Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I tried to wake up Tuesday night at 10:24 when I found myself being electrocuted like Uncle Fester in that Hawaii honeymoon suite hot tub by Debbie's romantic song selection no.438 from TIME magazine. The sparking sounds of static electricity and flashing light kept dancing around my bedroom window blinds until I finally snapped out of it with a big smile.

Weeks ago I had noticed the total of 1/438 fakes number for Jennifer Aniston at, but saw no additional ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES correlation until after my 42nd Naomi Watts light bulb birthday frightmare confirmation of the Tea Partiers' battle with the evil 42 month pests. Which corresponded with Jenny's upcoming romantic Hawaiian comedy with Adam Sandler that was originally called PRETEND WIFE; set for release on 2.11 in 2011.

"The key ingredient to a successful Hawaiian honeymoon is..." song number 438 says Debbie, holding up her portable radio cassette player of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. In confirmation of the two flower stem vases and the two she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not, threeway daisy blossoms vase on the hardwood floor in this pink shag rug portrait that is the 438th image of Jenny on at:

However, after Debbie sees Fester's NIN she tells him that she could "...never give myself completely..." unless he refuses to see his other family [of wives] . So the issue has to get resolved in the end when baby Obama connects the Tea Party power cable with the Jewish nanny's black widow powers in IRON MAN 2.

Speaking of electrifying birthdays, 10:24 happens to be Shenae Grimes' 21st one this year, and only has one image of her, that is positioned next to Jenny's 90210 LA STORY pool and hot tub at:

Immediately after Fester's pretend wife grabs his monstrous NIN, we cut to Gomez breaking a female egg icon into that jumbo size red blood wine glass on COUGAR TOWN, with a good dose of Danite vodka, and a couple shakes of Love Potion No.9, and handing it to the little evil one.


Monday, September 27, 2010


Take a close look at the Uncle Fester look alike named Doc Vega in this Tea Party blog about the Jewish nanny state con job going down at:

A climber took a bad fall in Big Cottonwood Canyon's Dogwood Park area Sunday. About an hour later, two guys from Sandy, Utah flew off the road in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Obviously it was all about the SNL season premier hosted by the star of PARKS AND RECREATION, based on Katy Perry's pink cotton candy sets.

During SNL, Bill Gates Sr appeared in an ad for more predatory marxist taxation. Looking like the sweet old guy with big REV.13 teeth who left LAX in that doomed crash limo at the opening of MULHOLLAND DRIVE. The next day, a ferry full of SEAHAWKS sports fans crashed into Seattle's Washington Street pier. In confirmation of the old FDR asshole on TV falling into a tub of water when someone throws a ball.

13 Polish tourists died in Berlin Sunday when their German Octoberfest bus with yellow stars crashed into an overpass at:

The Philippines flag of the 1776 Chocolate Hills was Providentially displayed upside down last week at a meeting in NYC with Obama and their president. Signifying the Tea Party red states coming domination over the Democrat blue states at:

The other day, I smashed a big Halloween looking spider sitting next to a small beach ball on my sheft, which has "Hot Dog on a Stick...
Since 1944" printed on it. Walking up to STARBUCKS Sunday, a rare 1984 slate colored ALFA Spider 2.0 convertible was parked at the Angeline Road Y on Buckley Hwy with a $4,250 for-sale sign on the window, that said 'Fast and Fun...' Looking for 25 year-old Scarlett nanny pix later, I found this beach ball 2 poster at:

While checking out the Convertible Girl ALFA with 159-PXK plates, a PAPA JOHNS PIZZA delivery car turned the corner, after a fishing boat trailered by on Buckley; for that boat in the above poster. Here's an ALFA with a stick shift shaped just like my IN LIKE FLINT Brazilwood key chain at:

The Philippines Islands flag's three yellow stars and three colors represent the coming three-part divide of America in REV.16.

After logging the above, I found another England red ALFA photo that corresponds with a dream I had back on 9.5. Wherein I was driving my mustard color ALFETTA around the south end of San Diego Bay on Coronado Blvd in Imperial Beach, near Rt.75, and ran out of gas near a sea wall parking area like the one in the following image. So I picked it up and carried it over to a gas station. Then I went back to the sea wall and watched a boy swim around a school of fish that looked like fresh water carp, off the beach below that old pier featured on the NEVER LET ME GO movie poster. Later, I saw the same kid in goggles etc at the camp rescue swimming scene in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES. Carp are a traditional Jewish dish, like at:

The poster is at:


Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sitting at the outsider table with a wheelchair logo at the 211 STARBUCKS on the Sukkot Sabbath, I passed away my time watching grasshopper locust love bug pests hopping and flying around the patio furniture. Always a sure sign that the larger brown trout are gorging on the surface in the Provo River, and the sea run cutthroats are working their way up the north forth of the Stillaguamish River along Rt.530.

