatever; then I went upstairs and opened a new bag of supposedly really spicy and tasty "LATE JULY" label 'sex-on-the-beach' chips to go with my Greek humus bean dip. Then I saw this at: http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3395293/kate-hudson-flaunts-sexy-bikini-body-during-greece-vacation-04/fullsize/ ~ ~ AND SEE: http://www.latejuly.com/ ~ ~ SALTY PUSSY NOTES: There is a reason why it is still illegal in most states for deer hunters to put out a salt lick in order to attract their big buck deer prey. Come on now, that just wouldn't be playing fair would it. ~ ~ Most game department biologists would agree that you need to have at least one buck for every 100 does in order to maintain the herd population. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Here is both of the two stars of the PRACTICAL MAGIC prophecy appearing at the same time at: http://www.justjared.com/2015/06/16/nicole-kidman-sandra-bullock-bring-oscar-power-to-women-in-film-event/?ref=footer ~ ~ PS NEVE: That creepy old billionaire who gave you a cool million in cash if you would just let him eat your pussy in WHEN WILL I BE LOVED was me of course. The indie film's younger jerk who fucked you in the ass represented your last three "husbands" of course. ~ ~ TRUMP NOTES: As a solid Tea Party WHITE HORSE prophecy Mormon Utah conservative, I would rather see Barack Obama remain in the White House for the next 42 months, rather than see another moderate Republican middle-of-the-road Bushy move in there. ~ ~ For example, last night I dreamed that the martyred Howard Stern would be the born again resurrected key to me getting to fuck those five virgin teenagers in the 1961 doll house prophecy entitled THE LADIES MAN. Starting with the Jennifer Garner looking one who was the most sweet on me. Possibly including the crazy movie's Greek Jew Jennifer Aniston look alike who asked me to play along with her in her behind-the-bedroom-door role playing scenes. ~ ~

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


That white bitch who was lying about MLK JR got what she deserved. Not to mention Mark Levin et al lying about Barack Obama. ~ ~ What goes around, comes around. ~ ~ For example, those five foolish Irish virgins died in Oak Town when their balcony billboard sign from God in THE LADIES MAN suddenly gave out. ~ ~ Think that short [fake plastic] Jewish star of 69's THE GRADUATE meets Dustin Hoffman in real life, circa 2015, at: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/06/16/5-dead-8-injured-in-balcony-collapse-in-california-police-say/ ~ ~ Reportedly, those drunk black Irish University Place students were having a 21rst birthday party on Courtney Cox' birthday that represented the aging southern babe's [Richard Burton] birthday party in the above 1961 birther year movie about the white face transsexual Barack Obama desecrating the mormon faith temple in Utah. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MISSIONARY MAN NOTES: In my very own personal two private 1973 prophecies entitled ROMA and LAST TANGO IN PARIS, the young ladies like me, and the old men don't like me. ~ ~ Wow, hard decision to make here. ~ ~ PS CAPT. GARRISON: You may wish to review DR. STRANGELOVE again; because of the film's Alaska based B52 bomber airliner time-line setting. That probably has a connection with all of those old Jerry Lewis movies that you saw at your grandmother's little movie theater. ~ ~ Yeah I know, this year's fly fishing season in Washington is already over due to the drought that is being caused by God. ~ ~ However, this year's fly fishing season in Dick Cheney's home state of Wyoming is going to be epic.

Monday, June 15, 2015


The day after Hillary Clinton relaunched her OPERATION DUFFER sequel remake prequel on Roosevelt Island before a crowd of mostly white middle aged Jews from Brooklyn, those zoo animals escaped from some new REV.12 zoo in Georgia, USSR. In confirmation of that REV.13 lion on the loose at the end of THE LADIES' MAN. ~ ~ Wherein the scarred face Dustin Hoffman himself showed up at the door to squire Miss Pierce [County] around town. ~ ~ Who represented the 666 Chicago mob politics of today's ugly Jewish midgets Democrat Party operation. ~ ~ For example, my posted image of those two nazi guards of Judah and Ephraim represent the 4 freedoms of the new fascist beast. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAITH TEMPLE NOTES: When Jerry enters the holy of holy chambers in that doll house of the lord in SLC, UT, he sees the temple veil bed where the older men of Israel get to have sex with virgins. ~ ~ MATT 25 NOTES: The star of THE LINCOLN LAWYER lost his good looks when his facial bone structure shifted south due to a severe lack of whole wheat flour nutrition. ~ ~ Therefore, now he is not the most handsome man in all of Hollywood. But just another run-of-mill very good looking guy around town in Austin, Texas, etc. ~ ~ LOST BOYS NOTES: In the LOST BOYS series, the post hippie parents are spawning little monster vampire children with bipolar behavior problems in the scenes about pancakes and spaghetti. For example, in THE ERRAND BOY, 1961, the Jew boys start eating their white bread sandwiches when the strings quartet starts playing 'stout grains' on the radio program of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim during the DAYS ISLAND period; circa 1993-1996. ~ ~ US OPEN NOTES: The 18-hole course in University Place, Washington is enough to make even the best there is look like duffers. ~ ~ TNT TV NOTES: That iconic ultra white Nazi tv show interviewer [intergration race interrogator] in my own private prophetic Richard Burton images is Conan O'Brien, again at: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01564/conan_jpg_1564992c.jpg ~ ~ AND: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/7063773/Conan-OBrien-bows-out-from-Tonight-Show-with-final-jokes-at-NBCs-expense.html ~ ~ GREEN NOTES: The ongoing swarm of strange earthquakes in Greene County, Alabama is about the Black Warrior River and Clinton, AL. For when the black days of the 1290 days era commander in chief from Chicago, Hawaii is not even a US citizen. No matter what the likes of Medved and O'Rielly have to say about it.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


