Tuesday, June 16, 2015


That white bitch who was lying about MLK JR got what she deserved. Not to mention Mark Levin et al lying about Barack Obama. ~ ~ What goes around, comes around. ~ ~ For example, those five foolish Irish virgins died in Oak Town when their balcony billboard sign from God in THE LADIES MAN suddenly gave out. ~ ~ Think that short [fake plastic] Jewish star of 69's THE GRADUATE meets Dustin Hoffman in real life, circa 2015, at: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/06/16/5-dead-8-injured-in-balcony-collapse-in-california-police-say/ ~ ~ Reportedly, those drunk black Irish University Place students were having a 21rst birthday party on Courtney Cox' birthday that represented the aging southern babe's [Richard Burton] birthday party in the above 1961 birther year movie about the white face transsexual Barack Obama desecrating the mormon faith temple in Utah. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MISSIONARY MAN NOTES: In my very own personal two private 1973 prophecies entitled ROMA and LAST TANGO IN PARIS, the young ladies like me, and the old men don't like me. ~ ~ Wow, hard decision to make here. ~ ~ PS CAPT. GARRISON: You may wish to review DR. STRANGELOVE again; because of the film's Alaska based B52 bomber airliner time-line setting. That probably has a connection with all of those old Jerry Lewis movies that you saw at your grandmother's little movie theater. ~ ~ Yeah I know, this year's fly fishing season in Washington is already over due to the drought that is being caused by God. ~ ~ However, this year's fly fishing season in Dick Cheney's home state of Wyoming is going to be epic.

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