Walking back at the yellow vision's 208th place, a '928...' plate turned the corner, for the report that I read back at the house about the yellow EZE.38 locust that are set to invade South Queens, Australia at:

This being the breaking true or false news about Charlize Theron signing on to do a JUNO type Reitman Jr comedy, entitled YOUNG ADULT, about some guy in a wheelchair who harbors an old GREASE 2 high school hard on for her.

No shit dumbshit. Walking back Saturday by the white 19211 fire hydrant on Church Lake Road, a '281...' plate for 28 year-old Sienna Miller, born in 81, went by me with an earthshaking '111 DRY' Oregon orgasm plate on it's ass, as a sexy small plane buzzed by very loud and very low overhead. Reminding me of the time when my amazing future German Octoberfest wife, Alison Deetz, would suck my cock dry as the 40 something lonely beaver next door had her ear pressed so hard against the cheap 3/4 inch apartment wall room divider that I could hear her heavy breathing. Eventually, I promised Alison that we would become sealed for all time and eternity, only after she lost about 15lbs, for this prophetic faux Charlize look alike composition in faux leather vest jacket and shoes positioned next to my BYU apartment's red leather nylon bus station bench, that I bought for around 15 bucks at Greg Relf's future Obama era foreclosure yard sale, at:

All of these wonderful life lessons came right before I hopped on the Federal Way Negro staffed AMTRAK train to Seattle's doomed King Stadium Station in 1990 and mailed a letter shortly thereafter to Alison Roth, about the vision I had of my brother Jeff's old dark dilapidated house on 16th N.E. That looked exactly like a small version of the Addams Family house.

Speaking of ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES wives, I've also had the three REV.17 wives who are featured in the TV crime show report about those three wives who married Rush Limbaugh for his money, etc. That ends with the look alike blond question about who is she going to snare next at:



That flying car landed at the Butler Fork trailhead for Baker Pass and Dog Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. For the butler in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES baking Uncle Fester's bachelor party cake with the French REV.17 woman still inside of it.

For a prophetic time frame, Lurch the butler is spraying the House of Israel for bed bugs when the kids drop a cannon ball on his head. The first annual bed bugs convention was held in Barack Obama's Chicago last week, in a Rosemount [canyon] hotel next to the main airport.

ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES opens with Tea Partier Gomez Addams wrestling The Thing with the 666 mark of the beast in it's hand. That represents the thing with no identification sitting in the pastel beige Oval Office.

That's Rush Limbaugh on the microphone in the TV crime show clip about the black widow who weds men for their money, with a "Ditto" marriage vow.

At Camp Warm&Fuzzy, immediately after Wednesday says "homicide" we hear the future gay Larry Sinclair whistle blower. Then she takes a swig from her Love Potion No.9 bottle. Later, we see the lonely beaver "overbite" girl Amanda drowning in today's stale and lifeless apostate Christianity. Confirmed by Ashton and Demi's totally gay display of their tired monogamy lifestyle at that UN conference for marital slavery. Which is called "the old ball and chain..." in the ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES prophecy.

The chick who Ashton supposedly slept with looks like one of today's many lonely beavers who needs a good husband like him.

Woody's latest film entitled YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER opened in NYC on the very same day that Barack Obama arrived in THE TOWN for two days.


Lindsay Lohan showed up in court wearing a GSR/TWN forehead line pendant for Friday's new NIN posting.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I watched 30 ROCK Thursday evening for the first time since the 2008 election. In the season premier episode, Liz is having a fling with my ALASKA logo pilot friend Paul, played by Matt Damon, who flies into town about twice a month. The somewhat creepy relationship subplot ended with him going back to work, as she says "See you October 14th!" Later I took a nap, but was jolted awake at 10:14 pm from a dream about reading's report on a Big Cottonwood Canyon flying car crash that killed a REV.17 woman near Butler Creek, when I saw the famous 'NIN' forehead line insignia for the rock band NINE INCH NAILS; which is not in the piece I read earlier at:

I had saved the above "5:15" shiraz colored car crash link earlier because it corresponded with a nice Adam&Eve rib steak I found at FREDDY's Thursday afternoon for 5.15, marked down from [BOEING] 7.37. After picking up a container of smoked salmon cheese spread for 1.29 on close-out, because many of the illegal day 1290 abomination of desolation laws were taking effect Thursday.

The rocky Big Cottonwood Canyon lurching vagina metaphor was confirmed by 30 ROCK's running joke about a knit sweater made out of pubic hair. And TMZ's Thursday clips of Katy Perry in a low-cut dress on SESAME STREET that got cancelled because it was giving all THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL boys an Uncle Fester size NIN boner.

30 ROCK's inside '14' joke about my prophetic $104,000,000 royal sire pipe painting by Picasso was vindicated by the week's opening of THE ROLLING STONES art works by Ron Wood at the Butler Institute in Youngstown, Ohio, according to:

When the Jewish nanny [read Scarlett Johansson] walks into the ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES Branch Davidian compound, she looks at the movie's tall Abraham Lincoln butler figure and compliments him on his monstrous NIN at:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Bacherlor party stripper, Kristina Hensley, 35, was indicted for murder in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio Tuesday. Accused of dragging some guy under her car back on Charlize Theron's 35th birthday in Monroe, located off I-75 [1975] . In confirmation of the ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES wedding con job treasury rip off by the African born evil one going down in Washington, DC.