THE ERRAND BOY in 1961 is about that little trouble maker Hollywood studio spy idiot from nowhere who at 1:20 minutes suddenly becomes the next Richard Burton, like at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Spy_Who_Came_in_from_the_Cold_(film) ~ ~ AND: http://www.asset1.net/tv/pictures/movie/the-spy-who-came-in-from-the-cold-1965/the-spy-who-came-in-from-the-cold-DI.jpg ~ ~ AND: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01581/Burton_1581845c.jpg ~ ~ Even the former Hwy.410 billboard 'sign' guy from God in the above cinematic prophecy about my southern bell wives who are now committing after death born again national suicide over me. ~ ~ For example, most of today's mormons are going to refuse to become baptised again. And therefore, not one of today's LDS church leaders will be allowed to hold a position of authority in God's only true church for the rest of their lives. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FULL MOON NOTES: My reputation as a lone wolf howling at the moon comes from movies like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Errand_Boy ~ ~ FAIRY TALE NOTES: Google 'When you're young at heart video' if you are Woody Allen and you still think that the life and career of Jerry Lewis was all luck, and no physical transfiguration thing. ~ ~ Think Kenny Kemp meets Woody Norris and you get the big picture. ~ ~ MOVIE STAR NOTES: After I lose 35 pounds and start to shave my gaunt face and start to treat my full thick head of hair with GRECIAN GRAY again, I AM is going to look like this again at: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01581/Burton_1581845c.jpg ~ ~ Jesus Christ already, one has to start somewhere again in this life. ~ ~ Take for example Matthew McCoungnegy. After the Hollywood movie star lost all that weight in order to portray Dallas, Texas cowboy homosexuals in a favorable light, God has still not restored him to his former good looks.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


"Dear Stanley, Sometimes what seems to be a great idea can go so radically wrong that it's best to forget it before turning back becomes impossible." like at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3120756/Blacks-segregated-Texas-elementary-school-teacher-fired-comments-McKinney-video.html ~ ~ This being the mighty line at the end of Jerry Lewis' 1964 made prophecy about the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ The name Stanley being a Providential come on to Barack Obama's Jewish mother from Seattle who slept with that black Adam and Eve snake from Africa and then spawned the abomination of desolation. ~ ~ This being the opening scene wherein that ALASKA jet crashes into a huge rock that bears the face of an ape straight out of the original 1960s PLANET OF THE APES. For when the time would come that THE OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN in the Republican Party's White Mountains of New Ham/shire would take a big fall. And then become replaced by the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY party of Joseph Smith. ~ ~ This being the same area where he was born, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BEN SHAPIRO: Your nasalish Jerry Lewis sound alike voice on the radio in Seattle used to bother me. But now I can't wait to tune in everyday and hear you talk about Dan Savage's latest pieces at THE STRANGER. ~ ~ Get this, I just found a pair of tan polyester cotton blend shorts from GOODWILL that are exactly like the ones that Jerry Lewis wears in all of his THE ERRAND BOY era movies. Savage being the son of a policeman from Chicago and all that. ~ ~ So here is what we need to do. ~ ~ You go all anti-queer Nazi on the boy; then the goes all anti-jew Nazi on you. ~ ~ Don't laugh, in this age of Internet reality TV and radio streaming shows, anything and everything goes. If the money is right of course. ~ ~ SPECIAL DELIVARY FOR MEL NOTES: Fox Island's Gibson Point is just northwest of Chambers Bay, across from University Place and Days Island. Because the children are being spiritually raped by homosexual Jews and niggers at today's D&C 86 universities and high schools. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: A little birdie told me that you might want to keep an eye out for any garage-yard-sale-moving signs in your neighborhood. ~ ~ Like yours truly says at the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS, "Video is the wave of the future." or something like that; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ PS FBI ATF NSA: Dudes, I'll definitely call you if I know anything more. I'm on your side, not Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's side.

