Monday, June 1, 2015


One of the Mormon church's very old and muted leaders died the day after my last T.G.I.F. post. Because someone out there has to trumbet the truth [like Moroni] about my beloved drinking buddy sidekick in the White House who is a known homosexual and non US citizen. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works, works for me. ~ ~ In other words, you can not get up there and mumble something about God wanting everybody to have a real mommy and daddy without saying someing about the filthy nature of homosexual behavior; even if they were tragically born that way. ~ ~ For this reason, Joe Biden's son also died of brain cancer on the same sabbath day. Because he was the one who had Larry Sinclair arrested at his DC press conference about sucking on Obama's long brown limp chubby while the future president of America was sucking on his crack pipe. ~ ~ Not that there's anything wrong with that in the last days scene in MULHOLLAND DR for instance, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOUTH PUGET SOUND NOTES: Garrison Springs' salmon and trout hatchery is located in Chambers Bay for the spring waters of eternal life on the south side of the temple chambers in EZE.47. ~ ~ PERSONAL BUSINESS NOTES: Generally speaking, I don't accept business calls from actors, directors, and or screenwriters/producers who are under 5'9" tall. Better to have one of your taller and more pure blooded superior Jewish agents/managers call me. I'm kind of a Nazi in that way. ~ ~ Think INGLORIOUS BASTARDS meets THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ ~ PHONEY NOTES: The reason why Clyde Lewis and the boys are so obsessed with the feds opening their cell phone bills is because they don't care if the IRS feds can illegally investigate any and all of their private bank accounts and medical records. All in the name of universal 666 health care rights and income equality. ~ ~ Hence, Mr.Foggy Bottom himself fell off of his foolish ten-virgin speed medicine wheels bicycle and broke his [HAPPY HIPPIE] replacement hip again; directly above that underground atomic partical smasher that symbolically represents the atomic bombs that are going to destroy the new world order. In such movies as A VIEW TO A KILL and DR.STRANGELOVE, meets: ~ ~ Not to mention late night talk radio. ~ ~ PS SANDY: The secret inspiration behind the scenes in your choice to purchase a Tudor mansion in LA was MULHOLLAND DR meets 52 PICKUP. ~ ~ Of course, you know that. I'm just now reporting it here for the benefit of my lower level initiates and lesser illuminated readers. ~ ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Latin proficiency will be a requirement at the K-12 School of Prophets in Provo, Utah. People who don't know Latin can never hope to know and understand the history of the world. ~ ~ All roads lead to Rome, yada yada. ~ ~ PS SEIGNFELD: I do like your basic idea about hitting the road and stopping at all of those lonely highway coffee shops along the way. But watch your back; Utah, Arizona, and northwest New Mexico are no New York or New Jersey. ~ ~ Not to mention Idaho and certain parts of Montana. ~ ~ There are even places in the states of Oregon and Washington that can fool you if you are not careful.

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