When Gomez mentions the "horror" of it all to the Cook County Chicago police, we cut to the movie's tall Jewish Abraham Lincoln inspiration behind today's part Jewish abomination of desolation. The butler named Lurch. As a black man representing Barack Obama stands up in the background behind the homogaysexual desk sergeant of Sodom and Egypt. Confirmed by the liberal Republican governor of Carp, Nevada who fell off his REV.17 horse Tuesday near Pyramid Lake, located in the Black Rock Desert area outside gay RENO 911. Who was just defeated in the GOP primary by a more conservative Republican rider in the African TARZAN stampede prophecies.

Check out the orange carp tattoo on Charlize' left ankle in this pink beads image of her getting into position for her machine gun man at:

Tuesday night at 10:46 pm, the Lord woke me up with the word "Listen!" So I perked my ears up, but couldn't hear anything in particular, except a small plane flying by overhead at a fairly low elevation. Then I began to ponder a flash vision I had earlier of seeing the writing format open on my GSR/TWN blog, and setting a glass with melting ice cube down on the iPAD screen. Like the one that he said I "would love to fuck no matter what" at:

Oddly enough, while helping Granny Grass cut some of the maple tree branches that were blocking the apple trees' sunlight Tuesday afternoon, I spotted a very dark green and bright red apple hiding under the leaves of an apple tree that we thought wasn't going to bear any fruit this year. The unusual contrast of colors kind of made it look like a Christmas tree ornament ball. So I picked it and polished it and set the very artistic looking friut object right beside my APPLE. That now I see makes for a perfect Adam and Eve temptation theme at:


Monday, September 20, 2010


I awoke from a dream Sunday at 12:59 pm about William Fresh and his son Stephen auctioning a set of pink bed sheets on eBAY, once owned by Jennifer Aniston. To raise money for my GSR/TWN work. Wherein her co-star of THE BREAKUP, Vince Vaughn logged in with a $4,000,000 offer.

Pondering wether to record in my dream notes that Jenny's bed sheets were either pinkish in color, or salmon colored. Some kid outside my window started arguing with his Christina Ricci girlfriend about wether or not the color called 'salmon' on his CRAYON marker was actually pink.

Last I heard, my old Vince Vaughn look a-type friend Stephen was living in the Herriman area of Utah, involved in the middle of a breakup with his Italian wife Ornella, like at:

So Sunday's news about the Blackridge wildfire in Rose Canyon [Vagina Canyon] that was started by machine gunners at Camp Williams, which blew over onto Herriman, Utah, caught my attention as an ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES message about the financial fornications of Babylon. In that the Israelites of the covenant should always operate their business activities within the United Order credit union. Based upon the sound business principles outlined in the book God caused to be written entitled THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON.

Half of the fake images at etc depict some guy machine-gunning a lady on top of a sofa or table, her-I-man style, like the first image of Jennifer Aniston at . I had to search through cfake's 1438 fake images of Jenny just to find one depiction of her on pink bed sheets. That Providentially corresponded with the current girl-on-girl hippie chick swingers film she is shooting at a bed&breakfast in Georgia's rural Stephens County area, called WANDERLUST. Amazingly, the in-the-pink picture includes one of Tom Brady's four A8 AUDI rings, like at:


Sunday, September 19, 2010


A few hours before the abomination of desolation told Black Caucus members at the Washington Center on Yom Kipurr to go back to their churches and get organized for the upcoming battle with the white ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES Tea Party people, Bishop White's black church van blew a tire on the right side and rolled off the New York Thruway in Orange County, east of Rt.208's Washingtonville. The gruesome crash scene was as gory as a horror movie.

Orange County, NY is where the talking carp revelation was given to the Orthodox Jews. Because of the queer as orange color tones of many carp species, that also come in golden yellow and brown hues, and look like the yellow submarine that Jennifer Aniston sang about when I experienced that "Yellow!" flash vision by the gym off Hwy.410 and 208th, like at:

This is the 60s spawn that put a well known third world born radical like Barack Obama into the beige Oval Office. Who later invited the naive foolish virgin Paul McCartney, who is a Scotish line descendant of Judah, to come over and sing 'Michelle my bell...' with all his heart and soul.

CNN is reporting that they discovered 8 dead police federali down in Blobville Mexico on the same day as the federal Black Caucus blob/mob dinner in DC. Don't confuse that report with the day's news about 8 people shot dead in a Juarez, Mexico bar Friday night. Can anyone image the big stink if a group of politicians decided to organize a movement called the 'White Caucus'? Or a USA based group called 'La Raza Blanca'? For now they'll just have to call it the Tea Party. Based on Bill Maher's amazing ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES witchcraft clips of Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell. Who must have put a white voodoo curse on that van full of Jamaican church goers, like the witch granny does in the prophetic 1993 movie about the arrival of the evil transsexual prince in DANIEL.