Friday, June 12, 2015


Those foolish five virgin sand sharks crashed on I-95 in Oak Hill, Florida for the seven hills genealogy tree beast in REV.13:1. According to my 1960s Miley Cyrus Love Bug dream about an atomic bomb explosion in Oak Town that killed ten million people. ~ ~ Which represents that Anderson Island earthquake in THE BELLBOY when Lewis hijacks Capt. Garrison's jet airliner headed for Chicago meets LA. ~ ~ Because the 5 dog sharks were being trucked up to Jewville, NY from Marathon [[man] FL by some specialty transportation keep-on-trucking company called DYNASTY. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YESTERDAY'S NEWS NOTES: For some reason, I found at least six one half dozen the other typos and incoherent [Jerry Lewis] dialogue in yesterday's GSR/TWN post. You might want to read it again in order to better understand the logic behind today's new post. ~ ~ For example, in my excitement I forgot to post this career update about Elizabeth Hurley at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Royals_(TV_series) ~ ~ "Passion is the enemy of precision." [ZERO EFFECT] ~ ~ PANIC AT THE DISCO NOTES: We see a couple running for their lives after Jerry Lewis takes a flash shot of the full blood moon in THE BELLBOY. Remember, this was the same Miami hotel resort where they shot GOLDFINGER. ~ ~ MY MOTHER NOTES: Every time I find new pictures of Queen Elizabeth II at DAILY MAIL, I like to show them to my 90ish Jewish mother. Just to hear her say, "I know her." ~ ~ INTRODUCTIONARY NOTES: Last night, I managed to finish the first two acts of 1964's THE PATSY. Which was about all about those Jewish phoney baloney kosher communist jazz music homos from Brooklyn, NY who moved to Hollywood. And then later they all got behind the communist conspiracy of the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ Then we fast forward to 2015, when the news breaks about that Jewish looking woman who has been trying to pass off her fake negro birth certificate in Spokane, Washington. ~ ~ ADAPTATION SCREENPLAY NOTES: After what just happened in Clinton County, New York, my prophetic ideas behind Miley Cyrus playing Janis Joplin in some kind of a VIVA LAS VEGAS meets NATURAL BORN KILLERS remake are no longer on the table. ~ ~ Now it's all my project; including the money. I'm taking over everything now; metaphorically speaking.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Those 5 virgin REV.13:1 sharks that crashed on Elizabeth Hurley's east coast I-95 landmark on her 50/50 birthday inspired me to watch Jerry [Clyde] Lewis' iconic low budget black and white movie made in Miami called THE BELLBOY. Wherein we see Lewis standing right next to Bill Murray after Rodney Dangerfield takes the lead at about 1:02 minutes into "...the big one." ~ ~ Then we see the completely illogical narrative bit where Lewis flashes his camera at the full moon, which creates an A-bomb explosion effect that turns the night into day. ~ ~ And then yours truly is asked to go to the airport and retrieve Capt. Garrison's briefcase. Whereupon he decides to take the flight 104 jet airliner that bears the STARBUCKS logo for a joy ride up to Barack Obama's future Chicago, circa 2015. ~ ~ Seattle's BOEING now being based in Chicago, etc. ~ ~ Per SHE'S HAVING A BABY meets FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: Coney Island, NY represents Natalie Merchant's future CARNIVAL video setting in the above case. ~ ~ For example, many of the local Puget Sound fisherman on Whidbey Island refer to sand sharks as "dog sharks". ~ ~ HEBREW BRAND NOTES: I love a good lean and meaty Jewish kosher hot dog with brown deli mustard just as much as the next guy. However, now it's time for them to up their game and offer us a line of dogs that do not have any nitrates or nitrites poppers. ~ ~ Everyone else is doing it, so why not?... ~ ~ Jesus Christ already, get with the program. ~ ~ PS LADIES: Jerry Lewis plays the dancing Jew boy queer in LADIES MAN because apostate Christian mormon monogamy is basically gay. Which leaves so many of today's lonely daughters of Israel living so alone that they are eventually tempted to find what they need in a man from strange flesh. ~ ~ Spank you very much for nothing Ken Kemp and Bruce Troxell. ~ ~ ADAPTATION SCREENPLAY NOTES: Turns out that all of those ingenious ironic twists at the end of ADAPTATION were about Jim Carey having me crashing for free at his place in the East Village: circa THE YES MAN meets the PET DETECTIVE prophecies about Miley Cyrus' pet dogs.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Charlie got the shits big time on the late night Clyde Lewis radio hour in confirmation of that clams bar shot in Natalie Merchant's official Republican Party NYC video called CARNIVAL. ~ ~ Or as Woody Allen says in BLUE JASMINE meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM; you wish you were dead when you eat a plate of bad clams. ~ ~ For example, that Lincoln Tunnel double bus crash confirmation was for Bill O'Reilly's recent book about killing the first Jewish neo con president of America. Whose crazy ass Jewish wife eventually had to be locked up in a mental institution, as suggested today at: http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/06/crowley-to-oreilly-new-york-times-has.html ~ ~ Basically, Jerry Lewis' really strange LADIES' MAN movie was a prophecy about today's Greek columns White House. When the white-face woman in black is desecrating the temple behind the green door, as it were. ~ ~ And nobody dares talk about it. ~ ~ But in the end, all the girls start screaming and beg me to stay and protect them when the tunneling underground 666 gopher beast in REV.17 starts to attack them. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS STARBUCKS: I can tell that your new Hawaii blend is full of good intentions. But you guys in Seattle are trying to take cheap shortcuts by darkening the beans too much. Instead of sticking with your original 1990s [1260 days] full city roast business plan: and thereby achieving that darker full flavor by using more beans in the brewing process. Not less beans that only look darker, but have no flavor left in them. Kind of like taking a great corn fed top sirloin cut and overcocking all of the meaty liver flavor out of it. ~ ~ OKIES NOTIES: Say what you will about Oaklahomo, I'd bet that at least half of the blond women in that state still have a look alike thing for Barack Obama et al, like at: http://apnews.myway.com/image/20150610/674774107833-Child_Abuse_Allegations_Kenya_20150610.html?date=20150610&docid=us--child_abuse_allegations-kenya-d1193aef0b ~ ~ Guess it's now high time to reintroduce the Biblical principle of Mormon polygamy. Before the queers, Jews, and niggers take over everything and destroy America. ~ ~ Not to mention the LDS D&C 86 church in Utah and Idaho. ~ ~ PS RL: Have your agent look into buying that rarified ranch property along the river that flows south of the Wheatland Resivoir in the Medicine Bow Mtns. You may not make any money on the deal right now. But you won't lose any money on the deal either. Which is all that one would want to worry about right now. ~ ~ PS GWYNETH PALTROW: If my exwife just can't make it to Utah right now, for whatever reason... You know what to do. ~ ~ Heck, you might as well stop by Terry McKnight's peach orchard estate in Utah County while you're at it. ~ ~ For whatever it's worth, the really cute blond dude is hung like a mule. And he has one of the nicest most supportive fit-and-trim wives that any man or any woman could ever want.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Last night during the Clyde Lewis show, Charlie Sheen suddenly came down with a severe case of diarhia, according to: http://www.tmz.com/2015/06/09/charlie-sheen-food-poisoning-paramedics-911/ ~ ~ Because Charlie and the boyz have the eXact same politics as Clyde. ~ ~ Now I'm thinking, if we want to make a really big splash debut with our coffee and cars rip off series; let's start with Charlie in the passanger seat and my imaginary friend Brad Pitt hiding in the cramped 2+2 back seat. For a double whammy blow out introduction that could stand a chance at challenging Jerry Seinfeld's extremely successful classic cars show. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS FIAT: I know that you guys have been looking for a way to reintroduce the ALFA ROMEO brand in North America. ~ ~ This one is on the house. ~ ~ However, I do have a few suggestions. How about making Ariana Grande the new face and your new spokesperson? ~ ~ That said, don't think that you could just put her in one of your uninspiring existing models and let the cameras roll. ~ ~ Rather, you need to come up with some kind of a more practical modern retro version of the 1974 GTV as a part of your rebranded fuck me all over again a second time launch. Along the same lines as the new born again MINI that became a cultural car revolution during the post 1260 days era of the two witnesses. ~ ~ JERRY LEWIS NOTES: Last night I watched the first act of THE LADIES MAN, 1961. ~ ~ Jesus Christ what a peculiar inspired movie. Wherein Jerry Lewis roll plays all of those big babies of Israel who hate the Biblical principle of plural marriage, starting around 30:30 minutes on my DVD. ~ ~ For starters, see: http://fourthreefilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/the-ladies-man-set.png ~ ~ PS REDFORD: My idea of an interesting coffee and cars bit would involve you in the passenger seat of an older red 911 stopping at some HASTY TASTY type coffee shop in Provo, Utah. For a couple of over-easy eggs with hash browns and a side of buckwheat pancakes, and then we ride back up to Sundance and go fly fishing. ~ ~ Elder Monson spent his summers on the South Fork of the Provo River fly fishing for German brown trout, etc. And now his main sidekick is a Paul Garrison type ALASKA pilot from Germany, and so on... Of course you would have to become the financial backer of the entire show. I just don't see any other way that we could get Allan Alda and Larry King to be on our show. And have the whole thing being directed by a Martin Scorsese or an Oliver Stone. I mean, that kind of thing costs money. ~ ~ PLAN C NOTES: My idea for some kind of a rip off of my Seinfeld rip off would involve Kenny Kemp and Bruce Troxell directing a coffee and cars series with various has been B-actors.