Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Princess Diana's exlover at the end of MULHOLLAND DR grabs her piano ashtray from the coffee table where my blue key is lying. ~ ~ Because in the last days the lesbian mystery woman who doesn't know her name is going to die. ~ ~ Ergo, in the movie that took three years to make and distribute, Diane is actually calling up herself on the telephone. And the homeless Jesus figure living behind WINKIES is played by the same Jewish actor who had the two nightmares of Judah and and Ephraim at a DENNY'S in Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ANDERSON ISLAND NOTES: That midget actor behind the scenes in an FDR wheelchair in MULHOLLAND DR was played by a certain Mr. Anderson. Note that the film's 5' 9" director carries around a golf club. ~ ~ SALT SHAKER NOTES: Naomi Watts gets the electrifying Holy Spirit electrocution [death row] born-again shakes at the synagogue of Satan for a reference to Miley Cyrus' Pentecostal upbringing; and that's a good thing. Capitol punishment by stoning for homogaysexual sex still being the law of God; circa October 18, 2027. Plus it would cost the French government in the ANOTHER 9 1/2 WEEKS prophecy next to nothing. ~ ~ Hence, all of those ISIS anti hero allies of Barack Obama who want to kill off all of today's white ass gay whities. ~ ~ [Ironically, think Larry Sinclair.] ~ ~ I don't know about you; but personally, I never could do anything like that if I was not completely stoned out of my mind. ~ ~ Think NATURAL BORN KILLERS meets NATURAL BORN KILLERS: II. ~ ~ Sure, I would be more than willing to write, direct, and star in such a project; if you got that kind of money. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: I'm still having regular depressing dreams about my exwife not being all that interested in getting back with me. ~ ~ So could you please give her a call; and maybe show her around town for awhile and let her know what she is still missing? ~ ~ You do that much for me, I'll do that much for you; times two. ~ ~ PS NEVE CAMPBELL: I still really like you. Even if you still are saying all those bad things about me. ~ ~ Most of the illogical bitchy nonsense that girls say isn't that important anyway.

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