Saturday, September 18, 2010


Friday was Constitution Day. Marked by the White Horse Prophecy date number in the 3.0 quake at 7:56:29 near Carp, Nevada, west of Utah's Washington County. In confirmation of the talking carp prophecy that warned the Orthodox Jews in New York to pay more attention to the last days prophecy in ISAIAH 11, etc.

The Mormon Range Mtns are right there. For Elder Oaks' warm and fuzzy speech about the US Constitution in SLC, Utah Friday evening that ignored the abomination of desolation and it's fulfillment of the White Horse Prophecy.

When Gomez Addams fingers the abomination of desolation at the police station in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES, the homosexual sergeant orders his men to "...cook em!" Revealing that the scene is about the Cook County police in Chicago who have been stonewalling the investigation into the murder of Barack Obama's long time fuck buddy Donald Young. Once the late church choir director had bragged to Larry Sinclair about his gay relationship with Barry. The red COKE machine in the background is prophetic context for Larry sucking on Barry's cock while he sucked the coke pipe.

Larry Sinclair's gay whistle blower figure at Camp Warm&Fuzzy is introduced with a great REV.9 stinger dart blow job shot in the mouth.

After Gomez points out the day 1290 abomination in 1993, we CUT TO: a Dan Aykroyd look alike at the US Passport office that destroyed all the early records of Stanley Obama. [The GHOST BUSTERS star of THE BLUES BROTHERS in Chicago prophecy was born on Canada Day.]

Before commanding "Bring forth the evil one!" ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES's Tea Party anima figure Wednesday does a test run on her French Revolution guillotine using an Eco-watermelon icon from all those old Negro cliche movies of the pre-MLK 30s. In the romantic "...surrounded by death" graveyard scene, we hear an assassination attempt shooting from inside the house, that missed.


Friday, September 17, 2010


Thursday morning I saw the blond black widow newlywed set the ticking 60 MINUTES time bomb for her new husband uncle Fester at 6:30 in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES, 1993, the start of the 1260 days two witnesses plot. Later in the day, I saw the '630+ Killer Boots' on the new 25 year anniversary ELLE cover. [Elle means lady in French] Which has THE HILLS Lauren Conrad look alike blond on one of their 4 different layouts at:


The scary little daughter named Wednesday, played to perfection by Christina Ricci, is the movie's true patriot TeaParty anima persona. Who says "Woe to the Republic!" when the transsexual 60s spawn child refuses to die. She is the first family member to see the big con job going down by the Third Way freaks and weirdoes in high society.

In the big turkey roast Thanksgiving finale pageant at Camp Warm&Fuzzy, located on a symbolic Bonney Lake, Wednesday enlists the help of her new GSR/TWN boyfriend, and his little black Obama sidekick kid sporting a bandage on his head. Where the old beast was wounded and then miraculously healed in REV.13. Hence the FDR dime with Roman fascism icons, that replaced Lady Liberty, that was lying on the floor when I bought the old used tape for a buck the other day at GOODWILL [HUNTING].

In the final act, Gomez Addams goes to the police station and demands that someone arrest the Jewish black widow lady. Where he looks at the desk sergeant played by today's most famous homogaysexual Broadway actor with disgust, and says that he has never seen such an abomination. Then there was a powerful whirl wind storm throughout the modern Sodom and Egypt capital of the Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur. The opening day of THE TOWN.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There was a fairly powerful 5.6 White Horse Prophecy earthquake in the Mother Mary Islands on Tea Party Tuesday, that are located off the west coast of Mel Gibson's Mexico. It struck about two minutes after the usual 4:00 pm PST broadcast of TMZ ended with "I'm a lawyer!" Who played clips of Mel in a cowboy mustache and those black rim glasses that the director wears in the MULHOLLAND DRIVE limo crash prophecy.

Later, ET et al showed clips of some paparazzi asshole following Mel and his son around. By midnight, a couple strong quakes hit near Guardian Angel Island in the Gulf of California. Those who are Branch Davidian descendants of Jesus are also direct descendants of his mother Mary. God has told his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that anyone who "...messes with my servants is messing with me."

Starting at 3:52:17 pm Tuesday with a strong 5.0 wise virgins number south of the border, Obama's Chocolate Mountains began shaking in confirmation of the day's Tea Party election results that will lead to the end of the 42 months period of the 666 butt fuckers of Sodom and Egypt. Whether Sarah Palin's conservative pick wins, or the Tea Party's conservative candidate wins in New Hampshire, the big picture will be about those four Londonderry guys who left the BLACK BRIMMER AMERICAN BAR &GRILL in Manchester Saturday and smashed into the trees off I-293, east of Joe English Hill. For that British bitch on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, Sharon Osbourne, who keeps fucking Mel in the ass every chance she gets.

Because on the eve of Tuesday's AMERICA'S GOT TALENT election, a CONIASA ATR-42 crashed into a garbage dump down on Marxist Venezuela's Margarita island.