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Think Bratt Pitt just let it be known that he wants to be the first guest on Clyde Lewis' rip off cars and coffee Internet series. Which all of those smug superior race Jews in Hollywood never saw coming, at: http://www.justjared.com/2015/06/08/brad-pitt-to-star-in-war-machine-an-original-movie-for-netflix/?ref=footer ~ ~ Even though about 85% of them have the exact same [war machine] mentality problems as Clyde Lewis et al have. I'm thinking that the best way to distinguish ourselves from Jerry's show is to always have some slouching stranger hiding in the back seat of the car whispering his staged reality show directions. ~ ~ For example, when Brad and Clyde start to come to blows and step out of the car to settle things once and for all. We're talking only a little bit of pushing and shoving and lots of really obscene name calling. ~ ~ Remember, both of these dudes are getting too old to actually start duking it out with their fists. Plus, we would have to be in shape to do it all over again the next week, and the week after; with guests like Gary Oldman, Robert Redford, Robert DeNiro, and Larry David; plus Mr. John Malkobitch just being himself, like at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Being_John_Malkovich . ~ ~ Not to mention David Lynch, Harrison Ford, and Steven Spielberg and Nick Nolte. ~ ~ My idea of a really cool post GST/TWN video-blog about old restored cars will be about old guys who want to be young again. ~ ~ And who would be more than willing to put up the money if it means having sex in some cramped 2+2 back seat sports car with a young woman who is still physically attractive. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ~ PS ARIANA FRESH: After I saw yesterday's modern woman comments by Ariana Grande that went viral, I found Jerry Lewis' modern era movie entitled THE LADIES' MAN. Because she is one of those special new spirits that will come forth in the last days according to the 2bc.info revelations. ~ ~ When the principle of plural marriage will be restored again in all it's glory. ~ ~ SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ladies_Man ~ ~ AND: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ladies_Man_(2000_film) ~ ~ Note that the former came out in the same year that Barack Obama was born. Per 2008, when most of the ladies voted for him; even though he was a known homosexual from Chicago at the time. Don't laugh, Most of the Mormon church leaders in Utah also voted for him. Not to mention the late Nyle Smith and Donelle Willy. ~ ~ PS CLINT & MEL: We realize that you two are probably pretty busy right now with making a movie and trying to restore your reputation with the Jews. But if that doesn't work out for you two... I will be looking for experienced directors with a proven track record who know how to bring home the goods in the near future. ~ ~ According to THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON, never throw good money after bad money. ~ ~ PS WOODY: Obviously you are a special case. In that you are short enough to play the unseen back-seat-driver horse-whisperer [INVISIBLE MAN] character in my future Clyde Lewis reality rip-off TV series. I'm thinking 10 big ones for only 6 half-hour installments and I let you live, symbolically speaking. I know that you don't know anything about modern day social media. But right now all of the hot action for loney swingers who need a girlfriend is at places like paranormaldate.com, at: http://paranormaldate.com/ ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: More taxation is not the answer. Only less taxation, regulation, and litigation is going to restore the greatness of America. Plus, it wouldn't hurt if the NYT Jews would finally come clean on Barack Obama. At least we can agree on that much.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Those two murderers of Judah and Ephraim escaped from their Clinton County jail near Rt.3 Caddyville on the same day that American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown in New York. ~ ~ Think Dr.Evil and Mini Me escape from their MLK JR prison in Georgia, Atlantas in the AUSTIN POWERS: III finale that starts and ends at that CHINATOWN theater in Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ How do you say, Jew problem?. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FLAG/RANT NAZI NOTES: In my own private ADAPTATION screenplay about the two twins of Judah and Ephraim, entitled THE 3; the Nazi cop, the Nazi killer, and the sexy transsexual Nazi girl hostage are all the same person. ~ ~ BYU NOTES: My own private 2BC:91 movie entitle BACK TO SCHOOL was being made at the exact same time when I went back to school at BYU in Provo, Utah. ~ ~ Be patient, I'll try to get around to it before the US OPEN starts, at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Back_to_School ~ ~ Meanwhile, sit back and relax with a cold double-hopped 22oz. BLACK STAR Montana brew and a bowl of my famous olive oil oregano popcorn and watch: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escape_from_New_York ~ ~ PS TERI RUTHERFORD: There is a reason why you looked exactly like Emma Watson looks today, when I first laid eyes on you. ~ ~ PS MR.& MRS.FRESH: If the idea of inviting my exwife up to your little white pine log cabin escape in Yellowstone is just too creepy for you 3 right now; how about making it together with one of my other girlfriends from the John Hughes 80s? ~ ~ Needless to say, none of us are going to be getting any younger until you know what I mean happens. ~ ~ See this for example, at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094006/plotsummary ~ ~

Saturday, June 6, 2015


God says that the Sabbath is a day of rest. ~ ~ So lay back in your NIAGRA therapy chair and enjoy. ~ ~ Natalie Merchant's KIND AND GENEROUS video is actually about me thanking Miley Sire Us for her future circus clown dedications in the form of music videos and instantgram images. Which were expanded upon in her inspired WONDER video, like 23 years later-ago. ~ ~ Same thing goes for Natalie Merchant featuring Kristen Stewart on the guitar in her JEALOUSY prophecy. ~ ~ THESE ARE DAYS being about me crashing at Ken Keisler's shag pad on Days Island in South Puget Sound, yada yada. ~ ~ Then we have Natalie Merchant's video about all those Jewish nigger neocons in New York City called CARNIVAL. ~ ~ Bottom line, if you have not been eating at least one full serving of whole wheat bread every single day for the past six months, don't expect me to service you. ~ ~ Yes, we can still fuck; but you'll have to be using some kind of birth control. ~ ~ Think ERASER HEAD's nightmare meets LOST HIGHWAY's nightmare. Jesus Christ, who wants to be saddled with those kind of problems for the rest of their lives? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TAXING NOTES: The Jews at the NYT don't stand a chance against me as long as they hang onto their progressive taxation Marxism ideas. Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Now that you are off the air, it's time to cut the crap and get real. There is a Providential reason why God has spared your exclusive fly fishing horseback riding dude ranch in northwest Montana from the drought. ~ ~ I.e. he wants you to immediately go back to work. ~ ~ Look at it this way. If I get the Hanna Montana cowgirl, you get the Hana Montana cowgirl too, times two. ~ ~ That goes for you too David Lynch and Mr.Cage. ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: The only reason why I have asked my UFO flying saucer pilots at ALASKA AIRLINES to leave you alone and not stick their scientific research probes into your abducted asshole is because you are still useful to me. ~ ~ You don't cross the line, I don't cross the line. ~ ~ That said, let me know if you are a bit short on cash. ~ ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ ~ So what, you like to bitch about me just like Ken Kemp, Ken McLeod, Ken Keisler, and my exwife and her two sons of Israel from Portland, Oregon, France like to bitch about me. ~ ~ You can't make an omlett without cracking a few eggs like the future secret [Internet] blogger agent 007 Roger Moore does in A VIEW TO A KILL meets OCTOPUSSY. ~ ~ Dude, get real; the obvious answer to 666 niggermania mob rule fascism is Marshall Law. There can be no freedom without law. And all of that white christian conservative neo con horse shit that does not even take into account the fact that today's Commander in Chief is not even a US citizen. Talk about the apostate religion region heroine of the masses that Karl Marx believed in, circa 2016. ~ ~ SEIGNFELD NOTES: When Clyde Lewis finally overcomes his surreal funny boy issues with the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, look for him to be making some kind of an Internet rip off series about him driving around with me in a mint condition race car green 74 ALFA GTV. ~ ~ Don't laugh, if your fancy NYC/LA coffee joint does not roast their select east coast African beans on a daily basis, you will never stack up to me and the boyz at THE SALT LAKE CITY ROASTING COMPANY.

Friday, June 5, 2015


"Don't rush that line..." says the Kenny Kemp look alike director in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Oh yes... yeah; I was the one behind the scenes making the key revisions in the 3-year production and distribution of MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Fast forward ten months later to MISS CONGENIALITY 2 and you get the picture. ~ ~ Wherein that triple-crown Texas governor who once shot an illegal alien coyote smuggler with his .380 on a morning jog, announced that he too would be running for the President of Texas. While the fresh news was still rolling out about that bus crash on I-380. ~ ~ So then I watch MISS CONGENIALITY 2 again a few years later and see that Sandy was obsessed with taking me to some bed and breakfast in the Poconos. ~ ~ Meanwhile, she checks into that Italian hotel and casino in Las Vegas that represented the Italian tour bus crash. Which in turn represented that Le Tour painting in MULHOLLAND DR's timeline for the tour of America by the King and Queen of Holland. ~ ~ Hope they make it to the Skaget River's tulip farms below the two Jordon and Falls lakes of Judah and Ephraim. If not this time, maybe next time, for sure. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIRTY LITTLE SECRET NOTES: Several days ago, God suggested that I watch 2002's ADAPTATION again. Wherein I fall in love with Carey Mulligan from the beginning of the film to the end of the film. Even though she is still living in a comfortable concubine prelude situation with some other guy. Which is pretty much the story of my life, like at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptation_%28film%29 ~ ~ Of course, the story's hair loss themes are about the metaphorical consequences of atomic bomb radiation treatment fallout. ~ ~ Even just ten years ago this kind of thing would have driven me crazy. But now I am a new man, with a new attitude; thanks to my new happy camper friends, like at: http://cdn04.cdn.justjared.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/moretz-pants/chloe-moretz-pilates-pants-after-south-korea-return-02.jpg ~ ~ AND: http://i3.bstatic.de/sites/default/files/styles/full-content-gallery_1300x740/public/getty_157843548.jpg