Monday, September 13, 2010


Stanley had Charlize Theron type nightmares for 9 months after reading DARK SAFARI. His eventual safari treasure map, drawn in Africa, leads back to his NYC department store. The purse full of diamonds was hidden under the two palm trees of Judah and Ephraim.

New York City's America is the power and wealth center of Judah. As was Judah's ancient Jerusalem, where the Lord was crucified. Per the advent of the two witnesses in the modern Sodom and Egypt prophecy, cited in REV.11; even the New Jerusalem of the BOOK OF MORMON. America and Europe are the rich nations of Israelite descendants, that live in safety and peace with their neighbors, as described quite clearly in EZE.38. As opposed to the dangerous fortified military camp that is today's Israel. That is mostly populated with only one of the historic 12 tribes.

The iPAD reader uses SAFARI to navigate the Internet.

Taylor Swift was born on the 13th of December.

Last Halloween, it was my job to greet the trick or treaters at the door. Soon a bald man with his bewitching little daughter rang the doorbell, dressed up as part of the charmingly devilish ADAMS FAMILY. Afterwards, I went upstairs to tell GG about them, and how cute they looked. But before I could open my mouth, she asked, "Did you hear that Sister Adams has terminal cancer...?"

In MULHOLLAND DRIVE, that's Michelle and Barry Obama singing backup to the REV.16 REASONS song in the Silvia North story audition scenario. Where we first see 90210's Annalynne McCord trying out for a high school romance movie, circa 1958. The director blows an AUDI A8 smoke ring when she's coming out. Then Betty takes a taxi over to the British Tudor apartments, where we see [Sienna] Miller's name on the residents index.

Coco is introduced with a funny shot of Chocolate Mtns period doggie turd bon bons.

The cowboy king's horse corral at the top of the hills is Mel Gibson's Maverick Branch Davidian compound in the hills of Malibu. At the time, about ten years later, when we see him in the movie again, and the State of California is out of money and credit cards.



The new swift wildfire that erupted near Loveland Sunday in Obama's [colored] Colorado was about those new pix of Taylor Swift walking around Beverly Hills in a "Love Potion No.9" top tailored by Keira Knightley's CHANEL NO.5 brand, followed by a big AFRICA SCREAMS size body guard. Her VMA performance from a leather sofa throne was confirmed by the nearby royal House of Windsor landmark located off of Hwy.85. This is the Boulder, Co boulder in the middle of the dark night time "secret path" to Jenny's Branch Davidian compound at the end of MULHOLLAND DRIVE, the second time.

Swift's stroll around the expensive jewelry stores on 911 was a Providential part of Friday's announcement to sell the most expensive AFRICA SCREAMS three-way triangle double babes blue diamond ring in history at:

"And they shall be mine, sayeth the Lord of Hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels..." [3NEPHI 24:17]

The video for Swift's new single MINE features the British actor Toby Hemingway, and portrays the Israelite singer in her ten virgins wedding dress waltzing around a church, presumably wearing a diamond engagement ring. Back on 9.5, in the 7:00 am hour, the Lord met me in a vivid dream, coming up beside Granny Grass' walnut tree wall covered with green ivy, where he shouted "Happy 13th birthday!" as he tossed a handful of white wedding rice over my head. Then a group of excited 29ish elders walked over, who were all wearing tan silk shirts that had prints of my GSR/TWN postings all over them.

In David Spade's new 7-UP commercial, the AFRICA SCREAMS body guard house-mover asks if he can stuff some box high up in the closet. For the ivory ivy styling on the bed sheets of this number 7-UP portrait of Taylor at:

Note that the above bed board has the same tuck design as the sofa throne that Taylor sat on in her AFRICA SCREAMS 2009 inspired VMA performance of INNOCENT for Chicago's Kanye West [Colorado] figure at . When the other 7-UP mover with some steel forks art object asks David 'Where do you want me to stick it?' he replys, 'By the fireplace, of course!' Like at:


Friday, September 10, 2010


I knew that this fake of the SCREAM 4 co-star meant something when I first saw it. Now it looks like Tom Brady was saved by the 4 rings logo on his airbag at:


That's an iPAD mounted on the A8's dash. A few days before receiving my new iPAD on Gisele's 7.20 birthday, Granny Grass gave me some new tan WAL*MART bed sheets that have overlapping rectangular iPAD icon outlines all over them. Before I ever told her about what an iPAD is, or looks like. At the time, I was amazed at the sheets' hip 60s IN LIKE FLYNT look.

In the above fake image, yours truly is sitting in the passenger seat, opening that can of ridiculously bubbly 7-UP seen in the new David Spade does GSR/TWN spots. Confirmed by number 7's birth date appearing in Thursday's DOW closing at 10,415.24 +28.23, on the same day Brady T-Boned the mini van in Boston's Back Bay college district. Not to mention the Picasso painting pipe theme in the day's S&P 1,104.18.

Emma Robert's official number is 1.