Thursday, June 4, 2015


I see that the King and Queen of Holland are now visiting America in confirmation of my latest Princess Die postings about MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Think the above London look alike in 1973 FRENZIE meets my 1973 look alike in ROMA, at: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/06/02/netherlands-king-willem-alexander-queen-visiting-grand-rapids-as-part-multi-day/ ~ ~ Now it's starting to look more and more like my Kingdom of England and France is going to gradually spread across all of northern Europe. Per 007 Roger Moore marrying into royalty in the same region while living in Switzerland for tax reasons. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ISIS STRATEGY NOTES: Everyone is jumping ship at Hamas and Hezbula and joining ISIS for a neo con Christian Judeo prophecy about the white Christian messianic Jews in the west teaming up with the King of England to fight fire with fire. ~ ~ Steel sharpens steel. ~ ~ It is by the wicked that the wicked are punished. ~ ~ What goes around the wheel comes around the wheel. ~ ~ Take two aspirins in the morning and call me. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ 123 NOTES: That 3-2-1 countdown coffee pot at the end of MULHOLLAND DR is for the three woes '...123' plate on the limo that crashed in the opening sequence of the movie. ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by that Italian [Ornella Fresh] tourist bus collision on I-380 in the Poconos. That represents the region's fabled spring creek top-fly trout fishing streams. ~ ~ HANNA MONTANA NOTES: Due to the freak weather, it's looking more and more like this season's best bet for fly fishing is in northwestern Montana. Due west of David Letterman's dude ranch hangout for older guys who love to fuck young women who still look attractive and sexy. ~ ~ EXCEPTION TO THE RULE NOTES: Jordan Creek's amazingly exotic black spotted Montana cutthroat creek waters are not only fead by the two Jordan lakes, but also by the underground springs coming down from the above Snow Lakes region. ~ ~ And just when I was beginning to wonder if I would never see it again; much less watch both Kristen Stewart and I licking the salt off of our mutual girlfriends' pussies around the campfire at night; Captain Garrison gave me a copy of BUSINESSAIR magazine out of nowhere at STARBUCKS. ~ ~ Letting me know in no uncertain terms that I can go there anytime that I want. ~ ~ A VIEW TO A KILL NOTES: Roger Moore reminds me of Paul Garrison for some reason; the rather shorter and bald Eric Jaderholm, not so much. ~ ~ PS RICK PERRY: Two days before you announced your intention to run for President, God suggested that I might want to review MISS CONGENIALLITY:II again. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Congeniality_2:_Armed_and_Fabulous ~ ~