Here is a shot of the inflated air bags that protected Tom in his A8 OOOO ride at:

Fashion Week is getting underway in NYC, so here's a few of my favorite Bruno images; which include his White Horse Prophecy statement; his prophetic Sandra Bullock baby; etc



The huge mushroom explosion and fire in San Bruno, Cal, [Saint Brown] where the main gay Bay Area airport is located, happened on the same day of the NFL opener between the New Orleans SAINTS and the twin cities VIKINGS. Hours later, Cal Coburn Brown, 52, originally from the Gay Area, was executed by REV.9 stinger at 12:56 am in Washington State's Walla Walla [Stonewall] sweet onion capital, on Hwy.12, for murdering Holly Washa, 21, some 9 years ago.

On the same dark day in this special 42 months period of repression, Cal's 9th District Judge Virginia Phillips ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban open homogaysexuals in the military.

For the same MARK 13:14 Jewish New Year's day, no.12 [tribes] QB Tom Brady, rammed a van in the Bay City area driven by a brown blob figure named Ludgero Rodrigues, that had run a red light.

The lead up to all this was three days of riots in LA after a cop shot an illegal from south of THE BLOB border, who had charged at him with a knife. That was a symbolic machete reference to the opening weekend of Rodriguez' race war movie MACHETE.

In the first CRASH, Seattle's James Spader drives the LINCOLN convertible JFK assassination car that he uses in the end to ass fuck the other marred servant guy who also gets turned on by cars ramming cars. Hence the homogaysexual ruling by Ms Phillips that was brought by Ann Coulter's Lincoln Log Cabin Republicans. I know, the prophetic metaphors can get confusing at times, because CRASH is the prophetic 1996 movie that illustrates how the guy from Seattle will finally get laid after CRASH 1996 meets CRASH 2004, like at:


Thursday, September 9, 2010


New pix came out from the set of COUGAR TOWN Wednesday, right after I reviewed MULHOLLAND DRIVE for the first time in many moons. That confirmed the blond and brunet actresses who arrive at the film's Branch Davidian compound in the plural wives party finale that was the architectural inspiration behind Jenny's place in the hills. It's the Granny Grass scenario where Annalynne McCord walks over and gives the GSR/TWN director's fiancé a nice wet kiss on the lips, and then walks away as we get a glimpse of the king of the cowboys and his amazing look alike sidekick Barack Obama.

Earlier, the cowboy king had suggested that it would be bad news if we see him a second time. As in seeing the prophetic 2001 masterpiece a second time, at a later date, being reenacted with the film's actual day 1290 players in their places.

The new COUGAR TOWN casting photos reveal Jenny in a psychodelic Jesus Freak top, standing next to a dented Sunday driver car from the Denton, Ohio church in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. X17 seems to have the only decent 'V' shot of Jenny's downtown pose next to a funny 'BPV...' plate, with 67 'Y' message, in the no.4 pic on their 6-pix gallery at:

In MULHOLLAND DRIVE, Jenny's Branch Davidian compound is located at "6980 Mulholland Drive". I like this threesome shot of the Branch Davidian David Lynch; whose January 20 birth date was day one of the 1260 days chronology. It was probably taken at the custom furniture shop on his three-house Branch Davidian compound in the hills above LA, at:

MULHOLLAND DRIVE was originally produced as a television series, then converted into a feature film. For Wednesday's breaking news about Ron Howard's highly unusual plan to produce Stephen King's DARK [WILLIS] TOWER series as motion pictures that blend into television shows that become full length films again.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


When the monkey girl no.4 knocks out 4 of the natives trying to capture Stanley, he proudly holds up 4 fingers.

That wildfire west of Boulder, Colorado is being dumbed the 4 Mile Canyon fire.

Here's a look at AFRICA SCREAMS' two witnesses movie poster at:

1949's AFRICA SCREAMS prophecy was re-released in 1953 with the last full Marx Bros movie, a diamonds caper called LOVE HAPPY. It was the Marxist spawn of the 60s peace and love era that put the abomination of desolation born in Africa into the newly redecorated beige Oval Office.

Obama complained that the Republicans are treating my sidekick like a dog. Unfortunately, most of the faint hearted leaders on the so-called right have been treating him more like a prince. Who have never once asked to see my bitch's birth papers.

Like so many of today's uneducated Christchurch people of faith, the lost and confused 'Sunday driver' to church, Buzz, keeps repreating "I can't understand it... I can't understand it..."

You can see the Holy Grail of the blood line of Christ when Stanley gets a little spray of Jenny's new Fountain of Youth extract fragrance.



The beautiful jungle simian with brown hair, who keeps helping Stanley escape trouble in AFRICA SCREAMS, and eventually gives him a purse full of diamonds, was originally filmed as his love interest. But the censors made them change the character's sex in the final toy-blocks stacking bit that spells "THE END" to avoid any appearance of sexual bestiality. Where Stanley's sweet revenge was confirmed by Sunday's hign end CHANEL photo shoot of Keira's derriere as an Emma [Watson] avenger in the City of Light at:

The end sequence begins with Stanley back from the Big Foot jungle, receiving a squirt of CHANEL NO.5 fragrance, by Jennifer Aniston, as he enters his new high-rise building in NYC and requests his daily comic book " newspaper". Then he walks across the lobby between some beautiful wives and enters the elevator; now operated by his conniving sidekick Buzz. Who had abandoned him on a river bank with only a nickel in the dark jungles of the Congo.

This inspired beige-nude simian girl DISCOVERY CHANNEL jungle image of Keira stands for the 'SG' on the back end of her beige DUCATI 750, at:

It's the same beige and tan catsuit that Buzz and Stanley used to impress the story's female safari boss. The pipes on the tail end of the 750, that roars like a lion, represent the PIPER plane crash Monday in Henderson, Nevada's famous HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS Big Foot landmark, due west of Obama's Black Mountains period. On the same day of Jerry Lewis' Las Vegas telethon at the SOUTH POINT HOTEL to raise money for the tragic results of people who " do it like they do on the Discovery Channel..." without any real whole wheat in their diet.


Sunday, September 5, 2010


As of Sunday morning starting at 1:25 am, I'm only 33:13 minutes into 1949's Abbott & Cost/ello Obama prophecy entitled AFRICA SCREAMS. In the Congo river sequence where the wealthy Charlize Theron mob boss lady and her two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim run into the man who is looking to put the 20 foot tall Big Foot MLK figure into the REV.13:10 pit of captivity that he tried to dig for the lost tribes of Israel.

Already, two down low ferries have capsized into two of the movie's Congo river location rivers, drowning scores of MACHETE natives who had jumped onto the Obama ship. That was overloaded with way too much of Rodriguez Nazi Latino state ferry bullshit. You can see the big 666 ape trapped in his cage at:‘machete’-producers-lied-about-racist-bloodbath.html

The next best thing to a bloody machete is a bloody Red River meat cleaver. So there have been a series of six six sixish earthquakes in Oklahoma's REV.16 Abraham Lincoln County area of Payson, to try and get the attention of all those decent Christchurch people there. Who are ignoring half of the stuff in their own Bibles, and of course all the stuff in the BOOK OF MORMON. Which clearly explains that those who do not worship the fullness of Jesus's Father in the BM will be swept from the land. Faith without works is dead. Those who refuse this teaching of Jesus are going to pay the price that Jesus paid, for those who do not repent of their false doctrines and traditions and have a full mature adult faith in his name.

This is where the Branch Davidians come in. Those who are Jesus Christ's direct genealogy tree [rod and stem] descendants of the royal line of Jesse. Which is the prophetic inspiration underneath the clear waters of life front entrance, past the 211 gates, at Jennifer Aniston's Branch Davidian compound that overlooks the city of angels in LA STORY at:

One can see that the compound sits atop a high level mount similar to the one that inspired the Branch Davidian maveric Mel Gibson at:

Looks like there is a perfect hot tub baptism font outside Jenny's picture windows at:


Saturday, September 4, 2010


Friday's powerful 7.0 earthquake outside Christchurch, New Zealand was a REV.16 breakup message for the lost tribes of Israel based on the area's [Abraham] Lincoln landmark. And Pegasus Bay is there for the non stop ass fucking we have been getting by the crooked noses in the stonewalling state media. The southern half of the country's famous divided ten virgins layout is covered with beautiful crooked lakes, teaming with brown trout of European ancestry.

Bob Parker is the mayor of Christchurch. In confirmation of THE PRICE IS RIGHT revelations received by the School of Prophets. That explain how the decent living foolish virgins of the very old FDR generation will cry "Why?.. Why?..!" like Dick Steel mimics in SPY HARD, when the Rev.17 church lady falls off the cliff.

The day after, 9 people died at Fox Glacier, NZ when their sky-diving plane crashed, below Mt Cook. And forecasters are predicting a sever wind storm will pass through the Christchurch area in the next 24 hours.

South of Whidbey Island's stormy Deception Pass, 3 people were killed Friday in a collision on Rt.20, near Monkey Hill Road's prophetic TARZAN stampede landmark. The [Kate] Holmes Bay area where Bush Point meets Welcher Road at Race Lagoon. And Useless Bay is surrounded by Double Bluff's Mutiny Bay and Point No Point's mulatto Skunk Bay, due west of the ferry at Clinton. The ferry that takes us to the 747 plant at Paine Field.

If you are one of those media fools at one dollar NEWSWEEK who believes that Obama's genuine Kenyan hospital birth certificate has been debunked, because someone somewhere made a joke about it, then ignore the 1961 BEECHCRAFT QUEEN AIR that crashed into a Bay Area lagoon off Hwy.101 in Redwood, Ca Thursday, killing a 92 year-old man named Bob Borrmann who once founded a 211 steel company.


Friday, September 3, 2010


27 People were killed in a shootout with drug gangs across the border from Brownsville on the same day that THE BLOB sued Phoenixville, USA. Looks like Providential publicity for sure regarding the opening of Rodriguez' new race war movie MACHETE.