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The 16 REASONS film director is driving his topless German BOXSTER in LA STORY when he tells his sexytary that he is going home in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Get the picture? ~ ~ For my recent dream about turning off 65th and going south on the 6400 block of 15th in northeast Seattle. And suddenly a report came on the radio about an atomic bomb explosion in Oak Town that killed ten million people. ~ ~ Naturally, I was driving that same [rebuilt motor] 1963 VW beetle that I had during my BYU 70s Fellini period. ~ ~ Back when I looked exactly like that young man in ROMA who Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima invite to sit down and have dinner with the last time I was there with Ken Keisler. ~ ~ In my dreams you say? Of course, that's exactly my point. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KIT: Do you remember growing up on 16th N.E. next door to those college folks who were constantly rebuilding the motor on their old 1960s Love Bus? ~ ~ ISIS STRATEGY NOTES: It's no quick fix; but certainly the first thing that Barack Obama et al could do to reduce the threat of terrorism is simply stop promoting homosexuality.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Princess Diana's exlover at the end of MULHOLLAND DR grabs her piano ashtray from the coffee table where my blue key is lying. ~ ~ Because in the last days the lesbian mystery woman who doesn't know her name is going to die. ~ ~ Ergo, in the movie that took three years to make and distribute, Diane is actually calling up herself on the telephone. And the homeless Jesus figure living behind WINKIES is played by the same Jewish actor who had the two nightmares of Judah and and Ephraim at a DENNY'S in Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ANDERSON ISLAND NOTES: That midget actor behind the scenes in an FDR wheelchair in MULHOLLAND DR was played by a certain Mr. Anderson. Note that the film's 5' 9" director carries around a golf club. ~ ~ SALT SHAKER NOTES: Naomi Watts gets the electrifying Holy Spirit electrocution [death row] born-again shakes at the synagogue of Satan for a reference to Miley Cyrus' Pentecostal upbringing; and that's a good thing. Capitol punishment by stoning for homogaysexual sex still being the law of God; circa October 18, 2027. Plus it would cost the French government in the ANOTHER 9 1/2 WEEKS prophecy next to nothing. ~ ~ Hence, all of those ISIS anti hero allies of Barack Obama who want to kill off all of today's white ass gay whities. ~ ~ [Ironically, think Larry Sinclair.] ~ ~ I don't know about you; but personally, I never could do anything like that if I was not completely stoned out of my mind. ~ ~ Think NATURAL BORN KILLERS meets NATURAL BORN KILLERS: II. ~ ~ Sure, I would be more than willing to write, direct, and star in such a project; if you got that kind of money. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: I'm still having regular depressing dreams about my exwife not being all that interested in getting back with me. ~ ~ So could you please give her a call; and maybe show her around town for awhile and let her know what she is still missing? ~ ~ You do that much for me, I'll do that much for you; times two. ~ ~ PS NEVE CAMPBELL: I still really like you. Even if you still are saying all those bad things about me. ~ ~ Most of the illogical bitchy nonsense that girls say isn't that important anyway.

Monday, June 1, 2015


One of the Mormon church's very old and muted leaders died the day after my last T.G.I.F. post. Because someone out there has to trumbet the truth [like Moroni] about my beloved drinking buddy sidekick in the White House who is a known homosexual and non US citizen. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works, works for me. ~ ~ In other words, you can not get up there and mumble something about God wanting everybody to have a real mommy and daddy without saying someing about the filthy nature of homosexual behavior; even if they were tragically born that way. ~ ~ For this reason, Joe Biden's son also died of brain cancer on the same sabbath day. Because he was the one who had Larry Sinclair arrested at his DC press conference about sucking on Obama's long brown limp chubby while the future president of America was sucking on his crack pipe. ~ ~ Not that there's anything wrong with that in the last days scene in MULHOLLAND DR for instance, like at: http://img.deseretnews.com/images/article/midres/1544677/1544677.jpg ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOUTH PUGET SOUND NOTES: Garrison Springs' salmon and trout hatchery is located in Chambers Bay for the spring waters of eternal life on the south side of the temple chambers in EZE.47. ~ ~ PERSONAL BUSINESS NOTES: Generally speaking, I don't accept business calls from actors, directors, and or screenwriters/producers who are under 5'9" tall. Better to have one of your taller and more pure blooded superior Jewish agents/managers call me. I'm kind of a Nazi in that way. ~ ~ Think INGLORIOUS BASTARDS meets THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ ~ PHONEY NOTES: The reason why Clyde Lewis and the boys are so obsessed with the feds opening their cell phone bills is because they don't care if the IRS feds can illegally investigate any and all of their private bank accounts and medical records. All in the name of universal 666 health care rights and income equality. ~ ~ Hence, Mr.Foggy Bottom himself fell off of his foolish ten-virgin speed medicine wheels bicycle and broke his [HAPPY HIPPIE] replacement hip again; directly above that underground atomic partical smasher that symbolically represents the atomic bombs that are going to destroy the new world order. In such movies as A VIEW TO A KILL and DR.STRANGELOVE, meets: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Werewolf_of_Washington ~ ~ Not to mention late night talk radio. ~ ~ PS SANDY: The secret inspiration behind the scenes in your choice to purchase a Tudor mansion in LA was MULHOLLAND DR meets 52 PICKUP. ~ ~ Of course, you know that. I'm just now reporting it here for the benefit of my lower level initiates and lesser illuminated readers. ~ ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Latin proficiency will be a requirement at the K-12 School of Prophets in Provo, Utah. People who don't know Latin can never hope to know and understand the history of the world. ~ ~ All roads lead to Rome, yada yada. ~ ~ PS SEIGNFELD: I do like your basic idea about hitting the road and stopping at all of those lonely highway coffee shops along the way. But watch your back; Utah, Arizona, and northwest New Mexico are no New York or New Jersey. ~ ~ Not to mention Idaho and certain parts of Montana. ~ ~ There are even places in the states of Oregon and Washington that can fool you if you are not careful.