Turns out that Chinese DISCOVERY CHANNEL attacker was armed with starter pistols. Right before the REV.17 female Army judge refused to grant discovery to the officer who is fighting the wild 666 beast figure from Africa, who is on the loose in the White House. Most of TARZAN's Republican Party stampede prophecies involve men hacking their way through thick jungle with machetes.

Sadly, the throat cancer on the famous voice that introduces Brian Williams every evening was Providentially timed as confirmation of America's legendary DEAP THROAT hero Larry Sinclair. Who the crooked noses in the media have been stonewalling in vain for some two years. The timing of his radiation treatments indicates that we must be on the eve of some kind of a radioactive cure or breakthrough. I'll keep an eye on to learn about anything that corresponds with the timely production of the Lindsay Lohan project. Since LL is on the cover of the new VANITY FAIR magazine, that has done some major expose pieces in the past.

There is a billboard in Times Square for John Water's CRY BABY prophecy when Alice and Joe visit the area in ALICE. The future 911 birds of prey fly over prophetically in the kiddie circus scenes. The future Malcolm X Obama abomination is seen right after Alice declares that she is going on a diet. Baldwin's left-wing artist fades away right before the king of the cowboys' White Horse Prophecy event.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


As KING RALPH LAUREN's coming Duke of Earl storm approached the historic British regions of the prophetic REV.16 war between the oppressed states, around Rt.12's Kill Devil Hills, the traitorous Jewish bitch of Babylon continued to sit on top of the painful deep throat truth in the trial of a heroic military surgeon who wants to cut out that walnut size tumorous turd stuck in the sore loser throat of Michael Douglas. Who is the lost voice of Israel that introduces the Crooked Lake nose on Brian Williams every ass fucking night. Who seeks to sweep the truth about the abomination of desolation under that BIG LEBOWSKI vagina rug on mainstream TV every mother fucking god damned night.

"There is no such thing as a bad coincidence..." says the two witnesses detective in LOST HIGHWAY.

Therefore, it was the same day that THE BLOB's predatory department of marxist social justice launched a surprise attack on the sheriff of Phoenixville, USA. Like some third world cheap-shot NBA cock-sucker puncher on the down low from Africa who sensed that the ref wasn't looking. Ignoring their previous fair play rules, to give the other team another week's civilized notice to present their case files. Which is why the power oriented descents of the Ham&Swiss on rye have been cursed to wander the earth like a GEN.4 "vagabond" with no birth certificate.

On the other hand, in GEN.4 it is written that those who think and act like America's "...first black president" from Harlem, Arkansas will be punished 7-fold for enslaving the Negro descendants of Cain on the tastelessly oppressive chocolate peanut turd bar farm of Jimmy Carter et al. In other words, the quadrupled debt punishment by the prophetic nigger rich no.44 figure in DO THE RIGHT THING will probably increase to the Biblical 7-headed beast levels by the time REV.13's 42 months period of white tea party punishment is over.

Because, if you are living off of the cheesy white flour pizza in Jewish Brooklyn, expect to see some skinny asshole like Spike Lee come along and toss a garbage can through your shop window. Just like that Dr Wang figure, Mr Lee, did down in DC, where they are "...doing it like they do on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL.." on COUGAR TOWN's ABC channel this fall.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A medical helicopter smashed into pieces that were scattered across a quarter mile near Clinton, Ark/ansas Tuesday. Killing 3 people on the same day BB met with Hillary Clinton in DC. More specifically, the 206 BELL crashed near a church in the Walnut Grove area of [Dutch] Van Buren County, near the Red River landmark cited in DANIEL 12. Not far to the southwest is a place called Jerusalem, in nextdoor Conway County. One can see the chopper's red, white, and blue USA flag design at:

The BOOK OF ABRAHAM scrolls cited in my ALICE IN WONDERLAND post were the Divine meaning behind THE LAST EXORCISM murder of those 4 spiritually frozen Israelis near Abraham's historic Hebron landmark on Tuesday. The 12 tribes desert wilderness theme of the white OUTBACK they were in was established by the wildlife chopper that crashed in Hwy.12's Kamiah, Idaho the same day. Because the 3 people who died in that crackup were on a mission to count red salmon in the Selway River.

Even the same red and blue fish that Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon used in their ten virgins icehole fish-tossing game Tuesday night in Judah's NYC. That resulted in a 3 to 3 tie when Drew got a miraculous hole-in-one on her first attempt to get one of her 5 fish into the icehole. Then Jimmy miraculously made it a tie in his last chance turn. The fish being a traditional symbol of the Messiah Jesus. Who the icehole Jews crucified.

Over on Letterman, it was Michael Douglas showing a subway clip for WALLSTREET II, that featured his character telling yours truly that my time is almost up. The same day they arrested that prophetic black Obama figure in Queens who has been impersonating a subway and bus driver for years. Most states still will not issue a driver's license or operator's permit to illegal aliens.